Minecraft, But My Friend Is An Axolotl...

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Minecraft, But My Friend Is An Axolotl...
I turned my friend into a Minecraft axolotl! He had to be by my side and help me fend off mobs attacking me but he could not break or place blocks. This was crazy fun...

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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14/1.15/1.16/1.17 challenge that we have decided to try.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin




23 Haz 2021




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GeorgeNotFound 5 aylar önce
subscribe for a free pet axolotl!
Xx.kitty.xX. 5 gün önce
I’m subcribed and I don’t have an acolotl
random mha fan
random mha fan 9 gün önce
im still waiting 🥲
Jelly ᦔ꠸ꪀꪮ ꪑꪖᥴꪖ᥅ꪮꪮꪀ🗿
I’m already subbed where’s my axolotl😢👍🏻
Elize Vanbrabant
Elize Vanbrabant 18 gün önce
I want Rare Blue axolotl
Elize Vanbrabant
Elize Vanbrabant 18 gün önce
I am waiting for my Blue rare axolotl now
OwO 6 aylar önce
Man, being colorblind can be so wild, to the point that you have a talking small animal as your best friend
♡•Baily•♡ 4 gün önce
blooky 12 gün önce
Hi owo! I'm really excited for your next video but thank you for everything so far
𝓽ꫝꫀ ᥇ꫀ𝘴𝓽𝓲ꫀ𝘴
@MLM [High Quality VlDEOS] I play minecraft, and kid, that’s ur opinion yeah, but you dint have to THREAT a someone, you can get reported, also ima report rn.
Crafted Soapy
Crafted Soapy 2 aylar önce
Do you watch every video on TRvid?
That1Legend 2 aylar önce
@Defeater bold of you to assume he has friends
alexa sarái
alexa sarái Aylar önce
"Take it back" "Tell me I'm good" Dream has a praise kink
•hush• 2 gün önce
I think dream is reading to many fanfics
QuackityHasAGun 7 gün önce
@Hailey Landry fair
Hailey Landry
Hailey Landry 7 gün önce
@QuackityHasAGun I can not legally disclose that information.
alexa sarái
alexa sarái 8 gün önce
@LancesArmorStriking 😀
alexa sarái
alexa sarái 8 gün önce
@Winter Howes isn't obi?
Avocado 13 gün önce
I love how Dream is like a 5 yr old, walking confidently into messes he can't get out of and then depending on George to get him out of it
Famiglia Mahmood
Famiglia Mahmood 5 gün önce
I Agree.
C o f f e e
C o f f e e Aylar önce
George: “Eat the fish” *Accidentally feed dream a torch before feed him a fish* 9:14
ShatterEscapes 17 gün önce
"it's not my fault im colorblind"
C o f f e e
C o f f e e 22 gün önce
@cloud I don’t have a good eye, I’m near to be blind
cloud 22 gün önce
good eye
✨Wings of fire ✨
CatBatRat Aylar önce
0:54 "Fertilization occurs within a few hours to a couple days, resulting in the female axolotls releasing 400-1000 eggs during spawning. The female Axolotls has [sic] the capability to breed several times continually restarting the process after each successive one." In other words, he probably _does_ have a lot of siblings.
Agustin Bertó
Agustin Bertó 24 gün önce
I mean yes, but when a specie takes this sort of reproduction method, not close to the initial amount of eggs survive
willbarkandbite Aylar önce
20k Sᵘbscribers Challenge
George: “You’re a beautiful green axolotl!” Dream: Just goes with it. Not having the heart to tell him he’s wrong
Average Pixel Squad Enjoyer
@RokuZen Bruj because he is, LITERALLY EVERY ONE OF US IS A KID HERE don't deny you're not. If you're under 18, you are a kid.
Skyukai 14 gün önce
@1un4cy i mean,if you think about it,it kinda does rhyme but at the same time it doesn't-
1un4cy 16 gün önce
@zee grey Dream does not rhyme with green because you were wrong, the comments were mean we can tell you are not older than thirteen go get some candy next Halloween
zee grey
zee grey 6 aylar önce
@RokuZen your probably seven for using “;-;” too.
zee grey
zee grey 6 aylar önce
@Sapphire Blue thanks you don’t have to defend me, also im a girl but thats ok lol
Avocado 13 gün önce
I love how Dream seems like a sociopath on the dsmp, but on George's channel he acts like a little kid, running around and annoying George and giggling
Chompstablook 10 gün önce
I honestly find it hilariously adorable how dream's just going into danger semi perfectly unscathed mean while George is just going full panic protection mode on half health.
Axel Paz
Axel Paz 12 gün önce
I love how Dream always says “yay” when he enters the water
Avocado 13 gün önce
I like how Dream just confidently marches up to skeletons and creepers and starts a fight, and then runs away screaming and leaves George to deal with it
Dream team best moments
George looked so disappointed in Dream at the end
Sofia Garcia
Sofia Garcia 11 gün önce
@RLM [i upload fantastic Videos in my Channel] Fortnite is bad game-
jelly Brianna
jelly Brianna 20 gün önce
Comment Theory
Comment Theory Aylar önce
ur_localdummy Aylar önce
LilyPillow Aylar önce
@RLM [i upload fantastic Videos in my Channel] i have no respect for people who would call a great game "bad" just because they personally like another game more.
Vixen_Sugar 9 gün önce
Dream: "So I'm more important than you?" George: "Yes. So don't die."
Sophie 25 gün önce
The funniest part in this whole video is George's face at the end 😂
I feel like this perfectly captures the essence of what it's like to be a parent...
M Terlizzi
M Terlizzi 14 gün önce
Love how george just protected dream and didnt think about himself when dream needed water🥺🥴
Avocado 13 gün önce
thats because he would lose if Dream died...
Kes The Mess
Kes The Mess 6 aylar önce
Dream: *sings axolotl song* George: *mildly impressed* Dream: *finishes* *takes one damage* George and Dream: *intense screaming and panicking*
Diamond Ore
Diamond Ore 6 aylar önce
@Cloudymuffin s oh ok lol
Cloudymuffin s
Cloudymuffin s 6 aylar önce
@Zent jyell De villa perfect re-creation
Cloudymuffin s
Cloudymuffin s 6 aylar önce
@Diamond Ore sorry for the late reply but when I saw your comment it’s said 7 seconds ago that’s why I commented it I just thought it was funny nothing else
Diamond Ore
Diamond Ore 6 aylar önce
@Cloudymuffin s wdym
Cloudymuffin s
Cloudymuffin s 6 aylar önce
@Diamond Ore lol 7 seconds ago
Georgiana Jack
Georgiana Jack 20 gün önce
George: “you’re my green axolotl!” Dream being yellow: “Yes I am!”
ᴋɪᴛᴛʏ 25 gün önce
George: "You're a beautiful *green* axolotl!" Dream: "I am :)"
Avocado 13 gün önce
Dream is just purposefully ticking off the mobs and then running away screaming and leaving George to fight
Turtles Dressed Like Potatos
“youre a beautiful green axolotl”- George 2021 by far the best quote ever 🥺
willtaylorsversion 6 aylar önce
I forgot George was colorblind and was just confusingly nodding along when he called Dream green-
Panda Bear
Panda Bear 3 gün önce
Yeah same lmao but then I remembered but then dream called it green too so I was so confused lmao
U Kiran
U Kiran 8 gün önce
@I'm A Albatroz` george can't see green He sees green as yellow and dream was yellow so he thought it was just green Get it?
•bxbbles• 10 gün önce
@yu 78 no it wasnt
I'm A Albatroz`
I'm A Albatroz` 11 gün önce
@Josh McGonigle It's yellow :v
Je broederDS
Je broederDS 15 gün önce
I did to
JELLY Cherry The Cat
"You're a beautiful green axolotl" George being Colorblind for 5 minutes straight
Beluga And Dream smp Fan
Dream and george’s friendship warms my heart soo much
Totaly_Torb 28 gün önce
Dream is all agreeing with George about being green and it's awesome.. that's a good friend✨
Samar Kamat
Samar Kamat 28 gün önce
I love these vids especially where you see their cute friendship , they bond so well
solispou 6 aylar önce
George: "You're a beautiful *green* axolotl" He's a little confused but he's got the spirit.
yoda 19 gün önce
He's colourblind
Aliette Aguilar
Aliette Aguilar 23 gün önce
@AgentSwiftStorm r/woooosh
MisterChase28 2 aylar önce
@Cypher roasted
Cypher 6 aylar önce
@Quinn Lay r/shutup
✨ •  S U N • ☀️
Green axolotl was supposed to be added but uh- R.I.P.
gal lol
gal lol Aylar önce
Dream: the cowardly axolotl that only causes trouble George: What helps the axolotl get out of trouble
WinterStorm Aylar önce
That’s so cute that Dream just agrees with George when he is saying he is green that’s just adorable
‘ ‘ LOwxxi ‘ ‘
George: “your a beautiful *GREEN* axolotl!” Dream: “ *i am-* “🧍🧍🧍
『 Kitt Animations σωσ』
I feel like every single one of these videos with dream being an animal george is always like "EAT" I love it
Haven 6 aylar önce
Not a minute in: George: You are a beautiful GREEN axolotl. Dream: I am I love how Dream agreed with George and didn't tell him he was yellow.
Darcie _jane
Darcie _jane 24 gün önce
george is color blind
picklehippie 6 aylar önce
If George reads this he'll know 😬😬
local tomato
local tomato 6 aylar önce
dream probably goes along with it bc he is used to it
prxtty chain
prxtty chain 11 gün önce
*water turns to snow in the nether George : "it's logical and make sense"
MintyDouchebag 11 gün önce
That cave was so stressful lol. Shocked they made it all the way to the end
♌Jelly Oreo♌
♌Jelly Oreo♌ 6 gün önce
I love how George said"Your a beautiful green axolotl"and Dream agreed so cute👍😁
Little_sky✨ 8 gün önce
22:54 George : Dream, are you ready? Dream: **Just pushes George to end**
꧁Yours Truly꧂ hello
Imagine if George could just put Dream in a bucket of water.
•Jessi •
•Jessi • 6 aylar önce
@Ss S nobody asked
bkjk 6 aylar önce
@Wes Allen "wow look! Ur green!" Axolotl: *yellow*
bkjk 6 aylar önce
I thought of that hut then i remembered he cant do that
bkjk 6 aylar önce
@Ss S yea i doubt they said that..
Klop Gaming
Klop Gaming 6 aylar önce
nah he cant fit in there
Kailer Aylar önce
"They changed all the textures of all the ores, they're so weird" When they did that for him
A Wright
A Wright 22 gün önce
i love the fact that dream picked to be a yellow axolotl so george could see him as green
Ellie McDearmon
Ellie McDearmon 19 gün önce
8:55 the axolotl song Also when Dream was panicking because he was dying out of water I don't know why but it was so unnecessarily wholesome when George was immediately prepared with water to help his friend
Anzela Naqvi
Anzela Naqvi 8 gün önce
When Dream said “give it to me raw” and then Gogy laughed I was confused at first but after 2-3 minutes I understood why Gogy laughed
Pretty Dead
Pretty Dead 6 aylar önce
George: “You’re a beautiful green axolotl!” Dream: Just goes with it. Not having the heart to tell him he’s wrong
ツSlayer1ツ 6 aylar önce
@Lime Crewmate myself 😂
Qluckers 6 aylar önce
@Abbie8503 Yeah green and yellow look similar to him. But when something is green George sees it as yellow. That’s why he called Dream yellow. I feel like I’m being dumb because maybe I’m not getting what you’re saying 🤔
Abbie8503 6 aylar önce
@Qluckers I dont think so because green and yellow look very similar to him
Qluckers 6 aylar önce
@Aloë Mae No what?
@gachalover 6 aylar önce
Layalaaa Lalalala
Layalaaa Lalalala Aylar önce
George's eye contact at the start of his videos are awfully tempting
Dog Dream: 23:50 Axolotl Dream: 24:01 Parrot Dream: 30:29 Horse Dream: 31:06
Ur_ann Aylar önce
George deals with all the problems Dream causes is the funniest thing =))
Lautaro Baigorria
Lautaro Baigorria Aylar önce
Yes friends
•Z-Cherry• 17 gün önce
I like how they actually help each other
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
"You're a beautiful green axolotl" Colorblind jokes: Allow us to introduce ourselves
Okuyasu 2 aylar önce
@RLM [I upload high quality videos] I hope this is a joke
Sirius ish
Sirius ish 3 aylar önce
Waittt....You're here too wot!
Miles Baughman
Miles Baughman 3 aylar önce
@RLM [I upload high quality videos] You can't tell people what to play dude. At least try to make them play good games. Btw Spurs suck
Martha Lyle Paga
Martha Lyle Paga 3 aylar önce
We met again :)
Axy The Gamer
Axy The Gamer 3 aylar önce
@RLM [I upload high quality videos] fortnites kinda ded
Gemma_bean🍀 15 saatler önce
George: I’m on half a heart dream! Dream: just get the creeper * Dream a second later * Dream: I’m on one heart!! I need food!
Jaena Villaviza
Jaena Villaviza Aylar önce
George: no breaking blocks, no placing blocks, and no eating food. One second later, George: for him to heal I have to use food
Detective Loki
Detective Loki Aylar önce
9:12 gets me every time 😂😂. I could watch it on repeat for hours 😂😂
Vibhu Naithani
Vibhu Naithani 5 gün önce
dream sounded like he got purpose to his life when george said he's good
Alex 2 aylar önce
I nearly started crying immediately, the way that George just goes, ‘you’re a beautiful green axolotl’ and Dream just agrees with him, god that was so cute-
Sophia Vasquez
Sophia Vasquez 5 gün önce
What’s the time stamp
Erin Ruizol
Erin Ruizol Aylar önce
Hi! Jesus loves you
عبد الفتاح megaman
Yes soo cute
Gracie Vela
Gracie Vela Aylar önce
@郑嘉影 Yeah he can't see red and green and any other colors associated with those colors
b!tt3r_sw33t Aylar önce
Bounty Hunter Bricks
Bounty Hunter Bricks 11 gün önce
Dream in manhunt: goes into nether with only leather boots Also Dream:
GachaMaddie _Chan
GachaMaddie _Chan 20 gün önce
Even when he’s “mad” he stays smiling the whole video
Scarlett{💖} 22 saatler önce
I love how in any title dream is “my friend”
posionouxx Aylar önce
9:12 i laughed so bad the way dream screams and the cut makes it more funnier 😂
BearCancle 6 aylar önce
Dream: *Dies* George: My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
Luna.c0wwwwww 6 aylar önce
@BearCancle yay :)
David List
David List 6 aylar önce
Thanks for ruining everything
Random guy TO
Random guy TO 6 aylar önce
@MLM [High Quality VlDEOS] Fortniters suffer to not rage, and this game has better graphics than you the only thing bad in this comment is your personality and your face graphics
BearCancle 6 aylar önce
Love how everyones just roastin this one dude who said he was cool cuz he plays fortnite. Where are the askers bro 😎
Maysam 6 aylar önce
@MLM [High Quality VlDEOS]bruh fortnite is dead people still play that game😂😂😂 and minecraft is better than fortnite and your own mother💪🤟
IShallScream 8 gün önce
dream: *Singing his axolotl song* Dream: *gets damaged* George and dream: *having a panic attack*
Lewis Whitelaw
Lewis Whitelaw Aylar önce
I love how it is a challenge and yet dream does not take it that seriously
Dragonclips 3 gün önce
When dream started to loose hearts after he sang the song was perfect timing
Tech Life Nikhil
Tech Life Nikhil 14 gün önce
i like how georgre and dream reacted while dream started taking damage😂🤣
Venus !
Venus ! 6 aylar önce
“You’re a beautiful green axolotl” Everyone: “if only you knew...” Edit: Yo wait what 2k likes? Guys ty so much i- i- uh- i’m speechless lol
Kellie Nolan
Kellie Nolan 6 aylar önce
@F_СК МЕ - ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE what is wrong with you tf
Venus !
Venus ! 6 aylar önce
@Choco Clue 0:45
Jake Fiorucci
Jake Fiorucci 6 aylar önce
He knows
ValkyRiver 6 aylar önce
Try: Minecraft but my friend is a shadow
Joshua Ling
Joshua Ling 6 aylar önce
@I'mJustHere you can get lost if you want to ask me this
yenndoXD 9 gün önce
5:55 dream: begging for george to help him also dream as soon as george saves him: *give me food.*
DaRealBoyfriend Gün önce
George's Vision: Dream Is Green Other's Vision: Dream Is Yellow
M T Evans
M T Evans Aylar önce
“You can’t eat meat you only eat fish” SMART GOGY
Itz Ghosty x Budgey pirates
8:50 I love the fact dream makes up that short song.
Koinaiii 6 aylar önce
I love that dream just goes with George saying he’s green, he’s so loyal
• S E R E I N •
• S E R E I N • 6 aylar önce
@Physics. im addicted.
Byrony ツ
Byrony ツ 6 aylar önce
I laughed then I forgot that he was color blind
name 6 aylar önce
@GetMoving cause that's what the fraise means, the same as "no shot Sherlock "
name 6 aylar önce
@GetMoving I wasn't saying it was stupid, I was just saying what it meant
Mahdi Afshar
Mahdi Afshar 6 aylar önce
@LastLombax AKA yesilkristal ok
Love Yourself
Love Yourself Aylar önce
I love how Dream do anything to make George said he is good
Ines Alango
Ines Alango 3 saatler önce
I love how when dream died he was dead silent like he knew he messed up...
Yourlocalidk 22 gün önce
I love how dream said “ oh look my brothers are here”
Pride 28 gün önce
Next title: I'll be turning my friend back into a player. He can run and eat that's all!
HoneyBear Aylar önce
I love how George said”your a beautiful green axolotl” and without hesitation dream agreed
mother 3 gün önce
Ye but he's color blind
Shifty_Times 11 gün önce
He is Color blind
Larry the Skeleton
Larry the Skeleton 12 gün önce
That's what friends are for
Alaa Felix the cat
Alaa Felix the cat 16 gün önce
Wall-e 18 gün önce
and the song said that Dream was green not purple :)
IceHackerPro 19 gün önce
George: You're a beautiful green axolotl. Me: Dude he's a yellow axolotl.
zooby_playz 23 gün önce
“Your a beautiful green axolotl!”-George “yup.” - dream
Rob Flexen
Rob Flexen 19 gün önce
My heart broke when he said “you’re a beautiful green axlotl”
doggygy Aylar önce
I love how dream sings his song then stops then takes damage
mata schmata
mata schmata 6 aylar önce
"they changed the texture of the ores, it's so weird." interestingly, they changed them so people with color-blindness would be able to tell them apart easier.
Mr. Tanker
Mr. Tanker 4 aylar önce
Like George
MasterMCGS 6 aylar önce
@TheHelper8 yes, green and a kind of brown
nat b
nat b 6 aylar önce
@Starlight plays minecraft :)
DerpGio 6 aylar önce
@TheHelper8 yeah i thought u were replying to my comment since it was in the notifs copper and iron is very hard to tell for me too
TheHelper8 6 aylar önce
@DerpGio it still confuses me
iPlayRoblox_0921 6 gün önce
is no one gonna talk about 8:55 the funniest part is when they stared for a bit and dream got damaged 😂
Ilya Polca
Ilya Polca 15 gün önce
its so funny when "dream fell from a high place" appears in chat and George is like U had 1 job and u failed
I_am_a_dummy 8 gün önce
I love how dream became a yellow axolotl so George cans see dream as a green axolotl
xXShadowEliteXx 3 gün önce
Imagine George can carry dream in a bucket
cleanfears 6 aylar önce
George: You’re a beautiful “green” axolotl Let’s just smile and nod everyone
Katon. 21 gün önce
Leaving a comment among the other millions of comments about this is literally the opposite of “smiling and nodding”…
Crafted Soapy
Crafted Soapy 2 aylar önce
@ItzScooter 🏳️‍🌈 GET OUT OF MY HEAD
L Grisley
L Grisley 2 aylar önce
That feeling when ur coulorblind
🌸George Megan-sunn2005🌸
@ItzScooter 🏳️‍🌈 faxx
Harper Holden
Harper Holden 2 aylar önce
@nkschiff1118 heat 'waves' sorry I had to
NoobyMcNooberson 8 gün önce
Sometimes when I watch his videos I lose more brain cells than I expected
Keegan Lobo
Keegan Lobo 17 gün önce
0:45 I love has George says a green axolotl and dream goes with it even though it's yellow beacuse he is colourblind
Matthew Lzn
Matthew Lzn Aylar önce
8:55 *"The most Legendary Song I've ever heard"*
Danielle Morgan
Danielle Morgan 22 gün önce
Dream: I need food! George: Yeah, Dream, we ALL need food! 😄 19:36
mqrshmellcws 6 aylar önce
Why does George always look like he's being held hostage in the intro.
Delia 6 aylar önce
Cause he is socially awkward
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi 6 aylar önce
Idk maybe he is held hostage my tommy himself:\
Darvin Charles
Darvin Charles 6 aylar önce
Literally 99% won’t to see this but if you do,God bless you,stay safe and have a wonderful day,My dream is to become a famous TRvidr.
Pretty Dead
Pretty Dead 6 aylar önce
Because he is
Teacup _
Teacup _ 6 aylar önce
Jessie Hernandez
Jessie Hernandez Aylar önce
i love how after dream sings, he starts dying lmao XD 9:11
Naruto junfox
Naruto junfox 28 gün önce
Dream: 'keeps hitting george A few minutes later Also dream: Help!! Help! Pls help!
John Shmoe
John Shmoe Aylar önce
i really wanted to know if george could breed dream with another axolotl
CG_didier Aylar önce
8:50 had me dying lmao they looking at eachother then dream starts dying and gorge face lmao its just so funny and both of their screams
sm 6 aylar önce
I love how George mistakes him as green and dream just agrees even though he’s yellow :)
Eden Tague
Eden Tague 6 aylar önce
@JELLY Ponka yeah he didnt have his color blind glasses so he probaly thought there was a green and dream saw the green
JELLY Ponka 6 aylar önce
@Reese :) possibly, but he OS colorblind and green and yellow look nearly identical to him.
Not you
Not you 6 aylar önce
@TommyInnit✓ Smart scam man. But the checkmark is larger
Reese  :)
Reese :) 6 aylar önce
i think he was just referencing to how dreams character is normally green
JELLY Ponka 6 aylar önce
It's very wholesome
《its_Gxcha》 Aylar önce
I like it when theyre in the nether and dream said he knows the way and when they finally saw the portal dream wants george to say that he did a good job 😭❤ its so cute
Avocado 13 gün önce
George trying to get out of the cave but Dream just meandering around and getting stuck and trying to explore reminds me of going on a walk with my 2 yr old sister
Į 21 gün önce
George said hes green and dream literally was like "yes"
Mel44 Aylar önce
“ Beautiful green axolotl” Me- “He’s yellow” Also me- “ Oh wait he’s colorblind-”
Ella B
Ella B 6 aylar önce
George, colorblind: “you’re a beautiful green axolotl!” Dream: *I am*
KRM 2 aylar önce
@Shinvee demon dog piss-colored creepers
Shinvee demon dog
Shinvee demon dog 6 aylar önce
He’s so nice about it. He knows he’s yellow, but he also knows that George doesn’t know that. He really is so kind! Also, creepers must look so weird to him.
Gogs 6 aylar önce
oliver garcia vargas
oliver garcia vargas 6 aylar önce
No 🧢
A L 6 aylar önce
Its sweez🥺
Veronica Calles
Veronica Calles Aylar önce
Me: When I feed my axolotl veggies Dream:Sings and dance After song: Dream takes damage!
Morgan Aylar önce
Dream needing to be praised 19:28 LMAO
why Aylar önce
8:55 the way they freaked out after dream squeaked lmao
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