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This holiday season, the best gifts come with a bow. 🏹 Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Hawkeye,” and start streaming the Original Series November 24 on Disney+: bit.ly/2XyBSIW

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Disney+ and Marvel Studios invite you on an unexpected holiday getaway, unwrapping a brand-new teaser trailer and poster today for “Hawkeye,” a new series set in post-blip New York City. Former Avenger Clint Barton has a seemingly simple mission: get back to his family for Christmas. Possible? Maybe with the help of Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old archer with dreams of becoming a Super Hero. The two are forced to work together when a presence from Barton’s past threatens to derail far more than the festive spirit.

Starring Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, “Hawkeye” also features Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James and newcomer Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez. Helmed by Rhys Thomas and directing duo Bert and Bertie, “Hawkeye” debuts exclusively on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

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13 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Neko-chan 4 saatler önce
benepic 4 saatler önce
Hawk guy :)
Cristina Natalia
Cristina Natalia 8 saatler önce
Ya se que es lo que veré en esta navidad
brie 8 saatler önce
Christmas vibes
Justin Cartagena
Justin Cartagena 11 saatler önce
Haven't seen an mcu Christmas themed project since iron man 3, I'm very excited for this show!
Errorter 13 saatler önce
Watching Hawkeye because you like it: Daniel Watching Hawkeye for the post credits scene: The Cooler Daniel
Comosedice 21 saatler önce
That looks great
Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice Gün önce
Hi I know almost everyone is ready for Christmas and I know people say that the meaning Christmas is about being with loved ones and that's a nice thought but I have a question why does everyone use bc and ad and bc means before Christ and ad means after the death of Christ and if science was right or Islam then why does it have christen meanings in both and I know you probably don't want to hear this but I think Jesus brought you to this comment and have you noticed that alot of Christmas songs have Jesus in them and look Jesus died for you and he loves you and I know you probably prefer what ever you believe but Jesus is real and he is worth it trust me and i want you to look up the song o come to the altar and reckless love of God and you will understand how much Jesus loves you and if you choose Jesus all you have too do is pray and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and I know that we all want to believe that we're perfect and sadly we're not and Jesus died to pay the penilty for are sins and believe that he died Rose from the Dead and invite him into your heart and Jesus may be the reason you found this comment and are reading this and if you are a Muslim or a atheist or a Mormon or a agnostic remember that Jesus loves you very much
LazerDanger364 Gün önce
Maciej Wiśniewski
0:40 🇵🇱?
Ashish sinha
Ashish sinha Gün önce
2021 is the most wonderful time😇😇
The Sorry
The Sorry Gün önce
When you realise that the budget of Hawkeye is $200M.......😑
Nino Orlando
Nino Orlando Gün önce
Uff esta serie estará buenísima
Matias Cesar
Matias Cesar Gün önce
Me encanta este trailer
Dora_the_bitch Gün önce
If they dont say something about nat in throwing hands
the hamster
the hamster Gün önce
Yes yes yes yes and yes I can’t wait for this series
Darien Rampersad
Darien Rampersad Gün önce
Imagine in like 2030 when your doing a mcu reward,the amount of things you'll have to get through It'll be amazing
Jackson Jordan Shabazz
The M-she-U
Crazy Moose
Crazy Moose Gün önce
Please shut up
Frozen Gumwad
Frozen Gumwad 2 gün önce
WOLF CHIEF 2 gün önce
Branimir 2 gün önce
they should cast Jeremy as Nathan Drake while he's still in this condition, he would be perfect for the roll
Heet Gün önce
From uncharted series
Mr.Graves 2 gün önce
Great taking another serious character and making a joke out of them, no serious development just make it a 90s cop and kid comedy expert make it about a avenger. Why couldn't they just have hawkeye doing what he does best and break out the kid when he's older and needs to pass the torch to one of his kids instead of a copy cat?
Mr.Graves Gün önce
@Crazy Moose the plot has been yes you can see the same movies on TRvid or Netflix it's premise is the same as any movie like it and it's predictable and boring now because it's not offering anything new to the structure of the plot, it would've been more impressive if it was his daughter running around as ronin instead of girl Hawkeye, it would've given it depth and showed the training he gave her in the previous movies, she really took to heart and would complicate their relationship, will he stop her training to try and give her the life he never had or will he train her harder now that he sees how well she took to the training? That's not this movie, he's going to spend the time shooting one liners to a fan girl basically who thinks she knows everything only to find out the hard way she doesn't and it'll probably be at the end or all most at the end of the movie. Seriously it's the typical Action hero meets kid sidekick movie, look at the movie "last Action Hero" or to a lesser extent "Sidekicks" both about kids meeting their heroes and going through a tough time ending in one almost being killed and the other fights in a tournament and wins. There are literally hundreds of movies just like what Hawkeye is going to be out right now. I kinda figured you would've caught that I wasn't saying Hawkeye is out now but it's story has been told already through the years.
Crazy Moose
Crazy Moose Gün önce
@Mr.Graves did… you just say a show set to release in December 2021 has been out for years?
Mr.Graves Gün önce
@Crazy Moose it's been out for years dude it's just with a marvel character now it'll end with the girl becoming the new Hawkeye and Clint becoming retired or dead. I'd put money on it I'm that certain and I don't bet unless I know I've got a good chance of winning.
Crazy Moose
Crazy Moose Gün önce
The show isn’t even out yet genius
Ariana Sanchez
Ariana Sanchez 2 gün önce
Se você pesquisar a história de KB, ou apenas lê a HQS de 2012 (fraction) - onde os produtores se basearam para escrever a série - verá que não há outra pessoa melhor para carregar o legado de Hawkeye.
kkk bbb
kkk bbb 2 gün önce
Kpop Lali
Kpop Lali 2 gün önce
Kyra Bennett
Kyra Bennett 2 gün önce
I love how their giving everyone who doesn't have their own movie a TV show. Haykeye and loki and the falcon and the winter soldier. And they also gave nat a movie
Mathew Wallace
Mathew Wallace 2 gün önce
Okay merry Christmas to you too yes!
Annika Lin
Annika Lin 2 gün önce
Kenneth Damian
Kenneth Damian 2 gün önce
Will we see Diana here from Black Widow?
Brienna82 3 gün önce
I love how he just throws it back
Blank Slate
Blank Slate 3 gün önce
hawkeye deserved his own movie. im sad hes being replaced already.
Moiz Mehdi
Moiz Mehdi 3 gün önce
I think hawkeye will be next James Bond may be 🤔🤔
Mr. Personality Productions
"There are arrows more dangerous than that one?" Knowing Clint...yes, there are.
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson 3 gün önce
Think yelena will show up in this ? Seems highly likely
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 3 gün önce
Fun fact: Before MARVEL Studios' Black Widow was released, BW/Yelena Belova was confirmed to appear in MS' Hawkeye.
Love how closely it draws from the Matt Fraction comics, you could make 95% of this trailer using panels from the comic
John Smith
John Smith 3 gün önce
I am missing Tony Stark🥲🥲 Noone is better than him ......... Guys is there anyway to bring Stark back to MCU..
PiusAlan1 3 gün önce
Where’s yelena
Fun Entertainment
Fun Entertainment 3 gün önce
I wonder Is Clint Barton going to completely retire after this series or will he give the Hawkeye handle to Kate Bishop and continue being the Ronin, like an anti-hero?
Kamira14 3 gün önce
I really want Clint to retire and just live a happy life with his family
Juno IrvingIII
Juno IrvingIII 4 gün önce
Marvel: [Makes a Hawkeye show.] Also Marvel: *You didn’t see that coming?*
triangular earth
triangular earth 4 gün önce
Join us at triangular earth, we have a point
Tom Biscuits
Tom Biscuits 4 gün önce
Can't wait for the new Black Widow to show up and try kill him, that'll be a good interaction lol
Jacob Garrity
Jacob Garrity 4 gün önce
Hawkeye is the Marvel version of Die Hard and Home alone and Iron Man 3
Patrick Gillespie
Patrick Gillespie 4 gün önce
Oh no. Disney is going to ruin Hawkeye
Patrick Gillespie
Patrick Gillespie 3 gün önce
@Alberto Rojas it's going to be corny af. I really hope it won't but that's what I see right now.
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 3 gün önce
Joshua Edelen
Joshua Edelen 4 gün önce
I love the “Die hard but instead of one building it’s multiple locations” vibe it gives of this husband/family man just in the wrong place at wrong time. I do find it funny tho that in the timeline like a few months ago ? He was just this hardcore ruthless villain killer for years lol
Jhaplu 4 gün önce
Looks like TOTAL OVERDOSE scenes
James Propane
James Propane 5 gün önce
I'm excited for this one the most but feel like I shouldn't be.
Cavalry 5 gün önce
This looks hilarious and awesome at the same time
Mezzi Guzo Luto zogu
Esta buenardo el trailer
It Was A Good Idea At The Time
ROTFLMAO! Poor Steve his career started as a Broadway show, & now his legacy has become one! 🤣
Grace :)
Grace :) 5 gün önce
Here's why I'm so excited for Hawkeye. Wandavision: Breaking reality. Loki: Unleashing the whole multiverse. Shang- Chi: Soul sucking monsters that have been locked up for eternity. Eternals: Universal energy for the Emergence. ... Hawkeye: 'I'll be home for Christmas.'
Grace :)
Grace :) 4 gün önce
@Sammy Antoine I know, and it's AWESOME.
Sammy Antoine
Sammy Antoine 5 gün önce
Cause Hawkeye is more Ground person and he has no powers
Adler Ziemniak
Adler Ziemniak 5 gün önce
now I'm a bit confused. Katy from Shang-Chi looks like a good archer too, and I thought she will be the second hawkeye, but there is another Kate. So there wil be 3 hawkeyes now? Idk what to think
Legally Illegal
Legally Illegal 5 gün önce
They literally have nothing to do with each other.
Tullock 5 gün önce
I smelled fresh brewing coffee when I watched this.... Wasn't my coffee, way too poor
Jarge Lupe
Jarge Lupe 5 gün önce
De los mejores trailers de Marvel
Lynx B
Lynx B 5 gün önce
Change the Trailer style Marvel 😑😑
Sean Coetzee
Sean Coetzee 3 gün önce
The Christmas style? I have to agree. I don't like the Christmas style but will still time in obviously. Want it to be more daredevil-like.
Tantris 5 gün önce
Ayushi Akar
Ayushi Akar 5 gün önce
Love from india
Life of brother 5000
Cant wait for the big plot twist when we learn that the one hunting him is Yelena.
Legally Illegal
Legally Illegal 5 gün önce
I mean, it *is* Yelena. She's already confirmed for the show. It's not a 'big plot twist'. The big plot twist will be seeing Fisk's baldass head in the post-credit scene of Episode 4.
Kerissa H
Kerissa H 5 gün önce
Go to 1:40 I promise you someone is going to make a meme out of it
S Sam
S Sam 5 gün önce
Woke garbage
Legally Illegal
Legally Illegal 5 gün önce
'Woke garbage' 🗿
Marina Magriz
Marina Magriz 5 gün önce
Kinda with yelena was in this (you will know what I mean if you watch the end credits scene of black widow)
Marina Magriz
Marina Magriz 5 gün önce
Legally Illegal
Legally Illegal 5 gün önce
Yelena *is* in this lmao
Callie Johnson
Callie Johnson 6 gün önce
Clint’s always been my favorite avenger. Just a regular dude
heyoka Ikaggen
heyoka Ikaggen 6 gün önce
This looks like a hell of a lot of fun.
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr 6 gün önce
Yesssss let’s go 🔥🤎
Lee Phx
Lee Phx 6 gün önce
I just need to know if Yelena comes looking for him?!
Legally Illegal
Legally Illegal 5 gün önce
She does. Who do so many people not know that Yelena is appearing in this? She has already been confirmed.
Alex And R
Alex And R 6 gün önce
So Kate Bishop have his ninja suit? :P Nice comedic vibes.
Mauricio DeCastle
Mauricio DeCastle 6 gün önce
I’m sorry but he looks way too old.
a n t i s m o
a n t i s m o 4 gün önce
That's the point. He's too old to be Hawkeye, which is why he'll pass down the mantle to Kate
Snoopy Mochi
Snoopy Mochi 5 gün önce
He is 50 years old lol
Big Mo Logan
Big Mo Logan 5 gün önce
He's been looking like that since _Captain America: Civil War_
Rosa Elena Peralta Garcia
Esta serie si me la vere
Joker 6 gün önce
This has gotta be Jeremy Renner's exit from the MCU because he looks to be getting too old for these movies.
Tamaran Princess
Tamaran Princess 6 gün önce
Hopefully not. I like him
Dave Ferrick
Dave Ferrick 6 gün önce
By far this is the character I want more of. He's the only Avenger by my count who has no personal skin in this game beyond making sure his family is okay. That's it. That's 100% his motivation. And you just knew the "don't give me hope" scene and what led up to it was coming. That 10 seconds of Nat + Ronan is perfect. It wasn't resurrecting an ex-Avenger, it was giving a husband and father who lost everything a glimmer of hope. Bring this series on.
DessertFourLife Gün önce
Why did you have to say Hope...😭 THEY KILLED HER!!! Me hysterically crying because my favorite MCU couple is torn apart.
Thomas Reid
Thomas Reid 6 gün önce
more like Dorkguy. the guy's a total dork man
SEVEN GAMING 6 gün önce
Marvel comics is all time favourite
BigD 6 gün önce
Ok.. I like this one but.. let me guess they will stream it for haha $30 and OMG some people will PAY THAT.. haha.. wow
eli nathan
eli nathan 6 gün önce
This looks so bad 😂
Im_BadAtGames235 7 gün önce
1:39 when my mom asked if I did my homework
Fahri Pahlevi
Fahri Pahlevi 7 gün önce
Arrow in Marvel's version
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 5 gün önce
Took you 10 years to realize Hawkeye & Green Arrow were similar.
Jess Pole
Jess Pole 7 gün önce
😐 where’s yelena?! 😑
Gravestone999 7 gün önce
Probably being kept as a surprise
Aiden Brown
Aiden Brown 7 gün önce
Hear me out guys...hawkeyes vs. Bullseye. And yes the one from the daredevil tv show.
Jay Carr
Jay Carr 7 gün önce
Nope. Nnnnnoooooo...nope.
Gravestone999 7 gün önce
Kazukawa 7 gün önce
Marvel rly makes banger Marvel shows
Desmond Chavez
Desmond Chavez 7 gün önce
I can’t believe they brought Kate bishop into this
Kě'ài Xǐyuè
Kě'ài Xǐyuè 7 gün önce
Indeed the most wonderful time of the year 🤍
ezchantes Iusino
ezchantes Iusino 7 gün önce
Marvel se viene con todo
Rizz Q
Rizz Q 7 gün önce
Dimana YELENA ???
OnePunchCake 7 gün önce
Why not A MOVIE
OnePunchCake 7 gün önce
finally FINALLY
Jason 7 gün önce
Where's Yelena?
Supreme Love
Supreme Love 7 gün önce
The next 007 👍🇪🇬🇬🇧
Gravestone999 7 gün önce
I think he looks more like an older James Bond than Daniel Craig
abcun17 7 gün önce
In this latest installment from Disney Plus, hetero-normative cis-gendered white male Hawkeye, a privileged racist and systemic oppressive will finally be put on his place!
Gravestone999 7 gün önce
You can't just call every show staring a white man or woman racist.
Noah Blair
Noah Blair 7 gün önce
Is this going to be a die hard situation where most people are going to call this a Christmas show?
Big Mo Logan
Big Mo Logan 5 gün önce
@Gravestone999 I mean... _Iron Man 3_ is more like a movie set during Christmas than a Christmas movie. Whereas this feels like a Christmas show.
Gravestone999 7 gün önce
Yes. Iron Man 3 was a Christmas movie, Spider-Man: Miles Morales was a Christmas game, and Hawkeye is a Christmas show
Asslover1 7 gün önce
I hole this one is also good since its gonna be a series
Error Error
Error Error 7 gün önce
Marvel REALLY knows how to milk their audience- I'll give them that. "Hey, let's make a full-fledged movie about every hero of ours and make billions". 🤷🏻‍♂️🙂 And no I'm not hating. Just stating a fact. ❤
Gravestone999 7 gün önce
This is a show. Get your facts straight before trying to start a flame war.
Enigma 7 gün önce
Hawkeye is so underrated. Great to see him finally getting his own show!!
Picholas Cage
Picholas Cage 7 gün önce
He isnt gonna die this time is he
Shishio79 Batusai
Shishio79 Batusai 7 gün önce
No kingpin no like
Ozby 11
Ozby 11 7 gün önce
Why would they spoil a big twist?
Jay 7 gün önce
U really expected him to be in the first trailer 😂
Meet Dodiya
Meet Dodiya 7 gün önce
Hawk eye had dosen't suit retirement
ThirteenthAndy 8 gün önce
So this is how Marvel does Bond. Got it. Not saying that's a bad thing.
Joshko 8 gün önce
Marvel is steamrolling on..Shang Chi was good, Eternals looks great and so does Hawkeye.
SupportTheLittleGuy 8 gün önce
Feel like they’re going for Die Hard.. but in a show.. and I’m completely fine with it.
Luke Dodge
Luke Dodge 8 gün önce
What a fantastic trailer! How'd i even miss this??
Dr Andrew Batista Peterson
The best Christmas gift of all
baha464 8 gün önce
All i'm getting from this trailer is that they've got this badass character, who is dark, dangerous, damaged.... and they've made a fun happy family christmas show out of it. This had potential to be a really good gritty action, drama series with a good character. But no, marvel has to make it all fun and cheery for the kids. Disappointed.
Ozby 11
Ozby 11 7 gün önce
The Christmas thing is a key part of the show, it gives them a reason to be in specific locations and sets a time limit
heathmcrigsby 8 gün önce
Look like Marvel about to be 0 for 4 with their shows. Holdin those L's
heathmcrigsby 5 gün önce
@Big Mo Logan They could've made something good instead they made trash. So Marvel is holdin those L's until the end of time.
Big Mo Logan
Big Mo Logan 5 gün önce
Holding L's for you. If you hate em, that's cool, it's your taste. It's not an L in general though, as 3/4 of their shows have been well-received & many are interested in this for its Christmas setting (most of the MCU is spring/summer, so it's a nice visual change)
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