Mario Reacts To Funny Tik Toks 2 ft. Luigi

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Mario & Luigi venture into the world of tik tok memes together

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13 Eyl 2022




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SMG4 2 aylar önce
Mario will never be the same after finding out Luigi's a cat girl
Fan Yang
Fan Yang 8 gün önce
I like the part that Luigi say’s dam boy he’s thick
Marika gamer ita
Marika gamer ita 15 gün önce
Hahahahha hahahahaha 🤣😂
Fennec foxs!!!!!
Fennec foxs!!!!! 18 gün önce
Zahtar zahtar
Zahtar zahtar 24 gün önce
Rubufbrubrn 😂❤❤❤ M I
Petra Böhringer
Petra Böhringer 25 gün önce
Himalayas 2000
Himalayas 2000 2 aylar önce
I’m so glad that Mario and Luigi are being much better over the years as brothers cause they’re spending time with each other watching TikTok videos.
Amritss 2 aylar önce
@Ирина Шушкова Сколько тебе лет 5 лет? Чувак, ты спамишь смайликами и случайными кнопками на клавиатуре.
Ирина Шушкова
Жфдадабыдыбсь бядудсддядцлвлвлылылбвлчб(#*'дя🙏👋⚘😁🤣🌹👍👋😊😳😳😳💅💅😳😳😳💅💅💅💅💅💅😳😳👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳👌😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋🙏💅💅💅👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Shadow anims
Shadow anims 2 aylar önce
@Funny bone guy oh sans there’s too many fangirls
Nathan L
Nathan L 2 aylar önce
Luigi seems to be able to make a good comeback to Mario when he gets insulted or when Mario makes a stupid comment
Amritss 2 aylar önce
@Bambi using timewarp lol fly
Gleisa Moura
Gleisa Moura Aylar önce
3:34 Luigi's face killed me! 🤣
RedTheDuck 20 gün önce
Random event
Random event 21 gün önce
“NO TF YOU DONT” - Luigi
Ainex Aylar önce
"If there's a hole, there's a goal" -Luigi 2022
slurpy dio
slurpy dio 16 gün önce
@hu3yehh noooo I thought it was from Luigi irl
hu3yehh 19 gün önce
Master oogway*
Seeking you're dad's location
"OH a lake I'm about to swim swimitty swim" Mario -2022
Imnotreal321 20 gün önce
6:43 I love how luigi goes from normal to a formal yet based M,lady XD
Deejsingh11 9 gün önce
Luigi saying M,lady doesn't exi- 6:44. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!! >:(
Zac Marvelian
Zac Marvelian 29 gün önce
7:34 just got me laughing on the floor💀
L L 2 aylar önce
Mario just being with his brother and being genuine is just good character development.
L L Aylar önce
@ThatdudeDjuan That is probably canon.
ThatdudeDjuan Aylar önce
I ship Mario and spaghetti
Y Quin
Y Quin 2 aylar önce
Galip Dönmez
Galip Dönmez 2 aylar önce
@The Golden Diamond i ship yu with bot
Amritss 2 aylar önce
@The Golden Diamond stop saying you ship mario and meggy you're a weirdo
Princess Love Brite
Princess Love Brite 15 gün önce
Let's start from 3:40 for my favorite part!
Marioo deluxe
Marioo deluxe 14 gün önce
"If there's a hole, there's a goal" -Luigi 2022
Ana Teresa Vélez Orrego
7:05 we are about to appreciate a wild mario going crazy.... with memes
RedTheDuck 20 gün önce
2:32 Luigi: If There’s A Hole There’s A Goal Is Hilarious 🤣
TP Rules
TP Rules 2 aylar önce
This is going to become an awesome series! Over ten years and there’s no stopping your creativity SMG4!
Amritss 5 gün önce
@The Fire of Gaming 3 (currently canceled) true words
Just another btd6 youtuber
Amritss 2 aylar önce
@The Golden Diamond lmao you guys don't even read my comment you just jump straight to call me a nostalgia baby let me read it for you "I used to think the reason I don't like modern videos was because I simply have grown up since I watched the old SMG4 when I was like 8 years old but obviously this isn't the case since I went to rewatch the older videos and they had me dead laughing on the ground I spat my water out on so many jokes"
The Golden Diamond
The Golden Diamond 2 aylar önce
@Amritss stop being a nostalgia baby
Scratchy 9 gün önce
"If there's a hole, there's a goal" -Master Oogway/Luigi
ツᰔMaxxᰔツ Aylar önce
I love how SMG4 used Mugman's psycho laugh and Cuphead's aaand goodbye from The Cuphead Show!
Donut cosco
Donut cosco 14 gün önce
Did nobody just see that Rick roll at the end? Luigi got Rick rolled, all of the viewers did.
★ Coffee ★
★ Coffee ★ 28 gün önce
Luigi finally standing up for himself lol
Thesoulofpros 2 aylar önce
Seeing Mario and Luigi having fun together is always the most wholesome thing on earth.
Shing Yip
Shing Yip 29 gün önce
Shing Yip
Shing Yip 29 gün önce
Go to 0:39 It really looks like their having fun
Cradapple Aylar önce
The line in which this sounds sus and it doesn’t is very fine
Phoenixx Goddess
Phoenixx Goddess Aylar önce
Keira Larasati Utomo
7:41 made me laugh so hard that i call it the throat breaker
Sydney 2 gün önce
Mario's mustache has grown 3 times that day.
Blue The Protogen
Blue The Protogen Aylar önce
We need the whole SMG4 cast to just reply to comments
Guille 21
Guille 21 20 gün önce
This is the most savage Luigi has ever been in over than a decade on youtube
JJSponge120 2 aylar önce
Luigi: "What a delightful practically based joke!" Mario: *proceeds to unleash a series of 'You Just Got' jokes on him*
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants 2 aylar önce
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants 2 aylar önce
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants 2 aylar önce
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants 2 aylar önce
👽Peridot Studios👽U.S.A.
@wow cool YT I counted 10
goku Gün önce
7:07 got me running out of breath 😂😂😭😂😂😭
Kalos The maybe
Kalos The maybe 15 gün önce
Mario goes complete meme mode at the end😂
Tails gaming and vlogs
3:45 can’t stop replaying that 😂
Aryanna Liggins
Aryanna Liggins Aylar önce
1:05 Mario: And goodbye- 4:04-5:50 I can’t stop laughing
Latexu95 2 aylar önce
4:33 That's a prime example of "anticipation humor", where the humor comes from something happening in a different way than expected. (like Wile E. Coyote rolling a big rock to try to squash the Roadrunner, but then the rock turns around and squashes him)🤣
WarWarAung သပိတ္က်င္း
Here is the link
Laser Matrix
Laser Matrix Aylar önce
@James Pfrommer I think
James Pfrommer
James Pfrommer Aylar önce
4:36 what was this qoute from?
hazbin hotel charlie
hazbin hotel charlie 2 aylar önce
Yea real
Hydrogaming 2 aylar önce
Clueless Retro 98
Clueless Retro 98 Aylar önce
2:25 I’m dying! 🤣
Charmexe Aylar önce
Mario losing his sanity at the end is the funniest thing
TheAdvertisement 16 gün önce
2:45 Pft, very fitting a Luigi's Mansion theme plays here.
Asiya Candyy
Asiya Candyy Aylar önce
I love the part where the music the ready music just started playing in Mario and Luigi just came out coming for SMG4 😂😂😂
CodenameLoser 2 aylar önce
I was rewatching this legendary series of “Mario does Stuff” and the next day this comes out. Comedic timing
Scam | Bait Police
Scam | Bait Police 2 aylar önce
Bot reply above me.
The Indoraptor
The Indoraptor 19 gün önce
6:11 Every time. I laugh every damn time
Luigi looks so innocent in the intro 😩
Knuckles 17 gün önce
What the f&@# is wrong with you
Stefanee Peacock
Stefanee Peacock Aylar önce
I love how the entire video is just Luigi being sus, and Mario Is being dumb ❤❤❤
XanderSongs Aylar önce
The ending is so funny😂
Latexu95 2 aylar önce
Canonically speaking, this could've technically happened inside the current story arc. Mario, Luigi and the others have probably gone hiding in Peach's castle, and Mario and Luigi are trying to pass the time while the others are planning a way to put a stop to Lawyer Kong.😉
Rebecca88 29 gün önce
@like me
Tanush Menon
Tanush Menon Aylar önce
@Derpy Snek would have been like the tine Fishy Boopkins played VR chat and it ended with him getting the T-Poss virus
Derpy Snek
Derpy Snek Aylar önce
This should've happened. And at the end Lawyer Kong busts them out and then gets access to SMG4's youtube channel and pc files. He could post whatever he wanted to cancel SMG4 and stuff and it would've been cool to see.
Jellycat 6 gün önce
If there’s a hole there is a goal Luigi 2022 😂
Rochi sinaguinan
Rochi sinaguinan 26 gün önce
2:33 got me laughing
vøidking trax
vøidking trax Aylar önce
"if there's a hole, there's a goal". The best quote of 2022!
Taylor 21 gün önce
"If there's a hole there's a goal" -Master Oogway
Fco 64
Fco 64 2 aylar önce
I haven't laughed like that in years I almost died 😂 That part with Mario trolling Luigi like crazy
Ty Ty
Ty Ty Aylar önce
@KatsukiNaru ដើរតត្រុកមនុស្សិត្ថិយាតតិយសង្ឃាទិសេសំ៧េុតេុរយេុរ្េិេ្រុ៤ុ៥ុាា
Ty Ty
Ty Ty Aylar önce
@Amritss ិ៤ិេកេោេ្ថើរ្រាហេិរិថ េលេបសើហើយដើមមៀនផឹកផាកកឺដងដើរតត្រុកផុលផុសខោសោខោចិននិយាយលោហិតុប្បាទកក់ល្មមផ្ដល់ផាយផាយការលក់១២៣៤៥៦យិ៦៥ោចក្រយានយន្តកៀកកមមើការកក់កក
KatsukiNaru 2 aylar önce
LAUGH LAAAAUUUGH that part had me rolling he went crazy on Luigi
Jelly0604 2 aylar önce
@Kalanter wel when i checked your channel, there were no videos
Amritss 2 aylar önce
bot no one laughs at modern SMG4
HUE*Donut Aylar önce
The last part escelated so much - I literally laughed so hard
Bee Bowser Jr
Bee Bowser Jr 10 gün önce
Mario: THAT’S A GOOD ONE! (Mugman Reference)
JXN Aylar önce
See Jack black has to be a definition of an actual great voice actor! Great for him!
Luna Skys
Luna Skys 15 gün önce
New Game
New Game 2 aylar önce
Seeing Mario and Luigi having fun together is always the most wholesome thing on earth.Mario just being with his brother and being genuine is just good character development. 💕
Theterreria Master
Theterreria Master 22 gün önce
kid who no bames 😇☺ CHAT 69 by LIVE
@Kalanter di una
Panda 28 gün önce
@Kalanter no u dont
New Game
New Game Aylar önce
@Worawalun Haramarn 🤣🤣
Worawalun Haramarn
Worawalun Haramarn Aylar önce
Don’t be so picky if there’s a hole there’s a hole
Kimberly Calderon
Kimberly Calderon Aylar önce
The way luigi said "NOOOOOO" Got me it was so cute💀💅
Charlie the God gamer
Charlie the God gamer 27 gün önce
When Mario sad you just got coconut mould to Luigi I was laughing my head off😂
Ajax Johnson
Ajax Johnson Aylar önce
0:35 I was losing it at the Mugman reference!!! 👍👍🤣😂🤣😂🤣
oldconsoles5431 Aylar önce
ChrisGamingNL333 2 aylar önce
I'm glad Luigi can be reacting to TikToks together with Mario It will make him a bit less lonely
Krown 2 aylar önce
not to mention less iq 😂
Roma Pupsik
Roma Pupsik 2 aylar önce
Another attention seeker
Mindblower0012 16 gün önce
Well we have seen Mario this mad before when the people started to roast him
habib akbar
habib akbar 13 gün önce
Damn luigi buffed mode be ballin'
Ceesemanners5GAMING 8 gün önce
effects of the crew: 1. luigi is a chad 2. mario them got the drip
Camdenprime5 10 gün önce
3:40 Who less noticed that after Bob asked them to buy his mixtape, he turns to the axolotl and said, "Oh hey Axol, you're alive." Before getting launched.
Donut Burger
Donut Burger 2 aylar önce
Wow, that ending proves Mario is the funniest person alive.
Amritss 2 aylar önce
SMG4 went from the most funniest youtubers ever that I used to watch to the unfunniest, ever since 2012 I loved SMG4's videos and the best years were probably 2014-2017 when editing was good and the jokes were hilarious I used to think the reason I don't like modern videos was because I simply have grown up since I watched the old SMG4 when I was like 8 years old but obviously this isn't the case since I went to rewatch the older videos and they had me dead laughing on the ground I spat my water out on so many jokes 2017-2019 still had some good videos I loved the mario road trip, mario high school, the big fat bully, mario waits for pizza, and DISNEY WORL. But other than those the years felt dead and after 2019 SMG4 was a channel that I no longer watch it's just sad to see such a sad empathy for SMG4 nonetheless I appreciate them for all the memories that they've blessed me with from 2012-2016 and I'm happy they're doing well even if I hate their modern videos.
Gillian Mowberry
Gillian Mowberry 2 aylar önce
Kalanter 2 aylar önce
*I also make videos about Mario😁🤩*
Ionut Plesuvu
Ionut Plesuvu Aylar önce
"If theres a hole theres a goal" -luigi
Your favorite
Your favorite 29 gün önce
i love being a mexican who knows english so i can enjoy this art of yours smg4
pogger Aylar önce
"if theres a hole theres a goal" - master oogway
Stevie Albarne
Stevie Albarne Aylar önce
Ok. Love it. Fantastic video, classic, funny, awesome. Just one thing. That. That wasn't a Charizard lol
That annoying cat
That annoying cat 2 aylar önce
Random guys: Luigi said s better than Mario Mario: *Jumpscares Luigi*
Autism Nation
Autism Nation 2 aylar önce
@Bendysans 0912 What a delightful practically based joke!
@LemonSlice that's because it is that episode probably could be wrong (Also when Mario walked away from lugi Mario said "And goodbye" that's also a reference to the cuphead show from an episode called "Sweet tempson")
LemonSlice 2 aylar önce
@🎀(Cupheadgacha99)🎀 I thought it was the "I-scream man"
@TriKurrDurr yes it is it is a reference to an episode called "Ice scream man" from season 2
LemonSlice 2 aylar önce
@TriKurrDurr yes
ThreeCloth4527O Aylar önce
I love how he used the MUGMAN voice “THATS A GOOD ONE”
Valentin Jean
Valentin Jean Aylar önce
damn mario really gone coo coo crazy in the end XD, Also i wonder what's the music when Luigi does the "M'lady"
Teamofwinter Aylar önce
the amount of effort to first animate all of this and then the crazy video editing. like wow
Adan Sanchez
Adan Sanchez Aylar önce
bruh this channel makes me laugh like for an hour each video is so funny to me everyone should sub
6:34 i laugh bc when luigi said: "MY LADY😏💪" 😂😂😂
And mario he actually disconneted
Leo Aylar önce
I totally relate to pokemon card one 😂😂
Jeff Conrad
Jeff Conrad 20 gün önce
Me after watching any SMG4 video : brain cells have left the chat
Rude German Guy
Rude German Guy Aylar önce
“Don’t be so picky, If there’s a hole there’s a goal” - Master Monke
🎀Shopkins Pesky🎀
1:04 the fact that even bob himself is concerned is iconic.
Cyan743 13 gün önce
*toad is smiling*
Donut cosco
Donut cosco 14 gün önce
Ok shut up, Mayne they will be making Mario videos soon.they meamn, Jesus Christ.
Aaaaaaand goodbye! Cuphead 2022
Isaac Henderson
Isaac Henderson 2 aylar önce
@Kalanter aLiar
Isaac Henderson
Isaac Henderson 2 aylar önce
@Kalanter LIAR
Kylynn Smith
Kylynn Smith Aylar önce
timestamp 2:26, most of the mass of marios head went to Luigi's nose🤣
Brianna Salazar
Brianna Salazar Aylar önce
The intro scared me when mario came 😂
Oto Marshava
Oto Marshava Aylar önce
I'm dying from Mario jumps in to lava and screens🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carson Ashdown
Carson Ashdown 7 gün önce
Damn Luigi and Mario got the drip 1:41
SMToon Türkçe
SMToon Türkçe Aylar önce
*Mario just being with his brother and being genuine is just good character development.*
kevin chen
kevin chen Aylar önce
quote from luigi: if there's a hole there's a goal
LuigiAiden Aylar önce
This is amazing tbh 😂
עאסם שאער
עאסם שאער Aylar önce
random videos
random videos 15 gün önce
2:11 never I mean NEVER gets old
Jade Holdsworth
Jade Holdsworth 27 gün önce
Luigi:the buff person Mario: rich guy with 3 brain cells but knows how to spend this money well
Robert Goulding
Robert Goulding 2 aylar önce
7:00 Finally, Rhythm Heaven gets the respect it deserves
kit Aylar önce
@Kalanter no u dont
Kalanter 2 aylar önce
*I also make videos about Mario😁🤩*
Maxilz 2 aylar önce
rhythm heaven fans unite
Kaiju 5 gün önce
I agree with mario on the last one, theres too many of those
Meka Bonham
Meka Bonham 23 gün önce
0:40 Mario jumpscare 2:48 Luigi Soul 3:03 Mario Soul 3:37 Mario Sad 5:19 Mario God 6:31 Mario Jump in The Lava
The Lando Show
The Lando Show Aylar önce
7:04 what a delightful practically based joke- Mr Burns
Hajara Arinde
Hajara Arinde Aylar önce
That soul snatching one was crazy
GabiMusolino109 2 aylar önce
7:01 Finally, Seeing rhythm heaven getting at least SOME recognition on SMG4's channel.
Noodle Lee Doodles
Noodle Lee Doodles 24 gün önce
Ah, gotcha, ok, I was just super confused
Chaos89P 24 gün önce
@Noodle Lee Doodles My guess is the concept of "internet humor" and how... "samey" they tend to be. They're all basically either a Rickroll with a different song, "You just got Prank'd, bro!" or some bizarre combination of the two.
Being Charlotte Ellis
Noodle Lee Doodles
Noodle Lee Doodles Aylar önce
Ok.. I know I should know this… but why did Mario get pissed after this scene… did something happen that I missed?
So Phany
So Phany Aylar önce
ObsidianMC 13 saatler önce
craftyNITE 16 gün önce
7:00-7:46 🤣🤣🤣 this time I am dead
Sir Felipe
Sir Felipe 23 gün önce
Great job on the videos I hope you get more subscribers more views just keep on uploading man I believe
chad Jones
chad Jones 16 gün önce
Bruh Mario went insane after seeing that meme lol
U.M.A. 2 aylar önce
1:28 I appreciate that man waiting for Mario's answer for 12 hours 👍🏻
Ruv Ty
Ruv Ty 2 aylar önce
@Kalanter and I also seen that u fucking comment This a million of time
Kalanter 2 aylar önce
*I also make videos about Mario😁🤩*
Frederick Crevier
Frederick Crevier 2 aylar önce
@Lance Curry idk man maybe not
Lance Curry
Lance Curry 2 aylar önce
And he didn't change his pants???
sliflops😀- 26 gün önce
imagine if some tiktokers that mario and luigi reacted sees this💀
chengcheng ZHU
chengcheng ZHU Aylar önce
Da end though that got me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bacon Eggs
Bacon Eggs Aylar önce
When Luigi said that one line about being picky I died of laughter -my ghost
joseph hicks
joseph hicks 17 gün önce
SMG4 your videos just make me so happy 🤗🤗🤗
انس الرايس
انس الرايس 2 aylar önce
Mario had a pretty good point in the end. Humor nowadays basically consists of someone getting """word""d""" and it's apparently the most funniest thing anyones ever seen Seeing Mario and Luigi having fun together is always the most wholesome thing on earth.Mario just being with his brother and being genuine is just good character development. 💕
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Lyle Williams
Lyle Williams Aylar önce
2:28 the best quote I put in my my quote book"when theres a hole theres a goal" im soo inspired
All Might’s secret love child
Mario: "what the hell is this?" Me: My Hero Academia
Captain 3
Captain 3 26 gün önce
Luigi: Oh man, that sounded good. Me: Now I have to do my neck. *Breaks my neck's non-existent bones* OW MY NECK!
Dinodigger Aylar önce
How to weaponize memes to attack your enemies.
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