Marvin Gaye: The Final 24 (Full Documentary) The Story of His Final 24 Hours

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On his last day alive soul superstar Marvin Gaye is depressed and paranoid. He’s abandoned his latest tour and is holed up at his parents’ house in Los Angeles, California. His excessive drug use escalates and with it, the tension in the home. Soon, his lifelong power struggle with his father explodes in a violent climax as Marvin provokes his father into shooting him twice. Final 24 delves into the Prince of Motown’s violent childhood to uncover the root of Marvin’s strained relationship with his strict father and to understand his struggle with drugs.

SE1 EP05

Directed by Mike Parkinson
Dave McRae

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14 Eyl 2020




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Kuselwa Yıl önce
His father destroyed him and got away with his murder. The mother never protected her kids from him, which is sad an unfortunate. With all that said, Marvin was a musical genius and no one can take that from him 💛
Carol Matthew
Carol Matthew 3 gün önce
yes, she should have protected him and the others. just like so many other parents do, they don't get the child /children away from that unhealthy atmosphere /environment...
Kingsley Anyang-Kusi
Kingsley Anyang-Kusi 14 gün önce
And the cocaine addiction? You ignoring that? Stay away from drugs!!!
Susan Tipton-Clark
Susan Tipton-Clark 19 gün önce
Well said
Donald Rhoden
Donald Rhoden 23 gün önce
99o.o o poo
N H 6 aylar önce
If you’ve never heard the album “What’s Going On” you NEED to listen to it. It is a literal masterpiece in music.
My2 Cents
My2 Cents 19 gün önce
That album is ridiculously good.
Clashon 4Life
Clashon 4Life Aylar önce
@Kathy Katherine Martin Lawerence
Kathy Katherine
Kathy Katherine Aylar önce
Most Aries ♈ are very talented people. Eddie Murphy, Lawrence Martin, nd more. ❤
Kathy Katherine
Kathy Katherine Aylar önce
Yes ! Marvin Gay songs 🎵 🎶 🎵 lyrics were pertaining to truth of wisdom. Save the Children was a hit song. Children of today will suffer to tomorrow...God save the babies....save the world. There were messages in Marvin Gaye hit songs. Another hit song 🎵 🎶 🎵 Sing little sparrow. It's on the album Here to you my Dear. Marvin married Barry Gordy sister. She was much older than Marvin Gaye.
N H Aylar önce
@Lorenzo Baines I’m a white guy, but I get the soul. Masterpiece.
Grayson Evans
Grayson Evans 6 aylar önce
“I brought you into this world and I can take you out” was something frequently threatened to me and my siblings when we were young. Such a terrible thing to say to a child; I consciously interpreted it as my mother would physically kill me. RIP Marvin💙
Vershawn Sea
Vershawn Sea 3 gün önce
Same. Its not cool.
Mark Schnell
Mark Schnell 4 gün önce
She wasn’t lying…😂
Norberto Fontanez
Norberto Fontanez 7 gün önce
WOW!!! I see that THIS problem is a common epidemic. Mental disorder unattended is a ticking bomb 💣
GeoD 15 gün önce
I had an abusive dad too. Very violent, beating my mother and sisters and especially me, his only son. He undermined everything we wanted, killed our dreams. Terrible, thing, robbing us kids of our youth and imbedding life-long self-doubt.
Angie 123
Angie 123 25 gün önce
@Shereen Renee yes it can be one sided, how can young children abuse a parent. To say it is never 1 sided is nasty. So what you're saying is a child that gets sexually abused is also abusing the parent really? And a child getting mentally and physically abused is also doing it to the parents really?
Nkuli Ngqola
Nkuli Ngqola Yıl önce
The fact that he could have been saved is truly devastating.
Pairryn Watson
Pairryn Watson Aylar önce
@Delores Perry 🤗 He could have gotten help with the drug problem and he probably would have, who knows?🤔 But sadly😢 his father chose the route to kill him instead of trying to get him help for his problem and help for himself(the father) as well. The issues they had were handled all wrong and u would think a real pastor would have known how to address what was going on in a whole different manner🙏🏽❤💙🖤🤝🏽
Niki Nireti
Niki Nireti Aylar önce
@Dionysos Mills or why wasn't the police also despatched
Dionysos Mills
Dionysos Mills 3 aylar önce
So nobody thought to carry him outside if they couldn't come in?
Stephen Barrett  ©️
Stephen Barrett ©️ 8 aylar önce
I know right. I would of gone it if his dad was in there or not. Telling me they didnt know whos hpuse it was.
Delores Perry
Delores Perry 8 aylar önce
Unfortunately between the drugs (which Marvin might have used to commit suicide) and his father's jealousy, Marvin Gaye was doomed to die either way. 😔 It was simply a matter of time.
Mamie Abd'
Mamie Abd' Yıl önce
I believe in energies Marvin wasn't paranoid... The negative hateful envious energy his father projected is what he kept feeling around him. He knew but couldn't put his finger on it. IT'S THE ONES YOU LOVE, IT'S THE ONES "AT YOUR CORNER" who end up doing you in. RIP
Na Love
Na Love 20 gün önce
Zadia 21 gün önce
I agree with you, however Marvin was also suffering from "paranoia", due to his frequent cocaine use. Most people who are drug user and use "Uppers, and not "Downers", Uppers meaning cocaine. They usually become paranoid. Rip Marvin...... I absolutely love his music. He may be gone physically but his legacy and spirit still thrives...
Kenneth Currin
Kenneth Currin Aylar önce
Never been on a coke binge before huh?
JackieMarie Adams
JackieMarie Adams 2 aylar önce
Mamie.....Truth written. You said it well. MG should've bought a small home for his parents & a large home for his lifestyle, entertainment, etc. His father's behavior as a parent is like this in 90% homes, just covered up. Sadly, should've could've are always too late.
Joker River
Joker River 2 aylar önce
Women love to believe in energies lol...
Petal Blossom
Petal Blossom Yıl önce
Stay away from toxic people, whether you are related to them or not. Don't stay close to abusive family just because they're family. It can get you killed.
Carol Matthew
Carol Matthew 3 gün önce
120 % truth...
Treasure Hunter UK
Treasure Hunter UK 4 gün önce
@Edward Ribera I have been watching a succession of crime programmes, and almost everyone has a spouse killing the other.
Edward Ribera
Edward Ribera 5 gün önce
It's a morbid thing to have "family" that demonic. But God sees all. It's almost always the closest to or related to you.
Treasure Hunter UK
Treasure Hunter UK 6 gün önce
Better still, keep off drugs. All these 'stars' would still be alive if they kept off these substances.
Norberto Fontanez
Norberto Fontanez 7 gün önce
Mah MOMMA was a DICTATOR NARCISSIST MANIPULATIVE NEGATIVITY LOW ESTEEM WENCH. At 18 I enlisted in the US Navy, and got the HELL outta Dodge. Best DECISION I've ever made.... I'm 57 now, and I came back home to find out none of my siblings were speaking to her....I almost felt sorry for her.... ALMOST.
Vandalorian Vandalorian
The voice of an Angel, tormented by demons. Rest In Eternal Peace, Marvin. Thank You for your gift.
Pairryn Watson
Pairryn Watson Aylar önce
@Eva Schroeder 🤗 Demons go after EVERYONE, not just musicians 🎶🙏🏽
Eva Schroeder
Eva Schroeder 4 aylar önce
Demons tend to go after musicians their sensitive open vulnerable to them.
Cheryl Leech
Cheryl Leech 11 aylar önce
Timothy Newton
Timothy Newton 10 aylar önce
The fact that he could've possibly been saved had paramedics been able to go in the home is even more heartbreaking.
Cal Wigg
Cal Wigg Aylar önce
Sam cooke
Fasting Star Chanel
@Pairryn Watson Really, the Powers do as they please.
Pairryn Watson
Pairryn Watson Aylar önce
@Fasting Star Chanel 🤗 Who Knows?🤔🙄
Fasting Star Chanel
Fasting Star Chanel 2 aylar önce
@Kristi Davis Could be. Depends prolly on what current resources the local govt has from our tax money. Who can figure these 'people' out?
Kristi Davis
Kristi Davis 2 aylar önce
@Fasting Star Chanel probably why now there is always a Cop with them now because of this
Muriah Sullivan
Muriah Sullivan 9 aylar önce
It hurts to see his sister talk about this. She tries so hard to make it softer than what it was. I hope she is doing well.
T S Yıl önce
I was a teen in the 70s. Marvin Gaye was so phenomenal. This story is so sad. We never know. Talent, good looks, fame and money, yet tragedy still finds him.
Mia Jackie
Mia Jackie 4 aylar önce
I remember this night like it was yesterday. It was all over the radios. It was raining that night I heard it Daddy killed marvelous Marvin Gaye. I cried like a little baby. Rest in peace Marvin. He will never be forgotten. So hard
Nicole Sands
Nicole Sands 6 aylar önce
38 Years Ago today...we lost an Legend. Rest In Peace Marvin Gaye.
Vivien Williams
Vivien Williams 4 aylar önce
Remember the time when he was killed so well. Was going through bad times myself. Could not believe that anyone would kill their own child. Marvin so talented; looks, voice, personality, but crippled by his childhood. Makes you really believe that parents should pass a test before being allowed to have children.
Ruciana Pollard
Ruciana Pollard Aylar önce
I was 8 when he died and I didn't understand why my mother was crying.
Migdalia Otero
Migdalia Otero 2 aylar önce
No one be perfect!!
Antoinette Davis
Antoinette Davis 2 aylar önce
Antoinette Davis
Antoinette Davis 2 aylar önce
Frenchwordsmith 2 aylar önce
Amen to that! Parents SHOULD pass a test before being allowed to have children. I know, 'cause I had a difficult childhood, too, but at least I wasn't shot dead! What a horrible tragedy to happen to such a gifted man!
Elizabeth Moultrie
Elizabeth Moultrie 8 aylar önce
RIP Marvin. It's not Good to stay around people whom you know you conflict with. Keep a distance from haters even if its family. Stick to those that have positive energy which adds to you. Always distance from Negative and Jealousy people.
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee Yıl önce
I toured with Marvin in 1980 as his conga player and looked forward to more tours. SO tragic! I'm 72 now, I've got a story to tell and must write a book. Aloha to all from Maui!
Norma Rodriguez
Norma Rodriguez 15 gün önce
@Akin Chinnery Thats what I wondered! With that awesome gold bracelet on yes love that concert!
Norma Rodriguez
Norma Rodriguez 15 gün önce
Please please do!!🙏🙏
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee 17 gün önce
@Olivia Rainbow oh this will be fun! for sure $$$ when it sells! Mahalo and aloha from Maui!
Olivia Rainbow
Olivia Rainbow 19 gün önce
@Sandra Lee and I WOULDN'T CHARGE A DIME!!
Olivia Rainbow
Olivia Rainbow 19 gün önce
@Sandra Lee I would love to help you!! Iam an avid book reader and writer
Free Dolphin
Free Dolphin Yıl önce
Marvin was always a gentle giant, his life is so inspiring and relatable to mine. Our birthdays are one day apart (not the same year of course), and he's been my inspiration all my life. His music, his good heart, his tenacity, his beauty, his braveness, his pain, his mistakes, and of course, his writing and his everlasting voice will always be my inspiration for the rest of my life. Regardless how long my life may God grand me, I shall do my part just like him, he was truly an angel of a man.
Evonza 9 aylar önce
Let me just say this, Marvin has a beautiful soul, his music legacy can't be corrupted and his father who was supposed to be a minister shouldn't be beating Marvin's mother or killing people and definitely not his beautiful son rip Marvin❤️🖤💚
joe jones
joe jones Yıl önce
sometimes it's best when the father doesnt stick around...
tulayama lavenapi
tulayama lavenapi 26 gün önce
@Sunny bob Quackers Okay
Sunny bob Quackers
Sunny bob Quackers Aylar önce
@tulayama lavenapi ummm cross dressing isn't like that. don't judge honey
tulayama lavenapi
tulayama lavenapi 3 aylar önce
Wow yes....! Just imagine the kind-hearted mother... I bet she neither drank or did cocaine nor had sexual perverse delusions about her femininity.
Dadecountess Yıl önce
Marvin is a legend , his smile, charisma ,& natural talent will live on forever .his father was envious ,insecure ,and deranged ... what a shame .
wynomie Craig
wynomie Craig 11 gün önce
I agree!
Anna Aylar önce
Marvin though... made mistakes, putting off rehab while descending further into drug addiction and paranoia, filling the house with weapons, bringing drug dealers and fellow druggies into the house that his parents lived in (whether he owned it or not), in and out, beating his father that one time even though he must have known on some level what the result might be, even giving his father a gun. Maybe it was a kind of 'death by father' suicide instead of a 'death by cop' suicide. Maybe it wasn't, we will never know. Surprised his father got off with a suspended sentence for voluntary manslaughter. It is like there whole lives together, father and son, and the relationship they had, were leading to that one point. where one of them was almost bound to die at the hand of the other. Though with different choices, it would not have been.
Sue Stephan
Sue Stephan 2 aylar önce
His Father could not take away Marvin’s success. A super star, had a lot of good years but it wasn’t enough. He sought the approval of his dad that he would never get. Thank you Marvin Gaye for supplying us with great sounding music
Lisa marie Alaniz
Lisa marie Alaniz 3 aylar önce
Henry Bell
Henry Bell 8 aylar önce
What going on
bdflatlander 2 aylar önce
So sad what happened to such a talented performer with such a beautiful voice.
Eleanor Harris
Eleanor Harris 5 aylar önce
I'm so sorry for the loss of Marvin Gaye. May he rest in peace.
erickagibbsfitness 7 aylar önce
Marvin had a tumultuous relationship with his father just like Prince. I feel it was fueled by jealousy. I know it's easier said than done but it's ok to remove toxic people from your life, even if its a parent. RIP to Marvin!
Audrey Ann
Audrey Ann Yıl önce
Marvin Gaye is one of the greatest singers and song writers to ever live. The music back then was incredible. It all came from the soul; from within. Even the album covers were soulful. I can't help but think about how the singers today behave. They don't come close. Oh and before I forget 'What's Going On' was and still is one of the publics most favorite albums of all time.
Lawrence Scott
Lawrence Scott Yıl önce
Rip Marvin. Still remember my dad crying like a baby when he heard the news.
Jylessa_ The Spirit Gem
My mom told me that my dad cried too! I'm 33 and my dad's passed away when I was 21. I couldn't imagine the things that often transpire between parents and children that lead to this ending. Thank God for that!
Tina Webb
Tina Webb 8 aylar önce
My mum used to tell me and my brothers the same thing, “she brought us into this world and she can take us out.” As kids we believed every word.
Tina Webb
Tina Webb 3 aylar önce
@tru rula it’s only now I’m all grown up that I realise how wrong she was to have said it. She passed away when I was 12 years old and I was born in the 80’s. I believed every single word at the time, of course she wouldn’t have actually murdered us for misbehaving the threat alone was enough. We grew up knowing respect and was very rarely if ever at all disciplined physically. Sorry for that long reply basically I meant to say I know what you’re saying you’re absolutely right ending someone’s life is murder regardless.
tru rula
tru rula 3 aylar önce
murder is murder
Sunday Dumaka
Sunday Dumaka Aylar önce
I can’t even believe a father would do something like this cause it’s heartbreaking 💔
Stella NK
Stella NK Yıl önce
The moral of Marvin’ Gaye story: IT BE YOUR OWN PEOPLE 🙄😡RIP LEGEND
Octagon9 28 gün önce
usually it is unfortunately feelings can build over time and it’s close ones that usually u can built pretty pic and not so much
Phyllis Grier
Phyllis Grier 11 aylar önce
David Sutton
David Sutton Yıl önce
Rebels42 Wynn
Rebels42 Wynn Yıl önce
Tracey Lennon
Tracey Lennon Yıl önce
This I know you better PREACH!!!
Daughter Of ZION
Daughter Of ZION 9 aylar önce
I grew up listening to this absolutely gorgeous talented man, and knowing how he was killed when I grew up really hurt me. This gave a deeper understanding. His father was his downfall throughout his life. He should have never went back there. But this documentary is suggesting he basically planned his own death. I guess we’ll never know, nobody can speak for a dead man. His father will get his judgment , not only was he a murderer he was a cross dressing preacher. Trust me his judgment is coming.
mike Blankenshiip
I like to keep Mr. Gaye's memory in a positive light. This shows are needed in a way i guess to understand what happened, but they seem to veer away from just how great this man was. I look at him as Sam Cookes the 2nd. Both killed in such horrible ways but Marvin had a special talent as well as Sam. May they both rest in peace and their music lives on forever.
Simple Tips for Effective Communication/Trust
Heard it once before…. The bigger the talent , the more the madness!
Keshia Yıl önce
I love this man,I can hear stories about Marvin all day everyday,I really wish I was around in his time period💝 What his dad did to him is just downright sad,it shows how you can't trust many in this world. He didn't get fair cards delt to him in life.I think Marvin's father was jealous of the love Marvin had for his Mother.. sad! .R.I.P Marvin , forever a legend 💝💕
mutherhen 11 aylar önce
He still is my favorite artist. I absolutely love his voice and style. What a handsome man who was gentle and kind. All he ever wanted was to sing. His father murdered him!
𝕋𝕁 Aylar önce
If you learn more about Marvin's behaviour towards Janice, in particular, you may want to change your mind about the _"gentle and kind"_ thing. Amazing artist, not such a great person ... but of course he was only human and considerably damaged, at that.
Elizabeth Williamson
He was the Prince of Motown. His death was so tragic. He us missed so much. His music was timeless.
Sherry Woody
Sherry Woody Yıl önce
This was so sad. I loved Marvin, I loved his voice and his music . R.I.P.❤
Darryl Evans
Darryl Evans Yıl önce
Why are so many of us black folks jealous of each other. Marvin Gaye a musical genius unbelievable voice and talent RIP.
Mary Kay Thompson
I had always known his father killed him, but never the details. How very tragic.
Ryan Everett
Ryan Everett Yıl önce
This series is amazing. Can't get enough .
Hilda Perry
Hilda Perry Yıl önce
Marvin Gaye he was a man before his time one of the greatest music artists that ever lived prophesied and still stands today 2021 the problems in the world still listening to his music today
Kedibone Mahasane
Kedibone Mahasane 11 aylar önce
He still is, and will always be the GOAT. He's all over my playlist and I always have to repeat the ff: 'What's going on' 'I hope I don't get my heart broken' ' This love starved heart of mine' I'm not ashamed to say I always sing along loudly RIP Marvin Gaye
Susan Schmitz
Susan Schmitz 11 aylar önce
Rest in peace Marvin Gaye he was a great singer he had great looks very attractive man it’s just sometimes drugs will get the best of you now he’s resting in peace Marvin Gaye I love your music he will always live on through his music❤️😍
Nanuq 83
Nanuq 83 Yıl önce
How did his father get away with it!? I just don't understand. What an incredibly sad story. His sister has such a tenderness to her, I wanted to hug her the whole time.
Pairryn Watson
Pairryn Watson Aylar önce
Nanuq 83 🤗 Self Defense is probably what he used to get away with it 🤔😢😭
Kayla Tucker
Kayla Tucker 4 aylar önce
After Marvin Sr. Killed Marvin Jr., he killed himself. That’s how he got away with it
Gr×nd D×D
Gr×nd D×D 9 aylar önce
Look up Marvin's last words to his brother.
frank miller
frank miller Yıl önce
@Wonder Wonderful the line was crossed the family suffered.
frank miller
frank miller Yıl önce
They were all ashamed so sad,what baggage!????
Zae Johnson
Zae Johnson Yıl önce
Wow, the paramedics wouldn’t even come in. He possibly could have been saved 😔 I don’t see how this wasn’t considered premeditated 😪
Paul Baker
Paul Baker Yıl önce
I’m going numb watching this. My life felt like a living hell. It’ a similar story but fate has given me a second chance. My Dad died. Now how do I deal with the trauma?. I still get mind numbing anxiety, memory loss, panic, exhaustion,…. I read self love is the key. I was taught self loathing. Time to imagine the opposite of what I was taught. I did the same self destructive behavior while also doing creative work to uplift humanity. My work didn’t make me famous. I healed the Earth and brought a big parcel of land back to fertility and producing lots of organic food, habitat for animals, trees producing air to breath.
Vershawn Sea
Vershawn Sea 3 gün önce
Nice. I'm proud of you
Reena Geene
Reena Geene 2 aylar önce
Same, in Florida? Where u end up?
Reena Geene
Reena Geene 2 aylar önce
What state did you end up in? Fl for me and similar enduring.
Brandy Halabi
Brandy Halabi 9 aylar önce
I wasn’t born yet, when this man’s life ended…. I remember my mama playing his music for me to hear in the 90’s, my pop’s and mama loved his music and he was brilliantly gifted.. During and after watching this, I cried so much.. Sometimes the closest people to you, sometimes jus being in the industry (Hollywood), is so toxic to an already toxic negative environment, that sadly this can result to an outcome this tragic 😔😥.. Growing up for this man was not easy or sane at all, and it was an already abusive way of life for him at such a young age.. You can have all the money, all the fame, all the houses and cars, all the jewelry etc etc, but the power of toxicity, drugs and surrounding yourself with people, whether it may be family or not, can have a horrific ending like this… Im so thankful every second, of every minute, of every hour everyday of my life, my parents always preached to me to never be swayed, tempted or believe that everyone I meet in life and even some family, want the best for me and to keep God, his will and grace in my heart before anything and everything.. This man was a musical genius, and I now I know why my parents cried when he died….. And to everyone all around the world, please stay safe stay blessed always💯🙏🏽✨🙏🏽✨🙏🏽✝️
Tommie Brooks
Tommie Brooks Yıl önce
Marvin's father was a sad negative individual whose jealousy for his own son was sickening.
Col. 2 aylar önce
Thank you Marvyn Gaye for your talent and you sharing it with us. We love and thank you.
Mash Bab
Mash Bab Yıl önce
Marvin was everything his dad wanted to be, but could never 💔
Loretta _
Loretta _ Yıl önce
How sad all these relationships getting ruined by crazy dynamics. He thought someone was out to kill him, he ended up being right..😳
Tracey Lennon
Tracey Lennon Yıl önce
His father killed an Icon,a legend!!
Octagon9 28 gün önce
i woulda honestly be fine without this knowledge of how he died but too late it’s okay
804krw Yıl önce
It sounds like his dad had a lot going on: born in the south in 1914, the oldest of 13 children, abused by his father, religious extremism, crossdressing, resentful of son's success and wife's favoritism, etc. And it seems he passed a lot of his mental issues and confusion onto his son.
Michael Bentt
Michael Bentt Aylar önce
@Mitchelene King .... Sounds about right...🙏🏽
Michael Bentt
Michael Bentt Aylar önce
@Lauren .........Exactly!
Sunny bob Quackers
Sunny bob Quackers Aylar önce
@FleurRebelle how did that work out for him?
Twinkle 2 aylar önce
Sadly, this appeared to be the case. The trouble is, you get someone who is abused in some way, by their parent/s and more often than not, the child grows up like their abuser, who then in turn passes this disruptive trait on to his/her children and the awful cycle repeats itself and goes on and on. xx
Rebels42 Wynn
Rebels42 Wynn 5 aylar önce
I totally agree with you.
Ruth Whall
Ruth Whall 2 aylar önce
Greatly missed .Saddened by the tragedy of his life's story. immensely sorry for his family and siblings,to have to live with that psychological damage and the grief ,that will never fully heal. I thank you Marvin for your wonderful music which will never die RIP 🙏and hopefully marvin will be making heavenly music with Tammy Terrell
Hannah Dyson
Hannah Dyson Yıl önce
For all of those saying his mother should have left the father when they were children you have to remember the time period . Single motherhood was seen as unacceptable and divorced women seen as damaged . There was no guarantee she would have been even granted one . The view on domestic violence and even child abuse was so much different back then . She could have left him latter but I suspect by then she was already ensnared.
K B 9 aylar önce
As someone who had to completely get away from my family (I KNOW that I'm not capable of murder because I didn't kill my mother), Marvin was CERTAINLY in a self-destructive tailspin by moving into that house (when he had countless other options). Some people choose suicide by cop; it seems he chose suicide by pop (and I don't mean that to in anyway sound flippant). He was SO high on the Motown 25 special shot a few weeks earlier; he had to be just miserable 🥺.
Eileen Powell
Eileen Powell Yıl önce
So sad that nobody mentioned mental issues with the father which spilled over the rest of the family. Not so long ago mental health was taboo and therefore denied abd shunned. So many persons were regarded as bad and awful. Some were incarcerated and killed. Its kind of really sad
Jody Carrithers
Jody Carrithers Yıl önce
Sounds to me like his dad had SERIOUS problems of his own. Instead of OWNING his own "sins" he took it out on his son. What a horrible person. He took Marvin from the world. JUST HORRIBLE.
Pairryn Watson
Pairryn Watson Aylar önce
@Umelo Karnes 🤗 Sounds like dad was bipolar too And he thought he was a minister, but he was a false prophet because a real minister, pastor, preacher or man of God🙏🏽 wouldn't have killed his child😢💔 he would know to handle that issue in a positive way and he wouldn't be cross dressing 🙄😳😮👿
Pairryn Watson
Pairryn Watson Aylar önce
@mck764 🤗 His father was also drinking🥃 at the time, so they both were probably intoxicated 😵
LadyBhive1 6 aylar önce
@The Learner I heard that too!
Umelo Karnes
Umelo Karnes 8 aylar önce
Sounds like Marvin was bipolar and self meditating with the cacaine. Too bad he never sought out professional help.
Sunshine83 Yıl önce
On a older documentary when both his parents were still alive, I remember his mother said, marvin Gaye dad never "Liked" him and they tend to clash alot. She said Marvin stepped in to defend her when Marvin's dad and her was fighting and that He knocked his Dad to the ground, she said afterwards he went into his bedroom and than Marvin's dad went into his bedroom with a gun and shot him once and he fell on his bed...you know the rest. Marvin's dad was sitting on the porch when the police came and he confessed, They said he ended up doing I believe 20 yrs before released. But now it has changed and they say he had 5 yrs probation🤔. The mother and marvin gaye(Edit:I meant Marvin gayes dad has passed and his mother) has passed so this story seems a bit different than the original.
lovely niya
lovely niya Yıl önce
life failed him completely…RIP Marvin 😢❤️
JF Jones
JF Jones Yıl önce
A brilliant and talented artist was Marvin. We lost a legend. Unfortunate decision to move back home. I was lucky to see him in concert way back when.....may he fly high with the ancestors.
Diamond Leigh
Diamond Leigh 10 aylar önce
Seems like Marvin feelings were right about the person who wanted to kill him 🙄. Unfortunately it was the person who he trusted the most. His father had alot of envy in his heart for Marvin.... RIP Mr.Gaye 🙏🏽🕊️
Robin Cooper
Robin Cooper Yıl önce
Wow. Marvin’s father was a pastor that flamboyantly crossed dressed and wore his wife’s slippers around the house BUT felt that marvin’s music was the “devil’s music?” Make it make sense!
Rudion Hendricks
Rudion Hendricks 2 gün önce
Rome Rome
Rome Rome 10 gün önce
Easy...The God In Religion IS Also The Same Evil One The Blame Falls On 😅😅😅
Firestarter333                             Alchemy
I CAN NOT😱 Nonsenses
My2 Cents
My2 Cents 19 gün önce
Usually it's the "holiest" amongst us who are doing the most contradictory things.
Judnie Gedeon
Judnie Gedeon 21 gün önce
Melita Craig
Melita Craig Aylar önce
OMG!!! I've got chills from watching this video... The tears won't stop...
Susan Harris
Susan Harris Aylar önce
With a father and childhood like that Marvin didn't stand a chance and it's agonizing with his massive talent, his good looks and gifts to the world.
Cindy Starling
Cindy Starling 11 aylar önce
Definitely freaking tragic and devastating I never knew how he passed away. 💔
JahMaykan 9 aylar önce
Awesome coverage. Thank you so much. Sad situation 😢 Rest in love Marvin 😍
Lady Messenger
Lady Messenger 2 yıl önce
Congratulations Marvin!!! The “What’s Going On” album is number one on the Billboard greatest 500 albums of all time ❤️❤️❤️
JOHN HUMA 19 gün önce
@CD Galore what's going on
Mark Frost
Mark Frost 2 aylar önce
@luckybroad49 mot AT THAT TIME...they said it was greatest of ALL time....n'ah it isnt
Mark Frost
Mark Frost 2 aylar önce
That's total BS
donna waters
donna waters 2 aylar önce
You’re right...I have this album 😊. Still my favorite!!
Desiree Boone
Desiree Boone 2 aylar önce
Right. I can't find believe berry gordy didn't want nothing to do with that album. It was shelved for a year and a half before it was finally released
Queen Kiki
Queen Kiki Yıl önce
I love me some Marvin Gaye truly a legend a classic still listen to his music to this day in 2021 when his dad killed him it was such a tragedy the whole world we all felt it his music still lives on 💕💕💕💕💕🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💯💯💯💯🥰🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇!!!!!
Jazmine Yıl önce
no mentions of his prior career/success/friendship with Ms. Tammi Terrell and how her passing at 24 majorly affected his life ? I'm sure that took a toll and had a lot to do with Marvin's mental state.
Liz Rising
Liz Rising 8 aylar önce
I will never hear the words "I am proud of you!" from my minister dad but that's ok now. Rest in power, Marvin!❤️
Marlon Thomas Jr
Marlon Thomas Jr Yıl önce
I’m 23 and love Marvin Gaye and his silky smooth voice
Biggg Doggg
Biggg Doggg Yıl önce
Marvin Gaye was a genius plain and simple!!!😎💯
Octagon9 28 gün önce
genius is not a requirement but a good heart always help
Deborah Hall
Deborah Hall 11 aylar önce
We loved Marvin, even threw his pain!
Fovos Prodromus
Fovos Prodromus 7 aylar önce
This is so horrifying. It's sad what substance abuse and growing up in that environment does to a person. It's a disease and the only way it can be helped is by seeking treatment/help.
Tina Collins
Tina Collins Yıl önce
Marvin was a legend fantastic music 💕
Craig Barron
Craig Barron 8 aylar önce
I found out my father was a transvestite when I was 13. Unlike Marvin's awful Father, my Dad was a loving Father who never let any of us see that side of him and we had a perfect childhood with a perfect Dad. Our childhood was such a wonderful and stable time for my siblings and I that when I heard that information I could of cared less.......My Dad kept his personal likes and the job of parenting absolutely separate.
Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling 6 aylar önce
One of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard about. If only he’d cut the ties with his father. It would have benefited both of them, especially in the long run.
Zona Bass
Zona Bass 3 aylar önce
I loved it Marvin Gaye I grew up on his music and I remember when they said it on the radio that Marvin Gaye have been shot and killed I thought it was a April fool joke but it was not a joke it was real I remember breaking down crying like a baby BECAUSE he just came out with sexual healing that was the last song that Marvin Gaye left with he had his struggle just like anybody else have their struggles but at the end of the day I loved it Marvin Gaye 🙏🏿🕊️💔❤️🥰🌹😥🙏🏿
Bènna Yıl önce
The most heartbreaking thing is that he died just a day before his birthday 😭
Octagon9 28 gün önce
thas why i don’t celebrate birthday..cause really it only happens once so im not sure why the reps
Corey COKE Polk
Corey COKE Polk Yıl önce
Jealousy is a deadly sin. His father was so jealous.
Parthenia T.
Parthenia T. 23 gün önce
@Leon Morris and I only wish I could help. SERIOUSLY! PRAY THAT GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!! 🙏🏽✌🏽💞
Parthenia T.
Parthenia T. 23 gün önce
@Leon Morris is that a picture of Marvin Gaye on your comment/reply ?
Leon Morris
Leon Morris 24 gün önce
@Parthenia T. I would love to xx
Parthenia T.
Parthenia T. 24 gün önce
@frank miller only through GOD/YAH!
Janya Gibson
Janya Gibson 3 aylar önce
It’s ok to distance yourself from family💯Do whatever you have to do to protect your peace and be happy!!
MKA 10 aylar önce
This needs to be a movie ASAP.
C F Yıl önce
Rest In peace Marvin....God bless you.
amanda bee
amanda bee 22 gün önce
Another great artist who's life ended to soon. Mother failed to protect her child while the killer got off Scott free. Rest in peace to a icon a legend. Gone but surely not forgotten
Carol P
Carol P Yıl önce
I've always and still do enjoy his music.
Tracey Lennon
Tracey Lennon 8 aylar önce
It WAS the best album he's ever done!!
lesley decker
lesley decker 5 aylar önce
What a tragic sad story. The only thing I knew is that I loved Marvin I had his records. This is so sad 😞
Rosemarie Lawrence
Rosemarie Lawrence 25 gün önce
Marvin will always be my all time favourite artist in the world. That album What’s going on is the best I have on vinyl and Cd still playing it to this day
macey austin
macey austin Yıl önce
My mother went to church with Marvin Gaye and his family. They would see each other twice a year at their convocations/district meets and she said Marvin Sr was jealous of Marvin Jr because he got more praise for his singing then his father got for his sermons. Marvin could never get away from his biblical up bringing and in his last days he had a preacher in one room and his cocaine in another going back and forth between the two
Althia 24 gün önce
Nadine White
Nadine White Aylar önce
Tradgedy to the left and tragedy to the right. And straight ahead was crazy dad. Wish he had found an escape route☹️
Joseph Cumberbatch
Joseph Cumberbatch 9 aylar önce
All Marvin gaye wanted was his father's approval,exceptance and love 💕 and for the life of me his dad couldn't grant that SMH SMT so much for the Cross dresser
Joseph Cumberbatch
Joseph Cumberbatch 9 aylar önce
There's power in the tongue 😂 unfortunately it was meant for evil and bad. He killed his son in my opinion that was premeditated murder and he should of been charged , he said he bought you in this world and he can take you outta the world and that's exactly what he did
Joseph Cumberbatch
Joseph Cumberbatch 9 aylar önce
Jealousy is truly a *itch and Soo real ...Soo unfortunately unfortunate RIP the great Marvin gaye much love from the Bahamas 242 gone to soon but never forgotten PS your dad is a riot /mess
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez Yıl önce
There's a music CD of Marvin Gaye in my car now, I love his music, it will never die! Unfortunately never got to see him in concert, and now is his RIP 😔
I feel so sorry for his sister torn aww she's a sweetie
will ellis
will ellis 7 aylar önce
My Mom is 62 years old...and she has cried about 5 times in her adult life, Marvin Gaye’s death was and still is one of those times. She didn’t even cry when her own Mother passed and they were close.
Tanya Chavis
Tanya Chavis Yıl önce
Tragic. Such a toxic mix of dysfunction, abuse, hypocrisy and drug it seemed destined to come to a fatal end for someone in the house sooner or later. I still love Marvin but with his success he could have lived in another house and not put his mother in the middle adding more fuel to an already blazing fire.
kelli fletcher
kelli fletcher 8 aylar önce
I remember thinking he died on my birthday. I turned 18 that day. In college we had a wrote a paper to write on the environment. I used his song Mercy Me as inspiration, and cited part of his lyrics. He was truly a great talent❤💔
Libeauty7 6 aylar önce
“He thinks someone wants to kill him” he was right!
Leslie Paternoster
Leslie Paternoster 4 aylar önce
I saw him at Carnegie hall in NYC one of his last concert. What a tragedy. He will live in our hearts forever.
Dee Excalibur
Dee Excalibur Yıl önce
Marvin's father was so jealous and evil how can a man bring himself to killing his own son? Man, jealous narcissistic family members can be the worst.
Timothy Hilton
Timothy Hilton Yıl önce
If you have a physically or emotionally abusive parent,........leave and don't look back. Resolve it within yourself.........somewhere else.........and don't look back.
David Perez
David Perez Aylar önce
@Pairryn Watson dont copy me. Whats up with you,?!
Pairryn Watson
Pairryn Watson Aylar önce
@David Perez 🤗 Sometimes some things are easier said than done 😢🤔
Pairryn Watson
Pairryn Watson Aylar önce
@Carol P 🤗 He bought his parents that house🏫 that's why he was staying there with them while he was off the road touring 🎤🎶
Sunny bob Quackers
Sunny bob Quackers Aylar önce
learn to parent yourself
Ebone Stout
Ebone Stout 3 aylar önce
@pansysgarden he went to what was familiar, right or wrong .. that's what he knew... So sad.
Indigo_Chill 9 aylar önce
I remember the shock and sadness i felt. Later angry and confused. So talented he was and i was like many and thought he was very handsome. Very tragic and heartbreaking 😥
Stephen Hopkins
Stephen Hopkins Yıl önce
Difficult to understand the extremely light sentence his father received for his murder.
Lucy Loo
Lucy Loo 8 aylar önce
I met Marvin Gaye, in 1973. He walked the March of dimes walk a thon, Detroit, Mi. We walked 17 miles together. I was 13. I’ll never forget all the things he spoke to me about. What a wonderful mentor. Best day of my life!!
Michelle Yıl önce
I've heard alot and saw alot when it comes to death. I know that before a person dies they become confused meaning that could explained why his jacket wasn't buttoned correctly. Then I know people tend to feel as if someone's out to kill them but in realization they're actually feeling death's presence more and more until it makes you paranoid. People who's not getting ready to leave this world just yet consider this type of behavior as CRAZY but its not
Kuroe-Chan 7 aylar önce
I can definitely see exactly what you mean. My mom was dying from lung cancer. The day before she passed nurse called me 6:30 in the morning screaming and crying . Something scared her to death. She’s been visited by my grandma her mom and she was at peace but what ever came and stood over her bed terrified her. I came right over as soon as I could to comfort her. Then I ended up picking up shifts at work and had a horrible migraine and did not make it back to stay the night with her. She passed the next day. I think God was with her when she took her final breath but her fear haunts me. I’m sorry so long. It’s traumatizing
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