Monster School - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 27

Alan Becker
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Red can't escape until he passes the final exam.

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Animators: Terkoiz, Ellis02, Fox, Fordz, Able Rai, Kayal, Shuriken255, Hexal, AJAnims, Wtrzn, Nemo, Activeframe, Glob, SmoilySheep, Exortine, Oxob
Sound Effects by: Pepper, Egor, Alexander Samarov
Music by Scott Buckley
Minecraft Backgrounds by Avenoire

Based on the Monster School Series by Willcraft: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh4yK...



4 Mar 2022




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Alan Becker
Alan Becker 5 aylar önce
DJ always has the best reactions: trvid.com/video/video-efWex9TpPZ4.html
PaperBlox: Gaming Channel
why does herobrine not remember red stickfigure? like what he litteraly was in red stick figure''s body!
Ilkka Klemola
Ilkka Klemola 19 gün önce
Nice pro
Grace M
Grace M 20 gün önce
@Alan Becker I am LOVING this series! It’s so epic!
O Mundo do Viní
O Mundo do Viní 5 aylar önce
Only Alan Becker to make a decent Monster School nowadays.
ThisIsSpylight 5 gün önce
Nah. Babyzzz Is still a legend
pogger 5 gün önce
i agree
Anime v1nce
Anime v1nce 6 gün önce
Ya all there is a zombie like uwu
CraftXP 7 gün önce
@hfilms u can't even spell grammar.
DinarDifficult 8 gün önce
Why are you speaking facts tho?
Sunny Franklin
Sunny Franklin Aylar önce
Thank you for paying respect to Willcraft's original series in a proper way instead of the clickbait garbage others put up nowadays, you even got the characters original personalities down to a tee
Andre W.
Andre W. 16 gün önce
I remember my first Minecraft animation was Mob School. This is such a wonderful homage to the animator and great nostalgia
Raminos 12 gün önce
Azuka Azuka
Azuka Azuka 15 gün önce
he showed us more teamwork than humor. I think this is what sets it apart from other animations
TrickyTalon 14 gün önce
The character development in even the most minor characters that are only in one episode is mind-blowing and perfect
Lava_nine 5 aylar önce
Alan trying to bring back our old childhood memories, mega respect
dead channel not
dead channel not 8 gün önce
@hellop no
hellop 8 gün önce
@dead channel not o did you call this episode cringe?????
Automation 13 gün önce
@🍵Jin🍥 Imagine growing up during 2010's...
🍵Jin🍥 14 gün önce
I grew up watching dumb ways to die and cookieswirlC💀
Automation Aylar önce
Imagine being a child during 2010's and 2020's.
Graceful Penguin
Graceful Penguin Aylar önce
16:15 that is the most heartwarming scene of the whole video. It also shows that the two fully forgave each other after their fight in the lush caves. I really like how Orange doesn’t even hesitate to run to Red and make sure he’s okay. Also as an extra plot twist, imagine Red explaining that he ran into Herobrine. Cue Orange freaking out.
Niko’s Trash Bin
Niko’s Trash Bin 11 gün önce
@GetSkill ​ ​ LMAOOOO if you’re gonna insult someone because of their dumb YT videos, at least have some of your own to counter 💀💀
LanceTheKing 12 gün önce
@GetSkill Bro literally looked at my videos to think of an insult after making an unnecessary reply to a channel doing nothing wrong to you, sad
GetSkill 12 gün önce
@LanceTheKing look at your cringe videos first kid lmaooooo
LanceTheKing 12 gün önce
@GetSkill cringe and unnecessary reply
Mathieu Plaquevent
Mathieu Plaquevent 16 gün önce
Fun fact: In the first episode, the red stickman is posseded by Herobrine. And now, Herobrine is back.
hElLo tHeRe
hElLo tHeRe 12 gün önce
imagine if creepers could actually rebuild themselves like that.
Eric’s channel
Eric’s channel 6 gün önce
i think the players who died by creepers will rage very hard
WilyMoto 10 gün önce
This perfectly could count as the official continuation of the original series.
Gibson Turner
Gibson Turner 5 aylar önce
An actually tasteful and respectful take on the old Monster School genre. I expected such clicking on to the video, and it holds true. Thank you, Alan! Another masterpiece!
Jennifer Castillo
Jennifer Castillo 10 gün önce
@G00DZ1LLA la tuya por si acaso
OMEGA Gamer32 🗡️
OMEGA Gamer32 🗡️ 21 gün önce
Ok so what I would do is 1. "Enderman" I'll just kick him in the balls. 2. "Spiders" I'll throw them off the platform. And for the rest i'll just fight them off!
Fulya Özer
Fulya Özer Aylar önce
Emily LinnLae
Emily LinnLae 3 aylar önce
SCP scp @Nerynoemi Pootxool o
alguém 3 aylar önce
Christopher Ong
Christopher Ong 13 gün önce
I like how this is longer than the original avm animation but he still calles it *"Shorts"*
Sakrofy • 7.7B Views • 3 secs ago
Respect this man for making monster school actually good.
Wil.entity Aylar önce
Ahh Monster School, a classic gone to ruin. What a nice take on the good old series.
Sclaraidus 17 gün önce
Loved all the gruesome, expressive death scenes during that first section. Real nice!
BlackPawn 5 aylar önce
The lesson we've learned is that it's entirely OK to ditch school and go on an adventure with a complete stranger that appeared suddenly out of a broom closet
JustRed 22 saatler önce
eric berg
eric berg 3 gün önce
why did u have to make it sound so dumb lol (no offence)
Dean Moon
Dean Moon 11 gün önce
Janar Bridgeman
Janar Bridgeman 16 gün önce
I mean he did help them so he’s earned their trust
Anton 15 gün önce
Nice move only having the more “classic” mobs that were in the old animations. The only other way it could be more on the nose is if the pigman had the old design.
WilyMoto 10 gün önce
But the 1.16 changes the pigman's texture
theamazingfan321 Aylar önce
I just came to the comments to say this is definitely one of the best episodes of the series, really good stuff right here
Lipeng Hem
Lipeng Hem 11 gün önce
Imagine being able to look at a endermen without it being angry
Maxim None
Maxim None 17 gün önce
Author, you're a genius! Animation, editing and drawing at a height. Very funny and interesting plot.
DeerUgly5MLA 5 aylar önce
Alan made a Monster School better than what 7 years of bottle flip challenges could provide, and I respect that.
Skeleton 3 aylar önce
@Turbulation oh, that
Turbulation 3 aylar önce
@Skeleton What I mean by restarting is that he is restarting on getting a new audience elsewhere than youtube, most likely trying to become an author.
Skeleton 3 aylar önce
R.I.P og monster school. Alan made a great tribute
Skeleton 3 aylar önce
@Turbulation he’s not restarting he’s quitting. And that video game he was making looked so neat. Really hope the guy gets better
NoName 4 aylar önce
I keep remember those monster school where zombie is a bottle flip master and wither skeleton is a hacker idk why ;-;
aedan brennan
aedan brennan 14 gün önce
love how like half of these videos start with a floating nether portal in the middle of nowhere
evelyn bixby
evelyn bixby Aylar önce
Alan Becker: makes a good monster school Some of the Minecraft community: you’re as beautiful as the day as I lost you
Nathen Simms
Nathen Simms 3 gün önce
Reminds me of the older monster school genre, not the new weird ass stuff.....I LOVE IT
SamCal 13 gün önce
I love how the Cave Spider kill was a reference to Until Dawn (and other horror movies' similar killing style) and the Silverfish a reference to Alien.
Borikidor 5 aylar önce
Alan is doing a much better job at bringing back old franchises than hollywood is.
jaku je
jaku je 19 gün önce
Imagine ender man throwing skeleton
Laura Lindsay
Laura Lindsay 2 aylar önce
Psycho_Gamez_236 2 aylar önce
True fax
Adriva gardens
Adriva gardens 2 aylar önce
@this isn't a cat LMAO
Claptrap! Aylar önce
this deserves more likes and views! Alan is an absolute legend, i wouldn't be able to do any of those myself if i tried. Thanks for inspiring me to stickman animate and entertaining me with ur amazing animations!
BeeYES Aylar önce
This is the original Monster school! This video might be one of the only monster school video i watched that wasn’t one of those cringy ones. Thank you Alan for making a good Monster school related video
Diego neimar Pineda perez
Ahora que me doy cuenta herobrine antes de dormir hace el mismo movimiento que naranja estirar los brazos 😂
Torres Boys n Mom
Torres Boys n Mom Aylar önce
2:54 I could see myself getting REALLY confused if a blaze attacked me in the overworld if a nether portal was nowhere in sight
macedonga 5 aylar önce
The crossover we didn’t know we needed. Wilcraft would be proud.
Debbie Wong
Debbie Wong 4 aylar önce
And there is also A lot of references to Willow in his animation there’s a fact that baby zombie villager is a complete bad a or that Enders trigger is Steve and there is even the fact that silver can faes through blocks and there is even the motef from when the characters got their grades so many call backs it’s amazing
Reallife Hunt
Reallife Hunt 5 aylar önce
The biggest fight crossover in Minecraft history
KevinSaidHi 5 aylar önce
I haven’t heard that name in a while…
Minty 5 aylar önce
As much as I'd want to say that, I don't think he would care. Though I bet he'd be impressed
Aziz Shamsi
Aziz Shamsi 5 aylar önce
@GigaChad he quit youtube
Beez Wacks
Beez Wacks 12 gün önce
I like how the Warden looks away from the Enderman but the enderman’s like “it’s okay, I’m still a student”
Danny Wiles
Danny Wiles 22 gün önce
Thanks for bringing back a use to be good series on TRvid
HoneyLemon Tea
HoneyLemon Tea 16 gün önce
This video brought back so many memories. I remember when I would come home from school to see my little brother watching Monster School on TV. I used to scold him for watching the more inappropriate ones but wen they weren't, it was pretty entertaining to watch.
Polus Petrovich
Polus Petrovich Aylar önce
5:29 honestly that is what being at school sometimes felt like
Hadrik 5 aylar önce
This series just keeps getting better and better, and I CANNOT wait for what comes next!
Iago Gomes
Iago Gomes 5 aylar önce
@Minecrabloxwhy monsters is trolls with red ?
Minecrablox 5 aylar önce
Making animation is his job and its the best job he has. Idc how long the animation takes, because the longer you work on it, the hella better it is. And its definitely way better than abused monster school joke and companies that poops out movies for money. Money greed is INDEED the biggest threat to better content in the world.
EndermanPlayz 5 aylar önce
Ikr Alan Becker is my favorite animator i want to get as good as he did
Neo Genioes
Neo Genioes 5 aylar önce
Me too
Røhan 5 aylar önce
Me too
Amogus 13 gün önce
The Warden and the Enderman high-fiving was probably my favorite part.
KauanTheBread 22 gün önce
we had the collab we didnt know we needed
MrSpace 24 gün önce
imagine minecraft added a staff like that to make a netherite staff with god knockback
Darran Whatley
Darran Whatley Aylar önce
This dude does the best content on TRvid.
NidgeyAnimationz 5 aylar önce
I am actually really impressed on how accurate this is to the old Monster School way back when. All of the personalities of the character from the original Willcraft animations are so accurate. Thanks for the amazing callback, Alan!!
TheLabDragon 5 aylar önce
yeah same
Drago0316 5 aylar önce
I also love it how even after all this time everyone still remembers all the characters personalities and skills like how Skeleton is good at cooking but bad at archery, how the baby zombie villager is a real Kung Fu Badass, but the one thing he got wrong was which was Enderman, because he was very shy in the original and didn’t believe in violence but when he looks in your eyes it’s like the devil took over his body
Nabil Dean Ranaska
Nabil Dean Ranaska 5 aylar önce
I hope some herobrine helps
NidgeyAnimationz 5 aylar önce
Yea, it's really sad that such a great and creative concept get absolutely trashed and only ever be used as clickbait and TRvid clout.
Yoxes 5 aylar önce
it sunk into the abyss of greed
Healthy 6 gün önce
13:12 This scene looks like something from avengers, very amazing.
Limeon Candy
Limeon Candy 26 gün önce
2:31 how accurate I wish skeletons were.
MusicalGamerAda 27 gün önce
What a nostalgia trip! I remember watching it and thought it was a blast to see. Nowadays it’s just messy..
DekkoDeah2 Aylar önce
sos un crack alan es increible lo que podes hacer sigue asi!
MotorStonder 5 aylar önce
Back when Monster School was something of respect and not disturbing 3D models and suggestive content
CWranger 3 aylar önce
@Tipoirritable during the 2016-2019 era maybe not…
Tipoirritable 3 aylar önce
Monster School always had suggestive content
CWranger 5 aylar önce
@Aztec Addons correct
Pirilon78 5 aylar önce
@Wurray Mayel i didnt answer to the sister comment but to the previous one he made smh
Aztec Addons
Aztec Addons 5 aylar önce
@Pirilon78 alan makes these videos in 2d, using lots of minecraft textures angled and edited to seem 3d, otherwise, the video is entirely 2d.
Cas Brondsema
Cas Brondsema Aylar önce
This is so relatable to my school days
Mr. Neon
Mr. Neon 13 gün önce
I love how Red Stickman finally showed real skill!
BullofFire21 NEW
BullofFire21 NEW Aylar önce
I almost had a heart attack seeing this (cause the mega weird monster school animations nowadays) but then it was actually good
JaydenTroopers 16 gün önce
0:54 This was actually a callback to the Original of Animation vs Minecraft because Herobrine recognises red as he possessed red that time
Felix Guzman
Felix Guzman 5 aylar önce
In a website where most monster school animations are weird, creepy, or just plain awful, Alan Becker challenges this in an attempt to return to what it once was. Good job.
Lucas Escalera
Lucas Escalera 5 aylar önce
LunaCryst 14 gün önce
Equipping this video into memory : +20 nostalgia points +15 mental armor points +20 hearts +absorption hearts for 5 minutes
TeaBcup253 Aylar önce
i wish somebody can make monster school like the old times
-_POLY _-
-_POLY _- Aylar önce
I’m just impressed about how they have a seat for red
Fangirl 29 gün önce
The fight scenes are soooo good even though there a bit too short but forget about that I like how the enderman and warden did a high five together 😊😆
Lightning Nerd
Lightning Nerd 5 aylar önce
The crossover we didn’t know we needed. Wilcraft would be proud.
Zulius ✨
Zulius ✨ Aylar önce
I can’t put in words how amazing that was I’m going to watch this weekly now because it was so smooth and just PHENOMENAL!
they call me a noob
they call me a noob 11 gün önce
no wonder red was scared at first, *flashback from animation vs minecraft (original)*
Springdude 11
Springdude 11 14 gün önce
How Endie got anything above an F in the Swimming Lesson I have no idea.
Phoebe DeNeve
Phoebe DeNeve 16 gün önce
Am I the only one who hopes Red keeps the headband? It looks really cool on him.
Bacon-Sandwich 5 aylar önce
I love the character development -Enderman goes from only trying to scare players to actually attacking -Skeleton figures out how to aim via "advanced" technique -Spider learns how to use webs effectively
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 13 gün önce
well, the skeleton bow is something in the minecraft or is just a joke? i remember to see a video or an image of an skeleton shooting with a inverted bow
RyderRBLX 5 aylar önce
@UnderLoud Fan probably Brine would think he was lying? idk ask the creator.
Ahmad Saleem
Ahmad Saleem 5 aylar önce
UnderLoud Fan
UnderLoud Fan 5 aylar önce
Also why red didn’t tell herobrine that the mods were the that got red those F like the sneaking, running, swimming, acrobatics and jogging lesson?
_Tekz 5 aylar önce
skeleton gets to mock blaze at the end
CrownedWolf 13 gün önce
man I forgot how amazing these are thanks for that reminder.
ChronicAmphibia Aylar önce
God I love this. It's so clearly inspired by Willcraft and the OG characterization of the monster school series-Skeleton not being able to aim for his life is a dead (HA!) giveaway.
Golden Dragon Animation - IL
Red to Friends: I discovered the demon that entered me as an evil teacher in a parallel universe
Jovi Chanel
Jovi Chanel 17 gün önce
Bro I love how Red uses his headband as a grappling hook
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson 5 aylar önce
Like many people have said, it gives off the original Monster School vibe, and I love it. Good work as always, Alan. W I can't wait to see what's next.
bruh. 5 aylar önce
kinda, i remember 25 percent of the experience was lookingg at the grades at the end, but here theyre gone in 3 seconds
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson 5 aylar önce
@Eric Mai aye, fair enough
Eric Mai
Eric Mai 5 aylar önce
@SpeechSpy Hehe, true true. The wither skeleton being a hacker was pretty bad.
SpeechSpy 5 aylar önce
minus the hacker wither skeleton
Broslo H
Broslo H 5 aylar önce
I agree, we all miss how mob school used to be. The original mob school never got demonetized it used to be just...fun
juan arredondo
juan arredondo 16 gün önce
Diooooooos Alan cada vez me deja mas seguro que el es VERDADERO AMO de la animacion jajajaja
MOCHI 21 gün önce
I like that those are the original mobs in willcraft's monster school
Bode Mackie
Bode Mackie 9 gün önce
1:40 when the crafting recipe for an iron sword becomes a single wooden plank
Katie K
Katie K 13 gün önce
Alan just to let you know ppl are taking you ideas without your permissions and there using it as an ad for there game just to let you know keep up the good work Alan
Phos 5 aylar önce
love the homage to the original monster school by keeping the same style of animation during classroom scenes
Dean McCarthy 347
Dean McCarthy 347 5 aylar önce
I want to scream
DaHanzMdude 5 aylar önce
"No problem!"
FDeee 5 aylar önce
@ Mishan 🅥 . Lemme finish ur sentence.Alan Becker's content is fuuuun to watch
JHON GAMER40 Aylar önce
Sos un crack Entretenido, buenisimo.
Fallen Aylar önce
I love these animations, they are amazin :D
Icerope1199 Gün önce
Love the skeleton's and blaze's subtle rivalry there
Mt Aylar önce
Nice, Monster School. I haven't seen this concept since 2010-2013.
DCelsior 5 aylar önce
I really hope Willcraft sees and acknowledges this, his monster school works truly have touched the hearts of many, maybe even Alan’s too if this was based off it.
Cristozilla 5 aylar önce
@Skeleton ah, ok, gracias
Skeleton 5 aylar önce
@Cristozilla Básicamente, la escuela de monstruos no estaba destinada a durar. Solo se utilizó como una forma de practicar su animación y ganar una mayor audiencia. Sin embargo, explotó mucho más de lo que había previsto. Decidió continuarlo un poco más porque estaba feliz de estar haciendo felices a otras personas. Pero se cansó de ello, ya no era divertido. Pero la gente siguió pidiendo más escuelas de monstruos durante años y años. Dice que nunca iba a funcionar, debería haber sido obvio para el público. Pero la mayoría de ellos eran "niños tontos", como él dice. En la sección sobre clones escolares monstruosos, explica que algunas personas pensaron que los clones tenían una influencia en él, lo que corrige diciendo que no. Algunos dicen que los clones causaron su depresión, lo que no hizo. En general, el único problema que tiene con los clones es que no está recibiendo el dinero que ganan. Ese fue un resumen básico de lo que dijo.
Cristozilla 5 aylar önce
@Skeleton that's why I don't understand what willcraft is talking about XD
Cristozilla 5 aylar önce
@Skeleton I mean, yes I translated your comment (I meant that I don't know how to speak English, but I do know how to write English)
Skeleton 5 aylar önce
@Cristozilla revisa su canal, hizo un video sobre lo que piensa de la escuela de monstruos
Unseenworlds Gün önce
This video includes: Nostalgia Vibes And memories
Mr. Neon
Mr. Neon 13 gün önce
I also love how the lime team is just nether mobs!
CRHIX 17 gün önce
3:15 How it feels to fight your first mini zombie
The Pickle Man
The Pickle Man 14 gün önce
Such nostalgia. I not kidding when I say this, I carried for 5 minutes
Mr. Scoobis
Mr. Scoobis 5 aylar önce
I wish modern Minecraft animators made monster schools as good as they used to be
Cycro the large planet
@perro de doggo Sorry "amungus popit fnf water bottle flip sad herobrine life herobrine vs evil herobrine" is not bad enough to be like modern monster school, it's too good
Fabio Gómez
Fabio Gómez 5 aylar önce
También oddbods
Fabio Gómez
Fabio Gómez 5 aylar önce
Fabio Gómez
Fabio Gómez 5 aylar önce
@Jonah Amos 😘💘🏠💘🏋️💘🏋️💘💘
Nasrin Sultana
Nasrin Sultana 5 aylar önce
420th like(nice)
maxime terrien
maxime terrien Aylar önce
that final SMASSSH !! I love this change of tone when another block replace the gold ! I can't undersant how orange villain can stand it so easily.
Andreas Thing Andersen
2:35 now that's the skeleton we all know and love
Chase W
Chase W 3 gün önce
selçuk buğra
selçuk buğra Aylar önce
there's only one way to escape from school, turn on the room fire alarm and run
Team Sirius
Team Sirius 5 aylar önce
Genuinely LOVE your take on the Monster School concept, especially with how it feels like a really nice homage to Willcraft's original ones specifically.
Fotografia Strażacka - Sułów 998
A favorite detail is how Creeper forms back
Supertron 5 aylar önce
The original monster school is the only good one.
King_Alloy 5 aylar önce
It's because it is I think! Looking at the description at least :>
Арсениус Бананиус
Как у огненного не сгорела повязка на гонке
13th Kommandant
13th Kommandant 5 aylar önce
Omg i feel real nostalgic hearing willcraft's name
Stockton 8 gün önce
I like that most mobs use a ability of their's but the wither skelly just walks up and smashes Steve's face with his fist
Owen Read
Owen Read Aylar önce
My favorite little bit of this video is how blaze gives skeleton a subtle nod as he kills the Steve during the sneaking section then when skeleton wins the competition he gives him one back
EW.io. 15 gün önce
Man I missed old monster school 😭
XTRAordinaryZG 21 gün önce
I miss Monster School, lmao
DinoBoi 5 aylar önce
I've always wondered what an actual well-made Monster School animation would look like! I'm happy that this type of video's now done right with Alan Becker's team!
Wandering Viewer
Wandering Viewer 5 aylar önce
@don't talk about my pfp I like this video too but this isn't more well-made. I admit that the animation is a lot better but the monsters here doesn't have as much personality as Willcraft's. I mean sure there are some personalities like the skeleton having bad aim but other than that they're just all the same bullies until Red changed them.
Axis Red
Axis Red 5 aylar önce
@Mishan 3han 🅥 "Alan Becker IS FUUU" -CKING AMAZING? You bet he is!
don't talk about my pfp
@Wandering Viewer and this one is actually more well made than willcraft monster school
10K challenge with 0 video🥇
I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on TRvid,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEO
Alex Thao
Alex Thao 21 gün önce
I love how wither skeleton just punched steve 😂
Melody Aylar önce
Oh my god, poor red being bullied broke my heart :(
TheD&DExaggerator 19 gün önce
I kinda hope Herobrine shows up in any of the later episodes, I think it would be cool as hell to see him show up and kick some ass seeing as he should have the same power as the staff without requiring it.
sabr ت
sabr ت 5 aylar önce
This feels a lot like the OG Monster School. Only it’s 2D and has the Alan Becker magic tossed alongside it
Skeleton 2 aylar önce
that was the idea he had when making it. Alan truly is amazing
LightningBoltZ (Legacy)
@Adriana Sanchez why stop monster school
Adriana Sanchez
Adriana Sanchez 3 aylar önce
Stop monster school
Yiruma Nuke
Yiruma Nuke Aylar önce
Alan Becker you should deserve Oscar. I love your animations a lot.
nokuthula hlophe
nokuthula hlophe Aylar önce
Man,the way these animations made they are so awsome.Never mess with Alan Becker
[ ART3M1S ]
[ ART3M1S ] 17 gün önce
i love the fact that you redeemed this "dead" genre, and i wonder why red didn't ask herobrine for help, he could probably beat tf outta the villain
Paillette Cocacola
Paillette Cocacola 10 gün önce
Now, would you suddenly ask your teacher for help if in the past they possessed you and tried to kill your friends ? Especially if you only had them for a day and don't know yet if they're mentally stable But hell he would
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