Minecraft's Best Players Simulate The Purge

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I Made all Crime Legal for 1 Night on my Hardcore Minecraft Server

We made all crime legal on our Hardcore Minecraft server for one night… this is what happened.

Legundo’s Video:

Shadow Mech’s Video:

Unsorted Guy’s Video:

Sneeve’s Video:

Data Pack:

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Minecraft's Best Players Simulate The Purge

Forge Labs



14 Ağu 2022




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Spiny Slasher
Forge has simultaneously negative and positive IQ, it's marvelous.
Not Food
“When a mans shows you something, you got to show him something back”
Engineered to fail
I love how Sean can turn a plan to take out everyone but himself, into a plan that took noone out but himself
Forge is so smart when it comes to plans, but cannot freaking execute them 😂
Emma Roush
This is absolutely cinematic. Sean doing all of this just to die first is also cinematic
I love the poetic justice of Sean finally getting back to full health, then accidentally undoing it because he got greedy and lied
This guy has probably beaten the game more than me and still plays like he just started playing the game yesterday
Avicenna Al-Attas
We need a second episode, with a lot more players, probably a whole season. This was awesome and funny! Loved it!
Mel Jeevas
You and Robert egging Kim's house brought the biggest smile to my face. That's what Minecraft pranks are all about.
Noob Man
The best parts about Sean's videos is that he makes literal movies in a TRvid video that are actually enjoyable
Sean is the embodiment of neutral evil he does evil stuff but feels bad
"There are laws for the 7 days before the purge." literally the first five seconds into the challenge: Breaking and entering
Ross Davis
Sean...I'm going to tell you a couple facts that could've helped you save some of your stuff. One, netherite doesn't burn in lava, it floats to the top. You could've gotten some of your stuff back. Two, the warden can attack through blocks even if it doesn't have 'line of sight'. If it can hear you through the walls, it can just straight up shout you to half health, no matter what kind of armor you're wearing. Finally, three. You need to get some totems of undying man. There was straight up a bannered illager you could've killed coming out of that portal. Could've at least gotten 2-4 totems to help you survive all of these falls man. (Also, your water bucket was on your hotbar. Why aren't you using it?) Other than that though, very entertaining setup you have here. Hope you're doing good my man.
Logesh K.A.
Y'all know it's good content when Shaun says" Minecrafts GOOD players"
Purplecorgi10 21 gün önce
The fact Sean progressed more in 2 mins than he normally does ever in his videos.
I love when Sean goes full Disney villain 😂
This was such a good video! I've never been so invested in this. The purge was hilarious. Tbh, I'd love to see just a normal modded survivor series with this group.
I feel like your character progression resets between every episode, and youre cursed to relive all your hard-learned lessons everytime
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