Meet The Man Who Shoots At Birds All Day To Keep Them Off A Toxic Pit | World Wide Waste

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If migrating species land on the Berkeley Pit for more than a few hours, they get cooked from the inside out. Now, miners use a rifle, drones, and lasers to scare the birds away.

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Meet The Man Who Shoots At Birds All Day To Keep Them Off A Toxic Pit | World Wide Waste



23 Kas 2021




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Jackson Dunsmuir
Jackson Dunsmuir Aylar önce
This is the most American way of preserving wildlife I’ve ever seen
hover 4 gün önce
It is what it is
Mob 7 gün önce
Endorphins27 19 gün önce
Yeah, too little too late ineffective and unimaginative. Oh yeah and of course the rifle had to be thrown in there. Ooo rahhhh. God bless this mess
Bob Schnucklepoo
Bob Schnucklepoo 22 gün önce
@Maxwell not necessarily, mining companies get permits for all excavation projects of any kind and to get these permits they need to be regulated by state mining agencies. So really it’s not there job to make sure their not hurting the environment, doesn’t mean it’s morally right but it’s really on the agencies that get paid to prevent shit like this for letting it just sit there.
U??:o9!&zæ,z,Z'yXWvuTšrqP0ñMŁkJihgFĕDCbA Xj13hcn2;:
Its just missing some mcdonalds
Craig Seddon
Craig Seddon Aylar önce
That is a really specialised job, can't imagine there are too many jobs where you save birds by shooting at them.
g0tsp33d 20 gün önce
@CrazyDragy thanks for posting actual information fyi people WILL be dicks and take deer out of season
CrazyDragy 20 gün önce
Ngl you'd be surprised how much conservation and hunting go hand in hand. Most hunters have more respect for nature than any average animal lover and do more for it too.
Craig Seddon
Craig Seddon Aylar önce
@g0tsp33d aww bless, is this your first attempt at trolling? Never mind you'll grow out of that phase eventually, I hope the big boys leave you alone soon so you can feel ready to engage in conversation instead of lashing out for attention.
g0tsp33d Aylar önce
JayDee Aylar önce
@Phantom Warrior honestly
Omar Ebid
Omar Ebid Aylar önce
I'm glad they have these guys on the job, but it seems like the mine should be held more liable for this pollution.
CrazyDragy 20 gün önce
@Kazz Trismus I think it could be argued that sustainable business actions and actually cleaning up their own shit would employ far more people and make everyone's lives better but that would mean corporations don't pocket as much money... never mind, stupid idea.
Kazz Trismus
Kazz Trismus Aylar önce
@Omar Ebid i admit the status quo cannot continue....but also you must admit that THIS is not status quo.. this is a weird oddity and incredibly shameful and disturbing one...and i wish it could be fixed but neither of us have all the info or magic powers or unlimited budgets or the right to demand our fellow humans and following generations be enslaved to the cost of a rapid/'today cure. if i remember correctly thats millions of gallons and the natural water table will refill it pretty darn quickly. leaving THIS status quo for THIS special incident may be exactly the decision already implemented.... because we both know if this problem birthed today under modern laws the company would be fined out of existence or cleanup pricing would do it burning from the other end of the candle (and it would at least possibly be early enough to fix before it gets this far) hey i get it we're all hot and bothered right after seeing such a thing. but the government is more often than not (almost always) the big fat needle full of heroin for pain rather than the healing that needs to happen
Kazz Trismus
Kazz Trismus Aylar önce
@Omar Ebid nationalising any company means that company is now the state...and all competition is in competition with the state.......are you completely new to economic principals of any kind? itsa what always happens because it must because it is what it is. the government is what the government is and it too is filled with people seeking selfish desires from notoriety to power to any other thing that also exists within a capitalist setting. it is the nature of humanity you wish to overcome...you will not accomplish that by giving it the longest arm of force and blankest cheque/bottomless bank account that is government
Kazz Trismus
Kazz Trismus Aylar önce
@Omar Ebid EVERYTHING the state does is at the barrel of a gun.....always
Omar Ebid
Omar Ebid Aylar önce
@Kazz Trismus and to be clear I'm not a communist. State control of the economy is communism. I'm not advocating state control of the economy. I'm advocating for government regulations of corporations so they don't cost us trillions of dollars. Not for freedom, but for the health of our environment and our water and resources.
Aaron Danaher
Aaron Danaher Aylar önce
The fact that he is a bird fanatic is amazing. When he found out about that lake, he'd suddenly found out his life mission as though it had always been leading up to it.
CR45H 0V3RR1D3
CR45H 0V3RR1D3 Aylar önce
This is wonderful to see humans acknowledging the lives of other animals. Usually we fancy ourselves better than any other sentient lifeform on this planet, so this is a breath of fresh air.
Abby H
Abby H Aylar önce
When he's not at work, he misses the birds. When he's at work, he misses the birds
Another true one is When he's not at work, he doesn't miss the birds. When he's at work, he misses the birds.
mojo dojo
mojo dojo Aylar önce
What does that mean 🤔🤔🤔
BossSpringsteen69 Aylar önce
that was a good one.🤣😂
Jamie D Huskey
Jamie D Huskey Aylar önce
@mohawk His name probably is Grant , but maybe not Grant. Could be a Steven or even a Karen 😉. People can be several different names and Genders nowadays
MuDdYoRpHaN1812 Aylar önce
Kate KK90
Kate KK90 Aylar önce
That’s exactly how I see my neighbors from the apartment upstairs: patiently waiting all day to start bothering me once I wake up. Using all tools possible to do their job well and missing me the times when I go to bed or go out.
Uncapped Smile
Uncapped Smile Aylar önce
Ok Karen
Mottern Aylar önce
When I was a dumb kid I came across a goose nest, with eggs in it. So I decided to take the eggs with me. My grandfather finds out and he goes off on me about it. I didn't understand at the time why he got so mad but now that I'm older,I definitely get it. I love watching birds and all that stuff now and completely respect everything about them.
Prop Notch
Prop Notch Aylar önce
Scaring birds all day is literally a 7 year old's dream
Rashan Rai
Rashan Rai Aylar önce
This made my day may this man be rewarded with a good afterlife
Issac Martinez
Issac Martinez Aylar önce
I like how this video talks about how it is possible to reverse humanities past mistakes on the environment. But can we all agree that it’s hilarious how their solution for keeping birds off the lake for almost 30 years was literally just a gun.
Digital Hippie
Digital Hippie Aylar önce
They should install guns all over the reservoir with the movement sensors like in Squid Game
Henrik Sherwood
Henrik Sherwood Aylar önce
@Lean At this point I'm not sure if it's cheaper to use ammo
veil of secrecy
veil of secrecy Aylar önce
"PAST" and "MISTAKES" is neither what we did, yet we still do nor is it what we do not commit no more
Pandaman Aylar önce
@Tayron Coopa "you have to live in the woods to be a true environmentalist" you huff the blue glue or white glue?
NX5200 Aylar önce
@Jay Cole They do make lead free ammunition and it's becoming more and more common every year. I try to use it whenever I go hunting because if I miss I don't want to put that lead into the ground where another animal could eat it or it makes its way into a waterway.
Bria Ginter
Bria Ginter 23 saatler önce
The question that the camera guy asked if it was ironic that he hunts and Protects the birds but that’s not ironic at all! all good hunters want to protect wildlife for future generations to enjoy!
ju ju
ju ju Aylar önce
Before watching this video,I never thought about that shoots at birds can be a job to protect them. It even can implement on other wild animals.
huntakilla1234 Aylar önce
I've seen in the US where they dropped these black plastic balls half-filled with water in a lake used for drinker water. To stop the sunrays from turning the bromine in the water to bromate (which is carcinogenic) One of the side effects of doing this was that wildlife such as many bird species completely abandoned it, because they could no longer access the water. Why don't they just do it with this? I'm sure it's worth the financial, ecological and conservational gain.
Pedro Barbosa
Pedro Barbosa 29 gün önce
Bro, the lake is just too huge, its over a mile in length, besides, that thing is acid and regularly replacing all those plastic balls is simply too expensive and inefficient
Junior Junison
Junior Junison Aylar önce
@Cameron Seymour certain plastics are resistant to acids, for example Teflon, a notorious plastic is used to contain potent acids safely due to its ability to resist being dissolved by acids
StarSeed Aylar önce
@Christopher White Your delusion screams out of you but you can't hear it. RUSSIA....
StarSeed Aylar önce
@Christopher White LOL, Name ONE problem that "we" have created? Bush was not a Republican, he was a traitor along with Romney and Cheney, Rumsfeld etc.
Christopher White
Christopher White Aylar önce
@StarSeed and maybe democrats would have to keep coming up with terrible solutions for the terrible problems that you created in the first place. Goes both ways.
Tidu Aylar önce
Man with obsession, I can listen to him all day long and have never been bored
Haya Victoria
Haya Victoria Aylar önce
Glad that there are people who actually care and spend their days caring for animals
Spets Aylar önce
@Muffle Why don't you do anything about it, you are a human as well last time I checked. Oh wait right you are a self hating mindless drone.
Spets Aylar önce
@The Owl from Duolingo He's doing it to make sure animals don't suffer due to the people who caused the problem.
David Aylar önce
@Walpurgisnacht That's why I am so happy to have lived in both Europe and North america.
Mayank Sangam
Mayank Sangam Aylar önce
Be one
Raif Parker
Raif Parker Aylar önce
@Lance McLaren Okay well I am glad you answered them just now! I found what you said to be actually informative and you gave me things to think about that I had never really known before. Thanks man!!
Allen Malatek
Allen Malatek Aylar önce
The Pittman-Robertson Act or also known as the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937 makes it so bullets and many things used in hunting has a portion automatically given towards wildlife conservation. Over 80 percent of ALL conservation in the US is given by the people who buy all these goods. If I recall guns, ammo, bows, arrows and many things used for hunting contribute directly towards protecting wildlife. It's a double edged sword sure but it's is finely balanced where money goes towards states so they know how many deer tags and how much wildlife can be hunted each year. A better way to put it is how many wildlife NEEDS to be hunted. Without hunting some of the wildlife they would eventually be so populated it would cause mass disease among wildlife since there is only so much food to go around.
Kavan Cheff
Kavan Cheff Aylar önce
Urgh.... I've worked in many mines. I've seen flocks of geese swoop into tailing ponds a million times. Happens everywhere... I wish every mine site did this.
Rick Collins
Rick Collins Aylar önce
Amazing how big that lake has become.
Jitendra Tamang
Jitendra Tamang Aylar önce
I don't know how big is surface area of pit but I know it can be covered with the net from top which can prevent the landing of birds.
Billy JR_032
Billy JR_032 29 gün önce
The only other thing that comes into play with that is that the ground around the pit is so unstable that it almost collapsed a hall road on one side, they had to close the road and and rent a remote controlled D8 to dress the fracture from a safe distance without risking a life.
Locke023 Aylar önce
@Critical Insightslook into the cost (not to mention they're filled with water which would explode in the cold) of those plastic balls for the small California reservoir. This lake is many times larger making it financially impossible. Millions of federal dollars have been spent trying simply think of a solution, let alone fund one,, no internet warrior is going to figure it out on a whim.
Critical Insights
Critical Insights Aylar önce
They've used "plastic balls" to cover lakes in California in order to reduce evaporation and prevent birds landing in them.. This would probably be feasible.. Those balls were quite acid resistant, but if that's still a problem, they could dump several truck loads of lye to raise the ph.. and the mining companies should totally be responsible for effecting long term remediation. How do you get rich(we) in America?... Exploit something while bribing officials to ensure your not responsible for the damages..
Locke023 Aylar önce
@Junior Junison it's really not that easy. It's sulfuric acid, contained in glass usually. Furthermore how do you power something to melt millions of pounds of snow, covering a 1.5mile diameter lake? If that was possible, we wouldn't have snow on the highways.
Junior Junison
Junior Junison Aylar önce
@Locke023 easy solution, make it of a material that won't dissolve in the acidic water solution, certain plastics like Teflon which is used to contain some very potent acids, and then like the rear windshield of your car, add heaters to melt snow and ice
Lukas Keysor
Lukas Keysor Aylar önce
This guy is the best scarecrow ever.
jack sunde jts41
jack sunde jts41 Aylar önce
He's outstanding in his field
Similar_Username Aylar önce
American scarecrows are top quality
V Win
V Win Aylar önce
more like a scare-duck....sorry.
KevCon Aylar önce
Esperanza Ortiz
Esperanza Ortiz Aylar önce
Underrated comment 😂
Superschwizer Aylar önce
Amazing how far we have come
Flamermage Aylar önce
Bless these gunmen for saving birds, tho I can't believe we have no great minds out there that made a better solution to keep them birds away from that giant death pit.
Mr X
Mr X Aylar önce
Have they thought about just filling the lake with something so birds can’t land or covering the lake or even filling it in.
Aikarion R.
Aikarion R. Aylar önce
@IronLemon95 To add on to this, This method has been tried and proven ineffective. While plastic air-filled balls moving erratically in the wind does scare birds for a bit, after a while the birds get used to them. This is why plastic owls aren't a permanent solution. After a while, a bird is going to try attacking it and realize it is not real.
Whoderrr Aylar önce
@IronLemon95 guessin you missed the part where the water is actually sulphuric acid, those balls you’re talking about would be no good in a few weeks
Future Soldier
Future Soldier Aylar önce
It might be cheaper to just pay him to shoot a gun rather then build a net
IronLemon95 Aylar önce
Air filled plastic balls would probably do a great job
Quirin M.
Quirin M. Aylar önce
Guy with gun is cooler
Ro Qu
Ro Qu Aylar önce
Looks like this job is so fun, you never get bored protecting birds from a certain death
Angela Ferkel
Angela Ferkel Aylar önce
All jokes aside, he is such a nice guy with a great heart to protect the birds with such an effort
temethegr8 Aylar önce
Brain more brain
temethegr8 Aylar önce
@kaneki kun people get offended by jokes . Have a wonderful day mate
temethegr8 Aylar önce
@HEY MEDIC i see you know my grandfather say hi to me please he is been dead for a while just like your little brain that doesn't comprehend what a joke is blab label only in America lol have a wonderful day sweetie
temethegr8 Aylar önce
@Angela Ferkel it was a jock but you're welcome for making me feel good sweetheart lol
Ced Hertl
Ced Hertl Aylar önce
@Nunnles b
Striker The Hedgefox
Wonder if there's something they could do to neutralize the sulphuric acid, or at least reduce the acidity without making it more toxic...
J. D.C.
J. D.C. Aylar önce
Save the birds ❤️
NITIAN FACT Aylar önce
Doing really great work
Logan Locke
Logan Locke Aylar önce
This actually looks like an awesome job.
Mark Joshua
Mark Joshua Aylar önce
I love how he really loves this job, like he’s the one who created it for his own satisfaction
Admirable Design
Admirable Design Aylar önce
He scares birds and gets probably 100k usd plus benefits a year. And uses military weapons, drones and accessories. I would be big birds biggest fan too
John Thrax
John Thrax Aylar önce
@M D You must feel like Nostradamus right now lol. Not gen Z btw, 2 out of 3 correct. Not bad. Maybe I'm watching TRvid and a thing called a notification pops up and of course I have to see what dumb prediction you've made. Here's one of my own, I predict you are gonna read my response even though you stated you would stop reading them before. I predict it to be 100% unrefutable fact. Lol whoah now we both Nostradamus. Too easy Too easy.
OSCmod Aylar önce
@M D wtf does BLM/Antifa, SJW, etc have to do with this? You goofy guys and your obsessions.
OSCmod Aylar önce
@M D wtf does BLM/Antifa, SJW, etc have to do with this. Jesus Christ, you guys and your obsessions. Give it a test.
M D Aylar önce
@Al Gallero / アル ガイエーロ respect, you're right
Hassan Naveed
Hassan Naveed 17 gün önce
I greatly appreciate the mentality that they want to protect birds from death.
Hauke Pauke
Hauke Pauke Aylar önce
me: finally thinks i have a great job… also me: watching a dude playing with super expensive equipment like drones, lasers and guns to scare away birds…
Gaspard Aylar önce
"What your job ?" "I'm the worst bird hunter ever"
Rin Aylar önce
The heroes that birds never thought they need
Carlos Alba
Carlos Alba Aylar önce
I really like this guy seems chill and is happy to do his job.
Digital Hippie
Digital Hippie Aylar önce
He just smokes a lot of weed
Baggerz Aylar önce
Essex 37
Essex 37 Aylar önce
@Gipsy danger, americas monster I'm trying to get a job for a company that builds nuke subs. I get that and I can annoy the _world_
Gipsy danger, americas monster
@Essex 37 work road construction. You’ll annoy everyone then
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel Aylar önce
Better to kill some birds rather than let them all to be cooked from inside out
JR 13
JR 13 Aylar önce
I love seeing people passionate about their hobbies
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson Aylar önce
What people dont know is that hunters actually pay for conservation through the purchase of hunting/fishing licenses and ammo, a good portion of all those sales go toward conservation efforts
Jordan Richards
Jordan Richards Aylar önce
@Gorgeous George I understand many peoples' stance that killing animals is wrong, just please make sure you aren't lumping trophy hunting in with subsistence hunting. I agree that hunting something for sport, especially instances of poaching endangered species, is a waste of life. But people that hunt to feed themselves or their communities shouldn't be assumed to be "enjoying killing things".
Earl glen Looney jr.
Earl glen Looney jr. 28 gün önce
i would love to have a job like that
Jim The EDC Guy
Jim The EDC Guy Aylar önce
Man I would love this job!!
Christopher Miranda
This man really chased pigeons off a sidewalk as a kid and said "this is what I wanna do when I grow up"
B L A K P H Y R Aylar önce
@TheSwift56 Jesus…this is not my point..We don’t know what’s going through this guy’s mind. There’s always someone who knows more than us. It doesn’t matter what you’re expecting to happen based of what YOU know. This man has an idea, and instead of kicking his ass for it..let him try..Regardless of your knowledge, you still don’t know what he’s thinking or capable of even. If you’re not gonna be the one to resolve this, there’s no reason to cast out doubt no matter how impossible or unrealistic this seems to be. Something can be done about it. I don’t have the answers, but someone else does. All I’m saying.
TheSwift56 Aylar önce
@B L A K P H Y R Well you don’t need to know exactly what he is thinking to understand the bare minimum required to accomplish what he wants to do. We know the size of the lake, the plan of action (he wants a net of some sort), and the possible birds that interact with it (range from very small to rather large). For any material to last, we know it must be able to withstand the acid, and that it must be able to span over acres. This means significantly increasing infrastructure in the lake with non-corrosive materials (expensive to say the least), or as other have pointed out, using enough force via something like an suspension bridge. This is also still subject to maintenance, so factoring all that in, we reach an unrealistic goal that fails to fix the problem in its entirety, and has a cost cap well above what would be feasible. The plan he has also relies on his credibility of literally nothing other than his self proclaimed genius, which amounts to less than nothing. People much smarter than all of us in the necessary fields, and much more aware of the surrounding circumstances have likely worked on solution within the context of budget constraints, and deemed this the best current solution. It’s not a fix, but a fix would cost significantly more than available to these people.
Crimson Aylar önce
@Aaaa aaa nice idea bro
Aaaa aaa
Aaaa aaa Aylar önce
@Jaquavis youre right Ive tried reaching out to the director of the program their email system just forwards it back
Jaquavis Aylar önce
@Aaaa aaa you're hilarious man, and your idea is perfect so I don't know how they haven't thought of it yet. You should email them about it asap
Stagger Lee
Stagger Lee Aylar önce
I love how high speed low drag the rifle looks even though its meant to miss.
A P Aylar önce
That last question about hunting birds really shows most people have no idea that most hunters actually care about preserving wildlife. They seem to think that hunters hunt because the hate animals...
CrazyDragy 20 gün önce
That's because most people seem to have no clue about nature, animals and food in general, yet like to proclaim their love for their things and then feel good while doing damaging acts :/
josh817 Aylar önce
I love how there is now an effort that will have to go on forever because a company was like lol not my problem and left.
Random Internet Guy
Hunters usually care the most about wildlife. Ya know, cuz they are actually out there enjoying it.
Courtesyflush52 Aylar önce
Mark's excitement for his job is very infectious. I'm happy that he's so psyched about it
ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride HIV HOAX
Dump thousands of floating balls in this pit, so that the entire water surface is completely covered and there is no water exposed!! That way the aquatic birds won't even see the water and won't be able to get to the water ither.
Get InstaFinished
Get InstaFinished Aylar önce
@TrumpLovers EatFeces I know your trolling but it’s pretty cringe to bring politics into a bird protection video
Jamie D Huskey
Jamie D Huskey Aylar önce
@TrumpLovers EatFeces your representing the Democratic Party well I might add. Beautiful wording there LEFTWEINER
Jamie D Huskey
Jamie D Huskey Aylar önce
@T.C Mills we need to create another acid lake and then you will have more demand for GUNNY BOYS !!
TF2 Scout
TF2 Scout Aylar önce
@TrumpLovers EatFeces obamna
Du Fernseher
Du Fernseher Aylar önce
Not enough effort can be made to even remotely eradicate the damage that humans have caused to the earth and wildlife.
Tasty Toast
Tasty Toast 16 gün önce
Who knew a video about a man shooting at birds would become my comfort video. Mark just gives radiates nice vibes
Juan Costilla
Juan Costilla Aylar önce
Thank you. This made my day
Marcus Webb
Marcus Webb Aylar önce
Man we have made a mess of this beautiful planet. How is a company allowed to do this?
TheAfterPein Aylar önce
"So, what do you do for a living?" "Oh, I harass birds so they don't die."
ThinkingBetter Aylar önce
50 years later lead contamination will become the next big issue.
Adonis Aylar önce
@rareswag Living the American dream. (In Slavic accent)
97T57 Aylar önce
Audience: "What do you do for a living?" His answer: "I save lives!" Audience: "Are you a doctor or first responder?" His answer: "I'm a first responders for birds...." 😁
Matthew McNamee
Matthew McNamee Aylar önce
Professional scare crow
rareswag Aylar önce
🎵 living the dream 🤣🤣
Comrade JarRarWinks
Seems like the most American way of keeping birds safe. Edit: Someone else already said that. Cool. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it. I didn't read it, and I don't care to read it.
Comrade JarRarWinks
​@Benko I keep my browser with youtube in it minimalized in the corner, so I can't actually read comments longer than a few letters, plus reading the comments now, almost all of it is this comment, just said differently, so why are you getting onto me, plus the top comment was even stolen.
Benko Aylar önce
@Comrade JarRarWinks I honestly don’t care, all I’m pointing out is that you copied the top comment word for word shamelessly lmao
Comrade JarRarWinks
@Benko I didn't see the top comment until just now.... but since it seems to make random people mad, I will leave it with an edit.
Benko Aylar önce
Lmao this guy is shameless af
Dinand Crisostomo
Dinand Crisostomo Aylar önce
You don’t have to repeat the top comment
Ryan Ormrod
Ryan Ormrod Aylar önce
Would you not be able to use shade balls to cover the pit? Seems like it would be sufficient to stop them from reaching the water, and may even stop them from seeing it as a water source from the sky.
The Wizard
The Wizard Aylar önce
Why not build a giant net 3 feet above the water? Paying a guy to waste ammo for hours a day seems ridiculous
Robert Aylar önce
I was wondering the same thing, I have no idea why they haven’t tried it
Best around
Best around Aylar önce
It is also a massive pit.
Justin Y The Robber
Wouldnt the net melt?
Rece.k Aylar önce
probably because of fluctuating water level and cost but thats just a guess
Future Traveller
Future Traveller Aylar önce
Its a american thing 😂
Thiago Barretiri
Thiago Barretiri Aylar önce
Wouldn’t it be possible to use some floating material (flouting blocks) to eliminate or at least reduce the landing areas?
somelover Aylar önce
this man loves his job so much it’s very heart-warming
poopyfartbut Aylar önce
@ryan bailey free beer
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire Aylar önce
Who knew.... its a combination of goofy guy stuff that actually serves a purpose, with pay!! lol
Kami pls
Kami pls Aylar önce
It's a shit show, if you thought about it for just one second...
n/a n/a
n/a n/a Aylar önce
ryan bailey
ryan bailey Aylar önce
@Tay C yeah I mean you get FREE bullets to shoot all day like what more can an American ask for really?
Eintity Aylar önce
Have they ever thought about just closing the pit or turning on the pikes to keep the water out?
GUT PILE Aylar önce
What a great story. Awesome
mouthpiece200 Aylar önce
Sounds like an expensive and inefficient project.
GitarStu Aylar önce
Surely filling in the hole with spill from other mines would be easier and cheaper than having people paid to do this around the clock? Who's going to keep doing it for the next thousand years?
Chiel V
Chiel V Aylar önce
Yeah like fill it up with soil again while pumping some water out and the groundwaterlevel should balance out. Doesnt solve the toxic groundwater problem but that is almost impossible to cleanse anyways.
J T Aylar önce
I wouldn’t even need to set an alarm for this, like most soul sucking jobs. This looks fun and I’d probably be in a good mood waking up 99% of the time . It’s outdoors and it’s helping animals. You get to play with expensive toys and shoot guns. This guy has the life.
Kate DeGonia
Kate DeGonia Aylar önce
Whew, til you go through a Montana winter...
My thoughts exactly
Thatperformer387 Aylar önce
@Bagel CHiPS And I’d like you to stop voting liberal.
Dylan Montana
Dylan Montana Aylar önce
@Bagel CHiPS that went right over your head.
Joe Bidet
Joe Bidet Aylar önce
@Céleste Felton problem?
Eλεύθερα σκεπτόμενος Άνθρωπος
Humans do care for the wild life 😭
TheStanislavson Aylar önce
Wait, the software image shown at 06:56 has the speed measure of the boat in (m/s) meters per second?
Ionor Rea's Spam Generator
One would think that LRAD (basically acoustic cannon directing sound to beam used against birds on some airfields and for riot control) generating over 150dB (gunshot loudness) coupled to infrared heat-sensing sensor would do most of the work of this guy autonomously as I don't think that birds would tolerate ear damaging levels of noise for very long...
HC Zylos
HC Zylos Aylar önce
The mere fact a place like this exists, tell us enough about who we are as a species. We're pure destruction, in every way.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
This sounds like a perfect job for a Stormtrooper. They wouldn’t hit the birds even if they were aiming for them.
chat 453
chat 453 Aylar önce
Sgt. Rock
Sgt. Rock Aylar önce
They'd actually hit the birds because their job is to miss.
Sgt. Rock
Sgt. Rock Aylar önce
They'd actually hit the birds because their job is to miss.
Just Some Guy with Tattoos
That's the problem, they aren't aiming for them, so they would end up hitting the birds
Fedrick the great
Fedrick the great Aylar önce
@Big Ed probably he made clones of himself
Azir Aylar önce
I don't get it. There's no irony imo. He hunts but doesn't waste anything. Why are other animals allowed to hunt but we aren't? Being a hunter doesn't mean you don't love and appreciate animals lol.
Lance Roylo
Lance Roylo 26 gün önce
An automated fleet of small drones seems like it could be a viable solution to this issue.
Latosha Joynes
Latosha Joynes Aylar önce
This has got to be the BEST job ever!!😍🤷🏽‍♀️🤗
Beans420MoreBeans Aylar önce
In the future, drones controlled by AI would be incredibly useful for 24/7 protection
Silent Warrior
Silent Warrior Aylar önce
Many people don’t understand that true, real hunters are some of the people who care most about nature and it’s wildlife
Cønnər 29 gün önce
@DontFearTheReefer "Following the crowd" You are literally an average vegan
DontFearTheReefer 29 gün önce
@Cønnər normal does not equal right/just/moral. Keep following the murderous crowd though......
Cønnər Aylar önce
@DontFearTheReefer Being the norm is well, normal. I can easily poke at you for changing topic twice, people follow the norm because they cant do anything about it or just are busy with their own life. If u suddenly decided to drop a main part of my diet I would suffer. We follow the norm because unless vegans can start not being so righteous like their cause is so important in the modern world where we have so many other issues. Your argument us quite literally in shambles, changing topics If you want bring up the past, Slavery has been around since humanity's birth, do has genocide. No slavery is a very new idea in human history. And genocide happens because people hate people based on how their are raised and taught. So no it's not a justification, it's the truth.
DontFearTheReefer Aylar önce
@Cønnər look at what is happening to our planet. If you want to stick your head in the sand and continue to eat meat "because it's the norm" then you are part of the problem. Many of us have changed, because we are willing to for the greater good. And FYI "because it's the norm" has been a common justification for many atrocities throughout history: slavery, genocide etc. Real human citizens fight the norm when the norm is wrong. And eating meat is wrong for so many reasons. Wake up and become part of the solution, or continue to be dead weight. You strike me as more of a follower than a leader though 🤷‍♂️
Cønnər Aylar önce
@DontFearTheReefer But are people willing to change? No, because the way it is right now is the norm. And yes people still have to hunt to survive
Couch Potato
Couch Potato Aylar önce
Mans straight up saw birds melting in acid and thought, “I need a weapon.”
László B
László B Aylar önce
Couldnt the birds landing be avoided digging the bottom deeper and covering the water with land or plastic ?
Verlisify Aylar önce
"Has anyone told you about the irony of protecting then hunting birds" A question only asked by the hunting ignorant
Ave Lacrymaria
Ave Lacrymaria Aylar önce
@Chomas Thesterson Lmao what is this crap. Idc about whatever reasons people would want to kill, whether it's for its pelt or anything, they are endangered species and you should be punished for killing it. period.
sean scally
sean scally Aylar önce
I live in an area where fishing, diving and shooting are pretty much the only thing to do and those guys are all about conservation, pest and land management. They have their own code or ethics or morales or whatever and publicly ridicule amd hate on peoole they call poachers. 🤣 im just saying they aren't monsters just country people
Chomas Thesterson
Chomas Thesterson Aylar önce
​@Ave Lacrymaria Even the tourist hunters, who "just enjoy killing animals", are good for biodiversity: The money they pay on equipment, tags, and stuff can be used to stop invasive species from taking over the ecosystem, stop poachers, help repopulate endangered species, etc... This happens in Africa, where in some countries governments ban hunting, people slaughter lions and other animals for their pelts and claws. But in other countries they sell lion tags for $40-60k. If a lion is worth $40k, you won't kill it for the pelts, because you could make a lot more money by letting someone hunt it.
Ave Lacrymaria
Ave Lacrymaria Aylar önce
let's pretending most hunters know what tf they're doing. Most hunters just like the sadistic act of killing animal Hunters that are aware of how to hunt while respect biodiversity are truly the only valid ones
Rodion Butyrski
Rodion Butyrski Aylar önce
Seriously! Hunting = Conservation = Protecting
AtomicOwl 24378
AtomicOwl 24378 Aylar önce
Man I wish I had that job
Will Lim
Will Lim Aylar önce
Now this is a man who truly loves what he does.
stare Aylar önce
Sexy Garfield
Sexy Garfield Aylar önce
Looks like a pretty awesome job
Joseph Bohan
Joseph Bohan Aylar önce
When you do what you truly Love , you never work a day in your life That's how I've heard it said
Aaliyah Human
Aaliyah Human Aylar önce
Scientist, workers and innovators of all kinda come together to work on the SuperFund site in Butte Montana. They also have to work on the soil, mine waste and the Silver Bow Creek. Recently a water treatment plant started their work cleaning.
Ash Ling
Ash Ling Aylar önce
This is lovely and all but I have to say, surely a more permanent fix would work better? Some sort of net across the lake perhaps. I haven't got a clue what'd work, but if this much effort and money has gone into this, surely a more permanent fix is worth it by now.
Jonathan Buyno
Jonathan Buyno Aylar önce
Dang, for a minute, I thought he was shooting them. props to this man!!
Dark at Hearts
Dark at Hearts Aylar önce
I want to work there.
Logan Lovell
Logan Lovell Aylar önce
Imagine him going hunting with his buddies. Everytime he misses they pat him on the back and say "that's ok bud, it's how you were trained"
Nature's Wrath
Nature's Wrath Aylar önce
@Ycaare Well its not, Europeans just hate us out of brainwashing. Now go back to being French.
Ycaare Aylar önce
@Nature's Wrath Yes, as everything is worse in America I thought it would be the same for hunting
Nature's Wrath
Nature's Wrath Aylar önce
@Ycaare So to sum up you hate hunters because France sucks and you think us Americans must be as bad as you guys?
johnnykaw Aylar önce
@Ycaare Lol Ok, we're talking about two different things. I didn't know you were talking about French hunters. I have no comment about them. I literally know nothing about French hunters or hunting, but if what you're saying is true they are very different from American hunters.
Ycaare Aylar önce
@johnnykaw I will answer point by point: For the endangered species targeted by hunters, as an ornithologist I think especially of birds: bearded vulture, golden eagle, red kite .... About poachers, in my country to have the right to have a gun you need a hunting license, so all killers of protected species are hunters. Some hunters are bad for the two main reasons I have already said: - They kill species that are not allowed to be hunted - They hunt under the influence of alcohol Yes I say that hunters are negative for the ecosystem. In my country, at least, they have actively worked to make wild boars invasive so that they have more to hunt. Moreover, many species have become extinct in France: the great auk has disappeared permanently, and other species like the bearded vulture, or the bear have needed rehabilitation programs (led by ecosystem conservation organizations, not hunters) to repopulate France after their disappearance.Hunting has been responsible for the extinction of at least three species. I have never heard of an organization financed by hunters that carries out an effective action to preserve the environment, could you give some examples? I think we both know the subject, but our point of view and our location create a lot of differences
Autumn Eller
Autumn Eller Aylar önce
The greed and carelessness that causes things like this makes me want to vomit. Big mining companies are legally obligated to clean up their meas and restore the land they destroyed but they'll just ditch their mine halfway through and never bother restoring it.
Muzza RESARF Aylar önce
Sadly, multi Nationals come in, placing mine under a $2 shell company, make huge profits, the Shell Company is made Bankrupt, thus leaving the ongoing rehabilitation mess to the locals or regional governments. All the promises of ‘we will make good when finished” is garbage and they know it. This happens world wide.😩
jthrilla847 Aylar önce
I absolutely appreciate these guys efforts but instead of spending millions on crazy gear, couldn’t they just build a giant cover for this shitty pit? Literally keep wildlife from being able to come in contact with the toxic water in the first place..🤔
Ckom Aylar önce
Good job…very good!
Lasivian Leandros
Lasivian Leandros Aylar önce
It's not impossible to erase, it's just expensive. The companies that mined the area should be charged with cleaning it up too.
Healthy Andrew
Healthy Andrew Aylar önce
@Isaiah they must exist trust me their profits were seen
kevin Arias
kevin Arias Aylar önce
@IAmVeV it’s the governments job for subsidizing this shit
Gabsare Sarg
Gabsare Sarg Aylar önce
@Mayn 90's Nice rant. Ok apparently you have the solution to everything. Your mind is dictator soil. You are so sure about your perfect idea that you cant even see you would be the first to enslave everyone.
Peachy Sunshine
Peachy Sunshine Aylar önce
@Isaiah if the companies done exist anymore than you follow the money. If your daddy ran a mining company, and you have a trust fund, that trust fund should be used to clean up the toxic waste.
Aaliyah Human
Aaliyah Human Aylar önce
It is a major Superfund site as well..
Chad Miller
Chad Miller Aylar önce
There has to be some kinda way to neutralize the acidity. Wether it be a chemical like lime? Or vaporization from the sun? Or even a species (biological) like plants or bacteria. Example are the types of life in the ocean that live around vents, or in caves with no water circulation.
ElementalChromium Aylar önce
“I shot at the birds to save the birds” -Thanos
sinephase Aylar önce
mark seems to genuinely love his job LOL
David Burkley
David Burkley Aylar önce
Dumb question, Can a large net just go over the pit 🤷🏾‍♂️
Chris Ashcroft
Chris Ashcroft Aylar önce
The fact that companies can make a fortune, then leave a toxic disaster behind for the public to reconcile is corrupt.
Royce Vaughn
Royce Vaughn 6 gün önce
@ Chris Ashcroft there are fines and penalties that's why the federal government has what they call Msha which stands for mineing, safety, health administration it's there job to see things get reclaimed if a mining company doesn't comply the face federal court and charges what happens a lot is our government will make a deal with another mining company to come in and take over the reclamation process as a tax write off but sometimes the permits can take years to be pushed threw
Chris Ashcroft
Chris Ashcroft 7 gün önce
@Royce Vaughn How exactly do you get money from an entity that no longer exists? It's like demanding that a corpse work off their debt. If the corporation no longer exists, and there are no assets, the debt falls to the taxpayer. Hence my original post.
Royce Vaughn
Royce Vaughn 7 gün önce
@Chris Ashcroft the company that last one to mine that area is responsible for the clean up even if they contract out to a other reclamation company it is federal law even if a company goes belly up they are still financially required by law I've worked for Phelps Dodge/ Freeport McMoran & Freeport special projects and reclamation and now with Vulcan materials and we still even have to reclaim the land just to get the gravel out of it for asphalt and concrete
Chris Ashcroft
Chris Ashcroft 7 gün önce
@Royce Vaughn If the company ceases operations, and ceases to exist, then, please enlighten me, who picks up the tab for a cleanup operation lasting years and years? Educate us. Secondly, what are the typical fines that are levied for the non-compliant? Miniscule relative to the profits. It is very easy to dissolve one corporation, and restart a different one, free of fines and penalties. Although, theoretically the principals could be held accountable, America doesn't roll that way. That's if there is any prosecution at all. You folks believe in tiny disempowered government agencies. Who wrestles with the corporate giants then? No one at all.
Royce Vaughn
Royce Vaughn 7 gün önce
Very uneducated statement, by federal law the mining company has to reclaim the land for natural habitat and wildlife by federal law and federal standards. This is coming from a reclamation miner and that comes with a lot of hazardous materials training and medical requirements by federal law
Brian Posey
Brian Posey Aylar önce
you had me at "meet the man who shoots" and had a picture of a guy with a gun, God Bless America!
Swizin Aylar önce
RIP to all those people who were expecting to see birds shoot at
Rust Aylar önce
i hope all these people are doing well
David Eber
David Eber Aylar önce
Could they remove the water? And pave over the pit?
As much as I love this video showcasing that a gun really can be used as a tool, what about using Shade Balls to cover the surface for the birds instead?
Digital Hippie
Digital Hippie Aylar önce
@Thanex pour more balls in there every time they dissolve. After time it'll become a reservoir of melted plastic that wouldn't attract the birds anymore Problem solved !!
AmosMoses Aylar önce
@Dickus Maxximun plastic balls sitting in a corrosive bath will lead to some kind of breakdown of the plastic eventually. It could end up being fine but I would put my money on it turning bad.
N. L.
N. L. Aylar önce
@morgan clapp shade balls are also a band-aid. Neither fix the problem of the toxic pit lol
morgan clapp
morgan clapp Aylar önce
@N. L. it is not a solution, it is a bandaid at best
morgan clapp
morgan clapp Aylar önce
@Eric Torres honestly i would write to them and ask why!
Joe Buck
Joe Buck 4 gün önce
Hunters give more to conservation than anyone
Kifur Aylar önce
Snipin's a good job, mate! It's challengin' work, outta doors. I guarantee you'll not go hungry - 'Cause at the end of the day, long as there's two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead.
Simon Eriksson
Simon Eriksson Aylar önce
If the acids in the pit could be extracted and used for something it would be a win win win situation
Some guy
Some guy Aylar önce
Cover the pit in round floating spheres made from recycled plastic like they do everywhere else.
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