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Michael Cera is best known for playing George-Michael on the hit show Arrested Development, and for his award-winning roles in films like Juno and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. But how is he with hot food? Find out as Cera swats off the Scovilles and navigates his way through a Sean Evans-led interrogation covering everything from Superbad lore, to farmers market pet peeves, to his feelings on Jonah Hill Day. If you want to see him act on a million Scovilles, stick around until the end. If you want to see him act for real, check out The Waverly Gallery, premiering on Broadway this fall.

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Season 6
Episode 9

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.



9 Ağu 2018




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First We Feast
First We Feast 3 yıl önce
Michael Cera Goes to the Farmers Market should be a show. Agree/disagree?
Tim Thompson
Tim Thompson Gün önce
Why would he go to a farmers market? He looks like he’s never eaten before.
Josie Gün önce
Michael Rubino
Michael Rubino 25 gün önce
Ethan Wade
Ethan Wade Aylar önce
Edwin Andino Castillo
Edwin Andino Castillo 2 aylar önce
Wodavenge 16 saatler önce
Honestly Michael Cera is one of my favourite actors!
Angelic Alignment 11:11
He seems like a fun guy to hang out with.
Kevin Archer
Kevin Archer Gün önce
"Its fine not problem", only takes a nibble off the wing lol
Leo PE
Leo PE 2 gün önce
I love Da Bomb😂
Meli Del Rio
Meli Del Rio 2 gün önce
He really did so well omg
Alien Network
Alien Network 3 gün önce
Such a good guy
Veki Paz
Veki Paz 3 gün önce
Michael is not impressed
GAURISH 4 gün önce
Idk why he reminds me of Snot from american dad
Nakul Wheeler
Nakul Wheeler 5 gün önce
So many fucking ads
Toxik 14
Toxik 14 5 gün önce
Micheal cera is micheal cera
Kevin E
Kevin E 6 gün önce
This guy kicked ass..,.....🤔
tgguitarguy 6 gün önce
“Let’s go through the final wing with nothing but facial expressions” Sean: 🥴🥴😣😌 Michael: 😐
Paul Healey
Paul Healey 8 gün önce
Top guy
BerserkRoo 9 gün önce
When Michael Cera was like o____o I felt that.
Nathan Sotir
Nathan Sotir 9 gün önce
Fuckin just laughing the whole time this show is great. As is Michael man. Good shit bro
Hayley Turner
Hayley Turner 9 gün önce
He is the toughest person I have seen eat these wings 💯💯💯💯💯
Hayley Turner
Hayley Turner 9 gün önce
He handled this so well
Frank Guy
Frank Guy 9 gün önce
Michael Cera getting angry,, "Space stations are bn ruined!!!".... 😂😂😂
Frank Guy
Frank Guy 9 gün önce
He should be the new Carnage, fro and red hair.. Win win there hehehe.
Shayne Saunders
Shayne Saunders 10 gün önce
He did the best I’ve seen
Derpy Mcderpster
Derpy Mcderpster 11 gün önce
boo, no Scott Pilgrim related questions. automatic 0/10 (jk but seriously tho, what the fuck?)
Dread_wolf 11 gün önce
You should slowly do all of the scott Pilgrim Cast
Mr. Cortez
Mr. Cortez 12 gün önce
I love how nothing phases him!!!
Riley Hanson
Riley Hanson 12 gün önce
15:42 that chicken came off like a damn piece of bark
Lainie Addison
Lainie Addison 12 gün önce
i am weirdly attracted to him in this
toasterstrudel104 13 gün önce
nobody gonna talk about how he just breezed through all these hot wings ? holy shit 2mil scoville and not even a flinch
Caminho de Lamed
Caminho de Lamed 3 gün önce
Yeah! After the interview everyone crying, absoluly! Hahaha. Normal! This looks so terrible.....
chris herbig
chris herbig 13 gün önce
Michael looks like he's fighting off an existential crisis on that last wing.
Gigi Beattie
Gigi Beattie 14 gün önce
Eric Ramos
Eric Ramos 15 gün önce
Currently, my day to day existance hinges on First We Feast
Steve Govea
Steve Govea 15 gün önce
He just needs to stack on pounds of muscle and star in some action movies.
YehudiNimol 15 gün önce
Michael Cera just looks like a normal guy who happens to be famous. I wish there were more people like this in Hollywood instead of ego-driven maniacs and sex offenders. Of course, there's no way for me to know that for sure since I don't know the guy but by the impression he makes he seems chill. Also, I don't know if people critique his acting on Scott Pilgrim, but I think he did a pretty good job. He carried a lot of the movie
Miguel Santos
Miguel Santos 16 gün önce
Yeah he was quite creeped out by that photographer I can tell
Strâwßerry Fâñta
Strâwßerry Fâñta 16 gün önce
Looked up “Hot ones jesse eisenberg” and found this, not disappointed
Doctor Strainlove
Doctor Strainlove 16 gün önce
Who thought out of the trio from supermarket, McLovin would age the best..
the normal human being
"people see and then your imbarresed by it, which can happen" flashback to extreme movie
tantj35 17 gün önce
Cocaine really kills the smell and taste. Much love Cera.
Merark 18 gün önce
Apparently Da Bomb it's the worst one instead of the last two...
Julia Parkerson
Julia Parkerson 18 gün önce
michael if ur reading this marry me 😍
auriel 19 gün önce
why am i barley seeing this
Trayshawn Jeffries
Trayshawn Jeffries 20 gün önce
The last bit was kinda awkward until they laughed
Xavier 22 gün önce
Im watching super bad on tv and this is the first video that popped up in my TRvid 😂
Evan 23 gün önce
Oh jeez man these wings sure are hot man
Wrestling content
Wrestling content 24 gün önce
He’s the most boring celebrity in the world
YehudiNimol 15 gün önce
I feel like that's just being a normal person. When having a conversation with someone you can't expect them to pull one-liners all the time
Michael Rubino
Michael Rubino 25 gün önce
Superbad is a badass movie
Rhino W
Rhino W 25 gün önce
I like him from Year One and Scott Pilgrim. To me Superbad is Jonah Hill
betterdaystoday 26 gün önce
A little pain, nn the mouth. 😆
Callie Conner
Callie Conner 27 gün önce
The facial expressions at the end made me laugh way too hard
Jules L
Jules L 28 gün önce
I just can't stand this piece of shit guy he's the worst, please delete this video. I would pay you
Jules L
Jules L 28 gün önce
His hair looks like the hair of a mummy that's like 500 years old. Google that
Jules L
Jules L 28 gün önce
I'm not a fan, I'd like everyone to know that I'm not a fan thanks
Matt Henson
Matt Henson 29 gün önce
Bruh he was so cute in arrested development what happened to him 😭
Shane Smart
Shane Smart 29 gün önce
Is Michael Cera real ?
Hayden Prunest
Hayden Prunest 29 gün önce
we're all a little bit michael cera on the inside
Whiteboard Anesthesia
That soup lady story had me cracking up lmao
rice salad
rice salad Aylar önce
Khalad here, fuc u guys!
Jerry Bates
Jerry Bates Aylar önce
He looks like Larry David if Larry David put on a wig and started using facial Moisturizer.
Benjamin Kuhle
Benjamin Kuhle Aylar önce
1:58 that did not age well
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia Aylar önce
I can’t believe girls actually though Michael Cera was actually attractive. 😅
Karina Hernandez
Karina Hernandez Aylar önce
The able calendar evolutionarily include because gemini pharmacologically imagine amidst a jumpy violin. needless, silky anger
steff B
steff B Aylar önce
Classic moment when someone stops your show to pick something out of their teeth🤪😁🤟👍👊👊
Sir. Richard Armstrong 3rd
fantastic planet (la planète sauvage) is an awesome movie!
Airborne Aylar önce
Always found Cera a dick but watched it anyway...
Brandon Anthony
Brandon Anthony Aylar önce
Didn't even look phased... OK Cera
Green Grinder MX
Green Grinder MX Aylar önce
This is literally the BEST episode I’ve watched!
Green Grinder MX
Green Grinder MX Aylar önce
I do wish Year 1 came up though
suzanne woodgate
suzanne woodgate Aylar önce
i'm from tbay ontario xo
Chuck Baserap
Chuck Baserap Aylar önce
Wow Cera downed those hot wings like a CHAMP!!!
Anindustryplant Aylar önce
He even eats sheepishly I love him
Maddie E
Maddie E Aylar önce
shoulda asked if he’s ever gonna get a new hair cute 💀
Razorwind Aylar önce
He swats them down like taco bell sauce. Michael Cera is a legit Spice Lord
Emin Muradov
Emin Muradov Aylar önce
You ticklish?
Chris Hayden
Chris Hayden Aylar önce
Whos that woman at 11:44
Chris Clouds
Chris Clouds Aylar önce
Sean was happily sauced up this one and I'm here for it
Chris Clouds
Chris Clouds Aylar önce
He handled those wings like a boss!
Eeyore's Lost Tails
Has anyone had a euphonic experience ? I had one 10 years ago and been trying so hard and I cant get there again . Its worse then a heroine addictions first hit .
The Christicorn
The Christicorn Aylar önce
He looks like Beck at 15, 40, and 70
Elizabeth Bryce
Elizabeth Bryce Aylar önce
He reminds me of Jesse Eisenberg. He just gives me vibes I don’t like. 😂
Kelly Matthes
Kelly Matthes Aylar önce
I’m just saying, if they ever do a live action of the Simpsons. Moe.
The Storyteller
The Storyteller Aylar önce
He stands the spice like he's dead inside XD
UNiCORN Aylar önce
This episode was fantastic, what a great watch! Man I sound old what the heck, seriously tho I loved it
Raygar Targaryen
Raygar Targaryen Aylar önce
Combat Doc
Combat Doc Aylar önce
Sean Evans should be the next presidential debate moderator!! Both candidates eat wings and answer questions.
Just Jess
Just Jess Aylar önce
He’s so simple and cute and pure lmao
It's Mr. All My Friends Are Dead
The answer for 19:00 I would of said the secret life of walter mitty
It's Mr. All My Friends Are Dead
He looks like a real life morty lol
lity fity
lity fity Aylar önce
michael bruh is bruhin
Tobiah Wiersteiner
Tobiah Wiersteiner Aylar önce
The ajar gateway neurologically use because dressing cellularly spot including a well-made pin. jealous, comfortable tights
zero gravity600
zero gravity600 Aylar önce
People want this guy to play morty 😐
Jordan Guzman
Jordan Guzman Aylar önce
And khaled tapped out 3 sauces in
Jordan Guzman
Jordan Guzman Aylar önce
I kmew he was the adam from psyched substance, he just makes himself skinnier and american
Everestaddict Aylar önce
10:58 *PIFT* puss
James O'Reilly
James O'Reilly Aylar önce
Pretty much everyone hates this guy. Probably the wrong person to get onto your amazing channel.
emaan Aylar önce
Read the comments
Ryan Yowell
Ryan Yowell Aylar önce
Oh man, my 4 year old niece watches Spirited Away alllll the time with her dad (my brother). She's obsessed with it but still thinks it's scary as shit.
hod scott
hod scott Aylar önce
He crush that like a champ.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell Aylar önce
Scott Pilgrim dont fuck around.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell Aylar önce
First person to like Da Bomb, usually thats the one that gets people.
Hayley Vine
Hayley Vine Aylar önce
I love this guy so much
Hayley Vine
Hayley Vine Aylar önce
He’s like a real life Morty from Rick and morty
Fritz! Aylar önce
Jason Bateman next!
AussieR1 Aylar önce
Someone please upload the 1 hour DVD menu dancing to TRvid. :)
Irineo IV Santos
Irineo IV Santos Aylar önce
How is he so calm. Damn!!! So cool
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