Mike Tyson Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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2 Ara 2022




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Complex 2 aylar önce
If you could own multiple pairs of one sneaker what would it be?
Axl 2 gün önce
Jamv_Editz 13 gün önce
Micheal Jackson 4s
Paul Claus
Paul Claus 14 gün önce
Bape Sta
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Scabandari Bloodeye
Scabandari Bloodeye 16 gün önce
Alexander technique or Tai chi. Apparently it's a proper way to stand.
roodood 2 aylar önce
Mike's stance is like straight out of GTA
Thoro Comments
Thoro Comments 14 gün önce
Son was ready to knock La Puma out if needed, lol.
Listowell Bekoe
Listowell Bekoe 15 gün önce
Derrick Wilson
Derrick Wilson 21 gün önce
Charlie Omalza
Charlie Omalza 22 gün önce
That's the real gangster in GTA bro😆😆
007 29 gün önce
First person
BlakeBussin Aylar önce
“I had my money, I didn’t need no deals” the most underrated mike Tyson quote in my opinion. I’d love to hear an athlete say that now🤣🤣
sdq sdq
sdq sdq Gün önce
well he should have ,look at jordans , dude already retired and jordans still sells
M OB 7 gün önce
Leo Arzola
Leo Arzola 10 gün önce
The other is idk what happens in the factory but its the best for my feet
Nearly Solvent
Nearly Solvent Aylar önce
Stfuitsjuan Aylar önce
Literally heard that as i read
Salman Khan
Salman Khan 10 saatler önce
“I had my money I didn’t need no deals” That quote speaks volumes. And tells you about his mindset.
LilSoap 15
LilSoap 15 Gün önce
Mike still is a scary intimidating guy even tho hes dressed like a relaxing Dad
DonOneEye Aylar önce
He even stands like he's ready to go in any minute 😵‍💫
dean ivan
dean ivan 4 gün önce
More like he's sitting on an invisible chair 😁 Go Champ!
Black Shinobi
Black Shinobi 21 gün önce
@Leal Michael he said it’s cus he was doin 1000 squats a day in his prime. It’s just part of the legacy of being great u sacrifice your body. He’s still mentally intact tho most boxers his age have it worse he’s incredible healthy
Leal Michael
Leal Michael 21 gün önce
@Black Shinobi that makes me sad
Black Shinobi
Black Shinobi 22 gün önce
He’s said his knees are effed and standing straight makes them hurt
Executive 2 aylar önce
For all he’s been through, it’s good to see him happy and enjoying life.
Rene Birowicz
Rene Birowicz Aylar önce
Its the 5g shrooms daily
1415guy Aylar önce
@Teo Leno why?
D LAW Aylar önce
Like deadass tho motivate me everytime
leprechaun Aylar önce
@Ether Rocket u really believe that?
Chris zapata
Chris zapata Aylar önce
MRTN_ VW Aylar önce
Mike is such a legend. I mean after everything he has been through, look how humble, respectful, and calm he is. He is an example not only as a sportsman, but as a man too.
Osama bin laden
Osama bin laden Aylar önce
@jayman1819 why’s that?
jayman1819 Aylar önce
True but why would you say he’s humble … and respectful like it sounds good, but it don’t at the same time idk 🤷‍♂️
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Nate James
Nate James Aylar önce
His fighting stance has become second nature at this point..awesome to see him doing well after all he's dealt with in life..a fighter in every sense of the word
Aerochalklate Aylar önce
hes ready to ko Puma in case he wanna try sum
Bikash Mangrati
Bikash Mangrati 2 gün önce
Those sneakers adjust automatically to Mike's feet size 🦶
CDR 2 gün önce
I love how Mike Tyson is simultaneously on of the most dangerous men to ever walk the earth and the chillest and coolest dude ever.
Breez Luize
Breez Luize 2 aylar önce
Joe's respect for and research on his guests is always impressive.
buzz 14 gün önce
@BloodFacedBeeatch npc comment
Kyle Donald
Kyle Donald Aylar önce
Breez Luize
Breez Luize Aylar önce
@Cheeky Breeky Mistake? Looks like someone read way too deeply into my comment and has too much time on their hands. Your incel status is showing.
Cheeky Breeky
Cheeky Breeky Aylar önce
@Breez Luize you did not say he is the face. You said his research is impressive. You are too stubborn to admit your mistake.
Breez Luize
Breez Luize Aylar önce
@Cheeky Breeky Duh. Isn't he the one on screen? Isn't he the FACE and the HOST of this show? 🤔🙄
Dennis Chen
Dennis Chen 3 gün önce
6:38 looks like he was wearing a presidential day-date, that's the attitude you should have back in the 80's and 90's.
Tony G
Tony G Aylar önce
Being a 80s baby and growing up watching all that this man has been through, is wild to me man. To see him get to this point of humbleness is amazing to me! One of the greatest….. may GOD for ever bless you brotha Mike ! Much love
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Jr Ceja
Jr Ceja Aylar önce
People don’t give joe enough credit he is such a great interviewer always makes the guest feel so comfortable love joe💪🏿🤟🏾
ALDAMONEY Aylar önce
How can u not love Mike if u grew up in his time u seen where he was where he went and then where he ended up it's just great to see him happy We love ya Champ
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Chicago NorthSide
Chicago NorthSide 2 aylar önce
You can tell the way mike presents himself that he’s been through a lot. He just wants peace and love in his life.
Ophelia Aylar önce
His victim that he sexually assaulted went through a lot too.
Collins O'Connor
Collins O'Connor Aylar önce
Roberto Clemente
Roberto Clemente Aylar önce
I worry that he might have CTE... sounds a step slow sometimes. But he's still sharp on many things. Street smartest.
travennnnn Aylar önce
@Multipackcan80p he'll still knock you tf out
Eff Taroza
Eff Taroza Aylar önce
Yes indeed, I know the feeling!!!
JasignerEdits Aylar önce
You can tell joe is going deeper and more enthusiastic with Mike than a lot of other guests
poppa Aylar önce
Thanks for this video Joe! The best episode yet! Mike Tyson is a living legend!
STANDARD H Aylar önce
Love Mike. Major kudos to Joe as an interviewer, though. He’s working here. When you ask questions and don’t get much back (no shots fired at Mike!) to keep this energy and moving forward is really tough to do. Nice work, Joe. This is why you’re doing things. Love to see it.
Pickles_ Gage_
Pickles_ Gage_ Aylar önce
Look at mike being all positive and being a nice guy around. Love to see it go iron mike forever! ❤️🥊
AllDayDoan 2 aylar önce
Mike sayin he’s “overrated” and his reaction to his own greatness, what a genuine humble dude. One of the GOATs of our generation man ✊🏼
AnthonyPerry312 Aylar önce
More than that. He might not be the most accomplished or the greatest of all time but There was a time when he was the best boxer ever to do it. There is a difference. No doubt a prime Tyson with his head on straight would destroy Ali or anyone else that came in his path. Whole different level.
Jackson Kimball
Jackson Kimball Aylar önce
James D
James D Aylar önce
I lost ALL respect for Lennox Lewis when he stepped into the ring with a Mike Tyson who was a shell of his former self - prob just a drug addict needing money at that point.
Jorge Ibarra
Jorge Ibarra Aylar önce
@James D something can be paradoxical and true
James D
James D Aylar önce
@Jorge Ibarra GOATs (in their respective fields)
Mr Zero
Mr Zero Aylar önce
I think for me and all of us here, this is a verification vid that Mike Tyson is not only a legend of boxing and all he has done for the sport but also the culture, he is totally happy and just an inspiration for all of us and reminds us all that no matter how bad things can get in our life there is always a door to the positive of life and brush off all the negative and move on! You are the best Mike!
Jackpot Winner
Jackpot Winner 23 gün önce
You can tell Mike is a man who has seen the absolute lows of fame and fortune and has survived a lot. He is so gracious and humble such a great turnaround. I wish that for all of us who are lost and trying to find a way forward
TiffanyMS Aylar önce
I just love Mike Tyson. Straight to the point. He’s changed so much. He’s much kinder and gentler. U can tell he has a good heart and he’s soft spoken. He could’ve bought the whole store and instead chose to buy ONLY what he and his son liked.
2 S1l3nt
2 S1l3nt Aylar önce
“Here you go buddy” seeing what a beast he was vs how friendly he now is why he’s my idol. Being the baddest in your prime but the kindest in front of your family.
Starr BOOY
Starr BOOY Aylar önce
What a man of redemption! Mike Tyson The GOAT and a fine example of how to turn your life around ❤
Breezy Aylar önce
Joe gotta be top 5 best interviewers of all time ! Plus, MT is so wholesome and a whole vibe, love the episode
Alvaro Delgado
Alvaro Delgado Aylar önce
Iron Mike deserves everything. And props to Joe for showing the king the upmost respect. Great episode.
chris ribeiro
chris ribeiro Aylar önce
I don't think he even bought himself a pair of sneakers.. I love this guy - True Legend
CJ 4
CJ 4 2 aylar önce
“ I had my money I ain’t need no deals “ that was a fkn cold line 😎 Mike the goat
Alexander Collyer
Alexander Collyer Aylar önce
I read this comment at the exact same time Mike was saying it in the video.
Ayee42 Aylar önce
Fun fact my dad use to be a painter for Ferrari he’s retired now but he always told me how mike Tyson use to get so wasted he would crash his cars and leave them on the street his manager at the time would always come by leaving his cars for repair
lustgas Aylar önce
@Gideon Larbi Well its public information, hes been very open about it.
Pound Trader
Pound Trader Aylar önce
but most athletes become super rich from endorsement deals, in other words he limit himself
NoCap Facts
NoCap Facts Aylar önce
@Gideon Larbi 😂people talk alot lile they know. Haha you knock him with an uppercut🤛🏻🤣
DMar James
DMar James Aylar önce
Very humble guy love the way he turned his downfall /Obstacle into an opportunity. 💪
Must Repent
Must Repent Aylar önce
Mike Tyson is hilarious in a very respectful way. Very insightful to hear a different perspective on sneakers from an older, comfort seeking Mike. Great video!
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meagain andagain
meagain andagain Aylar önce
Tyson is a cool middle aged man. Humble, introspective, intelligent, and amazingly funny. I look for all recent Tyson pieces on TRvid. I’m never disappointed.
Slodzinski Thomas
Slodzinski Thomas Aylar önce
I love Mike Tyson he is awesome he has experienced so much in his life it is unbelievable he has accomplished so much
DarkChocolate325 2 aylar önce
Mike's a legend but not a man of many words sometimes, so definitely shouts out to Joe for doing the heavy lifting in this interview. We see you brother! 👍🏿
Monemaker02 Aylar önce
Mike is not show a lot of talking about material things. Every material thing for him is trash. Very intelligent man. But he defenitely has millions of wisdom to share.
memory foam matress stuffed with battery acid
@Christopher Ayettey Thessalonians5:6-8 It took me about 5 seconds to google that. Not so hard is it? And you would have got the question answered instantly instead of waiting, snail brain.
Google gmail
Google gmail Aylar önce
@George watch his podcast idiot, he is a very in depth person. You judged a book by its cover, that could get you killed
Rekless 2 aylar önce
Wrong he kept speaking over Mike, an honestly he’s a corny host.
Terry Beck
Terry Beck 2 aylar önce
If he couldn’t talk why would he have a podcast lol 😂
Eastside E
Eastside E Aylar önce
I really like Mike he’s a genuine soul rare to find
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Aylar önce
Gotta love Mike Tyson!!! He’s so Humble
Joog 3 gün önce
“Idk what they doing in those factories “
Bryz! ☁️
Bryz! ☁️ Aylar önce
I like how humble he is…answering all these questions Lol The GOAT❤️🔥
Rumblefan 2 aylar önce
I love when mike Tyson says “isn’t that something” or “isn’t that incredible”. Cracks me up every single time, such a humble dude.
veridian Aylar önce
@Wyatt W he is
iseerashonal Aylar önce
@Quan I like when he always responds "listen"
JustGassy Aylar önce
ya also when joe said that the supreme shirt with his face is worth $1000, mike tyson said "im overrated you shouldnt pay that much"
Roberto Maldonado
Roberto Maldonado Aylar önce
My favorite line of his “ wow that’s beautiful”
Francisco Aylar önce
yes super humble
James D
James D Aylar önce
He is.. unquestionably.. the most phenomenal, most spectacular boxer in recorded history!
daffy muck
daffy muck Aylar önce
Absolutely 😂😂😂 mike is a legend so serious but always makes me laugh
Nick Aylar önce
Mike is truly one of a kind.
Tyler_krause22 Aylar önce
Mike seems like such a kind and genuine person
Zal Jacob Serad
Zal Jacob Serad 2 aylar önce
I love when Joe explains some the shoe's history to the guests. At least those people who are just casual watchers get to know a little bit of the culture. This is also good for those people who are just new to the game. More content like this!
buzz 14 gün önce
@d mar he never said that dmar, his main point is that the viewers also get to know some history about the shoes he talks about
LeMike Hendrix
LeMike Hendrix Aylar önce
@Wile E Coyote where the website
Curtis Aylar önce
Realist comment I’ve seen
Guido gbd
Guido gbd 2 aylar önce
Agree. It’s definitely enjoyable
kobe bryant
kobe bryant 2 aylar önce
@keith mcelveen it’s not a sneaker channel though lol
Kadek Chandra
Kadek Chandra Aylar önce
It's so wholesome to see someone finally at peace with themselves.
Bo Hodge
Bo Hodge Aylar önce
man, ultra humble dude. BIG ups Mike Tyson. Thanks for doing this Complex
John Michael Cañeda
a very straight forward guy. all the love and respect to Iron Mike
Untill Valhalla
Untill Valhalla Aylar önce
You will always be the champ in my eyes Mike!
fam1st Aylar önce
I'm so proud of Mike, watching him in the 80s and 90s and seeing what he's become today. It's 2 different people completely. He's well mannered and polite. If he has to put you in your place he will but that's not what he wants. He just wants to be left alone and he loves his fans. This man will be remembered now for who he is now and I think that's great.
Blaaake 2 gün önce
@Ace Ventura Lie Detective and dmt
DJ4000VOLT 27 gün önce
We all did some uneducated things young, its growing up and getting some education that matters!! I agree with your comment fully! Very well put!!
Must Repent
Must Repent Aylar önce
He's very well spoken and articulate, very precise in his thoughts.
AnthonyPerry312 Aylar önce
Mike single handedly changed my outlook on marijuana use. It is not for me personally. But I feel like Mike would probably be dead without it- and it has helped him tremendously. so it definitely has a place in society.
Ace Ventura Lie Detective
Some poeple are very good in their heart the situation change them.
Jay Diggz
Jay Diggz Aylar önce
Mike has always been the most graciously socially awkward human being in existence ever. 😂😂😂
Trenton Dyer
Trenton Dyer Aylar önce
God bless you Mike and Rocko! It's such a heartwarming thing to see Mike with his kids. Especially since he has mellowed out and learned to appreciate life more. The toad(5-MeO-DMT) really did change this man's life for the better.
Trenton Dyer
Trenton Dyer Aylar önce
@van man he has said it countless times on his older podcasts with Eben Britton. I personally love the early days of hotboxin. Eben knew how to get Mike to open up and get deep. I'd definitely check those out if you haven't. Cheers mate 🍻
van man
van man Aylar önce
I don't think it's entirely down to the toad, mate, do you ?! 🐸
Frosty Flakkes
Frosty Flakkes Aylar önce
Mike unwrapping the skunk dunk to smell it had me dying 😂😂
Soras-giraffe15 Aylar önce
I'd love for one day see complex make its way into 2k. We can go to a flight club and go sneaker shopping with Joe or go on hotones with Sean Evans. To me that would be so sick
VJ Aylar önce
Once a Lion, Always a Lion, Legend Mike ❤️
Contingency theory
Contingency theory Aylar önce
I'm so genuinely happy for Mike.
Joe Luongo
Joe Luongo Aylar önce
I know how much Joe loves the off white 5s he has on and overpaid the day of to get them and that he has 3 pairs, I really love seeing him in them knowing how much he needed to have them
ETI Consulting SG
ETI Consulting SG Aylar önce
5:08 Mike can't ever be overrated! Definition of a living legend
Evan James
Evan James 2 aylar önce
I love his humility, gratitude, and manners. It's so nice to see how much he changed through working on himself
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Aylar önce
@Cr i Give thanks to the plants.
Cr i
Cr i Aylar önce
and “shroomin” 🤣☝️🤫✊freels tho
sonofsalmon56 Aylar önce
I hope he’s happy, glad to see his son rocco. It looks like it was tough for him to get around…take it easy champ, YOU the man!
George Calderone
George Calderone Aylar önce
Mike Tyson came a very long way from his mental health.. I'm extremely happy to see him go to psychiatrists and to come out on the positive side of it all.. Now he can talk to anyone no matter what their profession is, and not only understand what they are saying but he can also school them in their profession as well.. He is 1 of a kind not only in boxing, but in philosophy, certain kinds of war strategies and much more.. 💯🥊👍💪👊🍄🐯🦁🦍🇺🇲
Isiah Sanders
Isiah Sanders Aylar önce
Dude did a good job interviewing mike. You can tell mike MAY not have been all the way into this but dude pulled it out of him
The Zen Show
The Zen Show Aylar önce
That’s just mikes personality, he wasn’t the biggest sneaker head but he’s down to conversate. Joe did his thang here, he’s a phenomenal host
Nguyen tieu
Nguyen tieu Aylar önce
ISHOWDICK, this stream changed my life. My entire view of everything that exists in this world, in fact, even in the entire universe. I can never look at anything I know the same way again. This stream represents emotions that most humans could never understand. But I can. Thanks to this stream was awakened to many things previously considered unimaginable. Thank you for this exquisite stream, I will never forget this experience
A Modern Poet
A Modern Poet 2 aylar önce
As someone who used to know Mike Tyson as one of the most feared boxers of all time, it is really nice to see him doing things like this and enjoying his life
C Me
C Me Aylar önce
I agree. I watched him throughout his career. Nice to see him settled and living peacefully. I was worried about him back in the day.
Godlikenova Universe
Godlikenova Universe 2 aylar önce
Jerry Robles
Jerry Robles Aylar önce
So simple, so humble. Mike Tyson
Tomer Nuriyev
Tomer Nuriyev Aylar önce
mike speaks with so much intention, every word he says is so genuine
Carlton 23
Carlton 23 Aylar önce
Living legend. But how do you get somebody like Mike Tyson to do this?
M Aylar önce
5:11 shows what a legend Mike is
Go with the flow"bee"
Go with the flow"bee" 2 aylar önce
Even at his age he's still one of the most scariest people to walk the earth. ICON.
Life is Blessed
Life is Blessed 2 aylar önce
@Jerome Jacobs Yeah..they changed it for legal reasons,but it was so obvious M.Bison as Mike Tyson neck was big like a Bison Bull..........Bless
Jerome Jacobs
Jerome Jacobs 2 aylar önce
@Life is Blessed I was about to mention that. I think they had to switch the names round for legal reasons - don't quote me on that.
Desto Dubb
Desto Dubb 2 aylar önce
Dude doing the interview was definitely scared
Go with the flow"bee"
Go with the flow"bee" 2 aylar önce
@pedro gates lol yeah the aeroplane clip proved that
Krithik 2 aylar önce
no i am
Tuna_boat Aylar önce
I love Mike Tyson, straight up, one of the only Celeb's I actually like.
qs Aylar önce
I'm glad Mike came out the other end OK, not many in his profession do, and not many who have been through what his been through could still turn an L to W.
Moises Rodriguez
Moises Rodriguez Aylar önce
I like how Mike Tyson was just being nonchalant. He's basically saying I'm just here for the paycheck🤣🤣
Brittney Russell
Brittney Russell Aylar önce
It's like two different conversations, he doesn't really care how they look, he's still all about how shoes feel for training.
Rey Tejero
Rey Tejero Aylar önce
I can't find a single bad things to say about him. God bless you Tyson!
Karl Fontanari
Karl Fontanari Aylar önce
He is still the man and arguably the best heavy weight off all time huge fan watched all his classic 80s fights, still looks menacing today ;-)
Anyone Aylar önce
Mike is ready to knock him out if he says one word out of line 😂😂😂
oscar cisneros
oscar cisneros Aylar önce
Seeing tyson buy stuff for his boy brought tears to my eyes..beautiful
Brendzy 2 aylar önce
The lil squeeze and pause by Mike on the skunk dunks, and Joe going "You can do that!" killed me lol favorite moment, thank you for doing this one for us Complex
B smoke god
B smoke god Aylar önce
who gone stop him 😂😂
MENTAL_WARFARE 2 aylar önce
@D 😂😂😂😂
Simon Sez
Simon Sez 2 aylar önce
@D thas the part that had me stuck 🤣
Henry williams jr
Henry williams jr 2 aylar önce
YEAH!!!That was funny😂😂
Brendzy 2 aylar önce
@Simon Sez Fr, he heard skunk and was like "I might have to get me some of these..." 🤣
Alex Yang
Alex Yang Aylar önce
I love it when Mike Tyson says “listen” because you have to.
Sony Septina
Sony Septina Aylar önce
My childhood hero! Love you Mike!
Nick Tasic
Nick Tasic 14 gün önce
You can tell mike is such a humble guy out of the ring love it. 😊
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Медер Сыдыков
Этот мужик просто мировая легенда и приятно наблюдать каким приятным и спокойным он стал в возрасте 😅
david clarke
david clarke Aylar önce
Great work from JLP to make Mike feel comfortable and give his props for wearing some iconic designs when Mike didn't even truly realise the magnitude of it at the time. A fine episode and Miles humbleness was matched by the way Joe guided him through.
Bunda Aylar önce
Sneaker heads talking bout magnitude of shoes like normal people talking bout the magnitude of the first black president
prod yung 829
prod yung 829 Aylar önce
major facts. alot of mike's old fits where hard ASF!! esp that blue fila track suit fit he's clean asf 💥💥
David Aylar önce
Being the best dressed guy in the room when there’s a couple of thousand people in the room is pretty cool - love it
Anthony Aylar önce
Such a legend Mike Tyson I absolutely love him
Liam Farrell
Liam Farrell 28 gün önce
Mbappe clear + ratio
Chris T
Chris T 28 gün önce
L+Mbappe clear + ratio
BK-Bully Aylar önce
This man been retired for like two decades or more and is still the coolest dude in the room. I don’t get it! Everyone still loves Mike. Including myself…
Marcus Stanley
Marcus Stanley Aylar önce
Mike is an amazing person.
UltimateChrisso 2 aylar önce
Mike Tyson giving us the ultimate dad vibes in this episode with those NB
brandon johnson
brandon johnson Aylar önce
Grandad vibes
XboxUserSince2005 2 aylar önce
Grandpa vibes
KonKair 2 aylar önce
***insert Kahwi laugh here
areksoo 2 aylar önce
Mike not allowing his kid to get the panda dunks was the best inadvertent dad move. Wear kicks you like and not what everyone else is wearing.
dep7up 2 aylar önce
@Evan Chase same here. Shyt ima be a dad someday why not start the dad look now at 14.
Bader Bader
Bader Bader Aylar önce
What a good example of good manners and non egotistical attitude!
Keefsnacks Aylar önce
From the toughest guy to the nicest guy !!! He aged well
Saint Nick
Saint Nick Aylar önce
Mikes instincts are crazy. notice how he never let joe size him up. He keeps his stance ready for a jab
Félix Lucien
Félix Lucien Aylar önce
I like how this guy talks to Mike with respect and dignity.
Miguel McKenzie
Miguel McKenzie Aylar önce
I love seeing Iron Mike as a happy and content dad. The champ looks like he's finally found some peace in life. Great episode as always.
Outere Aylar önce
Bro still lookin like a mf tank
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Aylar önce
As someone who used to know Mike Tyson as one of the most feared boxers of all time, it is really nice to see him doing things like this and enjoying his life
Jose Escobar
Jose Escobar Aylar önce
Even though Mike Tyson is super calm nowadays, I was still afraid for Joe’s sake 😂
Jordan Chellew
Jordan Chellew Aylar önce
Tyson is so humble for being such a legend
OriKakuli Music
OriKakuli Music Aylar önce
"alright lets get out of here buddy" AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA GOT ME IN TEARS
The Real Life Experience
mike is super high on shrooms in this interview. He said "the colors look amazing lol everything is mind boggling. love this guy
Dave 2 aylar önce
Mike a national treasure, the most humble and positive individual out there
Michael Wolff
Michael Wolff Aylar önce
Your national treasure is a convicted r@pist?
Ryan Namdar
Ryan Namdar Aylar önce
@Pulkki in todays day hes very humble compared to what he used to be like
Pulkki 2 aylar önce
not so humble but still
Manuel Overhoff
Manuel Overhoff 2 aylar önce
*international as i can assure from germany
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You can tell Mike likes the simple things now by wearing only white and simple shoes and doesn't really care about money or being flashy he just wants peace and being happy with his loved ones
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