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In today's video, we decided to put McLaren's brand new flagship LT model up against Lamborghini's halo V12 supercar.

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16 Nis 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 6 aylar önce
Two almighty cars in this video! Which one would you have?? 👇
Yan Motortech
Yan Motortech 2 aylar önce
Both :)
Aryan Prasad
Aryan Prasad 2 aylar önce
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
Ali Cruz
Ali Cruz 2 aylar önce
812 GTS N-Largo
Paul Dark
Paul Dark 3 aylar önce
Mango Mango
Mango Mango 3 aylar önce
Lambo is trash with no racing pedigree. Always will be known as a Ferrari copycat. A supermodel to a mclaren is what a pornstar is to a lambo, trash.
Marek Toporowski
Marek Toporowski 4 gün önce
MCLAREN TOP !...tecnologia aliena UFO !
Johnny Yeezuss
Johnny Yeezuss 5 gün önce
sound of natural aspirated is way too different .....
S Dem.
S Dem. 10 gün önce
The sound of the SVJ is epic! But my goodness both as so loud, I can't imagine going on a 3-5 day road trip in either of them.
5Pot Fury
5Pot Fury 11 gün önce
Both are beautiful cars but if I had to choose one I’d pick the McLaren 765LT!
Get ya Build on!
Get ya Build on! 13 gün önce
Jonty I forgot the milk 🤦🏻‍♂️
Levin R.
Levin R. 15 gün önce
The Truth
The Truth 16 gün önce
Like deciding between your two children. Which one do I want to keep?
Drift 21 gün önce
British and Italian cars are some of the best ever!
Kevin Danzl
Kevin Danzl 26 gün önce
I’d have to take the svj
Elong Musket
Elong Musket 28 gün önce
Lambo all day
Aquiles Caigo
Aquiles Caigo Aylar önce
The McLaren sounds like a civic 🤡🤡🤡
cornelius Thomas
cornelius Thomas Aylar önce
Brilliant video …… McLaren ALL THE WAY …….. WOW !
dragonlock12345 Aylar önce
The 765LT secretly has at least 100 horsepower over the SVJ. Straight-line performance isn't a fair comparison.
Boomshift Aylar önce
I will never own one of these.
The funny Channel
The funny Channel 29 gün önce
Yes you will
Brad Rice
Brad Rice Aylar önce
I’d take the maclaren drive it for a while then sell it and get the lambo
Budget Airline
Budget Airline Aylar önce
bruh i thought this was a 765LT not a 675LT 2 different cars. this title is misleading
Andrew Robson
Andrew Robson Aylar önce
Would have to be 765LT as as 6’ 6” no way I would fit in Lamborghini. Great video guys
Mobil Sport
Mobil Sport Aylar önce
McLaren 765LT PK Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
3z HSHM Aylar önce
definitely 💜💜💜.
Bishwadeep Kumar
Bishwadeep Kumar Aylar önce
Bring a SF90 stradale to the match and both svj and LT will be torn apart.
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 28 gün önce
We tried to shoot an SF90, it broke 😂
Craig Macman Robinson
Craig Macman Robinson 2 aylar önce
In all honesty, based on nothing more than looks (purely because there's not a lot different performance wise with them) I wouldn't have either. I would still take the 675LT, in green of course. No I haven't driven one, nor am I ever likely to, but as I said, based on looks alone.
Trevor Ram
Trevor Ram 2 aylar önce
I dont want to say "tragedy" but it is tragic we will never see cars with motors like this again. Everyone going semi-hybrid etc.. Just sad to me.
McRED 2 aylar önce
Why lambo's don't have turbos in Aventador?
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 28 gün önce
Because V12 baby!
Noel 2 aylar önce
Creí que era una película
Awais Ali
Awais Ali 2 aylar önce
McLaren for me
Himansh dev
Himansh dev 2 aylar önce
A legendary race of a beast and a lord
FlashBack372 2 aylar önce
juan Chinito
juan Chinito 2 aylar önce
McLaren is ❤️
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 2 aylar önce
I’ve driven the SVJ round a track and there’s nothing as visceral and dramatic
Sahibjot Singh
Sahibjot Singh 2 aylar önce
Def svj but 765lt is a sexy ass car too
Fernando Hermosillo
Fernando Hermosillo 2 aylar önce
Svj with twin turbo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
AYO KO 2 aylar önce
765 vs AMG GTBS
Carl Carl
Carl Carl 2 aylar önce
Mclaren 765lt looks better than lamborghini Aventador svj
OCD Mods
OCD Mods 2 aylar önce
If I had to pick just one, it would be the SVJ. 765LT is a dream car but the history, the sound, the just all out evil looks of the SVJ wins......but if I could afford either one, I could afford both.
Tabe Manuel
Tabe Manuel 2 aylar önce
Mclaren 675 LT?🤨🧐
MECHA 2 aylar önce
i did not look lamborghini or mclaren but they are just roaring lions
Joey Ryan
Joey Ryan 2 aylar önce
Where was this shot at?? The cinematography is gorgeous and the scenery is beautiful. Really good shots!!
Abbey Hall
Abbey Hall 2 aylar önce
Nice work fellas, very nice indeed. Lambo thanks, nothin' like a bonkers Lambo!
DM_Hater 2 aylar önce
I’ve always had this thing where I like variety between the stuff I own and I want everything to be a different colour, that balances out the others. But this purple duo just looks fantastic
richystar2001 2 aylar önce
I would love to have both.
Jacob Saylor
Jacob Saylor 2 aylar önce
Man if this video was in 1080p60, that would be mint. Still amazing video
Jacob Saylor
Jacob Saylor 2 aylar önce
@Supercar Driver Idk, some of those like drone videos with lots of movement in 4k60 just looks fantastic. If you ever need a driver btw, let me know
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 2 aylar önce
60p is good for gaming videos, but for cinematics, you want 24/25p. The lower frame rate conveys motion/drama more!
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper 2 aylar önce
The 765lt is a work of art
RaGoCars 2 aylar önce
andromedafan 2 aylar önce
SVJ 100%.
darren fletcher
darren fletcher 2 aylar önce
just drove the 765 at paul ricard track 2 months ago and i can tell you this, it s a good car ,but not a great car ...at the limit it just can t put the power down and it s not as sharp as you might expect when you want to give it full beans.........i d take a manual gt4 anyday of the week over the 765.....end of story
Abdur Rahim
Abdur Rahim 2 aylar önce
Lamborghini Everytime 😍😍😍
JON’S POV 2 aylar önce
I will have both but roadsters. The aventador will be the 2022 LP 780-4 Ultimae roadster. I will reply to this message once I have one of them. Love & Light
ViperGuy Dodge
ViperGuy Dodge 2 aylar önce
SVJ only 300kg heavier? Haha, try 550kg. You're comparing the 765LT wet curb weight to the SVJ's dry weight.
Ryan Mielnicki
Ryan Mielnicki 2 aylar önce
6:37, that was beautiful
Williamder Peña
Williamder Peña 2 aylar önce
Super amazing video 🔥🔥
FrostedCereal 2 aylar önce
SVJ is really cool and sounds insane, but I’d still take the 765lt
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 2 aylar önce
McLaren 100%
Thelma Gonya
Thelma Gonya 2 aylar önce
The 765 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Granturismomh 2 aylar önce
I like to drive both McLaren 765LT and Lamborghini Aventator SVJ. 😀🏎🏁🏆
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah 3 aylar önce
765Lt budget hyper car
talal ali
talal ali 3 aylar önce
This video makes me wanna join your production team because I know for a fact I'd be able to learn so much more, just stellar cinematography.
Kade Servoss
Kade Servoss 3 aylar önce
This was such a beautifully done video. You guys do some incredible videography and camera work. Definitely earned a subscriber 👍
PABLO 3 aylar önce
765LT Spider when it comes out
Yaseen Ait Simmou
Yaseen Ait Simmou 3 aylar önce
I love both of them.
Tech Opened
Tech Opened 3 aylar önce
Super G V2
Super G V2 3 aylar önce
The Aventador series is the sheer definition of modern supercars with having respect to the past!
Rainmaker 426
Rainmaker 426 3 aylar önce
SVJ all day every day
Nigel W
Nigel W 3 aylar önce
If forced to choose, it would be difficult, but I think it would be the Lambo for me.
Henry The Ninja
Henry The Ninja 3 aylar önce
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 3 aylar önce
Love them both but…. Lambo for me 🤟🏻
GRANDGAMER21 3 aylar önce
You went above and beyond with sound quality and the way of editing this video I rate this 100 out of 5 stars lol. Also I WANT MORE SVJ FLYBY SOUND!
kjracing 3 aylar önce
Very beautifully taken video. Very enjoyable.
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 3 aylar önce
Thanks for watching
Dawood Kashif
Dawood Kashif 3 aylar önce
God I love Lamborghinis so much
angryoldman 3 aylar önce
not even close...
Panache Automotive
Panache Automotive 3 aylar önce
Wow the 765lt is super fast it blows away the SVJ but I'll still take the V12 😋
3dw3dw 3 aylar önce
I'm not going to watch someone drive around who hasnt the competence or decency to hold his lane.
Tha_reallest 3 aylar önce
Allout Lou
Allout Lou 3 aylar önce
Great video that car is amazing looking foward for future videos
HD Tech & Photography
HD Tech & Photography 3 aylar önce
765lt for ultimate performance with excellent feel Aventador for ultimate feel with excellent performance Now this depends on buyer Personally i like McLaren stylings from 675lt , 600lt , p1 etc And not fan of 720 , 765 series at all
Doyle Alexander
Doyle Alexander 3 aylar önce
Nice video friend
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 3 aylar önce
Thank you 👍
06600110 3 aylar önce
My preference would be the 765LT. Both cars are beyond my abilities as a driver so more than enough performance. I like the McLaren’s looks. I have never loved the Lamborghini style.
❤️ lamborghini​
Akash Rishav
Akash Rishav 4 aylar önce
McLaren anyday ❤️
David Sosnak
David Sosnak 4 aylar önce
More like 888hp on dyno
محمد محمد
محمد محمد 4 aylar önce
Drag ? Pls?
marco grossi
marco grossi 4 aylar önce
Sono Test falsi non c'è confronto fra una Lamborghini e una meclaren.
Costa Xanthos
Costa Xanthos 4 aylar önce
the scene after finishing the review of the 765LT and introducing the SVJ almost brought me to tears
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 4 aylar önce
We"ll take that as a compliment! Glad you enjoyed it.
Preston Kelly
Preston Kelly 4 aylar önce
The SVJ for me anyday!!
Uncle Eric
Uncle Eric 4 aylar önce
I think I would go for 765LT, there is so much capability so much potential that car
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 4 aylar önce
Great choice!
Fawaz. Kc
Fawaz. Kc 4 aylar önce
If there is another car that i choose over an aventedor woulb be another v12 lambo
Fawaz. Kc
Fawaz. Kc 2 aylar önce
@Supercar Driver could be
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 4 aylar önce
Like a Murcielago....? ;)
jay gomez
jay gomez 4 aylar önce
just copy paste top gear script
shreyank goyal
shreyank goyal 4 aylar önce
I kinda fell to sleep half way through the video and then the Lamborghini sound
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 4 aylar önce
That V12 will wake anyone up!
banks30331 4 aylar önce
No race
Darius Hooper
Darius Hooper 4 aylar önce
For all around capability and Comfort And reliability I really would have to go with the 765 LT if I had to pick one of them.. but the almighty raging bull like the SVJ.... well let’s just say... who doesn’t like drama?!?
Dennis Tate
Dennis Tate 4 aylar önce
I got them both in my garage.... be that dream garage
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 4 aylar önce
So do we!
Thjmhfd Sghhkk
Thjmhfd Sghhkk 4 aylar önce
Svj best car
Speircam Ireland
Speircam Ireland 4 aylar önce
5:05 peekaboo!!
Anahita Motamed
Anahita Motamed 4 aylar önce
There is NOTHING like an aventador
rolypolyyy 4 aylar önce
These are f*cking Hot Wheels toys come to life!!! Rolling artwork of sick design, quality materials, and a monstrous engine. The digital display clusters on these newer exotics are also wild
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 4 aylar önce
They are the pinnacle of cars right now!
rolypolyyy 4 aylar önce
10:30 the flashing lights give me nostalgic reminders of light up toy guns and pinball machines ..and I totally f*ck with it 🔥
Venkat Prasath
Venkat Prasath 4 aylar önce
I will choose the svj coz it looks great, drives great...........If had that much money 😂
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 4 aylar önce
Great choice!
DRaGo 4 aylar önce
what place is this its beautiful
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 4 aylar önce
North Wales, EVO Triangle
Hari hara vignesh
Hari hara vignesh 4 aylar önce
Lambo forever ❤️
Joshua Matheron
Joshua Matheron 4 aylar önce
So you’re knocking the mclaren for being too capable.
Supercar Driver
Supercar Driver 4 aylar önce
not at all - it is a serious thrill to drive! Just does it lack the drama of the Lambo?
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