Minecraft's Most Game Breaking Glitches...

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5 Ara 2022




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Pixelcraftian Yıl önce
Honestly, the nether log bedrock roof glitch would've been an amazing addition.
Rorys Video and Youtube shorts
@Ashley Rood nice, 69
Enderguin58YT 5 aylar önce
@keratexas so wake me up! before you *go go*
toretojunior! 8 aylar önce
Going above nether is actually a glitch but it is used as a feature
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
Random a
Bidê 10 aylar önce
@keratexas Ok
2424Lars Yıl önce
The dripleaf bug reminds me of how Dark Oak Tree saplings could grow through bedrock for a long time before they fixed it, it was a very common way to access the Nether roof for travel in survival. Glad to see there is a new way to do this in survival!
Alex_plays 2 aylar önce
i cant build on the nether roof for some reason ohh yeah cus I'm on bedrock... Get it? The nether roof is bedrock? Im playing bedrock? HAHAHA Pls laugh at my joke
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
kracc bacc
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
Hey man nice video
QuasarEE Yıl önce
Was; too bad it got fixed before 1.17 release.
Kingslayer Yıl önce
I really do wonder what’ll happen to void holes when Part 2 is out. Supposedly the area below already-generated chunks will just become bedrock. Will the void holes continue, or will they end?
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
the imposter
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
Random TEST
juluke 10 aylar önce
The void holes will continue and not bedrock will generate at bottom either
Flyordie Yıl önce
I remember playing minecraft once on an ipod and I found this insane glitch on the crafting table where if you view a crafting recipe you don't have enough items for, you can click on a item that you don't have (an item with a red background) and drag it to an empty space on the crafting table. It would turn into a useable item.
M4ST3R_ G4M3R 11 aylar önce
I remember this too
freddy bizkit
freddy bizkit Yıl önce
6:35 Sipover: "Crimson nether trees would generate on the bedrock roof" Also Sipover: *Shows warped trees*
Rays Works
Rays Works Yıl önce
Great video! Thanks for crediting me in the description. The girlfriend dupe was the best, lol.
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
the imposter
the guy who needs a timemachine to kiII Gavrilo
means that you are gay?
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
Random a
LisaPower 10 aylar önce
cheesecake trvid.com/video/video-psmoYIo-evc.html
dorkied 11 aylar önce
realy needed dirt for my mountain builds :0
Nathan Davenport
Nathan Davenport Yıl önce
By the way, the first glitch, you can actually just put the item from the output to the input without needing to put it into your inventory.
Andrew Saveker
Andrew Saveker 9 aylar önce
I think we can all agree this guy will always make our day
Devstorm Yıl önce
Warped trees on nether roof: *exists* Sipover: no they are crimson, change my mind
John Swanson
John Swanson Yıl önce
You're forgetting the TNT piston X-ray glitch! So useful for finding ores and caves.
Agaton E
Agaton E Yıl önce
The shulker dupe is a actual feature added in 1.17, as a way of farming shulker shells
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
kracc bacc
kell¡e1005, restarting
Just like the sneak to avoid magma blocks
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
Random a
cuboid 9 aylar önce
Mojang: What do you do when you find a bug? Guy asking for job at Mojang: Call it a feature Mojang: You are hired
Aeronist 11 aylar önce
@Donut lol
Archie Yıl önce
6:40 this isn't a glitch, they made it an actual mechanic for shulks to "breed" when they hit eachother
Master Jenkins
Master Jenkins Yıl önce
lol i remember using duplication glitches on the 360 version before it had creative mode to get all kinds of stuff, it involved the furnace i think and breaking it with a shovel while you had it open, someone has to remember it
GER 8 aylar önce
9:29 that's great if ur underneath the stronghold so u no longer have to mine and the stronghold also looks like the backrooms but smaller and with a portal
PartyPopers Yıl önce
the shulker one isnt a GLITCH its an intended mecanic, thats how u breed shulkers
foarest Yıl önce
That transition to the nether roof was so clean, be honest.
LisaPower 10 aylar önce
cheesecake trvid.com/video/video-psmoYIo-evc.html
christian caetano
@sugha shini Jesus te ama!
sugha shini
sugha shini Yıl önce
Bro Its A Mod BTW In Forge
christian caetano
@cutest creeper Jesus te ama!
cutest creeper
cutest creeper Yıl önce
Yea. I almost thought Mojang secretly added a hidden void biome.
Nano Yıl önce
1:58, that nether portal bug is a repeat of the exact same bug that happened in beta, with a crafting table instead, the item in the crafting table would dupe when you hit the portal.
JakeTheSniperYT 10 saatler önce
the earrape outro never gets old
Joël Koot
Joël Koot Yıl önce
A Sipover video makes your day 10x better. xD
Huge Man
Huge Man Yıl önce
I remember finding a dupe glitch in 1,14 and is still works as of 1’17
Tivy23 Yıl önce
Guys, we know the shulker duplicating is a feature, but he's talking about pushing the boat against it and tricking them
DelimanCZ Yıl önce
I don't think he knows that it's a feature
BoxedFish Yıl önce
@Eisa Randeree wdym??
BotDotZip Yıl önce
Why is this comment getting copied by so many people
probader1 Yıl önce
yeah how do I shulker dupe for a friend btw
Eisa Randeree
Eisa Randeree Yıl önce
It’s a joke
AlexGolem Aylar önce
I can't believe that rail/carpet duping is still a thing in the latest versions. I remember when the original rail glitch got patched in 1.9, I made sure to dupe like a dozen double chests worth of rails before updating lol
josie Hollins
josie Hollins 8 aylar önce
The roods item was bugged to be big this as happened a long time ago in the alpha stages of the game where cacti, stairs, fences and slabs were huge when dropped on the ground. If you remember this than you are a minecraft veteran.👍
Beans and Axolotls
The ending. Come on Sipover. That is too awesome.
Bacon Ator
Bacon Ator Yıl önce
There is another glitch to break bedrock with powdered snow. Put a cauldron under bedrock, put powdered snow in the cauldron, then put more powdered snow in the cauldron.
Casey Riley
Casey Riley Yıl önce
Shulker duping isnt a glitch, it's an intended feature that was added on purpose, and was literally in the patch notes
Aguywithminions 8 gün önce
@AnoNEMOs Man that's deep,
Alex_plays 2 aylar önce
Fricking dum ash what he means is that u use the boats to trick them to stay in the same block making it easier to farm them and so that if they hit each other they don't teleport away SMH
LaSkull Yıl önce
@psun256 r/woosh
Andrea Griffin
Andrea Griffin Yıl önce
scout tf2
scout tf2 Yıl önce
@AnoNEMOs so they shoot their sperm at you?
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Yıl önce
LTN: “2000 Days hardcore let’s do it.” The mushrooms on the top of the nether: “It’s been 3 years here,”
ScorpionHD Kid
ScorpionHD Kid Yıl önce
Sipover: You can get diamonds easily by doing this clay trick Me in bedrock version: Uhhhhh.......
Wheng07 Yıl önce
@Yes 👍 sad
DidiTheCoolio Yıl önce
i got like 15 diamonds
DidiTheCoolio Yıl önce
it does work on bedrock
Mini Binu
Mini Binu Yıl önce
@Yes 👍 same 😭 pe
ItsInstant Yıl önce
@Yes 👍 sad he
Dumbass ButStill
Dumbass ButStill Yıl önce
i love how you put jokes, facts, easter eggs, litearlly6 eeverything in a helping serius video that's the reason you're my favorite youtuber
Shoebox 98
Shoebox 98 9 aylar önce
The "shulker duplication" isn't actually a glitch, it's how you breed them
Xcarbs Yıl önce
The shulker "glitch" isn't actually a glitch! It's actually deliberately added by Mojang for the ability to farm shulkers
Seeing  Star
Seeing Star Yıl önce
trvid.com/video/video-KMdVWaSK--Q.html ,,,
María Gracia Wulf Tondreau
4:00 that’s actually a feature! in 1.17 that was added so you didn’t have a limit of shulkers
Maurice Concha Sr
I found 1 glitch which was the void hole, I was looking for some diamonds until the stone started to disappear and all there was a void hole it pretty weird cause and I didn’t fall in because I knew that was the void.
what? Yıl önce
for the first one, it's better to use a shulker full of items instead of a single item. you'll use less levels and save time, and the duplicated shulker will keep your echantments and durability and everything.
3:42 dream has to use this glitch in his next manhunt video
louis Yıl önce
Sipover: "Game breaking glitches" Also Sipover: *"Three-legged cat"*
funny laughed
funny laughed Yıl önce
The shulker dupe is intentional. In 1.17, when a shulker bullet hits another shulker bullet, it will create a new shulker (to allow renewable shulker boxes)
the waffler
the waffler Yıl önce
the "shulker dupe" is an intentional feature.
ShepDance 11 aylar önce
i remember years ago on mcpe if two players were looking in a chest and they both at the same time grabbed an item out, they would both get the item
Gulman Rahat
Gulman Rahat Yıl önce
Duplications: Awesome dupes for fuel, cool items Most Legendary: The Dirt Dupe
𝗔𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗴𝘂𝘀 𝗦𝘂𝘀
Im a noob so yeah that's all
JonesO Yıl önce
Its usefull for sky block
Endie The Animator
@Aaccountusedforstuff5382 alr
@Endie The Animator nothing I just noticed they were fans of it
Endie The Animator
@Aaccountusedforstuff5382 whats the matter with being one?
Magnus Philosophus?
I still remember empty chunks I used to see caves in 1.5.2
Snaily Yıl önce
Thanks for the anvil dupe, will use that!
RandomArts Yıl önce
Sipover : it will kill the dragon instantly! **Dream wants to know your number**
pyroman50 10 aylar önce
3:58 This isn't a glitch. It was an intended feature added to make shulkers and shulker shells renewable.
Adam Yıl önce
Sip: You can kill the dragon with one shot Speed runners: Write that down
juluke 10 aylar önce
Its a glitch so its not allowed in the most popular version
dog boi
dog boi Yıl önce
well glitches are banned from speedruns, so they cant use the crystal glitch
Bizare Yıl önce
@christian caetano i am not christian
I do the funnies
I do the funnies Yıl önce
I’ve seen a tas with it
I do the funnies
I do the funnies Yıl önce
@CraziMayur No it’s true lmao
C721 7 aylar önce
I like the transition from 6:23 the diamond and the bone glitch on the seed to the top of the nether roof
IFryWifi Yıl önce
the shulker one isnt a dupe, its an intended feature that got added in 1.17
Daniel_the marble racer
"Its not a glitch, its a feature!" -someone
Pars Ley
Pars Ley Yıl önce
4:36 Dream- "Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN"
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
All jokes aside, it's mind blowing how people find these glitches
[《𝔾 ⓞ D̷   𝕂  I̶ Ⓓ》]
An we meet again
James Rogers
James Rogers 8 aylar önce
How are you here
mmmmmmmmmmmmm 8 aylar önce
hi im some guy with a funny mustasche lol
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
kracc bacc
Hit game among us
Hit game among us 8 aylar önce
finaly rand
Zarrg Yıl önce
Mojang should intentionally code in a dupe exploit, but make it extremely obscure and hard to pull off.
Marlon Feitosa
Marlon Feitosa Yıl önce
The shulker dupe is not a glitch, its a feature, it was mentioned in the update log for 1.17
Duckonthecall65 Yıl önce
7:01 That glitch happened to me and I was so confused. I thought the end got updated
Tommaso Moretti
Tommaso Moretti Yıl önce
I found a glich that even if someone have strength 500 you will take normal damage
Dirt Rod
Dirt Rod Yıl önce
This is extremely well put together! Spectacular job as always Sipover! You deserve the crazy growth!
Matt Yıl önce
The best item in terraria
Bertalan Kiss
Bertalan Kiss Yıl önce
Hmm, killing the ender dragon using only one end crystal in 1.17 will be useful for Dream's next spedrun.
Utube is karen
Utube is karen Yıl önce
Fun fact: you can respawn the ender dragon in survival. Craft end crystals and place them in a certain pattern on the portal in the middle of the end.
DababyVR Yıl önce
"in minecraft's decade old history" gives off the same feeling as "the oldest anarchy server in minecraft"
HoverLorean [AGBS] [AGC] [UCT]
The dirt dupe could be useful for Skyblock
fox_power Yıl önce
the "shulker dupe" where they hit each other isn't a glitch, it was intended, to make shulker farming possible
Jax King
Jax King Yıl önce
i did some testing on why the trees were growing on the nether roof and i noticed some warped nylium right under the block of bedrock the tree was on and when i tried growing the the trees they could grow through bedrock so thats the glitch.
Anna mienilk
Anna mienilk Yıl önce
5:47 that looks sussy, the fossil is a sussy amogus imposter
KreativeKendi Yıl önce
Tbh i always wonder how people find dupe glitches and they remember all the procedures, like bruhh
Isaac Potter
Isaac Potter Yıl önce
the shulker glitch isnt a glitch, that was a feature that was added
Mark Garcia-Wilson🇺🇦
padzgaming2ndchannelhopeuenjoy namensert
@SleepyJester 597 dont say it...
SleepyJester 597
SleepyJester 597 Yıl önce
I've never gotten this many replies in a reply ever and it's HILARIOUS .
Animallover2467 8
@SleepyJester 597 AHH
Sparserabbit Yıl önce
@SleepyJester 597 Ayo Wtf
Infinitum Yıl önce
9:07 that isn't a glitch, you've just noclipped out of reality and are now in the waiting process to enter the backrooms.
business idea
business idea Yıl önce
Pogo Prii
Aurora DiPeso
Aurora DiPeso 10 aylar önce
Sipover: you can make machines to make a void hole. Structure Blocks: Look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.
Schrick10 Yıl önce
I found a glitch today that breaks bedrock. I was in creative under the map and I found out that sometimes lava pits will destroy bedrock
Gottejos Yıl önce
There was a duplicating glitch on pocketbøker edition, where if two people took the same item out of a chest it would duplicate.
Bookmaster Yıl önce
Great, now I'll have nightmares of those "girlfriends"of yours chasing me down zombie-apocalypse style.Thanks for giving me PTSD,Sip
CouchPotato64 Yıl önce
I found the axolotl glitch the hard way I was on my friends SMP and a creeper blew up the side of my friends axolotl tank, so the only way I could get it back in was tie a lead to it and lead it back to the tank. All I can say is; I’m never doing it again.
Doium Yıl önce
4:16 isnt a glitch it was a feature with the first caves and cliffs snapshot
i know everything
i know everything 4 aylar önce
theres a new glitch probably the most insane dup glitch ever, anything you place in a chest, move from nether to normal world and instantly close app without letting the game save, you spawn back on the nether with stuff in your inventory and also in the chest. make sure to close the game when you're on front of the chest with the stuff in your inventory before doing anything. usually it works, it won't if you're not fast enough.
ThatSillyDude Yıl önce
The shulker one isn't a glitch. It's an intentional feature in 1.17
Gaming32 Yıl önce
The shulker duplication is _not_ a glitch. It was _intentionally_ added in 1.17, and can be found in the release notes.
Fake Player
Fake Player 10 aylar önce
from the sand/gravel/piston noclip glitch you can create backrooms
BLU13 Yıl önce
The shulker dupe is actually a feature not a glitch they meant for that to happen so you could farm them
Titanus Monster Zero
this helped me make a full room filled with dragon egges in minecraft 1.17
Connor Pugs
Connor Pugs Yıl önce
Another masterpiece, I swear you never miss
LisaPower 10 aylar önce
cheesecake trvid.com/video/video-psmoYIo-evc.html
darksoul46 Yıl önce
@Sipover you are a nub...why?cuz you fink a feature is a bug(shulker duping)
Unbleed Yıl önce
GD FQ Yıl önce
Tiktok kid
Vlad Ivascanu
Vlad Ivascanu Yıl önce
I love the transitions between glitches
St1ckblaze14 Yıl önce
3:42 I can use that glitch in my speedrun so I don't have to defeat the dragon anymore
doctor doggo
doctor doggo 6 aylar önce
i remember my first glitch discover by my self( i dont have internet to search such thiunk). i forgot what version it is but when die in nether portal. your item will drop in both nether and over world if i remember it correctly. i found this by accidentally. the ghast shoot some fireballs and killed me.
Zuzu Zuzu
Zuzu Zuzu 10 aylar önce
the shulker one is intended. it was a feature in the 1st snapshot of 1.17
Luan Reyneke
Luan Reyneke Yıl önce
10:17 there is a similar glitch in bedrock where eating something while u go through a portal can sometimes do the same thing. This glitch still exists and lets u travel to the bedrock farlands quite easy
PunchCounter Yıl önce
I'm definitely trying out the anvil glitch lol
Elena Smith
Elena Smith Yıl önce
I like how they make a funny ending to each video
Master Oogwgays Grandma
It was a really good video but pigs could fly first Also you could dupe stuff with a baby pigman
saphira chibnall
saphira chibnall Yıl önce
I some times get a weird glitch where when I load into a world I find about 5 by 5 holes in the ground that go all the way to the VOID!!!
TheOrangePick Yıl önce
The shulker glitch isn’t a glitch, it is intended.
shahQu5D ohCoh9ri
shahQu5D ohCoh9ri 10 aylar önce
What's the music at 8:00?
Nathan 11 aylar önce
I can get the joke
the bedrock fossil glitch is sus
Aliaksandr Bushtser
Aliaksandr Bushtser 11 aylar önce
sac de balles
RealGamingYT Yıl önce
@anemodude wdym
Muneeb Javaid
Muneeb Javaid 6 aylar önce
only OGs remember the duplication glitch where you would put a diamond in a furnace and mine the furnace with one tool and just before it breaks switch to another tool, and your diamond would be glitched, good old days where there was no hunger
Retrobow Yıl önce
the shulkers dublicating when their things hit each other was intended not a glitch
IzzyBill 9 aylar önce
4:00 that’s not a glitch. It’s a new feature and you can find it in the patch notes.
Seek Ballerguy
Seek Ballerguy Yıl önce
One glitch happened in bedrock: every spawn egg is nothing
the “shulker” dupe is an intentional feature added by mojang in 1.17, and it’s shulker
Kouta Yıl önce
6:26, that was a VERY clean transition
I exist
I exist Yıl önce
"Now if you don't end up no-clipping into The Backrooms," Best reference ever.
Alona Villena
Alona Villena 10 aylar önce
The Villager kid: I want to see the backrooms Sipover: Now you can and see your nightmares and endless and levels The Villager kid: i dont care 3 Years later The Villager dad: WHERE IS HE WE CANT FIND HIM ITS BEEN 3 YEARS The villager kid: im dead
mvl666_Darkrio Yıl önce
The Shulker "dupe" is not a glitch. They added it as a feature in 1.17. From the wiki: Snapshot 20w45a. New Shulkers now have a chance to spawn when one Shulker hits another Shulker with a Shulker bullet.
Vicky Otters
Vicky Otters Yıl önce
The shulker “glitch” isn’t a glitch btw. It’s purposely coded like that as part of 1.17.
Alpha00Z Yıl önce
the glitch hese talking about is tricking them into hiting ecoter eseier
[Biscuits] Yıl önce
@Elementening ohhh now i remember
RedTheLava Yıl önce
@Elementening well they are only necessary for shulker boxes, and the bullets arent too bad either
funi gy
funi gy Yıl önce
@YouTuЬe knockoff ass verified
Elementening Yıl önce
@[Biscuits] its not cool if you think about it. shulker bullets are #####
Giuseppe Ortiz Godoy
The egg one Also work until 1.14.3
Squirrel 6 aylar önce
A strange glitch once happened to me way back when and I built a portal to go to the nether and I got stuck on the nether roof with no portal or anything and there was no way to die since it wasn’t on hard and I had to delete the world
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