McLaren 765LT : CRAZY 0-200 km/h !

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Come onboard the McLaren 765LT for an incredible acceleration from 0 to 200 km/h !

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22 Şub 2021




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Alice Bellavance
Alice Bellavance 6 aylar önce
0-100kph 3,29 0-200kph 7,53 100-200kph 4,19
D K 6 aylar önce
100-200 4.36
paouvous 6 aylar önce
The thing with Mclarens is that if you take a Vbox and look at acceleration numbers, as you speed up the forward acceleration increases, just like an F1 car! They even make the rear wing go up during accelerating up to a certain speed to help put the power down! Impressive, really impressive!
Nagendra 7 aylar önce
With the same rate of acceleration it can reach 300 kmhr in less than 14 seconds.... McLarens doesn't stop accelerating until it reaches it's top and almost at a constant rate of acceleration... unlike lambos which breaks sweats after 200 kmhr to reach 300 kmhr....I know lambos are naturally aspirated
Luca Vergallo
Luca Vergallo 3 aylar önce
Exactly...N/A engines are slower, thats why is suggested to take a manual but at top speed side these engines are the best for example the Aventador or the 812 Superfast
Ivan 7 aylar önce
Just need vtec😂😂
D. A.
D. A. 8 aylar önce
Ugly with old and not reliable nissan engine
Antrim !
Antrim ! 6 aylar önce
@D. A. yes thank you I didn’t knew that
D. A.
D. A. 6 aylar önce
@Antrim ! Mac Laren does not have the know-how to build its engines like Ferrari or Porsche. Do you understand now????
D. A.
D. A. 6 aylar önce
@Antrim ! yes the engine is an old nissan competition engine. Now it's made by Ricardo for Mc Laren....
Antrim !
Antrim ! 6 aylar önce
Marcelo Manya
Marcelo Manya 8 aylar önce
765HP = 1300HP
striker720s 6 aylar önce
@D K dont forget this car weighs 1330kg thats 700lbs less than a 992 turbo s !!! and a 992 has 650HP and you and i know how fast he is !! this car has 765Hp and only Rearwheeldrive im not wondering about the 100-200 time !!! weight and erodynamic is mc larens secret !!! look the 600lt !! he destroy the 175hp stronger SVJ aventador from 100.-200 with ease ! thats the reason why i love Mc laren
D K 6 aylar önce
@striker720s Yes, but also this car doesn't have 765hp, more like 850hp+
striker720s 8 aylar önce
bullshit !!!!!
Water Gate
Water Gate 8 aylar önce
MrCosmin94 8 aylar önce
"765"HP. Yeah at high altitude with cheap fuel in 40°C maybe 😂😂
D K 6 aylar önce
@Zephyr many dyno test have show 850+
Zephyr 7 aylar önce
Haven't they been dyno tested at 750-760whp? I'm sure McLaren just measure whp.
MrCosmin94 8 aylar önce
@RedCastle3 the higher above sea level the less power engine can make.
RedCastle3 8 aylar önce
Altitude ?
Степан Гончаревич
Which is better pista or gt2rs?
The Ragged Edge Onboard Fastest Lap Compendium
They're exactly equal at everything. The Pista requires fast hands and a willingness to correct it constantly the gt2 is a guided torpedo that if driven with any acumen glides thru a corner requiring very little maintenance but....a touch more courage in higher speed corners the closer it comes to the knife edge because it will not warn you where its chassis is headed with understeer....
MrCosmin94 8 aylar önce
@Степан Гончаревич all of them are crazy fast. You need to be a PRO to push them to the limit. I dont care which one is 0.5s faster at the dragstrip, or 5km/h faster top speed. Id take the Porsche because im a fan and like how it looks/sounds.
Степан Гончаревич
@MrCosmin94 in roll,drag and tracks
MrCosmin94 8 aylar önce
Better at what?
Василий Уткин
100-200 & 4* sec.
han logan
han logan 8 aylar önce
spins quite badly
Lambo2807 8 aylar önce
So damn fast, love it😍 i have the oportunity to drive one of these in the near future, looking forward to it🙂
RSDF PT 8 aylar önce
0 a 100 en 2;34s
HenryPkzin 8 aylar önce
*The only real hypercar killer! insane.*
VK Aylar önce
@nfsfreak951 In todays world no it isn't. If it was made 7-8 years ago, then yes.
nfsfreak951 Aylar önce
is the LT 765 not a hypercar ?
VK Aylar önce
@ChironUSA You are completely incorrect. Todays supercars are doing 0-60 in 2,5-3 seconds. That’s where it is on a normal road. Had they made the SF90 5 years ago you would have been correct.
P M 6 aylar önce
@Mumya Domuez The SF90 is a modern day Supercar
Kaisuke971 7 aylar önce
@VK Not your average supercar either, probably created a new category of its own whatever that is
Nino 8 aylar önce
Just like that!
НАТО в шоке, США обосрались
But is it faster then build Civic? =)))))))))
НАТО в шоке, США обосрались
@Mateo Kovac nothing is faster then fully build VTEC Civic =)))
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 8 aylar önce
Depends how built that Civic is 😁
MrJVRIE 8 aylar önce
no time no like!
Mario Botti
Mario Botti 8 aylar önce
At least 865 hp
salah Dehina
salah Dehina 5 aylar önce
@Zephyr Drag Times dynoed the 765LT and it made 885hp stock.
Zephyr 7 aylar önce
They make 750-760-ish HP to the wheels, that's nowhere near 865 crank in a modern supercar. More like 810-820.
ivo mesquita
ivo mesquita 8 aylar önce
Low 8s?
Mumya Domuez
Mumya Domuez 7 aylar önce
@Jbomb low 9’s u mean
Jbomb 8 aylar önce
mid 9's on stock tires
Rares 8 aylar önce
Bro, first of all warm the tires
Rares 8 aylar önce
@Valkyrie's 007 😅
MrCosmin94 8 aylar önce
Peter S.
Peter S. 8 aylar önce
Bruno Dias
Bruno Dias 8 aylar önce
100-200 in 4 seconds. Damn.
D J 3 aylar önce
This is acceleration like superbikes. Inicretable
NearCreature Gaming
NearCreature Gaming 6 aylar önce
This mclaren is amazing- almost to the 3.3 by the one :1
MrGoro1990 7 aylar önce
@Wojtek D yep, that's true.
Wojtek D
Wojtek D 7 aylar önce
@MrGoro1990 765LT with tune only did 3.5-3.6s 100-200
Wojtek D
Wojtek D 7 aylar önce
@MrGoro1990 Depends on conditions, but Dragtimes did 4s flat.
stubones 8 aylar önce
The 765LT has been dyno tested at a minimum of 748 wheel horse power on "pump gas" and 780whp (880HP with 13% drive train loss as per Brooks from Dragtimes) on racing fuel (Hennessey Performance) so it's no mystery as to why it's so quick. Interestingly the 765LT made more power on the same dyno than the Senna did.
The Ragged Edge Onboard Fastest Lap Compendium
I wonder how this extra bhp is being extracted. More timing ? Boost ? Exotic materials in the valvetrain ?? Dimished parasitic losses in the running gear ?? More optimized pressure relationships between the fuel flow and intake tract ?? Augmented tuned exhaust flow beginning with the headers ??
MrCosmin94 8 aylar önce
They make 765hp in the worst conditions maybe, high altitude, hi temps and cheap fuel.
Ricardo Bastos
Ricardo Bastos 8 aylar önce
@stubones for me its ok. More power is good. But you know when people make drag race videos ohh shit the comment section is a war zone 😁
stubones 8 aylar önce
@Ricardo Bastos Very true. There are some of the models that do actually make their quoted power. The 600LT is one of them. A lot of people claim that Mclaren are cheating by making the cars more powerful than the claimed figures, but if you were buying a 720S/765LT etc and you got more power than the claimed figure you'd be happy I'm sure. I know I would.
Ricardo Bastos
Ricardo Bastos 8 aylar önce
everyone knows that mclaren cars have more power than they claim. sincerely the new 765lt with almost 900 horsepower being a turbocharged engine and with the gearbox it has .... and the weight of the car around 1300 kg the 0-200 was nothing else expected for a car with these characteristics .
А А 8 aylar önce
Too fast
magisterartium 8 aylar önce
A tricycle might be something for you.
stubones 8 aylar önce
and you could hear this car spinning it's wheels too...
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