Marilyn Monroe - Her Grave and Where She Died

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Join us as we visit the grave of Hollywood ICON...Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles, California.

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14 Şub 2021




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Laurens Travels
Laurens Travels Yıl önce
I kinda wish Marilyn had her own plot away from all these creepy men who wanted to be near her even in death.
Rick Drew
Rick Drew Yıl önce
I met the man who discovered her at the war plant where she was working. He had an affair with her (of course) and they remained close and he spoke with her not long before she died. He told me that he was sure she was killed. From his conversation with her he felt there was no way she was suicidal. One other small note, Marilyn never posed for Playboy. Hefner bought the photos from a photographer who shot them for a nude calendar.Used and neglected her entire life.
artmaker forever
artmaker forever Yıl önce
Boy, if anyone deserves a peaceful place, she does.
Keith Carlson
Keith Carlson Yıl önce
Only 36 years old when she checked out. An absolutely incredible life for her short time on this planet!
william harper
My father saw Monroe sing live to the troops in Corea in the 1950s. He will be 88 years old this coming September.
Bama life cooperative
A very sad ending to a beautiful lady!! Rest in peace Marlyn!!
debbie dunn
debbie dunn Yıl önce
I just found your channel yesterday and I must say I am loving it. I watched about 10 so far and all. I can say is WOW. They have been so fun to watch and you two are so cute. I love the way you explain everything and will continue to watch all of your videos. Thank you for being so down to earth, and by the way I love horror movies, and to taking us along with you on you adventures. Stay safe and be blessed always
KathiVampyK Yıl önce
I did a term paper on her in high school. I've read about 25 books on her. I've seen all her movies. I use to be a super fan. I knew all the conspiracies on her death including the one that the Kennedy 's had her killed. She actually spent many days in her bedroom. She liked to lay around naked between the sheets and sleep. Towards her end, she was very unhappy. Thanks so much for doing this video.
Grace Clark
Grace Clark Yıl önce
Such a beautiful a sweet soul. So very sad she was taken so young. She will be remembered forever.
elba carrillo
elba carrillo Yıl önce
Marilyn never posed for Playboy, Hefner bought the pics he published for his first edition of the magazine. Also, Dimaggio had the red roses delivered to Marilyn’s gravesite for 20 years (his weekly order of half a dozen long stemmed French Baccara blooms) after her death by Parisian Florist in Hollywood. To this day, it’s said that this florist shop will give you some flowers to take to Marilyn if you let them know that you’re going to visit her gravesite.🌹🌹🌹
Amy P
It's so sad that she died so young. I don't believe she killed herself. She was involved with too many different types of people, and I have the feeling she was killed to shut her up about other things related to her and her death. RIP Marilyn.
Mary Ann Wheeler
Mary Ann Wheeler Yıl önce
This is a beautiful video. A beautiful tribute to such a tragic end for a wonderful person. I've read up on Marilyn Monroe. I'm a fan. She had such a hard life. She always found ways to make herself happy. But then in the end her life and it's so tragically. One day I am going to make it to that cemetery and I'm going to pay my respects to her
The Scary Truth Catalyst
I spent an entire day walking around this small cemetery. So many stars from a bygone era and so many unique stories. Well worth a visit!
Natalie Angelo
Natalie Angelo Yıl önce
SnowWhiteQueen91 Yıl önce
Always loved Marilyn beautiful person inside and out! Such a sad and tragic ending to a beautiful soul
Evan Mann
Evan Mann Yıl önce
Didn't know that Hefner bought Marilyn's photo's. She was treated abysmally by the studios and all the hangers on as well. R.I.P Marilyn
Cali Jacques
Cali Jacques Yıl önce
She was a beautiful woman who deserved a better life :( may she rest in paradise forever <3 her death gives me the chills
Marie Ez
Even after decades after her death people still find this woman fascinating.
Samantha Edmonds
Samantha Edmonds Yıl önce
"Spending eternity next to Marilyn is too sweet to pass up." Hugh Hefner
Lina Lavender 𓆏
In all modesty, she deserves more than that. Rest in eternal love and peace, queenie 🦋
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