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Mike Myers sits down to watch his own movies on VHS. Throwback, we know. Watch as he revisits scenes from Wayne's World, Austin Powers, Shrek and The Pentaverate, and gives his perspective on what it was like to work with Beyoncé, the fight for the rights to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, and Shrek's Scottish accent.

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23 May 2022




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Rebecca Le
It's great how he names the people that he worked with years ago and tells about how much they helped him! Great movies aren't made by one person!
Megan 21 gün önce
I grew up watching Wayne's World, and then Austin Powers, and Shrek. The amount of times in a week that I still reference one of these films is ridiculous. Love you forever, Mike!
God, I wish this was longer. I could watch him talk about these movies for hours.
Jorie Thomas
I really want a long series of him talking about his movies, even when he takes his credit, it doesn't ever come off as egotistical but just being proud. And the way he praises other people is refreshing. I wish he would've talked about So I married an Axe murderer, such a great film, I've seen it so many times.
he is such a gem, my childhood wouldn't nearly as funny without him
Brittany Camille
I'm so used to Meyers being a character that I realize I've not seen nor heard him NOT in character, so this was absolutely refreshing!
The fact that he was more than happy to rerecord the entire shrek movie in a Scottish accent just because he thought it was better and convinced them to do it, is why we have the greatness of Shrek now. Thank you good sir.
The Adventurer
He turned a pop star into a Led Zeppelin fan in one conversation, and I love him all the more for it now.
Emma The Dummy
Emma The Dummy Gün önce
he’s honestly such a genuine and kind person, as well as so grateful for all of the people he’s worked for, words can’t express how kind and good of a person I think he is :)
J.Emmanuel Tessier
He's remarkably insiteful. He has bits of social commentary that give glimpses into the trueth about, media lies, classism, imperialism, goverment, and bullying, that are eye openning. Great interview.
Guilherme 1988
Guilherme 1988 28 gün önce
I miss him making movies... pure nostalgia watch those scenes again.
Ian Patrick
This world needs another Austin Powers movie. Lol
So nice to see Mike acknowledge the artists who helped him being funny. Not many in the film industry do this simple important crew name dropping. So often the crew are completely forgotten.
Kendra Elaine
Kendra Elaine 14 gün önce
I wish this was an hour . I love listening to him. He’s so well spoken, humble and funny.
Joe Friedman
The first Austin Powers is still one of my favorite comedies. They're all great but the first is incredible.
アッシュ ♡
アッシュ ♡ 21 gün önce
Lots of respect for naming all the people behind the scenes that helped craft the iconic films alongside him.
SureLaffsALOT 21 gün önce
Imagine writing your own script and being the main character. That’s why Mike Myers is amazing
Myers was an excellent actor in those movies! They left out one movie the “married an axe murderer” and he was brilliant in that one!
Really nice to hear how readily he credits and praises his collaborators, and how much genuine thought he puts into characters and movies. He's one of those actors whose movies have been a part of my life for pretty much the entirety of it, but I think this is the first behind the scenes thing I've ever seen him in. I'm glad to find that he seems like a nice guy.
This should have been at least an hour long. I could listen to Mike Myers talk all day about him working his craft.
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