"Missouri River Monster Cats" | Season 2 Episode 2 | Catfish Crazy

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Host Chris Souders is joined by long time friend Jason Mathenia. This show has surprises from start to finish as they fish the Missouri River.

Originally aired on Pursuit Channel on April 6, 2021.
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5 Nis 2021




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Steven Pendry
Love the show Chris I wish there were more catfish shows. And thank you for sharing the info and helping us obtain the skills to catch and monster of our own
David Bartlett
Thank you for making us a great show chris hope there's unlimited seasons
Billy Sturgeon
I love watching your videos, you always catch some monster fish. That Sturgeon was really nice. That is definitely one of my bucket list fish. Seeing how my last name is the same as the fish. I know we have lake Sturgeon in Kentucky I just haven't found out where yet
Murillo Family Fishing
Amazing episode! I am loving all of these. Keep it up.
tim smith
Chris! What a toad! Great show brother. Love me some Catfish Crazy!
Greenwell Fishing
Man i absolutley Love seeing chris get so excited
Kevin Brown
Chris you were struggling holding that blue up alot like I was struggling with 75 pound blue a couple weeks ago. I only weigh in at around 130 pounds lol. I feel your pain. Hour and a half after my 75 I caught a 50+ pounds flathead also
Tina tinabobenasales50
Hi does your friend Jason do guided trips? We are in MO and would love to connect with him to learn about that area.
Michael Rogers
Chris & Jason, Wow !!!! Great video 👍👍👍👍👍
Clearview Outdoors
Great video, awesome pig and a bonus Sturgeon!!!
Love it!!
River Rat
Awesome show
Greg Bunn
Giant cat, great show.
Rob Gregg
Good Stuff Guys!!
Calvin Mogilinski
underrated channel!
Ed Hubert
Nice fish congratulations
Joel Turpin
Not wearing life jackets on a very dangerous river.
Wooo what a fish
Dan K
How I stole an Entire Mountain
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How I stole an Entire Mountain
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