Millyz ft. Jadakiss - Hopeless (Official Video) 

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Directed by Dom Bruno (@shotbytanj)
Produced by @reybeatz
Merch Available at www.millyz.com
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24 Ağu 2021




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Rujay Yıl önce
That was good! 🔥 💯
Ali Zwali
Ali Zwali Yıl önce
Shout out to Millyz. He's been consistent from the jump. Jada's cosign is a testament that he a real one
Darian Gregory
Darian Gregory 23 gün önce
No it's not, its a testament that he paid one of the G.O.A.T.S. for a feature.
Christopher Spicer
Love this song been rocking it for almost a year now and still never get sick of hearing it
Marc Kosky
Marc Kosky 10 aylar önce
Jadakiss trying find lightning in a bottle
Marina Z
Marina Z Yıl önce
Love the instrumental, love the lyrics ✌ Keep it that way Millyz 😊
Thunder Thunder
Thunder Thunder Yıl önce
Helped me through a hard time in my life. Still bumping day after day 💯🔥
Bonnie Yıl önce
I been playing this on repeat in the whip 🔥
Brandon Berry
Brandon Berry Yıl önce
This the type of music that resonate with people who been through real shit
Franc Mittelo
Franc Mittelo Yıl önce
A good life is as real as a shitty life. Why do people often believe negativity is "realer" than positivity? There is no good reason to believe this. LOL
Brandon Berry
Brandon Berry Yıl önce
@Franc Mittelo true but doesn’t apply to what I said at all LOL 🤡
Death Row
Death Row Yıl önce
@Brandon Berry he’s a clown lmao
Jason Cozart
Jason Cozart Yıl önce
Millyz I ain't even gonna cap you getting me trough tuff times I just came home from prison an listening to you keeps me from going back to the streets 💯. I appreciate it keep going
Luis Rosa
Luis Rosa Yıl önce
Glad you back home from gladiator school if no one told you. Please try to maintain and don’t fall for the streets cuz you don’t need that, you already did time in a cell. Hard times don’t last forever and plus you still breathing
Jason Cozart
Jason Cozart Yıl önce
Good looking bra it’s just hard I got kids I’m still trying but I’m living off my girl rite now and that’s not me but I made a promise to my mom on her death bed an I’m a man of my word
Luis Rosa
Luis Rosa Yıl önce
@Jason Cozart i hope everything goes well for you bro rs💯🤞🏽
Dominique Herbert
I feel you ace I been in that same position but us real huslaz gonna always make a way
Marisely Colon
Marisely Colon 4 aylar önce
Year later and this shit still goes hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thomas Lei
Thomas Lei 4 aylar önce
Jada's flow is always FIRE!
Chase Yıl önce
We don’t deserve Jada. I’m glad he is getting recognized. 20+ years of putting bars down like this. This cat Millyz, I’m keeping my eye on you bro, your bars are 🔥🔥. I’m from the era, when bars matters. This young man has bars, didn’t know of him until today. He is going in my rotation tonight.
Sharaz A
Sharaz A Yıl önce
tru that
Jay 2Swifttt
Jay 2Swifttt Yıl önce
Been jamming your music all week just hits the soul different fr fr bro 💯 👌 🙌 🙏 🔥!!
JAY OK Yıl önce
Can't lie heard of Millyz for the first time last week for his LA Leakers freestyle. Since then I've been listening to a lot of his music man and he's something else 🔥🔥🔥
Columbus Yıl önce
The catalog is getting serious. something else is right.🔥🔥🔥🔥
Slayz z
Slayz z Yıl önce
Best in the game
See no evil Speak no evil
Y Paris
Y Paris Yıl önce
Millyz goes Hard !
Sirineu Antonio
Sirineu Antonio Yıl önce
Man Jadakiss killed this thing one of his best verses ever.... Straight real life advices... "I'm from putting in work era"
Too Sturdy
Too Sturdy Yıl önce
"You see me I'm from the put in work era, I was slidin way before the syrup and perc era, all you gotta do is hit the switch and work better, and they say when get up close on em it hurt better"
Shawn Connolly
Shawn Connolly Yıl önce
The song is hard & once again Jada never disappoints on his skills “See me I’m from the putting in work era , I was sliding before the syrup & perk era , all you gotta do is hit the switch & it works better”
Sirineu Antonio
Sirineu Antonio Yıl önce
Straight 🔥🔥🔥 one of d best Jada put out...
Shawn Connolly
Shawn Connolly Yıl önce
@Sirineu Antonio jada gotta a lot of dope songs but this was fire
William Schober
William Schober 2 aylar önce
Bruh this bar says it all!!! Top 5 dead or alive baby!!!
Shawn Connolly
Shawn Connolly 2 aylar önce
@William Schober that’s that D-Block jam “everywhere we go-ooh people wanna no-ooh who we are so we tell them , this is D-Block mighty mighty D-Block” 💯
Ramona Fusilier
Ramona Fusilier Yıl önce
Shit go hard!!!! Millyz def held his own
AJ Yıl önce
Stay on your grind Kid...the flow is lovely. Best shit to come out of the bean in decades
jova 9 gün önce
Love how he talks bout how he feels. Thats huge for me, authenticity and vulnerability are beautiful things.
Arthniel Yıl önce
You don't just hear this song, you feel it!
Dr Toxic
Dr Toxic Yıl önce
Goosebumps when Jada went in, like what, I feel you homie.
Hender Johnny
Hender Johnny Yıl önce
Jadakiss is cold fashoo gotta be top 5
Mesye StrongArm Hnz
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥The whole album is dope and Jada killed this track. Millyz keep reppin' for whole state of Mass 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Benny Best
Benny Best Yıl önce
Salute… y’all keepin real hip hop alive
Mark Yıl önce
This track is absolutely fire 🔥 Jada ripped it and this dude Millyz is a very talented MC. both of them absolutely went in on this track
Tyrant Mashilane
Tyrant Mashilane Yıl önce
every Jada verse is pure gold!!!
ILLiteSociety Yıl önce
I feel like Kiss just spits off muscle memory, and doesn't even know what he's about to say, but it still comes out fire. 20+ years of sheer consistency. Millyz is super talented too.
Scratch N Sniff
Scratch N Sniff Yıl önce
it's always abt hits to you weirdos
Broly Yıl önce
@Alexander Oddest He means everytime he does drop a verse, it's fire. In that sense he's right. Never heard a wack verse out of Jadakiss.
ILLiteSociety Yıl önce
@Alexander Oddest hits? You just watched this "not hit" rapper destroy a group that had nothing but "hits" (even though dipset been garbage since its inception, minus cam). Go listen to your 22 track drake album, with 3 good songs.
Reds World 413
Reds World 413 Yıl önce
I love this song. My two favorite artist talking about real life shit I go through every day. Reeeespect
Courtney Love
Courtney Love Yıl önce
We need a vz battle wit M put any new artist up ain't nobody fckn wit bra right now
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor 3 aylar önce
Y’all never disappoint ong
cancerous James
cancerous James 6 aylar önce
DiamondKL💙 Yıl önce
First time hearing this track and the beat not to mention the lyrics yall going straightup bananas it's🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥!
kondwani Qoto
kondwani Qoto Yıl önce
This dude is straight fire. You just found yourself a fan right here.
2Mamba24Forever8 Yıl önce
Crazy that it took a Verzuz battle for ppl to realize that Jadakiss has had GOAT level lyrical capabilities & MC status. It's even crazier that he's been right under everyone's noses for decades now! Glad to see him finally get his roses even if they are beyond overdue. Better late than never! I guess the same goes for his new fans... Also better late than never! LOL
Adrian Simpson
Adrian Simpson Yıl önce
I never met anyone who disputed kiss was top5
Broly Yıl önce
He's been underrated for years despite never spitting a wack verse ever. Will always be top 5, dead or alive to me.
Jesse Vaisanen
Jesse Vaisanen Yıl önce
lol....WHAT???/ kiss has been a top tier spitter since day one, and anyone who knows anything about hip hop has known that.. he has always been in my top 5, and always will be.
Broly Yıl önce
@Jesse Vaisanen emphasis on "anyone who knows anything about hip hop". I'm willing to bet a good portion of the current generation of hip hop fans probably don't even know who he is or how consistently good he has been for 20 years, because he's seldom mentioned as an inspiration. It's a shame.
Go Getter
Go Getter Yıl önce
You want spend 20 to get onto the club,so you wait on me to get in free but I didn't talk to you since 2003 so I walk by like I never saw you,now you got a valour suit and a lex coupe,the car shoulder been better in that case the scar would of been better,screw a vendetta, you got it you better pull it because there's a message in a bullet!!! kiss my ass mix tape kiss spit nothing but bars!!
corbyn ferraro
corbyn ferraro Yıl önce
Brotha you and I have come up the same way this song speaks to me 💯💯💯💯 if I ever blow up in what I'm doing I'm going to try and get you heard everwhere
Official Rezzy Bankz
Official Rezzy Bankz 8 aylar önce
Been listening to this everyday since it came out & it still hits the same 🔥
Gage Irwin
Gage Irwin 3 aylar önce
This joint getting bigger getting recognition he deserves been fw millyz
maximum dc music
maximum dc music Yıl önce
Awesome music fam keep up hard work in music bro 💪 🔥 🔥 🔥 bars
Kay 5 aylar önce
Music is my therapy and Millyz is in my playlist often
Lions Ground
Lions Ground Yıl önce
Trust me, Millyz is going to get really big. Really nice instrumentals and so dope Jadakiss is featured.
King Bud
King Bud Yıl önce
Man I appreciate GOOD music 🎶, Jadakiss has always been a problem, and let's be honest most people in today's era don't even know what good music is, and that's exactly why we keep hearing so much garbage on the airwaves. And dude is nice too, I like his flow, RAW 💯🔥🔥🔥
Ibrahim Gomda
Ibrahim Gomda Yıl önce
Remember Kiss said in one of his verses that they ain’t rely on Grammy they got they on charts and that was fire 🔥
Isaac Ferguson
Isaac Ferguson 11 aylar önce
On repeat all night his has helped me thru some of the hardest times thank you my boi much appreciated @millyz #millyz #blanco #BLANCO
Keyron Shavonn
Keyron Shavonn Yıl önce
Facts💯 Goon !,this is what rap/hip hop is about ,grinding and winning ,definitely giving back ,hold ya goon salute👍🏾💪🏾
cory bowling
cory bowling Yıl önce
Aint nothin like hearing real bars from the new artists that collaborate with the vets!! Keep this 🔥🔥🔥🔥 shit goin!! 💯💯
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 2 aylar önce
This still bangs to this day!!!! 💯 👊
tone capone
tone capone Yıl önce
Millyz IS the hardest out right now. Been following his movement for years. Shoutout to Jada coming to Mass AND rockin the sped piece in the video! Major love. BIG HLR!!!
Fuck that I hear jadakiss son straight 🔥 📛 👨‍🚒 🚒
Joseph Shields
Joseph Shields Yıl önce
U are the truth blanco u made history getting with Jadakiss I love u bro keep me posted on that Joyner show bro I can’t afford rid or I would
Joseph Shields
Joseph Shields Yıl önce
Tix my b
flippin' ek, b
flippin' ek, b Yıl önce
Styles P is the hardest out along with Jadakiss
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Yıl önce
Such an underrated track. Keep going Millyz 💪🏽💪🏽😎😎💯💯
Kerbsta Rules1
Kerbsta Rules1 Yıl önce
This hit different for real! Hip Hop all the way!
Jamel Freeman
Jamel Freeman Yıl önce
Greg Crosland
Greg Crosland Yıl önce
GMoors 6 aylar önce
Thanks for being there for me now MILLZY ❤⭐️👑
William Singleton
I’m a fan now.. keep going bro, your flo and delivery is 🔥
Chris Federico
Chris Federico Yıl önce
Music bout to blow up soon you will have your day soon! People are going to have no choice but to respect you and what your doing for mass and just the culture of music, much respect 👏
MoneyMitchy Yıl önce
This go hard!!!💪🏽💪🏽 this ish on repeat 🔥🔥
Nochill Tracks
Nochill Tracks 3 aylar önce
his voice, his flow, his beats are fking so clean and viby
SLIMZD Yıl önce
Dude delivery, flow and bars are and always will be up the there with the best
Steve Rumovicz
Steve Rumovicz Yıl önce
This track goes hard & you can feel his pain. Stay Solid youngblood
jason strunk
jason strunk 11 aylar önce
Whoever created the structure to this song it was a genius the song it's so complex when you really think about it I know I'm doing some nerdy rapshit but it is just really really good that's all I'm saying
Millyz Yıl önce
Turburritos food truck
killing it bro 💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥🔥
Get Money & Chill
91 Octane
Jadakiss is fired price went wayyyyyyy up son
Eddie Blocks
Eddie Blocks Yıl önce
🤞 dope bro
JemineyeMusic Yıl önce
Big up From Jamaica, in the Caribbean!
Ariel Torres
Ariel Torres Yıl önce
Beyond the basics of hip hop 🔥
Chris Hodge
Chris Hodge Yıl önce
The more I listen to this the better it gets 💯 SALUTE HOMIE!!!
Mike Elliott
Mike Elliott 7 aylar önce
One them joints that touch the soul I definitely appreciate this shit #Liveaction shit on replay !!!!
Ms Southside
Ms Southside Yıl önce
You know it's official if Jadakiss on it.Getting to the Bag by all means love it💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Josh Metcalf
Josh Metcalf Aylar önce
Get these hits to 10mil subscribe this dude I promise you he won’t disappoint raps about shit that goes on in these streets I feel every lyric raw asf realist rapper out here
Greg MacLeod
Greg MacLeod Yıl önce
"A lotta rappers richer than me did this shit with less skill, so I know I could get on quicker if I kept it less real" Millyz the truth 💪🔥
NullSechsElf Yıl önce
Sad but true. Marketing
Hardest bar sections. 💯
B. Square
B. Square Yıl önce
Ya trvid.com/video/video-_JUuDvjy2X4.html
baba dudu
baba dudu Yıl önce
I caught that line too
Cory Blaze
Cory Blaze 8 aylar önce
The Lox was huge for Millyz🔥$ Both have been spitting bars for years. Awesome collaborations and money moves for both sides. So glad they took a chance cause Millyz 🔥 SpedLife
Self Made
Self Made Yıl önce
Millyz is dope. Bar after bar. Straight Consistency. Keep grindin my G. Love from Canada 🇨🇦
Howieoso nice
Howieoso nice Yıl önce
Bringing real rap back💪🏽🔥
Dieter Unofficial
Instant classic. Love it.
Donald Heston
Donald Heston Yıl önce
💯 most consistent in the game keep the bangers coming salute
Cassidy Yıl önce
Millyz is so talented! Underrated and puts out nothing but heat! Give this man his flowers!!!
Stephanie Lockhart
Stephanie Lockhart 11 aylar önce
The wavelength of this song and the allegory is so beautifully broken ❤️
Adesker Pryor
Adesker Pryor Yıl önce
Got this on repeat
insanesavage tv
insanesavage tv 6 aylar önce
Millyz finally getting the respect he deserves.
J Noneya
J Noneya Yıl önce
Me stop listening to this everyday is ....hopeless. Glad to see we still have real artists. Jada dosen't have one bad verse ever. Millyz is a beast.
Kellie Weiss
Kellie Weiss 3 aylar önce
🔥🔥🔥🔥 y’all are something else !!!! Love it
Jace Simpson
Jace Simpson Yıl önce
Favorite song off the album! In my opinion this is the album of the year man, had this shit on repeat since it dropped, keep bringing the heat man, looking forward to it!!
Ez Auto
Ez Auto 10 aylar önce
this song hits on so many levels!
Big Jersey
Big Jersey Yıl önce
I literally listen to this jawn 4-5 times a day since it came out
enemychoppers 6 aylar önce
True inspiration. Keep on the grind
Moe Yagi
Moe Yagi Yıl önce
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥keep it coming
J and K
J and K Yıl önce
I don't think you understand what this song means to me getting me through some hard times for real 💯
6thbr Yıl önce
Jada bodied this, I hope his next album is all beats like this
Christopher Joseph
Cassidy can benefit off of beats like this to he won’t do it though
6thbr Yıl önce
@Christopher Joseph I haven’t Hurd Cassidy on beats like this since the b.a.r.s album lol
Jet of OZ 1107
Jet of OZ 1107 Yıl önce
He kills EVERY SONG....when you have Jadakiss as a feature on your album it real quick turns into Jada's song
Hec EcK
Hec EcK Yıl önce
Blanco 4 deserves a Grammy, rap album of the year ❕❕❕
This shit hits home.i needed this.. thanks M and Jada
Amanda Rivera-Velez
Kaitlyn Rawn
Kaitlyn Rawn Yıl önce
I remember when this first came out. So glad I’ve got it downloaded on my phone now
Sylvester Truesdale
Straight fire 🔥. This it real. A true feeling
James DeSchef
James DeSchef Yıl önce
I think this one of Millyz realest joints thus far🔥💨Jada crushed this too. And if your a true fan of hip hop, stop and think about this… Kiss is still killing shit without repeating himself with his punchlines… 20+ years later🤯👌🏾. I Love This Track!! Millyz really leveled up with this one too!. He had no choice, having Jadakiss featured on the track!! ……….👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔊🎶🔊🔥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻……….
CrackheadJimmy Yıl önce
He had a track with Jada years ago millyz can rap with anybody
FukyusMusic Yıl önce
Also helps that Jada signed Millyz so ofc he's gonna promote to get the 💰....
Joshua Bushyhead
Joshua Bushyhead Yıl önce
First time I’m hearing this dude and damn he got so much potential hope he make it fr he deserves it more then most the rappers we have💯
alxandra mitchell
Millyz been doing this since he was a teen. I remember and watched him move. Super proud of the young man that didn't give up..Just a kid from Cambridge reppin us in Real time...So proud...
Brandy Crystal
Brandy Crystal Yıl önce
Millyz and Jadakiss go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them trappers who just be usin that *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S* to go viral... SMH seem like anyone can go viral these days..
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez Yıl önce
Shit been ritten by God
Earnest Clark
Earnest Clark Yıl önce
When you can stand beside Kiss and put that work in on the track ✊🏿 Millyz with that smooth but aggressive flow
Shawn Butler
Shawn Butler Yıl önce
Getting better and better keep going!!💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Huntrs
The Huntrs Yıl önce
Slammin it hard! 🌋♨️
ANT LIVE845 5 aylar önce
Song is called HOPELESS but it gives me so much HOPE 🔥 #legendary
MACK MACK Yıl önce
It's a big difference between in the streets and industry✊🏾 💯 🔥🔥🔥
This is real music with bars. Millyz is growing on musically and Jadakiss never had a bad verse.
Simp Down
Simp Down Yıl önce
Found this song by accident on Spotify 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Kevin Hull
Kevin Hull Yıl önce
Don’t sleep on the Massachusetts boy. He lethal with the bars 🔥🔥🔥
Brockton Marciano
GGUniverse Yıl önce
Yo Millyz let’s keep it a buck man for real this album going crazy thee videos blowing way quicker then any others and rightfully so cause I haven’t found a song on Blanco 4 I don’t like. Every beat, every feature, every verse, literally couldn’t find a bar I don’t fuck with man. Super happy to witness and be alive for this come up and be alive in the era of Millyz man. I always thought that the 90’s was gon be my most respected and listened to music but it ain’t. Millyz, Jada, Benny the butcher changed all that:
I feel these Millyz and Jadakiss tracks I been fighting case after case just trying to live and the shit don't stop been like this since adolescent years and it's still a struggle like when is it enough?
Lamont Smith
Lamont Smith Yıl önce
This shit go hard! I feel this shit,I'm from the same era plus I seen it all they speaking!