Minecraft Manhunt, But There's Lucky Hearts...

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Use our link mhy.link/7626KKA6 and use the code “BSPD3ZRXU985” to redeem for 60 primogems and 10,000 Mora in game. First come, first served. Travelers need to reach Adventure Rank 10 in the Genshin Impact to get this reward.

Minecraft Manhunt, But There's Lucky Hearts...

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19 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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KIER and DEV Yıl önce
Use our link mhy.link/7626KKA6 and use the code “BSPD3ZRXU985” to redeem for 60 primogems and 10,000 Mora in game. First come, first served. Travelers need to reach Adventure Rank 10 in the Genshin Impact to get this reward.
StormBringer 2 aylar önce
ScottPlayz 5 aylar önce
@Home Alone 2 they can do that before videos to up, it's just a think that people can do on their own videos
ScottPlayz 5 aylar önce
Adventure Rank 10 sounds really far?
xXsyberbgXx 8 aylar önce
Nice Dev and kier😊😊
CodAFish 8 aylar önce
Near the end I was more interested in kier building house
Inay._. Yıl önce
I really appreciate that they add a timer for the sponsored segment.:D
James Wu
James Wu 4 aylar önce
me pressing L
4pixelgaming 8 aylar önce
So true
pepecraft135 8 aylar önce
So we can skip it
Elm217 8 aylar önce
I was just thinking that
TheDriestPuddle 8 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure they ALWAYS do that...
Clopaz Yıl önce
Most speedrunners are strategically thinking out their plan the whole time and they're just silent with concentration, but Kierr & Dev literally just talk about the randomest things ever xDDD
Jerry Stout
Jerry Stout Yıl önce
Alternative title: Kier and dev do a manhunt and the hunter wins by building a house peaceful while speedrunner gets blown up by a spider
Sid the kid teaches Piano
Idea: damage is switched, meaning damage heals you and gives you extra hearts, and regen hurts you
TheBananian 4 aylar önce
You can only be damaged when the hunter hits you
Ben Marshall
Ben Marshall 11 aylar önce
What is the hunter gonna do if the runner just doesn't eat? It's the only healing until potions
Smartyeyes Yıl önce
You get a sub from me purely because you put a timer on the sponsored segment. Props to this legend
McKay T
McKay T Yıl önce
Video idea: “Minecraft but it’s a race” No mods, it’s just a race to see who can beat the game first. The true test of who is the best speedrunner
C: ebh
C: ebh 5 aylar önce
Add Boosfer
Miki_ Gamer
Miki_ Gamer 5 aylar önce
Kier vs Dev vs Bosffer vs Yellowoll vs bubbo RACE
Donovan Dunton
Donovan Dunton 10 aylar önce
And they all stay an equal distance from spawn and eachother so they dont just kill each other at the start
Parul Bhagat
Parul Bhagat Yıl önce
lol i came uop iwth this idea over 3 months ago
Cooper Williams
Cooper Williams Yıl önce
They have done that I think
PainfullyAverage Yıl önce
I had an idea for your next manhunt. You could make it something really pointless, like you can craft a dirt apple that gives you 1 extra heart when you eat it, or you could put multiple useless things into the game, like a pickaxe that mines 1 random block adjacent to the block you just mined, or something
Oniyx Yıl önce
You know u gonna hit a milestone when u get Genshin as a sponsor
liquidrock2u Yıl önce
I know wouldn't have counted, but imagine if the first damage he took from that fall killed him. That would have been hilarious.
no Yıl önce
I love how kier just gave up and started building a house lmao, then the phantom carried him LMAO
major marco
major marco Yıl önce
I love it how keir is just casually building a house
xXMagicLokiXx 2 aylar önce
Charles TheBoss
Charles TheBoss 3 aylar önce
me too :O
Chase the Master
Chase the Master Yıl önce
F_mp5 Yıl önce
@Blue 0rca don't know what you just said-
Blue 0rca
Blue 0rca Yıl önce
@F_mp5 i know.....i meant his career...i switched the reer of career to Keir
Fastral Yıl önce
The phantoms being unkillable was mildly infuriating to watch.
Navyansh Sharma
Navyansh Sharma 10 aylar önce
Dev was getting obliterated by phantoms and Kier was saying: should I make my house of dirt or spruce wood?
MasterEldriel Yıl önce
fun fact, dev would have win if he used more earlier the crossbow on the dragon
fnekthesnek Yıl önce
kier: i have such bad luck also kier: obtains end city loot
SergeantJoeMama Yıl önce
It’s not a Kier and Dev manhunt without Weird skins…
PumpkinMan Yıl önce
@Ayumi 浜咲き___________🍑🍎 f
PumpkinMan Yıl önce
I mean its halloween
Phineas Anderson-Tuck
@Ayumi 浜咲き___________🍑🍎 ?? Wtf??
SquirrelBoi Yıl önce
BadCreations Yıl önce
Thanks for the primos Kier and Dev! Gonna need em with Itto and Albedo coming
toloros Yıl önce
Ye kierr deserved that win for dev literally contacting Twitter to help him beat kierr in the hidden manhunt
Joel Mok Wen Xuan
I love how Dev spent two minutes of the video just on a gold block tower
Just when I thought kier and dev's vids couldn't get any better for my liking they got sponsored for my favourite game Genshin Impact.Thats Cool.
NASP Poke Yıl önce
The worst thing about your game is that, when they got sponsor, only 100 primogems or smth they give you
NASP Poke Yıl önce
The worst thing about your game is that, when they got sponsor, only 100 primogems or smth they give you
How’d you make that user? Edit: spelling lol
the sponsor: amazing story line, and an amazing community
TESTX01 Yıl önce
I love Kier and dev's videos, been watching for almost a year!
I am Matt
I am Matt Yıl önce
As a genshin player i am pleased to see this sponsor.
Legendary Boy Yash
Me too lol
Marshmallow Yıl önce
Your guys videos put a smile on my face every video. Keep on posting and kier bring back the lettuce.
Aziel Parvez
Aziel Parvez 9 aylar önce
Manhunt Idea: Creepers explode OP loot When you think about it, it's really hard for the hunters to figure that out!
lunarwolfgaming acosta
Kier:I have to be quiet cause my parents are asleep also kier: proceeds to talk loud
Moothechicken Yıl önce
Idea: Mc Manhunt but there’s slow - falling anvils.
Nitefurie Yıl önce
I love how instead of threatening to bed bomb, they threaten to call Twitter
Socio Boy
Socio Boy Yıl önce
Kier and dev can live without fighting each other lol
Taco Army
Taco Army Yıl önce
THAT “Kinda Lucky Villager” IS SOOOOO OP
Tzer Yıl önce
To be honest genshin impact is a more deep immersive and fun thing.. thats similar to breath of the wild yet very unique in its own ways.
Beowulf Yıl önce
Kier and dev getting genshin impact as a sponsor 🥵
YelloWool Yıl önce
How tf did you pull off that sponsor??
ThatRussianGuy 6 gün önce
@Ian Mobley Garbage sponsor
John Wycliffe
John Wycliffe 15 gün önce
@banana bird Ayo!?! Wtf🤨
MooMoo Aylar önce
The power of yellows friend ship with kier and dev
fyreish Aylar önce
Their just better
Jack Baldock
Jack Baldock Aylar önce
Haha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Platinumhero Yıl önce
Looking at the hotbar and hearts, I think this was supposed to be played with the faithful texturepack.
AidenTheNoteable 6 aylar önce
The only problem I ever have with these videos is I immediately know that they are gonna get to the end, the person trying to speedrun is gonna get really close to beating the dragon, and then they die. I haven't watched a single video here where the speedrunner wins.
CycoDragon 24
CycoDragon 24 Yıl önce
Imagine if dev got a pumpkin spawned on his head but the pumpkin had "the curse of binding" on it.
amstronglikebull Yıl önce
I swear this channel is so much less cringe and enjoyable than dream's manhunts and everything doesn't look staged
Sydnney Yıl önce
I feel so bad for Kierrrr's parents watching some of these videos especially when Boosfer meantions them X,D
Shadows Star
Shadows Star 3 aylar önce
boosfer moans too much for me to ever recommend the videos to anyone haha
Moothechicken Yıl önce
6:45 or 6:44 slow down to 0.25 speed and then you will see that Dev killed a Jeb sheep...
Aziel Parvez
Aziel Parvez 9 aylar önce
Daseko Yıl önce
Playing Genshin impact on Phone feels like playing a manhunt against Dream ... Its HOT but with the Kier n' Dev phone specs its way too cool nothings overheating
The Original               Starwalker
Idea for the next manhunt: minecraft but both the speedrunner and the Hunter have their own twist that the other one doesnt know about
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 4 aylar önce
Noah’s heart basically does all of that plus character customization
Manhunt idea: using certain items in your offhand you get different effects or op stuff
Lu¢ky ¢at
Lu¢ky ¢at Yıl önce
with the clutch i’m surprised he didn’t just let the water run down
lil buddy
lil buddy Yıl önce
I love how they put a time limit for sponsorship
Jared Joseph Songheng
Alternative Title:Kier wins by Building A House while Dev dies to Himself because he kept taking damage and kept getting unlucky items
YusufHaiqal Yıl önce
Legends has it that Kier & Dev will never run out of twist
Aziel Parvez
Aziel Parvez 9 aylar önce
Silas Personal
Silas Personal Yıl önce
Man, y'all getting sponsors now?!?! Good on y'all it's crazy how much y'all have grown since 30k subs when I first subbed.
walter davis
walter davis Yıl önce
Minecraft manhunt idea: you can craft a device that lets you open the hunters inventory and take what you want.
Stressd Yıl önce
I can't believe kier didn't ask what the twist was once
Sir LittlePants
Sir LittlePants 3 aylar önce
Building a house and giving up always wins in the end
Hunoa Yıl önce
DEV just self destructed with his twist,lmao
Aziel Parvez
Aziel Parvez 9 aylar önce
fork Yıl önce
You dont need to mlg to get down from a high hight, as long as your on a block you can just put the water on the side of the block and go down
brogothelogo Yıl önce
Bob should be on this channel more.
Jasper Yıl önce
I like their content, but I don't like the twist when it kills the speedrunner so easily
The Origami Genius
After Kier retired from youtube he became a stand-up comedian
Heavendog 789
Heavendog 789 Yıl önce
4:55 kier you’ve told us your story in a past video, no need to explain to the new people they can go find it
Tashton Do
Tashton Do Yıl önce
I like how you, notpaulgg, and bionic all did lucky hearts in the same week
Name Pending
Name Pending Yıl önce
dev: "oh hey there kierrrr" keirrrr: "uhhhhh, the sky"
Aziel Parvez
Aziel Parvez 9 aylar önce
P2be’s Channel
P2be’s Channel Yıl önce
You should do the twist changes every time the hunter dies this would confuse the hell out of someone
UwU Yıl önce
Legend has it the sponser is still going to this day
mb 4 aylar önce
I know this video was made 9 months ago but I just had a crazy dream that was so similar to this lol, I dreamed that I was in minecraft playing a manhunt and I killed someone and got all the ender pearls and eyes I need at the start. Such a weird coincidence
Bryce Hollon
Bryce Hollon Yıl önce
I like how you used the trick by whispering so people would listen a lot better.
Perry the platypus
Perry the platypus 4 aylar önce
8:23 I ain’t ever seen a sheep walk backwards 💀💀💀
Rosa Rios
Rosa Rios 4 aylar önce
gg dev deserved it for the video before this when he invited all those people on discord or twitter or whatever it was because he couldn't win on his own
Krimson King
Krimson King Yıl önce
If you want to make things interesting you could try a death swap with lucky hearts
Skylander Lego
Skylander Lego Yıl önce
Why dont Keirrr and Dev have more Subscribers than Dream. They do everything he does, but better.
speechless Yıl önce
I love this keep it up and also could U do a let's Play?
Timmothy Johnson
Timmothy Johnson Yıl önce
the price for that crossbow was INSANE
Sean Lutzke
Sean Lutzke Yıl önce
When the item drops and things are too crazy like this it doesn't really matter who wins. It's not surprising either way.
Kushagra Deshmukh
Nobody: **Literally nobody** He didn't went to the Nether but still in the end
Blockyverse Yıl önce
As soon as he said lets go the chat said "lets go on an adventure!"
Solar 10 aylar önce
You should do Minecraft Manhunt but Blocks Have Random Drops, where when you make special tools you can get random drops from blocks. Also, you can upgrade for better items.
Shamel Bazan
Shamel Bazan Yıl önce
i’m so happy that I was here before Kier and Dev were at 100k so happy that they’re almost at 600k
Blaise Jones
Blaise Jones Yıl önce
This was awesome you should do a rematch in the future
Logan Tolleson
Logan Tolleson Yıl önce
Speed run race idea: each person streams and in discord y’all chat and race to see who can beat the dragon and get the elytra first
Ropig 11 aylar önce
he could have used the end portal frame to make a 1x1 portal
“Original” Gamer
Every time someone says “Bob”, I think of lucky blocks *instantly*
WinterBoba __
WinterBoba __ Yıl önce
This was so cool and chaotic! I loved it
Muk Yıl önce
You can thank Dream for the phantom
richelle marie
richelle marie Yıl önce
so happy w the new vid today :) love when u guys upload!!
Diana Susanti
Diana Susanti Yıl önce
I think what really kill Dev. Is him being to cocky for his own good lol
Batrachian Bill
Batrachian Bill Yıl önce
That sponsor shocked me more than most game reveals.
Sy Yıl önce
These videos never fail to make me laugh 😂
MusicMishaps Yıl önce
You should do every time a hunter crouches you gain strength
Jeshly N
Jeshly N Yıl önce
GR8 2 see u guys grow up form the dinosaur skins and scuffed Park our maps 2 and 45k to this brilliant channel, can't forget the impostor manhunts 2 lol
MusheDude Yıl önce
I love seeing Genshin sponsors when iv been playing for around a year at ar45
MUG1W4R4 Yıl önce
Lol I really like kier when he builds a house then Dev is angry of the dragon and then a spider just killed him and kier won without even killing Dev lol
a ham sandwich
a ham sandwich Yıl önce
Dev: you can’t complain about the magma slime Also dev: eats a god apple when it spawns on him
Aziel Parvez
Aziel Parvez 9 aylar önce
hussain yusoof
hussain yusoof Yıl önce
Did anyone realize the extra portal at 11:02?
Markiplier 2.0
Markiplier 2.0 Yıl önce
Petition that dev would be the speedrunner again
Tux Yıl önce
kier: omg stop so unfair dev: *dies* kier: gg this was fair
Anand S.
Anand S. Yıl önce
Bruh the thing was he literally went to the stronghold to go to the end when he had end frames
Adam Bernardo
Adam Bernardo Yıl önce
1 dirt for an op crossbow, also dev 'It cost so much tho'
capolachulan robocheek
Kierr shouldn’t no
Sean xD
Sean xD Yıl önce
Kier: i can't speak loud rn bc my parents r asleep Kier in the next seconds: THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY GENSHIN IMPACT
Lincoln McGown
Lincoln McGown Yıl önce
This was the shortest manhunt I've watched
Daniel Gebbie
Daniel Gebbie 10 aylar önce
Dev if you see this, learn from this. Just place the water on the side of the gold block and then swim down the waterfall.
NASP Poke Yıl önce
I like how genshin impact wants every popular TRvidrs sponsor their game
JT Bassmat
JT Bassmat 10 aylar önce
By the way, the Giant slime or Magma Cube that spawns from the Lucky Block? It's so big that the hitbox is too far away to reach it. Did I mention that it can not be killed? So far, no methods have proved to be effective against it.
Goodbye Grant & Micah
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Minecraft Manhunt, But Diamond Pyramid
JAHREİN, bu video sana.
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