Mixing Every Oreo Flavor Together

Tyler Williams
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HELLO FRIENDS!! Today we’re gonna be combining every flavor of oreo that we could find into a franken-oreo, but we’re going to be turning it into a little friendly competition that we’re calling “The Frank-Off”. Tyler has one method of making this monstrosity and Safiya has another. Let’s see which one will win out!

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Produced & Edited by
Carly Dawson
Nez Covington
Tyler Williams
Safiya Nygaard

GFX by
Dayana Espinoza

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28 Eyl 2022




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Tyler Williams
Hello and welcome to this video! Who do you think won the frank-off and made the best ~franken-oreo~? My cookies ‘n’ cream approach or Saf's single soggy cookie? Let us know in the comments below!
Safiya mixing lipgloss: here comes trouble
oreo should make a “sampler pack” with a bunch of different flavors so i personally can determine my favorite flavor without buying every kind
Super Nintendo Chalmers
Saf's face when she realized she coulda made one giant Oreo 😭🤣
Alana Dyer
Saf is getting my vote because she took the literal definition of the Franken-series. Mixing it all together into 1 product 🤣
Eileen Conway
People say that love is dead, but we still have Tyler and Saf.
Hi High•
I love how they’re expecting us to choose the winner without us even tasting it.
V, stop bias wrecking me
honestly Tyler's a franken cookies and cream, whereas Safiya's an actual franken oreo
Elizabeth Levesque
I like how they considered gluten free it’s own separate flavor 😂😭.
Tyler and Saf: we taste each individual flavor
Jessica Å
Jessica Å 2 saatler önce
As a baker, seeing you two make anything cake-y is always a hard time lmao. Like, there's so many tools you could use that'd be much easier! A palette knife for spreading the cream, proper cookie cutters... Also watching over the ice-cream a bit more, you could've easily mixed in the cookies while it was churning if you'd kept a closer look on it. I mean, the end results worked, but the details make it even better.
May Tuccolo
Lmao I love how Saf and Tyler make it seem like they have exquisite palettes and Carly is just plain
Laura V
in Europe we have basically no special flavours but the only one we do have is the one missing from your selection which is strawberry cheesecake 😂
Safiya’s ability to describe flavors/scents is seriously unmatched.
Darin Glavan
One thing we’ve learned from this video is that Carly is NOT a super taster, but we love her all the same haha
Randy Romines
Usually Tyler is back up to Safiya's lead so it was refreshing to see him come out in the forefront for a change! I had to giggle, I have the exact same knife set and plastic ware the ice cream was put in. Considering that we are not comparing 2 cookies - Saf wins the cookie category and Tyler wins the ice cream category!
Karen Kwan
Ty: I think another way to incorporate more of the "flavor" into the ice cream would be to melt the cream into the ice cream base
I’m surprised he didn’t just mash the cookies and cream together and make a franken Oreo cake-pop!
I'm soooooooooooo happy you guys are posting more videos that are under the 30 minute mark. They're so wonderful for relaxing at lunch time when you're working or just having a wee break after work before you start running around at home, and I love seeing you guys interact with one another but also still showcase all of Saf's beautiful talents, while getting to enjoy Ty both behind and in front of the camera as well. I still like the videos where Saf is in front of the camera and Ty is behind the camera VERY much, no shade! I just also think it's nice to sometimes see Ty and Saf with their sweet banter and strangely supportive relationship. It might even help normalise supportive relationships! 😂😂
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