Morgan Wallen - You Proof (Lyric Video)

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11 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Xavier Gün önce
Mark my words this is gonna be the song of the summer
David Yang
David Yang Gün önce
Lovee this!
Bike Life
Bike Life Gün önce
I am so happy that we are actually gonna get another masterpiece album. So far 3 songs and they are all incredible.
Jared Schumaier
Jared Schumaier Gün önce
This dude can’t make a bad song 🔥
Dylan English
Dylan English Gün önce
I swear every song he releases is a hit!! Rock on Wallen!!!
Gracie Doss
Gracie Doss Gün önce
Faith Doran
Faith Doran Gün önce
Thanks Morgan! Needed this. Enjoy your listening y’all.
Braxtrap10 Gaming
Braxtrap10 Gaming 10 saatler önce
This singer could cuss me out and I'll still listen to his songs.
Eternity Gün önce
Who ever broke this boys heart made him a very rich guy!! love everything this boy puts out. He couldn't sing a bad song if he tried!! ❤️
Dwayne Styles
Dwayne Styles Gün önce
ITS HERE. After months of listening to the demo it’s finally here!!
Luke McGregor
Luke McGregor Gün önce
I was at his concert tonight and he played it before it was released and it was so amazing!
Kaya's Life 101
Kaya's Life 101 Gün önce
I love it sm!!! I can sense a new album coming soon 🤔
Certified 9deezbaby
Morgan is that guy I didn’t think I needed to hear like when Luke Bryan first came out but I’ve grown to dig their music and a fan I am for sure
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Gün önce
Been waiting forever for this ! You don’t disappoint
Shelden Ford
Shelden Ford Gün önce
I’ve been waiting for this song to release for so long. I’ll have this on repeat for a while
Turns Byler
Turns Byler Gün önce
Who else is ready for this fire album 💿
I love you Morgan happy birthday!! I’m obsessed with the song already!!
Megan Hamm
Megan Hamm Gün önce
Morgan you never fail to make my days brighter. Thank you for being such a amazing artist and giving us all the music we need.
Eric Gün önce
Been waiting on this gem for over a year. I’m so glad it’s out now!🤩💙
Tmi Gün önce
Hey, it would be awesome if your dangerous sessions recording were on Apple, Spotify, google music! Love listening to acoustic versions.
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