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Part of the journey is the end.
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7 Dec 2018

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Yük bağlantısı.....


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Red Zone
Red Zone 6 saatler önce
Who else came back for the ironman beginning
Jonathan Machado
Jonathan Machado 6 saatler önce
Sony takes rights of Spider-man back: Spider-Man: "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good" Tony: *I don't even know who you are*
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 10 saatler önce
Stark saved Spiderman but MCU couldn't.
Epic 11 saatler önce
Whose still watching this in 2019
iSuggest_Clorox 16 saatler önce
Don't you just wish you could re-live the infinity war and endgame hype? Those were some really good vibes
Inky 23 saatler önce
watched this in class and got caught by a chill teacher who was like ok
But still....... Infinity war was better and
Remember when we just wanted a title for the movie ?😂
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer Gün önce
Hey fans, if you find this recording, don't feel bad about this. Part of the journey's the end. Contracts and negotiations ran out three days ago. Petitions will run out tomorrow morning. That'll be it. And friends, I know I said no more surprises, but I got to say I was really hoping to pull off one last one. When I drift off, I'll dream about you, because it’s always you. -MCU Spider-Man (2016-2019)
Dean Rosini
Dean Rosini Gün önce
“Part of the journey is the end”😢😢😢
Gacha Panda
Gacha Panda Gün önce
Who has seen the peppa pig version of this? It was so funny
i2E Prod.
i2E Prod. Gün önce
Petition to help Avatar 2 not over throw Avengers: Endgame in Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time When you like this petition you have to swear on your life that you will not see Avatar 2 in 2021 when it comes out.
Dia Achria
Dia Achria 5 saatler önce
i2E Prod. I never watched Avatar so this shouldn’t be too hard
TokiTube Gün önce
Name of the song?
I don’t Feel so good
Thank you Marvel for such an incredible experience
David H
David H Gün önce
1:22 when you find out she’s been sending your memes to other guys
Niraj Mandhare
Niraj Mandhare Gün önce
Nosson Oirich
Nosson Oirich Gün önce
Just so you I know this movie is called avengers endgame
Gautham Jayakrishnan
I remember watching this when it was 128 views and 5k likes
Abou2 Diaby2
Abou2 Diaby2 Gün önce
Best part is from 0:57 onwards.
Jiyoon Seong
Jiyoon Seong Gün önce
Oof I just realized that they changed Natasha’s hair color at the last scene because they didn’t want to spoil it’s five years later 🤭
Simran Sodhi
Simran Sodhi Gün önce
Marvel please please make sure you make avengers 5 I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT and bring iron man back who agrees like it up
sleepy Gün önce
Do yall remember how we all were excited after this trailer? But now we wish the movie never came out.
The Naginrej
The Naginrej 2 gün önce
Why are we still here ... just to suffer ?
arkindomino 2 gün önce
I still love this trailer.
- Lexusler -
- Lexusler - 2 gün önce
Getting home from school, laying down on your bed, you press the trending button, you see it, you freak out, you watch it, you freak out more while watching it, you call your friends and you all freak out. That was an amazing moment in my life
Sighberia 2 gün önce
I remember realizing that the title was about to get revealed and I went nuts even before it said ENDGAME
Can we get past T-series
I just remember when one day school was cancelled,and that day was the last day till break.Then this came online
-Tyrant -
-Tyrant - 2 gün önce
Remember when this dropped and the internet just went crazy. Yep me too
Fat Thor
Fat Thor 2 gün önce
Im upset that no one is talking about how I made noobmaster69 run and cry to his father!! You all are not worthy.
IMAX UNIVERSE 2 gün önce
やっぱりこの予告が圧倒的に好き 当時予告解禁された時やばかったなー
leomarvel19 2 gün önce
Grande tony
Richard Löwenherz
Richard Löwenherz 2 gün önce
Still watchin it every day
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 2 gün önce
Such a perfect trailer. Didn’t reveal anything from the final act of the film. Feige and the Russo’s, Marvel and film fans will forever be in debt to what you guys did here
Master Of Wind
Master Of Wind 3 gün önce
At 1:13 we thought Steve was crying because of what happen in infinity war but he was crying for nat omg....
Master Of Wind
Master Of Wind 3 gün önce
I want to go back in time just to watch all this movies for the first time and get all the chills got this trailer broke me..maybe I have seen it about 150 times
Martin Duran Hernandez
Little did we know...
Kiana a
Kiana a 3 gün önce
I thought that the only death that I could not believe in until the end of my life and the sad death is the death of john in Titanic That's a good idea🤔 because after Tony's death I wasn't upset... and didn't even have time to believe it... Because I died at that momen...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Matthew Lucas
Matthew Lucas 3 gün önce
Everyone knows the film became the highest gross film of all time now
GM42 3 gün önce
get dis friggin trailer to a hundred million views godamnit
Jos3Random 3 gün önce
This trailer got released 1 minute before class started for me in a cold December morning. I got so hyped up, everyone stacked up on me just to see the trailer. The wait was over 😭😭.
Damien 3 gün önce
I remember the day this trailer was released, I'd heard it was gonna be released on that day and I took the day off school just for that.
Damien 2 gün önce
@Jonathon Fyck Lmao basically
Jonathon Fyck
Jonathon Fyck 3 gün önce
Damien Lmao it’s just like You: *Cough* *Cough* Mom I don’t think I can go to school today, I feel horrible Mom: Ok, you can stay home Mom: *Leaves* You: *Looks out window, pulls out phone and starts watching the trailer*
Damien 3 gün önce
@Jonathon Fyck I faked being sick just for this lmao
Jonathon Fyck
Jonathon Fyck 3 gün önce
Damien bruh you were actually allowed to take the day off just to watch the trailer😂😂
pjaats movies productions
I have got goosebumps after watching this trailer after watching the movie 6 times
Aminoddin Domado
Aminoddin Domado 4 gün önce
I still remember the time when people thought antman in the end was a skrull lmao
Nort Snow
Nort Snow 4 gün önce
Someone crying with me? Omg, I rember how i watching this trailer in first time and this put on smile on me, but now, every time watching this, I just crying, because I know this is just the end of all my child life...😭😢
MaxxWell TM
MaxxWell TM 4 gün önce
Ты чо аферист?
Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul 4 gün önce
"You could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Back to me. I thought by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive, but you've shown me... that's impossible. As long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist."
Gabriel Avalos
Gabriel Avalos 4 gün önce
I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on anything faster then I did this when it was released
Sabik Dhungel
Sabik Dhungel 4 gün önce
Endgame trailer after endgame being released - you couldn't live with your own failure, where did that bring you, back to me
Duck Sir
Duck Sir 4 gün önce
best way to make a mega hitter: kill off 50% of your heros
Jonathon Fyck
Jonathon Fyck 5 gün önce
This thing on? Hey Miss Potts. Pep, If you find this recording, don’t post it on social media it’s gonna be a real tearjerker. I don’t know if you’re ever gonna see these, I don’t even know if you’re still.... oh god I hope so. Today’s day 21, no uh 22, you know if it wasn’t for the existential terror of staring into the literal void of space I’d say I’m feeling a bit better today, infection’s run its course thanks to the blue meanie back there, oh you’d love her, very practical, only a tiny bit sadistic. So, the fuel cells were cracked during battle, and we figured out a way to reverse the ion charge, and bought ourselves about 48 hours of flight time. Uh, but it’s now dead in the water, a thousand lightyears from the nearest 7-Eleven, oxygen will run out tomorrow morning, and that’ll be it. Pep, I know I said no more surprises, but I gotta say I was really hoping to pull off one last one, but it looks like, well you know what it looks like. Don’t feel bad about this, I mean, actually, if you grovel for a couple weeks, and then move on with enormous guilt...... I should probably lie down for a minute, go rest my eyes. Please know, when I drift off, it’ll be like every night lately, I’m fine, totally fine, I dream about you, because it’s always you.
Carlos R18
Carlos R18 5 gün önce
This is so different now that we all know how it ended :'(
abhash bhati
abhash bhati 5 gün önce
The entire team of the "MCU" are and always be the best movie Makers of all time.😍♥️♥️♥️♥️
Fila SoFLY
Fila SoFLY 5 gün önce
Infinity War: Mr.Stark i dont feel so good😵😵 Endgame: Mr.Parker i dont feel so good😵😵
Farzan Mohon
Farzan Mohon 5 gün önce
heeeyyyy!!!! what about 100M
Tyler Buchholtz
Tyler Buchholtz 5 gün önce
There was an idea...
Ολυμπία Κεσίδου
Come on 1 million left come on come on
the comik beek conosaur
Rah, this trailer was so perfect
Rohan Rajesh
Rohan Rajesh 5 gün önce
Just *two more million* for achieving *hundred million* views.... Let's do this *MARVEL ARMY*.... *WE LOVE YOU 3000*
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 5 gün önce
For those who doesn’t know endgame is not the last movie theres actually two more avengers movie don’t believe me look up mcu phase 5
R.I.P 3000
tea sis
tea sis 5 gün önce
this trailer was released during school. i ran over to my friends and watched it. we then all collectivity took a deep breath and screamed. i cant believe how innocent we were when we watched this trailer and we thought that everyone was gonna turn out happy at the end 😶
Joday Jokes
Joday Jokes 6 gün önce
Watching this trailer kind of makes me emotional for back when I first watched it and was super hyped. Good times😢
Gilberto Garcia
Gilberto Garcia 6 gün önce
Steve: Is this an old message? Natasha: That’s the front door... Professor Hulk: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! 🚪
Hoopcity999 6 gün önce
Infinity war was a thanos movie while endgame was an avengers movie
Thanos 6 gün önce
One of the best movie i ever watched i've been fun since i sawed the hulk movie (2008) thank you stan lee, thank you marvel.
John P
John P 6 gün önce
Remember when all we wanted was the name of the movie?
Abdurrahman Kuzgun
Abdurrahman Kuzgun 6 gün önce
"Part of the journey is the end." This is so meaningful now
Connor The Star Wars fan
Just bought Endgame on Blu Ray a couple days ago and I came back to this trailer and it almost makes me want to cry thinking back to before this movie came out when we had no idea any of this would go down . . . before summer started . . . before Stan left us . . . before we knew tony would leave us . . . before it all . . .
pigsrcool626 6 gün önce
When the trailer’s better than the whole movie LOL
deigismon 6 gün önce
Everything will be fine in Budapest, guys.
10k subscriber without a video please
Iron Man cannot die please bring him back.
SAHIL MISHRA 7 gün önce
That was the perfect birthday gift ever. Nostalgic moments.
Lil Mickey
Lil Mickey 7 gün önce
I remember watching this the morning it came out with only around 38K views. I shouted ENDGAME when the title showed and woke up my parents. Get this to 100M views by the end of this year lmao.
FrostWaterYX 7 gün önce
Space, Power, Reality, Mind, Soul, Time. We have 3000 of those. Love Iron Man 3000.
Zach Theobald
Zach Theobald 7 gün önce
It is now the highest grossing film of all time.
Jose Enrique Torres Robles
I dont watch the Movie, how is the ending?
Candace Munguia
Candace Munguia 3 gün önce
Emotional and Heart Wrenching. But it's a fantastic ending.
André Aquino
André Aquino 7 gün önce
A Natasha e o Tony morrem
HD Pictures
HD Pictures 7 gün önce
My favourite trailer of all the Marvel movies!
Dylan Spadafora
Dylan Spadafora 7 gün önce
Some people move on... some do but not us... Not us
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