Minecraft, But You Can't Touch The Floor...

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Minecraft, But You Can't Touch The Floor...This challenge was SUPER difficult!
We were never able to walk on blocks we didn't place ourselves! We have to beat the game to win.
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Twitter/Instagram: @GeorgeNotFound
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Dream: @Dream
Sapnap: @Sapnap
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14/1.15/1.16 challenge that we have decided to try.
This is a custom coded 1.16 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game while not being able to touch the floor. This made the game way harder than normal! This is a custom coded mod by us. This was super intense, and insanely funny and fun.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin




27 Nov 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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The floor is lava challenge elite edition
B Ea
B Ea Saatler önce
Alternative title: Dream and Sapnap fight while George gets recourses.
Becca Saatler önce
I seriously don’t think anyone’s laugh has made me as happy as George’s in this moment. I love hearing them all be happy 6:10
Wilmer A. -ProPlayz Railfan-
minecraft but you cant jump!
Chloe Cunanan
Chloe Cunanan 3 saatler önce
17:40 SaPnAp dO sOmEtHinG... NOOOOOOOO…
memeverse 4 saatler önce
Wesley Rodas
Wesley Rodas 5 saatler önce
Is it just me or do I hear dream wheeze every 10 seconds
Julie The Otaku
Julie The Otaku 6 saatler önce
6:11 If you didn't laugh with him at this part purely because of how funny his laugh was I don't trust you
Lightning Leo’s vlogs and gaming
15:04 don’t ask
Lemon Aid
Lemon Aid 7 saatler önce
George's laugh was so funny cause that's the most emotion he's EVER shown
Geoffrey Sprigle
Geoffrey Sprigle 9 saatler önce
George: “I DID IT, I DID IT-“ *GeorgeNotFound was slain by Husk.*
Joseph Oda
Joseph Oda 12 saatler önce
24:25 what is your problem 😂😂😂😂😂
Filippo Beltramini
Filippo Beltramini 13 saatler önce
Fionn Murray
Fionn Murray 13 saatler önce
This was the worst teamwork
Emma Huls
Emma Huls 13 saatler önce
6:11 im dead
Toad Lover64
Toad Lover64 13 saatler önce
I love when they fight with each other and laugh about it
midnight_thefloofywolf 14 saatler önce
Imagine what’s goin on inside the mobs minds Mobs:the hell ;-; Also the mobs:I kind of feel bad but.....we don’t haft to kill them
ElysetheEevee 16 saatler önce
"There's a baby zombie! A baby zombie!" "Oh, it gave me a carrot." The next thing that popped into my mind was: is it a baby carrot? Now, I think I hear the FBI trying to break my door down.
• Aesthetic_Skye • ツ
Can’t touch the floor? Zombie apocalypse time.
I like Hawk and Miguel from cobra Kai
I’m friends with Georgenltfound
VOLT 18 saatler önce
Dialogue if the day : he launched it in the stratosphere by george
bon bon the hand puppet
bon bon the hand puppet 22 saatler önce
I watch one vid and now I love them
NANI epic
NANI epic 22 saatler önce
U all should make a code so when u die u don’t lose the stuff
Hey george play man hunt in vr in MINCRAFT🙂😀
Jonathan Purba
Jonathan Purba Gün önce
1:17 "This is a team activity!" *Kills*
techie tippie
techie tippie Gün önce
George:**scared of the zombie** **kills baby zombie** George:"ooh it give me a carrot.
snowkitty626 Gün önce
Dream : I'm the chosen one! Ninjago fans : well, you are the green ninja Pls like this if you get the reference because I don't think anyone will......
Random ramen Tv
Random ramen Tv Gün önce
“Minecraft but it’s a zombie apocalypse “ *the next episode*
snowkitty626 Gün önce
The first 2minutes is just 3 grown men arguing about sold in Minecraft! 😂
Madison Moore
Madison Moore Gün önce
I was sCaReD
Lida Gotico K
Lida Gotico K Gün önce
im extremely SORRY but i dont really like sapnap
Pussy Gün önce
17:09 yo Dream Made a Sound That I Can't Describe but call it a helicopter
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar Gün önce
me : see 444k like and 4,4K dislike also me : angry mista noisies
minecraft player
minecraft player Gün önce
Dream is ghost gorge you see dream face he is your friend
Gamer Ninja
Gamer Ninja Gün önce
George: Stop killing each other, its's a team activity! George 2 seconds later: Kills Sapnap*
DK clasher
DK clasher Gün önce
Girl 1:U are an idiot Girl 2:No u are an idiot BOYS: 22:10
gacha_ gemer
gacha_ gemer Gün önce
Why people ships dream end george end never say it to them btw ship you two
tri racha
tri racha Gün önce
24:40 that eminem reference tho
Natalie Tyger
Natalie Tyger Gün önce
6:05 **george laughing like a maniac** 😂😂😂
Cyberxpop Gün önce
The first 6 minutes in a nutshell Sapnap: *killing Dream for no reason* Dream: *killing Sapnap as payback* George: *just trying to play the game while also laughing at his friends’ pain*
Haneul김. Gün önce
George: *dies* Dream: *laughing with amusement and singing*
Haneul김. Gün önce
This is like a group project where Dream and sapnap are the kids who bicker and fight over what they should do instead of doing it and george is actually trying to progress and mediate them but gets ganged up on lmao.
Fortzapz Gün önce
This is just 25 minutes of george sapnap and dream bullying each other
chilldide 147
chilldide 147 2 gün önce
Yall laugh like hyenas xD
Jammmers 2 gün önce
Licy Artymer
Licy Artymer 2 gün önce
Lmao watching them getting killed over and over by zombie and hearing them scream bloody murderer is so relaxing
Ethan Kuang
Ethan Kuang 2 gün önce
i unsubscirbe cause you kept laughing at my fa youtuber dream
softie simmer
softie simmer 2 gün önce
Rage count anyone?
FaR ID 2 gün önce
Shrewsbury 2 gün önce
Omg George's scream at 17:43
xXRadishXx 2 gün önce
Can we all comprehead that the only thing they had too do was tame a horse?
xXRadishXx 23 saatler önce
@Vanessa Qi my bad
xXRadishXx 23 saatler önce
@Vanessa Qi oh oof- sorry i forgot.
Vanessa Qi
Vanessa Qi Gün önce
@xXRadishXx saddles cant be crafted. you can only find them in chests or with extreme luck, fish one out of the ocean ...
xXRadishXx Gün önce
@Vanessa Qi i- then make a saddle-
Vanessa Qi
Vanessa Qi Gün önce
but without a saddle, the horse would just wander wherever
17:09 BbBbBbb
Lea 2 gün önce
My sister kept calling sapnap Snapchat 😂
Rubi Ventura
Rubi Ventura 2 gün önce
lol sapnap got stuck in a wall lol
Altaknightryan 2 gün önce
It’s nice to see dream not in prison
noemi g
noemi g 2 gün önce
sapnap: “kill him dream” dream: * fucking dies *
『Ⴆιƚƈԋ ɯαʂ ƚαƙҽɳ』
SL 2 gün önce
Playing on your phone *3:00 Am Parents awake edition*
Emily Vi
Emily Vi 2 gün önce
ANGEL 2 gün önce
George do you miss dream???
FrogStomper79 2 gün önce
hello i am now subscribed :)
I’m a dog, woof.
I’m a dog, woof. 2 gün önce
georges laugh when he didn’t replace the block gives me serotonin
Krisz 2 gün önce
Stolen comment but okay
Shadowblox 2 gün önce
am not a hater but can u stop screaming when i put on my headset i nearly got a heart attack
Haleigh Pilkington
Haleigh Pilkington 2 gün önce
6:12 please it brings me so much happiness
Haleigh Pilkington
Haleigh Pilkington 2 gün önce
i come back to this vid everyday because george’s laugh brings me so much happiness
Dubsteppikachu 27
Dubsteppikachu 27 2 gün önce
Most of the video was them suffering against a ton of zombies and husks
parsa nasirzadeh
parsa nasirzadeh 2 gün önce
0:15 anyone see that
whyyousorude0 2 gün önce
7:55 that sounded like bbh lol
Alucard LUV Granger
Alucard LUV Granger 3 gün önce
Sabrina Ly
Sabrina Ly 3 gün önce
Ok I have never been so pissed off. Ok so you know how many kids watch the old generation of Minecraft youtubers? So I’ve been trying to watch Dream, George, and Sapnap peacefully and my mom becomes a bitch right in front of me like “Oh you shouldn’t watch this you’ll get an addiction.” Like shut the fuck up im trying to enjoy a good damn video. Let me watch my favorite youtubers in peace, she did that while I watched Wilbur and she pissed me so ducking bad I wanted to smack her and say “shut the fuck up, you already stress me out enough.” Sorry just wanted to vent in anger. 😅😅
Dismalboot Yt
Dismalboot Yt 3 gün önce
I’m starting to hate sap nap he just kills others for no reason :/
Mr. Pizza
Mr. Pizza 3 gün önce
I hate snapnap he's so mean to George
Lila Whittington
Lila Whittington 3 gün önce
george and sapnap in dreams videos vs dream and sapnap in george’s videos
jonathon beaty
jonathon beaty 3 gün önce
i want more
Teddy Tornado
Teddy Tornado 3 gün önce
dream:speed runs it george: laughs sapnap: keeps killing dream also sapnap: IM GONNA MURDER DREAM
Teddy Tornado
Teddy Tornado 3 gün önce
i just have to watch the video
Teddy Tornado
Teddy Tornado 3 gün önce
also i didn’t watch the whole video at this time so i made this up idk if dream actually speed runned it
Pika GaminG
Pika GaminG 3 gün önce
He said 500k Like And he well do it again! Sauce GeorgeWasFound!
Flamer Gamer
Flamer Gamer 3 gün önce
Ship! Like if you agree with dream x groegenotfound
macy 3 gün önce
7:21 British Dream unlocked:
Marshmella Buck
Marshmella Buck 3 gün önce
This needs a headphone warning wow
Sarah B Karthikeyan
Sarah B Karthikeyan 3 gün önce
Lizard King
Lizard King 3 gün önce
at 7:22, is it just me or does it sound like Dream speaked Spanish- but not Spanish- yk?
Dream 3 gün önce
Quinito Travis Corachea
im dying by laughing XD
At 8:48 BRUH bamboleo
-- 3 gün önce
in the trio, either dream or george decides to be the mature one, it's never sapnap 💀 or sapnap j decides to be chaotic individually
Sophia Lamoas
Sophia Lamoas 3 gün önce
Shu Buns
Shu Buns 3 gün önce
They should redo this lmao
naomi w
naomi w 3 gün önce
george laughing like a maniac when he didn’t replace the block gives me so much serotonin 🥰
Remya Jose
Remya Jose 3 gün önce
I found George there he is
Elroy 3 gün önce
Alternate title: 3 men play the floor is lava and scream at each other
Lizzy b
Lizzy b 4 gün önce
I almost died laughing. Fully choked on my lunch when George didn't replace the block.
Nayeli MV
Nayeli MV 4 gün önce
alt title: george laughing like a maniac when he didnt replace the block
Yassin Ahmed
Yassin Ahmed 4 gün önce
5:40 this is hilarioussss
Joel Montoya
Joel Montoya 4 gün önce
6:11 george’s laugh got me ded
PokerFace 4 gün önce
The Team: Dream: The tryhard. Sapnap: The f-boy. George: The Grim-Reaper of viewer ears.
a birkenstock
a birkenstock 4 gün önce
pewdiepie won’t be too happy about this one
Matteo Diotto
Matteo Diotto 4 gün önce
dream screaming is the funniest thing ever LOOOLLL
Leonie 4 gün önce
Guys, do you know why he doesnt upload?
Ярик Вольский
5:39 in geos mind- lets start this prankS
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