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16 Kas 2021




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Dustin Is Driving
Dustin Is Driving 15 gün önce
That’s what you get for dancing and not fighting
Dutchie Gün önce
@Official_Stezo To be fair taunting does bait your opponent but in this case he didn't even have a plan on how he was gonna bait him and what he was gonna do.
Dutchie Gün önce
@Average Enjoyer What are you on about
Mark Akindele Lanre
As his backroom employee, I'd sack him as my employer after the fight. I b like: I sack you Boss for lack of discipline...
Binary Ruffian
Binary Ruffian 2 gün önce
He was winning the fight by a huge margin
my jeju
my jeju 2 gün önce
I think he was dancing because he was too scare of opponent 🤣
JP VENTURA 4 gün önce
A humildade sempre vence! 🤛🏻💪🏻
MENOR BOM 19 saatler önce
Kkkkkkkkkk ganhou na cágada
Alex M
Alex M Gün önce
victor pedro dos santos
Não me canso de ver esse vídeo... Bom demais ver soberbo tomando no talo!
Jackson Oliveira dos Santos
Quem menospreza adversário acaba assim.
Aldean Soares Almeida
Aldean Soares Almeida 11 saatler önce
😂😂😂😂😂 É isso aí
Keveyn Pimentel
Keveyn Pimentel 12 saatler önce
Haha esse ai só quer ser o mvp michael veno page, pesquisa vai saber do que eu estou falando
Касен Саутов
А красиво отыгрывал, но тут внезапно выключили свет! 😆
Wilton Soares
Wilton Soares 4 gün önce
Substimou o adversário e se deu mal 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Vitória mais que merecida 👏
AA-VFX 11 gün önce
Don't play brave, be brave! 👍👌
0 4 gün önce
Some people know how to dodge attacks without blocking. But he was just dancing, and didn't have a back up plan if he gets hit.
G.J 4 gün önce
@m ned lol
G.J 4 gün önce
@Benjamin Goodson lol now these are good ones
m ned
m ned 4 gün önce
@G.J Why you choose violence
Benjamin Goodson
Benjamin Goodson 4 gün önce
@G.J he was backing it up. Until he wasn’t
João Felipe Vazan
João Felipe Vazan 2 gün önce
O tombo depois do chute se encaixa perfeitamente na coreografia kakakaka
James Rhodes
James Rhodes 4 gün önce
I love that opponent took the time to get in 3 more hammers on his face at the end. 🤙🏻
James Rhodes
James Rhodes 19 saatler önce
I choose to believe it’s just intelligent fighting strategy. Don’t count an opponent out until he is OUT or the ref stops it.
Amphibian Goddess
Amphibian Goddess 21 saatler önce
No, surprisingly! That's just MMA rules. "Ground and pound" is part of the sport. These guys will either get to their feet after being knocked down or just grapple on the floor after a takedown.
Jonathan Callahan
Jonathan Callahan 21 saatler önce
He knew he was knocked out after he kicked him... He did that for disrespecting him😂🤣😂
mathar Khan
mathar Khan 5 gün önce
He was lowkey hittin the moves with the beat 😂😂
spurs 21209
spurs 21209 Gün önce
you’re in an MMA fight, not a breakdancing competition. i applaud👏🏾 the other fighter; for knocking him da f**k out. i salute you sir…💪🏾👊🏾💪🏾👊🏾
Ghostmail 805
Ghostmail 805 Aylar önce
The extra hits he got in, after the guy was already knocked out, where actually pretty satisfying.
Pardola Games
Pardola Games 2 gün önce
Overkill doesn't exist, sir.
Alessandro Manno
Alessandro Manno 2 gün önce
@Борис Пагиев I used to be able to read, write, and somewhat speak Russian. But unfortunately, not anymore. I need to get back into it again. But for now, WHAT???
Борис Пагиев
eXtreme Official
eXtreme Official 5 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-4G6e4TaJxkI.html high level .
Phiusmes 7 gün önce
Yuuta-kun 6 gün önce
sempre respeite o adversário 👍🏻
magafillix 13 saatler önce
Auto confiança de vencer alguém por achar que está em vantagem o resultado e inevitável 👊😂👍
Sebastian Orozco
Sebastian Orozco 2 saatler önce
El respeto siempre es bueno 👍
Oh for Godsake
Oh for Godsake 6 gün önce
That's one of the most satisfying KO's on the tinternet.
Teen Male
Teen Male 20 saatler önce
I think it says tinternet because in Yorkshire 'to the' is often shortened to 't' ', so when they say connect t'internet, people think it is actually called the tinternet.
DeadlyJaguar89 2 gün önce
Yeah the tinternet is amazing
Gabriel SANTANA 2 gün önce
cat garfield
cat garfield 2 gün önce
I'm not satisfied
Grim Reaper  ☠
Grim Reaper ☠ 2 gün önce
EUGENE ALLEN 24 gün önce
Chris Hubbard
Chris Hubbard 20 gün önce
@mclohan Well I'm glad your happy and yes i agree he acted a fool and paid the price I just found it be funny the way he acted just to be laid out lol 😆 Oh and my wife agrees I'm stubborn 🤣
mclohan 20 gün önce
@Chris Hubbard I am very happy actually. It’s kind of ironic for you to say otherwise bc I pointed out that this guy was being obnoxious to his opponent and paid the price. All of which you have agreed with. So you clearly understand so I’m assuming you are talking just to feel better at this point
mclohan 20 gün önce
@Chris Hubbard exactly, he’s an idiot for trying to be funny and dancing throughout the entire match….
Chris Hubbard
Chris Hubbard 20 gün önce
@mclohan No I'm agreeing he's an idiot for doing what he did but it was still funny gotta find the humor you'll be happier.
mclohan 20 gün önce
@Chris Hubbardyou basically just said he made a jackass out of himself with bad dance moves and then got knocked out which as I said is the only funny part. Seems to me you are agreeing with me that his antics are not funny, the consequences is what made this comical.
познание мира всего ..
Заслужил своим поведением ,, 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 бальзам на душу,, болею грипом, как увидел этот шедевр в разы лучше стало,, буду смотреть вновь и вновь и грипп пройдет!!!
vinicius monetti
vinicius monetti 2 gün önce
Sempre haverá o melhor pro pior, pra quem se achar o terror 🙅
겨울눈 5 gün önce
그의 실력을 모든 사람이 알게 되었다
Tony Filho
Tony Filho 13 saatler önce
Pensei que o Aubameyang fosse jogador de futebol 😂😂😂😂😂
Chima Chinda
Chima Chinda Aylar önce
He has to live with being a meme forever.
Неопознанный Летающий Мужик
З.А.Ц.Е.Н.И. trvid.com/video/video-H5N5zSfGtqM.html
Rashann Wisdom
Rashann Wisdom 24 gün önce
Lance Powell
Lance Powell 24 gün önce
Yeah but if really has fighting talent he can turn this into a lucrative career!!! Think about it! He can bounce back, maintain the showboating antics but win and while hes climbing the ranks he can take shots at big dogs on the way up and market himself as the villain.... People pay good money to see the villain defeated...
Rexs Aylar önce
Kalyan Aylar önce
@Al Jones Thanks man appreciated
Erick Gunner
Erick Gunner 5 gün önce
God job, nice kick!
Ed Saatler önce
Nunca perca a humildade mano
Barrack Obamium
Barrack Obamium 3 gün önce
When you press the taunt button a lot but you accidentally pressed it one time
A Google User
A Google User 6 gün önce
This is the funniest shit ever 😂
Iron Front
Iron Front Aylar önce
I got a significant amount of satisfaction when he got knocked out 😂. Clearly underestimated his opponent.
CT- 6252
CT- 6252 Aylar önce
Never get to cocky cause in the end that will be your undoing XD
Gabilao Oalibag
Gabilao Oalibag Aylar önce
Me too
Marcelo Cunha
Marcelo Cunha Aylar önce
Proving that respect should be the basis of everything we do in life.
Bharggav B
Bharggav B Aylar önce
I guess we're brothers 😅
Adam Gilmore
Adam Gilmore Aylar önce
Oh hell no!
Zed Gün önce
This is why you don't bring a dance to a fist fight 😂🤣😂
Ina Maryani
Ina Maryani 3 gün önce
Son unos de los mejores conciertos Fuckaef.Uno , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.
Aariv Sharma
Aariv Sharma 2 gün önce
The way he pounded his face 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Denilson e.p e.p
Denilson e.p e.p 2 saatler önce
Sempre é assim, os q pagam de louco no final se ferram😂😂
James Royo
James Royo Aylar önce
That extra punches after the knockdown were super necessary.
Gordy Warin
Gordy Warin 8 gün önce
Super necessary
Angel Alita
Angel Alita 9 gün önce
Someone stole your comment and got 14k likes lol
Broke Escalator
Broke Escalator 12 gün önce
Super duper necessary!
Robin Evans
Robin Evans 22 gün önce
It's to keep the one getting knocked out from getting brain damage. If you watch all fights that end in a knock out the ref let's a couple more punches in 2 prevent them or helps prevent from getting brain damage
Dub Ryda
Dub Ryda 22 gün önce
Super saiyn necessary
Natanael Soares
Natanael Soares 8 saatler önce
Aprendeu a fazer isso com Anderson Silva e se lascou igual a ele kkkk
Johnatan Br
Johnatan Br 2 gün önce
Não poderia deixar um cara desse lutar, é um desrespeito ao esporte
Hamilton Nascimento Neto
Bem feito! Até mesmo para lutadores despreparados não se deve baixar a guarda!
Alessandro CC
Alessandro CC Gün önce
“Eu só faço isso pra desestabilizar o adversário…confia?! 😅😅
Skie___ 12 gün önce
He was basically asking for it. That kick was perfectly timed too.
FinTutorials 7 gün önce
@MrBloxPie pretty sure he was disconnected from life
MrBloxPie 9 gün önce
@SnaggyYT Nah bro, he's controller disconnected.
SnaggyYT 11 gün önce
Guy logged out the server I don't know what you mean
Husky Wild
Husky Wild Gün önce
That's exactly what he gets.🤣🤣🤣
Diego Amaral
Diego Amaral Gün önce
Se lascou. Repeita o esporte e respeite o adversario sempre!
MockelMon 4 gün önce
When u practice dance moves more than the fight moves
Amal Anish
Amal Anish 19 saatler önce
That guy just got permanent emotional damage 🤣
Ruben Teckmun
Ruben Teckmun Aylar önce
Respect the sport. Respect the opponent. Losing after doing the best is just a loss. Losing without respect is Defeat.
DJ 22 gün önce
I think most martial arts say, respect the sport and the opponent.
Неопознанный Летающий Мужик
З.А.Ц.Е.Н.И. trvid.com/video/video-H5N5zSfGtqM.html
Boost Junkie
Boost Junkie 25 gün önce
@catcatdoge catcadoge You are a clown
Aaron Lol
Aaron Lol 27 gün önce
Kps Kay
Kps Kay 28 gün önce
This guy was trying to imitate Prince Hamed the dancing boxer but failed. At least he tried
Iuri Gouvêa oficial
Mereceu 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Rodrigo Portela
Rodrigo Portela 6 gün önce
Toma, bem feito. Vencedor mereceu 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
amanda diverçao
amanda diverçao 2 saatler önce
A soberba é o maior adversário de alguns!!
King T Davis
King T Davis Gün önce
I love to see people get knocked out for being silly!
Johny Eff
Johny Eff Aylar önce
Love the two hammer fists at the end just nailing my dudes coffin 😂😂😂
Savage Cat
Savage Cat Aylar önce
3 hammer fists!!!
Topramenraymond Aylar önce
Michael Nizza
Michael Nizza Aylar önce
Normally I hate seeing that. Not this time.
Maurice Simon Scrubbs
Got his ass a suite at the upper rooom 🤣
nico FARAH
nico FARAH Aylar önce
Super seriously 😂
raziel clay 24
raziel clay 24 4 gün önce
I can watch this a million times! 😅😂🤣
LYTC Gün önce
Love when the joker in the ring gets what he asked for
Roberto Alvidrez
Roberto Alvidrez 21 saatler önce
Cuando te sientes mortal combat y eres combatido
Pitah 5 gün önce
😂he lost but atleast made me laugh
João Araújo
João Araújo 6 gün önce
Stilo Anderson Silva! Kkkkkkkkkk
channel 911
channel 911 22 saatler önce
The good heart always win ♥️
odair M
odair M 21 saatler önce
Quase conseguiu imitar Michael Jackson 🤧
Редьков Сергей
Красава,подловил чёрта)
Nickyle Neville
Nickyle Neville Aylar önce
His coaches like, " We need more moonwalking in the next round"
Jonathan Callahan
Jonathan Callahan 21 saatler önce
Jason King
Jason King 7 gün önce
Yooooo.oooo. nahhhhh
michael_schofield 20 gün önce
Comedic gold I say
Billy Fineday
Billy Fineday 23 gün önce
Agreed… best comment 😂😂😂😂
KnownToNone 24 gün önce
prasanna 4 gün önce
hes the type of guy in ur squad using emotes when u r fighting
Corey 2 gün önce
Lmao !!! It’s sort of like the hunter, got hunted, Son , you got knocked the f..k out 😂😂😂😂
Ron Williams
Ron Williams 3 gün önce
Love it!!...referee intervened too early though.
Neppel 2 gün önce
Os superestimados sempre subestimam.
Kvplr III
Kvplr III Aylar önce
Legends say he is still dancing till this very day
Andi Aylar önce
He's still dancing, while unconscious ofc
Xeng Lor
Xeng Lor Aylar önce
@Jacob Heald nah your mom
Oong Aylar önce
Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂
Lumau 99
Lumau 99 Aylar önce
hiiiiii Aylar önce
@Widian sasongko dang it you beat me to it😆
Juan Carlos C. C.
Eso de ir de sobradete y que al final te pinten la cara 😂😂😂😂.
amilton bueno
amilton bueno 5 gün önce
Isso foi para ele aprender a respeitar o seu oponente!
laranja Robson
laranja Robson 4 gün önce
only Anderson Silva knows how to do it in the best way
Ariel Santos Rodrigues
Tomou o que mereceu!!
Manni B
Manni B 24 gün önce
That's why every good Coach emphasizes on being focused throughout the game/match/tournament. Also, never underestimate your opponent.🙂
Goose Gossage
Goose Gossage 20 gün önce
@c harper woaaaahhhhhhhh. Such a cool story bro
camaranduleo TV
camaranduleo TV 20 gün önce
Tienes que ser profesional en todo lo que hagas
c harper
c harper 20 gün önce
When I wrestled I had a guy who beat me pretty badly (less badly each time) throughout the season. Didn’t take me seriously when we met in the regional finals. Pinned thin early in the second round. The look on his face was priceless.
Luis Henrique
Luis Henrique 21 gün önce
Goose Gossage
Goose Gossage 21 gün önce
@Manni B Oooooh nooo I’m talking to the hand?! This was totally worth it to talk to someone from the 1800’s lol. My God this is rich. Hey, please tell me how ticked off you are, to get a life, flip off, sticks and stones…. Hahaha holy shit I didn’t know people like you had the internet
G M 4 gün önce
Went from dancing to his head bouncing off the canvas lol
El Composer
El Composer 2 gün önce
Anderson Silva é um só paizão !!! Fica a lição
Sandro 6 gün önce
gullintanni 3 gün önce
Most satisfying hammerfist ever 🤣 Dude was asleep but needed waking up 🤣
Ramsay Bolton
Ramsay Bolton 12 gün önce
He wasn’t landing hard enough or accurate enough to even be worthy of those taunts he deserved that knockout
Ayxl Toh
Ayxl Toh 11 gün önce
Man Decided to do fortnite dances while fighting..........He lives to regret it.
Marco Lapel
Marco Lapel 6 gün önce
You can tell how the other guy put his soul in those hammer fists after knocking him out
Prathamesh Shendge
Prathamesh Shendge 3 gün önce
Rule 1 : Never let your guard down Rule 2 : never forget Rule 1
Altridi Wolf
Altridi Wolf 15 saatler önce
La vi cuando tenía 10 años 40 años años después la sigo sexedate.uno creo k sea el únicoo
Mystique League
Mystique League 4 gün önce
On that day a new meme 101 was born 😁😂
Travis Sarenenasr
Travis Sarenenasr Aylar önce
Best timed KO in history. It was like watching his consciousness do the wave through his body then exited his face. Perfect!
Stonks Gün önce
@josh claydon your teacher is a loser and i enjoyed seeing him get knocked out, hopefully you have a better teacher now
Unknown Aylar önce
best timed ko in history? stop overreacting.
josh claydon
josh claydon Aylar önce
That guy who got knocked out was my teacher
Muhamad Syahmi
Muhamad Syahmi Aylar önce
His consciousness basically left him through the wave
Ivan Sanchez
Ivan Sanchez Aylar önce
mike mike
mike mike 3 gün önce
Beautiful, it made me cry
william xavier yong
william xavier yong 5 gün önce
I literally said "pow out cold mf" in a most deepest voice that i don't know i could do
Omare Dunchie
Omare Dunchie 4 gün önce
He did the usher move and then got ushered away💪
Jens Hansen
Jens Hansen 5 gün önce
I think I watched this video 1000 times😂😂😂
GaME RaGE Aylar önce
As a wise man once said, "Showoff is the fools idea of glory."
Kamdyn B.
Kamdyn B. 29 gün önce
@Tyris Newton 😎😎
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Aylar önce
I came here to say this, but knew in my heart it had already been said
R T Aylar önce
Wow the first quote I can't find contradiction.
Sleepyml Aylar önce
One shot one kill
Metamorphic Aylar önce
@Tyris Newton What a kid
blackhawktim12 5 gün önce
I can't stand an arrogant fighter!! He got what he deserved!!👍
Гена Крокодил
Довыпендривался! Хотя и смотрелся классно, но слишком увлёкся игрой.
Lucas Peludo Oficial
Mais faz isso pra desestabilizar o adversário... Toma aí a desestabilização. Kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk
Marcos Fernandes
Marcos Fernandes 3 gün önce
Quer ficar subestimando o aniversário, então toma que é de graça!
Neil 1960
Neil 1960 Aylar önce
I love when cocky clowns get humbled and humiliated. I really hope the guy who got smashed learns this life lesson. Always respect your opponents, even if they are Assholes.
Paymybond DV4L
Paymybond DV4L Aylar önce
@Darth Vader facts
Paymybond DV4L
Paymybond DV4L Aylar önce
He was still definitely better then him and beating his ass he got lucky and landed the kick lol
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Aylar önce
It’s funny though bc if the guy wasn’t clowning he would smoke the other guy you can just tell.
Евгений Щербаков
Реф рано бой остановил.Надо было чуть позднее,удара через 3-4.
Jason Chenoweth
Jason Chenoweth Aylar önce
You took the words right out of my mouth! But just let me add... that if your a better fighter than your opponent, then just finish the fight early, save the man some dignity!!! He didn't need to try and embarrass that man THAT bad. He got EXACTLY what was coming to him! HAHA
Gerson Barbosa Laurindo
Tomaaa!!! Aprenda a respeitar o oponente!!!
CallMeIndie Gün önce
When you accidentally emote mid fight.
No Mercy
No Mercy 6 gün önce
Luiz Vicente
Luiz Vicente 4 gün önce
Muito bem feito pro palhaço que subestima outra pessoa 😁😁
R Ξ Ι Aylar önce
I felt that double tap on his head on a spiritual level at the last second 💀
Matto Aylar önce
*triple. And well deserved. 😂
Michael John Dadd
Michael John Dadd Aylar önce
100th like
Valencia Aylar önce
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murc1414 Aylar önce
Loser probably call the guy a bad sport for administering such punishment as well.
Eloir José Pereira
Eloir José Pereira 53 dakika önce
Gosto de ver esses caras tirados tomando na cara. Tipo Anderson Silva que se achava o cara e ficava tirando sarro da cara dos seus adversários... até que seu encanto foi quebrado.
Kavish Reddy
Kavish Reddy 2 gün önce
"It's not a mistake,"IT'S A MASTERPIECE.
꧁『step・ Brother』꧂
Rule #1: don't act cool if the crowd watch you
BB 6 gün önce
Great shot 🤣🤣
Kaby Summit
Kaby Summit Aylar önce
Dude took his eyes off for a split second, just enough to miss that final kick. As they say, the rest is history.
D.G OK 3 gün önce
더 줘 패줘야 했는데ㅋㅋㅋ
Monica Alves
Monica Alves 18 saatler önce
Bem feito o arrogante que tava menosprezando seu adversário quebrou a cara, isso é muito bom de ser ver👍
M. Steel
M. Steel 4 gün önce
That felt soooo good 👍🏼
Time for a Crusade
Time for a Crusade 3 gün önce
When you accidentally hit the emote button mid fight
HeyBro Aylar önce
Every man, woman and child, liberal or conservative, can ALL agree, that this is one of the greatest knockouts ever. 👍🏾
StuLenS 12 gün önce
@Zeed Stun yea being conservative is a race.. just proves how stupid you guys are. Little bastards
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo Aylar önce
@My City Sucks the true left hates liberals lmaoo, look up the definition and differences between leftists and liberals
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo Aylar önce
@Zeed Stun no. liberals are by definition still right wing. liberals and leftists are not the same 😭
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo Aylar önce
@My City Sucks they are lmfao. liberals are not left wing, they are just less right then conservatives
Joel Ha
Joel Ha Aylar önce
Except for the part where he continues to bash the guys face after he's out