Minecraft Players Simulate The Purge for 100 Hours

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14 Ağu 2022




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Forge Labs
Forge Labs 5 aylar önce
Shadow Mech coming in with that 3 HOUR LONG video. Man probably spent more time editing than playing (and that’s already a ton) As usual, very good video my man
Zizrint 26 gün önce
@CCbattle Space😮t
Zizrint 26 gün önce
@MajoiLatthats t😮 su thats en try not not gonna to tt😮😮t
Zizrint 26 gün önce
@MajoiLatTy tyou tand my baby baby mama
Zizrint 26 gün önce
Zizrint 26 gün önce
Ollitsub 5 aylar önce
Coming from Forge Labs doing this, to you, is a major reminder of the disordered, chaotic entity Sean truly is
Unknown_Grave 4 aylar önce
I came from sneve
Davion Davidson
Davion Davidson 5 aylar önce
Same I just got done with forge labs vid
Alexandria Der Grosse
It's cool seeing how other people's survival methods for these challenges. Me personally I don't like have a base, though I do see benefits, I prefer carrying only needed supplies and leaving the rest in hidden chests, beds, and other necessities, while I keep moving only building a temporary base for the night before destroying it and continuing on. Can't really track someone who never stays in one place right?
Sneve 5 aylar önce
I knew from day 1 that the scariest competitor during the Purge would be the player with the Any% Hardcore pet pig world record.
GarouLady 5 aylar önce
Sneve if I could I'd gift you a monthly member perk. Thank you and ShadowMech for the awesome videos.
Ascenix 5 aylar önce
Nothing is scarier than trying to quietly navigate a dark ancient city, only to have a shrieker suddenly go off and a warden appears. I watched legundo’s video before yours came out, and when you were trying to climb up away from the warden he was yelling that it wasn’t high enough. But he was too far away for you to hear him. And he’s right. You have to climb up way higher than that. I know from personal experience. Awesome video shadow! I loved your auto egg throwing turret. 🤣
Grady 5 aylar önce
Shadow: *exists* Everyone: *unalives* EPIC video once again dude! 3 hours and not a minute wasted, well done!
myshroom 4 aylar önce
that was the cringiest shit ive ever heard
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks Grady 😊
Naz 5 aylar önce
After finish Sean's and Kim's videos I'm so glad I watched this one too, seeing the perspective of every player is really enjoyable and well worth the time.
Chena 5 aylar önce
Just got down watching Sean’s 💀💀 THIS WAS ACTUALLY THE BEST 100 DAYS IVE EVER SEEN BRO
Peeko_luxX Aylar önce
So many good laughs on this one. Sneve being invisible and harassing Kim only to get killed right in front of him was just too funny. 😂😂
Dead Battery
Dead Battery Aylar önce
@Quinn Schmidt Same. Even worse when he does something that didn’t work/got him killed before.
Mel1odas. Aylar önce
I'm watching this one then Seans
Angelica James
Angelica James 2 aylar önce
He’s good sometimes but sometimes he’s rlly bad 💀✋🏾
Quinn Schmidt
Quinn Schmidt 3 aylar önce
Sean is terrible at the game everytime I watch his videos I click off of it because of how mad he makes me by doing dumb things
drewstopher10 4 aylar önce
It was so freaking cool to see everyone get all tactical and serious when they were planning on how to take Legundo down. It speaks to Legundo's ridiculously high skill as a player that everyone felt they had to hang up on him. But it also shows how badass Shadow, Robert, Kim, and Sean get when they pause the usual goofiness and get real serious. And who knows where Sneve was? Lol! I'm watching his next That was so cool to see! Awesome video, Shadow and all!
anita mueller
anita mueller 5 aylar önce
My kids and myself started watching forge labs. And now we watch all you boys. Legundo. Robert. Kim. Sean. And you we watch anything and everything cause you guys are fantastic. You are definitely our favorite and it’s so awesome to have something that we can all sit down and enjoy together. You are killing it.
anita mueller
anita mueller 3 aylar önce
Yeah whenever Roberts posts we are all over that
Martina Cola
Martina Cola 3 aylar önce
What if Robert’s channel?
Froakie Elemen
Froakie Elemen 5 aylar önce
Definitely want to see more content that is like this. There’s something about the medium sized SMP’s!!
Raven Moon
Raven Moon 5 aylar önce
I can't stress this enough but your creativity is outstanding. The hard work you put into these videos to get the sound effects to go with what you are saying or doing, the singing that you added that eletric kind of sound to, the way you say certain things with emotion and humor is fantastic. There has never been a single video that you have done where it wasn't funny one way or another. There is always this comedy to how you say and do things to make your content more entertaining for viewers to watch and I love that. You have never failed to amaze me Shadow. Every video is something new and exciting and I always look forward to more. Great work like always.
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Aw thank Raven! This made my day :)
CCFoxPins 5 aylar önce
Great editing & narration as always! Thank you for bringing quality entertainment.
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks 😊
CoriSparks 5 aylar önce
Having seen ForgeLabs' video first, you DEFINITELY succeeded in making your base intimidating.
MeraFirewing 3 aylar önce
Even though he was given an unexpected gifts in the form of chickens.
WingsOfWarriorCraft 5 aylar önce
Just added all of these to my watch later and now I’m gonna binge watch them, it was actually Sean who got me onto your channel. He put everyone’s down! I’ll be looking forward to seeing more!
Eugeneee 5 aylar önce
I don’t know if you’ll be able to see this, Shadow, but I’ve watched every single POV from ForgeLabs, to Legundo, to Sneve, to Unsorted Guy, to Quickboy, and to you and I find it so cool. Well deserved win, bro. I also find it great to see you and Sneve work together before the Purge. Anyway, I hope I’d see a new vid of you and Timothy. I missed your pet pig!
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks 😊
Cyclonejd 81
Cyclonejd 81 5 aylar önce
The struggles you had with the chickens and Sean and Kim has too many chickens. Amazing how different of a time everyone had.
Darth Azrion
Darth Azrion 5 aylar önce
I've officially watched everyone's, but Sneve's, but I'm loving watching everyone's reactions and schemes. This is my first time watching you so this was great. 😅
Ollie 5 aylar önce
Sneves is the best one
EcchiHyosei 5 aylar önce
The way you've come is amaaazing I remember watching your first videos and I just knew you would be going up and I told you there will be even more for you☺️❤️ So glad to see you rise like you should 😌 Keep it up my man
EcchiHyosei 5 aylar önce
@ShadowMech your welcome! I told you once, I told you twice and I will tell you more often that you my man will grow and rise like a shining mushroom in the forest 😂
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thank you 😊
Bryan -The Hitman- #MOWPHOFer York
Absolutely love all these connected 100 days. Some of the best Minecraft content on the whole platform.
Y. 5 aylar önce
Finished Kim's and Forged Labs video while I was sick and now recovering and watching you guys really made my day ^^ gonna continue watching the others because the content you guys make is amazing:)
Caleb Rocha-Brownell
Caleb Rocha-Brownell 5 aylar önce
Love the video, and congratulations on the win. Just FYI, your stuff was probably still there after you died to the Warden. It only despawns after 5 minutes if there is someone present in that chunk the entire time, and being that Sean and Legundo ran right after you died, your stuff would still be there.
fiery sage
fiery sage 5 aylar önce
YOOO this video was great, sir. Like many others, I came from Forge Labs and you're so nice LMAO It's quite funny watching the different playing styles between you and Sean; you were a lot more cautious while Sean took more risks. Congrats on the win, good sir (love that you won without actually killing anyone). I'll be watching more of your videos from here on out :D
Erick Draven
Erick Draven 5 aylar önce
I had a good laugh when I read your warning sign Shadow, thanks! Also congrats and well played!
TriPix Steve
TriPix Steve 5 aylar önce
Just finished watching Forge Labs! This was one of the best video i've seen today well done Shadow!
Castro 333
Castro 333 5 aylar önce
Great content. Well deserved win! Congrats
Gilb 83
Gilb 83 5 aylar önce
Great content!!! Looking good Shadow. Stay sharp my friend!!!
Casey Gregory
Casey Gregory 5 aylar önce
Shadow you have done it again 😁 another absolutely amazing video and took home the win!! Your builds are brilliant to watch 🥰
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thank you 😊
CRAZY Kola Games
CRAZY Kola Games 5 aylar önce
Shadow i loved this video but the betrayal at the end hit like a truck! You were the nicest on the server based off of what I seen and I really wanted you to win! Thanks again for the amazing content your make!
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks 😊
Mr Trixer
Mr Trixer 5 aylar önce
That was a fun one, i didnt expect them all to just pop up at the end though, that got me good. xD GG Shadow, GG.
Grand Master Yoda
Grand Master Yoda 11 gün önce
I really love his very clean and mostly unedited footage on Purge Night. The others tried a little too hard to make it cinematic, putting on some tense music, constantly cutting to the parts they think are the most entertaining, narrating over what happened (SHOW, don't tell), etc. That can work too but it's a nice change of pace to see something different.
Anika Torruella
Anika Torruella 5 aylar önce
I feel so sad about you in the deep dark - that torch is what killed you. If you were able to pillar up with wool I think you would have made it
Jenny Mironuk
Jenny Mironuk 5 aylar önce
Shadow playing like a true Maritimer, overly nice even for a Canadian 😆 It was a well deserved win 🏆 ❤ 💯
Jenny Mironuk
Jenny Mironuk 5 aylar önce
@Lurker yap
Lurker 5 aylar önce
Wait, I’m new to Shadows channel. He’s a maritimer?!
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thank you 😊
RNJoy 5 aylar önce
A legit movie dude. I was so invested. This might be my favorite vid of yours yet-- amazing work.
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks Morgan 😊
DiamondLP 5 aylar önce
I love it that the one without kills won in the end. This was a great event
GarouLady 5 aylar önce
Yes!! Celebrate good times Come on! Let's celebrate! We got a 2.8 hr long video of happiness from ShadowMech, Sneve, and the rest of the gang. Woohoo!! \o/
Mel1odas. Aylar önce
If ur falling in snow, don't keep on jumping and breaking, stand still and break around u
AmethystNight 2 aylar önce
You successfully did Legundo's plan without even trying. Good job.
A Guy That Makes Stuff
Bro that ultimate betrayal at the end which backfired on Robert was epic.
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks so much 😁
Beamzy 5 aylar önce
This is gonna be sick, just finished with ForgeLabs and Legundos videos
Kerrill Falto
Kerrill Falto 5 aylar önce
keep pushing forward, you will get far.
Hidden under hats E
Hidden under hats E 5 aylar önce
This was hilarious and just like the mars thing everybody underestimated you except for maybe sneeve. My one reason I supported legundo more than you in this is he actually tried to help Sneeve in the end But yours explained more about what was going on overall
Jacquelyn 5 aylar önce
You guys are hilarious! I’ve watched 3 of ya so far! Kim is killin me lmao
Šarlote Smirnova
Šarlote Smirnova 5 aylar önce
A very useful thing is to mine around the diamond aswell cuz that can occasionally lead to more diamonds, great vid tho!
JewelofBeauty 5 aylar önce
What a wild ride! It took me two days to watch this but it was ALL so good that I can’t wait to watch everyone else’s video. After you were killed by the Warden I screamed and had to stop. I was like no no no. Haha. But I’m glad you continued. Got to, right! You’re an incredible tactician. Bravo! Glad you won (I knew it would be you or Legundo). Robert should’ve kept his guard though. You’re a tricky one. But he’ll know better next time! Keep up the great work. Encore!!!
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thank you Jewel! So glad you enjoyed it.
Jed Aylar önce
This is actually amazing and your base looks awesome too!
Tea 🍵
Tea 🍵 5 aylar önce
I gotta say I'm such a huge fan your work has inspired me in so many ways to take up things and Chase after what I want to do in my life seeing you start off as a smaller youtuber to where you are now is so awesome thank you for making this videos I watch them almost everyday while i study or do work please keep it up!
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks so much 😁
Gregorio 5 aylar önce
3 hour video from shadow, is it a holiday? Can't wait for this. Edit: Shadow, if you find one diamond, make sure to dig around it a block in every direction to make sure there aren't any more.
Jack caroll
Jack caroll 5 aylar önce
I have been watching all povs of this and so far this is the best but i will admit sneves forge labs and Kims was still amazing
Wither_Klng 5 aylar önce
Pro tip When you're in powdered snow don't jump. When you're falling you mind slower and powdered snow doesn't let you jump out.
Esca 5 aylar önce
Oh god, the ancient city section, honestly terrified me. The sounds the warden makes are awful, both disgusting, and disturbing, I hate it. 😭
Crystie Klepac
Crystie Klepac 5 aylar önce
this deserves to be up the charts, for real!
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks 😊
Mike Harriman
Mike Harriman 5 aylar önce
Congratulations shadow you did awesome keep up more content like this I love your base
FlooberDoober 5 aylar önce
Great video. Definitely gonna be benching the rest of your videos.
vixengypsy 5 aylar önce
Came from Forge Labs, Subbing NOW because your videos are amazing! Loved your point of view.
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks Vixen! Welcome!
John Lawrence Rico
John Lawrence Rico 5 aylar önce
hey Shadow 😊 thank you for posting another video I really appreciate it and will always love you're videos and can't wait to see diminion part 12 and again thank you 😊
CookieCat Num
CookieCat Num 5 aylar önce
33:49 Seeing Shadow struggling with the Allays since he didn't understand what was going on was so funny XDDD
Rohith Gali
Rohith Gali 4 aylar önce
Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the video! It was fun one!! Gg to all players! Gotta love the gang! ❤️
Ninja Gamer
Ninja Gamer 3 aylar önce
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S0u1.13 4 aylar önce
Here's the thing with shaders for me I love how it looks in Minecraft especially during the daytime and nighttime not so much because you can't see Jack shit but at the same time it also gives the feeling that it's really realistic with the shadows if you know what I mean
Demon_night 5 aylar önce
You work very hard and I love your videos very much, keep up the good work
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks 😊
SincereSoilder 5 aylar önce
This is awesome you guys should do a RL Craft Purge or other Mod pack
Colorful Water
Colorful Water 5 aylar önce
That warden encounter was intense!!!!
Unnoticed 5 aylar önce
I love your shaders and the textures you use they give your videos a more cinematic feel;). I would love to use them, what's the name?
Senna Sims
Senna Sims 5 aylar önce
@Unnoticed no problem! :)
Unnoticed 5 aylar önce
@Senna Sims thankyou so so much! I actually didn't notice I was so caught up in the action
Senna Sims
Senna Sims 5 aylar önce
replying so that i'll get a notification if someone lets you know! edit: nvm, it shows the name in chat at 2:01:22!
Kasmira Cooper
Kasmira Cooper 5 aylar önce
Amazing video, amazing base, amazing play!!!
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thank you 😊
Mel1odas. Aylar önce
A good base idea is definitely replace the surrounding almost entirely of powered snow but wear leather boots when ur there
Sckiith 5 aylar önce
I love how he completely forgot to use those boots...
Pammi Klaphake
Pammi Klaphake 5 aylar önce
now that is what I call next level gaming
ilink-uk 4 aylar önce
I can't believe I've only seen this video now !! Hilarious all your videos have me in stitches 🤣 keep up the good work! Should do Stand up
K Z 5 aylar önce
i was kinda happy to see shadowmech win because i wait for whole years for him pick a bone to beat it lol
Toast 5 aylar önce
I have a feeling that this is going to go to a nice time then lugundo will star the madness
KUYSS_JR 5 aylar önce
The purge start when I start watching this for 2hrs straight in one sitting.
leia08 4 aylar önce
that was actually insane and needs much more attention
Cong Bui
Cong Bui 5 aylar önce
Watch out , the warden has been given a powerful long range sonic attack, it bypass armor and enchantment, and it hit very hard.
ZenXtraordinary 5 aylar önce
It’s the fact Sean tried to double cross them and died 😂😂
Finn Rham
Finn Rham 5 aylar önce
My friend iam speechless this was amazing
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks so much 😁
Davy Willers
Davy Willers 5 aylar önce
loved every minute of it
VampyrBoyfriend 5 aylar önce
That was the best possible ending.
candlecroissant 5 aylar önce
24:26 was the least amount of urgency I have ever seen in any video game
Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson 5 aylar önce
you could have used a water bucket to stop the villager from burning to death. and great video keep up the good work.
aidil Aiman
aidil Aiman 5 aylar önce
You guys should review this in the next one it'll be awesome
David Hopkins
David Hopkins 5 aylar önce
showed my friends this and now they are obsessed with it
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thank you 😊
LoveAnime1999 5 aylar önce
Good job with all of it!
Killing Time In Eternity
The first half of this video was more interesting and entertaining the the purge part; that whole ancient city thing was nerve wrecking.
Shadow just like always amazing , hope u the best
Demon Kid828
Demon Kid828 5 aylar önce
Me when the others posted: nah I’ll be good. Maybe when I’ve got 3 hours to kill Me when it’s shadow: O.O must watch even if it’s in chunks. In summery. Shadow is the bestest. Hope you win the purge! Bet ya did. (Reposted because my phone auto corrected it horribly!)
Hopeless Lurker
Hopeless Lurker 5 aylar önce
Next time you should make a piercing crossbow and arrows of harming 2 (with potions), it's just as good as a bow and goes through shields. You could also use poison or weakness on the arrows too. Of course you also need quick draw so it does good dps.
PixelatedTwix 5 aylar önce
My first time watching you and I have to say…Amazing video!
Gordon Harper
Gordon Harper 5 aylar önce
you really can fix a mans mood, I love your videos
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thanks Gordon 😊
Abhie 5 aylar önce
"Yup that's me".... The intro literally blew me up!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Eternal Daydreamer
Eternal Daydreamer 5 aylar önce
Shadow POV: Didn't kill anyone, still wins. Noice. 👌👍
dragon beast
dragon beast 5 aylar önce
I really like your video's especially the smp ones
HaloCaliber 5 aylar önce
Yes a new video thats 3hr long i love this
Strovolos Avaleiria
Strovolos Avaleiria 3 aylar önce
love it had these same discussions in eve when we would try to evict or rolled into a group we knew.
creapytipi ,
creapytipi , 5 aylar önce
I don't watch you're videos but I saw how you survived the others geniuse plays,amazing, I'm subscribing fore you're victory.
Lidia Mervis
Lidia Mervis 5 aylar önce
you guys had a lot of fun I see
Ruby Sipes
Ruby Sipes 3 aylar önce
I love watching these Lowkey wanna play like this with people
CFOP user
CFOP user 5 aylar önce
Guys you know you could have used sculk sensors to trap legundo lol Nice vid
Walker Melton
Walker Melton 5 aylar önce
Amazing video, truly amazing!
ShadowMech 5 aylar önce
Thank you!
The new Creator
The new Creator 6 gün önce
new subscriber that was a wild ending! gg stay awesome shadow!
Kuro Senpai
Kuro Senpai 5 aylar önce
Its only right to watch the pov of the only person who wowed everyone created such an immaculate base and grined hard to get netherite gear and won XD
Minecraft Players Simulate Medieval Times
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