Most Dangerous Animals!

Beast Reacts
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30 Kas 2022




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Love the fact that Chris is defending the crocodiles after Jimmy basically just insulted them
Love Chris' side comments made it funnier. Jimmy and Chris' chemistry is always awesome! 🤘
Chris had me dying with the three snakes in a trench coat😂
I love how Chris has so many fun facts 😂❤
Love it always with the team Chris or chandler whoever it may be! You make the most entertaining videos to watch at night when your tired or in the ,owning to make your day! Thanks for being here!
Chris always surprises with bits of random knowledge in these reaction videos, I love it. 😄
Chris has so many dad jokes today lol😂
I love how Chris just defending the crocodiles 😂
As an Alaskan moose are HUGE and are able to jump average height fences, tear down trees, and one shattered one of my windows with its antlers on accident.
Chris is wearing a legends never die shirt.
Is it just me or does Chris just become a pro legend with dad jokes now a days lol
Chris and Jimmy are the duo we all need
Chris defending eveysingle one of them is so funny 😂
The jellyfish you see in the beginning are from Jellyfish Lake here in Palau 🇵🇼 . They've lost their ability to sting due to seclusion and lack of predators. Its a beautiful experience and almost other worldly and there are thousands of them.
Kangaroos can hurt you alot, but it is very rare for one to attack, you would have to go up right next to one for it to attack you and the females would most likely run away
Chris makes everything funny😂😂
how much knowledge can a person have!!! Chris is so smart
I was on a field trip and said goodbye to my dad who was far away (he came with me) and it was emotional i cried, when i saw your videos i felt better.
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