Meat-Ghetti & Spag-Balls from American Dad | Botched by Babish

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Special thanks to August Braatz, he’s @fromscratch.77 on Instagram, go check out his food!

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My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!

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15 Oca 2022




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I don't know if Brad reads the comments, but if he does: Brad, never stop tormenting Andrew. Question everything he does when he least wants it, be as smarmy as legally available to you. It fills me with joy.
Logically Blue
Binging With Babish: Calm, professional, knows exactly what he's doing, doesn't even raise his voice
runawayfae ?!!
"I'd still gleefully eat any one of you." What a true compliment. I mean, honestly. There aren't many people I'd be willing to eat, and here he is, surrounded by all his favorites.
I loooove how all the deodorant flaked off, falling out of your shirt and onto your kitchen floor. What a quality product! I applaud them for being plastic-free, yet jeer them for having an ineffective product within their eco-friendly packaging.
I love botched, but also need it as often as a curly fry accidentally given in my normal fries; an occasional gem that feels like a beautiful gift I didn't deserve
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Seeing Alvin's face when he's talking is very weird. I love it.
Matthew Sielaff
Alvin just chilling there and drinking straight from a bottle of Moet is an entire mood
The Kokoroless
Honestly I could watch a full hour of Andrew grabbing too hot meat, yelling "LOOK AT THE MEAT" and screaming in pain.
Danny Dorito
This is the first BWB video I’ve seen since 2019 and I gotta say I absolutely love your transformation into a multi-faceted performer, Andrew. The production is at another level, your humor and candor are always amazing, and the wide shot approach to this new series is fantastic. Can’t wait to see what you got cooking next! Also, congrats on getting engaged!
Preston Tucker
Botched is always a trainwreck...and I love it! Makes me believe that Andrew isn't just an avatar that a hipster AI created to get more humans to waste time watching cooking videos of food that they NEVER intend to make themselves. 😆
Olan Domer
Andrew and the Team:
I love Kendall more every time she's in an episode! She's just always delightful. Genuinely brings a smile to my face.
Raymond Rivera
I always get so excited to botched by babish, mostly cause its just the babish team losing it over food. And I abaolutely love it.
Rikki Crowder
I would happily watch an hour-long cut of this cooking session. Botched by Babish is an incredible show and props to the team member(s) who decided shoot and edit it in this style!
Morgana Gray
I'm totally here for botched. I love the chaos but how he never gives up is inspiring. Thanks Andrew, and gang, of course!
Katie O
Andrew, you're an insane person and I love that we get to see it in these videos. The regular binging videos seem so sane by comparison. I'm here for it.
Cornelious Raidon
I just love at about the 16 min mark where everyone was like, "That's a BEAUTIFUL, Spag-Ball!" XD And everyone cheers incoherently. Comedy gold right there.
Phoenix Owl
Stardust is a fantastic movie.
We need a botched episode on the every-meat burrito, I feel like it had potential
Michael Linskey
I respect that Alvin is drinking Moet Nectar Imperial straight out of the bottle like a boss 😎
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