Messi ends Ronaldinho period in this game

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Messi ends Ronaldinho period in this game

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9 Şub 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Keith S
Keith S 20 saatler önce
This should be titled, the day Ronaldinho put Messi in the spotlight. Goal #1: Dindo cuts through defence, lays ball off to Eto'o, who has 1-2 with Messi to score Goal #2: Dinho cuts through defence, has shot saved, Messi picks up rebound scores Goal #3: Dinho puts ball through middle to Messi, who scores. No Ronaldinho, no Messi goals. Loved watching this guy play more than any other, he always played with a smile on his face, never argued with Refs, never made bad tackles, just loved playing football like he was on the streets of Rio, he had a touch on the football like no one else I've seen play. The only thing that ended Ronaldinho's career was Ronaldinho, if he had the discipline of C.Ronaldo instead of N.Ronaldo, he could have been around another 10 years.
Sham Muhamad
Sham Muhamad Gün önce
ronadinho nobody playing football with smile fun.. like him..
Bl4ckPanth3r 2 gün önce
Das ist nicht wahr,Ronaldinho beendete selber seine Ära mit keine Lust,Partys,kein Training,Alkohol Frauen,keine Konzentration auf Fussball mehr und so kamm das wie es kommen musste, Ronaldinho war nicht mehr Hungrig nachdem er alles schon gewonnene hatte, mit messi hatt das nichts zu tun.
Jean-Jack Mbo Meye
Jean-Jack Mbo Meye 2 gün önce
This is such a lie come on man.
salvacion light
salvacion light 2 gün önce
Messi never ended Ronaldinho's career, it was Ronaldinho himself who ended his career after the 2006 World Cup when he had a slump as a footballer due to his own lack of discipline and lack of training
Selcuk 3 gün önce
No one can’t compare with Ronaldinho..!
Onyekwelu Jeremiah
Onyekwelu Jeremiah 3 gün önce
Title should have been: ronaldinho gives messi the chances he needed to become a world class in this game..
Irhamdiah22 Irham
Irhamdiah22 Irham 4 gün önce
CR7 trvid.com/video/video-1J0Mjuxli-s.html
Saul Vargas
Saul Vargas 5 gün önce
Messi y ronaldhiño los mejores
Lizette Bentley
Lizette Bentley 5 gün önce
I don't care how old Ronaldino gonna be the day I meet him..i would still go on my knees and kiss those magic feet that use to do that tricks nobody can't do ,because of him I love soccer...
Ertuğrul Usta
Ertuğrul Usta 5 gün önce
HASAN AKTAŞ 5 gün önce
Sergio ile messi anlaşmış gayet net görünüyor
سلوم سالم
سلوم سالم 6 gün önce
اخطر لاعب في التاريخ رولندينو ولكن الاعلام ليسئ معه
GanjaBreak 7 gün önce
Ronaldinho has still got it, touch skills, ball control, goals. His vision.. He could make a terrible striker score 20 goals a season watched him recently , he could sit in any team anywhere and make a difference, even unfit and no training
Benten 7 gün önce
Messi or CR7 or kindda players cant catch Roni. Ronaldhino will always stay as master tutor for them
Cerita Reseck
Cerita Reseck 7 gün önce
david auyeung
david auyeung 7 gün önce
no-look pass, really magic!
Francois Moreira
Francois Moreira 8 gün önce
chris yi
chris yi 9 gün önce
Omg wow
Enjoy Time
Enjoy Time 10 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-KZE0NXiP0iI.html 🤩🤩😁
Aashish Balkhande
Aashish Balkhande 10 gün önce
Click bait,
Cengiz Sezer
Cengiz Sezer 12 gün önce
King ronaldinho 👑
VORTEX GAMING 12 gün önce
Manish Kharel
Manish Kharel 12 gün önce
And end of and era, thanks for everything messi for barca😍
tấn đại
tấn đại 13 gün önce
Messi messi
Gabriel Nunes
Gabriel Nunes 14 gün önce
Ainda estou esperando ele acabar com o período
MAKOLA JOSEPH 14 gün önce
Thanks to all the fans
Souvik M
Souvik M 14 gün önce
Messi simply took the position of playmaker after Ronaldinho departure...both are great players.
Süleyman Akbas
Süleyman Akbas 14 gün önce
Trz kann er ronaldinho seine Schuhe tragen ronaldinho bleibt Nr 1 im fussball
Faysal Alam
Faysal Alam 14 gün önce
Ballo nic footboll
Story Boxes
Story Boxes 15 gün önce
Ronaldinho introduced him to world
Kawsar School
Kawsar School 15 gün önce
Messi boss❤️❤️
Diti Diti
Diti Diti 17 gün önce
Ronaldinho eto Henry messi was a freaky barca...fantastic 4 MSN messi suarez neymar still freaky attack...... My opinion best barca and one of the best of all times was mvp messi villa Pedro with of course v.valdes,e.abidal,puyol,pique,d.alves ,s.busquets,xavi,iniesta,messi,villa Pedro...this was the true tiki taka team maybe one of the 3 best team of all times....best barca of all times and a incredible chemistry
Игорь Сокуренко
Какая отдача игроков,во всех моментах....вратари чудо....обожаю эль-классико тех времён.....не игра,ПЕСНЯ
DJ Channel
DJ Channel 17 gün önce
onaldinho was pure magic, still get GOOSEBUMPS watching him. Ronaldinho ended his own time. Here it just looks like the Master was mentoring his students. The way he celebrated the 2nd goal, and assisted the 3rd. He knew Messi would take his place once he left. Ronaldinho will always be one of the greatest.
Игорь Сокуренко
Рамос всегдп был паскудным игроком,но так ломать Рони...(из за того,что ты не успеваешь за ним)это просто подло....ну а Лео вырос на этом бою и заяаил о себе
Cainan 17 gün önce
O anão é foda
erinç kazanasmaz
erinç kazanasmaz 18 gün önce
Star Ronaldinho-Messi-Ramos
schwi megha
schwi megha 18 gün önce
"the legend who raised the legend"
흠흠 18 gün önce
외국인 개많네
ezeji kelvin
ezeji kelvin 19 gün önce
Ronaldinho expression to Messi Goal: Finally someone gets it right.
Manjurul Ali
Manjurul Ali 19 gün önce
Messi Fans Click Here :- bit.ly/2YpKHsk Ronaldo Fans Click Here :- bit.ly/307Hy1d
Veuveu Tou t mort
Veuveu Tou t mort 19 gün önce
Honteux le titre de la vidéo ! Respecter le meilleur de tout les temp
Lorenzo 20 gün önce
Real Madrid robbing, nothing new...
mahdi ozair
mahdi ozair 20 gün önce
ronaldinho give an 2 assist and hek make the game for 2 goals to messi
Marco Defranco
Marco Defranco 20 gün önce
Ronaldigno le cose che ha fatto lui,: Messi è Ronaldo se lo stanno ancora chiedendo ....e neymar gli deve porta la borsa ...se nascesse un altro Ronaldigno tornerebbe di nuovo il sapore del calcio spettacolo ...che è scomparso ,grazie Rona grazie Brazil siete la storia del calcio spettacolo
Manuel Schär
Manuel Schär 20 gün önce
Ronaldinho, Boss
Konstantinos Tselios
Konstantinos Tselios 21 gün önce
Only stupid utubers can compare Ronaldinho with Messi no matter what how much Messi trying he never be Ronaldinho
Furkan Atasoy
Furkan Atasoy 22 gün önce
Boş video
nexus meld
nexus meld 22 gün önce
ronaldinho always in our heart
Damian Papadoulis
Damian Papadoulis 23 gün önce
Messi ended his period at 17 years old where would u find another like him
Kelechi Ukadike
Kelechi Ukadike 23 gün önce
9:13 That smile is everything...got to love this man!
Derrick Graham
Derrick Graham 23 gün önce
Ronaldinho is the gad of football remember that gratest of all time
Furkan Atasoy
Furkan Atasoy 22 gün önce
Bulidrians 24 gün önce
Terrible editing and music. How does this sh11ty a55 video have 22 mill views ?
Quyen Hoangdinh
Quyen Hoangdinh 24 gün önce
Tre già thì măng mọc thôi
Adam M
Adam M 26 gün önce
They're on the same team...
Tumu Paul
Tumu Paul 27 gün önce
That's when football was make a sense
Tumu Paul
Tumu Paul 27 gün önce
V. Nestroy was a Hitman
Locks E
Locks E 27 gün önce
Do you have authorizaed use to use the footage of the soccer game which someone else shot?
James Longar
James Longar 27 gün önce
Good play
James Longar
James Longar 27 gün önce
Good p
Tech House
Tech House 28 gün önce
Ronaldinho is a legend I'm huge messi fan and no one can end his period he is legend much respect from Pakistan
Actually messi and Ronaldinho ended Madrid's career in this game 😂
وسام 29 gün önce
رونالدينهو العظيم صنع هدفين لميسي في هذه المباراة
WIT Studio
WIT Studio 29 gün önce
Название не совсем адекватное. Месси спокойно и дольше мог быть возле ворот и пробивать только из-за Роналдиньо. Хотя тут название видоса ради хайпа
Антон Королев
Слезы на глазах это и есть футбол
Beto Garza
Beto Garza Aylar önce
Whu is the one who shot at 07:59?, is rafa Marquez?
Iskay Kabeya
Iskay Kabeya Aylar önce
You can't compare Ronaldinho with Messi, when Ronaldinho retired I stopped watching football to this day
cercer erin
cercer erin Aylar önce
Ronaldinho terminó su propio periodo campeón
Robert Haibi
Robert Haibi Aylar önce
Ronaldinho is a historic player
Ashley Josh T G F
Ashley Josh T G F Aylar önce
They are best in combo no one ended their way of play
iTradeAIMS Aylar önce
Incorrect video title.
폐인갱스터 Aylar önce
파리로 이적해서 아직도 1골도 못넣는 메시 그는 축구의 신 이 아니다 그저 바르셀로나 에서만 잘하는 거품이 가득한 인간일뿐 😂👌⚽️
Power Zone
Power Zone Aylar önce
todo eso fue gracias a Ronaldinho, por dar excelentes pases
Tiger Z
Tiger Z Aylar önce
내가볼땐 세골 다 호지뉴발에서 시작됐는데...
Papa Sine
Papa Sine Aylar önce
명바이 Aylar önce
호나우지뉴 물로켓 거진 랄로급 거품
Dũng Hoàng văn
Dũng Hoàng văn Aylar önce
Thời ronaldinho là một người điêu luyện. Messi ghi bàn vẫn là đàn e của ronaldinho. Cách ăn mừng bàn thắng là biết
GEZGİNHAN Aylar önce
No footballer has been as great as Ronaldinho until now, no football player including the legendary pele can be compared to Ronaldinho, including Messi ronaldo, he was the best ever .......
GEZGİNHAN Aylar önce
Ronaldinho +++++ Messi++; Ronaldo+messi +++++
zettel 61183
zettel 61183 Aylar önce
Ronaldinho is the best Player ever i had see MIA SAN MIA scheiss da nix dann feid da nix FC BAYERN for ever
COGANS FML 09 Aylar önce
Precious Niceson Washington Torch
Perfect Ronaldinho
Abhijit Nath
Abhijit Nath Aylar önce
Ronaldinho and messi are good friend and also messi is a followers(cunning) they are legendary player so keep your mouth shut and see what you telling?
Ali Musayev
Ali Musayev Aylar önce
Ronaldinho Nummer 1 +
Real Gaming
Real Gaming Aylar önce
The beginning of Messi and the ending of Ronaldiho
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Saeed Aylar önce
The Music shows that thi is a war. ..😮
misaha site
misaha site Aylar önce
GARI DAKHO Aylar önce
Zafeer Gul
Zafeer Gul Aylar önce
I like ronaldinho very much from Pakistan
AZ ChanneL
AZ ChanneL Aylar önce
Too much emotion
Imran Ali
Imran Ali Aylar önce
Ronaldhinho has created everything and made messi
Doğan AGA
Doğan AGA Aylar önce
Ronaldinho yerini çok asilce veliahtına bırakıyor. Oyunda kendini ön planda tutmak yerine, "10" numarayı ilerde asilce taşıyacak olan yetenekli çaylağına bırakıyor. Ortada dönemini bitirdi, yok papucu dama atıldı gibi salak saçma fikirler üretmeyin. Futboldan tek anladığınız buysa yarra yedi bu memleket.
mcw spade yt
mcw spade yt Aylar önce
Messi is a magician.! But Ronaldinho was a wizard ...!!!
Abigail louish
Abigail louish Aylar önce
The frequent kale provisionally contain because grasshopper pharmacodynamically itch till a majestic laborer. expensive, deranged trail
Ahmet Gürkan ÇAKIR
Ne alaka. Tüm goller Ronaldinho sayesinde atılmış.
Leonardo Curca
Leonardo Curca Aylar önce
bull fucking shit Messi will never be Ronaldinho . Yes he has more titles and achievements but it is because of the team . Ronaldinho made the team and he did it in stile . There is no other football player who did what Ronie did
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