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1 Mar 2015




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Cold Dead Hands
Cold Dead Hands Gün önce
Great fight again ! Incredibly, Tyson absorbed Lennox’s punches time and time again, that destroyed other fighters. To Tyson’s credit, he didn’t want to quit on his stole, or let them throw in the towel. Gave us another great fight to enjoy forever.
Barron Ingram
Barron Ingram 2 gün önce
that ring announcer 😁
Fahad 255
Fahad 255 3 gün önce
Tyson 💪💪❤
boxing fan uk
boxing fan uk 5 gün önce
Oh my god.......Mike Tyson runs forward & grabs hold of Lennox, then Mike turns to the ref and FALSELY accuses Lennox of holding (when its the other way around) and then the idiot ref gives Lennox a telling off for holding!!!!!!!!!
1jamaican Blitz Star
mike tyson is way better than him all he does amm match is hug tyson lol
Kawuan Farrisj
Kawuan Farrisj 7 gün önce
I remember being a kid not being able to understand how big this match was
Arejay Ene
Arejay Ene 9 gün önce
Lennox Lewis was a true British champion. He followed the rules of British boxing perfectly. Hold your opponent's head down and uppercut him while the referee does nothing.
Łukasz Wiewiórka
Łukasz Wiewiórka 9 gün önce
To już nie był ten mike który miał ogień w oczach w latach '80 :( niech płoną w piekle hieny które doprowadziły do jego upadku fałszywi przyjaciele giwens i don king śmieć
Joey van Leeuwen
Joey van Leeuwen 10 gün önce
18:00 "might be, no doubt about it" lmao
Midship Sport
Midship Sport 10 gün önce
This is actually a very underrated bout in the history of Boxing
John wick
John wick 10 gün önce
Donald Trump 1:13:16
TheSBleeder 10 gün önce
I'm not a Tyson fan. But I gained some respect for him in this fight. He took a worse beating than he did against Douglas and he stayed in there.
Li Ivan
Li Ivan 3 gün önce
Exactly. The fights where Mike faced Douglas and Lewis were some of the most one sided ass whoopings ive seen yet he didnt quit until he was actually finished. He couldve died in there in those fights
Stephen Swingler
Stephen Swingler 12 gün önce
At least the commentator had the guts to call out the bias...the ref was a total joke...anyway...the last shot of Tyson on the canvas bleeding from both eyes just about sums up the bout. Awesome display by Lennox Lewis.
rami tolvanen
rami tolvanen 13 gün önce
Lennox all four belts,Tyson Fury next champion
Job Jib
Job Jib 13 gün önce
Ref was terrible but Lennox would not be denied....
Job Jib
Job Jib 13 gün önce
As proclaimed by Emanuel Steward, George Foreman and the great man Muhammad Ali.... Lennox Lewis is the GOAT.....
Hunter Michael Kelley
Hunter Michael Kelley 13 gün önce
Tyson was stopped in what I thought was his best Rd of the fight. He finally started putting right hands to the body and putting good work inside instead of just holding Lewis back. Then Lewis timed that inside slip perfectly with his right.
Amalle Bigham
Amalle Bigham 13 gün önce
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reelNMangler gilly
reelNMangler gilly 15 gün önce
That height will get you
Colbert Lubisi
Colbert Lubisi 15 gün önce
David Michaels
David Michaels 16 gün önce
Mike has sexy chicken legs
David Michaels
David Michaels 16 gün önce
This was a terrible performance by Mike Tyson. He was younger than Lewis, and still could not beat him. Mike was flat, weak, lack luster, mentally fragile and stiff. He fought like a little girl, against a very average fighter in Lewis. Shame on Mike.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 17 gün önce
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 17 gün önce
Anthony Scott ??
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 17 gün önce
Your on your baby lol
Michael Spikes
Michael Spikes 17 gün önce
Fun fact during the undercard on this pay per view a very young pretty boy Floyd Mayweather jr defending his 135 pound championship against chop chop Corey on this same night
John wick
John wick 10 gün önce
Cant remember that fight but I remember manny Pacquiao was also on this undercard
Gavin Walker
Gavin Walker 17 gün önce
Fuck your community standards
Gavin Walker
Gavin Walker 17 gün önce
Mike Tyson not even in top 3 of best heavy weight of 90s fucking rapest
Joseph Davidson
Joseph Davidson 17 gün önce
It's Awesome how they give massive amounts of rehabilitation love to a rapist......right? Great job mainstream media! WTF???
Sniper 11 N.D.
Sniper 11 N.D. 20 gün önce
This is the worst beating that Mike took from any fighter. Lennox Lewis was beyond brutal.
Li Ivan
Li Ivan Gün önce
Douglas vs Tyson was pretty brutal too. The uppercut that Buster landed at the end would easily kill an average man
Your Neighbor
Your Neighbor 20 gün önce
Either credit Lennox Lewis for beating Mike Tyson or don’t credit Mike Tyson for beating Larry Holmes. Which is it?
Sniper 11 N.D.
Sniper 11 N.D. 20 gün önce
Mike took a beating in this fight. Lennox Lewis was special inside the ring.
James Bond IV
James Bond IV 21 gün önce
Lewis vs Tyson + Cotton. Very good.
Jessy Leppert
Jessy Leppert 21 gün önce
HBO VS. Showtime in a boxing way
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen 21 gün önce
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Ker Loz
Ker Loz 21 gün önce
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T0mmyPL 22 gün önce
Lennox punches Tyson in the face... Ref - Dont do that again! Isn't this suppose to be boxing? :D
hardrokrulzjj 4 gün önce
He swung and almost hit the ref while he was trying to break them up
Anthony Scott
Anthony Scott 22 gün önce
20 years later and Mike tyson is the most humble easy-going dude in the world..
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 17 gün önce
Joseph Davidson
Joseph Davidson 17 gün önce
he's a pathetic loser. He better be easy going.
pat thomas
pat thomas 23 gün önce
What Lewis does I do not like is when he gets a opponent down, he put is body weight on them to keep them down.
JT 1996
JT 1996 24 gün önce
One ofmy favorite fights. Lennox vs the Referee
Alex Ogle
Alex Ogle 24 gün önce
10:48 Future President Trump watches the calm Lewis pass by. Priceless!
Markus gordon
Markus gordon 24 gün önce
In coming to America 2 I thought they would mention this fight that Lewis fought a has been not Tyson in his prime
Markus gordon
Markus gordon 24 gün önce
Wish Mike would have knocked out lampley with the stupid questions asked more than once. That being said Tyson still did more than Holyfield in Lewis Holyfield 1 that was strictly for the money such a sad fight.
Leslie Apeah
Leslie Apeah 25 gün önce
If it wasn't for boxing, he would of destroyed everything in his path.(mike Tyson )
25hus2556j 26 gün önce
The first round we saw some glimpses of Tyson. Anytime he came close he got hugged by Lewis. It's his own fault and he caused his own demise. Still would've loved to have seen him reach his full potential
Gleison Couto De Andrade
Lennox lewis o cara é foda, poucos dão pressão ao Mike!
Paul Blade
Paul Blade 27 gün önce
foreman is a terrible commentator
Ningsem Mashangva Mahokhei
Eddie cotton worse refree partial refree
Jeff Haggerty
Jeff Haggerty 29 gün önce
Foreman said in the 1st round "I'm surprised by how easy it was to hit Tyson with an uppercut". Interpretation....George realized that he would KO Tyson faster than Frazier. Easy work for Big George.
Jungle Wii fii
Jungle Wii fii 28 gün önce
Bro big George foreman was a badass so sad that foreman, Lewis, evander Holyfield all beat the bum tyson but still don't get the respect and recognition they deserve, while fraud tyson gets dropped, ko, bites ears and still refered to as a ledgend that's racism and American supporters going American made
Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins 29 gün önce
Thieving referee...tried to rob Lennox
Kevin Munday
Kevin Munday Aylar önce
Lewis aged better than tyson, but look at young Lewis he was as dangerous as young Tyson. I think a fight between them earlier would have been a much better spectacle, but I would lean towards Lewis cos Tyson struggled against long reach fighters, green, tillis, smith, and Tucker, who all took Mike the distance, and Lewis better than those four imho....
j smith
j smith Aylar önce
anyone could see Tyson was no where near his best, while Lennox had preserved himself better.......thats all it was in the end?!
j smith
j smith Aylar önce
too many years of parties, etc., Tyson was burnt out in the second round......this fight should have been 10-15 years earlier?! waste LOL
Johnny Lacey
Johnny Lacey Aylar önce
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buckbumble Aylar önce
Something about Tyson looked a little defeated if not “off” before the fight. Lennox was solid.
Paulos Kidane
Paulos Kidane 6 gün önce
This was the first time in many fights that he knew that his opponent wasn’t scared of him.
R Aylar önce
Just wasnt his time anymore. He was yesterdays man........Lennox Lewis was the man of the moment.
Moor Noor
Moor Noor Aylar önce
الله اكبر
Malcolm Bryant
Malcolm Bryant Aylar önce
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NACHO M. Aylar önce
Cary Case
Cary Case Aylar önce
This fight was way too late, Tyson was a shell of his former self and by the end of the 90's. It bothers me that people are acting like Tyson was some myth as stated in this idiotic video. If you followed Tyson's career, you would know that he was fighting for a pay check. He had 3 losses already and spent 3 years in prison. He was done before the bell rang to start this fight. Lennox Lewis was a decent fighter but not nearly as good as Tyson was in the early 90's. Why didn't they fight then?
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Shafiq r Rehman
Shafiq r Rehman Aylar önce
lewis would of never beaten tyson in his prime
Jungle Wii fii
Jungle Wii fii 28 gün önce
Tyson is a fraud
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez Aylar önce
Round 1 : 12 Hugs Round 2: 7 Hugs Round 3: 12 Hugs Round 4: Round 5: Round 6: Round 7: Round 8:
MrDealindoug69 Aylar önce
Lennox Luis had a 13 inch reach advantage over Iron Mike.
ASuarez Suarez
ASuarez Suarez Aylar önce
46:24 says enough about the ref in this fight and shows how biased boxing is in America. Also, this fight proves how today's superheavyweights wouldn't be fazed by tysons power.
harris nina
harris nina Aylar önce
Jack Lambei
Jack Lambei Aylar önce
Hahahahahahahaaaa... Lennox Lewis Gentle.
Nathan Nall
Nathan Nall Aylar önce
I know a lot of folks would disagree but the "1 2, hold" strategy makes for an awful fight and I'm glad when a referee takes a hard stance. I get that its a strategy... its how Hatton dethrone Tszyu but if thats your strategy, you belong in MMA.
My Richter Scale
My Richter Scale Aylar önce
30:15 , lewis looks into mikes face
MegaNikolaos1 Aylar önce
Спасибо Борису за размещение боксерского матча.
Comment Gawd
Comment Gawd Aylar önce
FUBU LEWIS corner jackets🔥🔥🔥
Shuby Duby Pro Blackness
Lewis was putting his whole weight on Tyson draining him in the same way Fury was trained to putting all his weight on Wilder by weighing Damn near 300lbs. Both trained by Krump Gym
Emily clark
Emily clark 19 gün önce
Akosita Cava
Akosita Cava Aylar önce
The era of No Guts No Glory now its the era of No money no show all evasion and dodging the bloody promoters are killing the sport
jgarcia8605 Aylar önce
Let that shit go!! - rip Emmanuel Stewart The talent lvl of the trainers is evident. Sometimes I wish the world could have seen Tyson with d’mato & Rooney his whole career.
Andreas Porch
Andreas Porch Aylar önce
definitely not Tyson from prior career. The greatest fighter ever beat down by the by crooks and a corrupt system.
ZAIN YT Aylar önce
@Icaleb Fighters peak at different times. Tyson from 86-91, other than the Tokyo loss he was amazing through that time. Lewis way not far from his prime here and mentally was at his strongest. Only person who had Tyson’s number was Holyfield, Lewis putting his weight and pushing/holding Tyson was a disgrace
North Ayase
North Ayase Aylar önce
47:34 The Rock in the background.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Aylar önce
Holy shit!
HighPlainns Drifter
Tyson could have won this, but seemed to be suffering psychological distress; had ring rust; poor trainers & corner men .....no Kevin Rooney; did not employ his former winning tactics taught by De Mato & Rooney. Contact with Don King who seems to damage all his fighters. But worst of all, Lewis was allowed to hold far, far too much, stifling Tyson. So much so that it feels that this fight was fixed so that Lewis would win. This is unforgivable.
Ian Dixon
Ian Dixon Aylar önce
The refereeing was atrocious and biased; almost as bad as Foreman's one sided comments. Round five is a great example. "Political" is correct and George talks crap.
Richard Wolfe
Richard Wolfe Aylar önce
Deserves all that..LENNOX LEWIS ...!
Nitro_001 Newman
Nitro_001 Newman Aylar önce
I hate Larry Merchant. He’s an idiot! That wasn’t a knockdown.
Bizzywizard Wanderer
and im from the UK
Bizzywizard Wanderer
lewis was a worse fighter, relying on grapples
Ian Lang
Ian Lang Aylar önce
this was inevitable
gns3 soma
gns3 soma Aylar önce
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Buck Buchanon
Buck Buchanon Aylar önce
Tyson in his prime might have a different ending.
Buck Buchanon
Buck Buchanon Aylar önce
@liberalDestroyer I remember when Oliver McCall beat Lewis. That was some fight!
Severus Snape
Severus Snape Aylar önce
Is that what you hope for
Rob Maddison
Rob Maddison Aylar önce
No chance. Ask Vitali
Allen Aylar önce
Not might lol
K Cash
K Cash Aylar önce
Tyson didn't have that 'killer look' he usually had before the instructions. I know that doesn't generally mean much, but he almost looked intimidated. His weak spot has always been getting hit with an uppercut and Lewis landed a couple that slowed Tyson down early. He threw plenty and led with a couple. That's normally bad, but he felt he could land it almost anytime.
jorge blast
jorge blast Aylar önce
40:38 at this point tyson was absolutely blind
emm cee
emm cee Aylar önce
I see this fight as a symbolic end to the great period of heavyweight boxing from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Examples that we'll never see again
The MOTIV8 Xperience!
burung dan hewan ./animal
Tyson luar biasa. Mengalah untuk anaknya.
Preston Britto
Preston Britto Aylar önce
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John Llewellyn-Jones
He belongs in a carpeted cell with the rest of them.
Sam David
Sam David Aylar önce
Bugs me when people down play tyson in this not same this n that.. tyson was hurt round one with upper cup to the chin on the way in . Full credit to Lewis !! Tyson was more than ready for this fight and that ref !! Shocking he should be fired
Stu Marsh
Stu Marsh Aylar önce
George Foreman summed it up perfectly when he said their is no doubt Lennox Lewis is the best of all time..
Oliver Brown
Oliver Brown Aylar önce
What a chin.
Darkmens Torklass
Darkmens Torklass Aylar önce
books very good fights
aKa Chocho Tv
aKa Chocho Tv Aylar önce
Real Ro
Real Ro Aylar önce
LENNOX THE holder lewis!!! lewis held bad vs mike should of been a DQ!!! LEWIS HELD for dear life in the first 3 rounds
Addya. Addya.
Addya. Addya. Aylar önce
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cal nay
cal nay Aylar önce
if Lennox had any real power, the fight could have been won inside five rounds. Tyson showed no defense....
Josh peck
Josh peck Aylar önce
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Hugh Swan
Hugh Swan Aylar önce
Lenix Lewis is definitely a champion I just wish she would’ve felt Mike when he was young Mike’s finished
Hugh Swan
Hugh Swan Aylar önce
To take away anything from Lenix Lewis but Mike Tyson just isn’t the same it’s not the same boxer he was in his early years between prison and the bullshit with the media bad relationships it’s all taken it’s toll it does on all athletes
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