Miscellaneous Myths: King Midas

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Ahh, Midas. Shockingly one of the least Problematic ancient greek kings, and certainly one of the funniest to read about. Bizarrely good at surviving direct confrontations with temperamental gods!

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22 Eki 2021




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Nether Illager
Nether Illager Gün önce
As someone how was instructed to do something very similar, we do not need more plants like that
Trinston Michaels
Trinston was here....
Yoann Belleville
Yoann Belleville Gün önce
Come on, Midas was just trying to make his pal Pan a solid by voting for him.
titangirl161 Gün önce
I've also heard a version where Midas was initially enraged and wanted to kill the barber, but calmed down and decided to forgive him, and Apollo was somehow impressed by his show of mercy (???) and changed his ears back to normal. Even if not all canonical, I like hearing the different versions (I thought the daughter thing was always part of it!).
Lucky Gün önce
do you think you could make like....a lightning round video of a bunch of minor gods and the myths they were featured in?
non-bird-nary 3 gün önce
okay but the food turning to gold thing is STUPID unless he is eating it with his grubby hands
snuggly face
snuggly face 3 gün önce
Please, make, an album of covers
im tired
im tired 3 gün önce
Is no one gonna talk about her absolutely beautiful singing
Seththedark one8
Seththedark one8 4 gün önce
by the way Midas didn't ask for the golden touch he just asked for ALOT of gold and Dionysus gave him the golden touch as a way of getting that gold( he didn't ask for it, his plan just backfired)
Unknown User .O.N
Unknown User .O.N 5 gün önce
Ok but is no one Gonna Talk how Dionysus Is Wearing a panther Outfit and he is associated with Panthers . This goes for the pagans Who work with him. I’m Christian and even I know this. 😉😳
DougtheDonkey 6 gün önce
I had never heard that last bit about the music, very glad I could finally learn it
Mileonas Lionclaw
Mileonas Lionclaw 7 gün önce
I am flesh and I am bone Arise ting tang like glitter and Gold I got a fire in my soul rise up ting tang like glitter! Yes! Thank you for that red
SquidysWorld 8 gün önce
Well that song was a present surprise
Feitan Portor
Feitan Portor 9 gün önce
Could you do a video about Finnish mythology/folklore when you have the time?
Spicy Ginger
Spicy Ginger 10 gün önce
Midas must have also not understanding economics
1 d
1 d 10 gün önce
Pan plays Work Bitch on flute Apollo plays Total Eclipse of the Heart on harp Choose your fighter.
Faux Nominal
Faux Nominal 11 gün önce
Do you think cautionary tales about magic that’s not applicable to real life are influenced by Christianity’s aversion to partaking in magic/“demonic stuff?”
Old Time Farm Boy
Old Time Farm Boy 12 gün önce
Wish that everything your fingertips touch turns to gold then get a pair of really nice finely woven silk gloves and put them on. Very thin strands of gold are very flexible and being finely woven will still be breathable and will prevent your fingertips from touching anything until you take them off. That way nothing you touch will turn to gold until you need more gold and take one of the gloves off so your finger tip actually touches it.
Logan's Walk
Logan's Walk 13 gün önce
This is a prime example of phrasing instead of say " i want anything I touch to turn into gold" he should've said "I want anything I *wish* to turn into gold" that way you can pick and choose what gets turned into gold got to look out for those monkey paw situations.
Srishti Rani
Srishti Rani 14 gün önce
*please read it*: in the myth of marsyas the earliest literary sources say that midas was chosen to be the judge between God of music and marsyas (5BC : timeline of the story) & then there's ovid work (1BC-1AD) (1BC
Magos Numenius
Magos Numenius 14 gün önce
3:40 you need to release full versions of these covers you do at the end of your videos, that was great
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson 15 gün önce
Nathaniel Hawthorne added that? Huh.
Southwest Snail
Southwest Snail 15 gün önce
Only the silliest of punishments for the silly silly man
James McCormick
James McCormick 15 gün önce
Red have you considered covering any Māori stories/history (it is technically incorrect to call them myths), e.g. how Māui slowed the sun, Māui and the goddess of fire, how Māui fished up the north island? I loved hearing those growing up and could see you vibing on Māui's Monkey King-esque shenanigans
AF 15 gün önce
I love how unrelated the second half is its just kinda "and then" LOL
chandler muehlberg
chandler muehlberg 15 gün önce
Midas for the first part of the pan and apollo story had the look of ooooo this is not something I should get involved in but then the second half came around and he's like screw it lets get involved
GameBrain Jagras
GameBrain Jagras 16 gün önce
Love the friendly competition that Apollo and Pan have
Mr_Milquetoast 16 gün önce
my school Theatre class performed Metamorphosis once. I was a narrator. Midas very much did not have a good time lmao
Lopsided Bear
Lopsided Bear 16 gün önce
Hahaha! You just reminded me that these were bed time stories for me in my childhood. I had weird parents
Amaya Jackson
Amaya Jackson 16 gün önce
ah Midas you loveable idiot!
CeyEs00 17 gün önce
A suggestion for miscellaneous myths. Book of Dede Korkut. It has a bunch of mythical and cautionary tales and is about oghuz Turks pre Islamic belief but because it was written during the Turkic conversion to the Islam. It is pretty interesting
j. mines
j. mines 17 gün önce
This poor mother f'er all he did was help people and get divine punishment for helping the people who are now torturing him
The Oblivitana Archives
Moral of the story, don’t ask Dionysus for something (duh, he’s probs drunk)
Aleplayer’s Domain
Aleplayer’s Domain 17 gün önce
Ah electrum, the only currency that dwarves use! 😂.
sofia flexsha cresencio
I hope this isn't rude but the video I watched before this is 'Jekyll and Hyde' and coincidentally I have a game about it made from MaZM AND coincidentally MaZM also made a game about another literature work,'The Phantom of the Opera'.Are you interested about making a video of 'The phantom of the opera'? I understand the summarized version of it because it's everywhere but I never actually took the time to read it.
epilesbian 18 gün önce
WOAH WOAH WOAH WAIT. we have a story in ireland about a king called labhraí loingseach who was cursed with donkeys ears and killed each of his barbers, until one managed to get away with his life if he promised to keep the secret, and but the barber went out into the woods and told an old tree, which was then cut down and turned into a harp and the harp’s music could only sing “tá cluasa asail ar labhraí loingseach!” (labhraí loingseach has donkey ears) SOMEONE EXPLAIN HOW THIS INCREDIBLY CLOSE PARALLEL CAME TO BE
Zachary McCutcheon
Zachary McCutcheon 18 gün önce
love the song choice.
abhimanyu singh
abhimanyu singh 18 gün önce
Red, pls release ur cover album, we need it
A k
A k 19 gün önce
Please do a vid on the Kalevala
Lyz_Avi Scarlet
Lyz_Avi Scarlet 19 gün önce
Can I just mention that Pan bragged so much about "winning" the competition that Apollo got pissed and SKINNED HIM ALIVE... fun.
Elfos64 19 gün önce
In third grade, I read a version of the story where Midas had to go on this like whole quest to rid himself of the golden touch. The spirit that gave him the power got sick or something and normally he had a tree that grew magic fruit he ate to keep himself healthy but a witch or something stole the tree and so Midas had to go through all the trouble of reclaiming it so that the spirit could be healthy enough to remove the curse.
Featherflame 20 gün önce
Laughing at Midas and Vibing with the song. I love this channel
yakir chernin
yakir chernin 20 gün önce
I just reread Rick Riorden's "Lost Hero' his interpitation of Midas was a bit... cartoonish. but fun
Dan Zrt
Dan Zrt 21 gün önce
Red’s singing fills my heart
KumaKie 21 gün önce
That was a lovely rendition of glittering gold absolutely wonderful.
mutantmaster1 22 gün önce
The second Midas story sounds like Apollo used Vicious Mockery on reflex, and Midas was lucky to JUST get donkey ears
mothers and fuckers of the jury
Midas: I think Pan is the better musician, His melody is beautiful, mysterious and rustic and no divinity can change that Apollo: Pan isn’t gonna fuck you bro
pixel genius
pixel genius 23 gün önce
I was not expecting Barns Courtney at the end there. What a lovely suprise!
Ivy Indigo Vlogs
Ivy Indigo Vlogs 23 gün önce
gahhh i always miss out on your pins! I want the whole greek gods but i always am broke when you bring them out XD
Mason Johnston
Mason Johnston 23 gün önce
wasn't it marsyas and not pan in that apollo myth? or am i tripping on frog poison
Nikki - Chan
Nikki - Chan 23 gün önce
god the new pin looks so sick. ive recently starting collecting them. i do wonder if they ever come back after being sold. i'd LOVE to have the hades and persephone pins
Nobody Studios
Nobody Studios 24 gün önce
If I was midas I'd we're gauntlets and have servants feed me
Marcelo Silveira
Marcelo Silveira 24 gün önce
I had no idea Midas appeared in anywhere else than his goldy-touch thing
FancyFree 25 gün önce
You ever wish there was just a TV show of Artemis reacting to the various myths in real time, closing every episode with “And I’m the weird one?”. No just me?
S.René 25 gün önce
That barber is a true bro, it's not his fault that his secrets hole was a blabber-mouth
William Do
William Do 25 gün önce
So if Midas can touch anything to turn it into gold, he basically just can’t fap *insert pewdiepie and that’s a fact picture…
Jane D'oh!
Jane D'oh! 26 gün önce
It's like an early Twilight Zone story!
doubledamn 26 gün önce
The version of the Midas story I read, had him turn a whole list of things to gold before the daughter. It was more of 'small things=big consequences' take on the tale. He turned the kingdom's cats and bees to gold leading to an influx of rats and lack of crops.
Michael Aguilar
Michael Aguilar 26 gün önce
“The raw power of that sick nasty burn” had me dying
Cobalt 27 gün önce
I prefer the version where Midas trips and turns the planet to gold.
Sam Starkweather
Sam Starkweather 27 gün önce
The video was good, the Barns Courtney at the end made it golden!
Karlee Rodgers
Karlee Rodgers 27 gün önce
One of these on hera would be awesome
T Marcus
T Marcus 27 gün önce
Song at the end kills it
sirhc snomde
sirhc snomde 27 gün önce
You see where he went wrong is Not anything you touch anything you touch with your left pinky or right pinky the opposite of which ever is you dominant hand
Grimm 28 gün önce
So you're saying... _Midas is based?_
vazak11 28 gün önce
That is amazingly the least fucked up version of the story I ever heard
alireza omrani
alireza omrani 28 gün önce
King Midas protection squad, where you at man? 👑👑👑
That Guy
That Guy 28 gün önce
So it’s a 50/50 chance that Dionysus is real
lilSpikey 28 gün önce
Honestly if I had wrote the story of the golden touch I would have just made it so the second he got it he was frozen in place due to his clothes turning to gold
Omega Orion
Omega Orion 29 gün önce
I think the 1800s addition of the daughter is because she was probably his property or whatever and oh no now he can't sell her into marriage or some shit
Samtsa 29 gün önce
Say midas but without the d
A Stoopid Person
A Stoopid Person 29 gün önce
When the god known for being a drunk gremlin thinks your idea is bad, thats how you know your very dumb
TwitchyEyes 29 gün önce
Amazing animation!
Sandmann46 Aylar önce
Midas has ass’s ears. That is all
Sir Ski Slickk⁹⁹⁹
“Jit trippin, he must think he Midas”
Kathrine Ici
Kathrine Ici Aylar önce
It’s less about “hey don’t wish for something stupid” and more “And that’s why this river is gold”
MrIdabest Aylar önce
wow dis on me bday
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Aylar önce
“Now Dionysus may be the god of wine and drunken madness, but he knows a bad idea when he hears one.” This is hilarious.
Dani Borodenjko
Dani Borodenjko Aylar önce
2:46 Hey! Does anyone know what the music in the backround is called?
Matthew Heathcote
Matthew Heathcote Aylar önce
Interestingly enough, the account I read as a kid did a whole different twist to 3:33. After the whispering into the ground event, a troop of musicians come walking through the woods on their way to a religious festival. One of the troop notices a clump a beautifully grown reeds. ‘Such beautiful reeds would make excellent pipes’ reckoned one of the pipers, and so they cut them down and made them into pipes. That festival they were performing at; it was held by Midas, who was in attendance as the guest of honor! The moment the band strikes up, the newly made pipes utter only one phrase, over and over again: ‘King Midas has asses ears.’ Although my account--probably trying not to create bitter little kids--has Midas laugh off the whole affair with the crowd, nowadays it does not take much imagination to know how embarrassing such an event would be. As usual, great idea Red!
Natal Kumar
Natal Kumar Aylar önce
I'm flesh and I'm bone .
Jordan Leighton
Jordan Leighton Aylar önce
I realize I listened to a lot of weirdly thematic music when most of my favorite songs/artists were chosen for songs after these videos. Barnes Country + Glitter and Gold being yet another example
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Aylar önce
I can’t remember if this is related or not but it goes along a similar concept in that someone whispered their secret to some reeds (cus a wise woman told them to) and then
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Aylar önce
I’m surprised that “Golden touch” isn’t a Dionysian boon in the game, Hades
Erin Cahill
Erin Cahill Aylar önce
I didn't know the king with donkey ears was Midas. I knew both these stories, buy never realized they're both the same dude. That's cool. /pos
Ayesha HLP 011
Ayesha HLP 011 Aylar önce
OHMYGOD MY GRANNY TOLD ME A VERSION OF THE DONKEY'S EARS STORY (and I'm Indian and the protagonist had horns instead of donkey ears)
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Aylar önce
"Oh if the weeds could speak" "You mean if the walls could speak?" "Oh no, the weeds hold way more interesting secrets"
Pink Otaku_223
Pink Otaku_223 Aylar önce
MissMisnomer Aylar önce
Oh sure, when a literal god challenges another God to a contest of skills and loses, he gets to walk away just fine and everybody is feeling great, but when I DO IT, I get turned into a spider or some shit. Lesson learned from mythology: if you want to have some friendly competition with a God and NOT have your entire shit ruined, ALSO be a God 👍
ok, so basically i'm very smol
Who knew Midas was going to be one of my favorite characters from greek mythology but here we are
Raptormage Aylar önce
Midas: I think Pan was the better musici- Apollo: Scuse' me mortal but...**DID I ASK FOR YOUR OPINION ?**
SmolRageMatti Aylar önce
Hilariously. When I was younger... I thought King Midas and King Minos were the same guy. So after the minotaur bit, I thought Minos got gold powers to further spite him.
TheTnTPirate Aylar önce
I want a full cover of glitter and gold cuz it's one of my fav songs. Please red.
M Haynes
M Haynes Aylar önce
I can't think of the Midas myth(s) without thinking of that episode of Wishbone. The part where he accidently turned his daughter (and his wife when she tried to stop the daughter) to gold haunted me for YEARS. Kinda sad that wasn't part of the original but also good? Idk lol.
Arturo Aguilar
Arturo Aguilar 11 gün önce
Personally, for a cautionary tale of "be careful what you wish for" anything beyond Midas' realizing his golden touch was going to make him die of starvation is overkill.
M Haynes
M Haynes Aylar önce
I can't think of the Midas myth(s) without thinking of that episode of Wishbone. The part where he accidently turned his daughter (and his wife when she tried to stop the daughter) to gold haunted me for YEARS. Kinda sad that wasn't part of the original but also good? Idk lol.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Aylar önce
In Celtic lore, there’s a king born with horse’s ears. He wasn’t cursed with them. Mythological parallels
scotty bacca
scotty bacca Aylar önce
Love a bit of barns Courtney
Christina Marie
Christina Marie Aylar önce
As an English Major, I’ve used your channel as a learning tool more than I care to admit. Thank you for everything you do
Evan Aylar önce
I can’t remember if this is related or not but it goes along a similar concept in that someone whispered their secret to some reeds (cus a wise woman told them to) and then later at an event they attended the musicians playing accidentally revealed his secret cus they’d made their flutes out of the reeds the man whispered to and so the flutes just sang his secret. I can’t remember for the life of me what the story was or what the secret was, does anyone here know if it rings a bell?
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Aylar önce
Absolutely love the channel and content, you guys are awesome, can you pleaseeeee do the myth of Fujin and Rijin, thanks guys.
Blandy8521 Aylar önce
What was the song in the credits?
Luna Puera
Luna Puera Aylar önce
So do you have an album yet? Or are we expected to wait forever 😜
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