Met Gala 2022: celebs fumbled the easiest theme ever

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10 Ağu 2022




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Mina Le
Mina Le 3 aylar önce
Wow, I didn't think there would be this much interest in the comments about Kim K's dress. I decided to do a little more digging after reading some opinions on it, and came across this wonderful Twitter thread by fashion historian Dr. Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell. She talks about the ethics of wearing museum pieces in very digestible detail with other examples as well: twitter.com/HottyCouture/status/1522257911933591562 I thought I'd share for anyone interested in reading further!
P A 8 gün önce
@• m • i • m • i • I guess because her friend assisted in styling her
mariam 27 gün önce
i just wish she had at leaset done the 60's theme if she was wearing teh marilyn dress in the first place. liek she wasn't following the theme and couldn't follow the marilyn fashion thing as well
bastet sekhmet
bastet sekhmet Aylar önce
@Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro thanks! I watched Karolina Zebrowska video before this so I was surprised Mina said so given they're the same circle. Off to Abby's~
Amalija Aylar önce
She did end up damaging the dress tho
Raleigh Link
Raleigh Link 3 aylar önce
The problem with Kim wearing Marilyn Monroes dress is that the historical value of this dress is that Marilyn was the last one to wear it, historical artifacts deserve to be protected.
Yeyo Silver
Yeyo Silver Gün önce
@Katherine Foxfire ?
Tony Stonem
Tony Stonem Gün önce
It's a dress
Yeyo Silver
Yeyo Silver 13 gün önce
There is nothing historical about an actress, imagine a few years from now saying that Kim is historical, it doesn't make any sense
del eted
del eted Aylar önce
@Daisy you know why she worenthat big fur coat off her shoulders? because she ripped the back of the dress and couldnt do it up so they tied it and hid it with the coat.... the dress is ruined now
Elyenid Acevedo
Elyenid Acevedo Aylar önce
I also don't like how the museum thought that was a good idea 😑
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 3 aylar önce
illusion of nudity which Kim loses because their skin tones are different. A well done recreation that mimicked the intention of the original would have looked SO much better.
Handmade Darcy
Handmade Darcy 8 gün önce
YES! It would have been so much more of an homage if she'd had one made for her, as Marilyn's was. Ripley's should never have been allowed to buy it.
user name
user name 12 gün önce
kim herself has worn a better illusion of nudity in a met gala!! i don’t remember the year but she wore an incredible dress that had fake water droplets and her hair was wet, it genuinely looked as if she were nude and dripping, amazing effect
ColdCupOfTea 2 aylar önce
@TheKitKatLizard fun fact: that wasn't an outfit, those were gemstones glued on her body, britney brought that up in an interview once.
Taj R.
Taj R. 2 aylar önce
1000%. It just didn’t look right on her. Did NOTHING for her and her hair looked awful. It was just an ego thing more than anything else. The dress didn’t GO WITH THE THEME. 😑
burner acount
burner acount 3 aylar önce
Ngl KK could have achieved the same illusion of nudity is she had stopped applying Tanning for a week or two just saying...
shruthi sadhasivam
shruthi sadhasivam 3 aylar önce
in mention of Marilyn Monroe's dress, i would like to also bring up that Emma Chamberlain's necklace that she wore at the met gala was the choker of Maharaja of Patiala which was very much stolen and has a big painful history to it. The jewels were literally stolen from Punjab and resurfaced in the Met Gala. I am dissapointed in the way Cartier gave a necklace with huge history and huge value to a youtuber as just an accessory.
General Victorious Killjoy
@SanFranFan30 So astute. Sat Shri Akal
sans but trans
sans but trans 11 gün önce
@Dott youre mad that im mad at violence against my country?????
Dott 11 gün önce
So what, yall wanna be mad at everything
Dame Wonderland
Dame Wonderland 11 gün önce
I really just hate people that take history and just destroy it
Yeyo Silver
Yeyo Silver 13 gün önce
There is no "theft" when you lose wars, it's just winner and loser
Melanie Rose
Melanie Rose 3 aylar önce
They literally could have just re made Marilyn’s dress. It’s a historical artifact, literally anything can ruin the preservation of it.
Melanie Rose
Melanie Rose 13 gün önce
@Yeyo Silver and the constitution has multiple copies, so we should just burn the original. Lincoln memorial is just stone so why cant I put graffiti art on it?
Yeyo Silver
Yeyo Silver 13 gün önce
It's an actress dress, there's nothing historic about it
Salem Antoinette
Salem Antoinette 19 gün önce
@Mary M yea but she couldn't just wear a replica the whole time? 5 minutes or 5 hours, same thing. if she cared so much about showing the world the dress she could have sponsored the museum it was stored at and encouraged people to go see it and learn. But no, she wanted her 5 minutes of "look I'm attractive" and she ruined a timeless artifact to do so. Reminder that Maralyn was literally sewn into that dress, Kim couldn't even zip it
Red Riddance
Red Riddance 20 gün önce
@Mary M did you see the vid where the dress original has ripped ?
Marina 3 aylar önce
Completely disagree about Kim. That was Marilyn Monroe's dress, it's a historical piece meant to be preserved. I don't care if it was 5 minutes, you shouldn't be able to take historical pieces out of a museum because you flash enough money.
M Luu
M Luu Gün önce
Kim’s figure was definitely bigger than Monroe’s therefore her team struggled to get her hips inside of the dress itself, because of that, the dress expanded a little too much and she has to covered it with the fur coat. I’m not hating on Kim, but she made a poor decision on borrowing a piece of history! (may I add more, for her own usage!)
M Luu
M Luu Gün önce
I heard it was destroyed! A news article about it said the back was ripped off and then sew up very poorly, some jews fell off the dress! So this narrative of marilynn doesn’t care enough to not give away the dress isn’t true, aside from that, I completely agree with her about the late concept one.
Yeyo Silver
Yeyo Silver 4 gün önce
@Marina LMAO imagine being a person who deifies an actress who the only great thing she did was be a man's lover, send someone to read a book Stup.dity and hypocrisy at its purest KKKKKJJKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Marina 4 gün önce
@Yeyo Silver lmfao not you calling marilyn monroe insignificant jesus christ read a book sometime.
taco bell 🗿
taco bell 🗿 3 aylar önce
i feel like if the designers were gonna straight up ignore the theme they could've at least made the outfits look nice 😂
Pinkrevenge101 3 aylar önce
Same 😂 wat do these ppl know about fashion
Grace Lembejek
Grace Lembejek 3 aylar önce
It’s like they’re not even trying and think we won’t notice
Grace Lembejek
Grace Lembejek 3 aylar önce
S_Baby507 3 aylar önce
I disagree most of the outfits were stunning, it just didn’t fit the theme
NayNay326 3 aylar önce
@claudia i loved the dress iris wore herself plus dove Cameron’s however I was very disappointed in Winnie Harlow, it looked very cheap and the only redeeming quality was the head piece however that does not technically belong to Iris’s brand
kibret 3 aylar önce
Billie Eillish's dress was made from used scrap fabric, once I found that out I let the whole miss matching thing go because I'm not about to shame someone for understanding the assignment let me tell you that much. Out of everyone there Billie is surprisingly my north star. After last years met my expectations for her were raised significantly and I like how clear her style evolution is. I don't expect her to put out a look every time she leaves the house but we can clearly see that she has a lot of respect for the event and for the fashion industry all together and we can see her bring in her sense of self, morals and ideals into the planning room and just how much involvement she had in the making of this look. I can't wait to see what she wears next year.
Margaret Patterson
Margaret Patterson Aylar önce
✨💖✨Well said. I find the mismatched greens to be as delightfully quirky as the young lady who wore them. No matter what she wears, Billie Eilish always comes across as authentic and fun. Love that girl.
bluetoothbrush 3 aylar önce
Completely agree, she was by far my favorite look of the night and learning that the dress was made from recycled material bumped it up so much higher. ❤
B Z € h
B Z € h 3 aylar önce
I think this is the best Billie has ever looked.
Pinkrevenge101 3 aylar önce
I rlly love that she can be invited cuz she actually has fun n cares about all of it
Kallie Mae
Kallie Mae 3 aylar önce
@Jem Murdock I read somewhere that the whole reason for the mismatch was because she was going off of a picture from the times and wanted to get as close as possible. So her mismatch is actually what makes it authentically on-theme.
Kavya Sud
Kavya Sud 3 aylar önce
I just wanted to add that Emma Chamberlain's choker is the Maharaja of Patalia's Cartier Diamond choker. While this isn't Emma's fault as she's a Cartier ambassador she shouldn't have been wearing this. This should have been returned to the Sikh populations in India. This belongs to India and shouldn't be strutted out as if it was just a fashion statement. There's nothing that highlights the inequality of the Gilded Age more than wearing jewels that belong to colonized peoples (i mean she was on theme so slay ig....) But white people showing off jewels that they stole from colonized lands continued to today is disappointing. The fact that Indian jewels are being held in the British crown jewel office, the fact that all of the resources that powered the gilded age were from exploited lands, the fact that we (I say we as I'm Punjabi) still aren't in possession of jewels that belonged to us shows colonialism's everlasting impact. It's so normalized and makes me realize that the jewelry industry not only used to be exploitative but continues to normalize use of colonized land's resources.
Sehajpreet Kaur
Sehajpreet Kaur 2 gün önce
Thank you so much for mentioning that. I'm disappointed in Mina le for not mentioning that. She obviously knew about the controversy and yet chose to ignore this fact on purpose. I have valued her opinion a lot but I am really disappointed in her for this.
Melobski 4
Melobski 4 Aylar önce
*cries in Mexican remembering the penacho that is actually in Spain*
manu 2 aylar önce
She really does look like a colonizer in that necklace. As an Indian myself, this is so disgusting and disrespectful to see.
Kavya Sud
Kavya Sud 2 aylar önce
@Aarna Tanna ur way more slay
Aarna Tanna
Aarna Tanna 2 aylar önce
Alexa Mandes
Alexa Mandes 3 aylar önce
I have a problem with Kim wearing Marilyn’s dress because knowing that the last person to wear it wasn’t Marilyn anymore feels really wrong. Marilyn deserves to have this dress commemorated for her and her alone. Kim isn’t anything like Marilyn and it shows that once again, as long as you have enough money, you can do whatever you want
Diana Marčeková
Diana Marčeková 4 gün önce
She will never be on Marilyn's level
francookie Aylar önce
I chose to believe that within the grand metaphysical scheme of things, K. wearing Marilyn's dress doesn't count. The collective disapproval from so many people is powerful enough in my eyes to burn this act out of reality. Marilyn was and always will be the last person to wear that dress. I chose that reality. K. will never ever ever come even close to eclipsing Marilyn's legacy of icon and fame. Never.
Chromberriesシ 2 aylar önce
Kim probably thinks she's somehow in the same league as Marilyn... not realizing legacy =/= money
Isabella Ilardo
Isabella Ilardo 3 aylar önce
Exactly, it feels so disrespectful that Kim is the last person to wear it
아린 3 aylar önce
Right?it sort of feels like the magic is gone 😭
Dianna 3 aylar önce
The Marilyn dress thing is not out of proportion. Museums have strict codes of conduct prohibiting EVER wearing the clothes. The amount of damage done to the dress is irreversible and for what?
Isabelle Kulow
Isabelle Kulow 3 aylar önce
Ripley’s is not considered a true museum, so they don’t really adhere to costume ethics. It bothers me soooo much.
Guardianofthemoon 2 aylar önce
Marilyn literally stated she never wanted anyone else to wear the dress. The dress itself was made for Marilyn, she was sewn into the dress when she wore it. People get upset over her wearing this dress because of the ICONIC significance of it. This dress is part of American history as is Marilyn. Kim is not even in the same league. Wearing it even 5 minutes damages the integrity of the dress. Debbie Reynolds was known as the Historian of Hollywood Costumes, she worked so hard to preserve these beautiful gowns. You mentioned Worth gowns, to me the history behind those gowns, the age should keep people from wearing them. It is so sad that there are rules set up about wearing museum pieces and that was not adhered to in this case. It just left a really bad taste in peoples mouths.
din xd
din xd Aylar önce
@Díana Arcos WHAT? “an actress that was just pretty”??? marilyn had much more influence than being pretty!!!! your words are literally the reason why she wasn’t taken seriously! because everyone thought of her as stupid pretty girl! she was much more than her connection with kenedy also
Díana Arcos
Díana Arcos Aylar önce
bro she is not a greek mathematician she was an actress who was pretty and was the second woman of the president Kennedy.
Toffee 3 aylar önce
The met gala could literally have a theme for example like “orange” and I can assure you that almost everyone or at least 80% of them will show up in blue and would then go on to saying “I wanted to be edgy.” Or make up some argument that blue is somehow related orange. Or just say “I don’t care for the theme.” Which like, why have a theme if you are not going to follow it.
Lookalike less than 3
Lookalike less than 3 2 aylar önce
@Toffee haha it's fine :)
Toffee 2 aylar önce
@Lookalike less than 3 oop sorry. Saw the clown emoji and thought your were telling me that I didn’t know about complementary colors. Sorry about that
Lookalike less than 3
Lookalike less than 3 2 aylar önce
@Toffee I was making a joke with "Or make up some argument that blue is somehow related orange"
Lookalike less than 3
Lookalike less than 3 2 aylar önce
Blue and orange are complementary colors! 🤡
J Lee
J Lee 2 aylar önce
In defense of Vanessa Hudgens, she combined Western Gilded Age and Philippines 1800 era to pay homage to her filipino roots, the intricate design on her chest was an inspiration of weaves usually worn by filipino women back in the era and the mini puffed sleeves was an inspiration from Filipiniana (National Costume). So overall her outfit was on theme.
Caitlin Malone
Caitlin Malone 3 aylar önce
I saw a thing on tik tok about Billie’s dress I think you’d like! Someone mentioned that the dress looked “arsenic green” which was popular during the Gilded Age and her gloves looked like the kind of skin condition you’d develop from arsenic poisoning.
Cinnamon Toothpaste
Honestly makes me love it more
Pinkrevenge101 3 aylar önce
Ooo that’s cool I saw someone say the colors aren’t matched cuz it’s reused fabric n cuz billie wanted to match exactly to historical dresses but I saw another comment say their idea of gilded glamour would be yo do a dress in the silk was soaked in some salt n it caused it to deteriorate or sum
emayaych 3 aylar önce
Considering the Gilded Age was built off the backs of the poor, working, and immigrant classes, the Nouveau-Riche would have had nothing if not for them. How else could the Glided Age have been so glided!?! Kudos to Riz Ahmed.
Kiralee 2 aylar önce
Exactly! Like for my exam last year we had to write an essay on the gilded age and pretty much how terrible it was for so many people. To have this theme in a place like the met gala is so wild to me, and I'm very surprised Riz Ahmed was one of the only ones to go in that direction.
Mademsoiselle Rhapsody
Irish immigrants
Bea TM
Bea TM 3 aylar önce
It was such an ironic theme it's incredible
vezelay77 3 aylar önce
Thank you! I was surprised that Mina didn’t stress this in the video. The Gilded Age was a poorly chosen theme to begin with, considering the time we’re living in.
Dwlkr 3 aylar önce
Everyone’s talking about Kim K and the glamour; but the one that stood out to me was the man dressed as a worker. Not only were immigrants poor but the majority of citizens. The only food there should’ve been is bread to reminisce on how a majority of people lived
Nicole Vo
Nicole Vo 2 aylar önce
Zahara 2 aylar önce
starr 2 aylar önce
yes riz ahmed a south asian actor :)
esha 3 aylar önce
Yes Riz Ahmed !!
shifa 3 aylar önce
@Sam he was
Melissa Lauder
Melissa Lauder 3 aylar önce
They should start receiving draft designs for acceptance to the Guestlist to maintain the integrity of the theme.
Halloween All Year Round
I would think they do that already. Ana W. has to approve every outfit (yet she doesn't bother on following her own themes).
meg 2 aylar önce
just stop inviting people who don't meet the theme! they'll figure it out real quick.
M Woods
M Woods 3 aylar önce
I thought ana had to approve everything
Our Excellent Life
Our Excellent Life 3 aylar önce
Exactly what I was thinking. So many people would be disinvited.
OceanLily 3 aylar önce
What gave the dress it’s value was because Marilyn was the last person to wear it. Now it’s Kim...🤦‍♀️ it’s like if someone opened the packaging of a collectible item😳
Sam Gay
Sam Gay 3 aylar önce
THISSS!!! Nail on the head^^
Broey Deschanel
Broey Deschanel 3 aylar önce
These videos are so cathartic lol. It was painful seeing look after look come out and literally every single person disregarded the theme. You're telling me these people had the opportunity and all the resources in the world to dress up like a John Singer Sargent painting and they DIDN'T take it? It's infuriating!
Pinkrevenge101 3 aylar önce
You missed what blake lively dress represents ? There were others that this girl didn’t touch on so look it up yourself
Pinkrevenge101 3 aylar önce
Normani was hittin those points to me lmao there were a lot of black lace dresses maybe belle hadid n Katy perry from certain angle is beautiful
Roadworkahead 3 aylar önce
Truly it was quite disappointing although art and fashion when it comes to interpretation is subjective. But with so much good source material to work from like why ignore the theme.
Boring Commenter
Boring Commenter 3 aylar önce
YIIIIIIEEEE-EEEESSSS !!! 🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️ Or a Manet painting! Or a Expressionist painting! C'mon, what's inside these celebs?!? 🙄 And even better -- adding details with meaningful nowadays society, like Ukraine's colors or the "factory worker" look that last dude in the end of the video was wearing!
Maurine T
Maurine T 3 aylar önce
​@Amari Mitnaul That look was PERFECT for the gala! Unless everyone thought it was such a no-brainer that lots of people would do it...so no one did.
Chrissy 3 aylar önce
Apparently Marilyn herself said she wanted the dress to be historical and only a dress Marilyn would wear. I don’t agree with the hate with which Kim is getting, however I don’t agree with her wearing the dress. I think a replica would have a been a better option. Also… IT WASN’T ON THEME!!!!!! WHAT’S WITH FOREGOING THE THEME!!!!!!!!!!!
Chrissy 29 gün önce
@GINGER BALLIN you've got a point there
Kim absolutely deserves all the hate she has been getting. She knew what she was doing when she was putting on this dress. She knew she was too big for it and that she would stretch Marilyn's dress, yet she went through with all of it anyway.
miku says give me your money
i think the worst part of it all is that they *did* make a replica. one that kim wore for the majority of the night! so there was no reason for her to have worn the original.
Mika Lin
Mika Lin 2 aylar önce
It’s very Gilded Age™️ for the ultra rich to have the audacity to destroy pieces of cultural significance for their benefit alone. The description given in the video didn’t give enough historical context for me. The entire theme is completely wild given the current social, economic and political climate. Everyone imo no matter what they wore fit the theme- a huge element of the gilded age was the ultra rich flaunting their wealth for the tabloids and saying nothing and doing nothing for anyone fighting for equality. I get that dressing in a theme has been a huge part of the Met Gala, but being on the carpet at an ultra exclusive fundraising party is enough for me 😂
Dylan Kennedy
Dylan Kennedy 3 aylar önce
I feel like people kind of infantilize Kim. Shes a literal lawyer. She is smart enough to know why this was a bad idea.
kasiapeia highlights
kasiapeia highlights 3 aylar önce
I'm surprised you didn't mention Emma Chamberlin's necklace! From what I've heard, it was actually stolen from the Maharaj of Patiala, or at the very least is a replica of the stolen necklace which felt very weirdly on theme and not in a good way, in terms of an influencer wearing the stolen wealth of a nation that was historically oppressed by the ruling classes of Great Britain.
cordelia🌱 2 aylar önce
Right? It was so disturbing to me, I hope this gets talked about more because I can't believe so many people are just brushing over it
Schau Schau
Schau Schau 3 aylar önce
also apparently kim was still too big to fit into the original dress, so allegedly the fur coat was to cover the not-properly-closed back of the dress. and yes, marilyn would have probably cared, this dress was literally sculpted onto her body, it was meant to be worn by her and her alone but i'm mostly pissed off by the kardashian entitlement to historic pieces just bc they can afford it.
Lexi Unicorn
Lexi Unicorn 3 aylar önce
I loved Blake lively’s dress, plus she was the only one that brought some drama in a reveal 👏🏼💕
Iusedtowrite 3 aylar önce
It was such an easy theme. Especially for men, since tux was in. The only thing they needed was accessories.
yuyu 2 aylar önce
Yeah, they had it so easy and yet they don't bother doing it right. Maybe they are too used to being left off the hook and women receiving the criticism but come on, a white tie and a hat is the minimum they had to wear.
Someone 2 aylar önce
Accessories that WEREN’T stolen
Liz P
Liz P 2 aylar önce
The Monopoly man is from that era. **BOOM** ya done!
Victoria P
Victoria P 3 aylar önce
I thought the Catholic imagination one would br difficult and end up being one of the best, the camp one i thought it would br easy and was a mess
haleymist09 3 aylar önce
@Jennifer i love your joke! Never stop.
robinita46853 3 aylar önce
I still can’t believe the choice to do the tone-deaf theme of the Gilded Age at all. It feels like a huge thumbs up to the insane wealth inequality, horrible labor conditions, and hatred for immigrants that we experience now just like then.
SKY *-*
SKY *-* 23 gün önce
why? they're not asking them to replicate the ideals of the time just the fashion, this is supposed to ge about fashion and nothing else, just bc you're replicating a fashion period or you like a fasion style of a certain time period, it doesn't mean you agree with the time's ideals, so how is this a thumbs up to f"cked up morals? To me it just a fashion fundraising with a theme about fashion. that's the same thing as saying you can't paint in the same style as van Gogh bc of the time he lived in.
Lookalike less than 3
Lookalike less than 3 2 aylar önce
I immediately thought of this when I saw the theme
darkpninja 3 aylar önce
"When Marilyn knew she'd be performing at President John F. Kennedy's birthday gala she contacted Louis and said, 'I want you to design a truly historical dress, a dazzling dress that's one of a kind.' She asked that it be a dress that, 'only Marilyn Monroe could wear,' " sounds to me like Marilyn most certainly would NOT have wanted someone else wearing that gown. That gown was conceived, designed, measured and created for one person and that person was Marilyn Monroe. It should never have been worn by anyone else.
Prima Murdock
Prima Murdock Aylar önce
So obviously, there was like a team of professional people who were not gonna let this dress get ruined"... but the dress DID get ruined!
Tamera Mitchell
Tamera Mitchell 3 aylar önce
I've heard countless conservators and curators say that wearing the dress was irresponsible and goes against international museum ethics. So yes, it's kind of a big deal
Sam Webb
Sam Webb 3 aylar önce
One of by biggest issues with them letting Kim wear Marylin’s dress (aside from the obvious mishandling of the historical dress) is that the reason they let her wear the dress is because they kept saying that “Kim is the modern day Marilyn” which disregards EVERYTHING about Marylin: what she did for civil rights, how she was born into poverty, and how she was treated by the film industry. They just degrade her to how Hollywood saw her: a sex symbol and nothing more
hillomunkkiseni Aylar önce
@randomstuff well this comment didn't exactly age well, as photos have now come out revealing extensive damage to the garment because it obviously was way too small to be fitted onto Kim, so the fragile silk tore in many places, seams were stretched and a lot of the rhinestones fell off at some point during the ordeal... So it was actually mishandled because you can't "correctly handle" let alone wear and walk in something so fragile without damaging it.
Patriotic Princess
Patriotic Princess 2 aylar önce
Perfectly worded
Jocelyn C.
Jocelyn C. 3 aylar önce
Chris S
Chris S 3 aylar önce
I don't think the Monroe dress thing was blown out of proportion since no accredited museum would forego their ethics and loan such an important piece of American history. Even 5 minutes of wearing, stretching, stepping on, sweating in, and exposing it to those bright lights will have caused damage to it that will shorten its lifespan. That dress is old and made of material that 1: isn't produced anymore, and 2: is decayed enough as is that it doesn't take much to ruin the integrity of the fibers. Not to mention it kinda felt like a clown moment with Ripley saying it's adding to the history of the dress and seeing Kim struggle to walk in it assisted. Unlike certain antique items we have hundreds of and can afford to wear and mess with, there is literally only one of these dresses.
Zarina Peña
Zarina Peña 3 aylar önce
While it's good that people are paying attention to Marilyn's dress, I think people should also point out that Emma Chamberlain was wearing an stolen indian royal antique collar.
jon 2 aylar önce
@Gillian Jurgens why the pessimism, its unnecessary. As long as it informs ppl it should be fine even if people bring it up a lot
Gillian Jurgens
Gillian Jurgens 3 aylar önce
@Zarina Peña Clearly they're not blocking this comment section😂And yes I agree she shouldn't have worn it
Zarina Peña
Zarina Peña 3 aylar önce
@Gillian Jurgens Why are you mad? The issue in this topic relies on how Cartier as a brand it's blocking everyone who questions the ethics of still using an stolen necklace that was redecorated horribly and Emma being all dreamy about wearing this item without having seconds thoughts that literally shouldn't be worn.
Gillian Jurgens
Gillian Jurgens 3 aylar önce
@Zarina Peña So do I; the repetition just gets annoying. And yes, ANDY, obviously the wave of unending complaints about the dress was annoying too, though justified. I'm just saying if you see there's a lot of comments saying one thing maybe don't be a parrot; if you didn't see them then thank you. It's hard to search for new points/ valuable insights if everybody's saying the same thing. Obviously I think both of these instances are egregious and need to be addressed.
Andy Nonymous
Andy Nonymous 3 aylar önce
@Gillian Jurgens ok now count how many times people complained about the dress
Willa C.E.
Willa C.E. 2 aylar önce
Marilyn Monroe literally said "I want this dress to be a dress only Maralyn can wear." Not only that, but they damaged the dress, which is old and should be preserved. We would take issue with ANYONE disrespecting and wearing that dress. Having said that, someone who was born rich and faked her curves (the pure opposite of Marilyn) was truly spitting on her while legacy.
Lexi Portillo
Lexi Portillo 3 aylar önce
You can't possibly know what a deceased woman you've never met would think about another woman wearing her dress for clout especially when she's been quoted saying "I want a dress only Marilyn Monroe can wear." Let's be real, Kim did it for clout (thats what the kardashians do.. chase clout its not petty to say so its fact). It's not about pettiness, it's about respect. It also has nothing to do with merely historical conservation of an American artifact (which the dress most assuredly is). Its about respect. Respect for a deceased woman who is not here to ACTUALLY tell us how she feels and with no living relatives to speak on her behalf. Marilyn has been objectified her whole life since she was a child. By trying to claim you know how she would feel based on your perception of the image 2D she portrayed in her career 60+ years ago is further objectification. The best course is to never assume how she would feel and leave her stuff alone ( and to never accept a lock of her hair as a gift for copping her look as Kim did). PLUS, let's make sure to talk about how this look of "Kim's" utterly lacks even an ounce of creativity. There was no concept other than to reuse a custom dress made for somebody else. Thats worse than the fact it wasn't even on theme.
Chuuzus 3 aylar önce
the met gala is hilarious because it’s when celebrities are supposed to actually follow the theme and impress us and they have consistently failed for at that since 2018.
Victoria P
Victoria P 3 aylar önce
Most fashion houses come from catholic countries ( Italy France Spain) so they were familiar with the theme, it is also pretty easy as you can pick a art book and be inspired by it.
TheSongwritingCat 3 aylar önce
I think Heavenly Bodies was broad enough for people to not screw it up. There's a combination of celebrities being stubborn, fashion houses wanting to show off recent runway pieces, designers being stubborn or ill-equipped to meet the challenge, etc. with the other themes.
PsychologistPlays 3 aylar önce
​@Chuuzus I bet RiRi checked in with celebs to make sure they were doing right. She was like "don't embarrass me out there you better add a spinning glowing halo to that ish or SOMETHING" 😂😂😂
Amber Harris
Amber Harris 3 aylar önce
try 2008. if you look up the theme for that year's met gala, I promise you will immediately groan because not one person followed the theme
sofiaboo 3 aylar önce
the 2019 one was pretty good as well, but the latest ones were very disappointing apart from some few looks
Syd Bedrosian
Syd Bedrosian Aylar önce
18:06 The biggest issue now is that there is photographic proof that Kim irreparably damaged Marilyn’s dress. Multiple Swarovski beads and sequins were lost because they fell off during the fittings/red carpet, there was tearing and shredding near the hooks, the shoulder straps have been stretched out, there are multiple pulled seams; there’s also puckering around the zipper and the zipper itself was damaged. Bob Mackie himself has also went on record to emphatically state that the only person meant to wear that dress was Marilyn Monroe and that letting Kim wear it was “a big mistake.” There is no way to repair the dress, either. Kim has legitimately destroyed a huge piece of fashion history for no other reason than her egoism and privilege, on top of keeping a lock of her hair and joking about doing a “voodoo ritual” with it. I don’t agree with the people who used Kim wearing the dress to attack and degrade Kim as a woman, but I think it’s also off the mark to say people were overreacting. We can now see why some of those reactions were incredibly justified because of the state of the dress itself.
Baraka Kautsar Sofiuddin
I know ppl are kind of joking about 2000-2010s fashion being the theme for next year but i really think that it would be a great opportunity to deconstruct and reimagine the trends that we see now as cringe. Celebs could wear outfits inspired by their previous red carpet moments/fails and it would be a refreshing take on the usually more opulent gala
thedancerandthedoll 3 aylar önce
Omg yes!
a certain human
a certain human Aylar önce
Its the fact that Kim wore not just 1 Marilyn dress, but TWO! It baffles me to know that she thinks she has the right to wear that.
Alice Carneiro
Alice Carneiro 3 aylar önce
also another reason that I dislike Kim K wearing the marilyn's drees is that it looks SO PLAIN. the dress was cut to fit marilyn's curves perfectly, so what's the point of using the same dress if it's OBVIOUSLY not meant to look good on you? marylin also looked so confident and free in the pictures, the fact that she looks naked and had this GLOW about her personality and the way she moved made the look perfect. Kim could've EASILY made a copy that would fit her body nicely and make the dress more interesting to look at. she wore it with no magic, no personality, starving herself and the dress had a completily weird and stiff shape. she didn't even look happy or confident. so afar from everything marilyn did to make this dress so incredibly unique! if you're gonna copy something do it properly!
yzbyz 2 aylar önce
yeah, it was kind of a display in how much privileged society thinks about thinness.
Catherine The Cool Mom
That's just the difference between having money and having common sense. Clearly being a billionaire can buy you anything but that.
Athanasia Platis
Athanasia Platis 3 aylar önce
I think there is another beautiful historical aspect to Billie Eilish's dress: the number of women at the time who would use fabric from dresses in outdated silhouettes to make new gowns. Not only is this ethical, but it feels in keeping with the era.
Liz 3 aylar önce
I adore this video (and you) but I completely disagree with your take on the Kim dress situation. Sure, yes, at the end of the day it's just a dress/material item, one of hundreds Marilyn wore, and it's a item that was handled with care by the team. However, Kim is a billionaire. We cannot even comprehend having the immense wealth and access to power she (and other billionaires) have. And she is a billionaire who is directly responsible for Skims (under Cherry Intimates Ltd.) which did NOT sign the extremely crucial Bangladesh Accord but is using an Accord factory (freeloading off the accord) and not paying single dollar to ensure her worker's safety. And it's been a well known fact in the industry for over a decade now that the Kardashian's have used slave labour (I'm talking Chinese youth working over 80 hours a week for around a $1 an hour to create their old shitty shoes). Let's not forget Khloe and Kylie directly stealing designs from black creators. I'm so tired of people being so protective but yet also dismissive to the actions of billionaires. The kind of wealth where they can afford to pay EVERY SINGLE WORKER a more-than above average wage and STILL be billionaires/multi-millionaires. No single family deserves hoarding that much wealth. Kim directly benefits from the garment industry being as destructive as it is for both it's workers and the environment. Also, I'ma stand up for my girl Marilyn. Sure she was from humble beginnings and dealt with severe mental health (that went unchecked and minimized) but if she were still alive today she'd know, learn, and see what a god damn icon she has become and that some Kardashian-definitely-not-self-made-but-they-can-keep-trying-to-claim-that billionaire definitely does NOT need to be wearing one of her own custom, iconic dresses complete with a shoddy bleach job to boot.
Jamie Landis
Jamie Landis 2 aylar önce
It’s not that it was Kim wearing the Monroe dress, it’s that ANYONE wore it! Ask a conservationist, it did damage to a one of a kind, historic, iconic dress that is extremely delicate. They don’t use cotton gloves, they use latex gloves. You could see her team stretching the dress over her ass. That’s damage. The most expensive dress in the world needs to be in the Smithsonian or equal museum.
pauli rosa20
pauli rosa20 3 aylar önce
I don’t see enough people talk about Quannah Chasinghorse. She looked absolutely gorgeous and keeps representing TRUE American fashion, especially for the gilded age in which many rights were taken from indigenous and people of color.
Polly Flores
Polly Flores 3 aylar önce
To be fair I don’t think anyone should be wearing Marilyn’s dress. Not just for conservation but because I think it contributes to the dehumanized narrative around her, Marilyn wasn’t “the most American thing” she was a person
Tourmelion Aylar önce
It's also exploiting her in death for her clout
Tens Badussy
Tens Badussy 2 aylar önce
@PositiveVibesVeda dehumanizing marilyn by buying her hair as if it didnt belong to her
cough ing
cough ing 2 aylar önce
I agree. ESPECIALLY not Kim (i think thats her name). Kim is everything Marilyn was against. Body positivity-starved to wear that dress. Worked for her position in Hollywood-complains that poor people are lazy. There is so much more 😒 Marilyn was disrespected that day and i hope people realize that Marilyn is not a slOOt, not a model, she is an actor and a human.
Paola 19
Paola 19 2 aylar önce
@Terra77 I never said it was? it was totally disrespectful, people are not even spouse to touch that dress, my coment was about the people who got mad at her for losing weight,
Terra77 2 aylar önce
@Polly Flores yesss
Saff 3 aylar önce
Everything about Kim’s look screams “I’m crying for attention”. It would’ve been “acceptable” is the theme was somewhat related to Marilyn, you know. Yes it would still be questionable as for the historical value of the dress, but gosh… Kim divorced Kanye only to become his female version: doing an absurd & scandalous things for attention
Elise M
Elise M 2 aylar önce
I feel like part of the problem is that every celeb/designer feels a need to stand out and do something super crazy. By doing so, they all end up interpretating the theme super loosely or ignoring it altogether. If a few people did this while everyone else followed the theme it would spice the gala up a bit, but, when everyone does it, the gala becomes a mess and no one looks like they belong at the same event. Honestly,. I think that sticking with the theme but interpreting it in a unique way is a much greater show of creativity and talent than it is to ignore the theme and do whatever they want.
Emelie Waldken
Emelie Waldken 3 aylar önce
Riz Ahmed's outfit is hands down my favourite. I was hoping someone would pay homage to the workers, too. Emma Corrin is my favourite in terms of style. And with a HAT. Billie Eillish did a great job and special prize for the recycled fabrics.
yeahyeah 2 aylar önce
Finally, someone else who also wasn't a huge fan of blake's dress. It also gave me 2010's vibes, but she did get the theme right at least.
Bichi Allen
Bichi Allen 3 aylar önce
My biggest problem with Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn's dress, aside from the historical value the dress has, is that it is yet another way to completely disregard every wish Marilyn had for her belongings to go to her closest friends and loved ones, it keeps selling Marilyn as an object and a "sex symbol" the way hollywood always forced her to be, it gets worse with dumb people going "kim k is the modern day marilyn" when they have no point of comparison aside from the hypersexualization of both EDIT: Just so you know, I will not reply to more people here. No, there is no comparison between the two, Marilyn Monroe lived in poverty before being famous and did what she thought she had to in order to earn money and survive, mantained her beliefs and support for those underprivileged and was and is STILL treated to this day as an object, a fictional character fabricated to sell Norma Jeane for just her looks, to the point where they give pieces of her as souvenirs. Using her image as decoration and her grave as a tourist stop. Not even in death has she found peace and her belongings and possessions being sold, auctioned and loaned like this is just another way of cutting her ghost in pieces and selling her to the highest bidder. Is wrong. It goes against her wishes, and it disrespects her memory. That's all, I am not attacking anyone, I am just saying that it is wrong.
Fatimah Fatima7
Fatimah Fatima7 3 aylar önce
Marilyn is natural though
Vixx Exo
Vixx Exo 3 aylar önce
Kim Kardashian and Marylin Monroe do have some stuff familiar. Like both gets unecessary hate for just exicting and both have similiar private life. I don’t get why people crititize Kim Kardashian for so many things. Some of it is justified, but still she is a human being.
SkyBree 2 aylar önce
My problem with Kim and the Marilyn dress is that she talked explicitly about starving herself and losing something like 16 pounds in two weeks to fit into it. Even with that unhealthily rapid weight loss, the dress could not close in the back (hence the ugly stole). It frustrates me that she would even undertake such a crash diet for a dress she would only wear for five minutes, let alone publicize it. She and her sisters have such an impact on beauty culture - I wish they'd be more responsible about it instead of suggesting that crash dieting is a fine and normal practice.
Huh Ok
Huh Ok 3 aylar önce
especially when her research is on pinterest, we love a relatable queen
benn h
benn h 3 aylar önce
I disagree with the statement that Marilyn Monroe wouldn't care if Kim were wearing her dress, because she specifically stated that she never wanted anyone else to wear it.
Fer Said
Fer Said 3 aylar önce
I'm so upset that NOBODY will mention Johnny Suh when he looked gorgeous in his modern tailcoat, honestly they did a wonderful job designing his outfit
Lavender Honey
Lavender Honey 3 aylar önce
The only take I don't agree with you is the Marilyn Monroe dress, she didn't want anyone to wear it. I'm not even a Marilyn fan but she had to be sown into the dress because it was perfectly fitted for her body, the colour was perfectly matched to her skin tone so that it would appear like she's naked and dripping in jewels. I don't care if Kim compares herself to Marilyn but she did this for her own vanity and not to pay homage. Also don't like that she starved herself to fit in it.
Edoras Marauder
Edoras Marauder Aylar önce
She didn’t even look good in it either.
khushi 3 aylar önce
Pinkrevenge101 3 aylar önce
She did her own makeup n hairstyle so it’s like Kim n Marilyn dress existing as two diff things kinda of past n new
Pinkrevenge101 3 aylar önce
Kylie has to be sewn into a paul gautier green dress from the archives she wore
Pinkrevenge101 3 aylar önce
Who said diet tho she only did it for this impt moment for her yet ppl continue bashing
L 2 aylar önce
Actually, the Astors were part of the “old money” set by the time of the Gilded Age and Caroline Astor was notorious for excluding the Vanderbilts whenever they first rose to prominence. Also, the gilded age as a term does a great job describing the hollowness of the era since it’s called gilded rather than golden, which alludes to the era’s extreme inequality and how the opulent wealth and prevailing images of the day were built on the misery of others from exploiting immigrants to child laborers, these “triumphs” of successful new money families provided the gilded overlay whereas the harsh realities and rampant corruption that allowed so many industrialists to rise so high are what lies underneath a thin layer of gilt.
𝑨𝒛𝒖𝒓𝒆 🧿
If no one pointed out that the dress Kim was wearing was Marilyn's, I wouldn't have even noticed. When I saw Kim, I just thought that the dress was just "meh".
Katie McNeil
Katie McNeil 2 aylar önce
Abby Cox did a great video on why the Marilyn dress being worn was problematic! She brings up how objects meant for preservation are not to be worn, as said in multiple museums code of ethics which Ripley's was in direct violation of. Disappointing that she wore it at all when there was a replica she changed into anyways.
Lily Clark
Lily Clark Aylar önce
I think Marilyn would’ve cared about Kim’s ass TEARING and in fact DID ruin the dress. If you care about history and and historical artifacts you’d understand the volume of the situation
Dangerous Kaos
Dangerous Kaos 3 aylar önce
Billie also thrifted all over her items on her. So she recycle it. That's fucking awesome to me.
Plane Sight
Plane Sight 3 aylar önce
17:38 so, she was inspired to do a Marilyn look at last year's met gala , the one where Billie Eilish completely embodied the Marilyn look Without having to do irreparable damage to an original one of a kind garment and promote a dangerous crash diet? /smh
Queenie Baggins
Queenie Baggins 3 aylar önce
I think it would’ve been lovely if Kim took the essence of Marilyn’s dress and put a gilded glamour spin on it. Imagine a sparkling skin toned (for Kim) dress with a corset and full skirt.
Jazmin Dodds
Jazmin Dodds 2 aylar önce
Girl, I have zero interest in fashion but this video is making me want to research the gilded age and all the aspects of dress you’re pointing out. Like this is all quite fascinating.
Victoria H
Victoria H 3 aylar önce
Kim wearing the Marilyn dress was wrong on many levels, none of which are "Kim is too trashy while Marilyn was classy", which is..... gross to say the least. The dress is an actual historical artifact and not a Halloween costume; Kim had to go through extremely fast and unhealthy weight loss to even fit in the dress in the first place; and even when she did, the dress looks weird on her because it was made for Marilyn's skintone so the "nude" part of wearing a nude dress went out the window immediately. Not to mention how weirdly she styled it and made it look like a bejewelled nightie. If Kim really wanted to, she could've worked with a designer and paid tribute to the dress by commissioning a piece that would've fit HER perfectly, like the dress fit Marilyn. She only arranged to wear *that * dress as a flex, because she could.
OΛNΛ 3 aylar önce
Absolutely agreed! Yes!
The Melanated Nomad !
The Melanated Nomad ! 3 aylar önce
All that, and the dress didn’t even fit her. She had to use the fur coverup because it didn’t even fit. It wasn’t even on theme.
MaverickBull 3 aylar önce
Catrina Crystallina
Catrina Crystallina 3 aylar önce
Something I haven’t seen mentioned is that Marilyn had to be sewn into the dress. Maybe if KK had worn undergarments from the 50s, it would’ve changed the silhouette a bit but it looked like a regular dress. It didn’t look special and it was irrelevant to the theme.
EP 3 aylar önce
Rihanna with her "naked diamond" dress some years ago was the perfect reference to this dress. Jfc why not so smth like that? But yeah ofc, what about Miss Kim's need for attention and the unscrupulous notoriety seekers who let her wear it.
TheFangirlOtaku Aylar önce
Kim Kardashian did damage the dress though. Even with a painstaking routine of weight loss. I just don't see why she had to have the actual historical piece, she chould have accomplished it just fine in the replica. Hateful comments are unnecessary but so was her wearing and damaging the dress. Not worth it.
Kayla 2 aylar önce
i feel like “before the gilded age” is a lot better than after bc at least it existed at the time lol
maria 3 aylar önce
my biggest problem with kim wearing marilyn’s dress is how bland she made it look
Anime rocks your world
didnt kim also talk about how she starved herself to fit into the dress? i feel like that was really weird, to fit yourself into a dress that wasnt even really on theme and belonged to a dead woman who'd already been so appropriated idk
lizhasasthma 3 aylar önce
As an archivist Kim wearing Marilyn's dress literally makes me foam at the mouth because my brain cannot stop thinking about how she's straining the fabric and getting sweat on a historical artifact (also I fully agree with Dr. Chrisman-Campbell's thread that you linked). As a person with eyes I also think she looks really bad in it. The dress doesn't fit her and the nude illusion doesn't work because she has a different skin tone than Marilyn. If Kim wanted to do a Marilyn look (which she shouldn't have anyway bc it's off theme) she should've gotten a replica made that fit and matched her skin tone. As it is she looks like she's in a bad halloween costume.
K Dog
K Dog 2 aylar önce
You know, someone tell if I sound wrong and crazy, but, this REALLY shows kims body dysmorphia. She couldn't even perceive herself accurately in this dress, which is why she walked out looking a mess.
Rabbi Spidermann
Rabbi Spidermann 2 aylar önce
@Katherine She can lose weight, but she can't lose her butt implants without surgery. It ended up looking not quite filled out on top and too tight on the bottom. That's a lot of money and a lot of torture to your body, just to look not particularly good in a dress.
Katherine 2 aylar önce
Apparently the fake fur shrug was to cover the fact that it wouldn’t fit over her butt. It just didn’t fit her right - even after severe dieting (which is a horrible example to set and boast about). The illusion just didn’t work. Also hurt my heart to see a museum piece getting mishandled and manhandled.
Rabbi Spidermann
Rabbi Spidermann 2 aylar önce
@KatieB I don' t really blame her, I don't think she knows any better. Ripley's is the responsible party.
KatieB 2 aylar önce
Conservator here, and I agree completely. Historic costumes are treasures to be preserved and carefully treated, not exposed to sweat, humidity, light and a myriad of other potentially damaging situations. How she got hold of the original is beyond me.
Amy Myers
Amy Myers 3 aylar önce
Would have liked to hear about Quannah Chasinghorse who was easily the most beautiful person at the Met gala
S. Kenzig
S. Kenzig 3 aylar önce
I have nothing against Kim Kardashian. However from a conservation perspective that dress should not have been worn. It is made of fabric that is not made anymore and is fragile, and you can see it stretching around her hips. That is problematic....what is even more problematic is that she lost 16lbs in 2 weeks in order to even sort of fit in it.
Ruby 3 aylar önce
I love your videos! Could you consider making one about the aesthetic and fashion of plants? The flowers, the foliage, the climate crisis. I feel like there could be a lot to unpack!
ABC 3 aylar önce
The Gilded Age was actually really good. The storyline kept up with the spectacular costumes and had a few twists that were unexpected and thoughtful. Definitely worth a view.
Aaliyah Izanami
Aaliyah Izanami 3 aylar önce
I thought you were talking about the actual age and was like woah slow down most people were suffering, but thanks I’ll watch it
Cara Sestito
Cara Sestito 3 aylar önce
The thing that scares me the most about the Marilyn dress being loaned out, even for a short while, is that it sets a precedent that rich folks with clout can buy pieces of collective history from museums and possibly ruin them. Like, this time it was silk dress from the 60's, what if next time it's a Worth gown. I saw a video of the fitting with Kim and it made me cringe so bad, it's a 60 year old silk dress bro, that's delicate. Plus she was wearing stilettos with it and that could RUIN the hem if it got stepped on. Also the dress was supposed to be a nude effect and the shade was made to match Marilyn, not Kim, so it's too pale and makes it look tacky and strange. She also couldn't fit into it (she publicly said that she crash dieted to try to fit into it which is another oof) and so they had to tie the back of it and then she had that fur on to cover it up. They took a priceless piece of history and put it in jeopardy, for a theme that was for the LAST Met Gala, on a woman who pisses a lot of people off for justifiable reasons, and in the end it looked cheap and silly.
imageez 3 aylar önce
This has happened before when Rihanna wore an actual loaned Pope hat tbh, not surprised if there's earlier example. Not justifying it, just saying
Aerianna Jasper
Aerianna Jasper 3 aylar önce
@ectoplastiic you make so many interesting points, and that's an incredibly insightful addition to the discussion. I think this needs to be a more popular conversation surrounding conservation. Being extremely white I have no idea how it would feel to be in that position, but I'm so glad you felt you could share your experience and help people like myself reach a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation within a cultural context also.
ectoplastiic 3 aylar önce
I just wanted to extend the conversation a bit about loans and conservation. Saying that historical pieces should never be loaned for use and need to stay untouched also sets a precedent that promotes indigenous and racialized people not having access to their cultural belongings that have been stolen. I'm an indigenous person and museums have used this sentiment to stop us from having access to our own belongings. I know a lot of people who are repeating this sentiment are more concerned with the idea that if you're rich enough, you can buy your way into anything....but underneath that there is still the sentiment that any changes to a historical object through use is the worst thing that could happen and that restricting access is for the greater good. I think most people who have been concerned about this dress are thoughtful enough to realize the difference between indigenous people being able to borrow back and use their own belongings and a celebrity wearing a dress not directly tied to themselves - but that drive to restrict access is still there and its the same one that informs conservationists and collections workers in museums to deny us visits and use with our own cultural belongings. In conservation there's dialogue about material vs cultural conservation. Material conservation is concerned only with the physical object, and cultural conservation is also concerned with preserving immaterial cultural knowledge that is associated with that object. If an object becomes disassociated with its meaning then that could be considered deterioration the same as any physical damage would be. A museum that I work with facilitates visits with object in their collections form the community of origin, and one visit was a group of Nuu-cha-nulth weavers visiting baskets. One of the baskets had the knob on the lid come off from handling by the weavers but there's an argument to be made that the importance of the cultural conservation of present-day weavers being able to visit these baskets and learn from them to continue revitalizing their practice outweighs the benefit of material conservation. All objects degrade, this can never be stopped only slowed. If you really want Nuu-cha-nulth basketry to last longer then there needs to be the knowledge on how to make more baskets. While I'm not a fan of Kim K, and I can't say that I think the benefit to risk ratio was worth it for her to wear this dress....I think it brings up an interesting point of conversation around cultural conservation. Is she causing cultural disassociation from Marylin by wearing this? Is it in a way adding to the cultural conservation because so many people weren't fully aware of its story and cultural impact until it became a hot talking point again?
ari charles
ari charles 3 aylar önce
Very well said, I agree. Someone said she made it look like it was from fashion nova and i couldn’t agree more.
Aerianna Jasper
Aerianna Jasper 3 aylar önce
Ooof spit facts
Em J
Em J Gün önce
I'm not specifically against the wearing of an antique dress. I'm against the irreversible damage that was done to the dress.
Abigail Blank
Abigail Blank 2 aylar önce
Johnny Suh was the single most talked about man in attendance, I would have loved to hear your thoughts on Peter Do’s design.
Nicole Vo
Nicole Vo 2 aylar önce
I have respect for Riz Ahmed's outfit!! We need representations of the immigrant workers!! Give immigrant workers their flowers for their contributions!! He understood the assignment and I respect him.
Amanda Ihara
Amanda Ihara 3 aylar önce
Marilyn clearly said that this dress shouldn't be worn by somebody else . It's a dress that only Marilyn can wear .... nobody respected that .... .
rainbowpiss 3 aylar önce
Marilyn said specifically that she didn't want anyone else to wear that dress, cuz she said she wanted something made that only she would wear. So, yeah, I think she would have minded. update: bob mackie, the guy who sketched the gown, criticized Kim K for wearing the gown. Sooo... yeah, that says a lot about what the people who made the gown would have thought.
rainbowpiss 2 aylar önce
@Tiana Lanise Exactlyyy. As women, you should understand that a signature outfit of yours is something you wouldn't want anyone else to wear. Like, if someone else wore Audrey Hepburn's Little Black Dress, I'd be equally upset since it's also a part of her legacy. People can't seem understand that those gowns are a part of those women's biggest moments, to preserve those dresses is almost like preserving those moments.
Tiana Lanise
Tiana Lanise 2 aylar önce
Exactly! I can’t stand when women think that other women are being petty because they want to have their moment. That was Marilyn’s dress made especially for her, looked gorgeous on her and it should’ve only been worn by her.
FuchsiaFiore 3 aylar önce
Oh wow didn't know this :O
Rixana Jopson
Rixana Jopson 3 aylar önce
You can also tell that it was made for her. Part of the point of the dress and part of the scandal with it, is that it was made to match Marilyn’s skin tone so she would almost appear nude while wearing it. But Kim doesn’t have Marilyn’s skin tone. She has her own skin tone. So the effect is spoiled leading to the dress looking lackluster on Kim. The hair, makeup, and accessories also don’t help. But I think the bulk of it is that it doesn’t match her skin tone. The nude illusion dress is an idea Kim has done before and could definitely have leaned into. If she really wanted to do Marilyn’s Happy Birthday Mr. President dress despite it not being on theme, I think it would have been much better if she’d taken the idea and had a replica made to match her skin tone. That would have solved the fit issues, bypassed concerns about preservation of the dress, and would have respected Marilyn’s wishes regarding the dress.
CeressDemeter 3 aylar önce
@Caitlin 👇 wtf? Whot is this? Like, no xd
Alayna Heinline
Alayna Heinline 21 gün önce
It’s two months after the Met Gala, and I am STILL thinking about these looks 😂 I gotta say, I LOVE Blake Lively’s dress! I cannot move on 😂 and I have not gotten off my soapbox about Kim wearing Marilyn’s dress since the Met 😂😂
Kathryn Elyce Williams
thoughts on Quannah Chasinghorse’s look? i thought she looked stunning & would love to hear your interpretation of her look & the theme
Patricia Trutescu
Patricia Trutescu 3 aylar önce
Great review, Mina. I appreciate how you make your videos both entertaining and educational. I now understand why the Met Gala is a big deal. Thank you!
L'Ephebe93 2 aylar önce
I can't believe they let Kim flatulate and sweat in Marilyn's dress, stretching the fabric!!! Hahahaha!
Charlotte Bou
Charlotte Bou 3 aylar önce
The thing about Kim wearing Marilyn's dress was that she literally admitted ON PUBLIC TELEVISION that she had STARVED berself for three weeks. Just to fit the dress. Which is something we should stop normalizing!! This is what encourages eating disorders and fuels insecurities. She cut off 16 pounds in three damn weeks just to wear a dress...for 5 minutes. Imagine the message that its sending towards her younger fans ://Abolish the stigma that we should "starve" ourselves just for the aesthetic
Elyenid Acevedo
Elyenid Acevedo Aylar önce
They could have remade a dress that looked just like it 🤦
yzbyz 2 aylar önce
yeah, it was fcking unfortunate that she decided to *spell out* how she did it, too. like…….. honey…
Artechiza 2 aylar önce
@Natalie Davis Welp, you can't make everyone a good parent instantly, and it would be impossible to erase the fatphobic trauma some people have due to bad parenting, but we can bring awareness to the issues so people learn for themselves 🤷🏻‍♀️
kshamwhizzle 3 aylar önce
the worst thing about it for me isn't that she lost 16 lbs, but that she did it super short term right before the event presumably so she wouldn't affect her usual shape that she markets as "healthy" when she's like 90% plastic in the first fucking place.
the queen
the queen 3 aylar önce
And to her own children too 😢
Astral Sheepu
Astral Sheepu 3 aylar önce
Marilyn’s dress was definitely a bigger deal than “just a dress”. In 500 years it will be a solid historical artifact. Marilyn is already a major historic figure. Kim had no place wearing it, on theme or not. I’m glad you revisited your views though, and looked into why everyone is so upset over it. I don’t disagree that Marilyn probably wouldn’t have minded, but the context has changed over the last century, as is how history works.
Adrienne Brailsford
Adrienne Brailsford 3 aylar önce
The stylists that fully immerse themselves in the theme and inspire the model to have the excitement of the moment and appreciation of history, does so much for the model /celebrity. It gives so much more value and exclusivity to fashion and art as well as a genuine articulate moment for some.
Rebecca 3 aylar önce
love your reviews as always! and i'm rooting for you, i hope you get invited next year ^^ of the ones you didn't mention, my favorite looks were Lizzo's and Rosalia's, they looked amazing
faiRy2003 3 aylar önce
the coloring on this video & aesthetics are honestly breathtaking. love it!
hey it's A!
hey it's A! 3 aylar önce
Totally guilty of being a hardcore Marilyn Monroe stan😅 but just to show another perspective, I think a lot of people, including myself, took issue with the lengths Kim K went just to put on the dress. For instance, losing 16 pounds in 3 weeks just to put on a the dress for 5 minutes is very…concerning to say the least. The fact the she felt comfortable enough to promote that extreme weight loss is astounding. Also, seeing clips from behind the scenes on how the dress was handled was also glaring, they were rubbing on the dress trying to get Kim in and it seemed really careless. Also the fact that ripely gave Kim a piece of Marilyn’s HAIR to me demonstrates that they have no respect for this women. I think it’s just really sad to see Marilyn being commodified and objectified even after death, I just want the poor women to be able to Rest In Peace 😭
Cassiel Cruz Chavolla
Cassiel Cruz Chavolla 3 aylar önce
I agree just seemed like they did it because they could if she had worn a replica in her measurements it would have looked better and they wouldn't have risked damaging the original dress not to mention the whole weight loss thing which is a questionable thing and the fact that it wasn't on theme anyways
sara saeed
sara saeed 3 aylar önce
@sweet embrace not you deliberately skipping over the fact that creep purchased someone else’s hair cause you wanna be mad about other people something you don’t
AestheticT 3 aylar önce
@wildcrocus cz that dress was nade for her no one else Kim should've got a replica that matches her skin tone n her size. Atleast that way she could've payed tribute to her but nooo she decided to wear the exact same one n that's honestly soooo ignorant of her clearly she's showing us that she csn do everything
AestheticT 3 aylar önce
@Yuli us hating her n ranting sbt her is making her millions lol
AestheticT 3 aylar önce
@suki she's a brand n a household name No matter wht n if u don't care abt her there millions of ppl who do crazy things just to look like her Kim is an icon for her looks nothing else
EllenM 3 aylar önce
I cannot emphasize this enough, thank you for differentiating between 18th century stays and 19th century corsets!!!!
yan 2 aylar önce
why couldnt a designer make a copy of marilyns dress? I think it wouldve been much better if kim hadnt worn the one marilyn monroe wore herself
s leavs
s leavs 2 aylar önce
i feel like sooooo many people (espeically the men) missed opportunities to do coattails or big hats or chances to play with opulent accessories like broaches or collars.. billie eilish is one of the winners of the night for me for sure. the kardashian/jenner krew felt like they were just dressing how they wanted for any high fashion red carpet and just ignored the theme entirely
Andrew_Does_Hair 3 aylar önce
oh girl, you're almost to one million subs! congratulations! ♥ I liked Blakes dress personally but I totally get your criticism. Camillas was terrible. SO ill fitting. And Kim really should show some respect. It wasn't the moment she was hoping it would be. It came off as cheap and exploitative. That dress looked so much better on Marylin. This was very much the "meh" gala this year.
Leileya Night
Leileya Night 22 gün önce
I have seen many comments calling out Kim for her choice of wearing Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress but one thing that stuck out at me was the fact that her statement about why she chose such an iconic dress sounds pretty self-centered to me. Maybe it's my bias showing through but I really did not appreciate her wearing Monroe's dress. As many have pointed out she could have done a recreation of the dress which is what Madonna did. She had a dress made that looks very similar to Marilyn Monroe's dress from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
Sympalissma 2 aylar önce
i actually like the pastels of billies dress bc its giving impressionism which was like roughly overlapping w gilded
TweeTwee Me !!
TweeTwee Me !! 2 aylar önce
I watched the HBO show the Gilded Age and I LOVED it, so when I heard that the met Gala was that era I was so excited for it but only to be disappointed in the outcome. It seems as if a lot of Celeb confused The Gilded Age with the Golden Age for the Met Gala. Smh. Especially Kylie outfit, but I suppose she was wearing it to send love to a passed associate.
Just Wonder
Just Wonder 3 aylar önce
Pleasantly surprised by Riz Ahmed's look, paying respect to the unseen people of the era is a nice touch
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis 3 aylar önce
As a museum professional, on the topic of the Marilyn Monroe dress, the museum and conservation community is up in arms about the the loaning of the dress to be physically worn. It is a delicate piece of material culture that absolutely should not have been worn, not even for five minutes. That's not saying anything about Kim K. it's about the fact that it's a 60 year old silk dress. Wearing it, especially in the way Kim did (in makeup, putting strain on seems and zipper, stepping on the hem climbing stairs, etc) , damages the dress and makes it harder to preserve the dress. Ripley's did not have strict procedures, if they did the dress would never have been loaned out like that. Seriously, Ripley's is in the museum doghouse right now for allowing this.
haleymist09 3 aylar önce
@Amanda Davis lolz. Thanks for the reply. When I heard a museum loaned it out for advertising, i thought interesting. When i heard it was Ripley's, i thought LOOOOOOLZ how'd they get their hands on THE DRESS? This whole situation makes sense now!!!
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis 3 aylar önce
@haleymist09 Absolutely not, even before this. It's not actually a museum, it just plays at being one. This breach of ethics is the final nail in its coffin. Even if Ripley's wanted to get accredited at this point it would never be able to after this.
haleymist09 3 aylar önce
Is Ripley's respected in the museum community?
Kashi Supaku
Kashi Supaku 3 aylar önce
@ectoplastiic Control humidity, heat and others things like that is important. It's more safe than doing nothing!
ectoplastiic 3 aylar önce
I'm an indigenous person training to become a museum professional(specifically conservation) and curious to know your stance on indigenous people being able to handle and wear our own material culture. I know this is an entirely different circumstance but the sentiment about "it shouldn't be worn or touched in case there is damage" is the exact same sentiment that used to argue against us having access to our culture. As you stated, Ripleys doesn't have strict procedures - I would not be surprised if the display/storage of that dress in their museum would be exposing it to agents of deterioration while it's being "safely held". Even in "world-class" museum's storage and display practices aren't always safe and expose materials to damage as well. I know majority of damage from handling though, but just thought it was important to address behind glass and in museum care doesn't always equal safe.
OhMirawrr 3 aylar önce
The best thing about studying architecture is that I get to know a bit about fashion history as well. It’s really painful to see many misconceptions instead.
Mallory S
Mallory S 3 aylar önce
As a plus size gal myself, it always makes me really happy seeing Christian Siriano's work. Like, aside from the fact that you can really tell he took his time on Project Runway to heart and that you can see the influence that had on him in his approach to dressing all bodies, his clients always just look like they feel so INTO what they're wearing. Every time he dresses Nicole Beyer, for example, she just looks like she feels like she's having her princess moment (as she deserves). So like, seeing Normani having that too really warms my heart.
Lydia Fayre
Lydia Fayre 3 aylar önce
I share all of your feelings about Billie's costume. Altogether lovely, but it could have popped more with a darker flower and more ideally matched gloves.
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