McLaren Senna POV Test Drive (3D Audio)(ASMR)

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Price (as tested) 💲: 1,101,505
Powertrain ⚙️: 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8
Output 💪: 789hp, 590 lb-ft of torque
Transmission 🕹: 7-speed dual-clutch
0-60 MPH 🚦: 2.8 seconds
Top Speed 💥: 211 mph
MPG (as tested) ⛽️: 14 city/18 hwy/16 combined
Curb weight ⚖️: 3,011 lbs

Get behind the wheel of the McLaren Senna in this real-world POV test drive.


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Walkaround Mic ► amzn.to/3b7GJVT
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Live Q&A Gimbal ► amzn.to/3fr0StC

Quick Walkaround: 00:00
Driving Starts: 01:40
Turning Radius and Horn Test: 02:17
Highway Pulls: 11:23
Launch Control: 14:43



12 Oca 2021




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librast 6 gün önce
hey i've driven this car! on forza horizon 4 TwT
SimSimiッ ➊❽
SimSimiッ ➊❽ 13 gün önce
Graphics 8k Full HD, 120 Fps + Ray Tracing
B0mbaMan 2 aylar önce
I want it in vr or 360°
Cyber v
Cyber v 2 aylar önce
Wesley Johnson
Wesley Johnson 3 aylar önce
Shut the f****** when you're in the car driving it down the road do all your talking before we get in or at the end when you get out
7Hellzz 3 aylar önce
That Senna feels every miniscule bump.
İbrahim Karataş
İbrahim Karataş 4 aylar önce
nice car and nice video
Tamert 5 aylar önce
Space shuttle ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ASMRxLegend 5 aylar önce
Anyone else bothered by the creaking of carbon fiber in a 1.5M$ car. Cmon now mclaren
SamTheCar 5 aylar önce
The sounds are amazing omg
Joel Miller
Joel Miller 7 aylar önce
Why do i get forza horizon vibes? And that beginning song :))
Victor Rosales
Victor Rosales 7 aylar önce
You must have some very rich friends
MilesPerHr 7 aylar önce
Watch my 100k subscriber video to find out how I get these cars 👍😁.
Christopher Zhou
Christopher Zhou 7 aylar önce
when you realize that a muscle car can have more horsepower
Alper Tras
Alper Tras 7 aylar önce
Sorry but you don't deserve to drive this monster.
Furkanzz 7 aylar önce
Adamın işi bu
gugu pudim
gugu pudim 8 aylar önce
imagine, you're walking around, out of nowhere a MacLaren senna appears
BTS = Brutal Twitter Stans
I would whip my phone out faster than that senna can go 0-60 MPH
Unknown 8 aylar önce
Imagine paying over a million dollars for a car with a cheap looking tablet like infotainment. Gtfo with mclaren interiors for real.
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. 8 aylar önce
Thing's a racecar. Plain and simple. The only reason I'd buy one of these would be to track it. Wouldn't really be any fun on the street. You're basically able to break all U.S. speed limits in 1st or 2nd gear haha
Champion 138
Champion 138 8 aylar önce
Please stop driving CARS LIKE THIS, Like A Wuss🤦🏽‍♂️😢
mr Nohax
mr Nohax 8 aylar önce
parking sensor is a bloody sonar mate
Fast Cars
Fast Cars 8 aylar önce
Magnificient !
Kool Kid Klan
Kool Kid Klan 8 aylar önce
Wow nice to see a Senna not on fire.
CMJ - 8 aylar önce
Only a couple caught fire
Sithum Sewmina
Sithum Sewmina 8 aylar önce
Dave Fgs
Dave Fgs 8 aylar önce
The sounds this car makes... omg.
NVSTRZ34 8 aylar önce
Wow! Had no idea the carbon fiber creaked that much. Interesting.
CMJ - 8 aylar önce
In the senna almost every single piece is made from carbon fiber so the squeaking is more than usually carbon.
lam Tsz Kiu
lam Tsz Kiu 9 aylar önce
i love the car sound~~~~~~~
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 9 aylar önce
I believe Ayrton Senna is a ghost passenger :D
Nathan Atlas Jr.
Nathan Atlas Jr. 9 aylar önce
A Ferrari...What are the odds
Emmanuel M.
Emmanuel M. 9 aylar önce
Koenisegg agera pov?
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Hopefully one day!
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 9 aylar önce
211 MPH in a Senna? Looks like faster than Jackson Storm a villain from Cars 3
Slantingclock96 9 aylar önce
😂Dude this Senna is Strip weathers, McQueen, Hudson and storm all combined
Matheus Araújo
Matheus Araújo 9 aylar önce
I'm from Brazil 🇧🇷
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Isaac Anderson
Isaac Anderson 9 aylar önce
My dream car
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 9 aylar önce
Xmc9 Yonan
Xmc9 Yonan 9 aylar önce
love the sound
Tinted 9 aylar önce
9:39 for some reason that made me laugh cus of how much of the window came down
leon 9 aylar önce
a random 458
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson 9 aylar önce
He moves to Texas because California is dying
ΤΞΖLΛ ఌ 9 aylar önce
The cars is texas registered but hes driving in California still but he does other states like Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada.
The Aroused Eunuch
The Aroused Eunuch 9 aylar önce
No start-up sequence?
The Aroused Eunuch
The Aroused Eunuch 9 aylar önce
@MilesPerHr It happens to the best of us, don't worry.
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Sorry about that. I was in a bit of a hurry and forgot to do that part
9 aylar önce
I want to 1440p
Autogrande 9 aylar önce
Awesome video man! How did you convince them to let you drive this amazing machine! 😁
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Years of establishing a relationship. They trust I take care of their cars and produce lots of content from each loan. 👍
Costa Xanthos
Costa Xanthos 9 aylar önce
how fast did this feel compared to the SVJ?
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Quicker off the line, sharper in a corner. Not as much theatre though
Jupiter • Shorts
Jupiter • Shorts 9 aylar önce
One of the coolest McLaren's ever made
JCM 27
JCM 27 9 aylar önce
Ferrari thinks his car is lit until a Senna shows up
DerpyBellic Gaming _YT
Man this new forza game is on point.
Matthew McCratic
Matthew McCratic 9 aylar önce
Jaymonk 9 aylar önce
Ya channel like GTA , u just post a new video spawning in the same location w a new vehicle
José Jiménez
José Jiménez 9 aylar önce
Me ubiera gustado que por lo manes que al ferrari le ubiera pasado por el lado
skoluh 9 aylar önce
How scared/nervous were you driving this master piece?
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
I definitely thought about the price tag more than once, but I actually felt pretty comfortable driving it (I should say, at ease, because nothing about the Senna’s ride is “comfortable” 😂)
José Jiménez
José Jiménez 9 aylar önce
Living With George
Living With George 9 aylar önce
Dream car !!
Tyler Gary
Tyler Gary 9 aylar önce
Forza horizon 4 brought me here.
New Alcantaar
New Alcantaar 9 aylar önce
6:38 ferrari 458 italia perfect match
PixelClear 9 aylar önce
Woah how did you do that?
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Drive this car? I asked nicely 😊
Purple Ivan skipper
Purple Ivan skipper 9 aylar önce
The yellow Ferrari is like nope I don’t any smoke😂😂😂
Ben Boat
Ben Boat 9 aylar önce
this is one of the best cars in horizon 4 absolute beast
Демкин Денис
Ладу Гранту бери на тест
4nglez 9 aylar önce
Wow! If he test drives the Senna, Who knows he might be able to test drive the Pagani Zonda one day. ✌🏽
Marc Dolce
Marc Dolce 8 aylar önce
you need to speak to dan the man 😫
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
That would be amazing!
G0ddEity 9 aylar önce
Love the raw mechanical noise of This car! This or 765lt?
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
If used how they should be (on a track), I’d take this, but I prefer the look of the 765LT
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo 9 aylar önce
my back hurts just looking at these seats lol
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 9 aylar önce
It's just a POV video man
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Chad 9 aylar önce
Broke the tires loose at 90 mph.
Moon Pupper
Moon Pupper 9 aylar önce
Aw you should've raced that ferrari😁Loved the review👍👌
TheCarKraze 9 aylar önce
This is my favorite POV drive video that you’ve made! Well done! 👍👏
Michaelus_Prime Viola, jr
Beautiful McLaren Senna 👍
Loth 9 aylar önce
it bothered me so much that you didn’t pass that Ferrari. f*ck😭🤣
X_ Dreams
X_ Dreams 21 gün önce
@Michaelus_Prime Viola, jr yeah
Michaelus_Prime Viola, jr
Dude I don't think isn't good idea there's cops around here.
Efrain Martinez2
Efrain Martinez2 8 aylar önce
I’m over here yelling “RACE IT, RACE IT”
Raí Moura
Raí Moura 8 aylar önce
@MilesPerHr Bro, you need to respect the memory of Airton Senna do Brasil, if you drive this car, you need to race with anybody even yourself
Michaelus_Prime Viola, jr
hi hi
hi hi 9 aylar önce
Nice vid
Igor Bass Taster
Igor Bass Taster 9 aylar önce
Дааааааааа, на такой только за хлебом ездить😂
GoUrAv SaInI
GoUrAv SaInI 9 aylar önce
This is what I am waiting for love you content 🙏🙏
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
I’ll try!
Ben Spiritas
Ben Spiritas 9 aylar önce
@MilesPerHr can you do a pov on a rolls Royce phantom
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Awesome! Thank you for the support!
Joshua Weeks
Joshua Weeks 9 aylar önce
How the heck did you get your hands on a senna?
Joshua Weeks
Joshua Weeks 9 aylar önce
@MilesPerHr Don’t stop grinding bro! By a million subs you’ll be driving a Bugatti La Voiture Noire!
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
10 years of hustle and God’s blessing to be the in the position I am.
Snuzly 9 aylar önce
Well this was a pleasant surprise
KiMa 9 aylar önce
this thing gets to 100mph like it's kph lol love it
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
For real!
Lorenzo Labardini
Lorenzo Labardini 9 aylar önce
So this is what Tim (Shmee150) sees when he’s driving his, very nice.
Sethuram Bala
Sethuram Bala 9 aylar önce
Impressed on your driving skills my friend, race cars gives much speed at launch and gets attracted easily on those features, then I more thing I never discourage you anytime , this is what I need to say, then let’s be friends, gets attracted to your driving skills thank you much more videos.
Digitall Dan
Digitall Dan 9 aylar önce
Wow I can’t believe you got to drive a senna beautiful car!
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Me either! It was incredible!
Premium 9 aylar önce
This channel is underrated! Lately these vids are with banging (exclusive) cars, i love it!
Raul Mariscal
Raul Mariscal 9 aylar önce
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Amethyst Black by MSO
D ERC 9 aylar önce
Great video! Beautiful car!! Where in Texas is this?
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Texas registered but driven here in CA
Lorenzo Labardini
Lorenzo Labardini 9 aylar önce
It’s California
Paladin 9 aylar önce
i feel like you were scared to get near that yellow ferrari lol
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Nah, just didn’t want him to think I was trying to race him or anything. Just doing my usual highway pulls
AYE_WE_Lit78 9 aylar önce
Nice video on the senna 👍🏾
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Joshua thomas
Joshua thomas 9 aylar önce
What!!! A senna man your crazy
Smit Macwan
Smit Macwan 9 aylar önce
Dude, sennna's exhaust is no more ASMR 😅😂
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
😂 true
Le Roy
Le Roy 9 aylar önce
What is the point of putting auto start/stop in a vehicle like this!
A-Spec Reviews!
A-Spec Reviews! 7 aylar önce
@MilesPerHr I LIKE idle stop. Makes traditional vehicles feel more like hybrids.
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Completely agree
Reshad's TV
Reshad's TV 9 aylar önce
Good job on the video milesperhr
b286guy 9 aylar önce
Keysa Fikri
Keysa Fikri 9 aylar önce
I'll be waiting for the full walkaround
Anirban Chakraborty
Anirban Chakraborty 9 aylar önce
7:18 Wonder what the guy in the 458 thought when he saw when he saw a Senna in his ORVM
Cesar Chávez
Cesar Chávez 9 aylar önce
Wow when are you giving me a ride
Anirban Chakraborty
Anirban Chakraborty 9 aylar önce
2:17 no one has ever done a turning radius test in a Mclaren Senna
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
😂 First!
Alen Green
Alen Green 9 aylar önce
other cars have a huge front grill but Mclaren gives us a huge rear Spoiler.
Alen Green
Alen Green 9 aylar önce
@nehmat siblini Hi bro, yes.
nehmat siblini
nehmat siblini 9 aylar önce
hi there are a good day
Spicy Memes
Spicy Memes 9 aylar önce
Nice sound.
Anirban Chakraborty
Anirban Chakraborty 9 aylar önce
First ever pov of mclaren senna.... Way to go Miles Oh yes Mat Watson from Carwow wants to know your location
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 9 aylar önce
@Anirban Chakraborty not yet because there's a new COVID-19 Variant
Anirban Chakraborty
Anirban Chakraborty 9 aylar önce
For sure you will have to go to UK first 😂😂
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
😂 now if only Mat and I could do a drag race together
Max Vanderford
Max Vanderford 9 aylar önce
Doesn’t get more bad add than this
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 9 aylar önce
7:18 Im glad there's a 458 🤣
Northbaby 9 aylar önce
Car bad asf 🥵🔥 i probably hit the gas to hard tho 😂
brandon c.
brandon c. 9 aylar önce
auto start stop in a 700hp supercar. that’s cute
Dulara R
Dulara R 7 aylar önce
its a regulation
King Timmy
King Timmy 8 aylar önce
King Timmy
King Timmy 8 aylar önce
I like it
A-Spec Reviews!
A-Spec Reviews! 8 aylar önce
It bothered me when he turned it off...
Riptiide 8 aylar önce
@STINKY FAKE PROPHET MOHAMMED RAPED 6 YEAR OLD AISHA lmao tesla is just a mode of transportation not a source of enjoyment like exotic cars are. Also start stop is mandatory in most car markets but they can be turned off
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 9 aylar önce
(In SHOCKED VOICE) NO WAY!!!! First EVER pov of McLaren Senna 😲
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
Woohoo! ☝️
Howard 9 aylar önce
That thing looks like a Road Jet Badass 🔥
Muhammad Raditya Wirasena
Brandon Robichaud
Brandon Robichaud 9 aylar önce
Not a huge McLaren fan but this car is so badass. Awesome upload Miles thank you for blessing my day with this
MilesPerHr 9 aylar önce
I’m glad you enjoyed it!
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin 9 aylar önce
Jupiter • Shorts
Jupiter • Shorts 9 aylar önce
Let's goooooooooooooooo
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