Matt Ramos vs Spencer Lee - 125 lb Semifinals - 2023 NCAA Championship

NCAA Championships
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In a monumental upset, Purdue's Matt Ramos defeated Iowa's Spencer Lee in the semifinals of the 2023 NCAA wrestling championships.

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16 Mar 2023




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BlackHair 9 gün önce
The most insane upset in wrestling history since Gable lost to Owings. We just witnessed history…
Daniel Freer
Daniel Freer Gün önce
@G Wex lol? Its most certainly not up for debate. If you go off of the numbers karelin is hands down the greatest of all time. 899 wins and 2 losses? went 13 yrs without suffering a loss? went 7 yrs without even being scored on? 3 str8 gold medals in that 13 yr span aswell as 9 world titles and 12 euro titles... no one has the hardware that man has, no one has the record that man has, nor the lengthy credentials....
G Wex
G Wex Gün önce
@Daniel Freer great wrestler. But not the best. It’s always up for debate. I’m not arguing who is best. Just giving someone an explanation.
coachromero49 Gün önce
Stop it Black hair! 125 pound division is the weakest of them all! You would know this if you stepped on the mat in the NCAAs!
coachromero49 Gün önce
Idiocracy! 1st of all the 125lb weight class is not equal to the upper classes! How many 125lb men do you know at 21 years old -2. The average man is in the 140-175 pound range at that age.
Hawkeye 9 gün önce
As a Hawkeye through and through I'm gutted to see Lee's run come to an end! But all credit to Ramos what a win man now go get the chip 🏆 👏
DamiensTheRegicide 4 gün önce
3:23 Ramos defers. Ref indicates green chooses too.
Jakob Folmar
Jakob Folmar 6 gün önce
@Butter lol I read that wrong, thought you were asking if he lost to the same guy from high school. Yeah he won three state titles and lost his senior year just like this time. The only person I though could have even competed with him was fix or suriano but after watching that killer performance by Glory at finals maybe he would of beat him. He looked slick as shit.
Jakob Folmar
Jakob Folmar 6 gün önce
@Butter Lee is the same kid but desantos isn't who he lost to at finals. I don't like making excuses for anyone but Lee was nursing an injury when he lost to desantos in high school. He's been wearing that huge leg brace ever since.
Butter 6 gün önce
@Jakob Folmar since your from PA as I am. Didn't he lose the same way in high school? 3 time state champ and then Desanto beat him in his last match. This is the same kid right?
Rusty Gray
Rusty Gray 9 gün önce
Hours before this match, Ramos had an interview and said he had a plan. You can really see him execute it here. 1) He chooses neutral in 3rd instead of bottom (Lee chose top in 2nd) because Lee's tilt is so deadly 2) He uses his Greco-Roman experience to full advantage. In their duel meet match earlier this year, Ramos dominated on his feet, but Lee pinned him as soon as he got on top. 3) He uses an excellent standing Granby roll twice to get escapes into immediate counter-attacks. 4) He is constantly pushing into Lee, then changing direction to throw him off balance. Even in the cases where this didn't score him points, it is obviously effective, often sending Lee onto his butt or into a desperate scramble. I would have loved to watch Lee make history tomorrow night. He's such an exciting wrestler to watch, and such a darn nice guy, that you can't help but cheer for him. I wish he had gotten the happy ending he seemed destined for. But on the other hand, this feels like the first chapter in a story just as exciting.
PJP 3 gün önce
@Scott Meredith Lee's conditioning has always been one of his weaknesses. The challenge helped Lee more than Ramos.
Rusty Gray
Rusty Gray 3 gün önce
@Scott Meredith That has been a big discussion recently, given that this is apparently a year that they are planning to revisit some of the rules. A lot of people on FLO for example have been saying that a 5 minute breather is more disruptive than an incorrect call, and I tend to agree. When I was a kid, I took a lot of pride in my conditioning because I put in that work. I would have been very upset if my opponent was clearly tired and got a 10 minute break while they decided if I had scored 2 near fall points or 3.
Scott Meredith
Scott Meredith 4 gün önce
I can't help but keep watching this, and I have come to the conclusion that this and other matches have been influenced by the coach challenges. Your insight was excellent. Given that Lee was up 2 points with riding time, was it worth giving Ramos that breather? Isn't part of wrestling the fatigue factor?
PJP 5 gün önce
@W S no problem, and yea.. theres a lot of people who talk without knowing what they're talking about
W S 5 gün önce
@PJP you're the man, thank you! I have asked in like 5 threads here that I knew were gonna be wrestler bait, on reddit, and on Twitter and this is the 1st solid answer. Several very goofy answers too lol.
MikesAvenger 9 gün önce
What a weapon on his feet. He knew to stay off bottom to start the 3rd. Take that chance with a neutral start. Smarts and confidence there. A great career for Lee.
Rich B
Rich B 3 gün önce
@DamiensTheRegicide Missed it. Watched again and saw what you said.
DamiensTheRegicide 4 gün önce
3:23 the disc shows red. Ramos defers. Ref indicates green chooses top. Lee chose top.
PJP 7 gün önce
​@Rich B the commentators were wrong. Lee chose Top in the 2nd.
Rich B
Rich B 7 gün önce
@Jakob Folmar I watched the match again and clearly saw that Ramos signaled neutral in the 3rd. What through ESPN and the two of us off was that we didn't see a clear signal from Lee in the 2nd.
Jakob Folmar
Jakob Folmar 8 gün önce
@Rich B oh man so did I at first. I though this kids coaches must be idiots lol. No one picks down with Lee. It's a death sentence.
Jay.ferreal 9 gün önce
Good win, hard fought battle. He earned that win and he’s going to earn this NCAA championship. Edit: congrats to Pat Glory well deserved.
Brett Gast
Brett Gast 7 gün önce
@Dylan Burnoski how'd that turn out?
G-Man0321 7 gün önce
Yeah Glory prettmuch dominated that match but he too tasted defeat last year in the finals.
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 8 gün önce
Shout out Pat Glory!! New Jersey's Own
Stafey 8 gün önce
Unfortunately, glory beat Ramos.
Spiritual Thoughts
Ramos is lethal. I’ve not seen someone so capable of feet to back takedowns in a long time
PJP 9 gün önce
​@402dude AC Slater originally committed to go to Iowa, but changed his mind last minute and went to California University instead.
402dude 9 gün önce
A.C. Slater says hello
Kristopher Wilson
Kristopher Wilson 9 gün önce
that's all Bryce Andonian does!
teebob21 9 gün önce
Freestyle aggression pays huge dividends in folkstyle/collegiate wrestling if you can hit it.
Spartan89 9 gün önce
Kinda like Austin Gomez!
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson 9 gün önce
That was perfect escape and then straight onto the attack! Spencer Lee great great wrestler! But all the praise to Ramos! Great match altogether.
Op Squad
Op Squad 8 gün önce
@teebob21 what the hell are you talking about ? That’s not spencer lee’s style at😂
teebob21 8 gün önce
@Zayne S LMAO he gave up and quit the tournament
teebob21 8 gün önce
@A E ok. Wake me up when he wrestles another NCAA match.
SoggyTOTS Live
SoggyTOTS Live 8 gün önce
@teebob21cough cough Bravo-Young
TTB 8 gün önce
@A E Wow. With the two medical forfeits announced today (in the consolation bracket), the semi final loss was his last wrestled loss of his career. Spencer was a very impressive, dominating wrestler. Shocked how his career ended.
ThanksStJoseph 9 gün önce
Wow! I love Lee. But that was a fantastic match and a prime example of what makes wrestling great!
Jmichael Isbell
Jmichael Isbell 6 gün önce
Exactly and now, with Lee, we get to see HOW great he is-and will be, if he--as he, rises to the occasion. Gable went into a funk, but came out of it. One famous boxing champ once said "you can't see the great until you see how they handle getting beat". Something like that; now will Lee use this to get even better, like Gable did. Maybe?
Jason Webb
Jason Webb 9 gün önce
Amazing. Put him on his back twice, and the way he got that escape and came back aggressive and went for it was amazing. Seemed to catch Lee off guard.
Jason Olvera
Jason Olvera 8 gün önce
Lee was like wtf? I think he got stunned that Ramos got up back like Spiderman. Holy moly.
Simp Ultra
Simp Ultra 9 gün önce
I’m not gonna lie this was the best semifinal ncaa match I ever seen
coachromero49 Gün önce
Zachary Hall
Zachary Hall Gün önce
Cruz vs. Gilman clears
James T
James T 8 gün önce
Check out Cary Kolat vs Mike Ironside.
Kay Pie
Kay Pie 8 gün önce
RBY was fortunate to get out of his semi-final. That was also a great match.
J a
J a 9 gün önce
@Dad of 4 who
Justin Crawford
Justin Crawford 9 gün önce
Wow what a match. Just incredible determination by both wrestlers. 👏 congratulations Matt.
Mike Mason
Mike Mason 7 gün önce
Actually no, Lee totally gassed and gave up. He was WELL off his back and, I think, got choked out. He only needed to hold out for a few more seconds. His fire and fitness were not in the ball park for this season. If he couldn't crap tilt you in the first 2 minutes...he was a shell the rest of the match.
Joe Small
Joe Small 9 gün önce
That move to catch Lee was amazing. I watched it over and over.
The ND Troll Sniper
The ND Troll Sniper 7 gün önce
​​​@W S I was always taught that it's just a reverse gator roll, but there may be another name for it. It's pretty common in freestyle, it's a good way to keep your opponent guessing, not knowing which side you'll roll to. You can also bait him by attempting a regular gator roll then switching to the reverse roll halfway through, his body weight will be leaning towards the side you'll roll into because he's defending/resisting the first gator roll attempt towards the other side.
Ricepower30YT 8 gün önce
@W S I fully believe that Ramos knew he was going to catch Spencer’s left arm and pin him to his back
Ricepower30YT 8 gün önce
@W S you’ll see Ramos position his right arm across Spencer’s sternum to fully gator roll him. It is quite unorthodox but Spencer had great defense with his own right arm so Ramos chose to roll the opposite way and it just worked for him but you have to commit 110%
W S 8 gün önce
@Ricepower30YT I've asked this in a few threads and the best I've gotten is a variation on the gator roll. I've never seen rolling away from the trapped arm like that does it have a specific name? In a traditional gator roll he would've rolled towards the trapped left arm or counter clockwise if that makes sense. But yeah I've watched it 12 times, would love a name to find an instructional.
Ricepower30YT 8 gün önce
@wrestle4life234 yeah I agree. I was shouting, “get off your knees!” now I’m just a bum that love wrestling and know I would lose to a 125lbs champion every day even though I have 100lbs on them haha. Being on your knees is just bad overall but credit to Ramos for putting all his weight and pressure on Spencer to not allow him to get up
chris reilly
chris reilly 9 gün önce
History repeated unfortunately. Spencer has been a joy to watch. To see him come up short of a 4 time state Champ and NCAA champ is heartbreaking
Mijko Snook
Mijko Snook 6 gün önce
and then punk out and drop out for "medical reasons"
Sam 8 gün önce
@Biden is a traitor bro what?
Biden is a traitor
Biden is a traitor 8 gün önce
Heartbreaking for who???
Lu 9 gün önce
Congrats to Ramos. I gotta say it’s insanely tough to continue competing at a high level with two torn ACLs even after surgery. You can tell it has affected him. He doesn’t move as good as before and gets gassed quickly. Even if he can’t get his 4th title, he’s still an unbelievable wrestler. Hats off to Matt Ramos tho.
Stafey 9 gün önce
The whole crowd cheers for Spencer… but Ramos refuses. An incredible match.
Jamie Kiley
Jamie Kiley 9 gün önce
What a move! Wow! Great finish. Did not see that coming. Ramos recovered his energy during that challenge.
Gmoney11 9 gün önce
Absolutely unreal. Gives everyone else in the field confidence that they can achieve the impossible.
Ciao America
Ciao America 9 gün önce
Unreal, sending shockwaves through college wrestling. Just wow.
logan sneed
logan sneed 8 gün önce
Goosebumps and just wow, all credit to Ramos never quit.
Drezzy Scoo
Drezzy Scoo 8 gün önce
See what happens when you incorporate all 3 styles of wresting into one masterpiece. Haven’t seen lee thrown like that since his younger days. Great match, all respect to both warriors, only one can go further.
Black Metal Raider
Black Metal Raider 9 gün önce
I can’t stop watching this. Simply incredible. College wrestling at its very finest.
tenningale ...
tenningale ... 9 gün önce
Ramos showed in January he might have the edge in neutral. Even though he still lost despite being up 8-1 in the first that's information to take with you and a confidence boost.
SIGMACH1 Gün önce
Yeah he definitely showed his intention is to win! Spencer has lost more than once, that can really empower the competition!
Rob 9 gün önce
My name is Rob Rohn from Lehigh. I won a NCAA championship in wrestling. Some consider it the greatest upset win in NCAA wrestling history. I will tell you right now, this one beats mine. I am shocked
Bri Granstrom
Bri Granstrom 3 gün önce
​@Will Cress whose your INVISIBLE Bro?
Bri Granstrom
Bri Granstrom 3 gün önce
Lee #1, Gable #2.
Jeff Dyer
Jeff Dyer 4 gün önce
Ramos so much better on his feet than Lee. Wanted it much more. Best move I have ever seen. Amazing
Coinster 5 gün önce
I remember you man. That was freaking awesome. And I have to agree with you on this match.
David Gantz
David Gantz 6 gün önce
Very cool !! Luv hearing from champions
Monsterbaby's Channel
Great upset. Great match. That whole finishing sequence from the escape to the pin was just amazing. Well done kiddo. Indiana stand up!!!
EliteGotAbused 8 gün önce
Straight up cried after this match really sad to see Spencer's carrer almost be over he did really good though
Joshua Beane
Joshua Beane 9 gün önce
That was one of the sickest moves I've ever seen. To execute it at that moment against arguably the best 125lber to ever do it is just simply clutch. Not taking anything away from Ramos but Lee looked anything other than dominant the entire match!
Colin Berry
Colin Berry 5 gün önce
Wow you hear coaches of the sport talk about "character building" all the time & god damn does this drama epitomize it. This match and Spencer Lee's journey reminded me of all the highs and lows and humility of this crazy amazing beautiful sport. The older you get the more you understand the greatness of this sport. It's sad for Lee but damn thank you Spencer for helping all of us fall in love with this sport all over again. That was the most dramatic & exciting television I've seen in years. I was shook!
Phil Black
Phil Black 7 gün önce
I admire Lee for many reasons, least of which is his ability to tilt up just about anyone in the world, whenever he wants. But I am heart broken he didn’t answer the call for two more matches to let everyone in the world know what kind of man he is, win or lose, that is what wrestling teaches us, courage to do what we do not want to do!!
jthakiddd 6 gün önce
I can't believe this. I've been rooting for Spencer for years. This tears me up 😔
New Harper
New Harper 9 gün önce
You are a superstar Ramos! Congratulations on the win.
V 9 gün önce
So happy for Ramos but totally devastated for Lee
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez 7 gün önce
Damn! Feel bad for Spencer, man is class act that will be missed, tough tough loss
Vaughn Jones
Vaughn Jones 9 gün önce
I am a casual fan, but I watched the dual meet between Ramos and Lee during the season. When Ramos was up 8 to 1, I knew he would be a problem for Lee. I felt like Lee was confident on the mat, and too confident specifically going into this match, whether because he not only beat but pinned Ramos previously or not. It will be interesting to watch how he wrestles tomorrow morning for the third place title.
Michael North
Michael North 9 gün önce
@Aaron Sarquist lee’s ego got to him, Lee had a chip on his shoulder, hence why Lee body locked Ramos while still underneath him in a bad position..
Aaron Sarquist
Aaron Sarquist 9 gün önce
Gotta disagree. Lee gave Ramos props at the handshake in the first match on the throw. And Lee definitely respected the hell out of Ramos' upper body weapons. Looked more to me like Lee just got caught in a wild position and paid the price. Hats off to Ramos for being game til the very end. Signed, a Spencer Lee Fan boy lol
David Bordner
David Bordner 9 gün önce
Shall we call that the “Ramos Roll”. Literally with .01 seconds left HE’S STUCK! 😮 Kudos to Matt 👏🏼 And Spencer will be always be a legend. My god I love this sport and hot damn I love tournament. 🙏🏼
Boone 8 gün önce
It's amazing how probably the best wrestler in the tournament up to this point is so susceptible to a blast double. A thing of beauty.
Ganoosh 24
Ganoosh 24 9 gün önce
The most insane ending Ive ever seen. Amazing. Congrats to Ramos. Just an outstanding effort!
Jon Boxleitner
Jon Boxleitner 8 gün önce
What a match. Tons of action.
Crawdaddy 9 gün önce
Great match, tough to see Spencer get pinned, hats off to Ramos, he came to battle like in the Dual. Both of them fought and fought for sure, great match.
Ermi Wermi
Ermi Wermi 9 gün önce
What a crazy time we’re living in. History was made today, imma talk about this match with my grandchildren one day
C Ham
C Ham 9 gün önce
Who else kinda saw this coming but didn’t wanna believe it would happen
Coinster 5 gün önce
I actually thought, “What if Ramos pinned him in the last minute” right before he threw The Move. I think I’ll try my luck at guessing the Lotto numbers!
Dylan Dempsey
Dylan Dempsey 8 gün önce
@Marcus Miro Honestly I think people look for a reason to be able to say they thought it might happen
C Ham
C Ham 8 gün önce
@Adam Ski yes ik but this past year it’s been pretty clear that it’s possible for him to go to his bad and Ramos proved it multiple times from freestyle/greco moves
Marcus Miro
Marcus Miro 8 gün önce
@Matt W People love saying they called shit like this. I bet when the Cubs won the World Series there were people going "I knew it!!!" lmao
RSD 8 gün önce
You can tell Lee was giving Ramos too much respect by 15 seconds in. He usually attempts a hi-c on the right leg by that time. No shot attempts in the first period. Once i saw no takedowns in the first i said Ramos is going to pull this off because Lee gets weaker as matches get longer.
Nate McDonough
Nate McDonough 9 gün önce
What what an incredible upset. Also, in dramatic fashion. Fall with literally one second left. Kudos to this Purdue kid!
MCKen3311 Daugherty
MCKen3311 Daugherty 8 gün önce
That was just incredible... the gramby roll for the escape and the pin. Way to keep wrestling dude!
xMontorix 8 gün önce
This is the hypest & most charismatic I've been about a wrestling match in a long time. Holy!!
Boxboyz 9 gün önce
Left me absolutely speechless, great match
Brian Beck
Brian Beck 8 gün önce
That pinning move was insane
Jason Sturek
Jason Sturek 9 gün önce
Much respect to the warrior who beat Lee. Much more respect to the man beaten. An inspiring wrestler to whom no one holds a candle to. You’re the man, Spenser Lee. My heart and admiration goes out to you.
Ricepower30YT 9 gün önce
At the top 5 it’s usually anyone’s game. Spencer Lee is once in a generation and far above 2-4. This is a mega upset! Amazing to see!
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas 9 gün önce
Excited to see Ramos wrestle in the future. He is super smooth with his takedowns.
Eric 9 gün önce
Ramos is so good on his feet. A good freestyle wrestler and i didnt want to think it but i was afraid of this matchup ☹️
Eric 9 gün önce
@Michael North theres enough rigged sports out there lol lets keep wrestling pure
Michael North
Michael North 9 gün önce
Unironically should have offered Ramos a million bucks to dip out on this match, just to get the first 4xer in Iowa program history
Saint 9 gün önce
I love to see the comment section. All respect to Ramos for beating one of the best Hawkeyes in the past decade. Sad to see Lee go but the whole community loves him
John Getz
John Getz 9 gün önce
I'm a Pennsylvania guy and a huge Penn State fan. What I just witnessed I'm speechless over. Iowa is our huge rival, and I never saw Spencer Lee losing. Ever. Huge hat off to Ramos for an intelligent Match...
Pirates 123
Pirates 123 7 gün önce
Nationals is the super bowl of college wrestling. PSU has won 10 of the last 12. We really don’t have any rivals when you think about it.
Jay Pauling
Jay Pauling 8 gün önce
Also from Pa and PSU fan and that was a once in a life time match. Ramos will have a great future.
Lori Sharpe
Lori Sharpe 9 gün önce
Spencer hold your head high kiddo! You have proved through and through what a top notch athlete you are ! Go Hawks!
James T
James T 8 gün önce
Turns out he hung his head and forfeited 2 matches after this loss.
Zayne S
Zayne S 9 gün önce
@Kristopher Wilson And even Zain Retherford and Bo Nickal AND Jason Nolf. All who were disappointed by past tournaments and didn't want that feeling ever again. I think Bean Bartlett and Shayne Van Ness will also go down as two of the Penn State greats down the road, but Shayne's time I feel is definitely coming quick.
Bash Chandra
Bash Chandra 9 gün önce
​@Kristopher Wilson completely agree, Kristopher
Kristopher Wilson
Kristopher Wilson 9 gün önce
@Biden is a traitor strongly disagree. Dan Gable's loss to Owings in 1971 is not what people remember him for. Once the shock goes away and once he transitions to freestyle (if he does) his whole career will be remembered. Can say something similar about David Taylor (4x finalist, losing to Bubba Jenkins and Kyle Dake), Isaiah Martinez, Mark Hall, etc.
Biden is a traitor
Biden is a traitor 9 gün önce
This match he will be remembered for..not his career
ib Bilalian
ib Bilalian 9 gün önce
Ramos had a Louden Swain moment. Huge upset. Epic match.
Well said my friend.. Well said. You're goddamn right he did!! Was on a vision quest man
pat 9 gün önce
Wow that was dirty!! Ramos looked strong & confident that entire match. Hats off to both wrestlers 🫡
James T
James T 8 gün önce
Moe Krinkle
Moe Krinkle 8 gün önce
He gassed towards the end. That challenge time definitely helped him.
Derfing Fishing
Derfing Fishing 8 gün önce
What an amazing match for both of them but such a bold but effective pin/finishing move to end the match. I got to wrestle against Spencer Lee's high school team in team state playoffs and we barely got by them... then we got beat by Canon Mac :(
Sweet Peach
Sweet Peach 9 gün önce
Purdue was on both sides of a historic upset tonight
Cherry 8 gün önce
Kay Pie
Kay Pie 8 gün önce
LOL Yes. Crazy isn’t it?
Chaz Fudge
Chaz Fudge 9 gün önce
That throw was on time 🔥🤧 i love upsets ‼️
Sharkk 9 gün önce
Wow! Great match guys! Congrats to Ramos! You earned it young man
fjbxrplover2019 9 gün önce
Huge upset! But anyone could possibly see this coming at some point. Lee has been handled many times upperbody this year and this shows how difficult the four x thing is. Only sport you can be ahead by a ton and as long as their is time on the clock, you can lose. Credit to Ramos , he had no fear of Lee on his feet and thanks to Lee for giving us fans so much to applaud over the last couple of years.
DrivingMissCrazy 9 gün önce
@Michael North hehehehe, says little Mikey from mommy's basement with his Fritos and strawberry Walmart soda. Is that what they told you when you lost your4x hotdog eating contest!?
Gary Waksmunski
Gary Waksmunski 9 gün önce
@Zayne S It is over already. Technically, not mathematically over, but it is over nonetheless. Lee finishing 3rd or 6th makes no difference. Iowa has no chance of catching PSU. There is very little chance of any team catching Iowa for 2nd place either. 1. PSU, 2. Iowa, 3. through 7. is a fight between Cornell, Ohio State, Missouri, Michigan and Nebraska.
Lezo Brandon
Lezo Brandon 9 gün önce
Ya I agree Lee one of the best of all time but over rated and over hyped
Jacob C
Jacob C 9 gün önce
@Brett Gast "looking" him and his mommy can cry together.
Brett Gast
Brett Gast 9 gün önce
@Michael North right lol, like a 3x national champ and 2x Hodge Trophy winner is easy to do. You must be a 4x and 3x'er. Because that's what Lee was looking at doing.
BenOnTheRise 8 gün önce
That's incredible! Definitely history!
Darian 8 gün önce
I remember I use to wrestle with matt in the same club back in Bolingbrook IL when we were on the raiders together he’s always been good super proud of you matt !
markus zahn
markus zahn 9 gün önce
unbelievable, really wanted spencer to win but ramos definitely deserves this
Mikeloven420 3 gün önce
I know absolutely nothing about wresting but that escape was so smoooth!!!! And it set him up for the win? Crazy good match.
Clayton Christ
Clayton Christ 8 gün önce
You could tell he was looking for that front headlock that whole time , just got the set up right. Perfect 👍
Lococrazy 9 gün önce
Spencer losing in the semis is just crazy…
Bruce Martinsen
Bruce Martinsen 8 gün önce
I could only imagine how heartbroken Lee is knowing he won’t be a 4 time NCAA champ. I feel for him but it was a fair fought match.
George Ramos
George Ramos 8 gün önce
I can watch this all day…Ramos had the will and determination to win…they even gave Lee 2pt take down when the video shows Lee’s foot was in the air and out of bounds…Great win Ramos…
Donovan Patrick
Donovan Patrick 8 gün önce
That was insane! Who would've thought!
Joni Pflager
Joni Pflager 8 gün önce
Amazing match! Great fight by both young men. Congratulations Ramos!
Black King
Black King 8 gün önce
I love the emotion in sports . No matter what sport . It’s amazing
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 9 gün önce
The way he turned him for the finish was so damn slick.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 9 gün önce
Sam 8 gün önce
Now I can finally say I told ya so, after watching their previous match a couple weeks ago, I predicted this would happen. Shame on them doubters! 😂 I even mentioned the thing about gable vs. Larry in that old comment. Poor Lee though, hope it isn't too heartbreaking for him that he stops wrestling.
Bob E
Bob E 9 gün önce
Great match and win!!! I would still beat on Lee anytime he wrestles. Lee you are one of the all time greats. Great career you have had.
Mike Moran
Mike Moran 9 gün önce
best moment in wrestling in years!
Kingston Ball
Kingston Ball 9 gün önce
As an Iowa I don’t know how so much could go wrong in two nights
S Palacios
S Palacios 9 gün önce
When Lee chose to be on top after Ramos deferred, I thought “oh sh*t, he has to believe he can turn him and ride him out.” Lee did just that. I love nothing more than to watch Iowa lose, but never expected this. Great match.
Black Hole Schwa
Black Hole Schwa 9 gün önce
Usually the thumb nail gives away the match, but in this case, I didn't believe it. For me, it was literally "unbelievable".
erick Garcia
erick Garcia 8 gün önce
Bro that double leg was actually insane
Daniel Marcum
Daniel Marcum 7 gün önce
Amazing! He never gave up He fought his butt off for 3 period’s and it paid off . And a pin against LEE !! WTF😳💪
All Things NM
All Things NM 6 gün önce
What a STUD!!! Lee showed class in defeat.
Alan Espinoza
Alan Espinoza 8 gün önce
What a great win! Congratulations!!
Ian Shue
Ian Shue 7 gün önce
This is a point in Lee’s career where he can either go uphill and get better as a result of this loss like how Gable went to whole other level after his Owings loss, or go downhill and be a small part of history like when Dean Heil lost his senior year
Fabio 9 gün önce
Man they’re quick. This one’s in the books for a long time
CanYaSayDAMN 9 gün önce
Imagine all Spencer had to do was not take a shot. Circle around. Not lock his hands. Insane.
Danger Powers
Danger Powers 9 gün önce
WOW! Two Illinois guys gave us two of the biggest upsets in history - in one season. Austin Gomez beat Yianni, and Ramos PINNED Lee. That being said: I'm sad to see Lee lost, though. He's such a great guy, and he deserved to be a 4 timer. I had a bad feeling about this.
SIXO 8 gün önce
I dont even watch college wrestling, that move was sick af! His opponents face said it all!! “OHH SHITT!” 11:52
Joshua Solis
Joshua Solis 8 gün önce
That’s savage. I think this is the most neutral someone’s had spencer lee and I think that pin was amazing. Congrats to Ramos and great work from spencer lee; as always. As disappointing as it may seem I hope spencer can overcome that and come back and destroy the competition wherever he decides to compete.
John Obie
John Obie 9 gün önce
You gotta wonder how long he's practiced that exact move 🤔
Truth Ishard2find
Truth Ishard2find 9 gün önce
Great match. I saw it coming from last time they met. I thought he got stuck last time but they didn't call it
Zachary Voltura
Zachary Voltura 9 gün önce
☹️ so much sadness, gotta feel it for spencer, that’s even coming from someone with Purdue family ties
Michael Guenther
Michael Guenther 9 gün önce
Holy shit that was wild. Lee got caught off guard. Ramos came back fired up after the long decision and Lee was snoozing. Damn
Ed gAr
Ed gAr 9 gün önce
You had a weird feeling with this match. Especially with that call and the fact that Lee was looking to kill time in that neutral position
Tim McGann
Tim McGann 8 gün önce
Lee handled that defeat with class.
Lexington & Concord
Lexington & Concord 9 gün önce
Even without the pin Ramos had it won with back points! That is a clean win over one of the best of all time. Credit to both guys for going all out all throughout!
Magical Frijoles
Magical Frijoles 9 gün önce
Ramos is tricky. Second time this year he put Lee on his back. It was an upset, but not shocking that Ramos was the one to do it.
Tom Leubner
Tom Leubner 8 gün önce
Speaking as a wrestler we have all been there, SPENCER LEE you are a true Champion, a Hawkeye .Hats off to you young man.
Anthony Morton
Anthony Morton 9 gün önce
I had Ramos as a dark horse going into the tournament just based off the fact that he put Spencer on his back earlier in the year and that he is coming down from 133 so Spencer can’t bully him like he can the other people…Not to mention Spencer seems to run out of steam every time he has to wrestle past two rounds
Teresa Catherine
Teresa Catherine 9 gün önce
That's why a I think RBY can beat Lee.
john nakashima
john nakashima 9 gün önce
he looks really big for 125, so tall, lol
Michael North
Michael North 9 gün önce
I always had this impression that the guys Lee was beating were some how “letting” him win.. I had thought last night that Lee might lose in the semis or finals, just going off of the quarterfinals win, he was momentarily on his back and then in the interview, Lee seemed SHOOK and very nerve rattled and was giving quick answers and not happy looking or sounding. Brutal way to lose. The Iowa curse, like Dan gable, and also Lee losing his final match in high school. Sucks to suck.. but most just dream of getting on the podium, let alone winning THREE NCAA TITLES. So we can’t feel too sorry for mr Lee. Go PSU!
Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross 8 gün önce
Sucks to suck? Lol. Jesus.
M-59 9 gün önce
Spencer shouldn't feel ashamed tho. Still goes down as one of the best wrestlers in NCAA history.
Sophirith Dorn
Sophirith Dorn 8 gün önce
What a amazing match!
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