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Few athletes in American history are more interesting than Mike Tyson. He has lived many lives, so we thought it would be fun to ask people walking by our theater what they think about him without knowing that while they talk, Mike Tyson is right behind them.

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15 Haz 2022




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Yosef 3 aylar önce
"Yes he is the greatest athlete of all time" killed me 🤣
Jon McCarthy
Jon McCarthy 14 gün önce
She understood the assignment
Emmanuel onojeide
Emmanuel onojeide 15 gün önce
Honestly wish I could click that like button more than once...😂😂😂...she's extremely smart...
Koontakentaylor 17 gün önce
LOL!! I must've played that over and over 10 times!!
Mike C
Mike C 19 gün önce
Makes me laugh so hard!!
Luqaza 21 gün önce
@Austin Kilgore looser? or loser
mike M
mike M 2 aylar önce
That "he's very lucky im a peaceful man" always gets me laughing my @ss off.
qmcrip 16 gün önce
Heth very lucky I'm a peathful man
Dimitri Moraes Hatscha
Hadn''t that been on camera, that dude would've lost some teeth straight up.
T-Rex 28 gün önce
@vimto Hith
Blue Lightning
Blue Lightning Aylar önce
invisible Aylar önce
You mean ath right
Nico Legasto
Nico Legasto 2 aylar önce
1:39 Man...even just goofing around with a fellow boxer, Mike's form and footwork is on point! Years of practice and dedication 🙌🏻
Nuke Caulfield
Nuke Caulfield 7 gün önce
@seattlevixen That was a joke because the guy looks like Butterbean.
Devin Garcia
Devin Garcia 11 gün önce
@seattlevixen that's not butterbean it's jimmy kimmel they're making jokes. And I just viewed you getting into a full on YT argument 💀
seattlevixen 11 gün önce
@Nobody I'm saying my time is better spent knowing facts and not speculating everything rather than arguing on YT with "nobody". Enjoy your evening 😙
Nobody 11 gün önce
@seattlevixen So, you’re saying that a comedy late night talk show would never have someone who looks similar to someone, but has a blatant difference, stand in for a comedic bit? Completely impossible? Is it because late night talk shows are known for their pinpoint accuracy and honesty?
seattlevixen 11 gün önce
@Nobody and if you really think a show like Kimmel got it wrong then I can't help you.
Cesar G. D'Amico
Cesar G. D'Amico 2 saatler önce
Mike el mejor de todos los tiempos junto a Muhamad Ali!! Excelente Boxeador y Atleta! Un grande de verdad!!
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Rory Hayden
Rory Hayden 9 saatler önce
Alice Lee is obviously the best, I invested 5000 U S D and he made profit of 21,000 U S D for me just in seven days.
Marisol Pineda
Marisol Pineda 21 saatler önce
The GREATEST ATHLETE of all time will always and forever be. Jim Thorpe. Nobody comes near second. Glad to see Mike growing old and wise though.
Blaze Jones
Blaze Jones 25 gün önce
The last one had me Rollin 😂 she's smart enough to check her surrounding and then made a business decision 😂😂😂
ÀDii -UNŃi
ÀDii -UNŃi 5 saatler önce
You don’t Like Mike Tyson till he Starts Laughing Behind You…😬✊🏽✊🏽👌
Purushottam Kumar
When I didnot know about boxing, I know Mike Tyson, he is the legend ,, And i am his subperrrrrrrrrr Big Fan. Salute Mike Tyson.
Spicy Meat
Spicy Meat 5 aylar önce
Despite everything mikes been through, he’s still kicking it and has a smile on his face. He’s a legend of our time 🙏🏽
🎶 Erfman Beats 🎮
Johnny Ace
Johnny Ace 27 gün önce
@Ella L. arent all big Gollywood producers/director pedos? But you STILL WATCH THEIR MOVIES.
Painkiller Jones
Painkiller Jones 28 gün önce
@Ella L. Not really.
Ella L.
Ella L. 28 gün önce
Isn't he a r*pist?
Painkiller Jones
Painkiller Jones Aylar önce
He seems older and wiser, and I give credit to anyone who had a childhood like his, and came through it.
B Suarez
B Suarez 2 aylar önce
Mike is the embodiment of a soul who has learned who it is after so much turmoil. Grateful to see it play out and to be able to listen to his wisdom. One of the most memorable elders 💪🏾
Tafadzwa Shawatu
Tafadzwa Shawatu 29 gün önce
@Nathan Cole 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nathan Cole
Nathan Cole Aylar önce
LoL. No
Damir Milanovic
Damir Milanovic 4 saatler önce
This is Great, thanx, Mike
Practically Worthless
I would say we need to protect Mike Tyson at all cost buuut I think he’s got it covered
Klaus Jr.
Klaus Jr. 2 gün önce
I will always saying a good thing about Mike, even when I type this comment I constantly checking my back
Rishi S
Rishi S 5 aylar önce
"YES he's the greatest athelete of all time!" She understood the assignment
Jamal Said
Jamal Said Aylar önce
@Straight White Male How many boxers he beat them! The Skills? Tell me ? Alot May Almighty God Grant him Jannah Tul Firdaus.
Menesa Aylar önce
@Exile Atsushi 😂😂😂
Menesa Aylar önce
Devin Batista
Devin Batista Aylar önce
You gotta credit that girl's awareness man lmao "is Mike Tyson here??"
Rock Brentwood
Rock Brentwood Aylar önce
I would have gone to "What do you think of him" with "I didn't watch any TV in the 1980's, when he hit his stride, so I don't know anything about him; and stopped keeping track of Boxing after it fragmented into a gajdillion different authorities. All I know from video bios is he and Ali had a kind of passing of the baton between them, and some of the loose ends Ali left behind, Tyson wrapped up. If he were here" (... sneak, sneak, sneak ...) "I'd probably ask him about it." (... stand, stand, stand ...) [Upon feeling someone near and behind me, because I have echo-location ability] "I sense a presence, that I have not felt since..."
kuantize Aylar önce
If I saw Mike Tyson I would bawl, and I'm a grown man. What an athlete in his younger years and what a guy now in his older years. He's a fighter in the ring and out of the ring. God bless him.
Dragan Jakovljevic
Dragan Jakovljevic 2 saatler önce
Tyson still got speed and moves man
Blue Lightning
Blue Lightning Aylar önce
2:37 The fact that he missed the handshake shows how excited he was
Streets Shall Provide
Gotta love Mike- beyond skilled as a boxer, but his personality, sense of humor, and charisma have carried him into new realms on top of that.
Dark Brandon
Dark Brandon 5 aylar önce
Seeing Mike have the peace he's always deserved makes me so happy.
Duncan Morin
Duncan Morin Aylar önce
@Anthony ! Everyone has the potential to change and make amends for past mistakes. Plus he maintains he is innocent, I don’t know about that but I do know he’s a changed man. He paid his dues and is a completely different person now.
Anthony !
Anthony ! 5 aylar önce
@California's Magic Farms Rapists do too? Damn okay
California's Magic Farms
@Anthony ! we all deserve peace of mind
Anthony !
Anthony ! 5 aylar önce
Why has he always deserved that?
California's Magic Farms
Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
BOYESSTA MAYHEM 2 aylar önce
One of the greatest heavyweights of all time, had a troubled younger life but glad to see that he now seems at peace with himself and the world.
CapnPrice06 Aylar önce
1:38 Mike's still got it! Even just messing around, He still shows incredible skill in His footwork/dodges
TG 11 saatler önce
I woulda felt yo as soon as he walked out the door
ThaGuruHimself999 Aylar önce
“He’s very lucky guy, I’m a peathful man” 🤣💯
That guy talking about Tyson was a punk.
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my opinion
my opinion 5 aylar önce
Mike has battled demons his whole life. He has my utmost respect for conquering them. I admire him tremendously.
Fphelps Aylar önce
yes well said, i think he's just awesome
One-Day-At-A-Time Aylar önce
@Rubbingisracing But you still watch their videos, ok lol...
Norran 3 aylar önce
@Nothing Here to See Can you define what a woman is? 🤣🤣🤣
Pistemutaagio 3 aylar önce
@JESUS IS COMING Sorry stop. Don't force it onto people.
Pistemutaagio 3 aylar önce
Lian Khual
Lian Khual Gün önce
Is Mike Tyson here Yes he's the greatest athelete of all time🤣😂💪🔥☠️
joseph foster
joseph foster Gün önce
The man
Jason Mariani
Jason Mariani Aylar önce
Love Mike T. He doesn’t have to standing behind me to say that about him, because he’s awesome.
Tim Ager
Tim Ager 14 gün önce
He’s just as inspirational in he’s older years as he was when he was fighting if not more so absolute legend god bless him
Asif Ansari
Asif Ansari 2 aylar önce
His emotional interview about his daughter still makes me tear up.
sawal nuwa
sawal nuwa 5 aylar önce
That guy is right. Mike Tyson's transition to second life is really a mind blown. From badasss guy, to a peaceful old man who always smiling
He was that, now he also trains a lot again.
Blair 14 gün önce
Mind blown alright 😂
One-Day-At-A-Time Aylar önce
fasttrackblastback 3 aylar önce
That guy definitely met a hero that day!
Yapap1234567 5 aylar önce
Its the weed lol
Shark238 22 gün önce
I love Mike. I'm so glad he's doing well. No one will ever dominate the heavyweight division like he did.
sleazyfellow 2 aylar önce
Being a kid in the 80s if I ever got to meet him would make me back into a kid again, one of my heroes.
Deimos Aylar önce
No matter what anyone says, he is the single greatest fight to have ever existed. The man was a machine.
Iftikhar Hussain
Iftikhar Hussain 2 aylar önce
He still has the fitness and speed at this age. Very lethal ☺
Declan Claus
Declan Claus 5 aylar önce
"YES hes the greatest athelete of all time!" had me dying
James Christopher Cirujano
@abby Lee Put that in a playlist and public that.
xyz 5 aylar önce
@abby Lee😂😂😂
Myhealand 5 aylar önce
@abby Lee If you are her, you are going places!!! 😁😁😁😁
The Harlequin
The Harlequin 5 aylar önce
Well, that is an eligible woman for sure.Not only stunning, but savvy and sharp.I bet if you asked what is her favourite thing involving sex, she would say "The Orgasm."
Noel G.
Noel G. 5 aylar önce
Shorty knew they was lining her up with that question 🤣
My Place
My Place 14 gün önce
Mike is such a blessing. To see and watch him grow is very inspirational for me coming from similar backgrounds. He is such a Gentleman now. Massive respect for that guy. That's the greatest thing.
Chocolate Guy
Chocolate Guy 20 gün önce
Mike was my father's favorite boxer before Manny Pacquiao. I watched his fights back then with my father. He is indeed a legend.
Maydupnem777 4 saatler önce
Isnt mike like doubble the size of connor?😂
coreyon dews
coreyon dews 2 aylar önce
The last one killed me 😂😂😂 it was adorable.
blacksilkrose777 5 aylar önce
The twins had me in tears..."Is Mike Tyson Here?...Uhh He's The Greatest Athlete Of All Time."😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
them apples
them apples 3 aylar önce
@Tiho Sem Thanksth guyths!
Tiho Sem
Tiho Sem 4 aylar önce
yo.. what does he say at the end when he points his fingers down?😂 because its not understandable
Eddu Zamudio
Eddu Zamudio 4 aylar önce
Jacqueline Y. Ford
Jacqueline Y. Ford 4 aylar önce
The twins were hilarious ♥️😂 ♥️😃 ♥️
Patrick Naera
Patrick Naera 4 aylar önce
@Hllary Eneji One is :)
Boneshaker Aylar önce
I love Mike. Been to the edge of the abyss looked down and came back to tell us about it. Respect.
Tony Prior
Tony Prior 28 gün önce
That was so funny, love Iron Mike, he is and always will be a legend
Anthony Howard
Anthony Howard 11 gün önce
I love Mike. From first introductions in Punch Out! when I was too little to understand the hype to watching him grow as a businessman. A teddybear badass. That's the summary. and YES one of the greatest most defining athletes of ALL time.
Hemant S
Hemant S 2 aylar önce
Having watched this man since my teenage in the late eighties ,I have always loved this man .. I can't figure out why .. but simply love Mike Tyson .. the invincible period of Mike Tyson goes down in boxing history as the most exciting.. Love you Mike. . for me you are the greatest ever ..
Kürşad Kul
Kürşad Kul 21 gün önce
Kalplere sevgiyi ALLAH koyar. Allah u ekber Bende mıke yi çok severim
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 5 aylar önce
The way he transitions from a peaceful guy to a boxing monster in less than a second is insane! He's still got it!
EmilioSuperEmilio 2.0
EmilioSuperEmilio 2.0 3 aylar önce
Are you talcking about 1:36 man?
Raul 3 aylar önce
@El Shabaro he’s no longer enemies with himself he made peace with himself
El Shabaro
El Shabaro 3 aylar önce
@Raul probably for a couple mins if you take out stamina but you also gotta realize alot of his fights was him showing the world who he is now that the world knows he doesn’t have to fight anymore more the only enemy he has now is himself
Jeeva 1605
Jeeva 1605 3 aylar önce
What do you expect, he grew up idolizing Sonny Liston ❤️🔥🔥🔥
Raul 4 aylar önce
@CJAY LOCO he’s still the champ
Daniel G
Daniel G 2 aylar önce
The last guy was super wholesome. Tyson has had a life with lots of struggles. It makes me smile to see how at peace he seems to be now
Christian Hatke
Christian Hatke 2 aylar önce
Mike carry’s the spirit of boxing with him for so many people.
Taj M
Taj M Aylar önce
Warms my heart to see Tyson having joy in his life these days. He went through soooo much when he was younger. One of his interviews nearly brought me to tears. He was much more sensitive than people realize. Much like Sonny Liston Really happy for him. Hoping that the rest of his days are filled with happiness..
TickleMeWesker 2 aylar önce
Hugging Tyson is literally on my bucket list lol
Alfa Rosso
Alfa Rosso 5 aylar önce
Even his walk is intimidating. What an amazing athlete and a boxer
Acharich Speaks
Acharich Speaks 3 aylar önce
UKIndian Rambler
UKIndian Rambler 5 aylar önce
@Icey F I just mentioned the incident and did not blame him. May be You and & I in his shoes in that situation with a couple of pricks pointing their cameras at us, we would have done the same.
New Generation Technology
True him and Denzel Washington have very distinguished walks lol . You can just see the swagger in their walk lol
Icey F
Icey F 5 aylar önce
@UKIndian Rambler Why you make it sound like he's the one who did something wrong in that airplaine incident ? His reaction was totally adequate
UKIndian Rambler
UKIndian Rambler 5 aylar önce
@Kickass79950 And this video sounds like a PR exercise to get him back on the good books. Good luck to him and he will go down the history in a good/nasty way as one of the greatest boxer nevertheless
Mae Mae
Mae Mae Aylar önce
He's so naturally funny 🤣
MrBashem Aylar önce
Great guy. Had rough times but over came them to be where he is now. We should try to follow his example to better ourselves.
Cathode Ray
Cathode Ray Aylar önce
I still think he's one of the greatest boxers and I'm glad that he's mellowed somewhat with age.
Yasar Dogan
Yasar Dogan 3 gün önce
Usman Salim
Usman Salim 5 aylar önce
It's crazy how people forget greatness over time! Mike is a legend!
Duncan Morin
Duncan Morin Aylar önce
@IBRAHIM SURTI what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
JRmechanical 5 aylar önce
They are not old enough
Irisali Samson
Irisali Samson 5 aylar önce
Faak yeah! He is the Legend! He is number 2! You guys all know who is number ☝️ 😉
Sarym 5 aylar önce
He's not even in the top 5 heavyweights of all time (forget overall athletes) unless you are a complete boxing casual watching only the most viewed highlights..And don't give me that crap about "Prime Tyson" and all excuses to justify all losses and setbacks. His transition though is great to see
IBRAHIM SURTI 5 aylar önce
Legend in America only mate He does not even compare to footballers The legacy of footballers is world wide Well for you Americans, your country is your world
DNash Nasir Qureshi
The last girl stole the show.. 😂🤣😂🤣 “yes ! he is the greatest athlete of all time” on the top of her lungs. Cracked me..😂🤣
The Big Bad Wolf
The Big Bad Wolf 2 aylar önce
Mike aged wise like a fine wine. We all respect and salute you sir!
mrsmoke 23 gün önce
he is just the most humble, nicest guys on the planet! what a legend.
Heather Ingram
Heather Ingram 2 aylar önce
I couldn't love this more. Look at those people's faces when they see him🥰 Mike Tyson is so awesome 👏
Enzo Maidana
Enzo Maidana 5 aylar önce
It's so good to see him happy. God bless Mike. He is a world treasure.
Dana Mazin
Dana Mazin 5 aylar önce
I also agree ❤️
VirgoThruAndThru 5 aylar önce
C. Cory Spencer
C. Cory Spencer 5 aylar önce
I would have voted the vid up because of Tyson, but I don't like Estrogen Jimmy...
m k
m k 5 aylar önce
Legendary ✌
An D. Y
An D. Y 5 aylar önce
Who rapes woman
brilliant.had me in tears of laughter. magic.
Keisha Bonner
Keisha Bonner 2 aylar önce
This was too funny! Just goes to show you that Mike Tyson is still relevant, and he's beloved by many....Thanks for Jimmy Kimmel for pulling this off.
Tikiri Tok
Tikiri Tok Aylar önce
BRILLIANT!! MT was my Hero in the 80s and I still love the man today.....thank you, Mike!! Much respect and love!
maxacorn 27 gün önce
despite all the pain and torment he's been through, i'm glad mike has found the ablity to smile and laugh.
Dr. Malcolm
Dr. Malcolm 5 aylar önce
The last woman was brilliant 😂 yes he's the greatest athlete of all time. Dang that was priceless.
Dan MVP 5 aylar önce
Artur Beterbiev 18 fights 18 wins 18 knockouts WBC WBO IBF champ
Adam Fleck
Adam Fleck 5 aylar önce
@King Doge because she was aware enough before she saw him.
Crazy Diamond
Crazy Diamond 5 aylar önce
@Pastor Bluntaround Of all places she will most definetly not go there 😂
Y MK 5 aylar önce
she cracked me up! Even Mike couldn’t hold it up to her..
Pastor Bluntaround
Pastor Bluntaround 5 aylar önce
@Truth Hurts straight to my bedroom if she’s with it lol
Palash Adhikary
Palash Adhikary Aylar önce
Yes he is the greatest I love him ❤️
Roy Daroyni
Roy Daroyni 15 gün önce
I need more like this, please! 😁
Sergey Ivanovsson
Sergey Ivanovsson Aylar önce
We love you, Mike!!! If I was asked, even though I do not think him the numero uno, I'd genuinely said; "May be the greatest puncher of all time. And definitely he's one of the toughest of those gues in sports ever"! With DEEP RESPECT and FULL APPRECIATION, Sergey, Russia!
Kürşad Kul
Kürşad Kul 21 gün önce
Evet sana katılyorum evlat Bende ona hayranım
Majer Rahim
Majer Rahim 2 aylar önce
mike tyson has a warm heart of all boxers. no matter what you say, looks at his first videos, the way he talks you can tell he is a nice person
Joan M James
Joan M James 5 aylar önce
He's not crazy. He's a good man who's been through more than anyone should ever have to endure!
DarkSpartan343 2 aylar önce
No one should ever have to endure sleeping with 1300 women like mike tyson!
Jude AK
Jude AK 2 aylar önce
@Chaos Knight he didn’t go through anything like that
Chaos Knight
Chaos Knight 2 aylar önce
people who survived concentration camps typing in the chat …
mohammed ikhlaq
mohammed ikhlaq 2 aylar önce
Don king used him
StaySolidShades 2 aylar önce
Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.dd
Das Wunder
Das Wunder Aylar önce
2:06 his reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anthony Dempsey
Anthony Dempsey Aylar önce
Mike is such a cool man even the way he walks so relaxed.
Sonny Aylar önce
Mike is apart of a group of people who shaped the world 🌎
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stuffed grubs
stuffed grubs Aylar önce
I hope after all my indiscretions I end up being half the man Mr Tyson is. Respect.
J 5 aylar önce
"Is Mike Tyson here? Yes he's the greatest athlete of all time!" ROLMAO!
goodthings 2 aylar önce
@Sonny Never yes absolutely this quote totally fit on hef
ARKeteer 2 aylar önce
Survival Instinct kicking in
Chase JabL
Chase JabL 2 aylar önce
I cried, how can you tell which is the smart twin.
Devil 2
Devil 2 2 aylar önce
Her AI is smart
YOLLA CHRIST 2 aylar önce
I have a question? For you? What boxer in the hall of fame did Tyson beat?
Learning with Suj
Learning with Suj 25 gün önce
2:38 - the best reaction!
Safaa Youhana
Safaa Youhana 2 aylar önce
Mike Tyson is one the best boxers of all time. A living legend
Meredy Mercado
Meredy Mercado Aylar önce
i would cry if i see him. hes the greatest of all time.
Wishnu Prasetyo
Wishnu Prasetyo Saatler önce
I'm thingking, mike tyson and butterbean are been nice n funny person after their retired. They r should have comedy group now
Lucky Bastard
Lucky Bastard 5 aylar önce
This twin's awareness was top notch and priceless
TheDopamineDoctor 5 aylar önce
Her “somethings up” senses were going off haha
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 5 aylar önce
i think she has something like me cuz every time i see these i always feel like they’re staged cuz it’s so obvious what they’re asking and why but i guess it’s not im just smarter than them
Man Dan
Man Dan 5 aylar önce
Did u see how Mike wanted to put an arm around both of them and then stopped? Men really have to watch out nowadays in America.
emmanuel ebunoluwa
emmanuel ebunoluwa 5 aylar önce
Exactly. Wow. That instinct
Paulius Paškevičius
Paulius Paškevičius 5 aylar önce
two heads better than one
Jeryl Cook
Jeryl Cook Aylar önce
Mike is so at peace it's awesome watching him every time
bemuiefpei hurahura
😀 I love this show 😘 MT was the craziest and one of the greatest athlete in this planet 👌
Shut-in Gaming
Shut-in Gaming 5 gün önce
Let this be a lesson to everyone; when you're asked if Mike Tyson is the G.O.A.T., your answer should automatically be "YES" 🤣
Love 17 gün önce
I laughed so hard 😂 I love Mike to the moon and back And that’s on period. 🔥 🔥 ❤️
HarryAyy 5 aylar önce
Mike Tyson is in his 50's and is still one of the scariest guys on the Planet 💀
Robert K
Robert K 5 aylar önce
Try 60s
SCINTILLAM DEI 5 aylar önce
He should wrestle Schwarzenegger.
mpound97 5 aylar önce
@HotCrazyCatLady Me Tyson is 55 i believe
IrishknifeRD 5 aylar önce
@TheDylls "could you, in your prime, take mike tyson now?" me: "uhh ask me again in 20 years" dude is still a beast.
Christoffer 5 aylar önce
@Anouny Moose fkin hell good luck to whoever takes him on
BenteLog 20 gün önce
i love tyson, he's pure power when he was young. i saw his fall against holyfield. old age does impact in boxing trade. but still pure power never dies.
Googol 2 aylar önce
I love what Tyson has become. To think he was always like this is just mind boggling given how he could fight to survive.
Theresa Williams
Theresa Williams Aylar önce
Hello sweetie
Theresa Williams
Theresa Williams Aylar önce
A legend
Doug Coombes
Doug Coombes 16 gün önce
It is so great to see Mike Tyson smiling like he is these days.
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank Aylar önce
A true legend
Peter Meier
Peter Meier 5 aylar önce
This man was purely ferocious in his prime. Nothing but power, gotta have balls of steel to get in the ring with this man
Mark Fox
Mark Fox 5 aylar önce
You like thinking of men getting all sweaty fighting each other and thinking about their testicles, do you?
Meticulousmoto74 5 aylar önce
@Counter strike . So true, he had brutal knockout power but his jabs were incredibly quick for a heavyweight and often overlooked.
BLANK C7 5 aylar önce
He was impeccable.
Another One
Another One 5 aylar önce
@Peter Meier bro absolutely. I can't imagine getting in the ring with him now, let alone his prime. Absolute monster
Vincent Thomas
Vincent Thomas 5 aylar önce
@JWar that is one of the best descriptions of Mike I've ever heard... I've always said he's one of the best elusive boxers ever... but that's it elusive but still aggressive on the attack... well said!
MWhitehall 2 aylar önce
I'm happy for him on how he's cleaned up his life, etc. Blessings.
Twelvestrings 26 gün önce
Got to smile seeing this. I'm def a fan of Mike Tyson.
Kenton Jackson
Kenton Jackson Aylar önce
I just LOVE this. Well done.
Captain America
Captain America 19 gün önce
Too much! Absolutely love it. Ya know, for being a super great champion 🏆, it seems that he turned out a great, fun, high quality man. His sense of humor speaks volumes! In this piece, he comes off like a happy kiddo, as we all should be. I sure hope that Mike has come to know the Lord Jesus. Would be great to meet him in the next life too!
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell 5 aylar önce
When Mike Tyson plays around and still be scaring people without even trying 😂😂😂
AndrewDiceClay🧇 5 aylar önce
Oh no Mike sold out? Kimmel is as corrupt as they come now!
Don't view my profile picture
*Don't read my name* 👍
Ricky Bobby Da Star
Ricky Bobby Da Star 5 aylar önce
Not me
ArthyBil 5 aylar önce
I'd piss in my pants if I encountered him, he's intimidating.🤣
Driven 5 aylar önce
@D' sories he’s like a pitbull
Don EM
Don EM Aylar önce
One of the greatest boxer in the world he is legendary...
geniozao Aylar önce
"I'm a very peaTHful man". Kills me every single time 🤣
XD why did i look behind me
Jeff Dearman
Jeff Dearman Aylar önce
Man they should totally do a 30 minute show on this. =) as a regular series.
J. Baldwin
J. Baldwin 5 aylar önce
It's amazing to see how many peoples' eyes light up when they see Mike. He went from being feared for years to being loved.
Agastya 2 aylar önce
@Mark Mike is respected because he proved that he is capable of growth. I don't think you realize how much disrespect he got from people when he bit off hoyfield's ear.
Ikramuddin Zwane
Ikramuddin Zwane 2 aylar önce
Mark 2 aylar önce
@Agastya Mike is respected as one of the best, nothing to do with him being like a smiling grandpa, what are you even saying I am so confused.
StaySolidShades 2 aylar önce
Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.dd
Simon Edwards
Simon Edwards 2 aylar önce
He may ov been feared but awesome to watch ya just knew what time it was when he went to battle I tried not to blink at times in cased I missed his knock outs way a legend
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