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Said Sum Remix ft City Girls and Da Baby

Fuck nigga I wanna hear it
Aint talking a bag I cover my ears
I hop in a lamb I switching the gears
My bitches is ballin make these niggas shhyea
Audumar baguettes with the crush face
I leave a bitch mad with the stuck face
Who the fuck y’all hoes playing with anyways
Citys girls make em wish like ray J
Let me talk to em
All these niggas wanna fuck JT
Hellcat this is an SRT
Pull up g wagon 63
Make a 55 stuck they teeth
He wanna menaje with a new body
You niggas can’t fuck with me
Cause I came from the bottom
From the feds from the China
Broke bitches ain’t saying a thing

I tell her shut the fuck up when I hit it
Fucked up her head she did
Im really fucking around with his lil boo on the low
What the fuck but he said I couldn’t hear em
Got the head while I drive almost fucked up my ride
Had a hand full of hair while I was steering
She ripping off my Amaris.
She love to give head she’ll pull up on her period.
I though somebody said that your wifey dog
Fuck everybody don’t like em all
Tis bitch love me cause I fuck like a dog
I got this shit on., nigga wipe me off
I hop out the backseat just like a boss
I 2 toned the Maybach my seats are round the way
And it came with a pillow I came from the pavement
Thought some said I aint made it

Huh? (What?)
Ah, I thought a broke nigga said somethin' (Ah)
Talkin' shit but they still ain't sayin nothin' (Ain't sayin' nothin')
We gon' trap this bitch out 'til the feds come (Run it up, run it up)
Huh? (What she say?)
Ah, I thought a pussy hoe said somethin' (Ah)
How it go when I'm talkin, you listen (Just listen)
Cut her off 'cause she spoke on the business (Go)

You Broke ass bitch you aint said nothing
When I hold up my wrist it says something
Your nigga he know cause he paying something
I ball on these bitches like and 1. Swish
Bitch Im the shit. QC the clique, we rich as a bitch
Aye, Miami Im lit. Patek on my wrist
Follow the Drip my jewelry sick
Pneumonia pink diamonds got the corona
Moneybagg Runtz thats the aroma
This aint no mid from Arizona
Bitch Im serious. Period.
All that hoe shit I aint hearing it
My niggas pull up with sticks they clearing it
Me and JT we killing it period

I thought a nigga who watch what I do
But can’t get his bitch back said sum
Is it true he posting another nigga money
Probably I do not put that past em
I thought a hoe that be speaking on me
But be fuckin a broke nigga said sum
Hold up lil bitch get a nigga that lit
Im the whole loaf he the breadcrumbs
Rappers with these mixed feelings
I aint fuckin with em
Like a Richard Mille let me know what time it is
Bagg where the runtz at
Know ya got it on you, supposed to be smell proof
Bust it out the vacuum seal
These niggas little boy childish fisher price
Confident not cocky so get it right
She bending over but I want some head 1st
I don’t even wanna know what the pussy like
Tripping too close to falling so im ballin
Crazy my op got shot but I didn’t call it
I come around niggas go put they hoe up
These bitches stay on my channel
Yea, must’ve seen me on tv
It took me 6 hours to count a mill exactly
Im accurate with that cheese

Huh? (What?)
Ah, I thought a broke nigga said somethin' (Ah)
Talkin' shit but they still ain't sayin nothin' (Ain't sayin' nothin')
We gon' trap this bitch out 'til the feds come (Run it up, run it up)
Huh? (What she say?)
Ah, I thought a pussy hoe said somethin' (Ah)
How it go when I'm talkin, you listen (Just listen)
Cut her off 'cause she spoke on the business (Go)




19 Oct 2020




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My little cuz always be saying dababy and every rapper is dead
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JT killed the scene
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this Is when the cool kids have a project
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Jt did better than he did on his own song 😂
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this is a good song
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Who find that yung Miami part was 0, I does replay the song when it comes to her part sorry doh but not sorry..period😂😂
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City girls carried this song
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How many people will say this is their favorite song
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Who jt
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Just came here to rewind JT’s verse over and over and over and over and over
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Who else wonders why she said your ni*** know custom he paying sum
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Y’all saying JT carried this song like Miami didn’t carry p*say talk
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Dat Boy Tight !
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Does anyone just listen to JTs verse and then rewind back to the beginning on repeat lmao
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Is there a way only to have the City Girls versus? Those were the only ones that left an impression on me
Robert Milhouse
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Uh miami verse is lit and she the president fuck joe miami verse made this song not jt dont get flewed periodt
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✨💅🏽Period 💅🏽✨0:50
Ali D.
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I can tell, JT was very creative in jail !now look at her !spitting barzzz
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So am I the only one that thinks that yung Miami kinda looks like Ariana Fletcher
Luna The Moon Witch
DaBaby had the best verse. You all are followers. And for you who say he sounds the same on every song, you are supposed to judge THIS song on its own, not think about others. And even if you do, I just watched Rock Star and he didn't sound like he does here, so tf yall talking about! JT is good but she's second best to DaBaby on this song!
Kylie Reed
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MoneyBagg is 😍😍
Necro Hars
Necro Hars Gün önce
The way I dont know a single lyric after 0:50
Necro Hars
Necro Hars Gün önce
Thank god JT first.
1981missperfect Gün önce
JT 🔥
Amari Lester
Amari Lester Gün önce
JT and Yung Miami kilt this🔥🔥🔥✨
Shawn Davis
Shawn Davis Gün önce
Da babyy : I tell her to Shut tf up had me dead 💀
Alexi Hyde
Alexi Hyde Gün önce
Dababby is the second better
Alexi Hyde
Alexi Hyde Gün önce
Jt is beter bad babby
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Michele Cornelius
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City Girls run that!!
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And on the beat with it
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John Lotts Gün önce
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Annie Gün önce
Only like this song because JT verse 🔥
IamJackJesse Gün önce
This is the video Obama's Youngest daughter was dancing and lip syncing to on tik tok that got taken down right away. Absolutely filthy and disgusting calling black people the N word and disrespecting Black women.
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Gün önce
Cece Christ
Cece Christ Gün önce
Whoever is truly seeking God’s face sincerely. Great place to start is with a man of God that cares about souls and not what’s in ur pocket. livestream.com/WWAMCOJC/events/3586734?t=1578685313
Queen 14
Queen 14 Gün önce
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Yo what do u think of my new song on my channel? It's called 'K.O.'.
Mayor's World
Mayor's World Gün önce
Ty Gün önce
Period :) Dis beautiful
Kenneth Graham
Kenneth Graham Gün önce
I. Like it
Margi Allkaj
Margi Allkaj 2 gün önce
Z squad Spann
Z squad Spann 2 gün önce
Now Jt killed it Jt made this song 180 times better.
Satar Adamo
Satar Adamo 2 gün önce
JT Killed it
jantrice79 2 gün önce
TT GANG 2 gün önce
Hunni he keep own talm bout somebody said sum who said it hunni ugly
Jodye 2 gün önce
Dewitt Williams
Dewitt Williams 2 gün önce
I quess the dislikes the people who kept saying stuff and now broke and can't talk no more
Gracey Carmanti
Gracey Carmanti 2 gün önce
Yellow - nicki Minaj diferent 🇧🇷
Maia Pahula
Maia Pahula 2 gün önce
Tombe Tombe
Tombe Tombe 2 gün önce
0:57 what’s that shordi on the left @?
Sofresh105 Monica
Sofresh105 Monica 2 gün önce
Monica’s new music video for her single ‘Trenches’ ft lil Baby out NOW‼️
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We all here for that one part💀💀💀
Charles Funnie
Charles Funnie 2 gün önce
Jt jt verse was like that Nicki verse back in the day when she just snap
Kristin Pierce
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Here to see my girl JT ❣️
MEGAGAMER69 Carpenter
Yo I thought this was Jay-Z
Eric Thomason
Eric Thomason 2 gün önce
Obama daughter dancing to this song
Sherrell Bussey
Sherrell Bussey 2 gün önce
This should’ve just been JT SONG ONLY
Satara Dickey
Satara Dickey 2 gün önce
Kylee Severino
Kylee Severino 2 gün önce
They say periodt as it’s soundds li pewied🤣🤣
sarah hines
sarah hines 2 gün önce
JT went crazy😈
Goldencash SH
Goldencash SH 2 gün önce
Who's here from tiktok?
Queenly 2 gün önce
Instagram brought me here
State Farm Jake
State Farm Jake 2 gün önce
Gah damn Miami looking BAD AF!! 🥵
Dequan TAngel
Dequan TAngel 2 gün önce
Everybody talking about JT yall forgetting Dababy
Roman Mendez
Roman Mendez 2 gün önce
JT ate this shit up!!! 🔥🔥🔥 come thru JT 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Ariel White
Ariel White 2 gün önce
Say thank you to JT and Dababy . 😭
Ashandriya Bradford
Ashandriya Bradford 2 gün önce
Ik wE nOt fInNa paSs tHE faCt MiAmi sAiD hEr DiaMOndS gOt dA rOnA
LxlaxDxll. VU
LxlaxDxll. VU 2 gün önce
Fxck dat idc wut y'all say miami's was undeniable fierce. And JT slayed 💘🙃
Andrea Robins
Andrea Robins 2 gün önce
I’m just thankful MoneyBagg goes last so I can listen to JT and DaBaby and then skip the rest
FEAR-_-KINGZ 2 gün önce
Jt and da baby carried
Antoinette Sowell
Antoinette Sowell 2 gün önce
Who came here from hearing on the radio and not tiktok??
Latusha Smith
Latusha Smith 2 gün önce
Slippery Pickle
Slippery Pickle 2 gün önce
I love Dababy but she kinda a Nicki Minja wandabe
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