Minecraft, But I Can't Leave This CIRCLE (#3) 

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Today I played minecraft but I can't leave THIS CIRCLE! In this Minecraft Lets Play, The world GROWS every episode by an increasing amount. Today is episode 3, so the border expanded by 3 blocks in every direction!
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Lud and Schlatts Musical Emporium:
/ @ludandschlattsmusical...
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28 Eyl 2022




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WadZee Yıl önce
Vy Nguyen
Vy Nguyen Yıl önce
Callum Slocombe
Callum Slocombe Yıl önce
Hi wadzee
TheTrooper Yıl önce
Wadzee is a GodZee
egg Yıl önce
Hi plz pin
tdoong Yıl önce
Yes everyone be aware
Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Yıl önce
I really like that WadZee is still pretending the extra 3 cauldrons weren't a waste of iron, and then proceeds to dig out a giant room with stone tools 🤣🤣
syfj Yıl önce
actually he has more of a chance of water with more cauldrons but yeah still a waste since he couldve just done 2 cauldrons and waited longer
Evanthefrosty Yıl önce
99% of the time people make iron armor so that's a waste of iron instead of cauldrons aren't a waste of iron
Recitation To Hear
@Nerd ok
BehradPro Yıl önce
@Evanthefrosty it's not waste of iron for those who have skill issue
reanaa 11 aylar önce
Either WadZee dropped dead somewhere or he's doing a social experiment to see how long we'll wait before losing our minds for the next episode.
Time For Cubing Time For Cubing
Yes im losing my mind
Judstar M
Judstar M 11 aylar önce
still waiting
Evan Amberhart
Evan Amberhart 11 aylar önce
Waiting for 130k likes. I am losing my marbles 😀
Siddhanta KC
Siddhanta KC 11 aylar önce
Matt Edwards
Matt Edwards 11 aylar önce
He went on a little vacay. There is nothing wrong stepping away for a bit.
Jenkins 11 aylar önce
PRO TIP: You can use the caldron for infinite lava. Lava source over a stone block and a dripstone under it. The caldron can catch it, then you have an infinite fuel source for ovens. One lava bucket powers for 1000 seconds i think. (you get an empty bucket back obviously)
PixelPop 11 aylar önce
we all know that..
Ce Be
Ce Be 11 aylar önce
smhV1 10 aylar önce
placing a water bucket above a cauldron fills it (not sure if its in java aswell)
LastKatanaGirl 9 aylar önce
@PixelPop I didn't know it. 😁
Sniper 9 aylar önce
you can also get inf water with a water, bottle and a cauldron by fill the water bottles with water and putting them into the cauldron
FoxamPL 11 aylar önce
I wish episodes were published more often... I love this series
Jack 11 aylar önce
Do u think he’s dead? He hasn’t posted in over 3 weeks
MarthoPlays 11 aylar önce
😂😂 dont worry big videos coming
RaySay 11 aylar önce
LordCogsley 11 aylar önce
@Jack yeah or he’s doing a big project like he’s done before and takes like 2 months to finish and upload
log4nk4id 11 aylar önce
12 days later and still no episode 4 😭
Team Cyborg
Team Cyborg 9 aylar önce
I love how all three water levels came from only two cauldrons, despite having a ton of extras that could've been used making tools
Weiyan Wu
Weiyan Wu 8 aylar önce
Hé needs 6 for a infinite water source
Derek Bellefeuille
Derek Bellefeuille 8 aylar önce
@Weiyan Wu he needs four
qerw1GMD 4 aylar önce
​@Derek Bellefeuillethe minimum is 3 water blocks in an L shape
Pranav 3 aylar önce
@qerw1GMD 2 is enough if u dig a 2 x 2 x 1 hole and place both sources opposite to each other diagonally
Kiss Gergő
Kiss Gergő 2 aylar önce
@Weiyan Wu Actually it's just 3 water levels since you can make an infinite water source in a couple of ways like he showed in the video
Gabriel Heras Terol
Gabriel Heras Terol 11 aylar önce
You should make a composter for all the extra seeds, as it makes bonemeal when you give it enough greenery.
Jellyy Yıl önce
it’s so crazy how creative wadzee is. it makes me motivated to hop on minecraft and try to build something but it just ends up looking horrible
Assassin Hydra
Assassin Hydra Yıl önce
I feel that
Super Yıl önce
timmmmm Yıl önce
GeneralZhukov Yıl önce
What are you talking about, he has no creativity, he click baited it as a circle cus he didn’t know what to title it
GeneralZhukov Yıl önce
He even copied the world border idea from yeahjaron
SJ AnimerBOY
SJ AnimerBOY Yıl önce
I love how he changes the "chunk" to a "circle" 😂😂
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😁
Jenkins 11 aylar önce
@Don't read my profile picture Okay, I won't.
Falc1 Dj
Falc1 Dj 11 aylar önce
Mr Beast's style can produce more click
Charlotte 11 aylar önce
Kesaya 10 aylar önce
notice how every thumbnail is diffferent
Turo Yıl önce
I can't get over how good Wadzee's editing is
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😁
fffireflame 9 aylar önce
Yea and he the has rightful amount of subs according to that! Which Makes me happy.. Some TRvidrs like Katnissious who edits and subs very good too doesn't get the same amount of credit they deserves..
Sonaltes 11 aylar önce
This series is too good! We need episode 4!!
Captain_Emman 11 aylar önce
It’s been 2 weeks :((
Andrew DeLorenzo
Andrew DeLorenzo 11 aylar önce
@Captain_Emman 3** 😢😭😭
nub 11 aylar önce
Man he takes long 😭
TurtlesNow 11 aylar önce
He’s working on a big project
Sonaltes 11 aylar önce
@TurtlesNow how do you know? 😅
Conner Macarthur
Conner Macarthur 9 aylar önce
Another method for infinite water is to place a bucket of water directly above a cauldron and the water will fall into the cauldron and make another source
Maryam Alsharif
Maryam Alsharif 7 aylar önce
That is actully greate im gonna use this on my oneblock world
Rob64guy 4 aylar önce
@Maryam Alsharif a better solution requires a cauldron, a bucket of water, a glass bottle, and a slab. Take your water bucket and waterlog the slab. then take the bottles and pull water from the slab and fill the cauldron. Place the 2 buckets of water next to eachother. Now you have an infinite water source of water, with just one bucket, and not 2.
BirdsAreCool 4 aylar önce
@Rob64guy Didn't the method used in the video, this method, and the method in the comment all use one bucket and not 2?
Rob64guy 4 aylar önce
@BirdsAreCool yes but using a cauldron and waiting for it to fill up twice, takes a long time, my way allows you to only have to wait for 1 cauldron to fill up instead of 2
Mini_Legend 3 aylar önce
im not sure but cant you place 1 bucket down and use water bottles to fill up cauldron with that 1 water source
Dominique van den Berg
14:55 Wadzee: level 60! I can't even imagine what level I'm gonna get to before I have the ability to enchant! also Wadzee 3 seconds later: * jumps of and dies *
Moulik Yash
Moulik Yash 9 aylar önce
Lmao I couldn't stop laughing lol
ShockBass 5 aylar önce
that was annoying
JuicePants64 Yıl önce
I love how he does only incremental changes in the border so that the series doesn't end quickly (unlike some youtubers who do it in one video).
Trung Tran
Trung Tran Yıl önce
Michael Surratt
Michael Surratt Yıl önce
@Trung Tran so remember the name of the TRvidr but there's a hundred days border expands video
Jasperity Yıl önce
@Trung Tran Skyes
Davis Tesch
Davis Tesch Yıl önce
@Michael Surratt maybe Yeah Jaron? although jaron's my favorite so
Kenshiro 9 aylar önce
These one bucket to infinite water methods are insane, I'm playing mincraft from like 10 years now and I never realized i could do that
Naomi Newton
Naomi Newton Yıl önce
great episode as always! I really admire your commitment to making your functional builds look good - I think you're very skilled at greebling them in a way that adds a lot of visual interest. the farms all being based on one bucket of water was definitely a nice touch 😁
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😁
potato 10 aylar önce
what does greebling mean
Naomi Newton
Naomi Newton 10 aylar önce
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greeble it's basically a little bumpy bit that adds texture to something you're building!
potato 10 aylar önce
@Naomi Newton oh ok
234ASUS234 2 aylar önce
I've been screaming the whole episode: make an infinite water source with a glass bottle!! And it's such a relief that by the end of the series, he actually did it.
triston johnson
triston johnson 11 aylar önce
This series got me hopping on TRvid daily just to see if he's posted another video yet. Come on man we need that 4th episode ASAP 😭😭😭
Emmanuel Martinez
Emmanuel Martinez 11 aylar önce
Me to for the pass month
DEAD ED 11 aylar önce
TJ Libro
TJ Libro 11 aylar önce
Bro it’s insane a month is too long
Mozlenka Yıl önce
I love how wadzee just completely skips the iron stage like its nothing 😂
literateFaizal Yıl önce
I literally did the same in my old world
Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong Yıl önce
For the mob farm he should hang an iron golem in the middle so the mobs will fall
@Andrew Wong Well, the mob farm is already doing pretty good. However, that could help the mobs that fall.
King Sus
King Sus Yıl önce
@Andrew Wong clever!!
Venomify Yıl önce
@Andrew Wong for that he needs to spend like 36 iron and has no pumpkin to spawn one
LilSpicy Yıl önce
Yo, bro. I've been watching you for three years, since I moved halfway across the world. Thanks for giving entertainment, motivation, and happiness in our lives over here. It takes many hours to do what you do and we are grateful that you are still making videos.
snowmangos 11 aylar önce
The fact that you are a survival player and still have such amazing building skills is inspiring and makes for some amazing survival worlds
YouTube Yıl önce
I N F I N I T E WATER!!! 🗣
Aled Wyn
Aled Wyn Yıl önce
so wierd seeing a TRvid comment with 0 likes
Mr Froggy
Mr Froggy Yıl önce
Who is you?
MrEpical 11 aylar önce
TRvid add the dislike button back
RandomHomoSapien 11 aylar önce
Assie Blazer
Assie Blazer 10 aylar önce
Why bann andrew tate but accept drill rap?
HadiSOA 11 aylar önce
I clicked on the video on my recomended out of curiosity. The video just ended and im so shocked that I just watched the entire thing without skipping. That's not normal for me. Love this series, i gotta go catch up on the Day 1 and Day 2 to see how it all started now. Can't wait for the next video.
Dave Gillett
Dave Gillett 11 aylar önce
I love how WadZee always finds a way to keep us entertained with his videos no matter the situation
Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦
I'm so happy he's focusing on a new series, hardcore was really good but imo there's not much he can do anymore to be the solely focus of the channel. As someone who became a fan from one block Skyblock series I appreciate when he puts himself in a situation where he's limited because he always comes with the coolest ideas.
Giles Kids
Giles Kids Yıl önce
Its been 3 episodes, and i can already see how amazing this series will get.
Harshit Goswami
Harshit Goswami Yıl önce
Bit what about hos hardcore series
PermaFox Yıl önce
youve been copy pasted chief
Daniel Dimalanta
Daniel Dimalanta Yıl önce
@PermaFox LMAO 🤣
Giles Kids
Giles Kids Yıl önce
I have, rip
Daniel Dimalanta
Daniel Dimalanta Yıl önce
@Giles Kids sorry bro..
Megan Yıl önce
I love this series. I have no idea why it just seems so much more fun to get one bit of the world at a time
I think because there’s always something to look forward to :D
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😁
Akawump20 Yıl önce
@Don't read my profile picture bot
Shane Harriman
Shane Harriman 11 aylar önce
Ep. 4? Is it coming? You make great content and enjoy watching. THANK YOU! It is coming right? lol Keep up the legendary work! Can't wait for the next one!
Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo
I really like that WadZee is still pretending the extra 3 cauldrons weren't a waste of iron, and then proceeds to dig out a giant room with stone tools
Cassie The Wolf
Cassie The Wolf 11 aylar önce
I’ve never wanted another episode to come out from a series that just started from a TRvidr that I never heard until finding that series until now. I love this series so much that I literally tried to see if other TRvidrs were doing it. And they were, but as a 100 days, which isn’t what I wanted.
reanaa 11 aylar önce
You might be waiting a while. It's already been over a month since the last episode.
Joseph Laurendeau
Joseph Laurendeau 11 aylar önce
CallmeKevin has a one chunk series that's really well done
Chase Burpee
Chase Burpee 11 aylar önce
fffireflame 9 aylar önce
You can binge on Katnissious until then, i love her Minecraft vids so i recommended
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Yıl önce
LOVING THE SERIES!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what this turns out to become!!
Fresh O2
Fresh O2 Yıl önce
Memes shorts
Memes shorts Yıl önce
You got lonely is the comment section too man
SBR7 10 aylar önce
"I can't imagine what level I'll get to before I even have the ability to enchant" Well, you reached ground level.
cass Yıl önce
I love WadZee’s videos, but I’d love to have the water breaks back.
Danni Yıl önce
cheesy carpet
cheesy carpet Yıl önce
omg true! i totally forgot he did that
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis Yıl önce
Yeah and the push up breaks
Icydragon Yıl önce
Cooper Trump
Cooper Trump Yıl önce
Water checkpoints were such a vibe
JakeTheSnake 23
JakeTheSnake 23 Yıl önce
It’s honesty insane. I know i’m not a part of the fandom so much anymore, but I held dream so close to my heart these past two years. I’m so insanely proud of what he’s done to get here, keep slaying king!
Meme Time
Meme Time 10 aylar önce
I feel like you should make a shrine with a cauldron next to the water source
Mari Rios
Mari Rios 9 aylar önce
the builds that he makes are really good! to!
Mechor 9 aylar önce
let our gods have shrine...
Boofert 7 aylar önce
I never thought i’d still be watching minecraft videos in my 20s but then I found wadzee about a year ago. The goat
User Yıl önce
The series will only get better as it continues.
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😁
Skeleball Yıl önce
The amount of Detail into editing and everything is crazy! Like At 5:22 when the pickaxe in the top left went with the beat of the music. The small details make a huge difference! Keep up the great work!
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😁
Scratch1126 Yıl önce
@Don't read my profile picture just trynna get views aren't u
diggidy 11 aylar önce
ok but whats the name of the music he used
Pixel Saidon
Pixel Saidon 9 aylar önce
​@diggidy I've been asking the same question
Proton_VR 4 aylar önce
Him: "We have plenty of wood now, we should probably start decorating." Also him: *Starts decorating with Stone brick stairs*
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Yıl önce
I seriously love the series! Such a creative idea and I love the stuff you make!
Telegram me👉 WadZee01
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Sub Zero
Sub Zero 11 aylar önce
haven't watched anything Minecraft related in about half a decade, you made it entertaining to me again
Rozu777 Yıl önce
I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet, but you can use dripstone stalactites to get more water. Make a box in the air to hold your water, put a stalactite on the bottom block, then place a cauldron beneath the stalactite. The dripping water will fill up the cauldron eventually this way. Also works with lava!
Water Derp
Water Derp Yıl önce
Does he have dripstone yet?
Wesna Wicic
Wesna Wicic Yıl önce
AgentRanger Yıl önce
usekess since he has bottles and because where will he get dripstone from??
Humulator Yıl önce
only usefull with lava
oneandonlyflexo Yıl önce
You can make infinite water by placing the water down filling bottles with it and then putting those bottles in the cauldron.
Lcflips 11 aylar önce
Gotta say, this is by far the best minecraft channel. Your dedication and overall skill at the game is incredible!
Mackenzie  Arielle
Mackenzie Arielle 4 aylar önce
WadZee is such a great builder! Good job WadZee.
PineappIe 11 aylar önce
3 weeks since last video? cmon WadZee, we wanna see more of your awesome content
CackleQuackle 10 aylar önce
If you put two trapdoors in a corner and make a sort of a bowl, you can put your water there and have an infinite source.
Gautam Goel
Gautam Goel Yıl önce
Really enjoying this series! I love how strategic you are with your plans every ep. btw its really cool to see creators like Wadzee already using Lud and Schlatt's Musical Emporium
Angel Solaris
Angel Solaris Yıl önce
Lovely new series. Totally enjoy them, can't wait for new episodes to drop. Keep em coming and keep up the good work, BIG fan of your creative Minecraft videos
aletx_v 10 aylar önce
We want more harcore videos on your amasing world. Keep up the good work :)
StarSaphire9981 Yıl önce
Thanks for also showing us the dirt duplication and infinite water using one source tricks! What an informative episode.
Gene 11 aylar önce
Wanted to see the next installment. Watching is more fun than playing because WadZee does more interesting stuff than me
Angela Scotney
Angela Scotney 9 aylar önce
Playing the game is more fun than watching because you can actually experience the game for yourself instead of watching someone else play it.
Sundeep C
Sundeep C Yıl önce
For all of you who are wondering why he saved the witch, it is for converting the zombie villagers cause witches can throw slowness potion
Kallum Yıl önce
You should automate all the farms. Pistons on the sides of each section, pushes dirt, and breaks all crops, then pushes it back into place ready for replant.
Telegram me👉 WadZee01
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Meaghan Thoke
Meaghan Thoke 11 aylar önce
I love this series hoping to see more soon
matty b
matty b Yıl önce
What a great series, I can't wait for the next episode my guy. 🤙
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😁
Connor Tremblay
Connor Tremblay 5 aylar önce
Gotta love the 3 useless cauldrons that were not used at all in the infinite water process
Nicholas Gibbs
Nicholas Gibbs Yıl önce
this series looks to be just as good as the other ones he's done
Ayo black pfo squad!!
Fandog Plays
Fandog Plays Yıl önce
Let’s goooo
AClutchboy Yıl önce
Where is the sky pfp squad : (
frog Yıl önce
Where is F pfp squad
Brian Osler
Brian Osler Yıl önce
If you want to extract your zombie Villagers and you have glass (or the sand to make it, you can use a piston to push the blocks used to contain your mobs out with glass without letting the mobs out, and once the glass is in place, the zombie villager’s head will pass through the glass without taking damage.
Chiken Soup
Chiken Soup Yıl önce
I love how that even though he has such limited resources he takes the time to nicely decorate it
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😁
Jacob Oakley
Jacob Oakley 11 aylar önce
Hi WadZee, I have really been enjoying your videos, you are one of the most amazing youtubers i have watched, as you are interesting, skilled, and talkative. I just wanted to know, when is your next upload? Keep up the good work ;)
NeverSmile :|
NeverSmile :| Yıl önce
This dude is a master of Minecraft. Can't wait to see another episode
Ipshita Ray
Ipshita Ray 11 aylar önce
No I am
Shadow Guarder
Shadow Guarder 11 aylar önce
Since a sourceblock of water can be used to get infinite bottles, you can use that to fill up all of the cauldrons with water, then take it.
TheYeetedMeat 10 aylar önce
He did it in the video
Sythanytx Yıl önce
Quick suggestion, when you get the villagers, maybe make an iron farm(ofc with a villager breeding area preferrably underground somewhere) so that you can get iron very quickly
Navneet Gugar
Navneet Gugar Yıl önce
You can't make an iron farm underground buddy!
Sythanytx Yıl önce
I meant the villager breeding area but imagine he builds an iron farm underground lol
VoteForme Yıl önce
@Navneet Gugar your name is navneet gugar you cant say anything
| Yes, I Have Reasons |
@Navneet Gugar you can if you dig enough space buddy!
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez Yıl önce
I'm very happy to see that content creators are already using Schlatt and Luds music, the more people use the more people know, thank you WadZee
Sherwin Ballarbare
The series are really enjoyable to watch im really excited for the next video.
Livebaitx 10 aylar önce
Question for all you Minecraft engineers out there, can you hook up cauldrons and hoppers so that any water collected from one cauldron will flow into another, so it no matter in what order or how much a cauldron collects it will all go in to one at the end? If that makes any sense
TVSU Yıl önce
If you aren't going to use the gold you have for anything, theyre 3 times as efficient when used as pickaxes, though they break really quickly.
Liam’s amazing gaming
I love how wadzee videos inspire me that I can build anything in Minecraft I just have to push to my limits and work hard for those things.
Eack_ Jeptic
Eack_ Jeptic Yıl önce
It’s so crazy how much more you can get done in a Minecraft world with just the access to to three more blocks in every direction and WadZee is still proving that three episodes in
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😁
gsiire Yıl önce
For your Zombie villagers just block the dropper above their heads to stop other mobs dropping in while you extract the zombie villagers.
KingDune 9 aylar önce
Love your content dude keep it up!
Charlie Hayward
Charlie Hayward Yıl önce
I have only just started watching you and so far you seem like quite a decent TRvidr. This series is really fun to watch and have made sure to subscribe. Keep up the good work!
blazeit69bigb00b 11 aylar önce
Hoping they’ll continue this series I was loving it :(
Stephanie Yıl önce
wadzee im so proud of you and how far you’ve come. you make each and everyone one of us happy and it’s impossible to feel sad watching you
Gabrielle K
Gabrielle K Yıl önce
dude i've watched this guy when he was in Fortnite kind of stage lol. It's so unbelievable how far he's come. Crazy.
Recitation To Hear
Here is the trending clip recommended : trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html
Michael Surratt
Michael Surratt Yıl önce
I think he's already got a GF 😂😂
TheOnlyName Yıl önce
Thanks for the coarse dirt and infinite water tricks, I had no idea!
cheesy_artist 11 aylar önce
wait, you didn't know you could make infinite water-
PolarGirl227 Yıl önce
Wadzee, I’m so happy that ur reinspired in Minecraft. I know that doing the same thing can be strenuous and a bit boring sometimes. I also love the new series, and I hope you just upload what is fun for you! ❤
Christopher Iliev
Christopher Iliev 11 aylar önce
Dude playing with hours and we get 19 min video , this is what I call nice editing ! BIG thumbs up and subscribe for this man , he definitely deserves it 💪🏻💪🏻
L1STBOX Yıl önce
earned yourself a sub. nice job love the series already.
Cha Zen
Cha Zen 11 aylar önce
Still waiting for episode 4 😭 but most important thing is that you stay healthy! Take care of your mental health and body health! Keep it up Wadzee!
OP JAGGU Gamer Yıl önce
Can we just appreciate his editing skills 😌
warrior wizard
warrior wizard Yıl önce
Glitched Dev
Glitched Dev Yıl önce
Not bot dude don’t be so mean
Who’s who
Who’s who Yıl önce
He has an editor I’m sure
TheWeedEater Yıl önce
Scortix Yıl önce
Sam Schellhase
Sam Schellhase Yıl önce
I gotta say, the killing platform is really inefficient. Take away the trapdoors, and have the mobs land on slabs instead of full blocks, and you can get right up next to it without them shooting you or blowing up Also, use glass to stop the zombie villagers from suffocating, they can go right through those blocks without taking any damage!
Ziggy Is Dumb
Ziggy Is Dumb 11 aylar önce
Jeez Sam, chill out.
ReignZ0 15 gün önce
⁠@Ziggy Is Dumbhe’s just give him feedback 😂 maybe not in the best way tho
AjkMontana Yıl önce
Carry on with this awesome series this is fun to watch :)
DataLen 11 aylar önce
Great Video just as expected. Also idk if im mistacking but cant u just place some blocks under the flowing water making it go further so u can reach the last block of your farms? Gj on the video tho very entertaining series looking forward to the other videos =)
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Vector Graphics
Vector Graphics 10 aylar önce
I like the attention to detail in your editing. The mining progress bar shows a stone pickaxe
Peter R
Peter R 11 aylar önce
Great job on this series. Really fun!
Lad_ 07
Lad_ 07 Yıl önce
One of my favourite things to watch on TRvid right now, I hope this series last a long time
Johnny22PT Yıl önce
És tuga?
Zigilicious123 10 aylar önce
Wadzee, a easier way to turn coarse dirt into regular dirt is to use a hoe which will turn it from coarse to regular without having to dig it up or anything like that
SilenceTheNoSkiller 11 aylar önce
incredible nice Let´s Play and thanks for teaching me so many new things in Minecraft which i didnt know yet o.O i love to see episode 4 soon
Franko Does Stuff
Franko Does Stuff 10 aylar önce
Ah yes everyone know that a chunk has always been a circle…just like everything in Minecraft!
k-bros Yıl önce
Always happy to see another vid from Wadzee and you should definitely try the tree spirit challenge because it isn't a very known challenge and I would love to see you cover it
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DON'T read my name! 😁
MrSahem 11 aylar önce
Really enjoying the series so far been waiting patiently for episode 4!
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👆👆 thanks for watching and commenting congratulations 🎁 you have been selected among my winners 🎊🎊🎊
rexxi Yıl önce
loving the series! Looking forward to see the growth and progress further along the episodes! 😊🥰
Recitation To Hear
Here is the trending clip recommended : trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html
Samurex Atlas
Samurex Atlas Yıl önce
Once you hit the Nether you'll get infinite dirt, thanks to gravel and gold being renewable.
Braeden Lesniewski
Braeden Lesniewski 11 aylar önce
I really wish he would consistently upload this series he really needs to come back and grind it out but if he doesn’t inflation will bring him back
I can't think of a name
I don't play/watch Minecraft anymore but hey thanks for making my covid days! I remember watching your Hardcore world series
Telegram me👉 WadZee01
🎉congratulations you won quickly DM🎊
Alex Lopatenco
Alex Lopatenco Yıl önce
Hey, WadZee, I'd love to see you on a Vechs's Super Hostile map! I think you'd be great in any map of his. Please, consider playing one of them! Anyway - thank you! You have a special sense of humor and way of editing videos that most of your subscribers enjoy! Thank you!
DAY 11 aylar önce
This series is really interesting!! This is something new and also funny. ❤
GRENZ O0 Yıl önce
Hope this continues to be a great series.
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Hopefully 😄😁😀😃
STU Yıl önce
It will if you wear blanket
Memes shorts
Memes shorts Yıl önce
@STU nani?
Traeghniw Wingyl
Traeghniw Wingyl Yıl önce
It's more efficient to grow crops in alternating rows of different crops! If a crop of the same type is diagonally adjacent it grows slower.
Greasyhairman25 Yıl önce
Wadzee is so awesome.He is sooo motivative and his builds are so cool.
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