I Simulated a Zombie Apocalypse on a Hardcore Minecraft Server 

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Minecraft Players Simulate a Zombie Apocalypse Download Honkai Impact here bit.ly/3Ra722G. Download the game now to redeem the gift code [60AHDASFBLAFL ] and get 30 Crystals, 2888 Asterites and a Herrscher Trial Card for free!
We simulated a Zombie Apocalypse in Hardcore Minecraft… this is what happened.
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100 Days Minecraft
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Players Simulate Civilization
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Minecraft's Best Players Simulate The Purge
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27 Eyl 2022




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@ForgeLabs Yıl önce
Download Honkai Impact here bit.ly/3Ra722G. Download the game now to redeem the gift code [60AHDASFBLAFL ] and get 30 Crystals, 2888 Asterites and a Herrscher Trial Card for free!
@vortex839 Yıl önce
1st reply
@ADDISON6368 Yıl önce
@@vortex839second reply also i love this game pretty finish it all when new contents comes i play and finish it all and still play and come back and forth i like get everything
i bet robert is the traitor
@Kikoku7819 Yıl önce
@@jimmywindeck2836 same
@tetrivods256 Yıl önce
Sean's character development throughout this video was: "Don't you ever get tired of being nice? Don't you just want to go buck nutty?"
@KSKY2012 Yıl önce
@@jacobcovington5286 sorry, i don't speak emoji, mind translating that? thanks
@SU1_cidalDadbro Yıl önce
...buck nutty? That's new.
@KaRyu-zm2wf Yıl önce
Like a man in a zombie infested world once said twice: "Time to nut up or shut up."
@tabora_ Yıl önce
@@SU1_cidalDadbro he's said it a few times in older videos
@Rapunzelfun Yıl önce
"There's a hospital, there must be an armory." That must be the most American thing I've heard this Week. By the way, crops grow underground, no need for windows.
@DevilJhoMama Yıl önce
crops will grow far slower with out a light source however.
@gudetama403 Yıl önce
uh im American but i dont get how thats the most American thing lmao what
@samlewis6487 Yıl önce
@@DevilJhoMama Torches.
@spills9521 Yıl önce
@spills9521 Yıl önce
@@gudetama403 Then you aren't American
@autogamer777 Yıl önce
I really love the part where Sean just got happy and took time having fun in the theme park 😂😂
@goffyme7464 Yıl önce
@jude5082 Yıl önce
"burger on a burger " best quote ever
@Vindix_ Yıl önce
That was my fav part ngl
@ljmods7344 11 aylar önce
Yeah and threw away his speed buff chest plate
@monkeymanmike4527 8 aylar önce
Sean is the only one that could turn a fun minecraft experiment into a horrific bloodbath with betrayal
@leahbowlen6562 2 aylar önce
Yea and at the same time say things like "this reminds me of the fortnight battle pass" while there in a intense stare down
@Gol_D_Ace987 2 aylar önce
@InunoTaisho890 2 aylar önce
These guys are crazy but they are good guys
@Xenntaii Yıl önce
am i the only one who loves sean and robert’s friendship dynamic? i’ve started to notice those two are always somehow teaming in these things and honestly, i wish i had more friends :,) edit: i made this comment over a year ago and haven’t checked it since, most of you replying to my comment are embarrassing
@desync3514 Yıl önce
we love a good bromance
@zooted4202 Yıl önce
Ya but bro snaked shadow shadow gave him a OP potion in the beginning then did him dirt 😭
@damaged804 Yıl önce
@@zooted4202 yea the shadow back stab was messed up. welp thats what u get for playing the evil guy i guess
@celestialcressy Yıl önce
yea their friendship is endearing. the 3 of em, including kim, have been playing together since 2016 i think so you can see their closeness
“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16)
@Squish_Squash 8 aylar önce
21:33 Voiceover Sean: We even joked about killing someone gameplay Sean, in the most serious tone I've ever heard: I think we should kill someone.
@CT-uh9mk Aylar önce
that was when his bloodlust all started
@bobtart12 Yıl önce
A huge thanks from me and the team for showcasing our map! It’s incredibly surreal to see it being shown in this light.
@kikosawa Yıl önce
it's so massive and detailed man. just wow
@noneknow3560 Yıl önce
Great map i really love the details dude
@legomoonman4508 Yıl önce
Wow wasn't expecting you here nice love the map btw been playing since the 2nd city was under construction
@bobtart12 Yıl önce
@@legomoonman4508 glad you’re enjoying!
Amazing map!
Forge in the factory: "why are zombies spawning? I Iit it up." The torches he placed: THERE ARE ONLY 3 OF US!!!!
@Murphy_Law3143 6 aylar önce
This man is the definition of "You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian"
@amberscott1867 3 aylar önce
@Erehcted 10 aylar önce
watching Sean's gradual descent into madness was more entertaining than most films today. A masterpiece. Thank you.
@McStealy 7 aylar önce
Reminded me of the movie Split
Shaun just pulled the Villan Arc out of his ass holy shit
@rangershake5652 Yıl önce
Nope killing dogs is unredeemable
@manwithgun9768 Yıl önce
Why is it so good-
@peeko_luxx2873 Yıl önce
True, but his character growth in this one was wild. Went from just worrying about himself, to giving his life for a better chance for his buds to survive.
@@peeko_luxx2873 the truest story
@oddvar4578 10 aylar önce
I like how sean slowly loses his morals until he is just trapping restrooms and bombing islands, such good traps
@amirferdhany3177 2 aylar önce
His mind folds and collapses under his paranoia yet he is to scared to kill everyone when he had the chance
@Comrade_Alpaca Yıl önce
I love how the basement scene went from everyone wanting to kill Kim to everyone being terrified of Shaun.
@krispy1641 Yıl önce
Fear the Sheep, *Shaun.*
I really didn't expect that I was so shocked 🤣
@Myakishhh Yıl önce
Sean* ⛄🌟
@Tema2kyboi Yıl önce
what he done
@Myakishhh Yıl önce
@@Tema2kyboi Он случайно(вроде) убил Лагуно (..я не знаю как его имя по другому написать )
@zelo3238 Yıl önce
love how he grabs 1029 potion, immediately sees a book titled potion 1029 function and DOESNT READ IT proceeding to drink a potentially god tier potion blind AGAIN. this man never ceases to amaze lmao. Side note: how tf does someone play this game without at least a stack of 64 dirt to block yourself in/tower up with for safety?
@Tyeler80 Yıl önce
@SlayingSin 10 aylar önce
Better still, why is he always missing a pickaxes at the most vital of moments. Stadium anyone? Lol. I love Sean.
@jockseethe9300 9 aylar önce
He probably did this for some added realism
@astralydial7533 6 aylar önce
That dirt tower is not good play, or something interesting to watch - I can do that, I don't want a video to do the same ... And they're better than that
@noatiendoboludos 6 aylar önce
​@@astralydial7533I agree with this Its so much fun to have him run away from the zombies, locking himself in buildings and putting barricades instead of "Jump and place 3 blocks of dirt". It makes for such good moments during the videos
@alexrehak5564 Yıl önce
1:01:12 The moment Sean said those words of terror "Robert" you already know that things are about to get from bad to worse😂😂
@breadsticks9465 Aylar önce
Ugcsevuges gubvesug VHS
@waterlol4994 10 aylar önce
I genuinely felt bad for kim when he got jumped by sean and robert. “Oh no, i knew this would happen” sounds so disappointed.
@dracolizard4636 7 aylar önce
Me too. Poor guy lol
@astralydial7533 6 aylar önce
He kinda deserved it
@@astralydial7533 why
@downgrxde4771 6 aylar önce
They always fuck with eachother I don’t think they take it seriously at all, but towards the end when Robert really felt betrayed made me feel kinda bad he really felt disappointed bc he thought Sean blew up all his stuff
@okbutjikook-8061 Aylar önce
Cause he killed first lol@@notofficialicelandgoverment
@unknownmale64 Yıl önce
I wouldn't mind if they did this kind of thing again even on the same map, there's a lot of ways it could go. It was entertaining to watch.
@Jay-pj3pq 6 aylar önce
No way both of them betrayed Sean... the fact that Robbert basically killed Sean by stealing his stuff and Kim abusing their kindness actually made my jaw drop
@It_Ryan Yıl önce
I’m glad to have been a part of this one my mans! It was very great playing with you and the boys!
Was crafting against the rules?
@It_Ryan Yıl önce
@@frost_hernandez9827 It was not :)
You did really well better than i expected
@It_Ryan Yıl önce
I genuinely thought I was dead on day 4
@codybraun4213 Yıl önce
@NimN0ms Yıl önce
46:46...Not Sean enderpearling down like 50 stories and then saying a nonchalant "hey" to Robert 😂😂💀💀
@Toshiaki404 Yıl önce
Sean and Robert is the best duo ever, their team work is perfect
@xJayteee Yıl önce
There is this saying , "I am not afraid of strong enemies , only afraid of idiotic teammates'" This is what I thought of when Robert just dug a hole and never sealed it up lmao
@noahhenning4777 Yıl önce
I love how friends are always friends no matter what, you guys all horribly betray each other in the most evil way possible and next video you guys are all great friends again
@LatiNoble 9 aylar önce
It’s really refreshing to see these RP collaborations. This group is so creative and fun to watch.
@revolver281 Yıl önce
I find it ironic that Sean was by far the most psychotic yet he was the only one loyal.
@peak9358 Yıl önce
by anime terms; a yandere
@weeoth8380 Yıl önce
Sneve was, wasn't he?
I find it funny because this man took a Walter White to Heisenberg type of term. I was rooting against Shawn
@TubeOfLaughes Yıl önce
A true Trevor Philips.
@gabywise4333 Yıl önce
@pixelateddoctor Yıl önce
This map is very emotional (if you play by the mapmaker's guidelines) For a while I was alone. I found an attic in one of the houses by the mansion and settled there. I started exploring and found the old lighthouse, read some interesting journals written by the old lighthouse keeper, and then I found a wolf named Katara in an old shed next to it. I was immediately in tears of joy knowing that I would never be alone again, or so I thought. Later when I was near the walled-off town, I found a boarded up oak house with signs saying to keep out. I thought it would be interesting to explore, so I did. After climbing down what appeared to be a chimney, I noticed there were a ton of zombies spawning in there. Adventurous me at the time thought it would be a good idea to enter the basement to check for loot. I had to run back upstairs because the zombies were spawning like crazy. But then they cornered her before she could follow me. It was too late for me to save her. Video game immersion is both a blessing and a curse simultaneously. It was more depressing than it should’ve been.
@kingcreep8374 Yıl önce
All dogs go to minecraft heaven
@robynavalon6837 Yıl önce
what guidelines? because we spawned in the safehouse (number 111)... after we left the town and got to the lighthouse where Katara is in the sideshed.. there were no instructions or anything.. so after that we lost our interest.. we are still trying to figure out what to do after the lighthouse.. we blew up the big ship by the nuclear bomb in the "basement" of the big ship tho.. but after that we were clueless of what to do.. can you help?...
@pixelateddoctor Yıl önce
@@robynavalon6837 I was talking about the mapmaker's intended way to play Like not breaking blocks that you cannot break in the real world and stuff
@Random_Carrots 8 aylar önce
What modpack did you use? I couldn't find an updated mustard virus for the map.
I need to know how to get this map I'm in love and want to play so badly
@kaishiyosin Yıl önce
I just went on an emotional roller coaster- while watching the video, At first, i was like, yay, made new allies that you could trust during the game! And then i was pretty upset, cause that’s kind of brutal turning on your friends… But in the end, i was shocked and left speechless, because you trusted Robert so much, and Kim too… but they turned on you 😭
@J2nce 11 aylar önce
I was expecting Kim, he had also killed a lot of people and Sean and Robert's alliance formed because they initially planned to get revenge on Kim. But yeah Robert I was shocked :(
@st1tcho113 8 aylar önce
What I love about this man’s commentary is, I dissociate a lot so when I dissociate during these videos when I come back to reality and I’m hella confused as to what’s going on Shaun is just as confused as me even tho he was the one that made the video 😂
@Zhetaan 2 aylar önce
That has got to be a rollercoaster ride. Sean's problem is even he doesn't know what he is going to do next. Guy is constantly backtracking on himself and his random whims means he effectively is betraying himself every 5 minutes. He goes in with a plan, changes it about 4 times during an interaction and then pretends he planned it all that way. I genuinely pity Robert.
@dereks3317 Yıl önce
Sean's impression on Kim was spot on and hilarious, had me dying lmao
@apizano73 7 aylar önce
This was a beautiful video. Somehow, Sean's psychopath arc was very compelling and, overall, a banger video.
@Zachary133 Yıl önce
Its so wholesome that minecrafts best players let Sean play with them
@Blaze_Gamez Yıl önce
@Blaze_Gamez Yıl önce
I saw minecarfts best players and I saw who the video was from and I was like *Hold up wait a minute*
Who's the best player?
@Dark-Pikachu1 Yıl önce
@@Blaze_Gamez 19:31 bruh this man left Netherite bricks in a chest 🤯🫣 but weird thing is no one had netherite does anyone know what Netherite bricks do?
@maxaks3830 Yıl önce
@@Dark-Pikachu1 its not netherite its nether bricks its not useful
@TheSharpKnife Yıl önce
the connection between the members were unfortunate for Sean specifically, he was the nice guy in his team, he got betrayed and he was also blamed. I feel bad.
This is the first time ive seen Sean act this evil before
at the start when he said "im not letting anyone leave this town alive" sent shivers down my spine, coldest sentence ever.
@JITEG Yıl önce
After watching some of the other's videos Sean is definitely starting to seem like an villain who is evil just for the sake of it.
@nonamenoname9322 5 aylar önce
Same thoughts exactly! I was rooting for Sean’s death.
@iamtheamp8682 9 aylar önce
I honestly love the fact that we also get his live reaction on top of his voice over
watching this man basically refuse to thoroughly check places and consistently put himself in bad situations is both very funny and very excruciating
@naomisimon9892 Yıl önce
literally, when he said he wanted to live in the mine I was like here he goes
@trustinid6721 Yıl önce
More like refuse to put more than 3 seconds of thought into most things
@beanseason6515 Yıl önce
And yet he calls himself one of the "best players"
@absatanas Yıl önce
Mostly excruciating.
@yellodragonyt Yıl önce
Yeah I feel the same lol
@amaze3727 10 aylar önce
I like how sean makes a shield but never uses it. First shield he decided to make made it to evac with full durability
Kim accent is wholesome .Always makes smiles when Sean mimic it
@arekkusu0o Yıl önce
"we even joked about killing someone" "we should kill someone" felt like a family guy cutaway LMFAO
@Markisnot Yıl önce
3:02:30 Sean’s impression of Kim is the funniest thing your ever gonna hear
@tylerfaro6558 Yıl önce
Minecraft: doesn't let you sleep near mobs. Sean: defies all rules and sleeps in the middle of a stadium full of zombies
Was thinkin about this same shit!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
@toheekang174 Yıl önce
Sean is built different
He is one with the code
@@primarchaether1569 he's Neo.
@valkyriekayn3236 10 aylar önce
@@brahtrumpwonbigly7309 He's beginning to believe
@silverrayn4950 Yıl önce
I KNOW THIS MAP!!! I started it forever ago as a idle single player to feed my need for something simplistic and mindless but not boring. Plus im a huge pack rat in video games and love to grab anything i can get my hands on lol (and when I mean everything, I mean everything. I have systematically cleared EVERYTHING in every area iv been in so far. I ended up downloading a backpack mod just to make it easier and quicker lol). Iv been playing it for years and idk if there's an end or somewhere im actually supposed to be going lol, i try to read every book i get but its been so long and my sessions are always so spaced out i have completely lost the plot, if there is one lol My fav memory of this map was the first time i got wings, being able to fly for the first time over everything id been over so far was so interesting to see where i came from and how I got there (and how comparatively, Iv only explored maybe 50% of the map so far, if not even less). The making up a story was probs the most fun part! Pretty early on I committed to listening to the "rules" of the world, ie if something was labeled as something for the most part I treated it like it was actually that. That's one of the things that kinda made this a lot more difficult and long winded and sometimes i didn't have a choice lol but I think it was worth it. (So I couldn't break down cars made out of wool for beds or backpacks, things for decoration like beds on kegs or blaze rods as pool noodles, and decided against breaking down buildings for the most part) I also ended up saving pretty much EVERY animal I came across and brought them back to the Farm. Idk why but I thought it was a interesting thing to do and byy the time it got Serious, I was committed. Iv pushed pre-tamed pets (ie they were tamed by the devs who built the map) thousands of blocks becuase im stubborn lol. But i have a decent bunch at this point :) yee i just wanted to share becuase its so neat to see the same map in someone else's eyes lol
@spritemon98 Yıl önce
I'm a pack rat too
@silverrayn4950 Yıl önce
@@spritemon98 hell yeah! pack rats unite xD
@alpharius1497 Yıl önce
@@silverrayn4950 I'm similar but for enemies, can never advance or leave a room unless I've cleared the *whole* thing then double checked it, then maybe triple checked just in case
@silverrayn4950 Yıl önce
@@alpharius1497 Valid lol! im the opposite, if i dont have to kill it I'm *Gone*. Im just too bad at fighting to not skate by with the bare minimum XD cheesing enemies my beloved
@alpharius1497 Yıl önce
@@silverrayn4950 made playing Dark Souls and Elden Ring painful in the extreme
I'm 23 years old, idk how I find myself scrolling and always seeing the headline clicking on it just out of curiosity and then somehow I managed to watch 3 and a half hours of a Minecraft video. I have severe ADD as well and you kept me this long and this isn't the first time 😂. Well done sir
@st3w1e 10 aylar önce
Sean: The hospital is the one place in an apocalypse you don't wanna be in Also Sean: I was curious and wanted to know what was inside
@London-ke2pq 8 aylar önce
Robert being so chill in the stadium when they were trying to get their stuff back and Sean freaking out was so funny lmao
@nohorama1 8 aylar önce
Seeing Sean slowly decending into insanity throughout this video is better entertainment than most shows
@muhsinbustillo Yıl önce
Sean: "I desperately need food" Also Sean: *Continues to ignore chests and wall hangers full of seeds, avocado, and other types of food*
@Water-rg7gp Yıl önce
avacado looked like green dye, probably wasnt edible
@Zagriel. Yıl önce
@@Water-rg7gp the server was run on scripts so probablt they were
@gmac3296 Yıl önce
also just eats carrots and gambles away gold instead of farming golden carrots
@Water-rg7gp Yıl önce
@@Zagriel. i got the map, they arent.
@Zagriel. Yıl önce
@@Water-rg7gp You were losing max health after death aswell? If not you just got the map not the scripts server had.
@Kindred_Lamb Yıl önce
Some people are made into heroes, some into anti-heroes, some who have been wronged turned to villains, but Sean is an anti-villain in the making
@Peanut520 Yıl önce
Never thought I would see the day at 2:08:43 where it says in chat he switched his game mode to creative but if I’m being real this comment should be about how this man survived so long I mean what a man.
@clydetheenderman 11 aylar önce
I think it's bc he is the owner of the server. Probably needed to fix something in creative
@theopaul931 9 aylar önce
I'd love to see another one of these but using the parasites instead!
@AmadeusMoon Yıl önce
Dude I'm one hour in and I have the feeling you kinda forgot about the mending book you hid underground in that chest at that spot that you hoped you wouldn't forget about but you kinda did :')
@madisonclark6808 5 aylar önce
At 2:20:30 I love the chaos as ryan realizes whats about to happen 😂😂😂😂 this is art that shocked even me
You’d think videos like this would start to feel formulaic, but you continue to mix it up. Fantastic work.
@spoopyd.8910 Yıl önce
@siin9522 Yıl önce
*YO 🚀🏳️‍🌈 *trvid.com/video/video-eo_LqM3CfUs.html**:*
@lilypainter666 Yıl önce
I agree
@yeet-ge4gy Yıl önce
thats why he's called forge labs
Hey babe hey
@avalon5957 Yıl önce
Love the dramatically bleak and melancholic music around 1:00:56. ❤ It reminds me of so many cool instrumental bands like Mono, Sleep Dealer and especially Kafabindünya - Binlerce Ozur, and PG.Lost - Still Alright. It's such a mood. Love it 💕Great atmosphere
@doodoobadoo2506 Yıl önce
That’s crazy that the only 2 people that he trusted betrayed him.
@The.new.Creator Yıl önce
31:50 lol thats some zombie land stuff rule #4 enjoy the little things. XD stay awesome shadow and forge so far you two and doni my top 3 fav minecrafters here STAY AWESOME!
Sean's imitation of kim at 3:02:30 was the best thing I've ever heard
Watching Sean's descent into madness was 🔥
@---Rin--- Yıl önce
3 and half hours?! My man has really outdone himself this time. Forge Labs is one of the only notifications I always click on right away when it pops up.
@cheesestick512 Yıl önce
@spockrxck 10 aylar önce
At 2:54:48 (and throughout the video) you gave me Homelander vibes, when you started talking about something then started to get more quiet like you were gonna say/do something bad 😂 “My man Ryan, this guy is a.. I don’t know…”
@deftdragon0178 10 aylar önce
I honestly wish i could do one of these with them just so i could have a first hand experience of it. They seem fun
@aceduckworth 9 aylar önce
kims "whatd i miss?" when he died has me rolling on the floor
@K.Souto. 11 aylar önce
My man Sean always add the spiciness to every co op gameplay!! he''s absolute chaos type of gameplay makes everything more interesting to watch, but to be completely honest i didn't want you make it through the end, i'm glad that you died in the extraction!! btw that was an amazing video as always!! Sorry for my broken english, i'm watching from brazil, yep your video made it overseas
@strix14 7 aylar önce
I like how he added 28 days/weeks later bgm into this video, it really fits the aspect. ❤
Sean Narrator: I'm not completely stupid Also Sean: Proceeds to make all the bad decisions possible Edit: Thanks everyone for 1k likes
@rrsgaming6061 Yıl önce
@jesthermc Yıl önce
I Agree And Disagree To This...
@chrisarlo6161 Yıl önce
@@jesthermc no
ikr it makes me so angry lol
@braedonlane7731 Yıl önce
why is this so funny
@Kiwi_Dev 7 aylar önce
I absolutely love Sean's impressions of Kim. They are hilarious!😂
@andrew5098 8 aylar önce
Sean is easily one of the top ten villains in fiction.
@manwithgun9768 Yıl önce
Villain arc Sean is best Sean, change my mind
@demongirl1019 6 aylar önce
31:03 THIS MAN, instead of making golden apples so he can get more hearts if needed, Decides to GAMBLE INSTEAD
@elisewade5564 Yıl önce
i find it hilarious how he literally murdered and betrayed so many but when Robert didn't care about accidentally setting the dog on fire sean called him evil like my mans is slowly descending into insanity but he got morals
he is surely and slowy insane
@BjotSingh07 Yıl önce
It's sad how Sean is always the first to die in these events. 3 hours that build up to nothing. Truly terrible at PVP and preperation.
So who ultimately destroyed Robert's base? Has anyone else been able to find out from the other videos? Also amazing use of the 28 Days Later soundtrack-I see what you did there.
@celestialcressy Yıl önce
shadow did, you can watch his pov. he stalked robert one time and found the base 🙊
@DeviouslyModest420 5 aylar önce
12:00 don't worry forge, water is a great insulator for radiation, it is safer to swim in the cooling vat than to be on your phone due to you being exposed to less radiation, just don't swim to the rods
@melonam Yıl önce
Kimberly is literally the Ted bundy of these smps he's so wholesome and likeable but the most monstrous entity
@paragrin8385 9 aylar önce
would be cool to see this as a longer server with wipes every so often, as well as more players
@unsortedguy Yıl önce
Lesson to self. Don't enter Sean's basement.
@ForgeLabs Yıl önce
Are you joking me?! YOU were the main villain of this entire thing!!!!
@matth5277 Yıl önce
@It_Was_Taken Yıl önce
@@ForgeLabs im so confused how many of you are there?
@turkish408 Yıl önce
I will never walk into a basement or toilet in an apocalypse
@It_Was_Taken Yıl önce
@@northide8785 im aware
@GG_dr4gonZ 7 aylar önce
26:10 That zombie breaking down the door gave me a jumpscare, i literally jumped out of my seat in fright!😅
@Sweptgamer12 8 aylar önce
43:33, Sean says, "I look to my right," but he proceeds to look left
@Bread_241 Yıl önce
Sean talking about his terrible WiFi because he lives in the middle of nowhere reminds me of myself.
@quezerk2536 Yıl önce
3:00 "If it is a hospital, there's gotta be an armory" ~ The quote of 2022
@t.y.1737 6 aylar önce
In all of these series Sean is always straight up chaotic evil
@farwolff Yıl önce
i think the scariest part of this is how much more calculated sean is becoming, hes becoming more decisive, dangerous.
He stronger he better he fucking Better
@alil636 Yıl önce
And yet he'll stay one of the stupidest mc players ever...so i don't think so...too bad he can't keep a chain of thoughts for more than 3 seconds...
He may be bad at the game, but his tactics… they’re improving. He’s becoming more of a threat by the day.
@out_of_the_BOX Yıl önce
Hes come up with strats I wouldnt have thought of, making smart moves, being cunning. This is a new Sean, we are seeing the rise of a villain nay, but a supervillain.
@alil636 Yıl önce
@@out_of_the_BOX oh for the love of god shush...you sure we watched the same video?
@liontherion1755 Yıl önce
havent watched the whole video yet. but BRO this is worth binge watching and gonna watch everything when im free. Keep it up forge labs!
@statueman5363 Yıl önce
You guys need to do more events like this, was so much fun to see everyones video. Try a capture the flag even or something.
@d0uble992 Yıl önce
3:01 "It's a hospital, there has got to be an armory" only in murica 💀
@Maizers Yıl önce
@R0SSC4T 5 aylar önce
Doesn't Sean live in Ontario Canada?
@Regular_guy. 8 aylar önce
Sean went full megalomaniac. His drive to survive turned into a thirst for blood and power.
@clairealvin2374 6 aylar önce
Kim:"so why have you got a bounty?" Sean:"oh i killed everyone no biggy"
Sean is horrible at playing Mc, but one of the most entertaining story tellers in the gaming genre. Watching his crazy mistakes time after time hurts to the core, but keeps me glued to the screen. There hasn't been one video where I haven't felt tremendous stress and comedic relief all rolled into one. Great job! Lmao
@@getonbloons yes they do. It's very entertaining watching him progress in skill, but still panicking and chaotically running around.
It's his persistence that makes me want to keep watching. I've yet to see him experience some terrible calamity, and then immediately think to myself "Oh no; that's it. He's gonna rage quit" Mans always gets back up, wipes the tears off his face, and goes back into the fray. That's a level of Madlad we should all strive for.
@underrated2064 Yıl önce
@@j.w.darkhurst3925 indeed
@manwithgun9768 Yıl önce
Including him being semi-insane, the mastermind (somehow) and nearly always turns into the villain of the story
@@manwithgun9768 that definitely my favorite aspect of him lol
@embuikema Yıl önce
I would have enjoyed it even more if the zombie noises weren't so loud
@VeronicaSpaning Yıl önce
i think it fits the vibe tbh
@urlgaming1996 6 aylar önce
I like how he says good guys vs the bad guys like he was one of the good guys in that situation after taking someone hostage and threatening all his friends and murdering one of them with plans to murder more lmaooooo
@julier.4163 2 aylar önce
As always, I absolutely love Sean's film, but I just need to appreciate the map! It's so amazing, it's adds so much to the story, the hidden details, little stories, I adore it so much ♥
@gamez4dayz117 Yıl önce
I was hoping they would turn the research facility in the mountain into a base
the stadium zombie battle song is Train Wreck from Gears of War 1 while marcus and Dom (Main Characters) are fighting the final boss General RAAM and the song is by Steve Jablonsky or some varient
@3y3candy10 Yıl önce
I absolutely LOVE it when Sean gets power trips and becomes the villan, it's like watching a dnd campaign and like, everyone's beloved NPC becomes the villan in the plot twist. It's so entertaining.
sometimes i have an image of forgelabs as an anime super-villian that told the heroes he planted bombs under a house, just so he can watch them try to diffuese the bombs, not telling them that he planted bombs under the entire city, and blows up everything including them, laughing like a maniac..... Oh and he also blew up himself by accident
@Tyeler80 Yıl önce
@@janthejetplane5668 uhh….cool
@kakashi6957 Yıl önce
@@janthejetplane5668 cuz he always seems to kill himself with his plans
@@kakashi6957 the perfect loveable villain
@RabiRabiCos 10 aylar önce
@@janthejetplane5668 no kill like overkill
@LeAnnBurnz 2 aylar önce
This map is absolutely breathtaking, every area was so well designed
@sekki8425 Yıl önce
Sean was literally in his Villain arc half in the video I'm so proud of him 😭
@UniverseCity17 10 aylar önce
2:13 his voice is so cute! “…Go for a swim in the pooool~”
someone put the time and effort in to make this map. it looks amazing
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