Monster School - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 27

Alan Becker
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Red can't escape until he passes the final exam.

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Animators: Terkoiz, Ellis02, Fox, Fordz, Able Rai, Kayal, Shuriken255, Hexal, AJAnims, Wtrzn, Nemo, Activeframe, Glob, SmoilySheep, Exortine, Oxob
Sound Effects by: Pepper, Egor, Alexander Samarov
Music by Scott Buckley
Minecraft Backgrounds by Avenoire

Based on the Monster School Series by Willcraft: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh4yK...



4 Mar 2022




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DJ always has the best reactions:
Alan made a Monster School better than what 7 years of bottle flip challenges could provide, and I respect that.
Thank you for paying respect to Willcraft's original series in a proper way instead of the clickbait garbage others put up nowadays, you even got the characters original personalities down to a tee
@LarvaHeroes Gün önce
Back when Monster School was something of respect and not disturbing 3D models and suggestive content
imagine if creepers could actually rebuild themselves like that.
I relate way too much to Red. Except for the fact he's actually good at things
Despite Monster School being really cringy. It still brings so much nostalgia seeing it again.
Alan trying to bring back our old childhood memories, mega respect
I remember my first Minecraft animation was Mob School. This is such a wonderful homage to the animator and great nostalgia
I love how Steve just looks at the camera
Ah yes, memories of the days where Monster School used to be good
An actually tasteful and respectful take on the old Monster School genre. I expected such clicking on to the video, and it holds true. Thank you, Alan! Another masterpiece!
I like how this is longer than the original avm animation but he still calles it
The character development in even the most minor characters that are only in one episode is mind-blowing and perfect
@eksboks148 12 saatler önce
i feel like i should feel like im too old for monster school animations because i watched them when i was like 6 but alan makes me actually enjoy these to this day, im glad i rediscovered him because I'd completely forgotten about his channel.
he showed us more teamwork than humor. I think this is what sets it apart from other animations
Alan is doing a much better job at bringing back old franchises than hollywood is.
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