Monster Fish Are Out There! Featuring Jon Miller

M. Hood Fishing
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19 Mar 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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CancerWarrior Aylar önce
Nice sesh!!!! #HoodontheReel
Mike Somewhere
Mike Somewhere 2 aylar önce
Great Videos...but your 10.00 reel is killin me when we know you can afford better.
elwood schmitt
elwood schmitt 4 aylar önce
Campo marina use to be where u fishing
Jabba's Twin
Jabba's Twin Yıl önce
Awesome catch man !
Henry Kosky
Henry Kosky Yıl önce
Got his ass.. put it to him
Henry Kosky
Henry Kosky Yıl önce
The wind whistlin on that tight line
Henry Kosky
Henry Kosky Yıl önce
Set that drag fukin perfect
Luke McCardle
Luke McCardle Yıl önce
I've got one of those Shimano FX reels had it for 20 years it never let me down.
Mike Somewhere
Mike Somewhere 2 aylar önce
If you have caught any big fish with that I am sure the drag is smoked.....this guy kills me with his equipment ...That is a 10.00 reel. He should try a Daiwa Ballistic.
Steve Hogan
Steve Hogan Yıl önce
Now that's a nice black Drum Mark. That's the longest I've seen you work to get a fish landed. Good on ya.
c a g
c a g Yıl önce
Big D
Big D Yıl önce
This guy dosnt work. Only fishes everyday and lives off youtube money
iloveyou1434ever Yıl önce
But YouBubing is not easy
jimmy mak
jimmy mak 2 yıl önce
Take your hand off the line , what the hell , done knocked the bell open god! Then you gunna tell him not to grab the line, what a jackasss
jimmy mak
jimmy mak 2 yıl önce
jimmy mak
jimmy mak 2 yıl önce
You got braid on jeeze!!
jimmy mak
jimmy mak 2 yıl önce
Little more drag there bru!!
jimmy mak
jimmy mak 2 yıl önce
Take the camera off of your heart, can hear it beating. It's annoying! !
Home steading Tennessee river
Turn your volume down.. your a lucky man I'm deaf wish I could hear someone's heart beat.
Tracy Yıl önce
Kinda hard to do that when you're wrestling a giant out of the water!
Tracy Yıl önce
Kinda hard to do that when you're wrestling a giant out of the water!
jimmy mak
jimmy mak 2 yıl önce
Bout to have a heart condition aintcha?
Aundreyah 2 yıl önce
Awesome fishing! Thanks for sharing. 😊
Luke McCardle
Luke McCardle 2 yıl önce
I've got that same reel I just retired it after 20 years used it in salt and freshwater it caught alot of fish.
Byronsito 504
Byronsito 504 3 yıl önce
Damn you can hear the line crying and screaming
Drew Smith
Drew Smith 3 yıl önce
Why don't you show the fish your buddys catch ?
James Ireland
James Ireland 3 yıl önce
Cool vid to bad you couldn't have held on to him to try and revive better after a long fight like that. Have a good day
Aaron Blount
Aaron Blount 3 yıl önce
Love the video's man.
Rodney Harris
Rodney Harris 3 yıl önce
Awesome video!!! Awesome fish!!! You have an awesome channel we liked and subscribed and look forward to checking it out some more!!! Take care and tight lines and have a Happy Easter cheers Leanne and Rodney!!!
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 3 yıl önce
I know what my reel screaming like that feels like a few years ago I pulled a 35 lbs black drum by Irish bayou, inshore!!
SpazzRL 3 yıl önce
You ever tried Dauphin Island
Scott Dore
Scott Dore 3 yıl önce
I've started watching your videos to get an idea to see what Mississippi river and just kept watching great videos !! And now I'm subscribing
jahna yahna
jahna yahna 3 yıl önce
We call those fish a lapy or lippy because of the meat on the lip.a delicacy for rock fishermen.(Trinidad)
RojoFish 3 yıl önce
Looks like a nice day of fishing in da parish
Boldo Picker
Boldo Picker 3 yıl önce
What a giant fish!! Congratulations
Michaelmx338 3 yıl önce
I feel sorry for the reel, thought it was gonna bust up any second!! LOL you could use a nice like new Penn!!! Seriously nice fish, shows its not all about the equipment.
Ralph Barton
Ralph Barton 3 yıl önce
Great great job
anajay78 3 yıl önce
Man you were fighting that sloppy antireverse for sure.
chmellen 3 yıl önce
Your reel needs some replacing.
Olufs Waterview
Olufs Waterview 3 yıl önce
wow what a fish!
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing 3 yıl önce
Whitetail The Deer
Whitetail The Deer 3 yıl önce
Like the new angle
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing 3 yıl önce
Howard Taylor
Howard Taylor 3 yıl önce
Where ever you go catfish follows
sunfish for fish
sunfish for fish 3 yıl önce
It's alligator gar time!!!!!!
RALPH MOUZON 3 yıl önce
I love your videos!
Josh Critney
Josh Critney 3 yıl önce
The mic is picking up on your heartbeat. I guess that's what fishing will do for you.
Carl Lauer
Carl Lauer 3 yıl önce
what a MONSTER
Jon Sorensen
Jon Sorensen 3 yıl önce
Very nice fish!! The Shimano FX real your using is my Fav reel. I own like 8 of them. Never fail me and always have good drags!
Awesome vid!💯💪👊LET'S GO!!!
Peeling Drag Catfishing
Nice video
CNY Angler
CNY Angler 3 yıl önce
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