MINECRAFT 1.18 OUT NOW! A Quick Summary + Release Recap

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Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part II is officially out! In this video we take a quick look at the most recent release candidates, take a quick look at the update, and talk announcements!

0:00 - new survival thursday
2:05 - release catchup
6:17 - update summary

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29 Kas 2021




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wattles Aylar önce
woah did you hear about my new survival series that begins on thursday?
Galactic Nebula2677
@Maria Gonzalez yeah i figured
__MrBlob__ Aylar önce
Can’t wait
Amøs mizø
Amøs mizø Aylar önce
Pls share the link
Ian Cowley
Ian Cowley Aylar önce
What seed where you flying around there? Looks amazing.
Vishal Pranav
Vishal Pranav Aylar önce
Speed 781
Speed 781 Aylar önce
The light level change is by far the best update ever. No more torch spamming needed all over the world! It’ll be so much easier to hide enough light to keep spawns down while maintaining a good look!
TF Ayush Mc
TF Ayush Mc Aylar önce
It's the worst for mob farms
0jcooper0 Aylar önce
Derian Vandalsen
Derian Vandalsen Aylar önce
@Robin an extended rooftop is needed if you want to increase mob-spawning in your farms through the group-spawn mechanic. This basically pulls additional 'virtual' spawns from outside your farm (under the roof) to the inside of your spawning chamber.
Derian Vandalsen
Derian Vandalsen Aylar önce
And more low-light options to work with, like redstone torches etc
Martin Ellis
Martin Ellis Aylar önce
@Jacob Geiger i know as the og minecraft does not have dynamic lighting, i was talking about the ability to put the torches down with offhand while using main hand with something else
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson Aylar önce
Oh, man… can’t wait to see your latest videos. They’re excellent to watch with the kids. Best minecrafter for parents.
Hermitcraft is also Family friendly
taylor kappers
taylor kappers Aylar önce
Agreed. My son loves him!we play minecraft together all the time and he only ever wants to watch wattles
Hello there
Hello there Aylar önce
These comments are so wholesome omg bruh… I wish my parents played Minecraft with me :,)
Kaiosaiken Aylar önce
Bro this was a wholesome comment. I can’t wait to play Minecraft with my daughter
James Bryan
James Bryan Aylar önce
Most important comment. Let Wattles know so he keeps his content PG!!!!
Nickbob Aylar önce
Got into minecraft back in June and have been endlessly trying to catch up with the latest series (also been checking out the others too in my extra time!!). Wattles thanks for making my minecraft experience so much more fun!! Super excited for Thursday! And I’ll be sure to finish series 1-3 too! Keep it up man!!
Argobot Aylar önce
I had this hope they would sneak in something like stairs and slabs for some of the blocks.. it would have been epic to have Tuft slabs or walls to wake up to.
First Name Surname
First Name Surname Aylar önce
It's funny how my base in 1.17 is totally different when I played it in 1.18. The cave is totally dope, haven't found any cliff yet. Mojang outdid themselves.
Space Man
Space Man Aylar önce
When u update a world u need to go to chunks u havent explored to find the new update items and much more
V4N9U15H Aylar önce
You have to go to the chunks you haven't loaded once (explored) yet to find the overworld changes, and caves are just right below you, below the old bedrock level. However caves at y level above the old bedrock level in every chunk you had loaded EVEN ONCE will still look the same as the old generation, so if you wanna find the new cave generation sticking out the overworld, you have to explore a bit more!
Victorillo 377
Victorillo 377 Aylar önce
5:55 Should we tell him he found an insanely rare, deepslate coal ore? If you look at the distribution they practically don't generate in the deepslate level..
Zerraf Aylar önce
Ive seen it before...
PICKULZ Aylar önce
I’ve found one of those
Dandy, Space Dandy
Dandy, Space Dandy Aylar önce
@Cody L go to your room
Hello there
Hello there Aylar önce
@Cody L I? Care
Cody L
Cody L Aylar önce
Who? Cares
Trevor Neiberger
Trevor Neiberger Aylar önce
TBH I love the new river generation more than all the other generation it looks so nice they actually look like river's now
ItsHoverBoi Aylar önce
Waterfall in the mountain look so beautiful!
Def3ndr Aylar önce
Finally trade routes and traveling on the river is now possible
ItsWilbur Aylar önce
@Trevor Neiberger that’d be dope but i bet that’d be a pain to make generate and look normal
Gabriel Andy
Gabriel Andy Aylar önce
the best part about this new generartion is that the random part of it is kinda back, because before if you see a desert almost all deserts are the same now u can see different things finally
Trevor Neiberger
Trevor Neiberger Aylar önce
@Damz that would be great imagine having a river that led to a waterfall that brings you into a big underwater lake with a beach side to it that would be such a great build for a house
John Ross
John Ross Aylar önce
I can't wait for Optofine to update, shaders are gonna look so pretty
Simon Upstone
Simon Upstone Aylar önce
Optifine 1.18 preview version 5 is already available. However its still work in progress.
Nathanz626 Aylar önce
You already can using iris and sodium.
Arhan Bhat
Arhan Bhat Aylar önce
as soon as I woke up today I said “wattles 1.18”. Yes.
StaticWolf Blogson
StaticWolf Blogson Aylar önce
I set an alarm to get up and have a few hours with the update before my kid woke up, but my kid woke up to my alarm 😅
MrDK0010 Aylar önce
A healthy way to start the morning.
William Savage
William Savage Aylar önce
What surprised me most about this update is that it applied to previously loaded chunks. In the past, the chunks I had already loaded, the world I was playing in was not affected by an update. This time the update came up right under my feet. My mob farm just about quit working. I had everything from surface down to Y level 5, bedrock lit up and mobs were falling like flies. I now find that the bedrock is now deep slate. I slipped into spectator and found 60 levels of mines and mobs below. I had thought that previously loaded chunks would not change, surprise!
El Is Not Alive
El Is Not Alive Aylar önce
The very first world I generated was PERFECT. This is so amazing, I can’t wait to start building my world.
Michael JS
Michael JS Aylar önce
Can you post the seed please? 🙏🤩
Kitzon Aylar önce
I made a new 1.18 survival world. THE TERRAIN AND CAVES WAS JUST AMAZING. My tip is Get TONS of torches, trust me your gonna need a ton of them
Kitzon Aylar önce
@Blazy yea but still. Just a tip ;)
Blazy Aylar önce
Ever heard of full brightness mode in Minecraft?
Gevin El Khansya
Gevin El Khansya Aylar önce
Tried from few months ago by using beta feature... And you exactly need MORE torch because how big that cave is. You could find a cave with insane depth in it.. (my cave came from 135 into -52. Just see that depth, need a bucket of water obviously) Not only Insane depth. You could find Insane range in that cave. *Edited : You need at least 3 stacked Torch if you gonna search some big cave
andrew Aylar önce
thanks! I always forget torches lmao I'm so blind
Kitzon Aylar önce
@JG ProductionsI meant torches for SEEING the caves cuz its kinda(a lot) dark. Btw Great info 👍
Astro Aj
Astro Aj Aylar önce
Wattles is king, always keeping up with the snapshots and giving us content every day or as often as he can. Literally my main source of minecraft news other than minecraft's youtube
Argobot Aylar önce
Huge mineshaft under my base. Kinda cool! Also an Iron vein, spent about 15 minutes lighting up and mining and I have like 20 diamonds and 3 stacks of iron
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@deusxanime bedrock is deepslate now
Argobot Aylar önce
@deusxanime all the Bedrock turned into deepslate and opened up a whole new world!
deusxanime Aylar önce
How'd that happen? I thought if you had already generated the chunk pre-1.18 it would stay the same and only new chunks would be 1.18 after you upgraded your world? This is my first big upgrade - started playing in 1.17 so not entirely sure how it works.
Argobot Aylar önce
@Goldie Of The Gold They are pretty great.
Goldie Of The Gold
Goldie Of The Gold Aylar önce
I found a large iron ore vein too!
JH c of d
JH c of d Aylar önce
Loving the caves!!! Found a huge lush cave with over 3 stacks of iron!! And 2 mineshafts and an amesyts. Love it!
Colonel Mustard
Colonel Mustard Aylar önce
Today is such an exciting day. First official day of 1.18! Everyone is uploading videos. The world is full of Minecraft energy right now and I can feel it. I hope all.of your 1.18 experiences are magical. 😎😁
Garbagman Aylar önce
Crimson Aylar önce
I remember when part 1 came out, and now the full update is out. Insane!
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
Not yet
obby Aylar önce
I love how subtle your sub messages are lmao, like, theyre there and everyone sees them but theyre not annoying as hell and they dont postpone any important content. this is one of the reasons that i subbed without thinking twice
Allen Buddy
Allen Buddy Aylar önce
Thanks for the vids wattles! Side note: have y’all seen the 1.18 biome maps on chunkbase?? They look so good, the rivers especially
Allen Buddy
Allen Buddy Aylar önce
@Chess-Blundermctrashplay i believe you had to manually change the version from 1.17 maps to the experimental 1.18 version
Dhruv Roy
Dhruv Roy Aylar önce
@Chess-Blundermctrashplay They are on chunkbase for quite some time.
Wait when did they update it?! Yesterday I check it doesn't have a 1.18 map feature. But once again I live in Southeast asia therefore we are faster than those on the west in terms of timezone
I’ve never liked a Minecraft channel until recently. Thanks for helping me get through school wattles. Very relaxing to listen to and watch your tutorials.
El Michi Táctico
El Michi Táctico Aylar önce
I love this update, I have always wanted this update since I started playing.
GodzillaPowerPuffFan !
I updated my game today and I found so many incredible things I love this update it's now my new favorite update
Harshith N
Harshith N Aylar önce
Let's goo, waiting for the new series. Love your videos.
Drevexx Aylar önce
Big lava lakes in overworld? Yes please ! I can bring my striders over to the overworld and have them be comfortable
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
Even an acheivment
EnderBird MC
EnderBird MC Aylar önce
There is a new achievement/advancement about that.
InventorZahran Aylar önce
They're so hot!
dire saint
dire saint Aylar önce
Really looking forward to Thursdays drop. I'm going to dive into a new 1.18 world right now.
Maxxed Redline Productions
I saved over 10 stacks of copper ore for this. Now imma finally mine it!
SIM CRAFT Aylar önce
Quality content as always Wattles❤️
Elisha Vijoy
Elisha Vijoy Aylar önce
Excited for your new survival series! 1.18 Will miss the old one tho…
Arminage Shikoba
Arminage Shikoba Aylar önce
For the Past 3 years I've been excavating a minesharft, and utilised all 3 Spider spawners within, After 1.18 came out I dug below only to fall right into a minesharft with 4 more spider spawners, 2 cave spider and 2 spider dungeons, really lucky xD Just a shame, some of my chunks didn't generate and need to maybe wait until it gets fixed or maybe try and hard reload them by going through MC Edit.
Arushi Shaikh
Arushi Shaikh Aylar önce
hey bro, keep up the amazing content. love your vids and your dedication, you're awesome
Rose Hill Brix
Rose Hill Brix Aylar önce
Can't wait for the new survival series!
I have study and I can't play Minecraft😢
geminiokra Aylar önce
The first world I made, I spawned on a flower hill next to a large cave opening. One of the paths through the cave lead to water and a one block opening. Through that, there was a hole ass flooded cave that emptied out next to an island surrounded on all sides by water and cliffs. This is very epic.
Rihaan Aylar önce
Finally a new world and new innovations...yayyyyy.... excited af
NoOne Aylar önce
This Is insane cant wait for the better minecraft modpack to make this even better
Randa Ranatunga
Randa Ranatunga Aylar önce
This is a good day for caves, but a sad day for floating islands and cave only worlds. We shall miss you Floating islands and cave only worlds. “We shan’t be sad that it’s over but shall be happy that it happened” ~Paraphrasing Winnie the Pooh
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
Floating islands still kinda gen
Randa Ranatunga
Randa Ranatunga Aylar önce
@Def3ndr it’s most definitely Winnie the Pooh
Def3ndr Aylar önce
@Hello there you sure? That quote looks very similar to one of Dr. Suess’s
Hello there
Hello there Aylar önce
@Def3ndr no it was winnie
Def3ndr Aylar önce
I think that quote came from Dr. Suess
GlitchGamingCorner Aylar önce
This is gonna be awesome I been waiting for this update!!
Unic Aylar önce
The moment it came out at noon, my friends and I immediately made a Realms server and played for 7hrs straight. Let’s just say there were a lot of falling and screaming
Eldred Aylar önce
Cant wait for part 3 and 4, bet Deep Dark and archeology gon be top tier mn 1.20 and 1.21 can't come fast enough!
ItsHoverBoi Aylar önce
Yup Caves and Cliffs isn't over until we get Deep Dark and Archeology.
Frog Aylar önce
Theres gonna be more parts and the deep dark isnt out yet? Damn i thought its completrd
keion WHITE
keion WHITE Aylar önce
Wattles really out here got me excited for the new guide 💪🏾💪🏾
Big  Pro
Big Pro Aylar önce
Great job keeping us updated wattles
Lil Chromozome
Lil Chromozome Aylar önce
Can they please add dirt slabs. I'm telling you, the decoration potential that could have is insane.
Reinsie Aylar önce
been waiting so long for this update and it’s finally here let’s goooooo 🥳 (also shoved that bedrock got something first as well 😂)
JustUrAverageCunt Aylar önce
I mean barely first 😂
sztz91 Aylar önce
Can’t wait to see the new series, wattles!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Aylar önce
I remember when part 1 came out, and now the full update is out. Insane!
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
Not yet
Antony Joseph
Antony Joseph Aylar önce
The opening scene was good enough for me to say, "Yep, this is a good update".
jacob da Lambo
jacob da Lambo Aylar önce
Excited to be back. Can’t wait for new play through!
Domination_Youtube Aylar önce
I’ve been watching since 750k subs and it’s crazy how far you’ve come! Great work
Benjy WW
Benjy WW Aylar önce
Can we get a seed at 7:06, I'd love to start a new world right at that dripstone cave!
UniverseCafe Aylar önce
I saw a comment about being a good channel for kids as well. I love watching these with my kids, learning with them and getting stoked to play. I never have to worry about any cussing. All your themes are super. My kids are 5 and 8 btw and they both love Minecraft!
Brandon Mcnew
Brandon Mcnew Aylar önce
Me and me friends have been waiting for this update to start an SMP, lore and all. Soooooo hyped
Sheb Aylar önce
literally just finished playing gonna take a break but im LOVING IT because i havent even went into the deep caves and thats wht im going to do next
Cortland Aylar önce
The feature I was waiting for in this update was the deep dark so I guess I'm gonna wait another 6 months and so on
Napster2002 . aspx
Napster2002 . aspx Aylar önce
I haven't played on a vanilla survival world since 1.12.2 so I'm excited to start a new survival world in the new update!
GullibleDatBoi9 Aylar önce
I’m starting a Minecraft realm in my discord server and I’m so excited the entire server has waited since august for this update
Mrbutters17 Aylar önce
Wattles is king, always keeping up with the snapshots and giving us content every day or as often as he can. Literally my main source of minecraft news other than minecraft's youtube
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
Can't wait for the new survival series!
StormVR Aylar önce
7:13 Dripstone cave right in the open. I've been playing snapshots and pre-releases for days and only found one. Too rare.
i did nothing
i did nothing Aylar önce
This is the first time I see bedrock parity in java, it's great!
Kingofdemons Aylar önce
Love your vids have been watching your vids since 10k And excited for your new guide series
Sharon Rodgers
Sharon Rodgers Aylar önce
Wattles I'm honor of you I made my seed for my 1.18 world walt (misspelled I know but the intention was there) it is actually a beautiful seed with a huge village right at spawn and a beautiful deep cave dive. The spawn is on the edge of an ocean and I'm gonna boat across it tomorrow!
Tyler Barnhardt
Tyler Barnhardt Aylar önce
Finally! Caves and Cliffs with the caves and cliffs....
John The Duck
John The Duck Aylar önce
LOL yes
GamerWatch9806 Aylar önce
Thank you , you have helped me in every way in minecraft , thank you
Condatore Aylar önce
You can now find lapis on the surface. I found some outside a cave.
Heybrine Aylar önce
I thought the warden would've been added, did they delay it again? Anyways, besides that, the update is looking great, awesome in fact
L3V14TH4N Aylar önce
Idea for new survival guide : Make mountain tower base
Rob Spaulding
Rob Spaulding Aylar önce
I love the new features of the update but it's been almost unplayable for me because of major lag now. I've cut down my entities in chunks near each other and still having an issue in single player survival. Going to try offline here soon and see if it's a connection issue.
Rob Spaulding
Rob Spaulding Aylar önce
It's doing a bit better now. I didn't have any other apps open and am playing on Xbox one. After the update I closed the game and restarted the Xbox and it's better but still a little laggy. I think it loading everything under what the world was before it just couldn't keep up. Turned my render distance down from 14 to 10 chunks and it's noticably better.
InventorZahran Aylar önce
Also, render distance and biome blend can cause lots of lag when set to higher values.
InventorZahran Aylar önce
Do you have any other applications open while Minecraft is running? If so, I'd recommend closing them, as they might be diverting some of your computer's resources away from Minecraft.
Philly Phlip
Philly Phlip Aylar önce
Honestly it's all great but what's gonna make or break the game for me is entities and mobs constantly despawning... Supposed to be fixed can't wait to find out.
Asian_InASuit Aylar önce
Ah, I can see us all coming back to the old world generation in 10 years, see you guys!
Yaskerium Aylar önce
This is so awesome! What is the seed for that world?
Lakshya Mishra
Lakshya Mishra Aylar önce
There should be an update that diamond will often generated with coal like 1 in 100 to make it more real .
NegaSuki Aylar önce
diamond (-64 to 16). Common at Y -59 Coal Most common at Y levels 95 and 136 Lapis Lazuli Most common at -1 Gold ore: Between -64 and 30 Emerald only in the mountains between levels -16 and 320 Redstone ore: Found in the same levels as diamond Y -59 Iron Most common at 15 and 255
Mathew Anderson
Mathew Anderson Aylar önce
Has anyone tried using sheers on the lush vines? They still seem to grow for me. I thought sheering them off stopped growth?
Mathew Anderson
Mathew Anderson Aylar önce
@Tim Ohara No, Java
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
You on bedrock?
XXVI Manuel
XXVI Manuel Aylar önce
I tought they would add something new like they did with basalt deltas on 1.16 like a surprise ;)
StuffedLife Aylar önce
@Owen no they didn't announce netherite , bastions ,piglin brutes , striders ,respawn anchors ,the bassalt deltas .these features weren't announced in minecon live but they were added.
Owen Aylar önce
@StuffedLife yes they did
StuffedLife Aylar önce
They didn’t announce netherite armour , bastions and many big features
Man I can not wait to explore the new mountains
Ink Demon
Ink Demon Aylar önce
Well 1.18 couldn't be any better. I opened up my old survival world (in pe) And dug down and found a spawner, a mineshaft and an iron ore vein right under my base under the old bedrock which is deepslate now.
STEVE Placeholder
STEVE Placeholder Aylar önce
The caves and cliffs is the best update!!!
Rinyotsu Aylar önce
I'm so out of the loop that the day I decide "ok, we're going to bedrock" is the day 1.18 drops lol, took a little longer than I was expecting lol
Christian Baxter
Christian Baxter Aylar önce
Mr. Wattles I would like to suggest a new series/challenge; The Cave Dweller challenge or “The Decent” challenge. Rules: once you enter a cave, you can never leave. The end and the nether do not apply
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
The end does applly
Lana Mello
Lana Mello Aylar önce
These bug fixes may seem small, but just the fact that all Minecraft seeds are generated based on a random number. Can you even imagine how hard it must be for the devs and the game engineers to fix that?? Crazy, absurd even! Really excited for the new series!!
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
For some reason my under y 0 is diffrent in old and new worold so seems pretty hard
Peter Aylar önce
Wattles' precise at posting videos, LET'S GOOO
Jubair Hamza
Jubair Hamza Aylar önce
it's 12:08 am here now.. literally waiting for the release.. now downloading.. 😘😘
Michael J. Burns II
So to avoid light level 0 how far apart can torches be now? And do trees or crops or things in the way make a difference? Like casting shadows?
Jesse Jacobson
Jesse Jacobson Aylar önce
Yes, opaque things in the way make a difference. If on Java there are several light level overlay mods, or you could hit f-3.
prei Aylar önce
played 1.18 for a couple of hours and i noticed an abnormally high number of pumpkins. like 20 in one patch. mmmm
hooded farmer
hooded farmer Aylar önce
Oh man am I lucky I dug all the way down to bedrock before this newest update and after I updated my world I had a lush cave right underneath bedrock just off of my mine and a geode. And where I built my base which was next to a mountain didn't destroy anything didn't mess anything up and left everything alone. So I was worried for nothing. I also I no longer have to go miles away to get the new blocks. 😁😁😁👍
Fred Williams
Fred Williams Aylar önce
Oceans did change. You can find clay on the floor now.
Aliysium Aylar önce
The light level change is great for builders/players who prefer more peaceful play...but it's the final nail in the coffin for "Survival" mode.
billygoat catfish
billygoat catfish Aylar önce
Are allready existing builds safe from changes, i thought the new stuff happen in new chunks. ( i have huge builds i dont want to be broken.) also do you need to activate the caves +cliffs tab or is this automatically in the base game?
SapphireFoxxos Aylar önce
I think the main thing that changes inold chunks is the bedrock being lowered and the caves spawning
Eixl Pixel
Eixl Pixel Aylar önce
Can I get the seed for 7:20? It looks amazing!
Halle Aylar önce
New players will never know the struggle of the torch spam
HighBogfoot Aylar önce
Even the oceans are way different cause there is so much new land to discover now, it is gargantuan!
Fenix Aylar önce
The update changes the world generation so much. And i end up spawning in the most boring biome, the forest.
GlitterPrincessK Aylar önce
What is the seed for the part when the update summary is discussed?
SleekHaze Aylar önce
Please add a seed for this world. Especially that scenery when you started the episode.
jaishaun howard
jaishaun howard Aylar önce
Yes please
BwieBannerlord Aylar önce
This is like a completely different looking game now
Vels YT
Vels YT Aylar önce
You gotta love the light update!
Max Navin
Max Navin Aylar önce
how many seeds do you go through before picking the one to film?
Megaemulatorman Aylar önce
Question: I tried loading up my older map to on my ps4 from the last caves and cliffs update where they increased the height limit, but it’s not working on my map. It works on 1 of 3 of my old maps but not all of them, so i know it works on maps pre-caves and cliffs update. I don’t know if I need to activate something in settings or what I need to do
bugboy 99
bugboy 99 Aylar önce
You have to travel to unloaded chunks to get the new terrain. So go explore and you will see
joanna Aylar önce
btw wattles im pretty sure spore blossoms are now a thing, so that means theres a new 1.18 block!
pptoni 06
pptoni 06 Aylar önce
I don't know why, byt your seed that you are you using in this video looks really good, could you pass us the seed pls, wattles
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