Missing woman's last social media post was from Ogden business

FOX 13 News Utah
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An Ogden business where Gabby Petito made her last social media post is joining nationwide efforts to find her.



14 Eyl 2021




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Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson 12 gün önce
RN Anderson
RN Anderson 18 gün önce
Fake 📰
Travis Federer
Travis Federer 19 gün önce
He's guilty as Sin an innocent man doesn't run he needs to turn himself in do the right thing for her family only a coward would run
David Bishop
David Bishop 20 gün önce
Why is Brian missing from her last post? Did Brian ever see Gabby after Aug 12 ?
twade36577 21 gün önce
When Gabby was in the cop car on 8/12 one of the cops said she was on the phone with her mother. Is that true? What did she say to her? Is it possible she was on the phone with Kylen to tell her they would not be able to meet her and Crystal at Arches?
Stacy Carrillo
Stacy Carrillo 23 gün önce
Her lip was bitten in this picture 😔 he probably hit her and she fell and bit her lip and it wasn’t bitten on the police video so their fights were escalating. I am a child of domestic violence of
I AM THAT I AM 26 gün önce
Why didn't you put this much effort in when hundreds of natives went missing over the years.
C Foster
C Foster 26 gün önce
Didn't they find her???
Polarity333 27 gün önce
The monarch butterfly tells you this is all a big show (psyop)
Kyra Senchyshak
Kyra Senchyshak 27 gün önce
Saw something about Brian dissing apple crisp macchiatos on his social media, so I just got one for the first time in honor of Gabby
Dave Mychajlyszyn
Dave Mychajlyszyn 27 gün önce
Poor thing. Your in peace now
Jon Rygiewicz
Jon Rygiewicz 27 gün önce
Crisis Actors
Afaf Nith Ma’at Hatap
Photo taken infront the monarch butterfly.She was a monarch victim.
F y0u
F y0u 28 gün önce
Could be a glitch of some sort but how come on this video there's a fly emoji next to the pumpkin emoji in her last Instagram post, but now there's no fly it's a box with an x
Re'Nae 29 gün önce
Gabby, Brian, & her friend Rose all have similar tattoos on their fingers, wonder if they got them during the same time.
Re'Nae 29 gün önce
Her & Gabby usually spoke at least three times a week face to face, yet she didn't hear from her for nearly two weeks, being on a cross country trip with her fiance who you knew returned home alone but never gave her whereabouts, whew, red flags should have been popping up all over the place. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩No disrespect to her Mom but f I couldn't get in contact with her under the given circumstances, I would've been a nervous wreck.
Roger Zimmerman
Roger Zimmerman 29 gün önce
So the mother faced timed with her 3 times a week,yet filed missing person report11days after he returned to Florida without her.makes no sense
Janice Bennett
Janice Bennett 29 gün önce
Fiance? Didn't the information say they broke up the engagement before they went on the trip. That makes him her xfiance
Kevin Dyer
Kevin Dyer 29 gün önce
The most hated toxic relationship murderer since Scot Peterson.
Connie White
Connie White Aylar önce
Biden will say she died of covid.
youtubeVIP1 mod
youtubeVIP1 mod Aylar önce
That knit pumpkin she's holding is clearly visible inside the van on the Nomadic Statik video. So, what is the meaning behind it?
GG Aylar önce
Monarch doesnt give you MK ultra vibez at all? Last photo of her?
N Travis
N Travis Aylar önce
While she was there I was nursing monarch chrysalid in my garden. All were released 1 day before she was found. Just heartbreaking. If you want to support her last love plant native milkweed seeds only in your area. Milkweed should not be treated with insecticides. Seeds can be planted right before the second snow. They need cold stratification to germinate. Monarchs will lay eggs on your plants and then you too can be part of the magic. 🐛🦋
Boot Nreboot
Boot Nreboot Aylar önce
they'll never find the bf, hes in the belly of a gator by now.
Ed Aylar önce
Brian hiding in Whitehouse.
Michelle Phillips
Michelle Phillips Aylar önce
He is long gone!!! Wake up!!! He is having the last laugh!
Robert Brode
Robert Brode Aylar önce
leave him with me for 10 minutes i'll take care of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy's Tarot
Amy's Tarot Aylar önce
I hope her boyfriend didn't hurt her because he looks very small and very skinny. The other men in prison would love a good "pretend girlfriend" if they met him.
Covid19 is COMMUNISM
I agree totally with you... Her ocd and physical abuse on her boyfriend while driving 🚗 endangering both of them
Handy Handy
Handy Handy Aylar önce
This case is getting way too much coverage.
Carmelita Good
Carmelita Good Aylar önce
By now, Laundrie has left the country.
Drew Watkins
Drew Watkins Aylar önce
Joy Reid from MSNBC says yall have missing white woman syndrome. What do you have to say to her?
jmr1068204 Aylar önce
They should be searching neighbor's footage to see if he in fact even came back to the house and remained there or went out (with or without the aid of his parents or lawyer) and go from there. I'm curious if he's not in the parent's house somewhere. Check the entire house for false walls or anything out of place in the structure.
Charlotte Eve
Charlotte Eve Aylar önce
Lame news there...
Charlotte Eve
Charlotte Eve Aylar önce
Brian looked normal in this...but the discovery when they were pulled over, he looks like a Dirtbag Murderer.
Emiliano Zapata
Emiliano Zapata Aylar önce
So Gabby Petito and Brian "Psycho" Laundrie, left Florida, on a "road trip" in August. . . somewhere around the middle of August, Brian the psycho punches Gabby around inside of a store, store clerks call cops. Then, later. . . someone sees Gabby getting the shit slapped out of her in the passenger seat of her own van, calls the cops. Then. . . cops pull Psycho and Gabby over, take Psycho to a nice hotel, and tell Gabby to sleep off the ass whooping that Brian "cop target" Laundrie just gave her in HER VAN. Fast forward to September 1. . . Brian "just killed his girl, cause he's a psycho" Laundrie, gets back home from "SAID" road trip, alone... says NOTHING, to ANYONE. Everything's honky dory for ten days!! Then. . . All of a sudden, on "SEPTEMBER 11", OR. . . "9/11", IF YOU LIKE. . . "NOW", someone thinks it's a good idea to report Gabby Petito, "MISSING"!!! mother fascinates stupid people more, than a disappearing act. You can distract people for DAYS with a trick like this. THIS IS ANOTHER DEEP STATE PSY-OPS!!!!! WHAT ARE "THEY" TRYING TO DISTRACT THE MASSES FROM???
Distraction, monarch butterfly
puppy love
puppy love Aylar önce
hey she died happy..she was vlogging! She was instagramming!! She was stupid!!!
AlzMarioWolfe Aylar önce
Imagine victim blaming, fvck you.
americangal49 Aylar önce
Anyone else notice her swollen eyes and dark circles?
Mine Finder
Mine Finder Aylar önce
Hopefully he gets tried in Wyoming, as hardcore death penalty state. And his parents should do serious jail time too.
Mine Finder
Mine Finder Aylar önce
Brian better hope he gets eaten by an alligator. But I doubt he's even in the area they're searching.
ItsMyNannysPlace Aylar önce
There have been question about a photo of a guy near his parents house but the guy had a tattoo on his left forearm. I saw the same tattoo in a shot on a news station vid, but, no tattoo in the utah police cam video, now if you look at other photos near the monarch she has tattoos all over her leg when the skirt is open, yet she has no tattoos - photo shop or fake tattoos - the guy in the photo taken near his parents may have been him?
guruphiji Aylar önce
May be people will realize that TRvidr’s world is literally virtual : the glamour, the fresh faces, the photogenic apparences are just not real life! These young people had in fact a very unglamorous life, fighting like a dysfunctional couple, no education, no charisma other than their pretty looks. When you look into the contents , same thing: shallow. People , open your eyes and get a real life ! Not a TRvid, Tik Tok virtual one !!!
jonathan lehr
jonathan lehr Aylar önce
Nice of him to bring her van home.
Ljiljiana Sirol
Ljiljiana Sirol Aylar önce
Niente è come sembra, che tristezza
Like Chris Watts..another narcissist who can't handle her being on social media perhaps. If you are in an abusive relationship..it isn't love.. Get out. Someone will reach out and help you..but don't stay in the toxic environment because you can see the outcome. RIP sweet angel.
RogueGhost24 Aylar önce
Lol wishing everyone out there with missing white woman syndrome a speedy recovery! Haha
RogueGhost24 Aylar önce
@AlzMarioWolfe hahaha nope! Just here wish everyone a speedy recovery from missing white woman syndrome lol
AlzMarioWolfe Aylar önce
@RogueGhost24 Sooo you’re mocking one woman who was abused for years as if it’s her fault that this happens… rot in hell thanks
RogueGhost24 Aylar önce
@AlzMarioWolfe lol yep, that's the reality for millions of minorities hahaha
AlzMarioWolfe Aylar önce
It would be a shame if this happened to your child and no one cared
Dawn Kline
Dawn Kline Aylar önce
Jesus Christ Almighty. It’s a PIG SH*T Cafe, how can they not have accurate feed? This is why I patronize Starbucks!
Mannyfresh2deff Aylar önce
Wow with all the kids missing every day and dont get the attention that this dissy broad gets .u gotta be kiddin me itsike watchin lifetime movie.he kill her end of story what bout 2 year old thad missing .show me the weather instead of this bullshit crap. The bitxh is gone he did it end of story.
Amyz Smart
Amyz Smart Aylar önce
The monarch?! Wake up sheeple
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz Aylar önce
Brian could possibly be a murderer but the police that seperated them aren't being questioned which is really odd.
Amyz Smart
Amyz Smart Aylar önce
Monarch, pictures in front of 3 different sets of wings!
James Rideout
James Rideout Aylar önce
Masonic colors
jatteam Aylar önce
Well, now we know she’s been killed. They need to find her cell phone. If she had it, or if he took it with him. I think he’s disappeared to go kill himself. Out of guilt. And knowing he’s going down for this.
Dan Aylar önce
Did she have a cellphone? can't they find out the last cell tower it was pinged to?
allegra braun
allegra braun Aylar önce
They should have CALLED HER FAMILY parents are always goin' to BE advocates
Brent Rhodes
Brent Rhodes Aylar önce
I hope her dad finds him, but doesn’t catch him.
pfc Aylar önce
Hope gabbys Dad got hold of him. I could see the anger in his eyes. Never hurt a man's little girl.
Gerard Woody
Gerard Woody Aylar önce
Sadly it seems she was found.. God bless this beautiful soul lord.. Rest in peace girl and family be strong.. Lord bless them🙏🙏🙏😞😞😢
Milady Artistic
Milady Artistic Aylar önce
This is Just BS, Just a play full of actors. To divide your attention. Do not be destracted from what the elites and their father, the devil are doing to our world
explorer Aylar önce
Anyone returning from a trip and needs a lawyer, speaks for itself!
Humour Life
Humour Life Aylar önce
Supposedly he left her out there he went back home then he went back to get gabby & came back home without the fucking girl 💔💔💔
Eugene Hicks
Eugene Hicks Aylar önce
Wasn't she involved in physical abusive behavior in the relationship, and emotionally unstable?...sound a little like Brittany Spears.
Ida Hardy
Ida Hardy Aylar önce
Happy Halloween. That was when the trip was supposed to end. They were supposed to return on Halloween.
Brent Groenhuizen
Brent Groenhuizen Aylar önce
Man we need that footage of the fight outside!
B J Aylar önce
She got killed on the 25th of August. And she wasn't in Ogden that day. That's an old photo.
LurkerDood Aylar önce
Beautiful girls life ended by this bald headed stooge 😬🤬😠
Jay Silverheals
Jay Silverheals Aylar önce
pretty much swingers that the beautiful girl ends up dead. do not start swinging in your teens and early twenties because someone will end up dead gabby was an active swinger in which she was hooking up with the most beautiful girls
Jay Silverheals
Jay Silverheals Aylar önce
girls that dont have intimate girlfriends "are not normal"
Jay Silverheals
Jay Silverheals Aylar önce
her girlfriend who she was going to hook up with most beautiful girl you ever saw she actually ran brian off since she wanted to hook up at the motel with her actual real lover which was not brian. she then got killed the truth is all her private motel stays were not because of fights at all. her motel stays was because it was an open relationship and she would run him off as she pleased. brians failing is he never comprehended that girlfriends love each other much more than males which they view as necessary evil girlfriends are much closer, better dancers and kissers, alot better looking etc. they are much more intimate that is why I never have stood in the way of girlfriends
0:17 English captions on.. its not the time to really be saying that.. like REALLY?
MrBurleyfish Aylar önce
This is all about trying to take attention off of the real news that does not get reported, Afghanistan, Border, Deaths and adverse side effects from vaccine, Lies and evidence that hospitals are not overflowing "Saint Louis", And zero reporting on how Americans are fed up with Biden and are all chanting F U to him.
Korita Korita
Korita Korita Aylar önce
Big deal who cares ?? Why so special about her
The Prepping Mama
The Prepping Mama Aylar önce
It upsets me with all the kids an people killed constantly or missing an no one cares this couple wasn’t some big van life at all they have one video up no working website all the people came after this made the news! It’s not right ppl are insane I guess they just care more about what can look like the perfect story since she was blonde an they are making it like she was some saint
Dwayne DaRock Johnson
He slapped her silly. Love how abusive relationships work and the society that supports them. 🤮 The cops never ask her if she could be pregnant...just another hysterical female...right?...nice job.
4x4Country_Girl Aylar önce
One of the first things all the commenters need to do is watch the body cam footage from the police that pulled them over. The whole thing seems suspect to me.
Lisette Aylar önce
Jalani day black man missing too
Jesus is God
Jesus is God Aylar önce
What I don't understand is how did they find her body if they didn't know where she was at
c ankhovich
c ankhovich Aylar önce
satanic reptilian sacrifice
NHMO OYTIS Aylar önce
The autopsy is tomorrow.
Lady Anna Marie Howland
Lady Anna Marie Howland
Is she supposed to be the IRON BUTTERFLY?
The Prepping Mama
The Prepping Mama Aylar önce
I dunno if you read her posts an the fly it’s just weird the whole thing
Riho KAO
Riho KAO Aylar önce
Why her last post congratulating with Happy Halloween, when it was not even halloween yet! I think it is because their last destination was Oregon where they would meet some friends and spend the Halloween with them! It is either Gabby ran away and committed a suicide and Brian didn't knew what to do(kinda awkward description when your loved one goes to kill herself and you find her breathless body, why don't you call the ambulance or any kind of help?) Second scene: Brien somehow killed her or so! And then left her body alone while texting her mom that she is in Yosemite but there is no connection! We could have some search on that phones location when the message was sent, I think we have that technology!!!!!! Long live Gabby(Gabrielle) Petito
Jason M
Jason M Aylar önce
She was probly farting too much in the van.
Madd Scientist
Madd Scientist Aylar önce
WHO took the ariel photo of the van crossing the landscape? a third party???
miamimagicians magician miami
Her boyfriend is really really stupid for killing her right after they got pulled over for getting into an altercation and it's on video. What a passive aggressive idiot he is real stupid
Deb Sweetland
Deb Sweetland Aylar önce
The emojis in that post was a fly and pumpkin. Look up the spiritual meaning of the fly and season two of the breaking bad meaning of the fly. I believe she was trying to tell someone something in that text. It was a message. Just like calling her grandfather Stan. She was in trouble. Theres more to this story.
VanHellsing Aylar önce
He reminds me of that Stephen character with whacky law school hair that shat on the news when reporter interview destroy what zero world he already didn't have, with the lady saying police found body remains.
Boston O'Donohue
Boston O'Donohue Aylar önce
You want a toe? I can get you a toe. Heck, I can get you a toe by noon time ... With nail polish
Looking at this whole story makes me think he killed her then killed himself. There’s so many sketchy things going on.
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
With all the surveillance cameras it shouldnt be hard to track his whereabouts down that will lead to what happened
amorl Aylar önce
Crushes the heart ❤ So beautiful and sweet. WHYYYYY?
Vivian Pickering
Vivian Pickering Aylar önce
Brian murdered this woman. Now he can’t be found as of (September 20, 2021). This is a nightmare.
Piper Long
Piper Long Aylar önce
The world lost another smoking-hot white girl. WHAT A TRAGEDY! 😱
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
She died from COVID-19
Doug Macduff
Doug Macduff Aylar önce
Have they looked at Laundries phone records? Maybe he still has his phone?
Vickie Hawkins
Vickie Hawkins Aylar önce
Winkie Blink
Winkie Blink Aylar önce
Brian was so jealous of Gabby. You can feel it. It just burned him that she was loved and would get so much attention. He knew he could never hold on to her. Poor thing lived with this creature just waiting to pounce and silence her.
Jayme Lea
Jayme Lea Aylar önce
F Ogden..that nasty keli and erik kramer are.from.there. psychos.
CJ Bascomb
CJ Bascomb Aylar önce
That girl was prolly living her dream n that prick had to ruin that and now hes missing smh something is sketchy i think the parents are in on it
Chloe Reynolds
Chloe Reynolds Aylar önce
"Vanished into thin air" - we all know he murdered her.
MAXIMUM caffeine
MAXIMUM caffeine Aylar önce
Monarch imagery... HMMMMM
And So It Goes
And So It Goes Aylar önce
The real lesson in all of this is that what you see on facebook, instragram and youtube is carefully edited to present a picture of happiness, but "But don't be fooled by the radio, the TV or the magazines. They show you photographs of how your life should be, but they're just someone else's fantasy." Liberate yourself from social media and live your life in objective reality.
MyessYallyah Americus
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