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Bolstered by their outspoken father LaVar, Ball brothers Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo are not only looking to change the game of basketball on the court, but off it as well.
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22 Mar 2017




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Justfind a Way
Justfind a Way 3 saatler önce
0:59 yoyo chill lonzo, lamelo now is literally better than u, for facts tho
Dylan Yancey
Dylan Yancey 2 gün önce
Anyone here around February 28
Fast _ eddie
Fast _ eddie 2 gün önce
Lonzo better than Chef Curry I wouldn’t go that far😂😂
Yu Eason
Yu Eason 3 gün önce
Now LaMelo is a he best in their family
VolxyFN 4 gün önce
welp lonzo you aint the best
SRC 4 gün önce
Lavar been right about all of them
Sting Charley
Sting Charley 5 gün önce
4:51 bro this the funniest
JORDAN CURRY 5 gün önce
Who’s here after lamelo looks like he can be one of the greatest basketball players
Jules Garner
Jules Garner 6 gün önce
The ball brothers suck
Jake Samaniego
Jake Samaniego 8 gün önce
Lavar: He better than steph curry to me. Lonzo: Misses layup
If my dad did that too me I would be the best
albertbruhh 11 gün önce
Anyone here after melo got drafted?
DANIEL 12 gün önce
Man the fact now Melo is the best
Rambo 80
Rambo 80 15 gün önce
Big Baller Brand is way better than Prodigy Brand
Lil Pupeep
Lil Pupeep 17 gün önce
Congrats to Lavar for having three sons in the NBA
Lil Pupeep
Lil Pupeep 14 gün önce
@jusblowk gelo is in the gleague
jusblowk 15 gün önce
Big Smokes VEVO
Big Smokes VEVO 18 gün önce
A aging if he would’ve got three girls😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Frederick Goetz
Frederick Goetz 18 gün önce
They should name the next kid LaYellow
Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist 22 gün önce
Wish we had a backyard like that
AIRLIG 25 gün önce
He is a good dad
Demonic Tomato
Demonic Tomato 26 gün önce
Who’s here when he got drafted in the first round to the hornets
jusblowk 15 gün önce
Israel Peterson
Israel Peterson 26 gün önce
Observer 27 gün önce
Last 4 years i was laughing at Lavar. Now i feel like im crying
Muhammadaziz Khayrullaev
Anyone here after lamelo's triple double
Son Goku
Son Goku 27 gün önce
Looking back at this, everyone had a massive glow up 😂
Marquis Marquez
Marquis Marquez 28 gün önce
Lavar said he makes them lift weights
fixture orbit
fixture orbit 28 gün önce
The acrid trigonometry functionally glue because gymnast lovely spray than a unbecoming beautician. homeless, striped dead
Kingcadenlit 28 gün önce
who is here after lamelo dropped 27
Flrsk Swift
Flrsk Swift 28 gün önce
0:08 OKAY😂😂😂
zwxve 29 gün önce
Now Lonzo and melo in the league
Ike Duruibe
Ike Duruibe 29 gün önce
Anybody wanna get saved? Jesus is the only way to Heaven! To get to Heaven you must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose three days later forgiving us for our sins if we repent. You must confess and believe in Jesus and what he did to go to Heaven
Zuhayr Saleh
Zuhayr Saleh 13 gün önce
Nah shush
Roger Nguy
Roger Nguy 28 gün önce
Karen Perales
Karen Perales Aylar önce
lemelo ball is the best then lonzo
Ryan Wilde
Ryan Wilde Aylar önce
they just predicted the future, making lonzo and lamelo play nba2k 1on1
naef abdulreuf
naef abdulreuf Aylar önce
gelo is a disgrace cause melo and zo are in the nba
Joshie gamez
Joshie gamez Aylar önce
Ayo Lonzo the goat and all but did y’all see that jumper at 1:51 LMFAOOOO
Anthony Cervantes
Anthony Cervantes Aylar önce
lavar such a better dad than jamie newman that’s why 2/3 in the nba
jusblowk 15 gün önce
It's crazy julian 19 and still no nba💀💀
SirSwish2Swxggy Aylar önce
Liangelo: ima say I’m the best Me:STOP THE CAPPPPP🧢!!!!😂😂😂
Declan Tureski
Declan Tureski Aylar önce
The curvy magic proximally tame because reading yearly sneeze behind a goofy peen. chubby, unadvised tip
redbaconmatters Aylar önce
Let's be honest, if every dad was like LaVar Ball, so many kids today would be a prodigy.
Meme Steam
Meme Steam Aylar önce
Lonzo Ball is the best dunker and LaMelo Ball is the best ball handler
jusblowk 15 gün önce
Lamelo >>>>>> lonzo
Meme Steam
Meme Steam Aylar önce
Lonzo Ball is 1st place LaMelo Ball 2nd place LiAngelo Ball is 3rd place Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball both have ugly jumpshots and Liangelo is the best 3pt scorer
jusblowk 15 gün önce
@Meme Steam u must not watch lamelo huh 💀 he 10x better he shoot 3 ball better get more rebounds and ast 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Meme Steam
Meme Steam 15 gün önce
@jusblowk Sure LaMelo has the shooting and play making skills and LiAngelo has the shooting skills but Lonzo has the shooting and finishing skills so that is why I say Lonzo first
jusblowk 15 gün önce
Lamelo first
Theodore Agyepong
Theodore Agyepong Aylar önce
who's here after lamelo ball became the youngest player in nba to get a triple double
TROP GOD Aylar önce
2 out of 3 in the NBA...Lavar not a bad father/mentor
Jonny K
Jonny K Aylar önce
Who’s here after Melo is in the league making history with his triple double
Nate Hill
Nate Hill Aylar önce
Who’s here after melo becomes the youngest player to record a triple double
Hard Da God
Hard Da God Aylar önce
Who is here after they just played against each other
Skip Bayles
Skip Bayles Aylar önce
lamello is better tho
CATO Aylar önce
I think looking back they would be even bigger if Lavar didn't make those Steph Curry and MICHAEL JORDAN comments. Goes from something legit and makes it a joke. Happy to see and outspoken strong PROUD black father though.
CATO Aylar önce
Remember when Lavar was allowed on ESPN
Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones Aylar önce
Crazy watching this before lonzo and melo have their first NBA game against each other
King Sports
King Sports Aylar önce
Melo vs lonzo tonight hornets vs pelicans
W!NNA Aylar önce
Who’s here after LaMelo got drafted
Alonzo Rico
Alonzo Rico Aylar önce
Anyone Here On the Day Lonzo and Lamelo will play their First Game against Eachother in the NBA
HaZ x
HaZ x Aylar önce
Who’s here before Zo and melo play against each other
Isaac Aleman
Isaac Aleman Aylar önce
God melo is one ugly dude
Mike W
Mike W 2 aylar önce
Say it whatever you want, but this is a good dad to me
SmithTooSmooth 2 aylar önce
Who watching on Christmas Day 👀
kev889 hen
kev889 hen 2 aylar önce
Dang bruh this was 3 years ago 🤯 look at how time flies now zo and melo is in the nba i hope gelo gets in to🤞🏽
Shadonna Reid
Shadonna Reid 2 aylar önce
What Lamelo ball is the best in the family.
crackflush 2 aylar önce
I want to see Lavar coach the hornets...and Jordan be the assistant coach
Future nba first over all pick
Li angelo is underrated
sydneyyy 2 aylar önce
i need lavar to raise my kids. he’s really a goat. the goat!
dman2159 2 aylar önce
“If i gotta push you, this aint for you” Facts right there.
3k 2 aylar önce
2:04 righhht wheres the 1v1?
AM Buckets
AM Buckets 2 aylar önce
the best is 1 melo 2 lonzo 3 anglo
Lateef Zidan
Lateef Zidan 2 aylar önce
why fat one steal
Basquiat_The_Creator 2 aylar önce
All three are in the NBA now, Zo and Melo both being top picks ... it worked
Finesse Godz
Finesse Godz 2 aylar önce
Who’s here when they are all in the nba
thestyffelife 1801
thestyffelife 1801 2 aylar önce
Who is here after gelo and melo are in the nba
Yazeed Isad
Yazeed Isad 2 aylar önce
who's here after the 3 ball brothers are all in the nba?
Nyet 2 aylar önce
Lavar the GOAT
Jackson Leach
Jackson Leach 2 aylar önce
Who's here after Gelo is in the G League
FrostBytes 2 aylar önce
1:58 Lavar when he gets a baby girl: Hippity hoppity, Tina delete that baby
Justin Wright
Justin Wright 2 aylar önce
Who’s here after Gelo signed with the Pistons?
JJ 2 aylar önce
Who's here after all 3 of them are now in the NBA?
Team Kadima
Team Kadima 2 aylar önce
now Lavar is better than jordan
Brandon Tran
Brandon Tran 2 aylar önce
And now all three of them are in the NBA
King Sports
King Sports 2 aylar önce
They all n the NBA
Demskillz_ 1748
Demskillz_ 1748 2 aylar önce
I can’t tell if lavar is dumb or smart
BOUNCE HEAVEN 2 aylar önce
Look at what he’s achieved, surely your brain knows
Gurkaran Basra
Gurkaran Basra 2 aylar önce
Here after liangelo is in nba
Fran Ferreyra
Fran Ferreyra 2 aylar önce
4:53 best moment ever
Jayden Patenaude
Jayden Patenaude 2 aylar önce
Whos watching in 2020 when Lamelo is better than Lonzo lmaoo
Isabella Ortiz
Isabella Ortiz 2 aylar önce
anyone here after melo got drafted and gelo signed with detroit
ARV 2 aylar önce
Liangelo is the best in steals...
Afram Jakobsson
Afram Jakobsson 2 aylar önce
such a great dad
Kehleil.14K 2 aylar önce
Who here after they all in the NBA?
jusblowk 15 gün önce
Christian Cabatay
Christian Cabatay 3 aylar önce
This went well!!!! Congrats ball bros!
Cool Vision
Cool Vision 3 aylar önce
who's here after gelo was signed in the NBA?
Kingdae 20
Kingdae 20 3 aylar önce
Who’s here after gelo got signed by Detroit
jusblowk 15 gün önce
Ivan Laude
Ivan Laude 3 aylar önce
Who's here after Liangelo signs with the Detroit Pistons
Jackson 2 aylar önce
@Zayn P your mum
Zayn P
Zayn P 2 aylar önce
Who here after he got cut
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez 3 aylar önce
S/o gelo to the pistons
Fareed Rahimee
Fareed Rahimee 3 aylar önce
To goated
Fareed Rahimee
Fareed Rahimee 3 aylar önce
Fareed Rahimee
Fareed Rahimee 3 aylar önce
Do you got to say anymore
Fareed Rahimee
Fareed Rahimee 3 aylar önce
3 ball brothers in the nba
lonzo ball
lonzo ball 3 aylar önce
Anyone here after gelo got deal from detroit?
Wajid Masood
Wajid Masood 3 aylar önce
Now Gelo is in the NBA.
Biggie Chubbs
Biggie Chubbs 3 aylar önce
Came back to this video on December 2nd 2020 the day all the boys officially made it to the league
James Best
James Best 3 aylar önce
Who here after all of them made the NBA
Igor Alexandre
Igor Alexandre Aylar önce
Just u bruh
Half-a-biscuit.com 3 aylar önce
4:53 Close your eyes and listen.
David Cabrera
David Cabrera 3 aylar önce
Dem braces be the stars lol
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