Michigan 15-year-old charged with two dozen crimes in Oxford High School shooting

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A 15-year-old is facing two dozen charges including four counts of first-degree murder and one count of terrorism after the shooting at Oxford High School. The death toll rose to four Wednesday. Nancy Chen reports.

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1 Ara 2021




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Rachel Engel
Rachel Engel Aylar önce
As a father who was aware of their sons troubles, (having a meeting with school hours before the shooting) why would you suddenly bring a gun into the home and then not secure it away from your child and then not cooperate with police.
Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael
@MartsLLC Absolutely!
Bebop Hippie1
Bebop Hippie1 Aylar önce
@Rowdy Yates I am totally on board with 6 and 7
Diggs Aylar önce
@Bebop Hippie1 Nah. He shot white kids. People don't care about that sort of thing, these days. You're not allowed to go against the will of the left. How dare you!
Yupppppppp Aylar önce
Because he didn't think one time that he would do such a thing....God gave everyone a right to think,even kids his parents are not in control of his mind and feelings....
Riannah Avora
Riannah Avora Aylar önce
Some really wild speculation here. I don't think any parent would encourage or enable this sort of thing for their child. I am sure the parents have an attorney and that the attorney probably told them to remain silent at this point. It doesn't mean that they are guilty of any wrong doing, other than not securing the gun.
Phyllis Thompson
Phyllis Thompson Aylar önce
My heart is broken! My sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families, friends, loved ones, and teachers of all the students who died , and those hurt in this terrible, terrible crime. May they RIP! I’m praying that those in the hospital will make a speedy and total recovery. Please Lord, give strength to the broken hearted, and bind up their wounds , like only you can..Amen.💐
Mario D
Mario D Aylar önce
@lissa leggs well Kyle was determined in court at this monster killed innocent kids and had no remorse he is a socio path
Mike Solo
Mike Solo Aylar önce
@Blox117 keeping guns is much more important now than ever with all that commies around
Ashley Green
Ashley Green Aylar önce
@Eviscyrate So if people are capable of healing themselves without GOD'S aid, what's the purpose of saying GOD doesn't exist? If a person's going to heal either way, why not let them heal in the way, the sense they want to/believe in?
Nick Ader
Nick Ader Aylar önce
@abb lll he wasnt born a criminal he was born into a family of conservative gun owners conservatism taught him that he never needs to take personal responsibility, or learn any life lessons, and ultimately gun violence is the solution to every one of lifes problems
janae linder
janae linder Aylar önce
@Eviscyrate I agree with you of god really loved us then why doesn't he do his job and prevent these senseless tragedies from happening in the 1st place? Oh that's because he doesn't exist
Coll 44
Coll 44 Aylar önce
These kids shouldn’t have to experience this to lose a teammate a friend or schoolmate like this is completely unexplainable. My heart is broken for them and the family and friends of the kids who lost their lives.
Nick Ader
Nick Ader Aylar önce
@Prove Me Wrong productive conversation ? rereading the thread, the only thing you offer the conversation is the accusation that its the schools fault that the child of conservative gun owners grew up unable to deal with the problems of being 15, no respect for human life, a gun solves every problem, and MERRY CHRISTMAS ! little boy ... heres a hand gun i dont have your respect ? thank you you are an imbecile
Prove Me Wrong
Prove Me Wrong Aylar önce
@Nick Ader ....Hey, Nick, take your phone away from your parrot that's addicted to CBS news. You don't want to have a productive conversation. You just want to go around pissing people off. You don't get my respect. Bird brain.
Nick Ader
Nick Ader Aylar önce
@Prove Me Wrong "healing our fractured nation" ? obviously the first step would be ending the plague of the conservatives mass shootings of course the conservative Supreme Court wont move to end the conservatives gun violence theres nothing i can do to heal America except to point out the deadly violence of conservative gun owners to my fellow Americans and agitate for changes at the polls remember .. conservatism is a violent and deadly mental illness. every 12 minutes a conservative gun owner shoots another American. insane, isnt it
Prove Me Wrong
Prove Me Wrong Aylar önce
@Nick Ader ....Saying someone has a mental illness, without Xtra letters before or after your name, IS an insult. If you continue with your bad attitude towards people who were given a different narrative of life than you, you will only make enemies of your neighbors. Pissing people off is easy, simple, effortless. Apply yourself to healing our fractured Nation by doing the difficult deeds.....be nice
Nick Ader
Nick Ader Aylar önce
@Prove Me Wrong i didnt insult anybody your point is that i should walk softly when discussing deadly irresponsible conservative gun owners because of the danger and threat they pose as deadly irresponsible conservative gun owners ? OK thanks for your concerns ... and pointing out the fact that theres no reasoning with a gun owner suffering from the violent and deadly conservative mental illness
My Peep's
My Peep's Aylar önce
So tragic what a loss ! I feel like I lost my own son all over again. My prayers go out for him and his family.
My Peep's
My Peep's Aylar önce
@Dee Kang ya looking at this young man brings it all back ! I'm sorry for you to bless you.
Linda Kautzman
Linda Kautzman Aylar önce
Bless you
Dee Kang
Dee Kang Aylar önce
I’m so sorry for your loss. I also lost my son. This is hard to watch, I know.
Ted Storm
Ted Storm Aylar önce
If he thought bullying was bad in high school, wait until he goes to prison.
NerdGeek Cosplay
NerdGeek Cosplay Aylar önce
I’m a bullying survivor. I took the easy way out I moved districts the bullying stopped.
0372Vet Aylar önce
@RZ UNCUT I dont think bullying is the big factor its just one of the factors, there has always been bullies but before our country became so medicated it didn't cause problems like this I think it's bullying and ostracising mixed with psyche medication and anti depressants
RZ UNCUT Aylar önce
@0372Vet if stuff like that keeps happening then kids need to stop bullying. its pretty simple. i actually want more bullies, but to some they do not like that. trust me there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between people cracking jokes on you and making you feel bad.
lae krits
lae krits Aylar önce
@DeHart Family Exactly. Bullies get to hide behind the "human nature" argument. The kid whose species pretty much turned against him gets to be the sacrificial lamb, whether he goes down quietly or takes a few with him.
MannyP Aylar önce
@0372Vet Well hey, honestly for my folks they always have that same attitude for decades. So it'd be nice to see it elsewhere for a change.
T T Aylar önce
As a teacher and as a human being, I can't help but wonder where the ball was dropped. It is striking that the prosecutor called him a person to be tried as an adult. But where were the adults? This tragic moment is a culmination of thousands of tiny moments where the adults could have intervened and provided emotional support. #mytwocents
McKenzie Smith
McKenzie Smith 5 gün önce
The adults (aka his parents) bought him the gun. They didn’t even try to stop him and let him go to school the next day, knowing what he was going to do. Nobody else knew he had a gun and because it was a handgun which is smaller in size it wasn’t as easily noticeable in a backpack compared to a larger gun which would be very noticeable in a backpack, since they didn’t have metal detectors it was hard to make sure everyone coming inside the school was unarmed. It would have been a different Scenario if the parents stopped him.
lissa leggs
lissa leggs Aylar önce
Read his moms letter she wrote trump is all you need for answers.
Jebron lames
Jebron lames Aylar önce
@Rory Gallagherfan born and raised California forever there is 5years, made it both times. I chose to be a master craftsman instead of spelling champ. Never advertised since 1994, they find me. Thanks for your concern tho
Rory Gallagherfan
Rory Gallagherfan Aylar önce
@Jebron lames : and their (THEY'RE) all republican and on their way to succes (SUCCESS). Didn't do too well in English class? Ah, yes. Success. "I'm workin at the car wash, car wash yeah". Two failed marriages? Is there a problem? Lack of discipline, maybe? Where are those family values? Why is the divorce rate highest in the republican/biblical states? Inquiring minds want to know!
Yupppppppp Aylar önce
They can't help with they don't know about 🤷🏾
Erin Stoner
Erin Stoner Aylar önce
My condolences to the families. My prayers are with everyone there. I understand the pain of loosing a child I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. A mom in Oklahoma praying for your community.
Rach H
Rach H Aylar önce
Bebop Hippie1
Bebop Hippie1 Aylar önce
if only prayers did a god damned thing.
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Aylar önce
@Enochian Prophecies Based and redpilled.
Enochian Prophecies
@LR Kay well if people like you don't want children to have guns in school stop giving them guns! Just to push your political agenda you Democrats are so pathetic no one cares about your opinion anymore
Enochian Prophecies
@LR Kay self preservation and self-defense keeps life alive you are a Democrat hiding behind your emotions because you want our freedoms taken but you're too scared to do it by force so you hide behind these fake events you people are pathetic
ConsistenC Aylar önce
So tragic that this generation of children never knew a time when this wasn’t commonplace. Condolences to the families and communities involved.
Rach H
Rach H Aylar önce
@Mock App This. Thank you for saying this. Although I knew it could happen to ours at any point because it's happening everywhere, it's a lot to take in. I'm still in shock and disbelief that this time, it was my community. It was the school I used to attend. It can be yours literally any day. You'll wake up one day to endless sirens, helicopters, and the news of a shooting any day if we don't take action. And that's the best case scenario. Worst case is you or your child will be in the building too.
Mock App
Mock App Aylar önce
@LR Kay agreed
KiLDiG Horror Movie Archive
Ahh death and people murdering each other has always been commonplace. Its just happening in schools since 1999. Its nothing new. Death is life and life is death.
USSResolute Aylar önce
How common is this though, really? If not for the 24/7 news cycle, is it any more common than violence in Wessex in 972AD? I think not.
Magnum11 Aylar önce
@Mitch D there have been more school shootings in the past 20 years, than in the previous 50, and that's officially records, not the media.
Dave Bro
Dave Bro Aylar önce
Let’s just say this will never end what we need is for parents to be accountable they were ignoring their own children how can you not know your kid was depressed and being so dumb to let a 15 year old grab a gun without parents knowing
Rosary Crusades
Rosary Crusades Aylar önce
Many perents let their own little children run wild not watching over kids , this is no surprise it will continue until perents become responsible in raising and educating their kids.
Cher0kee Aylar önce
Seeing that young man's teammate just crushed my soul. My condolences to all who were affected.
LisaMarie Aylar önce
Deep condolences to all the families, students, teachers and community. My heart cries out for you. I am so sorry. May the Lord comfort you and bring healing you. Lifting you up in prayer.
战士Mirko Aylar önce
@Alex Perez There just tryna spread comfort???
Booster Rooster
Booster Rooster Aylar önce
Amun ra!!
renata mitchell
renata mitchell Aylar önce
I'm so sorry for all the pain you endured. RIP🥀to those gone to soon. Hope all those injured a full recovery 🙏 bless their families and love ones who mourn them ❤️.
Alex Aylar önce
I feel so sorry for those lost and everyone affected, from someone looking into the US; it is mind boggling why the restrictions are so light despite all the massacres.
Kman 5000
Kman 5000 Aylar önce
Hitler took the guns. Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns, Hugo Chavez took the guns, And I am here to tell you, 1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN WHEN THEY COME FOR OUR GUNS!!! WE WILL NOT RELINQUISH THEM, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
marshall julie
marshall julie Aylar önce
@P L how about make it harder for people to get a damn gun because it's not a toy
YuYuYu Aylar önce
It's not really an issue of restrictions or laws. It's the crumbling stability and engagement in households across this country. So many horrible parents who either abuse their kids emotionally/physically or they don't engage themselves in their child's life and thus their kid grows up mad at the world because "no one cares about me" and "I hate everyone."
UKsurgeonFRCS Aylar önce
@st_ols According to the FBI across the United States in 2019 there were: 1,515 deaths by knives or cutting instruments, 443 people were killed with hammers/clubs/other blunt objects, 672 people were killed from fists/feet/’personal weapons’ compared to the 297 killed by (any) rifles.
st_ols Aylar önce
@UKsurgeonFRCS he wouldve done much more damage with a fully automatic assault rifle. This is a standout incident, mass shootings are the norm.
Michael W
Michael W Aylar önce
So very sorry for the friends and family of these children. I will pray for your healing, and that maybe all this will end soon.
petlovers Aylar önce
Same here Hi Michael
Erin Stoner
Erin Stoner Aylar önce
My condolences to the families. My prayers are with everyone there. I understand the pain of loosing a child I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. A mom in Oklahoma praying for your community.
Vixen Bow
Vixen Bow Aylar önce
Again, this is gut-wrenching! Prayers to all of the families of lost ones and the children and teachers who had to endure this tragic occurrence. Prayers to this community!
Luma Aylar önce
I’m 19, graduated high school in 2020 and I was always worried something like this would happen at MY school, it never did but it’s just sad that this country continues to suffer from more and more school shootings…
Jedian Aylar önce
@marshall julie Maybe read more than the first sentence if you're going to make a response.
marshall julie
marshall julie Aylar önce
@Jedian no they don't
RZ UNCUT Aylar önce
@Qtip did you ever think america would get better bro? Singapore has UNIVERSAL health care......... think about that man. this is one of the reasons why they don’t like to cover other countries. what ever hope you had you need to throw it in the garbage.
Carrie Prall
Carrie Prall Aylar önce
@robbierob808 According to your obvious quick research. That incident hardly counts as a mass school shooting. One person died. Try educating yourself better.
honest Aylar önce
@kim Q What does that have to do with what he said?
rhonda sibley
rhonda sibley Aylar önce
Unfortunately we live in a world of " not my baby"! My thoughts and prayers goes out to those families. 🙏
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Aylar önce
My deepest sorrows and condolences to the victims' families and friends. I hope that each and every day are kind to them all💐🙏
Niluka Perera
Niluka Perera Aylar önce
Yes, parents do need to be held responsible, they were part of this crime! Condolences to the families who lost their precious kids. This feels too close, I have a high schooler. May the kiddos in the hospital fully recover! Parents, keep a good close eye on your children! Even if they are in high school, they are still kids…keep an eye on their social media, phone etc regularly. Most of all give them with a loving caring home, that way nothing like this ever will come into their minds!
stephanie williams
stephanie williams 27 gün önce
@Tony C exactly Tony and this is painful and sad.
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Aylar önce
I don't know if the parents of the bullies are responsible, but certainly holding the bullies responsible for the crime I agree with.
Tony C
Tony C Aylar önce
There were so many tells that something could go bad but no one took them seriously. He posted on social media, he had interactions with school staff and if course he was given a gun with ammo. I know a parent wants to get their kids gifts but why should it be easier for a kid to get a gun than a grown person who needs a backround check before they can purchase one, something obviously wrong with our gun law.
Dee Kang
Dee Kang Aylar önce
It sounds like the kid was bullied. Probably from a “kid from a loving caring home”. Or, actually, those bullies - maybe their parents are only ignoring the signs in their own children. Those children and parents are equally guilty, I say. Doesn’t the Bible say something about “not judging lest you be judged”? Sorry, I should have asked if you were Christian.
Juan Ubiera
Juan Ubiera Aylar önce
My sincerest condolences to the City and families in Michigan, from the Bronx New York.
Hope Aylar önce
So very sad... PEACE, love, and prayers to all affected by this intentional, horrific act of selfishness.
Edward Winner
Edward Winner Aylar önce
My deepest sympathy to the families of lost loved ones that occurred in this tragic incident. I think we need to stop teaching hate and division in our public schools.
Edward Winner
Edward Winner Aylar önce
@Yoshikage Kira you are very correct
Edward Winner
Edward Winner Aylar önce
@Truth very true
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Aylar önce
Yep, they need to stop teaching nonsense in schools such as gender studies and CTR theory.
? WhiteRose
? WhiteRose Aylar önce
He was bullied look at the way he looks like. Good
Truth Aylar önce
It starts at home.
John Carrillo
John Carrillo Aylar önce
Heart felt condolences to the the families affected by this horrific act...What makes it worse is that those kids had a very bright future ahead of them.....May they Rest in Paradise......
Consumer Deplorable
Last night, I thought , these 4 kids, just celebrated Thanksgiving and looking forward to holidays. Just last weekend they were alive and well…. This is just horrible
VAL13C Aylar önce
@likingmusic if they we’re the bullies, the media will never put that out there, people just look at this with a one track mind.
VAL13C Aylar önce
@Carrie Prall oh calm down. You’re the one blowing up with anger over a freaking TRvid comment. Don’t dwell to much on it.
RZ UNCUT Aylar önce
@Your local meme officer its a bunch of kids in that school. if he REALLY wanted to air it out there be atleast 20-30 people dead maby more if he did not leave or if nobody handled him. those 4 was a target. i agree with val. them dudes was definitely bullies. oh well. thats to bad. people should think about what they say. you never know what type of day they are having
Carrie Prall
Carrie Prall Aylar önce
@VAL13C Or maybe your a cold F--king Troll.
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Aylar önce
@Your local meme officer think of how wonderful it will be now that bullying will be down so much for a few weeks now because of this event.
Aaron Burr Atwood.
Aaron Burr Atwood. Aylar önce
I had a lot of hate & anger in my heart way back when I was his age but I never seriously thought of hurting others around me at school.
HelpMeUnderstand Aylar önce
His dad needs to be charged too for not securing his firearm properly!!!!
James P
James P Aylar önce
@Kman 5000 I went back and read his statement again, and I agree with you: I had misread it. Thank you for the clarification.
Kman 5000
Kman 5000 Aylar önce
@James P USSResolute didn't mean that a wrench is just as good as a gun for self defense. He meant that if the gun is locked up and secured in a way to where you can't get to it in time for self defense, then it is as useless as a wrench. A lot of democrats define properly stored as keeping the gun locked up, unloaded, disassembled, and ammo stored separately. If the gun is stored like that, it is useless. Now the best method of securing your guns is to store it loaded in a quick access fingerprint safe or something similar. That way, you have quick access, but it is also secure.
RZ UNCUT Aylar önce
cartoon network was trying to help people back in the day about bullies. stop bullying speak up
James P
James P Aylar önce
​@Jared Wozniak I retract my usage of the word "definitive". You did aver that the odds are that the parents were negligent. I don't see how you can calculate the odds for that; but, if you could, I don't see how you determined that those odds are greater that they were negligent. I agree it's a possibility, but there's no way for us to know what the odds are just because someone was talking about a new purchase they made -- being proud or happy about a purchase does not, in any way, confer that person will be negligent with said object. Also, where did you hear or see that the father's purchase was a gift to the 15 year old? If that was reported by the police department or subsequent interviews, I missed that: please share a link to that information. Short of that, all the reporting I've seen only states that the father had purchased it (presumably for himself, as I'm not aware of any states that allow people under 16 years old to own a handgun). It seems more like it was the father who owned the pistol, and the father who was talking about it on social media. Of course I'm open to being convinced otherwise if there's data to show that. (?) If for the sake of discussion we just assume hypothetically that what you're saying is true -- that the father purchased it as a gift for his son (which I'm not sure is actually the case) -- that still doesn't mean the father provided to his son unfettered access to the firearm. Where the laws forbid that, the majority of parents will follow the law and not provide access until the children become adults (or of legal age). That's how it was for me too: it was understood which firearms would become mine when I was old enough, and I was allowed to shoot them in the presence of my parents at the shooting range, but did not have any access to them while I was not legally allowed to do so. The intent to provide it to him in the future does not indicate that he gave him access in the meantime. (And, again, just to reiterate: if he did, and that violated the law, then the dad is culpable, as I've stated.) But the thing is, you're making a whole lot of assumptions in most of what you're saying, and are trying to say there are favorable odds for your assumptions to be true, which is also unfounded. Overall, as I'm pointing above, it seems you're making a chain of assumptions, first some that are unfounded, and then non-sequitur assumptions from those ones. I disagree that this is all evidence that does not bode well for the parents. As you stated, it's too early to know anything with regard to the parents, so to slap assumptions, or odds of something occurring, without having additional details, just doesn't appear to be justifiable, IMHO. In any case, even if you and I disagree on many of these aspects, I think we can both agree on what they mean if or when they're discovered. If the parents were sharing it with their son (in general, and especially knowing his behavioral issues), they are culpable in the deaths and injuries of those harmed by that 15 year old; and if they took reasonable measures to keep the firearm from their son, but the son was able to find a way to break into the safe anyway, it would be no different than the son breaking into someone else's home, or breaking into a gun shop, or stealing a vehicle and driving it through a Christmas parade: in those circumstances, the parents are not culpable for the deaths, and the entire onus is on the 15 year old. (If you disagree with anything in this last paragraph here, please let me know.) :o)
Jared Wozniak
Jared Wozniak Aylar önce
@James P as my statement said these are from what I've seen, and based off of this, this is what I believe happened. Nowhere did I try to pass this off as a definitive statement. What I'm stating here is, it was reported that this gun was a gift to the shooter, more likely than not indicating that it is his, and he very well could've had full access to it whenever he wanted. Further details that prove this, from what I stated are, he was showing it off as a "toy" on social media, once again indicating that he had access to it at the time of the posts. (and no, I couldn't tell you if these were spread out posts indicating multiple times with possession of the gun, or just one set of posts indicating that he just had it once in this time frame). Furthermore, if this wasn't clear, it was reported the kid was brought to the shooting range with this gun (not just the farther as it seems you may be indicating). Once again indicating he was being allowed to use it now (which on it's own is not bad, but paired with other things may be suspicious). More so there are reports that the kid recorded videos of his plans the night before, which again indicates the kid knew that he would be able to get the gun for the next day (if he didn't have it already) (odds are he would not have recorded those until he was sure he was going to attempt this). Yes it may be a little early to prove all of this, and I'll set this clear, I am not passing this off as facts as you seemed to assume. However this is all potential evidence that clearly does not bode well for the parents.
Ruwayda Ali
Ruwayda Ali Aylar önce
Deep apologies to the families involved! I'm so devastated, heartbroken 💔 by this!
jalen campbell
jalen campbell Aylar önce
My heart is broken. My thoughts are with the friends and families of the victims. 😔🙏🏾✝️💔
MILES LONG Aylar önce
Thank you to the police and journalists, who have managed to maintain high professionalism so far in this issue.
Tracy S.
Tracy S. Aylar önce
Absolutely heartbreaking may all your children rest in peace with the angels.💝
D. Fatty Adams
D. Fatty Adams Aylar önce
My deepest condolences to all the families whose children died. No parent should ever have to endure this kind of pain. And... what I don't get is why guns keep ending up in the hands of teenagers? Why don't people KNOW where their guns are at ALL times?
Cook N Crook
Cook N Crook Aylar önce
There are no laws stating you must lock away your firearms and secondly stealing guns from parents isn’t the only way to obtain them. You can get them off the streets if you know the “right” people fairly easily.
tntshuffle -
tntshuffle - Aylar önce
This is ridiculous! Just like that Newtown shooter- the parents knew something was wrong with that kid yet did nothing! They should also be charged!!!!!
Midnight Shadow
Midnight Shadow Aylar önce
@Ashley Green If there is any evidence to suggest abuse, it hasn't been made public. Calling for a citation based only on speculation is extremely unprofessional. A person shouldn't have to prove his innocence, rather, if there is any reasonable doubt to the guilt of a person, they are to be deemed not guilty. Quite frankly, I don't care if the parents were negligent or just oblivious, as at this time there is no absolute, irrefutable proof of their guilt. Therefore, I can't in good conscious condemn them for anything that they may or may not have done, as it's all speculation.
Midnight Shadow
Midnight Shadow Aylar önce
@winning There is no evidence (that has been released) to suggest that this is true.
Ashley Green
Ashley Green Aylar önce
@Midnight Shadow Negligence maybe child abuse/endangerment. Negligence because they either did know or care about their sons mental health and allowed him to have some degree of access to the gun he uses. They either didn't care or didn't know what was going on with him. People with nothing really bothering/ upsetting them don't go around murdering people. Something is wrong with him, whether he was bullied, abused at home, just had a lot of anger for whatever reason, whatever the reason for his actions. The parents missed all these signs, or maybe they were never looking/paying attention in the first place.
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Aylar önce
All kids have something wrong with them because public education systems teach them nonsense which does it to them on purpose.
Sholo Aylar önce
@winning What is minor means?
mary ann garofalo
mary ann garofalo Aylar önce
God bless the children and their families. I am so sorry.
Abdullah Anselin
Abdullah Anselin Aylar önce
@Game Gallows ah I see it’s a good question however I believe the answer is quite simple because God is also the all-wise, and the way he created the world and humans is as a test of good and evil to see who would be best in deeds. And thus be rewarded in the here after with no suffering or punished with suffering depending on how we perform on the test.
Game Gallows
Game Gallows Aylar önce
@Donna F well Donna, I suppose it's because it gets in the way of actual constructive conversation about what can be done to actually help people in situations like this. Some may find it insulting that people are insisting upon them with prayers, as if an omnipotent, omnipresent, benevolent God wasn't aware of the situation until he heard your extra-special prayer, so now he's going to help pick up the pieces. I don't think a lot of theists understand how truly arrogant they sound. Many of them tend to believe that they lead charmed lives because they pray to the correct mythological being. Life proves them wrong, of course.
Game Gallows
Game Gallows Aylar önce
@Abdullah Anselin Greek philosopher who dismantled the argument for an omnipotent, loving, benevolent God with the following: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?
Donna F
Donna F Aylar önce
@mary ann garofalo I understand your compassion and agree with you.❤
mary ann garofalo
mary ann garofalo Aylar önce
@Donna F That's a great question!
Carissa Saelee
Carissa Saelee Aylar önce
My prayers are with all of the students who passed away and their families. My prayers are worth the rest of the students who went through this horrible act that the shooter did!
Rhetoric Aylar önce
@SnyperDan You lost awhile ago, but it's fun to see your replies get longer.
SnyperDan Aylar önce
@Rhetoric You don't even realize I'm only responding to make your idiot replies a matter of puplic record. Thanks for plastering your stupidity all over for everyone to laugh at lol. PS: Get your shots lol.
Rhetoric Aylar önce
@SnyperDan You sound wounded, desperate.
SnyperDan Aylar önce
@Rhetoric Lol what a tosser, dosent even realize he's the joke.
Rhetoric Aylar önce
@SnyperDan Ah ha, now you're really losing you it, you intelligence and ego completely called out and insulted...your public school education exposed. However, you are still projecting.
"This week's school shooting." That can be interpreted in two ways; an isolated incident, or a trend. Sadly, in the US, both are applicable.
Ammo Seeker
Ammo Seeker Aylar önce
Certainly helps your narrative when you count police kneecapping themselves in the bathroom, and BB guns as a “school shooting”
Jen ny
Jen ny Aylar önce
Every now and then I check the Wikipedia page of school shootings in the USA. They are surprisingly frequent. It doesn’t get any less sad
Sabastian Bragg
Sabastian Bragg Aylar önce
Some times they even get bail
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Aylar önce
Not an isolated incident, but acceptable apparently.
Henry Barron
Henry Barron Aylar önce
“Despite rumors, the police department did not have advanced notice.” Rumors are advanced notice. This kid was not discrete about his plans and his actions before the shooting speak volumes. The school should have done something to protect the safety of its students.
John Bravo
John Bravo Aylar önce
@The Summerland there was so much advanced notice that multiple students didn't show up the day of the shooting because of it. Call it "rumors" or whatever you want.
The Summerland
The Summerland Aylar önce
they meant the 'rumors' that they had gotten advanced notice...there was no advanced notice
Hanna Aylar önce
Exactly. It sounds like the school is complicit, and should be charged along with the parents. How crazy does a pupil have to act before he/she gets suspended? And before the police (officer present in the school!) are notified? To allow this boy to stay inside the building knowing what they did at that time was to invite serious trouble. Of course, if you're looking for reasons to take people's guns away, the more school shootings, the better.
T W Aylar önce
The kid was in the office with his parents regarding issues the SAME day of the shooting. Not only did the school have advanced notice, they brought the parents in…and they still let him back to class.
John Cravin
John Cravin Aylar önce
Love your loved ones daily ❤️❤️condolences to all the all the families affected by this tragedy 🙏🏾
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni Aylar önce
My Condolences To The Families And My Prayers Are With You May They All Rest In Peace 🌹🌹🌺🌺🌸🌸🌼🌼💐💐🌷🌷🦋🌈🦋
Ana Rose
Ana Rose Aylar önce
smart young beautiful children. gone too soon :'( this gives me chills. i'm so sad
Alfonso Aylar önce
The principal knew of these threats, the student was called into the office before the attack, but the school failed to alert the authorities. The school needs to be sued for their poor handling of this situation. The students knew, and some decided not to go to school that day because of the social media posts the shooter made.
Melanie Pamela GC
Melanie Pamela GC Aylar önce
@Gerry Anderson For a reason they have school officers and the director and teachers had the opportunity to do it but for some reason they didnˋt use it, if they find something they can call the police.
Alfonso Aylar önce
@Gerry Anderson umm no… there was evidence on his social media he was going to do this. You really need to expand your thinking beyond the love for your political party. The world’s a lot more complex
Gerry Anderson
Gerry Anderson Aylar önce
... and when the police are called and take the student into custody, the Left goes nuts over the police arresting a child.
Christopher Melching
The parents who allow their children to brandish firearms need to be held accountable.
Cook N Crook
Cook N Crook Aylar önce
@Ashley Green That guns aren’t the problem. What has changed in society that has caused people to not value life? What has caused people to become mentally unstable? What is the root of the problem? These are the questions we need answers to.
Cook N Crook
Cook N Crook Aylar önce
@Ashley Green So the real question is, how do you keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable? Why are there so many mentally unstable people now but not in the past? What is the root of the problem? What changed in society?
Ashley Green
Ashley Green Aylar önce
@Cook N Crook Obviously you didn't read and/or comphrend my comments. In said comments I said that the problem is not the guns but the fact that just about any type of crazy or violent criminal, can gain ownership to them pretty easy. Also I spoke about gun safety, how to fire, gold, clean, them. People are the issue. They are the ones killing people not guns. Guns are a tool. You can't blame the hammer for striking the nail. The hammer is an inanimate object, the individual using the hammer is the true culprit. America needs to work harder. We need to make our mental healthcare system more efficient and available. We need to stop letting criminals and those with violent, unpredictable mental disorders own guns. Parents need to be parents not friends and pay attention to their kids, that way it's just a bit easier to know when they're about to snap and harm themselves or others. Parents need to stop denying that something's not quite right with their kids. They need to get their kids help, cause rarely do these sort of things peacefully sort themselves out. Gun are only a problem because it's so easy for anyone, kids especially to gain access to them. Just like unstable adults shouldn't be so easily given ownership of guns, so too do parents need to be aware of any signs of a unhealthy mind. They need to let their kids know about gun safety and how guns aren't toys, aren't appropriate for show and tell at school. They shouldn't allow their kids unsupervised access to any guns. But actually, sewing how the world is, maybe they need to let their kids know about where and how to get the guns in case of an emergency at home. But other than that, people in general need to stop making things so politics and see that ordinary American children, not the kids of celebrities or politicians, ordinary middle class, low class kids, are dying and killing others because of weak fun security. Us as American citizens need to let the NRA and "lawmakers* know that we're sick of crazy, irresponsible, violent people/criminals being given ownership of guns and either using them to take innocent lives or leaving them out in the open fully loaded and ready to be used by any unstable/bullied kid.
Cook N Crook
Cook N Crook Aylar önce
@Ashley Green That the tool isn’t the issue. What has changed since the nations founding? Guns have always been available even to minors but as I have said school shootings/mass shootings are a relatively new phenomenon. So what is the root of the problem here?
Ashley Green
Ashley Green Aylar önce
@Cook N Crook What's the entire point then?
Alex Mustache
Alex Mustache Aylar önce
“You’ve been acting out at school son!! I should prob buy you a semiautomatic pistol and not keep it in a safe place”. The parents are not innocent in this case!! This has bad parenting written all over it!!
Shawnni J
Shawnni J Aylar önce
My condolences to the families
Spirit_00 Aylar önce
Prayers for the families and communities involved
Lovely Mangos
Lovely Mangos Aylar önce
My heart is so broken for all these families 💔. When will this end? The parents of the perpetrators absolutely need to be held accountable for their childrens actions!
Megan Arey
Megan Arey Aylar önce
OK, my heart is completely broken for them too.. Even typing this, I can barely keep it together but this is terrifying and awful and the fact that it’s becoming a norm is completely and utterly terrifying but I promise you, it’s not always the parents. It’s people outside the home, it’s family members, friends, people at school. This doesn’t happen to well-adjusted, well-rounded kids. Something is wrong in their world and it’s so so wrong to blame the parents. In some cases, maybe but this is the 6502nd school shooting in 2021 (as far as I’m aware) and I promise you, not all of those parents were crappy awful parents who didn’t know any better. Just take that in as much as you can that sometimes, it’s not the parents. Some kids are just really broken and nothing that the parents do helps.
B Lane
B Lane Aylar önce
This is every parents worse nightmare!!! 😰😰😰
Kate Aylar önce
@? WhiteRose are you actually serious ? like genuinely curious how stupid someone could be
B Lane
B Lane Aylar önce
@lae krits Chile…is anyone TEACHING their kids…PERIOD is the real question! 😫😫😫
B Lane
B Lane Aylar önce
@Tdigital Group Productions 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😳the savageness!!
lae krits
lae krits Aylar önce
Does anyone still teach their kids to be kind, or is it all about winning now?
Tdigital Group Productions
My parents kept their gun out of sight. In fact I never even knew they had a gun until I was grown...but we are black so they only have the one and we (being black) are not an ultra violent people unlike the mass shooter families. I mean how could you formulate all that and carry it out with only 15 years of even being alive? There were models......Reap your harvest America....Ahhhhhhh!
Saleeyah Marshall
Saleeyah Marshall Aylar önce
My condolences to the Families 🥺❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽
Vera Nika
Vera Nika Aylar önce
Its sad on so many levels. First what happened secondly that a 15 year old did this thing. Something is very broken. Sending positive thoughts from Europe
Free Speech Extremist
@παιδί του φεγγαριού ☽ no thoughts are your own. You need other people to tell you what to believe. It's sad really.
παιδί του φεγγαριού ☽
@Free Speech Extremist 'free speech extremist' am i not allowed to hold my own opinions as you are yours?
παιδί του φεγγαριού ☽
@Free Speech Extremist that's what you all love to say when you have no coherent argument to what i've said.
Free Speech Extremist
@παιδί του φεγγαριού ☽ you are demoralized. Their propaganda has worked on you. You are not worthy of the aspirations you hold.
παιδί του φεγγαριού ☽
@RZ UNCUT so what im getting from your comment is that europe needs the metal detectors our defective government settled with when we asked for the gun control we so desperately need?
Kylee Garcia
Kylee Garcia Aylar önce
Oh that sweet boy talking about his team mate and friend, I'm so sorry for your loss! 💔
M C Aylar önce
@Money Marsh every jock is inherently a bully, we can all agree based on experience.
Money Marsh
Money Marsh Aylar önce
@VAL13C why do you assume he was a bully?
VAL13C Aylar önce
Do you mean the jock bully. Oh yeah, feel sooo bad.
Stylin Williams
Stylin Williams Aylar önce
I’m sooooo glad I’m grown and don’t attend school anymore. Kids these days are savages
RZ UNCUT Aylar önce
@Mr. Mah exactly. that’s what people don’t understand. LAWS ARE FOR CITIZENS. NOT CRIMINALS. laws are not to prevent the crime. laws are consequences AFTER you do the crime. and criminals don’t
Use Less
Use Less Aylar önce
@tammy walker u in trouble
Use Less
Use Less Aylar önce
@Floyd Larken no I didn't :D
Goosemann Aylar önce
@USSResolute 😂😂
USSResolute Aylar önce
Wish we lived in those good old days in East Anglia in 966AD when all we had to deal with was marauding vikings.
Lanell Duncan
Lanell Duncan Aylar önce
My Deepest Condolences
glowinqcharlie Aylar önce
this is really sad… i live in michigan my mom works with a person who’s son died the day after it’s so sad and i feel so bad for the ones who had to deal with this and not just hear about it and someone at my school said they knew someone who was friends with tate edit: i’m so sorry for anyone who lost a family member or a friend like this
betovega91cr91 Aylar önce
Everyone is praying, but no one is changing
Caryn Schwengel
Caryn Schwengel Aylar önce
I don’t think people have changed since the beginning of time. We are still cavemen.
Chewycaswell Aylar önce
Condolences to those families lost love ones 🙏🙏🙏
jeanne marcinek
jeanne marcinek Aylar önce
Prayers go out to the families who lost their children, the children that survived, and the shooter. Everyone needs a prayer regardless.
jed666007 Aylar önce
Your prayers are worthless. You live in the united guns of America. You're part of the solution or you're the problem. Your god either can't do anything about it or he doesn't care to do anything about it. Stand up and pick a side.
Vallejo fam
Vallejo fam Aylar önce
A parent did reach out to police and they ignored him. It was a week before the shooting. The school and the police failed to protect the students. 🤬
Melanie Pamela GC
Melanie Pamela GC Aylar önce
Where did you read/watch that ? I found a video of a student from Oxford school saying how basically everyone at the school knew about the threaths but so far I havenˋt read or watch something about someone actually said it to the police a week before
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Aylar önce
oh no, can't blame the school! they don't want to have that pointed out.
jeremy shearer
jeremy shearer Aylar önce
Unfortunately this happens when kids think they are “so cool” by bullying and picking on other kids who are different. Football players normally pick on weaker kids and that’s sad
jeremy shearer
jeremy shearer Aylar önce
@Bob Dylan happened too me too. I ended up fighting back and got in trouble but kept fighting back.. #stopthebullying
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Aylar önce
happened to me in high school, and I was pretty close to opening a can of retribution.
Bush Man
Bush Man Aylar önce
Nahhhh this was deliberate and planned...this terrorists is lucky he's not getting the chair
Justin Aylar önce
If you ever see a social media post like that, kids, take it serious, man. Don’t go to school, tell someone, call the cops so they check on that kid. Better safe than sorry
Sameena Rifath
Sameena Rifath Aylar önce
It’s so sad my heart is breaking 😢😢😢💔💔💔
armed farm
armed farm Aylar önce
Anytime I or anyone we know goes to our doctor's we fill out a questionnaire about our mental health, so it's time this is done in- schools across the country. It would give the counselors in the schools a heads up and the parents if they cared.
armed farm
armed farm Aylar önce
@swallowedinthesea11 Well we already know that something is wrong with kids like this. I know they show signs. If they are bullied people see it. If they say they are going to get a gun do something. The test that everyone takes before a DR appt, even if it would help a few kids, it'd be worth it.
But how many of us would be honest in the questionnaire? Mental health is more open and aware, but the stigma is still there.
J&C Rogers
J&C Rogers Aylar önce
Or his parents abused him and turned him into a sociopath 🤔
Dee Kang
Dee Kang Aylar önce
I’m sure his parents care, just like any other parent. It sounds like their kid was bullied. I hope, if you have kids, you’d stand up for your kid too. Wouldn’t any parent? They’re likely acting like this because the school knew he was being bullied and did nothing.
Austin butler
Austin butler Aylar önce
All the officials and adult who knew something was gonna happen should face consequences as well. Kids were staying home from school that week because they knew something was gonna happen. This could have been stoped
RZ UNCUT Aylar önce
@Austin butler im guessing they are not gonna state weather or not they were bullies or not because they are victims. and if you are correct then nobody did nothing to prevent it from happening. as usual. push comes to shove the human race will ALWAYS look out for themselves. thats why i don’t care if i see people in need because if it was me nobody would giva dam.
Austin butler
Austin butler Aylar önce
@Booster Rooster I think them boosters have got u messed up
Booster Rooster
Booster Rooster Aylar önce
@Austin butler but it wasn't so it couldn't because it never will be. I know how to speak in negatives, your native tongue
Austin butler
Austin butler Aylar önce
@Booster Rooster now it has came out that he posted photos of the gun online before the attack... could have been stoped
Austin butler
Austin butler Aylar önce
@Booster Rooster wtf, you logic is very interesting. So if he didn't have that gun he still would have shot people with it? If we wasn't bullied he wouldn't have still looked for vengeance on people? Stop it! it was preventable in many ways why did the school employees do nothing about the bullying? They knew it was going on but did nothing. Many if they would have intervened this kid wouldn't of took matters into his own hands
Jason He
Jason He Aylar önce
This has happened many times here in states. Besides prayers and condolences, the question is what this country need to do to prevent the next one. And where or how did he get the firearm?
Allison Tran
Allison Tran Aylar önce
I believe it was sad dad bought it for him as a gift.
Eat With Loring
Eat With Loring Aylar önce
Wow... so sad! R.I.P to these innocent teenagers 🕊🕊🕊🕊
George Peres
George Peres Aylar önce
I'm very sorry for what everyone is going through. I will be praying for everyone
Based Ghi
Based Ghi Aylar önce
@Matthew Bailey 𝐍i𝐠𝐞𝐫
Sara Swinerton
Sara Swinerton Aylar önce
@Matthew Bailey well being rude isn’t going to hep either so you comment is just as point less of not more than the person you are making fun of
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey Aylar önce
yeah im sure thatll help lol
The Kinetic Club
The Kinetic Club Aylar önce
I feel so sorry for all of you children.. the ones that died and got injured.. and for this child that did it.. he was in a dark dark place and the devil let that darkness get to him.. i pray for the families all of the kids at the school and the teachers and just everyone that was in the school. God will make it better when we all go to the garden..
Emmanuel Aylar önce
My sincere condolences to the families who've lost their loved little ones and my wishes of quick recovery to the injured and consolations to the students and teachers and support staff. but I dont think charging him as an adult will by any means protect the public. we are escaping the most important discussion of gun control to protect the 2nd ammendment and neglect the right to live. simple gun laws like storage of guns and ammunitions in homes could have averted this situation. but everytime someone brings this up, the idea of gun control, fools jump to the conclusion that the government wants to take away guns. sadly this wont be the last school shooting, and sadly more parents will have to deal with the aftermath of such shootings. Till then we should do what we do, sweep the idea of gun cuntrol dangerous to talk about and create tensions around it until the next shooting.
socialish Aylar önce
The hearts are with the prayers.
Caligirl55 77
Caligirl55 77 Aylar önce
This is so sad. Our condolences to the family and to the school.😪
Shoe Helmholdt
Shoe Helmholdt Aylar önce
I live not too far away from Oxford high. I remember us going on a soft lockdown, and school is cancelled today. Terrifying knowing our school could have been shot up too.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Aylar önce
Thank you to the police and journalists, who have managed to maintain high professionalism so far in this issue.
Brian Parent
Brian Parent Aylar önce
So very sad. I even cried my eyes out.
Bri Bri
Bri Bri Aylar önce
My heart is breaking this is so sad
deepfriedavocado Aylar önce
praying for the families
Cassandra Olson
Cassandra Olson Aylar önce
pookiehoney Aylar önce
I heard that students came forward warning the school that he was posting disturbing stuff and they dismissed them and did nothing.
jammernoc Aylar önce
That whole school will need a lot of love and prayers to get through this ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Daniel Osterman
Daniel Osterman Aylar önce
Whatever happened to the good old days of playground fist fights? 👊 Now some children are emboldened by the heft and feel of a weapon on their hip. Truly frightening times we live in.
LaDiosa Aylar önce
@omg 😆
LaDiosa Aylar önce
@Nancy Garrett Ok. 🤭
LaDiosa Aylar önce
@Brad Coleman Glad you clarified that! LOL You must be REALLY bored! Bless your heart!
LaDiosa Aylar önce
@Jexy Marshall Your ignorant comments. LOL
Maurice Fails
Maurice Fails Aylar önce
@Yoshikage Kira LOL! Ummm? Does the word stereotype mean anything to you? Not all Asians live under a dictatorship. This is what I believe you are implying with your ignorant comment.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Aylar önce
Why are the calling him an “alleged” shooter he’s a murderer
DanMac420 Aylar önce
It's called Due Process... If the shooter had dark skin we wouldn't hear much about it. Like the Texas incident (I'm trying to avoid inflammatory language so my comment doesn't get censored by some snowflake)
Frankly Aylar önce
@Alex Nowicki corrected it for you; see OP
Alex Nowicki
Alex Nowicki Aylar önce
@Frankly libtard*
Joseph Hodges
Joseph Hodges Aylar önce
It is always alleged until found guilty.
NahRahSah Aylar önce
The same reason they called it the Ahmaud trial when he was in fact the victim. Gotta keep that hidden narrative going at all costs.
Cassandra V
Cassandra V Aylar önce
This literally hits close to home. Oxford is 30 min from me and I work in this area often. My thoughts go out to everyone involved and the families. 4 beautiful children gone for no reason! I'm heartbroken 💔
Isaac24 Aylar önce
I live in the Lansing area, same.
kbmoka Aylar önce
When the reporter said in the beginning of the video "in this week's shooting. . . " That hit me. Shootings have become so common that it is like weekly weather forecasts.
USSResolute Aylar önce
Disingenuous reporting, designed to imply that shootings are more commonplace than they are. If they were that common, they would not be newsworthy; they would be boring.
J Crews
J Crews Aylar önce
As much as they talk about them, they still fail to tell you that youre more likely to die in a car accident or be struck by lightning than to be involved in a shooting. I just want to know when schools plan on increasing security measures.
John Templeton
John Templeton Aylar önce
kids in urban environments are picking off each other and innocents one by one each and every day for decades. gets virtually no coverage from msm
Perc 31
Perc 31 Aylar önce
School shootings have been happening for a long time now, they just cover them all the time now. Research it
Tee Dubya
Tee Dubya Aylar önce
Not true. Shootings have been going on for decades. What has changed is the medias coverage on it and how they glorify and repeat the suspects name over and over and over. That’s what’s changed. Also, the schools need to up their security just like they do in the court houses and airports.
Shawn Elder
Shawn Elder Aylar önce
If people knew enough about this to keep their kids home how did they not know it was going to happen and why didn't they say anything to the school. Also why did the kids in the classroom not out the window to begin with instead of waiting for the possible shooter to come knock on the door? This could have easily been prevented
Caryn Schwengel
Caryn Schwengel Aylar önce
@swimmingbird243 There are so many old, crappy schools with their windows painted shut. This country has neglected schools for tens of decades.
swimmingbird243 Aylar önce
I will say as a janitor of 13 years: not all schools have windows that you can get out through. I have worked in several high schools where they just have the window but no ability to open or close it. I have also been in middle schools as well as elementary that wouldn't have enough room to escape that way.
Michelle Derek
Michelle Derek Aylar önce
My wife literally cried when viewing the sad news.
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Aylar önce
Hah gaey
John Edward Jones
John Edward Jones Aylar önce
Such a tragic, sad series of events. Could have been an intervention since "professionals" knew of his issues. His family knew....Just meetings...Similar situation at Parkland including family with guns.
Adrian McGrady
Adrian McGrady Aylar önce
Prayers to all of these children and their families
Ann Todd
Ann Todd Aylar önce
These poor kids. My heart breaks for the families. I don't understand why this is a thing now. Every year some troubled kid decides he's going to shoot innocent kids, I have a daughter who's only 3 and I'm so terrified of sending her to school bc of horrible tragedies such as this.
Cook N Crook
Cook N Crook Aylar önce
These are absolutely tragedies but are very rare occurrences. I am also a parent, of a high school Freshman. Something like this happening is my greatest fear but I don’t dwell on it by any means.
podorowski Poe
podorowski Poe Aylar önce
Lord Jesus help us!! My heart goes out to these families. Lord help us to get back the word of God and Parents loving and discipline their children.
Dee Kang
Dee Kang Aylar önce
And let’s get back to a time when bullies were addressed by their parents and the school system! I’ve read that he was bullied. How would you like to be bullied 5 days a week with no help?
Jessi V111
Jessi V111 Aylar önce
Heartbreaking 💔
Brad Millard
Brad Millard Aylar önce
Damn, Nancy looks like she's had some heartfelt talks with victims around the school, and has been crying. Must be emotionally exhausting covering these stories and having to talk to victims/witnesses. Cops, and other first responders are a lil hardened by seeing this stuff all the time, and having to break news to family etc, but i imagine reporters aren't necessarily used to it and it must be hard. My heart goes out to the victims. This is such a sad one
志瑜杨 Aylar önce
How the heck does someone who literally has a gun in his hand plead not guilty??
C.S. Unger
C.S. Unger Aylar önce
Let the young grow up in a culture where right and wrong are determined by the legal system or by popular culture instead of an objective reality ( in other words, that there really is a Morally Right and Wrong) and guess what you get? We are simply reaping what we have sown.
Jexy Marshall
Jexy Marshall Aylar önce
Good point
Trauma Survivor Cynthia
Enough is Enough!! 😞 In memory of my Stepdad, teacher 📚 and Coach 🏀 Dave Sanders who was murdered at Columbine High school on April 20,1999 along with 12 students 👣 in Littleton, Colorado!! 😇 #davesandersstepdaughter
Sera Adane
Sera Adane Aylar önce
God bless all those students and their family🙏
Four-Plex Forever
Four-Plex Forever Aylar önce
Where were the school counselors, teachers, principle, parents, and family members leading up to this! Why did his dad buy him a gun? Teens misbehave because it is a cry for help and they don't know how to ask for help. The signs were clear long before the shooting, No 15 year old child wakes up one day and randomly think hey I think I'll shoot my classmates today. I would be willing to bet that he also had problems getting along with his peers and had no friends at school, and he was probably bullied at school. He had issues and he was acting in a way that clearly showed everyone around him that he needed help, but he was ignored and he snapped. Why didn't somebody help him BEFORE he reached that point? Unfortunately when he did snap it cost the lives of 4 other students at his school. What he needs is a counselor not a prison sentence he is a 15 year old kid. I understand the anger and the pain, But as a society we need to decide if we want justice or revenge? Justice would be getting him a counselor and helping this 15 year old child heal himself mentally and emotionally. Revenge would be throwing him in a prison cell for the rest of his life and allowing him to become even more bitter to the world as his internal mental issues get even worse.
tam i am
tam i am Aylar önce
Let the deceased family members decide his fate...that's JUSTICE!
Barnhouse Designs PA
@Mobile App I never said he didn’t steal it from his dad. He could’ve very well done that. Knowing all of the problems the kid had, plus the number of guns removed from the house after the shooting, makes me think the emotionally disturbed kid had access to whatever he wanted. I’m a firm 2A supporter and legally carry with a license. If my child was having this many issues, I wouldn’t have a house full of weapons that he can have free range of. The father could’ve locked them all up, like us responsible parents do.
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Mobile App Aylar önce
@Barnhouse Designs PA Nice try. Because a very disturbed 15-year-old steals his father‘s brand new gun and posts it on social media, that’s not an equation to dad buying it for the son. In most states, it is difficult enough for a good citizen to buy themselves firearm, and in no circumstance is it legal for an adult to buy a firearm for a minor. If you do any research, you’ll find the media somehow “accidentally” misconstrued the situation. It is obvious as the sphincter under your nose.
William Hand
William Hand Aylar önce
I'm totally with you, but you and I both know it'll never happen that way. People are so confused and narcissistic that you'd have *adults* bullying the kid if he ever tried to speak up. People only pretend to care so they don't get bullied themselves.
Barnhouse Designs PA
@Sara D it’s been all over reported that his dad just bought the gun on November 26th, then the suspect posted it on his Instagram that it’s “my new baby”. His dad bought it specifically for him.
Riannah Avora
Riannah Avora Aylar önce
My heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy for sure. Seeing as his attorney plead "not guilty" for him, my guess is that either a) he was being bullied or b) he has a psychiatric condition... perhaps both. Today's environment is not good for kids at all. They often do not have the skills to cope and deal with conflict or other difficult issues these days. And, the harassment from their peers is severe. With one key press, what use to be kept within a group of kids, is now made public to anyone in the world... forever. This situation can be attributed to several things to be honest. Kids today tend to be very "self" oriented. Almost narcissistic in fact. As well, many don't have much, if any, regard for human life other than their own. I blame parents, main stream media and social media for a lot of the current issues that kids have. It's the age of intolerance I think. And kids are not learning the skills they need in order to positively participate in society.
cardend2010 Aylar önce
What’s sucks is it will never end! As good as our worthless politicians are at dropping the ball they will not do anything about it. They’ll say “Thoughts & Prayers” then move on!😤
Cook N Crook
Cook N Crook Aylar önce
@Jack Borchanian Gun violence is not only an American problem by far. That statement alone goes to show you don’t know what you’re babbling on about.
Jack Borchanian
Jack Borchanian Aylar önce
Cook N Crook oh please this is solely an American problem. As long as spineless politicians just continue to turn a blind eye to these tragedies, they will continue to happen
Cook N Crook
Cook N Crook Aylar önce
There’s literally nothing they can do about it
Will Peifer
Will Peifer Aylar önce
“Despite rumors” and meeting with this repeat offender regarding behavioral issues the school didn’t know that this could happen? Come on.
James Jones
James Jones Aylar önce
The school knew and had a meeting with him hours before. They dropped the ball hard! This could have been prevented
KoKo FitFaded
KoKo FitFaded Aylar önce
Absolutely devastating
Tint Prxy
Tint Prxy Aylar önce
😕 my condolences to the families effected
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Aylar önce
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Aylar önce
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