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28 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Natasha Panda
Natasha Panda 2 aylar önce
YESSS MY FAVORITE 💓 A era Portals está impecável, me sinto feliz em pode vivenciar essa evolução e apreciar a arte que é esse álbum 🫶🏻
Yukiartt 2 aylar önce
Amanda 2 aylar önce
lulanny 2 aylar önce
Natasha vc por aqui?!
A 2 aylar önce
Ana Marilia
Ana Marilia 2 aylar önce
Natasha cry baby? Genteeeee que descobertaaaaa
Hysteric Aylar önce
I am a metal and a '80s rock guy. So this shocks most people but Melanie Martinez is the only thing that I listen to that's not metal or rock. Melanie holds a special place in my heart solely for the purpose that she's different from other pop artists. And I cannot stress the fact that I am a guy and any dudes that like Melanie Martinez should not hide it. EDIT: thx Sooooo much for all the likes, I appreciate all men that are representing Melanie.
TheBrokenCon Aylar önce
Hell yeah! I’m glad another guy likes Melanie too!
💗devin💗 Aylar önce
I feel the exact same. If I'm not listening to Melanie I'm listening to metal or heavy rock, melanie is my favorite artist and resparked my love for music and art, no one will ever do it like her
Hysteric Aylar önce
@TheBrokenCon Respect bro.
Harriet Aylar önce
I listen to 80s rock and some pop but marina and Melanie are the only modern music I like
ℜ𝔞𝔦𝔫𝔟𝔬𝔴 𝔖𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔰 𝔐𝔞𝔰𝔥𝔲𝔭
Melanie loved Beatles which means that she loved Rock ganre. I-I thought that you guys would know it, but it's okay!
Арина Aylar önce
I don't know why, but 'Like a priest behind confession walls I judge myself' is such a satisfying lyric to hear. It's not just addictive, it feels so unique and fresh to pop music and Melanie's music in particular. More mature, darker and more poetic. The lyric really gives you the feeling of pain that self-judgement causes. Church is often associated with public policy, so the priest can be a complex symbol. Like she's judging herself through society's expectations. Not every songwriter would add religious references to their lyrics. Melanie did it and did it beautifully💜
angie 27 gün önce
“so strange” is so satisfying to me idk why 😭
Hope Less
Hope Less 24 gün önce
Isg that part is something else
Coco milk
Coco milk 21 gün önce
‘Like a priest behind confession walls I judge myself’, you confess your sins and express your feelings to a priest- she's feeling guilty about what she does and feels. I'm not sure what you were implying.
bejewelled 20 gün önce
Annie Solomon
Annie Solomon 10 gün önce
Everyone has different ideas of what the song could mean
Skk Aylar önce
My girlfriend randomly played this song in the car and I fucking love it.
May 24 gün önce
is your girlfriend single?😏
Myteorite 22 gün önce
@May she's abt to leave them for you bc ur pfp is hot asf 🔛🔝🔝🔛🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔛🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔪🔪🔪🔪
reduce the atoms
reduce the atoms 22 gün önce
@Myteorite XD right
May 22 gün önce
@Myteorite 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
jasmine Mosby
jasmine Mosby 21 gün önce
@MyteoriteI’m crying 😭😭🤣🤣🤣
sock Aylar önce
idk what people are talking about saying “her new style is weird!”, like spoiler alert, people change. but honestly, mels new style is so unique and the music style is so much different from the crybaby and k-12 era, which really makes her new music very fun to listen to.
Creepy_patience 23 gün önce
I personally don't HATE this new style, but all the same I MISS crybaby Melanie... is it wrong to miss crybaby?
sock 23 gün önce
@Creepy_patience not really, crybaby in my opinion was her peak. honestly melanie didnt really have a terrible downfall like most music artists. i like her new style, but i really loved crybaby.
Sweet Soul 🍡
Sweet Soul 🍡 17 gün önce
I love her album but her mask scares me
Elizrebezilma Dommdo
Elizrebezilma Dommdo 14 gün önce
Plus people act like this is how she looks in her day to day life when she's running errands (not that that's a bad thing. It would be a very out there look for Walmart, but it's her choice at the end of the day). This costuming is supposed to be over the top and make her look like a fantasy creature. It's not supposed to look "normal".
sock 13 gün önce
@Elizrebezilma Dommdo THANK YOU OMG ^^
💗devin💗 13 gün önce
They just played VOID on my local radio station! I can't begin to express how proud I am of Melanie and how far she has come as an artist. It may sound crazy but hearing her on the radio is something I've dreamed of. I've been following Melanie's growth since her debut and seeing her finally getting the attention and recognition she deserves is so fulfilling 💗
Jaziyahs Account
Jaziyahs Account 5 gün önce
They played it on my school bus
Fresh_cut_flowers 2 aylar önce
It makes my heart warm to see how many languages are commenting that shows how iconic she is everywhere
sxquoia 2 aylar önce
fuzzy 2 aylar önce
stan melanie ❤❤
qKulxio 2 aylar önce
no fr happy to see she’s touched so many people!
Coco yum
Coco yum 2 aylar önce
She’s just so amazing and her music brings joy to everyone
Ipurpleyou_ JIN •
Ipurpleyou_ JIN • 4 gün önce
Pra quem acompanha a Mel desde o começo é incrível ver a evolução dela ❤️🏠-->🍼-->🧸🍰🚬🔥-->🚐🐺🍦🍭🍪-->🧼🛁🫧-->🚲🩹-->🎡🎠-->🥣🍭🔤🔫-->💉✂️-->🔪🛏👁🫙🍩-->🚍📚🛝💊🧪🍊🎂🏊🏻‍♀️🏢🧯-->🐰🍩🍽🪓🩸-->🐰🐱🎀💌-->🍄🪷🌱✨️🕳🧜🏼‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🕷🕸🪦👻🌳🕯🧚🏼‍♀️
a-lu Gün önce
impossível não ser obcecado por void. 💕💗🥺
cereja Aylar önce
Lyrics In the void, in the void In the void, in the void In the void, in the void In the void Baby, I'm spinning 'round the corner It's tasting kinda lonely And my mind wants to control me E-e-e-empty There's rotten things left in me Injected by society No one here but me to judge me Pipe down with the noise, I cannot bear my sorrow I hate who I was before I fear I won't live to see the day tomorrow Someone tell me if this is Hell I gotta escape that void There is no other choice, yeah Tryna turn down the voices The void ate me Look at the mess I've done There is nowhere to run, yeah Holding a loaded gun The void Like a priest behind confession walls, I judge myself Kneeling on a metal grater Bloody, like a body that has died and it's myself Tangled in my own intestines I gotta escape that void There is no other choice, yeah Gotta escape the void So strange I'm tryna find a doorway My eyes are staring at me And they seem so damn unhappy C-c-c-collect My fickle insecurities And turn them into beauty Alchemize the dark within me Pipe down with the noise, I cannot bear my sorrow I hate who I was before I fear I won't live to see the day tomorrow Someone tell me if this is Hell I gotta escape that void There is no other choice, yeah Tryna turn down the voices The void ate me Look at the mess I've done There is nowhere to run, yeah Holding a loaded gun The void Like a priest behind confession walls, I judge myself Kneeling on a metal grater Bloody, like a body that has died and it's myself Tangled in my own intestines I gotta escape that void There is no other choice, yeah Tryna turn down the voices The void ate me Look at the mess I've done There is nowhere to run, yeah Holding a loaded gun The void
💗devin💗 Aylar önce
Who else wants a music video for VOID? 🧚🏼‍♀️🤍✨️
THE NEXT STEP Aylar önce
Frince Mark Lumantao
Me theres a vid of melanie doing an mv and it said shes doing mv for void
tuh Aylar önce
L0veBitezzz Aylar önce
@Frince Mark Lumantao omg where
XaireLennon08 Aylar önce
@L0veBitezzz Probably, May 26th is the mv for VOID.
a-lu 6 gün önce
to tão ansiosa para ver os mv das musicas de portals, não vejo a hora de lançar gente aaaaa
ClownXiao 2 aylar önce
Cant wait for music vid❤
Amber Gill
Amber Gill 2 aylar önce
Amber Gill
Amber Gill 2 aylar önce
Amber Gill
Amber Gill 2 aylar önce
YuhFlo 2 aylar önce
hay bae
xol xeons
xol xeons 2 aylar önce
it's gonna be hauntingly beautiful
💗devin💗 Aylar önce
I want to take a moment and talk about this new era of Melanie's. First off I want to say Melanie hasn't "changed". Melanie is the same person she's always been, her character Cry Baby has just evolved. Second the music this era is maybe the most authentic music we've gotten from Melanie as it is self produced. If you simply don't like the new sound/look that is completely fine, you can go back and listen to/watch the songs from her previous albums, they aren't gone. If you are a fan of Melanie you will respect her decision to create the type of art she wants to create
Isah Chan
Isah Chan Aylar önce
Finally someone who respects people who don’t like this new era of hers and won’t say: “if you don’t like This Melanie’s era, you aren’t a real cry baby”
Onelast Time
Onelast Time 24 gün önce
@Isah Chan Personally, I love this new era because it s a lot more relatable to me tbh! Not about childhood trauma, just a mix of spirituality, the occasional insecurities and understanding how to go about them while growing as a person. But am I gonna say everyone has to like this? Nah. Some people will stick to the K-12 and Crybaby eras and there’s no problem with that, but I’ll definitely enjoy this one with all my heart!
David Singh
David Singh 12 gün önce
True that!!
Faby 07
Faby 07 28 gün önce
Wonderful sound❤
Monimon 10 gün önce
Полина Данилова
Это наверное моя любимая песня в альбоме... Она такая пронзительная, не знаю как описать, волшебно!
sezai çiğay
sezai çiğay Aylar önce
Absolutely right ❤
Dylan Rayburn
Dylan Rayburn 24 gün önce
Congrats on 8M melanie, it will only gain more and more ❤
🤍moonlight🤍 2 aylar önce
It's so intriguing to know that Melanie not only writes songs but puts a piece of herself into each work and I'm thrilled with such joy knowing that this album is a masterpiece.
Ella 🌿
Ella 🌿 Aylar önce
There’s so many comments so I don’t think many will see this but this is the most relatable song out of the album for me. I used to have insanely bad anxiety when I started secondary school and it felt like I was in a black tiny room all by myself with no doors or windows. The line my eyes are staring at me and they seem so damn unhappy is incredibly relatable because I used to think my anxiety was apart of who I was fully (it’s still there but yk) and I lost so much weight because my anxiety causes me to hate food. I’m doing better now if anyone has read all of this.
xenny ^^
xenny ^^ 8 gün önce
i’m glad you’re doing better!! ❤
Ella 🌿
Ella 🌿 5 gün önce
@xenny ^^ thank you so much I am 🫶
David Singh
David Singh 25 gün önce
💗devin💗 25 gün önce
Yes! May 26 🧚🏼‍♀️💗
David Singh
David Singh 25 gün önce
@💗devin💗 thank you
CYPHER FOX 21 24 gün önce
​@💗devin💗 omggggg yeyyyyy i cant wait for itttttttttttttt
💗devin💗 29 gün önce
Love 💗
Aka47🔊 15 gün önce
Guys art takes time it’s okay if the mv doesn’t arrive at its estimated date let Mel do their thing !! Time heals all💗
princess peachh
princess peachh 14 gün önce
a <3
a <3 7 gün önce
i completely agree i am just the most impatient person 😭 but obviously id prefer it to be better and not rushed
a <3
a <3 7 gün önce
its funny because i dont even know what the estimated date is/was
harper valdez
harper valdez 10 gün önce
VOID This is the first song I fully produced on my own, also in the portal room. The first thing I put down was that bass guitar top line. It was an exact melody from a voice memo I had recorded a few days prior. The chorus melody and lyric came all at once just from looping the bass line. I put down a simple programmed drum loop that was later replaced/mixed in with live drums by Rhys Hastings. I remember screaming that chorus while crying, it felt like a weight I needed to get off of me. The weight of my anxiety, the weight of my brain, and it perfectly fit the second stage. A void. A dark place where you are left alone with your own thoughts for introspection, in order to find the light within yourself.
Alsspecialday👠 2 aylar önce
Ok but the fact that Melanie herself self produced this is incredible !!! Those drums and that guitar sound is incredible!!!! Portals is almost here !🪷🧚‍♀️🪷🧚‍♀️🪷🧚‍♀️🪷🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🪷🧚‍♀️🪷🧚‍♀️
💗devin💗 Aylar önce
It's here and it's amazing! 🧚🏼‍♀️💗
Nguyễn Quốc Thái
No importa el tiempo que pase el amor por esta canción es eterno💚❤️
frankbutnotiero Aylar önce
i know she’s never going to see this, but i’m so proud of her for becoming who she is. i look up to her and wish to become as strong and passionate as her
Vincent Aylar önce
Always loved Melanie’s music 😍
compz 22 gün önce
Beautiful song one of her best yet. Very poetic and chilling, Melanie is an amazing artist.
a-lu Gün önce
te amo melanie, te amo portals, que álbum perfeito.
VenusFaerie 2 aylar önce
Im so proud of her 💖 She was 495th on the Spotify artist list and she is 363 now 💖💖💖
Hopeful Kung
Hopeful Kung 2 aylar önce
So proud of her
melanie potter
melanie potter 2 aylar önce
She should be number 1
a-lu Gün önce
a música mais hitada de portals, e a favorita de muitos!!!
L V 20 gün önce
I’ve loved pretty much all of her music but this specific song is different. I get chills every time I hear 3:40
K J 25 gün önce
This song is amazing, and it's a tragedy that I haven't seen it promoted anywhere in the mainstream. I only found it because I was such a huge fan of her earlier work and wondered where she had been. So glad to see Melanie still making incredible music, this song deserves all the views.
DAYmpostora 20 gün önce
Tô achando q qnd ela lança o clipe essa música vai explodir dms,espero q hite🧚🏻‍♀️
Sofia Hipolito
Sofia Hipolito 28 gün önce
yeonries 2 aylar önce
i've been listening to mel since 2016 and i literally grew up with her & her music. it just feels so nice that after all those years i still listen to her music and support her on her journey 💗
Ash 2 aylar önce
fireANT 2 aylar önce
💕 same 🥺
lacey bates
lacey bates Aylar önce
I’m not sure why but the chorus just gives me chills. What a cool song
Andressa 14 gün önce
Essa musica gruda na cabeça, to amando conhecer a Melanie.
thecinnamon 27 gün önce
Honestly, I love how she’s not afraid to explore new themes/styles. She’s come so far and I absolutely love this new album. I honestly have no idea why people hate it so much
Mercury 27 gün önce
I'm having a really bad high rn & for some reason this is the only song that's helping me calm down thank u for this
David Singh
David Singh 25 gün önce
AnimatedDogLover 14 gün önce
This is my favorite song on Portals. The lyrics are amazing, the instrumental is great, and I honestly think this is the best that Melanie's voice has ever sounded. Definitely a new earworm.
Nazlı Su KÖKSAL 2 aylar önce
i love her creativity and the fact that she is not afraid of showing it. she is a genius and as someone who's been watching her mvs for years, they really affect me. i even used to be scared by some of her really good mvs. it shows her intelligence and excellent imaginary
Hachi 2 aylar önce
tory of
tory of 20 gün önce
Tá chegando o dia do clipe ❤❤❤❤❤❤
DaniEpicMemer #stopunsubscribing
Honestly, Melanie's Music Puts a Smile On my Face :) Thank you Melanie
Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker Gün önce
You are legit helping me through my traumatic injury that happened 10 months ago, Thank you for making this album, it means so much to me!
isabella Gün önce
minha fav do album ❤️‍🩹
Melanie Rose
Melanie Rose 4 gün önce
Obsessed with this song! Love Her vocals, the lyrics, the bass, the drums-total masterpiece 🖤🎵
♡Coneja♡ 2 aylar önce
I’m obsessed with how much effort and detail she puts into her visuals. I love this new era
clancy 2 aylar önce
omg an english comment
I am 50 went to adult prom tonite. Sang this and bonded with my friends beautiful young adult daughter over this impromptu accapella! then I came home and put this on. Love this gorgeous freak woman! Superbly talented! 🎉🎉🎉
Ann 26 gün önce
Обожнюю цю пісню💞💞💞💞💞
Audie The Mastiff
Audie The Mastiff 10 gün önce
I went to an adult prom (I’m 50) and my friends daughter (20?) and I just started singing this together after discussing music. It was awesome! Music really connects people! And I FELT COOL AGAIN! I was cool! 😂❤🎉
idk 15 gün önce
I don’t know how to explain it but this song scratched that back corner of my brain
unsubscribe I'm not posting anymore forget me
I’m in love with this song! It is a masterpiece!
Godsaysimlonely 2 aylar önce
I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS NEW STYLE MELANIE! as a melanie fan since 2015, this is unusual, but in an AMAZING WAY!! i’ve been getting into grunge/rock music and i would have never expected melanie to make a song close to similar to that. CANT WAIT FOR PORTALS!❤❤❤
Desired aura
Desired aura 2 aylar önce
It’s new but that won’t stop me, 🕺💃🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗
Godsaysimlonely 2 aylar önce
@Desired aura validddd
Michael 2 aylar önce
She’s falling off 😢
Yvonne Lee
Yvonne Lee 2 aylar önce
@Michael lmao what? Her music is better than ever. She’s actually living up to her dark side in this new style, not just playing dress up… it’s definitely an edgier less mainstream sound so I wouldn’t expect someone with pedestrian tastes to appreciate it as much but it’s 1000% more complex and interesting.
Godsaysimlonely 2 aylar önce
@Michael what are you even talking about? Portals is getting more hype than k-12 and crybaby ever had. You can be mad that it’s not the same as her past projects, but that doesn’t mean she’s falling off. Respect the changes that happen, and don’t fuck with them just because you don’t like it.
энифроль Aylar önce
Это божественно. Спасибо тебе, Мелани, за все эти годы, что ты одариваешь свою аудиторию ТАКОЙ прекрасной музыкой ❤
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale Aylar önce
One thing about Melanie Martinez is that she'll never let you down. Absolutely love how carefully crafted each of her projects are.
𝖅𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖇 𝕶𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖉♡
Can we agree that Melanie has never disappointed us with her songs
💗devin💗 5 gün önce
Keep streaming VOID for 10M while we wait for the mv! 🧚🏼‍♀️💗
💗devin💗 7 gün önce
Let's go for 10M while we wait for the mv! 🧚🏼‍♀️🤍
Daniele Queiroz
Daniele Queiroz 7 gün önce
E.G. Evermore
E.G. Evermore 2 aylar önce
Loved her Cry Baby aesthetics, and they will always be iconic But it feels so damn good hearing her doing a new style like this omg
Chelsea Smith
Chelsea Smith 14 gün önce
Melanie is so creative. I am very glad she got through things and made a comeback. Her new work is so amazing. She has always been talented. I am very proud of her and her music has gotten me through some dark times. I am really proud of you Melanie.❤️🧡💛💚💙
Will E
Will E Aylar önce
I hope they make a music video for this
💗devin💗 Aylar önce
May 26 🧚🏼‍♀️💗
Liz 23 gün önce
@💗devin💗 REALLY?! OMGGG
Dev Aylar önce
This one has been on repeat! 🔁❤
Lucy Aylar önce
The queen on singing
Jeffersson289 11 gün önce
Que álbum incrível ❤️🦋
Timepiece 3001
Timepiece 3001 2 aylar önce
sinxxi 2 aylar önce
Kpop moment
djbd dndb
djbd dndb 2 aylar önce
@sinxxi HELP
Mary Cherry and Cassi Berry
Melanie SLAYS
ninffo 2 aylar önce
tombluv 2 aylar önce
Just to remind you she doesn't like being called queen no hate
Esqxizo Aylar önce
A cada like eu volto aqui pra escutar esse hino
Kristopher Ryan
Kristopher Ryan 17 gün önce
this girl is so freaking talented. just discovered her a few months back so i'm new to the party. her latest album is unbelievably weird, beautiful, yet completely what you would expect from her. thank you for being so creative and unique.
Joaquín Curbetti
Joaquín Curbetti 14 gün önce
Necesitaba con toda mi alma este pop 🥺
haley r
haley r 21 gün önce
I can relate to this song in so many different ways wow. The main one I resonated with was when I lived with my highly religious parents. I was shamed so much for trying to find my own individuality and often I was called "demonic" or as Mel said "evil" I cannot express how much of a relief it was to scream out these lyrics in my car. ❤
『MaiaV Covers』
『MaiaV Covers』 5 gün önce
I used to love you, and now I love u even more 😭 I'm in love with this album, with every single song, with this concept, this era, I'm literally obsessed with your music, you're amazing, I don't usually write comments but I feel I need to express how much I love your music, Mel you're an inspiration, you're amazing, thank you for bringing us this masterpiece ✨
Farinha 2 aylar önce
I don't know why people keep saying she was better in her crybaby era, her music just gets better and I love this new character she created, it really fits her a lot more.
Adrian Datura
Adrian Datura 2 aylar önce
Yes 💯 Most of the songs in her past were about how miserable she was and how people took away her free will. Now she's reclaiming it all back 🤘🏽
j☆s 2 aylar önce
@Adrian Datura thissss I hate how people assume someone is gonna be sad forever and won’t grow. Especially Melanie. I’m glad she’s found happiness love that for her
Szabó Eliza
Szabó Eliza 2 aylar önce
I can't wait for her name reveal and for tunnel vision to drop
ally n.
ally n. 2 aylar önce
Some people will just never be happy, those people expect un reasonable expectations of artists as if they're not a person just like them. To them, nothing will ever be good enough, right now it's "oh I miss the old melanie, or I wish she made crybaby music". But if she stayed making crybaby style music those same exact people would say "oh everything melanie makes sounds the same, its getting old, she's not evolving and growing as an artist". I wish they'd just let her be, she's making great music for us and she's happy with what she's doing, it's a win win. If they were real fans they wouldn't want her to continue making music that makes her unhappy and bored just to appease fans. I happen to love what I've heard of portals, and she seems so happy. That's what matters.
💗devin💗 9 gün önce
Congrats on 50M Spotify streams for VOID! 🧚🏼‍♀️🤍
A 9 gün önce
Nicolette 20 gün önce
Good for you girl for making a come back after those weird ppl and they’re weird rumors. This track is 🔥
Jonathan V.
Jonathan V. 10 gün önce
This is too cool, I'm looking forward to the music video 💗💗💗💗💞
I love this song :)❤
sup! 23 gün önce
Who doesn't
Botinica 23 gün önce
Essa música me fez me lembrar muito da minha crença de vida após a morte e aprendizado de vidas anteriores
Nancy 2 aylar önce
I dont think melanie knows how much they mean to us. ive been listening to her since i was five because of my sister and seeing her and their music grow & develop genuinely makes me so happy. they comfort me at hard times & overall mel's my safe place. i love u unconditionally mel. everyone,let's stream the shit out of her new music cause she put her heart into it!!
LERDA FF 17 gün önce
My god this is perfect the new era didn't promise anything but it delivered everything I'm loving it!!!❤
a-lu 6 gün önce
portals é o album mais perfeito desse ano, um dos álbuns mais incriveis que mel ja produziu para nós.💗💗💗
Eto` 芳村 エト
Eto` 芳村 エト 14 gün önce
Ojalá pronto salga el vídeo oficial 💕
tudo bem
tudo bem 27 gün önce
Cadê o reconhecimento?? Vamo da mais reconhecimento genteee
Lulu Taciane
Lulu Taciane 17 gün önce
Ansiosa pro clipe ❤❤❤❤❤
Piotr Katan
Piotr Katan 2 aylar önce
Melanie wrote, produced, and performed this completely by herself. That’s what you call TALENT!! And let’s not forget that this song is a BOP, which makes it all even more impressive🔥
Bancayan Boza
Bancayan Boza 2 aylar önce
what a bop means?
Misteele Yoman
Misteele Yoman 2 aylar önce
@Bancayan Boza Really catchy, a great song.
Trending lyrics
Trending lyrics 13 gün önce
Salukichow Aylar önce
Why does this song give me nostalgia? Idek for what, just nostalgic. Also I found this song at such a coincidental time, because I’m currently working on my own mental health trying to learn to live with the “void”. I think this is officially my favorite song of all time. It’s a song I could easily relate to, dance to, vibe to, or laying in bed questioning if I should call in to. Anywho, I appreciate this new album popping up in my life rn, just had to say it
dead Aylar önce
mana, amei💜 humilhou, arrasou e pisou👠
Canal Sala Criativ4
Preciso MUITO de um clipe pra essa belezura!!!
Sae 8 gün önce
My sister played this in the car and I had never heard this song from her before, in fact, I haven’t heard any songs from her new album. I instantly loved it, it’s my new favourite song, so now I’m going to listen to her whole album in one sitting probably!
2 aylar önce
Her vocals are amazing, and you can tell she's really experimenting the type of music she makes (instruments, vocals, etc)
Anna Aylar önce
You rocked your cry baby and k12 period but you rock and slay the portal era!!! I’m a big fan and will always support asking for merch for birthday 🥳 💖 Love you Melanie! You are the queen of music!!! U dropped this btw 👑 And ps streaming this on my playlist 24/7 xxx
Idk #Roadto30subs!
Idk #Roadto30subs! 2 gün önce
I got inspiration from her. Everyday I wake up because of her. I love myself because of HER. What an amazing person
Green Tea Witch
Green Tea Witch Aylar önce
This is Mel's best era and no one Can change my mind 🧚🍄🌿✨
Logan K
Logan K 20 gün önce
This is an absolutely fantastic piece of music , bravo 🎉can't get it out of my head
꧁★ capri ★꧂
Neta Eden
Neta Eden 2 aylar önce
I remember whispering some of these words to myself last summer, when I was losing my battle against depression. And here I am now, a winner, living a healthy life and listening to this song These seem to be words that travel from one rotting heart to another, the words that keep us standing on Earth when depression doesn't leave a hope. And the Queen was generous enough to let them out of herself with a wonder of a melody so we could see our inner strength and keep seeking for an escape May God bless Melanie, she is a winner against depression as well, and her heart is as strong as a young oak tree that bends but never breaks ❤ And may God bless you. Do escape the void, it is worth it
m00nlight 2 aylar önce
that's really strong of u hope I can archive that too one day :)
Prettiest Baddie
Prettiest Baddie 2 aylar önce
Damn mines keep coming back and going away it mad annoying 😭 I hope I can beat it like y’all soon
ana ᧔𐓪᧓
ana ᧔𐓪᧓ 2 aylar önce
sometimes i find myself falling back to the void but at least it’s not worse just like before, hoping to our full recovery ❤❤ hugs to each of you all 🙏🏻
shenel chan
shenel chan 2 aylar önce
apple cc
apple cc 2 aylar önce
so true, i would have never imagined to be the way im now years ago.
Cannibal_Fae 24 gün önce
I love this new era so much!! The songs are beautiful. Mel's voice is beautiful and has gotten even better. Her character is beautiful. I'm so happy this album exists and she gets to express her creativity❣️❣️
Maricela Velazquez
Maricela Velazquez Aylar önce
It's so good I almost don't wanna keep listening so that I never get bored of it 😭😭😭
Bellamilo and friends
Bellamilo and friends 28 gün önce
I love her new skin why y’all be hating on her let her be her❤
Fennecko 21 gün önce
Bro she did grape Without the G