Miami Dolphins vs. San Fransisco 49ers | 2022 Week 13 Game Highlights

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3 Ara 2022




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Isaac 2 aylar önce
The fact that the 3rd string qb for niners played that well is amazing
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz 5 gün önce
@Kingtree14 it was a very sad outcome but those eagles are no joke and they came to play. Brock Purdy wasn’t going to take us to the sb but he did an amazing job his rookie year. I wish him a speedy and successful recovery.
Kingtree14 5 gün önce
@Miguel Diaz he got hurt man 😢
Techatalyst 21 gün önce
@Lindsey Lippincott GLOCK PURDY
Lindsey Lippincott
Lindsey Lippincott 23 gün önce
@migueld24 this comment has aged interestingly. Guess we will have to see what happens tomorrow.
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz 28 gün önce
@Kheidge 2nd Channel the nfl is a different animal man. I’m glad he’s doing well but it’s premature to all these things. I hope I am wrong about him not being capable of taking the Niners to the Super Bowl on his first year. I will be happy to be wrong.
scbluesman13 2 aylar önce
Niners are looking SOOOOO good right now. Sucks that JG is out for the season, I hope he heals up soon, but Purdy... Man what a debut performance.
Dan Lyons
Dan Lyons 4 gün önce
@david ellsworth Well, Purdy won the rest of their regular season games. Secured the NFC West title. Beat Tom Brady. Won two playoff games. Was injured in the 1st quarter of the NFC championship game. I'd say the 49ers found a way to win their their 3rd string qb. Unfortunately, the injuries were too much to overcome.
Campin Steve
Campin Steve 11 gün önce
@LTrain45 45 hows this goin for ya, clown?
Lalo Vera
Lalo Vera 25 gün önce
@LTrain45 45 I literally used it correctly, kid
AsteroidDelta 26 gün önce
@david ellsworth This comment aged well, seeing as Purdy has been fantastic these past five weeks.
LTrain45 45
LTrain45 45 Aylar önce
@Lalo Vera The real losers are people who overuse and incorrectly use the word "literally". Also the 49ers, who will lose in the playoffs which is what I was talking about. When they have to play the real teams they'll lose.
Do It
Do It 2 aylar önce
I'll give Purdy credit, dude made some crazy tight throws for a backup
Bob Robinson
Bob Robinson Aylar önce
And now, he’s the best thing going.
eddy5750 Aylar önce
Gotta make sure to earn another contract
Brad Aylar önce
A back ups back up to be exact
Werdna 2 aylar önce
He was mr irrelevant in the draft too
Tru Rudboy
Tru Rudboy 2 aylar önce
Man the addition of Caff has really made the 9r's offense look rejuvenated and exciting.
tom k
tom k Aylar önce
@Tru Rudboyyeah i really have good feelings about this niners squad, as well as faith in purdy to close the season and in jimmy g to take the wheel should he return in the playoffs. defense is impregnable and offense with cmac is a powerhouse even with a third string qb.
Tru Rudboy
Tru Rudboy Aylar önce
@AlphaP900 Of course, thats what I meant when i said offense was rejuvenated. People are stepping up and making plays, I see frustrated defenses unable to stop this offense from eating clock, no stupid penaltys, and coming away with points and ultimately a tired defense. And aftergame interviews not about themselves but giving props to coaches, teammates. While the other teams point fingers and upset the madden balance in locker rooms. Love piece and but grease and im out.
AlphaP900 Aylar önce
His problem though is now every defense is targeting him and expecting him to get ball so he's not getting the yards he use to.
Rj Aylar önce
.....yeah.....from the first time he was on the field.
The Bops
The Bops 2 aylar önce
He is a gun! What a player!
Pablo Castillo III
Pablo Castillo III 2 aylar önce
That was the most amazing lost of 5 I’ve ever seen. Deebo Samuel is a freakin monster. He’s just so good. You can’t hate him. You really can’t 😅
Service dogo joke guys
He does cry when he loses tho I guess that comes with the territory living over in the Bay Area
Ignacio Sanchez
Ignacio Sanchez Aylar önce
@Devon Bradford I think he's like Anquan Boldin
Devon Bradford
Devon Bradford Aylar önce
@april west that’s actually a great comparison
Iam Champ
Iam Champ 2 aylar önce
Deebo fs is a Tank
april west
april west 2 aylar önce
Deebo reminds me of a more athletic Hines Ward!
Greg’s Garage
Greg’s Garage 2 aylar önce
Purdy stepped in and delivered! He showed poise, composure, and threaded the needle in many of his completions. He also showed his mobility outside the pocket and was able to convert on many 3rd downs. He’s our guy going forward and he fits right into our scheme. Keep a strong running game combined with the best defense and I like where we are at. Short week off a big win so hopefully we can take another W soon! Go 49ers!
Tony Ssnow
Tony Ssnow Aylar önce
It’s the coaching.
Joseph Bonilla
Joseph Bonilla 2 aylar önce
Been saying Big 🐓 Brock is our franchise qb 😈
Shmiggles 1
Shmiggles 1 2 aylar önce
@Fake Account bruh. You do know that Justin fields had the bears at 3-10 right.SMH
KRINAK 2 aylar önce
Choose Carefully
Choose Carefully 2 aylar önce
Jimmy isn't that good & he _knows_ it. Why do people think he agreed to a salary cut & not demand they trade him to where he could be a #1? Because he didn't like his chances. Those flow charts that show where QBs throw to show that Jimmy is _quite_ predictable. Purdy is throwing _everywhere!_ With Aiyuk, Kittle, McCaffrey, Samuel, Mason & I don't know who I've forgotten, everywhere is better & confuses the defense way more than always throwing down the middle. Jimmy has been slowing this team down.
Viking367 2 aylar önce
This kid could be good. Very surprised he fell to last in the draft. Quick release, today’s typical NFL size, elastic arm, has more guts than most starters as of now and is pretty accurate. He throws off platform and from different arm angles, very quick release, great upper and lower body disassociation and finished with his weight back with a sudden stop of upper body rotation that leads to balanced squared shoulders. All the things we see in Rodgers, Mahomes and Allen. We will have to see about the elite arm strength though, not enough situations yesterday to really tell yet. I saw this in him 2 years ago at Iowa State and was very impressed. He also has all those weapons and a championship caliber D.
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 2 aylar önce
Purdy is not only a great passer, he can run and move also ! Great job Niners !
Naomi McDonough
Naomi McDonough 2 aylar önce
That throw to Kittle was insane. The dolphins really had me in the first half, well the first 10 seconds actually.
Giselle Sanchez
Giselle Sanchez 2 aylar önce
Dolphins fan 👋🏼 49ers did one heck of a job, it was an amazing edge of your seat game, sucks that we lost but Purdy is definitely a force to be reckoned with and so is that defense line 🤯, I’ll just hold onto the beautiful touchdown we scored in the first minute of the game and wait until next Sunday 🙃 #gofins 🐬
John Due
John Due Aylar önce
The second touchdown was better ..Top 5 Tua passes. I hate to say it..but we got Vegased on both those contested catches. In what Universe weren't those catches ..they both completed football moves and had possession...(sigh) Ground can't cause a fumble...anyways #FINS UP
thespaceram2 Aylar önce
@Lee Shackelford Nope it was close much of the game. Until Tua commited those two interceptions when the game was about to end. There wasn't much time and he fell to the pressure. It also didn't help that the refs favored the 49ers in calls much throughout the game. Oh and please stop acting like a know it all schmuck.
Lee Shackelford
Lee Shackelford Aylar önce
@thespaceram2 what was the final score? Yeah...BLOW OUT. THIS game, reminded me of the 49er/Dolphin Superbowl. In the early 1st quarter, a td by Dolphins...then most of game....FUTILE DOLPHINS trvid.com/video/video-4vTneBh0uRs.html Your team's attitude in this last game...was PATHETIC.....no matter the score..give your all. The 49er TD from the fumble......Dolphin fumble....we pick it up....look how lackadaisically the Dolphins react..... ...pathetic effort By the way, I was born in San Francisco, so a Niner for life.....but, I lived in Key West Florida as a kid....was living there the year the Dolphins won it all So...I always root for my Niners....and will root for the Dolphins against any team....other than my Niners. But yeah.....watching the Dolphins start hot....then fizzle out.....hahaha...fond memories.......enjoy the video in the link above (a beautiful take on Superbowl XIX)
thespaceram2 Aylar önce
@UC2PmcReKPHeAobjyW8SrGKA I see you are a SCHMUCK. You don't have to keep reminding me. Bet you will whine too if your team loses the next time. Especially with blown calls. I guess we all make an excuse when we lose.
thespaceram2 Aylar önce
@Lorenzo CityBoy415 Well the refs didn't review that call. So I guess you are as blind as a bat. It was the commentator that notice that there was no holding as did I.
Renegade LK
Renegade LK 2 aylar önce
Today 49ers answered the question of what happens if you take the best defense in the NFL and add Arik Armstead back into the mix. My goodness.
True Talk
True Talk Aylar önce
@Chas trvid.com/video/video-Krf3nQib2EE.html No offense but Don’t you feel stupid now? Talking about Turndaballova? It happened before half time when they were winning explains a lot some of those throws were uncharacteristic.
True Talk
True Talk Aylar önce
@Chas Wow you’re on my D I CK. Dolphins Will make the playoffs. We’re not playing good football I’m always honest including when I sent you to shadow realm I know that was a traumatic experience for you never knew I could give someone PTSD from a TRvid debate sorry I did that to you. Guess what the goal is to win the SB neither the dolphins or the 49ers are doing that this year. Sorry to burst your bubble.
Chas Aylar önce
@True Talk Tua Turndaballova strikes again. 8-7 on the way to 8-8. Can you say regression to the mean?
True Talk
True Talk Aylar önce
@Chas No dude we lost of course but your take on the game was awful I destroyed you 3 times systemically and technically took down and completely debunked every single point you made it’s all here for everyone to see that’s why you keep replying to me I don’t have anything to prove but you after what I did to you I’m surprised you want to do yourself in like that. you got your A S S beat down in the comment section and now you stalking me around after I embarrassed you send you to the shadow realm wtf are your talking about?
Chas Aylar önce
@True Talk no you tried to relitigate a loss 3x. Your team couldn't win with their play, so you thought you'd write 1000 words over and over until you made a point. An L is an L.
Heywood Jabuzoff
Heywood Jabuzoff 2 aylar önce
Per Next Gen Stats, entering Sunday’s game the 49ers had allowed just 71 completions at the intermediate level over the middle of the field since drafting Fred Warner in 2018. That’s 15 fewer than any other team has allowed over that span. The 49ers’ expected completion percentage allowed to that zone in that time (56.5) was the *lowest* in the N.F.L., owing in no small part to Warner’s route recognition, awareness, and efficient footwork, all of which were on display on Sunday. - from NYT Derrik Klassen
Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall 2 aylar önce
coming from a chiefs fans, 49ers gotta be the most creative team in the league. i say this every week but I just luv watching their style of football
Kevin M
Kevin M 17 gün önce
Idk I’m a niner but chiefs are and will be solid for a while even without hill but it’ll be a hell of a game
Parental Advisory
Parental Advisory Aylar önce
We’ll meet in the Super Bowl again for our revenge , may the best team win 🏆
Justino Fioravanti
Justino Fioravanti 2 aylar önce
Purdy is so good that even the pick he threw was great! It was 4th down. If the ball was swatted the fins gain an extra 20-25 yards.
The Baccarat Coach
The Baccarat Coach 2 aylar önce
Especially DEEP ball interceptions. Sometimes they can carry the value of a Punt that pins the other team deep in their own territory.
Kanaka Rockah
Kanaka Rockah 2 aylar önce
Purdy put on a stellar performance! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Matt Crites
Matt Crites 2 aylar önce
Purdy looked purdy good! And nobody can stop this defense from slaughtering teams
Don C
Don C 2 aylar önce
@Darrin Hommel never say never
SkUlLyGaMiNg 2 aylar önce
@Lee Shackelford umm yes lmao he got carried
Chase Chevy
Chase Chevy 2 aylar önce
@Lee Shackelford ....We're 8-4 from a better division......so what's your point? So you have one? Glad I upset you enough to comment tho 👌
Lee Shackelford
Lee Shackelford 2 aylar önce
@SkUlLyGaMiNg lol no...Purdy stood tall and worked hard got the job done
Lee Shackelford
Lee Shackelford 2 aylar önce
@MIMIKA*** ***MIMIKA yep....all teams have injuries etc.......what counts is getting the job done WITH the hardship
GD 5
GD 5 2 aylar önce
Glad that I wont get weird stares this week at work for saying that Purdy is a solid talent with great potential to be a real good QB. Great job kid, keep it going!
couu alis
couu alis 2 aylar önce
Can’t wait to see him with a couple weeks of first rep practices and focus plays a lot of great potential
Jarry Sciligo
Jarry Sciligo 2 aylar önce
This team is going places. QB3 looks that good. They've got all the stars you could want in the skill positions (like the old days) and a defense that's the best in the league. Just hold out, make the playoffs. And looks like Jimmy might just be able to play in the Divisional Round. Still a lot of football left, but don't count out the Niners!
Marla Plunk
Marla Plunk 16 gün önce
@Jarry Sciligo Of course! I pay attention to the dates people make comments. i was being a bit sarcastic BECAUSE you wrote that a month ago... lol
Jarry Sciligo
Jarry Sciligo 17 gün önce
@Marla Plunk You do realize I wrote that a month ago. Lol. My dream is the Gmen get the upset and then we crush them so bad Jimmy gets a few garbage time snaps so we can send him off right.
Marla Plunk
Marla Plunk 18 gün önce
I would keep Purdy, if the choice were mine ;)
Tony Daysog
Tony Daysog 2 aylar önce
The Dolphins are really impressive in their clean and precise route running.
Angel Cervantes
Angel Cervantes 2 aylar önce
The 49ers defense is insane🤯
Chase Chevy
Chase Chevy 17 gün önce
@leland sacris ....not sure what you mean by that
leland sacris
leland sacris 17 gün önce
@Chase Chevyko
Cutty#30 Aylar önce
@Johnny Eric too Many weapons to choke and our defense is totally not under kyles control so that always gives us a fighting chance
Johnny Eric
Johnny Eric Aylar önce
@Cutty#30 Kyle will choke and Brock will. Especially Kyle as he always does. Hence thats why he is still ringless
Noe Camargo
Noe Camargo Aylar önce
@RJTurbo that Niners Defense is going to have Jalen confused
Jon Collins
Jon Collins 2 aylar önce
Purdy played great! Now that he'll be getting all the snaps in practice just imagine where he'll be next week against the Bucs.
Tom Brady Deflates
Tom Brady Deflates 2 aylar önce
12:34 Look at that amazing effort by miami to recover that fumble. Almost as amazing as cam newton in super bowl 50
Jimmy Bonez
Jimmy Bonez Aylar önce
Cam tried to recover the fumble in that super bowl. Blame the O line. Not cam
DL88 2 aylar önce
Thai 2 aylar önce
Jordan mason in the run game is extremely underrated one of my favorite rbs in the roster!
RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy
RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy 2 aylar önce
So glad the GT icon is getting a chance go ball out 🔥
mcnuggs Aylar önce
4:27 Absolute genius play, throw an interception on purpose on 4th down.
Kenneth Aylar önce
He knew Howard would put his stats over the team and save the 49ers yards, galaxy brain on full display there
Zach F
Zach F 2 aylar önce
The *_"And he’ll load up and… throw an interception"_* was hilarious.
oPlxyer 2 aylar önce
Time stamp?
W S 2 aylar önce
@DynaGuy69 Exactly what I thought as well. Must have just locked in before the ball even snapped.
DynaGuy69 2 aylar önce
I’ve watched the play a few times. What in the world was he thinking? Yeah he’s the back up. But Jesus that throw was in quadruple coverage 😂
Ali 2 aylar önce
was looking for this 😂
payneless 2 aylar önce
love the direction the dolphins are going in all this team need now is to better the offense line and coach up our DB's and we can make a deep run for the playoffs in the future! We give up to many big plays down field and give other teams offense too much time to find a WR or improvise for a big gain. let's go fins up! 🧡
Honey_badger 2 aylar önce
Isn't it funny how all the experts never gave Jimmy G any credit but now that he is out this is the end to all our Superbowl dreams? Jimmy was playing the best ball of his career and his injury sucks big time. How ironic that he only gets some respect after he has thrown his last pass for the 9ers. All the best Jimmy! What a brilliant first game by Brock.
American Patriot
American Patriot Aylar önce
They just said he is getting his boot off this week or next week so he is ok track to be back for the playoffs but nothing guaranteed
JJ H Aylar önce
It’s bullshit is what it is, they hate the man for literally no reason
Akil Williams
Akil Williams 2 aylar önce
GG, 49ers were still rolling. Unfortunate that Jimmy G got hurt. Purdy looks like he knows what he's doing, much success to this kid.
chaotic/Silence 2 aylar önce
I love these commentators, they are as just exciting to listen to as the game was.
Mark Summey
Mark Summey 2 aylar önce
49ers pass rush was awesome!!!
Andrew Kaiser
Andrew Kaiser 2 aylar önce
I liked how the Dolphins actually lost 23 yards on that 4th down interception.
The Baccarat Coach
The Baccarat Coach 2 aylar önce
Sometimes the best result a ( Player ) can get is NOT the best result for the ( Team ) . Football is strange sometimes LOL
Ray Spiller
Ray Spiller 2 aylar önce
I'm proud of them young man purdy he waited for his time and he shine
High-Key Independent LLC
That was very nice game from the Quarter Back didn’t know him until this game 💙
Kurdistan Erryday
Kurdistan Erryday 2 aylar önce
49ers defense is LEGIT! What a game by Bosa and everyone else! #DPOY
Tony Wilson
Tony Wilson 2 aylar önce
@Razlan YOU LOST by 16 and 2 TDs is 14 points or have you forgotten how math works. Go look at those last 5 games they inlcude the teams in LAST PLACE in both conferences and the other 3 have record under 500. Its easy to have great stats on offense when you are playing against struggling teams.
Crazytrent 2 aylar önce
@Razlan49ers defense was just too good
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 2 aylar önce
@Douglass Garvey Banged up D Line, missing a top CB in Eman plus Jimmie Ward was out for some time. While the Cowgirls and Eagles have been healthy LoL. They will stay hating but imagine if the Niners D was healthy like the Girls and Feagles
Kurdistan Erryday
Kurdistan Erryday 2 aylar önce
@Razlan 49ers defense dominated, now stop with the excuses
Razlan 2 aylar önce
No Tua had a off day overthrowing so many passes 2 would have been tds and was no pressure on him at that time.Tua gave the game to the defence. Miami is better then this.
Brandon Coleman
Brandon Coleman 2 aylar önce
I really thought that Miami was going to win but I was definitely wrong good game
Brock Reilly
Brock Reilly 2 aylar önce
Purdy is the perfect QB for the Niners. Check it down to their great skill players after the first read is taken away. Brock also made some big throws under pressure. Go birds!
James Croy
James Croy 2 aylar önce
By the end of the game, Trent Sherfields TD had been forgotten
Roland Buzz Benton
Roland Buzz Benton Aylar önce
I love seeing a fullback score. That was my funniest position I played
yoog 2 aylar önce
5:52 shows a lot of what he's made of. Picks up the open man right away and gets the pass off despite an unblocked LB barreling down on him
Mr Noah EM Iakopo
Mr Noah EM Iakopo 2 aylar önce
Not dolphins day today I didn’t think they played that bad congrats to the 49’s take nothing away from them they got the win 👍🏾
Francis Ngo
Francis Ngo 2 aylar önce
Purdy looking real purdy. That pass to Kittle under pressure and drive that ended with a CMC touchdown was impressive. If he continues to play like this and improve, I will feel less worried for the season. Although, no rookie has ever won the Super Bowl :/
Mike Rothenberg
Mike Rothenberg 2 aylar önce
Hope we could see these teams match up again soon. Also: “San Francisco” is misspelled in the title 😮
Lauren Becerra
Lauren Becerra 2 aylar önce
Holy crap that throw to kittle from purdy was BEAUTIFUL
Gavin Rector
Gavin Rector Aylar önce
@C Ming that’s tua. When he’s panicking he turns into tua turdaballover
C Ming
C Ming Aylar önce
He literally threw that ball over the SHOULDER of that Lineman
Gavin Rector
Gavin Rector Aylar önce
How was he mr Irrelevant
John Elkins
John Elkins 2 aylar önce
I think 13 Purdy is going to be great
Sr Stanley Thomas
Sr Stanley Thomas 2 aylar önce
Facts! Stat that 😁
Random_games Productions
Great game by the niners unfortunately jimmy is out for the season hopefully he has a speedy recovery. But anyway go niners
Elvis Damjanovic
Elvis Damjanovic 2 aylar önce
That’s the most amazing loss of 5 ever. I could not agree more 🤣🤣🤣🤣
eduardo bautista
eduardo bautista 2 aylar önce
Jimmys injury is all due to both tackles not being able to block their man… Trent let his man walk free without touching him while Mike got beat right away. Prayers up to Jimmy 🙏🏾
Chris Ludwig
Chris Ludwig 2 aylar önce
Really proud of this win. The Dolphins are a legit team and the Niners went out and proved they're a force to be considered heading into the playoffs.
FearlessLeo 2 aylar önce
No worries about the fins, we still had many chances to win, they beat them selves. Not even worried about the niners. Congrats to Mike for having the biggest nutz in the Nfl a coach 4th downm. I like tha mfer
grimey grim
grimey grim 2 aylar önce
Clearly tua was not his best
Ethan Jacobs
Ethan Jacobs 2 aylar önce
As a Iowa State fan, I’ve been waiting for this day. Everyone slept on him. #262 to some people, #1 to me.
FearlessLeo 2 aylar önce
No worries about the fins, we still had many chances to win, they beat them selves. Not even worried about the niners. Congrats to Mike for having the biggest nutz in the Nfl a coach 4th downm. I like tha mfer
bill shears
bill shears 2 aylar önce
As an Arizonan, I’ve also been waiting for this day. It’s complicated to explain why I’m more of a 49ers fan than a Cardinals fan… Go Purdy!
J B 2 aylar önce
@kanepoe559 it was an all out blitz and the right read just a inaccurate throw. Also it was a blessing in disguise for if it was incomplete the Fins would have the ball 20yrds more down field in their favor
Barry Tsedaka
Barry Tsedaka 2 aylar önce
Just like the American Underdog movie. Iowa :)
LGB FJB 2 aylar önce
He definitely showed up today
mark marasigan
mark marasigan 2 aylar önce
I was actually kinda nervous in the beginning, especially after that Miami touchdown! I was like "awe, man"! Like that!?
Miguel🥀 Aylar önce
This game gave me SB 54 vibes the way the scoring was.. and going into half tied 10-10.
Eddie Acevedo
Eddie Acevedo Aylar önce
perdy looking good two weeks straight. the jets need someone like him.
Jeffrey Diaz
Jeffrey Diaz 2 aylar önce
and I like where we are at. Short week off a big win so hopefully we can take another W soon! Go 49ers!
RasTomas Stanford
RasTomas Stanford 2 aylar önce
Some of the best footballing I've seen this year.
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 2 aylar önce
I love your QB, he is a quality dude and a great player. I always root for you guys when the Niner's aren't playing.
Vulcan Raven
Vulcan Raven 2 aylar önce
eros 7000
eros 7000 2 aylar önce
It was great to be there for this game! FTTB!
Kyle Lopez
Kyle Lopez 2 aylar önce
"He'll load up, annnnnnd throw an interception" I was crying laughing
Falconn XXIV
Falconn XXIV 2 aylar önce
Niners looking strong!!!
Kyle B
Kyle B 2 aylar önce
As a Dolphins fan, i watched the first 20 seconds and spared myself from the rest
Cole Kernan
Cole Kernan 2 aylar önce
He is the best QB that Iowa State has ever had im not shocked he did good he was always a good qb
Oh Problem
Oh Problem 2 aylar önce
Already a fan of Purdy that man’s passion
Noah Kilborn
Noah Kilborn 2 aylar önce
This was a great game for the 49ers they had a good defense and offense.
Ace Ace
Ace Ace 2 aylar önce
@Method2madness cowboys are weak sorry man
Method2madness 2 aylar önce
@High Roller25 Almost every game in the history of the world could be judged on would've, should've, could've. You can't change history. And the history books say they lost, and they choked in those big games. I know it's hard to accept but that is reality.
High Roller25
High Roller25 2 aylar önce
@Method2madness refs saved kc past two meetings pretty obvious.. An that's facts, Tart dropping int... Vs Rams would of change the whole outcome despite that fuxk what u gotta say. 49er$4LiFe
John Blze
John Blze 2 aylar önce
@Method2madness we ain't worried about Dallas, Minnesota, and Philly 😂 get real bro
John Blze
John Blze 2 aylar önce
@Method2madness 49ers living in you're head rent free, 😂 😂 all the clowns show up when the 49ers win, we gonna be in another NFC championship game this year. It eats you up inside when they win 😂 😂 joke ass bum
Adoni Z
Adoni Z 2 aylar önce
Seahawks fan here, this 49ers team is solid.
Arki Ayps
Arki Ayps Aylar önce
that first Dolphins play was the play I always use in Madden 😆
Nick Cal
Nick Cal 2 aylar önce
love all the holding by the dolphins
John Elkins
John Elkins 2 aylar önce
People are forgetting, Trent Green got hurt, Kurt Warner #13 stepped in, #13 Purdy, wow
William Henry
William Henry 2 aylar önce
As a 49ers fan this win was very special, McDaniel, Mostert, Wilson Jr, and Sherfield. Like a nice reunion. Niners defense is elite like the 2000 Ravens defense and hopefully Brock Purdy can pull a 2017 Nick Foles to win a superbowl as a backup qb. But key word “hopefully”…
Richard Masters
Richard Masters 2 aylar önce
@Tristen Rodrigue cowboys are a no factor .
Tristen Rodrigue
Tristen Rodrigue 2 aylar önce
It’ll be tough especially with the cowboys, eagles and Vikings I think we match up well with the cowboys and Vikings but I’m not so sure about the eagles
DMR4736 2 aylar önce
The are very good, but i wouldn't compare them to 2000 Ravens; some defenses over the years were just special, like 2000 ravens, 85 bears, 86 giants, 84 niners also
Devin Delgrego
Devin Delgrego Aylar önce
13:20 best part. "He'll load up and throw and interception." LOOOOOOOOL
Loving Life
Loving Life 2 aylar önce
As a Buffalo fan, it makes me happy to see Miami lose!
Gabriel Caron
Gabriel Caron 2 aylar önce
Damn. 49ers were sailing high. Probably would have been #2 in power rankings across the board, behind only Philly. Now, despite all the momentum, pundits are saying their championship hopes have just dissipated. I don't agree with that but it will be tough. Tampa Bay will be a rough test for Mr. Purdy. Unlike Miami, they have a fearsome defensive line that is just getting back to form. Their offense, tho, even w Tom Brady, should be something 49ers monster defense can handle. Will be tough but 49ers are not over and done. One more key injury and, yes, they are done. So many injury prone players on this dang team!! Hang in there
Dean Jacobs
Dean Jacobs Aylar önce
I like how they gave the dolphins the TD for a minute at the end of the game when Tua fumbled it and the 49ers ran it in for the TD lol
Nuff Said!
Nuff Said! 2 aylar önce
What an Awesome win by the 49ers! Purdy looked really good! Niners defense rocked! Nuff Said!
Daniel St Brown
Daniel St Brown 2 aylar önce
@Johnny Eric bruh go to bed
Nuff Said!
Nuff Said! 2 aylar önce
@Alexander Deeds Unless they meet in the playoffs, I don't see the point! Worry about the Cowboys and Giants! Nuff Said!
Alexander Deeds
Alexander Deeds 2 aylar önce
They should be scared of the eagles tho
Nuff Said!
Nuff Said! 2 aylar önce
@Johnny Eric Blame it on the refs-check, blame the receivers-check, missing player-check, bring out a good pass as a defense-check. What's your excuse for the Dolphins defense? Nuff Said!
Luis Ugalde
Luis Ugalde 2 aylar önce
@Johnny Eric bro your such a hater just cause you guys lost doesn’t mean you wish bad on a player…every comment your on its (it’s only a matter of time before he gets hurt) like c’mon stfu you lost get over move on to next week!!!
naughtyat25 2 aylar önce
Wow! Go 49ers!
Octavio Rojo
Octavio Rojo 2 aylar önce
That throw Purdy made at 5:55 makes me believe we'll be good the rest of the season with him.
Bobak Forouzan
Bobak Forouzan 4 gün önce
TheEditorialSuite 11 gün önce
This quote aged VERY Well. #Niners #FaithfulGetTheMoney
Marla Plunk
Marla Plunk 18 gün önce
That aged very well!
bvbxiong 27 gün önce
gimme some lotto number my man.
Justin W
Justin W Aylar önce
You called it!
Kool Kitties
Kool Kitties 2 aylar önce
I'm so sorry that Garoppolo got hurt but this rookie played good
hea4nothin 2 aylar önce
When Jimmy went down, I didn’t lose hope because of the DEF, I’m sold on the DEF having the potential to hold anyone.
Stunnaful Photos
Stunnaful Photos 2 aylar önce
Great win today! The most impressive one so far this season! With Jimmy G out for the game, our back BACk up Qb stepped up today!
Edddddie 2 aylar önce
Trey Who? 😁
JM gonzales
JM gonzales 2 aylar önce
@cmsimo999 seriously jimmy g is such a choker
JM gonzales
JM gonzales 2 aylar önce
@Ryan Blanche they would have lost with him if he didnt stop playing
Ryan Blanche
Ryan Blanche 2 aylar önce
He broke his foot, so the season is over for him. Impressive win with Purdy but we have to wait and see where the season goes from here
cmsimo999 2 aylar önce
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 2 aylar önce
That last hit Tua took..goodness man
Low Gee
Low Gee 2 aylar önce
great win by the niners dolphins will bounce back next week! #FinsUp
K with the 40
K with the 40 2 aylar önce
He’ll load up and throw an interception 😂😂
jeffwads 2 aylar önce
0:06. The guy literally just let the receiver run by him. Wow.
DingoManKam 2 aylar önce
Not even a 9ners fan but I love watching them execute game plans against playoff contender teams lol only because I’ve seen them sneak their way through the playoffs before I cant sleep on them now 😂
Niner Kap
Niner Kap 2 aylar önce
Dre Greenlaw was MVP. He is incredible every week.
Jay T.
Jay T. 2 aylar önce
bro was putting the boom on everyone
WideWail Corduroy
WideWail Corduroy 2 aylar önce
Embarrassing that FOX put up the Dolphins TD graphic when he scored. Whoopsie.
Abdul Mu
Abdul Mu 2 aylar önce
Agreed, he is a monster! Love to have him back out there hunting
Clifton Humphrey
Clifton Humphrey 2 aylar önce
Agreed! GREENLAW was a BEAST! Dude was all over the field!
Chip Chipperson
Chip Chipperson 2 aylar önce
Greenlaw so underrated
Kenny B
Kenny B 2 aylar önce
Let's do this for Trey Lance and Jimmy G
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 2 aylar önce
For sure. Love jimmy especially
Geometron 2 aylar önce
Jimmy G season over with a broken foot... Hopefully Purdy can make it with one of the most awesome defenses and loaded offenses ever.
James Atkinson
James Atkinson Aylar önce
This QB Purdy is special !! And the 49ers defense (Nick Bosa)
Caveman Lawyer
Caveman Lawyer Aylar önce
How about the defense showing off in the 4th? 💪
SirEdmundDuke 2 aylar önce
Best part is the pick six at the end followed by the delayed Miami touchdown graphic
Francisco Mazzini
Francisco Mazzini 2 aylar önce
Purdy handled the game as if he had 5 years as a starting QB. Best wishes to Jimmy G, but I have faith in Purdy. Go niners!
Devin Kearse
Devin Kearse Aylar önce
Great Game 🎮...
Thomas E Smith
Thomas E Smith Aylar önce
I always watch the recap of games n even though I want to see my patriots win more than the dolphins they got robbed calling catches incomplete passes bullshit when u can see on the instant replay the were with the exception of a couple of bad throws n interceptions that were questionable too
Bryan Sphere
Bryan Sphere 2 aylar önce
Great game!
jerrysmith420 2 aylar önce
cant believe all the options/weapons on the table for 49ners to confuse and outplay dolphins amazing.
ElMencho 2 aylar önce
I’m loving the niners defense!! Even with the backup QB we were able to getter done. Now to focus on the next game! Let’s go faithful niners!!
Jay Zee
Jay Zee 2 aylar önce
The 9ers fans are the ones refferred to as the Faithful, not the 9ers team. Lol
Scott Zimmerman
Scott Zimmerman 2 aylar önce
Thoughts from a KC fan - bang bang niner gang, good lord you guys look RAD - I hope you get an awesome playoff run! I could see you guys going all the way. I just don't want KC to face you guys lol
Dead Vent 7
Dead Vent 7 2 aylar önce
Week 13 🔥🏈 #GoNiners
DK 2 aylar önce
Only if Tua was hot. Seeing struggle was like watching your family member in a boxing match. He'll bounce back. Great win. I'm a dolphins and 49ners fan. Great game!
Noel Quiñones
Noel Quiñones 2 aylar önce
9ers and Bengals are peaking at the right time. They are scary come playoffs.
Sir Diddle McPooter III
lets hope he keeps it up. I love a good story
TrueStoryNoMaury 2 aylar önce
49 to the nine side.Hit you on ya right side,make your left side hurt!!!💪🏾💪🏾💯
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