Meghan Trainor - Wave (Audio) ft. Mike Sabath

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"TREAT MYSELF" available at: smarturl.it/TREATMYSELF
Meghan Trainor online:




27 Sep 2019




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J 5
J 5 9 gün önce
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
follow me in instagram: @_gabo_n.n please
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
juju n.n
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
thats right
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
bby i luv u
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
im in love with her song jsjsjsj
Gabriel Alejandro Lopez villatoro
beautiful song
Malikah Narjis
Malikah Narjis 10 gün önce
I cant find the lyric here:'D
Lucimara Santos
Lucimara Santos 11 gün önce
She is. so
sararoseh 12 gün önce
lve loved her songs since kindy and now in year 5
Jeremy Suelto
Jeremy Suelto 19 gün önce
All about that bass Lips movin Me too No excuses Better when I'm dancing I'm a lady And other song is great And wave is crying
BELLA HILL 26 gün önce
Meghan Megha Megh Meg Me M Trainor
Jungtina Imsong
Jungtina Imsong Aylar önce
Oh how I love this song 🔥 it's lit af🥵 My forever favourite song 😽🤍
snsjshxshjan sjsfdjisjes
Wow, she is so beautiful 💗💗
Kendall Palumbo
Kendall Palumbo Aylar önce
Megan is underrated now! She’s and amazing singer and people can’t recognize it! Keep doing what you do best Megan! Your the best
Just Maddison
Just Maddison Aylar önce
I love how beautiful and soft the song starts and slowly get more stronger and fierce I love songs like this love you Meghan x
Nel Songs
Nel Songs Aylar önce
OMG, this song is Amazing ✨😲
Le temp des Ananas
Le temp des Ananas Aylar önce
J’adore !!!🥰🥰❤️❤️
Le temp des Ananas
Le temp des Ananas Aylar önce
J’adore !!!🥰🥰❤️❤️
Aya F. Qaisi
Aya F. Qaisi Aylar önce
Was this song inspired from the book "men are from mars women are from venus"? Because the book says that women must be treated as waves. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sherita Beason
Sherita Beason Aylar önce
I No the song now
Lauren Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth 2 aylar önce
I love her her music always helps me when I’m feeling down!
iammario_ aa.x
iammario_ aa.x 2 aylar önce
She sounds beautiful guys go check out my cover of this would really be appreciated. ❤️WAVE🌊🌊🌊🌊 Subscribe if you like what you hear and comment.
anunez2182 2 aylar önce
I sang this in front of my crush well I'd dint he just heard me :p
Yennyferd Alvarez
Yennyferd Alvarez 2 aylar önce
teamo megustarya que subasmas musyca
Dipper PİNES
Dipper PİNES 2 aylar önce
so good 🌷🌷🌺🌷🌷
Amber Denton
Amber Denton 2 aylar önce
kurtz 2has
Anabel Villegas
Anabel Villegas 3 aylar önce
Who loves this song so much
hope queen
hope queen 3 aylar önce
i love this song so much its like my thing u go brook
Vorpal_Slade 3 aylar önce
Only a few seconds in and already prefer it to the new Bond theme
TadiwaPlays11 YT
TadiwaPlays11 YT 3 aylar önce
Sing honey,SING!
VanillaPanzer 3 aylar önce
Amazing song. Should have been longer!! I didn’t want it to end..
Vitalie Vataman
Vitalie Vataman 3 aylar önce
Very nice ! An excellent song ! Thank you very much ! 🤗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏👏👏🎬🎶👌😊
KeepCalmAndStayGay 3 aylar önce
Wave after wave
Maliyah Davis
Maliyah Davis 3 aylar önce
Love this song ❤️💙
Timberr 55
Timberr 55 3 aylar önce
I see this song like intense neon purple of emotions, can't explain it lol, but it's intense af
Catherine Melissa Gonzalez
AE .4
AE .4 3 aylar önce
This is magnificent magnificent truly !!
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj 3 aylar önce
José camilo Martínez medrano
Here for treat myself
khams junudi
khams junudi 3 aylar önce
iloveyou meghan 😘 keepsafe always more more more songs to come 😘🥰
Cristobal Eduardo
Cristobal Eduardo 3 aylar önce
I Love This song 🔥👩🏼🔥
Kids Kids
Kids Kids 3 aylar önce
Jerry Velazquez
Jerry Velazquez 4 aylar önce
You better werk betch 🙌 this song is giving me life !
Kim Daniels
Kim Daniels 4 aylar önce
Terrible song best past was the other singer bummer just bought the presales. Hope it gets better
Mokoni Katli
Mokoni Katli 4 aylar önce
This is the most beautiful song ever 😊😊😊😍😍😍
Fun S
Fun S 4 aylar önce
So beautiful and classy.
Kani Garcia
Kani Garcia 4 aylar önce
Me encantaaaa
Astro Teen
Astro Teen 4 aylar önce
Anyone been to raro?
Olivia 4 aylar önce
Only good thing is mike sabath
Simone Bindra
Simone Bindra 4 aylar önce
Who looovvveeesss me too and wave
Sarita Cooke's
Sarita Cooke's 4 aylar önce
Very nice
Critique Musique
Critique Musique 4 aylar önce
Misunderstood masterpiece
paige gustafson
paige gustafson 4 aylar önce
Obliviously not over you,
Lily 4 aylar önce
Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams 4 aylar önce
This song reminds me of having hopeless crush that you’ve developed really strong feelings for but you know they’ll never feel the same about you
Regina Tetteh
Regina Tetteh Gün önce
Sarah Adams i used to feel the same way about my crush but now we are dating
Marcus Moutra
Marcus Moutra Aylar önce
Me right now and I'm about done trying to get know my crush. I keep trying but these text messages aren't going anywhere, and I never know whether he's going to reply or not. Sometimes it's instantly then it's 1-3 days or not until I do a follow-up text. Yet he has no problem viewing my IG stories. Sorry for venting on your post. lol
Sharon Ruiz
Sharon Ruiz 2 aylar önce
my crush kinda fells the same how i fell for him but not that much ;-;
徐马成 3 aylar önce
Cry me a river
5t4r Craft2
5t4r Craft2 3 aylar önce
not in my case, i used to listen to this song to reminiscence my memories with my mom. this is what i listen to when we were in a rough spot.
Monique Oliveira
Monique Oliveira 4 aylar önce
Melike Tuncel
Melike Tuncel 4 aylar önce
Perfect song ❤️
Tori.ashley 4 aylar önce
I’m a dancer and I would love to do this song for my solo😊
Mohammed Shalaby
Mohammed Shalaby 5 aylar önce
العربي الي هنا يدوس لايك
Hazel Corpus
Hazel Corpus 5 aylar önce
Must. Stop. Listening to!😁
Ashlyn lover
Ashlyn lover 5 aylar önce
Love it
Chloe Masterlove
Chloe Masterlove 5 aylar önce
I feel like this song needs to be longer -_- .... I love it way to much
Yussr Shamsin Lyrics
Yussr Shamsin Lyrics 5 aylar önce
The feelings.. 🖤✨
Alexander 0-19
Alexander 0-19 5 aylar önce
Who's here after Evil twin?😃✌
Jamari Hunt
Jamari Hunt 5 aylar önce
Who's here before 10mil views?? ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
JaQuan Hudson
JaQuan Hudson 5 aylar önce
This song is everything 😭🔥
Ace Huncho
Ace Huncho 5 aylar önce
This sound like something the vampire diaries would have used for their trailer
oxfordacious1 5 aylar önce
This song is produced/written by Mike Sabath, who is also the featured artist on the track, so you can thank him for this song cuz it's a bop
Vegan Socks
Vegan Socks 5 aylar önce
⚠️⚠️underrated song alert⚠️⚠️⚠️
karthikk Raj
karthikk Raj 5 aylar önce
0:47 I'm only one who went to EDM right here.. That drop is Fuknawsome
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