MLB’s Biggest Cheaters Are in Big Trouble

Baseball Doesn't Exist
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Baseballs foreign substance crackdown is ending careers




25 Tem 2021




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Patrick Clifford
Patrick Clifford Gün önce
Slickspace 2 gün önce
MLB should just provide a substance that is approved by MLB so everyone is on even playing field
P Cass
P Cass 8 gün önce
Glasnow complaining because he got hurt when he couldn't cheat is priceless. Like if you can't stay healthy without cheating you don't belong in the show. Honestly I say let everyone do steroids and doctor balls whatever. It'd be more entertaining
Zach Kennedy
Zach Kennedy 18 gün önce
"Foreign substance" should be 100 legal. Oh woopty ding... you guys are like "but his hands are wittle stickier and he might throw a spinny ball at me and strike me out" boooooohooooo 👶
Minty Supreme
Minty Supreme 19 gün önce
lol this one aged well, seeing the Yankees performance this postseason
MH DuBois
MH DuBois 19 gün önce
Would you cite the source that says that '70% of all MLB players are cheating'? Sounds.... off.
Jeff Jensen
Jeff Jensen 20 gün önce
It amazes me that some of these dudes think they are a victim since they can't cheat anymore
Andrew Moseley
Andrew Moseley 25 gün önce
That pitch at 16:13 Wow! A baseball can do that?!
Pat Menard
Pat Menard 26 gün önce
Hey!! If they cant do steroids or cork their bats then pitchers shouldnt be using any sticky stuff
Kyle 26 gün önce
Team Donaldson
DankShlt 27 gün önce
I highly doubt he was going to “strip naked.”
Joseph Gentile
Joseph Gentile 29 gün önce
Hair spray
chenzo mutumbo
chenzo mutumbo 29 gün önce
Ozzie is that dude.
Grayson Byass-Rascoe
Grayson Byass-Rascoe 29 gün önce
Is he gonna make up his mind? He puts ohtani a previous cheaters thumbnail, then calls him the greatest player ever, then puts him back in the cheaters thumbnail. This guy changes his mind more than i change my underwear, other then that he is spitting straight facts. This makes guys from yesterday's mlb (guys like phil niekro) look like children, this should have started happening a very very very looooong time ago. By the way Gerrit cole get off that McDonald's wifi brain and stop saying baseball is hard...... WE KNOW IT'S HARD!
Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley 29 gün önce
To quote the great Pedro Martinez “These guys need to learn to use the rosin bag. I could always get a great grip with sweat and rosin.”
samsbro1952 Aylar önce
So pitchers can use whatever substance but hitters can't really do anything. No way is that fair.
the Butcher
the Butcher Aylar önce
No sticky stuff for pitchers! Only batters can use that...
Eman19O Aylar önce
Glad I don’t watch this shit game anymore
Dave Carsley
Dave Carsley Aylar önce
I don't know. I kind of appreciate Gerrit Cole's response. He didn't want to just directly lie to the world, but after MLB had just announced extremely strong new rules against use of the stuff, he probably didn't know if saying "yes" would affect his career and get him in trouble, even if the question was about the past. I think he answered the question about as well as he could given the circumstances.
The Son Forgives
The Son Forgives Aylar önce
I don't know much about the topic, but it seems to me that if batters can put a foreign substance called tape on the bats and wear batting gloves while batting! both allowing for total grip, then why can't the pictures have something that will help them grip the ball? It just makes sense. And if every picture does it, it makes it an even playing field Please help me understand, by leaving your comments on my Facebook page. theson forgives
cactopodes Aylar önce
i’ll be honest, in general, cheating in baseball is cool and funny. i am pro-cheating in baseball. but also, i cannot get enough of the little baby yankee crying because he can’t grip the baseball lmao
Jeffrey B.
Jeffrey B. Aylar önce
What's with the red screen and strange writing when it looks like your trying to show statics.
nrj6490 Aylar önce
Cole sounds like he’s addicted to spider tack lmao
coreys world tv
coreys world tv Aylar önce
It's funny when ppl brag about look how good I am when they need to cheat. You could have 100 rings. Without your cheating your trash.
Ivan Martinez
Ivan Martinez Aylar önce
What? Pitches have to be good now? Oh nooo:(
Enrique Contreras
Enrique Contreras Aylar önce
Girardi wasn't screaming at Scherzer. He was screaming at his old coach buddy from the Yankees.
Claude Hayden
Claude Hayden Aylar önce
So the pitchers use a substance and get super high paychecks? Or a team steals signals and win more games making more money? Even out the penalties. Just charge the teams and eject the cheaters.
GingerBeardMan Aylar önce
All I hear is a bunch of babies crying about having to pitch naturally.
OrphanTwin Aylar önce
What a bunch of babies
Dylan Allmon
Dylan Allmon Aylar önce
They need to change up the baseballs so that they can fine tune the spin rates and make baseball more fun
isLand Kine
isLand Kine Aylar önce
Good video.. but the thumbnail was just dumb. Having Ohtani on the thumbnail for Click bait
Jack Aylar önce
Not the media offline screen 😭😭
TheGridironTxn Aylar önce
Cole is such a bad liar could've just said no I've never heard of it or used it. First time I heard it thought it was some sort of poison to kill spiders
Bryan Barefoot
Bryan Barefoot Aylar önce
I mean if you would have never started cheating you wouldn’t have to cry about not being able to cheat anymore. If you can’t grip your pitches then your not a pitcher play a different sport or bag groceries.
Ryan Dooley
Ryan Dooley Aylar önce
I do think Santiago was cheating but I don’t think the sticky stuff was in his belt, he most likely kept touching it to keep and a comfortable position which would make sense why he did it while walking off the field
#StopAsianHateNow Aylar önce
I guess they figured hitters were using steroids soooo
Jason Rubb
Jason Rubb Aylar önce
Chapman definitely needs substances for control.... look how sweaty that man is
Dick Fitswell
Dick Fitswell Aylar önce
Stealing signs is not punishable because all teams do it.
Bobby Gets Banned
Bobby Gets Banned Aylar önce
70% of pitchers cheating and yet everyone still complains about the Astros while pretending their team is clean.
Dick Fitswell
Dick Fitswell Aylar önce
Bro, don't lie. You don't use Cannadips. Be more honest and say "I do use it on high stress days" or something other than an obvious lie. It makes the company look like they hire only paid youtubers
Dick Fitswell
Dick Fitswell Aylar önce
If I was a minor pitcher trying to make the big leagues then I'm going to S.Korea, Germany, or Russia and getting an implant on the underside of my pointer finger that has a small unnoticeable edge which would allow me to jump up in RPM and help my arsenal of pitches have a bigger late bite.
Rizzo RIZZO Aylar önce
“I can’t cheat anymore and ITS NOT FAIR!!!”
Bill Baker
Bill Baker Aylar önce
Cheating is cheating. Just because they can’t grip the ball doesn’t make it right
Raymond Patrick
Raymond Patrick Aylar önce
Ohtani is good no matter what. He's the top hitter in the entire league and I don't think he was cheating. He didn't have the movement that Bauer and the Yankees Cole had, who was horrible until he cheated.
Pepperoni Lover
Pepperoni Lover Aylar önce
I haven’t watched the video yet but is there literally any evidence on Max Scherzer?
michoacan55 Aylar önce
his spin rate decreased by over 160 rpm since the crackdown and his era went from 2.2 to over 4 according to the video.
Gin Ichimaru
Gin Ichimaru Aylar önce
Are we supposed to feel guilty at guys getting hurt cause they had to stop cheating? You play hard, you play clean. Cheating is for lame losers if one is on your team call them out. Get better. It's that simple
James Gaston
James Gaston Aylar önce
"And Scherzer was pissed" okay, and that's different how?
garzie snipes
garzie snipes Aylar önce
A lot of pitchers have probably lost their confidence
Ryan Rogers
Ryan Rogers Aylar önce
bro should’ve just said yes
Defeat Ignorance
Defeat Ignorance Aylar önce
End with Bauer. Haha!
Kevin Adam
Kevin Adam Aylar önce
Oh man, Baseball players are such crybabies. Everything is an offense
2010 KING
2010 KING Aylar önce
Which is basically everybody in baseball lmao
BruinsFan 8
BruinsFan 8 Aylar önce
Imagine being upset because someone forced you to stop cheating. Wild.
epsilene Aylar önce
"why are you touching your hat and your hair and random places on your body so much? got something to hide there?" me: no i just have adhd i do this literally 24/7
Yoda Rded
Yoda Rded Aylar önce
worst channel name evah
Наталья Кондратенко
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The boy
The boy Aylar önce
Any team who used spider tack are cheaters, any team who steals signs are high IQ players.
turtle19dad Aylar önce
Good video. As a Padres fan I noticed how Darvish would go 7 innings. After the checks, he was lucky to go 5 innings.
Asheville Comics
Asheville Comics Aylar önce
I'm into CBD, we have a store right next door to a CBD store, but I don't know about a dip version. May give it a shot, your ad was effective
Domancave Aylar önce
Man I love how much Donaldson pisses off people. Just fantastic
Newtz Aylar önce
M e d i a O f f l i n e
Jeff Griscoa
Jeff Griscoa Aylar önce
The truth finally comes out!
Haters iNC. Official I am HFH b!tch
For you to accuse or mention players such as Edwin Diaz is stupidly insane. Everybody that knows Diaz knows that he is an elite closer, however he has problems with control wich explains why he has stretches were he is absolutely unhittable, then followed by stretches were he blows 2 saves in a row and messes up incredibly, only to bounce back again and have elite numbers yet again... Does that mean that while he is doing good, he is using the substance and in those stretches that he is not doing good he isn't? It's simply inconsistency... Not the use of a damn substance... This makes zero sense.
NOTMYNAME Aylar önce
Wait wait wait… guy complains that now that he cant use illegal substances on his fingers, that this change is so huge that he’s now injuring himself, AND ITS SOMEONE ELSES FAULT?! Least accountable thing Ive ever seen. Unreal. Guy cheats so much his body is tuned to it, then gets angry when he has to stop cheating. WOW!!!
PlayhouseRage Aylar önce
Blame all of this on Mike Fiers.
John MN
John MN Aylar önce
Pitchers mad their spin is way down not that they're being checked.
David Perras
David Perras Aylar önce
Starting to trust the creator less and less with misleading stats and the use of certain players in scenes.
MRI Aylar önce
0:54 "Speculated" regarding Trevor Beauer? Dudes been out in the open with. Tweeting about it, trying to get visibility on the issue, talking about how it dramatically increases spin rate. No one gave a shit till all of a sudden. I dont put someone like that in the same category as someone cheating and lying about it. Also, i've heard many batters want pitchers using shit so they have better control and dont hit them.
Brent Wise
Brent Wise Aylar önce
Everyone one cheats this is just the same as houston cheating
Carlos Nieto
Carlos Nieto Aylar önce
pinetar. rosin. sweat. and sunblock. fk it let them play
Sonofsin Aylar önce
why not target batters? Target swing speed... Clear way of telling who is on the juice or coming off it. 1 sided street stop targeting only pitchers and go after the batters also
Lobo 11234
Lobo 11234 Aylar önce
I just love Donaldson 😂😂
MrDAZ3197 Aylar önce
Background music used?
Angel Melendez
Angel Melendez Aylar önce
So a negative is taking off your clothes may cause an injury ? C'mon man ! You can not allow the league to use any substance whatsoever , if you do where is the line that you cant cross ? Im complexly ok with a UFC type check before and after you pitch . You will only be annoyed if you cheat
Ryan U
Ryan U Aylar önce
Real chads use foreign substances to decrease grip just to flex.
M.Wade Aylar önce
It makes you ask (in terms of Chapman); was he ever as dangerous as perceived? I know it’s crazy to ask but we kinda have to.
M.Wade Aylar önce
Idc simply because y’all know they’ve been using things for over 6 decades lmao. Just because it was a secret to us doesn’t mean it wasn’t known by MLB lol
Elliott Gronevelt
Elliott Gronevelt Aylar önce
I feel like cole is using spider tac and most every one else is using sweat mixed with rosin.
Zlatan Agrees
Zlatan Agrees Aylar önce
Why’d you have to put Shohei in the thumbnail, next to a bunch of actual cheaters tho? Don’t ruin him to non-baseball fans that will see this. He’s one of the only few good things we got bro. If you want clickbait or clout because of Shohei, just create content about him. Not this bs.
J Dnnn
J Dnnn Aylar önce
I'm a Giants fan but I don't think Ohtani or Scherzer is cheating, they're just really good
Cole Kwiatkowski
Cole Kwiatkowski Aylar önce
Yeah this is pretty interesting but MEDIA OFFLINE
Jaylen Malone
Jaylen Malone Aylar önce
Man baseball is like a big ass soap opera😂I like this tho lol
Adam Scherf
Adam Scherf Aylar önce
Nobody talks about the fact that injuries were down. To get that higher spin you need less grip and then hurt yourself less.
Venom Burn
Venom Burn Aylar önce
Stop using Ohtani as click bait. That man doesnt need to cheat.
Ty Sparks
Ty Sparks 2 aylar önce
Lol @ Max Scherzer on the thumbnail… he only went undefeated after getting traded to the Dodgers. I think he’ll be alright.
GhostTrueCapitalist 2 aylar önce
Hey. Astros got punished so if they can't deal with just a 10-day suspension, they can cry about it.
Werdizbon 2 aylar önce
The inclusion of Scherzer hasn't aged well in this video. Go Dodgers.
Delta8 kat
Delta8 kat 2 aylar önce
"it's so hard to grip a ball" -millionaire pitcher
Delta8 kat
Delta8 kat 2 aylar önce
Has Trevor jumped in to the comments yet? He was sweating my guy over footage
amanda c.
amanda c. 2 aylar önce
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TGCRVT 2 aylar önce
Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, NolanRyan. Three non-pussies you would never hear say "Its just so hard to grip a basball".
amanda c.
amanda c. 2 aylar önce
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Denis Lessard
Denis Lessard 2 aylar önce
cheating is cheating. i don't know how you stop it because it's been going on since the beginning of baseball. spitball, scuffed balls and all other means of altering the ball have been around for a hundred years. one another note, they check the pitchers but what about the catchers? if the catcher can put something on their equipment, how would you detect that? major league baseball has their hands full trying to stop this. pitchers will find a way.
Anu Jiba
Anu Jiba 2 aylar önce
Uhm ... I don't... I don't know ah... I don't know it's a... I don't know how to answer this
Anthony Drake
Anthony Drake 2 aylar önce
Ozzie Guillen comeback for not having a Hitting stat worth bragging on... " You'll never win one of these and I got three of them." But Ozzie... you won the first one as a 3rd Base Coach. Almost as deserving of that ring as Frank Thomas was.
Ronnie Turner
Ronnie Turner 2 aylar önce
Dude chill on the whistle way too loud
Homie Gibiotch
Homie Gibiotch 2 aylar önce
Manfred is an idiot. He will be the death of major league baseball.
black john
black john Aylar önce
Baseball will not die
wuz352 2 aylar önce
This is like that "Bob's Burgers" episode on angel dust.
Ninja Electivire
Ninja Electivire 2 aylar önce
Shouldn’t have been using it in the first place, so they have no right to complain. They cheated, now they pray the price
Eddie Meltzer
Eddie Meltzer 2 aylar önce
"its so hard to grab the ball,for petes sake...(its round)"what a buch of pussies!
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