Minecraft Players Simulate a Zombie Apocalypse

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Minecraft Players Simulate a Zombie Apocalypse Download Honkai Impact here bit.ly/3Ra722G . Download the game now to redeem the gift code [60AHDASFBLAFL ] and get 30 Crystals, 2888 Asterites and a Herrscher Trial Card for free!

We simulated a Zombie Apocalypse in Hardcore Minecraft… this is what happened.

Legundo’s Video:

Shadow Mech’s Video:

Unsorted Guy’s Video:

Sneeve’s Video:

Ryan's Video:

Map Download:

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Alyx G Music



Brandon Skylar:



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Video Includes:
100 Days Minecraft
Players Simulate
Players Simulate Civilization

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Minecraft's Best Players Simulate The Purge

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27 Eyl 2022




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watching this man basically refuse to thoroughly check places and consistently put himself in bad situations is both very funny and very excruciating
I love how the basement scene went from everyone wanting to kill Kim to everyone being terrified of Shaun.
I absolutely LOVE it when Sean gets power trips and becomes the villan, it's like watching a dnd campaign and like, everyone's beloved NPC becomes the villan in the plot twist. It's so entertaining.
I miss hour(s) long videos being this popular, this was super fun to watch and loved seeing a majority of the perspectives
The best part of this was Sean's slow descent into insanity
That "What I miss" with the twist being Kim's bed was underneath his farmhouse the whole time absolutely killed me xD
Its so wholesome that minecrafts best players let Sean play with them
I really appreciate that Sean is so adamant about checking out his friends videos. I know that other TRvidrs will play with their friends but it’s so rare to see them endorse each other as much as Sean does his friends. It genuinely makes me happy to see :)
I'm not gonna lie this was by far the most exciting minecraft video I have ever watched, the entire thing felt like a movie with perfect suspense and thrill. Watching Sean play the villain and slowly start to become more psychotic throughout the video was just pure gold, and the bad decisions in the stadium and the betrayals was all just amazing. We seriously need more of this, it was incredible!
@spinyslasher6586 21 gün önce
That basement scene was a masterpiece in tension and storytelling.
You gotta do something like this again but with name plates turned off. Nothing more terrifying than the unexpected presence of a possible enemy...
I love the tension in the first twenty minutes. The uneasy alliance and them both saying they wanted to kill someone was immaculate.
Sean's character development throughout this video was: "Don't you ever get tired of being nice? Don't you just want to go buck nutty?"
It's amazing to see that Sean becomes more and more deadly and cunning as time goes on
Sean's Kim impression had me bursting into a fit of giggles for a hot minute
They should definitely make more of these with different scenarios and mods. That would be sick
The amount of hours sean has played Minecraft is astounding, yet he makes mistakes all the time, and hasnt learned pvp. I love this man
I find it ironic that Sean was by far the most psychotic yet he was the only one loyal.
@LilDaz26_ 21 gün önce
this has got to be one of the most entertaining videos i've seen in so long, my eyes were locked for the entire 3 hours and the way that the story progressed was so amazing, great work can't wait to see more!
Minecraft's Best Players Simulate The Purge
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