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2008 Mercedes Benz S-Class W221 bi turbo 517HP 850NM Top Speed Autobahn POV ( No Speed Limit ) 📍Subscribe for more videos: bit.ly/2pAZX4j

- 100-200 kph : 11,2
- 0- 100 kph : ----

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'Top Speed Germany' is a German TRvid channel for people who love cars.
My Name is Max and I film while driving cars. No matter if they are old, fast, loud or electric. They need to be special! With several onboard cams, I record everything important to show you High-Speed-Runs, Acceleration tests ( 0-100 kph / 0-200 kph / 100-200 kph / 200-300 kph ) and test drives on German Autobahn or Road. Please note, Germany is the country of "no speed limit" highways. So in some places, it's allowed to drive very fast. But please don't try this if you are not an experienced driver !! If you enjoy give a like and subscribe for more videos ;-) .

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25 Kas 2021




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TopSpeedGermany Aylar önce
S600 V12 Bi turbo ! 100-200 = 11,2 sec ! What should I test next ?
Peter Bryukhnov
Peter Bryukhnov 41 dakika önce
Lada Largus!
free kevinmitnik
free kevinmitnik 4 saatler önce
3UZ-FE ofc
Stephen Hartford
Stephen Hartford 5 saatler önce
Smart car
dim dim
dim dim 8 saatler önce
honda nsx 3.2L 😁
Victor Mendes
Victor Mendes 8 saatler önce
A BMW 760M?
Bribe 9 saatler önce
S класс на автобане, как ракета в космосе!!! +)
Nova Bay
Nova Bay 10 gün önce
It's crazy how silent and peaceful it seems to be inside knowing that the car is flying at 260km/h, this car was really made for the autobahn!
YRT Racing Team
YRT Racing Team 22 saatler önce
Peace will soon be gone when he hits someone
galex420 Gün önce
@touraneindanke cool Story bro
touraneindanke Gün önce
@IchBinNamenlos 123 I owned a Touran that needed about €1000 on reparations every 1000 km after driving the first 60k. So it stands for...Volkswagen Touran NEIN DANKE.... It was a good looking ornament to have tee in if you own a back yard. But wen i had it my colleges were envious....for real. I now drive since 2012 a Toyota...the most ‘costly’ maintenance bill was €314,- including tax. Looking average nothing outrageous or exiting about the ‘thing’ It just drives...no surprise every day...getting in and drive....its Just a car! No jealous colleges anymore... Getting used to not worrying. Life is so relaxed now.
IchBinNamenlos 123
@touraneindanke Touran-nein-danke klassischer Profil Name eines Engländers kappa
touraneindanke 3 gün önce
@rondo2K The topic was? Dein German memory isn’t up to scratch dear? It probably wasn’t in the first place. But then ‘only a German’ would know. Witch i am certainly not ..thanks very much for explaining yourself.
Kevin Keith
Kevin Keith Aylar önce
Hands down to one of my favorite videos, the way the s600 pulls so effortlessly is soo therapeutic! The v12 W221 was such a success in the making!
Borz 14
Borz 14 Aylar önce
При скорости 260 всего 4,5 тысячи оборотов. Круто!!!
Aaron Randolph Chen
The ease with which this S600 accelerates to its top speed is epic! 830 NM of torque! And this was back in 2008! Fabulous car!
Aaron Randolph Chen
Aaron Randolph Chen 18 saatler önce
@[ MB ] definitely and that's why we have a ML350, ML400 and E400. We love older Mercedes.
[ MB ]
[ MB ] Gün önce
@viva la pachanga!! you're dreaming. It's made in Germany not China 🤣. In Germany i was really surprised at how German cars that aged to 600k and 800k kilometres on the odometer can still top 140kph on the autobahn
[ MB ]
[ MB ] Gün önce
Germans know how to build cars
Денис 4 gün önce
@viva la pachanga!! б. Б. Б б. Б. Б’ю б б.
MrZillas 7 gün önce
They had 1.000 Nm in 2002 already in a V12.
Dj Batelman
Dj Batelman Aylar önce
Всегда поражала плавность хода Мерседеса кайф даже через камеру ощущаешь это лакшери
Alexander Senk
Alexander Senk 11 gün önce
na pharton ne esdila esho
julio cesarbp
julio cesarbp Aylar önce
Caramba! Impressionante, parabéns pela pilotagem e esta super máquina. Queria um dia rodar nesta velocidade
Alex carvalho
Alex carvalho Aylar önce
Que força nossaaaa...... Muito torque , uma pena ser limitado Mercedes é outro nível Um abraço aqui de Niterói RJ Brasil
Woody Office
Woody Office 5 gün önce
Boa, Nikiti city!!!
Primeiro carro que vejo passeando a mais de 200km/h sem fazer esforço algum e silenciosamente.
Сергей Сергей
S класс на автобане, как ракета в космосе!!! +)
Alex Yelenec
Alex Yelenec 22 saatler önce
Есть s класс у котрого 320 км. на спидометре, но он заднеприводный, а не фирматик
Виктор Баринов
260 ехать это какая идеальная балансировка должна быть..
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana 27 gün önce
Parabéns lindíssimo carro
Oleg. Sterk.
Oleg. Sterk. 13 gün önce
Даже страшно смотреть,такое ощущение что сам за рулём,это настоящая пушка гонка,он наверное и топливо ест как истребитель.
Torkalo Volodymyr
Torkalo Volodymyr 2 gün önce
@Антон Фёдоров ток то наверное моментальный расход? Даже на мазде 2.5 литра моментальный может и до 30 скакать.
Den Tym
Den Tym 3 gün önce
@Антон Фёдоров А если не в пол?
Махсат Бимурзаев
Я владел таким аппаратом, расход при езде 240 км час максимум 12 - 13 литров
Oleg. Sterk.
Oleg. Sterk. 6 gün önce
@Антон Фёдоров 😥😲Ох нечего себе😢
Антон Фёдоров
Скажу как владеле А8 D3 W12 6.0 - при педали в пол расход около 50-53л/100км
papa doudou
papa doudou 15 gün önce
This driver has nerves of steel. I was scared just watching. It’s too fast for me. But as an owner of a w220 I can tell you the speed and the comfort are not overrated.
Adam Vrbas Music
Adam Vrbas Music Aylar önce
whoa, what an engine! Shame on the limiter, could easily do 330. Fun fact - german drivers know when to (not)use rear foglights, big thumb up! In czech when it's slightly foggy everyone is shining like a christmas tree.
Bolghar Wolf
Bolghar Wolf 11 gün önce
@Experience in Macedonia most people don't even know they are Bulgarian
DON'T Aylar önce
Prussian84 Aylar önce
In Germany the foglights are limited to 50 km/h. So, it`s a really senseless feature, cause you never drive that slow.
Experience Aylar önce
In Macedonia most people don't even know they have fog lights for the rear... not even to turn them on when or when not to ...
Joseph Aylar önce
@Bastian KH in Egypt they use it during every single night 😂
Walter Hairston
Walter Hairston Aylar önce
I miss my 2009 s63 so much especially putting it out on 75 in the wide open!! This definitely has me wanting another one, or this 600 v12 that is just AWESOME!!
ramen guy
ramen guy 4 gün önce
I love how other drivers gave a way for him It really deserves of praise !
Ed Ombre'
Ed Ombre' Gün önce
they are not getting out of his way dude - it's the law in germany to use the left lane only for passing, and drivers adhere to that. You could be in a kia going faster than someone and that person would also move over. Wish the north american drivers were that disciplined
Boat Axe
Boat Axe 2 gün önce
Lane discipline is strictly enforced on the autobahn. Staying in the left lane and blocking faster traffic will get you a large fine, as it is for passing only. That’s one of the reasons that the autobahn is safer than our interstates despite not having a speed limit in many areas.
The Other Channel
The Other Channel Aylar önce
that climb of the speedometer from 200 to 260 is really impressive
Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warrior Aylar önce
That is really fast, the high speed acceleration is impressive, it's very hard to outrun that on the open road.
K R I S S Aylar önce
One of my fav Mercedes and engine configurations ever 👌 Still looks good even in 2021…Timeless design
Solomon A.
Solomon A. Aylar önce
Great drive my man. Totally enjoyed it.
I am surprised by the dynamics of the acceleration of the car, even new Mercedes are not capable of this
Flavio Teixeira
Flavio Teixeira Aylar önce
Caraca hein mano . . . Show de carro . Estrela cintilante !!!
Y K 21 saatler önce
The way it approaches 240 km/h with literally no resistance shows how powerful V12’s are. At this rate it would only start ‘struggling’ at 300 km/h
Matt Crooke
Matt Crooke Aylar önce
161mph at 4500 rpm. What a beautiful machine 😍
Steve Rupert
Steve Rupert 12 saatler önce
It never went that fast.
pro100muzik Gün önce
nissan bluebird 4automatic 3000rpm 120
R. Blacky
R. Blacky 2 gün önce
@jeff ellery yes for people there need cars for small money,come big problem in future and the electric cars are not for every one of us, you need a Garage for loading Station, when you are in a big house with 4-20 other famili you dont have your own car- park place,then you cant load your electric car over night at home!!
aryan 2 gün önce
@jeff ellery what are u talking bro regardless electric is faster than any v12 lol look at the plaid tesla fastest production vehicle ever im sure benz and audi etc will make their own plaid
Ferenc Kovács
Ferenc Kovács 3 gün önce
@donkmeister Yes ;-)
Alexander Menck
Alexander Menck Aylar önce
Undeniable the fastest moving living room of it’s time.
ez icarus
ez icarus 10 gün önce
The brabus 900 does 350kmh and looks even more comfortable
Amaryahu Gün önce
*This is the greatest all around car I ever own. I still have my 2010 4Matic.* #BENZLOVE 🥰
X general
X general Aylar önce
Brakes must be on fire when you stop this 2,2 tons monster from 250 to 130 km/h. They do a very good job!
Herr Bolzen
Herr Bolzen Aylar önce
The dream S-class - needless to say more! 😍❤
Victor Navorski
Victor Navorski Aylar önce
Ładnie to idzie i chciałby więcej, ale ogranicznik go trzyma do 250 km/h. 😃
Rafo Cáceres
Rafo Cáceres 15 gün önce
Es impresionante con la facilidad que alcanza los 240 km/h. CLASE A TODAS LUCES
Имя Фамилия
Имя Фамилия Saatler önce
Хорошая работа двигателя и отличная шумоизоляция
toral8 Saatler önce
Lekcja - jak jeździć ekonomicznie...😁 Bardzo potrzebna w dzisiejszych czasach...👍
Timothy 15 gün önce
Could you imagine having a blow out at 260kmh. 😃
Shamil Laldas
Shamil Laldas Aylar önce
It's so undramatic, the speedo just climbs silently, such is the character of a Mercedes.
Chele Gün önce
As the fuel gauge goes the other direction =)
MRZ Film
MRZ Film 2 gün önce
@Reinblut Yes and they are even getting rid of the V8 AMGs let alone the V12! Who wants to buy a 4-cylinder AMG??? 🤢 They say it is because of emissions. I'd rather listen to a V12 than a stupid, loud, weak farty car. Useless rich teenagers and criminals (like those morons on Instagram) have destroyed the car market. Most modern car designs are also complete shit. As a person who grew up in the golden age, it's very, very sad to see this happening and car manufacturers don't care, all they care about is selling more soulless vehicles.
How mathematicians create maths
Yeah, wonderful cool car =)
John Jim Milton
John Jim Milton 3 gün önce
@Reinblut thank you, I was sick of hearing people claiming Mercedes are sport cars. No Mercedes is a sport car they are all luxury / comfort cars. (I don’t wanna flex but I smoked 2 a45 amg in my 328 👍💀)
E Hope
E Hope 3 gün önce
I find it agreeable.
rodney jones
rodney jones 9 gün önce
It's hard to explain what it's like driving on the Autobahn at 265-268 kph . I mean you're in a state joy but at the same time , there's this respect for that speed and the Autobahn . It's almost , word just can't explain .
Александр Березенков
Был 600 лонг… 12 цилиндров … 220. Когда 180 летчики - говорили что они при 160 взлетали…. На Су-27…. Давно… а я 250 нет…. Огромное спасибо!!! Как будто за рулем побывал…..
Isma Beka
Isma Beka 8 gün önce
Кабан всё ещё легенда, обожаю мерс
golxar rooyvus
golxar rooyvus Aylar önce
nice car . love the interior design , looks much better than contemporary mercs.
Jow Falcon
Jow Falcon 6 gün önce
O jetta só tem quatro cilindros, e bate essa velocidade sem sofrer, resumindo, o corro é foda 👏👏👏😁😁😁
Gabriel Pistritu
Gabriel Pistritu Aylar önce
It's impressive how silent and smooth is this car... Literally you cannot hear the engine. All this while being very fast ⚡☄
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez Aylar önce
@Paschal Nyamogo No need muscle car just buy custom exhaust pipes..
Paschal Nyamogo
Paschal Nyamogo Aylar önce
@Tony Valdez well buy something American. You are not the target market for this car
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez Aylar önce
Well i want hear engine...
куштарбек Жаркынбеков
Вот это я знаю мощь v12 🔥🔥🔥
Sego fla
Sego fla Aylar önce
This Merc inspires confidence! No shaky rear view mirror either!
Caliado 2 gün önce
I love how everyone is so respectful and gets back in the lane to the right - you'd never see that here in the USA - they just hand out licenses to anyone
Frietje Oorlog
Frietje Oorlog 18 saatler önce
He is also flashing high beams a lot.
Sergey Zhidkov
Sergey Zhidkov 10 gün önce
Дороги просто класс, у нас бы через пару километров размотало бы.
Gretchen Little
Gretchen Little Aylar önce
Great videos, Max! Would you consider a quick vid showing the inspection/maintenance process you go through with the older cars before shooting?
Miguel Angel Rivas
Miguel Angel Rivas Aylar önce
Wow!!! En España, te quedas sin carnet 7 veces. Y es muy posible que el carril izquierdo esté siempre ocupado por conductores que creen que ese carril es suyo. Aquí eso es accidente seguro. Pero veo que en Alemania, los conductores saben por donde se tiene que circular. Impresionante video.
Jean-louis Mougin
Jean-louis Mougin Aylar önce
Superbe vidéo La grande classe cette classe S On roule à plus de 250 km/h et on se croirait à 130 dans une auto normale… Quel chic, quelle classe et quelle élégance… Une Classe S ne me déplairait pas surtout en V12 mais voila…💵💶💷… Mais tant mieux pour celui qui peut se l’offrir ! Bravo Mercedes !
Jorgen Mortensen
Jorgen Mortensen Aylar önce
This is a +320 kph car for sure. 250 and its at 4500rpm. Amazing!
Банан Бананов
На 250 в повороте стабильно 😎😎😎
Djon Djoni
Djon Djoni 12 saatler önce
Всегда восхищает тихая мощь этих машин...За рулём и не понимаешь, что у тебя уже скорость тупого смертника и бросаешь газ...
jimbo jazza
jimbo jazza 3 gün önce
I love the German motorway etiquette. Here in the UK, the government could abolish speed limits but you'd still never get up to top speed because in this country, people get into a driving lane and stay there.
Scrotum Monster
Scrotum Monster 2 gün önce
Thank you so much for making and sharing this video. Allowing us to go for virtual ride in your beautiful Mercedes. I absolutely love executive luxury cars. But this one defies nature. You get an incredibly powerful sport car with unrelenting acceleration and performance but you also get the luxury executive comfort and features. I have wanted an S class for a while now. 😍
Anthony Aylar önce
Stunning German engineering✨
Gary Neudorf
Gary Neudorf 4 gün önce
I'm impressed by how aware and courteous the other drivers are.
[ MB ]
[ MB ] Gün önce
Bitter sweet memory. You reminded me of the day i was cruising in an AMG at ~240kph and feeling on top of the world. Then an Audi Q7 overtook me in a blink of an eye 😑
Shahzaib Afridi
Shahzaib Afridi 2 gün önce
I was watching this video in my car, It really gives me a goosebumps bro Amazing, But speed thrills but kills too.
AlexF Aylar önce
This is my favorite generation of the S-Class. Just look at that timeless exterior design, and the interior is still from the era of Mercedes when elegance and massive build quality was the focus, not the insane tech features that later generations provide with the MBUX system - but in exchange, they lack the level of solid build quality and elegance that this era of Mercedes cars, and especially this generation of the S-Class offered. Acceleration to 250km/h not that excitingly rapid, but insanely smooth and linear, it makes zero fuss about being faster than 90% of the other cars on the road to this day.
TCRacs 21 saatler önce
So when are you going to buy such an S class of your favourite generation?
DON'T Aylar önce
Flat out, and full tilt, as always, I like your driving🔥🔥🔥🔥💯👊👍👍from🇨🇦
David 6 gün önce
Top speed stability and comfort is well delivered even through iphone. Mercedes never fails to impress at high speeds.
Sebastian Png
Sebastian Png 2 gün önce
wow this s class model is really stable and quiet with such speed =Bravo!
Alex Sobolev
Alex Sobolev 21 saatler önce
Было бы хорошо так же показывать датчик расхода топлива и пробег.
Boeing 737 800
Boeing 737 800 Aylar önce
Best car ever, S-Class V12, supersport car performance with so much luxury, safe and confort
Tex Kimble
Tex Kimble 17 saatler önce
Man, people are really good about keeping the passing lane clear in Germany, everyone moved over very quickly. In Canada, you'll routinely see people who're going 10-20 under the speed limit coast in the left lane and refuse to move.
Chris Oraha
Chris Oraha 2 gün önce
It’s nice to see cars actually switching to the right when they see cars approaching from behind. Don’t see that much in the US.
Badin Nos
Badin Nos 9 gün önce
It’s a damn smooth car 😍
Arrow 87
Arrow 87 Aylar önce
Wow, how quiet the engine runs even at "top speed" (it could easily go over 300 kph)
death note
death note Gün önce
​@GTA4haterHQ well she did reach 300+ like it's nothing so the aero is good . even when she is on hill !! for the oil temps problems . cars like this one are meant to be driven fast !! so you won't really get any problem unless you are keeping the car at high speed for to long maybe . and that will not happen in real life lol !! plus oil temps problems are more caused when you put the wrong oil or sensor problem . oil and water gauges or if there's some other fault allowing more oil to fall onto the crank than normal !! and sometimes are even caused on a low speed drive ( max 1500 rpm ) !! so yeah anyways the car can reach the top speed easy and i rarely hear about oil temps on high sspeed for sport cars
GTA4haterHQ 2 gün önce
@death note be careful there. The oil temps and aero could become a major headache at those speed
DON'T Aylar önce
death note
death note Aylar önce
@naser alhajeri learn something about cars before you make stuipd comments !!!! it's called speed limiter . if you remove it she can do 300kmh easy
Christopher Marshall
@naser alhajeri it has a speed limiter. Without this, they do well over 200 mph
Iain Arthur
Iain Arthur 5 gün önce
Always good to see a towbar on a 500+HP car :)
L F Aylar önce
This car is spectacular even in 2021
Adrian Martinez Guerra
Tiempos aquellos viajar desde Madrid a Frankfurt Main Alemania por las todas autopistas de Francia. En el Mercedes -Benz S 600 L, V 12 cilindros de aquella si qué se construían motores y duraban y duraban siempre. Amigos llegamos hacerle 1.870.050 KM Y SIGUE CÓMO UN RELOJ SUIZO.
Akis Papadopoulos
Akis Papadopoulos 14 gün önce
The easy way to get in 260km/h by mercedes benz s600 ...!! Amazing!! This is a raptor machine
David Brown
David Brown Gün önce
Did this with my CL65 on the autobahn, averaged 160km/h over an hour
Fu Pang
Fu Pang Aylar önce
Solid frame, beautiful exterior, best of S -class. So I bought three.
Rogério Carvalho
Rogério Carvalho 4 saatler önce
Quase morri de medo assistindo, parecia que eu estava como co-piloto. kkkkk
Иван Гергов
Иван Гергов 12 gün önce
Luxury, elegance, confort, speed...Mercedes! 👍
NZ Aylar önce
Ah…good old days🤩
Gourab Kar
Gourab Kar 3 gün önce
This is the facelift version. The 2008 350 L is undoubtedly the most beautiful S-Class after W222
Adji Nugroho
Adji Nugroho 2 gün önce
14 years old car still stunning
C.J Aylar önce
Great car ; awesome Driver ; just Perfect
Классное авто👍👍👍
Роман Aylar önce
Какая культура вождения на дороге.,глаз радуется за вас 👍🏻
Nuclear01 Aylar önce
Я получил удовольствие от просмотра видео. Только жаль, в России такой культуры не видать(
Franco Cagayat
Franco Cagayat Aylar önce
It's still the best non-AMG V12 of all
Peth Aylar önce
I can't imagine overtaking with that... And I don't know how owner can go under 90km/h😂
KinoShkA 9 gün önce
Вот как нужно делать автомобили👍
Серега Петров
Да это пушка,но на оживленной трассе опасно так гнать
Gabriel Aylar önce
Saudades dos tempos nos quais os painéis da mercedes não se pareciam com tablets da multilaser colocados de última hora
Arshia Abbasi
Arshia Abbasi Aylar önce
What a nice car. Would you be able to tell us how you mount your camera for a POV please? Thank you very much!
Артур Артуров
Базара нет, едет как надо, тихо и быстро 🚀это S klass
Sheha Sheha
Sheha Sheha 3 gün önce
Я езжу на тролейбусе, там шумка (soundproofing) лучше.
Top Trader
Top Trader 11 gün önce
Пацаны ,на лесопеде луче
CALVIN ABT 12 gün önce
@завтра приду Kia k5 gt line+, Audi A7 3.0 TDI QUATTRO. А к чему ты *? И да сам на чем**?
завтра приду
@CALVIN ABT а ты на чём?
Oleg Petrov
Oleg Petrov 19 gün önce
@Бислан Ахметханов парадаш?
Frank Linke
Frank Linke 3 gün önce
Sounds quite on 250kmh like my car at 125kmh 😁
Охренеть! На такой дороге и 300 не страшно разогнаться, в России 180 не везде разгонишься,потому что страшно улететь в кювет! Автобан Германии рулит!
Youtube Webmaster
Youtube Webmaster 29 gün önce
Вообще отлично топит)))))) На всю топку.
rollson. ru
rollson. ru Aylar önce
Мужик валит на все бабки))
Andrey G
Andrey G Aylar önce
Да, тяга, конечно, у него будь здоров. Пушка просто.
Артем 6 gün önce
@Oleg Petrov это точно, за 7 мин. на таких скоростях почти половина бака топлива ушло), но ускорение бодрющее!
Oleg Petrov
Oleg Petrov 19 gün önce
Жрёт как бегемот однако
Beke KZ
Beke KZ 16 gün önce
Вот это да! Идеальная трасса ! Круто ! Немцы молодцы!
DR. Haidar
DR. Haidar 8 gün önce
Wow, a speed that is better than imagination, you are good my friend 👍Wow, a speed that's better than fiction.
Serious Gamer
Serious Gamer 10 saatler önce
I really like his interior even from new models
Саад Убигалиев
Ah, german car an german road. So amazing and beautiful
Cheng Yang Song
Cheng Yang Song Aylar önce
I believe 517HP can go 300 km/h without speed limit.
Rob Davis
Rob Davis 11 gün önce
Gorgeous vehicle to have while under warranty but afterwards a major gamble.Love my newer MBZ's but my long term keepers are always Lexus
Максим Рубцов
Максим Рубцов 22 saatler önce
Когда ложишься поздно спать, а на следующий день в 06.00 вставать - то сон летит примерно с такой же скоростью...
Macht Schnell
Macht Schnell Aylar önce
That interior is just so perfectly trimmed. Not like their video game parlor interiors nowadays.
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