March Milkness Taste Test: Final Four

Good Mythical Morning
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It's all come to this... the four remaining competitors. Which of our regional champions will be crowned the March Milkness Champion? GMM #1514
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29 Mar 2019

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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning 2 aylar önce
We know which cereal's the best, but what about the best cereal MILK? bit.ly/GMM_CerealMilkChampionship
Nick Leef
Nick Leef 2 aylar önce
Skittle Milk
Cesar Urbina
Cesar Urbina 2 aylar önce
Fruit loops is the best cereal and has the best cereal milk. Cinnamon toast crunch shouldn't have won. period.
Mv G
Mv G 2 aylar önce
Skittle milk
Aracely Palacios
Aracely Palacios 2 aylar önce
Do fruits madness next time
Lyla Rufeh
Lyla Rufeh 2 aylar önce
Serca 5 saatler önce
MY personal final 4 is Honey Nut Cherrios Life Cap'n Crunch Berries (favorite cereal of all time personally) Cookie Crisps But that just for me personally
byron7583 19 saatler önce
The fact that Fruit Loops made it to the Finals is ludicrous. Probably the most overrated cereal ever.
Alexis Young
Alexis Young Gün önce
sugar ray??? more like sugar GAY
dylan chan
dylan chan 2 gün önce
Man Milk. What.
Albinoalligator 17
Albinoalligator 17 4 gün önce
When they were confirming, I really thought Link was going in for a kiss there 😂
chuckkid3 7 gün önce
How in the world did foot loops get so far? Nah
Wool Verigne
Wool Verigne 8 gün önce
Sugar Ray Leonard totally gets Froot Loops.
Steamtank 9 gün önce
Never tried a single one of these cereals xD
Wolverine Spirit
Wolverine Spirit 12 gün önce
Yes Yes Yes
Andrew King
Andrew King 12 gün önce
I like your jacket Link.
Andrea Zier
Andrea Zier 12 gün önce
Are you guys sick of cereal
Timothy Walden
Timothy Walden 12 gün önce
apple jacks is truley the best
Mason Smithee
Mason Smithee 13 gün önce
Sugar GAY
Willy Bingrove
Willy Bingrove 16 gün önce
The two highest voted cereals made it to the final. Unsurprising. However, we all know that cinnamon life IS the real WiNnEr!
The Worst
The Worst 16 gün önce
PSH!!! 😒 Fruit Loops should have had this in the bag...💯✔ Nothing can beat that fruitylicious tasty flavor...🚫 Fruity cereals are King...👑
Freddy king14
Freddy king14 17 gün önce
Oreo O’s got cheated
Cyriss Smith
Cyriss Smith 17 gün önce
It shouldve been Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, CT Crunch (top spot), Life.
Cameron Corliss
Cameron Corliss 16 gün önce
Cyriss Smith for me would’ve prolly been normal Cheerios prolly tied with life
Jeffrey Peng
Jeffrey Peng 18 gün önce
How do you guys find so many people for tie breakers?
Amber Januschewski
Amber Januschewski 18 gün önce
Fruit loops are trash lol
Alex Kinney
Alex Kinney 20 gün önce
Oreo O’s got robbed. By far better than Froot Loops!
D3 Kinney
D3 Kinney 20 gün önce
So everyone gonna ignore the fact Link almost got beat up because Sugar Ray thought he called him gay😂😂8:58
Jay 11 gün önce
Sugar gay. Lol. 😂
Brian Uglum
Brian Uglum 21 gün önce
My least favorite cereal won. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND no Golden Grahams?
america roleplayer
america roleplayer 21 gün önce
*is allergic to cinnamon* *SUPREME DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!*
shaquitha simpson
shaquitha simpson 21 gün önce
She said 64 cereals when it was only 32 on the wall.
shaquitha simpson
shaquitha simpson 21 gün önce
@yohan oh ok Thank you💕
yohan 21 gün önce
shaquitha simpson it was 64 in total but only the best were chosen via a poll online by the fans, thus bringing it down to 32
Victoria Vandygriff
Victoria Vandygriff 22 gün önce
So if you do read this, we bought a lot of cereal. Thank you lol me and the husband stood in the cereal aisle judging for a good min. Failed to find the Oreos cereal so I’m still salty about how you did those Reese’s puffs loosing to them chocolate cookie circles.
Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn 23 gün önce
What up with them barley putting any milk in the bowl
SpaceNeeder 24 gün önce
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is nasty.
VivianTriesDoodling 24 gün önce
At the beginning of this I was like I swear if Cinnamon Toast Crunch wins this I’m gonna rage. Here we are now
fspec 25 gün önce
SOOOO glad fruit loops lost! What an abomination of cereal.
Keith Risk
Keith Risk 25 gün önce
Cocoa Pebbles Cocoa Pebbles Cocoa Pebbles Cocoa Pebbles Cocoa Pebbles Cocoa Pebbles!
Cameron Corliss
Cameron Corliss 16 gün önce
Keith Risk Cheerios my good chap
snuggilyd 26 gün önce
I didn't agree with all of their decisions, but I respect Cinnamon Toast Crunch going all the way
Robie de Guzman
Robie de Guzman 28 gün önce
Always watch you in 6:00 am
BalloonFrog 28 gün önce
tfw you’re allergic to cinnamon... :(
GrandeFree Foundation
GrandeFree Foundation 29 gün önce
Who else is watching this while eating cereal.
Ethan Sperry
Ethan Sperry 29 gün önce
golden oreo o’s
Cat With A Fedora
Cat With A Fedora 29 gün önce
You have chosen.... wisely.
Holly Dunn
Holly Dunn 29 gün önce
They make a cinnamon life and it is awesome!
Annas Gym
Annas Gym 29 gün önce
Who else was smiling when they heard “man milk” 😂
EathDirtTherapy 29 gün önce
The best cereal is Cinamon Life cereal. It's exactly what they asked for and easily would have been the winner.
Evan Lee
Evan Lee Aylar önce
I'm kinda disappointed. I already love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I was kinda hoping to find a new favorite cereal, not verify that my favorite is already the best.
Hina Sama
Hina Sama Aylar önce
Now I'm craving cereal 😶🔪 And I am a pregnant women NEED my craving !!!
Madi Hill
Madi Hill Aylar önce
I live in Australia amd we dont have cinnamon toast crunch.. we have frootloops and it's the best cereal
John H. Farris
John H. Farris Aylar önce
Link has no taste in good food
Coolchase 08
Coolchase 08 Aylar önce
Next year do ice cream Please
Jenny Aylar önce
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the Best!!
Emman Ticas
Emman Ticas Aylar önce
Frosted Flakes and Coco Pebbles should have infinitely won!
lil trashy
lil trashy Aylar önce
FROOT LOOPS IS THE GOAT ALWAYS WILL BE! Whenever cereal is portrayed in popular culture (almost every cartoon or animated series i’ve watched) it shows that colorful loop cliché which has been engraved into our brains thanks to the most iconic cereal in history! Froot Loops everyone!
Renée Dubuc
Renée Dubuc Aylar önce
Lexer007 Aylar önce
Forget AI! We do not need that nonsense.
Parker Reynolds
Parker Reynolds Aylar önce
Only 32 cereals not 64
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen Aylar önce
I can already see it in my future: “ Where in the world do these international cereals come from?”.
Yehia z2005
Yehia z2005 Aylar önce
oreo os want a rematch
Mel Schehr
Mel Schehr Aylar önce
agree with the outcome, don't agree with how it got there
RonVandeil Aylar önce
Regular life is much better than cinnamon life.
Captain Dubz
Captain Dubz Aylar önce
Y’all really got Sugar Gay on here
Alex Rohde-Barthel
Alex Rohde-Barthel Aylar önce
I cannot believe they got Sugar Ray Leonard!!
william w
william w Aylar önce
Golden grahams are my favorite. I feel robbed they weren't even on the board
gokaury Aylar önce
You know, I'd rather get a playful punch to the gut from Sugar Ray Leonard than handshake from him.
ᴛ ᴀ ʙ ʙ ʏ ʙ ʀ ᴇ ɴ
Who’s hoping for a drink version next year :)))
daniel smith
daniel smith Aylar önce
Next time, do a third place matchup? also Ice Cream or Chocolate bars next week
Thomas Savio
Thomas Savio Aylar önce
Who else thought that link was going for the kiss
Sweet D Law
Sweet D Law Aylar önce
When you think about it if you put the 2 best cereals together cinnamon toast crunch and froot loops you get apple Jack's bam apple Jack's are the real best cereal
Pualani Gray
Pualani Gray Aylar önce
fruit loops tho....ewww
Ryan Soner
Ryan Soner Aylar önce
At least the best cereal won.
Reydioactive Aylar önce
froot loops in the final?????
Fussy Yeti28
Fussy Yeti28 Aylar önce
I’m upset about Oreo Os! I wanted to the Cinderella story to win it all!
Andrew Ritchey
Andrew Ritchey Aylar önce
Perhaps my favorite string of episodes ever.
Spencer 15
Spencer 15 Aylar önce
But....... _Froot loops_
Damian Gladysz
Damian Gladysz Aylar önce
Honestly, Oreo O's should have won over froot loops, judging on taste alone, Oreo O's are more creative/better and all froot loops are is a big fat lie of colors
Laura Bruce
Laura Bruce Aylar önce
Amihan A.M.
Amihan A.M. Aylar önce
Froot Loops will always be the best to me
Leila Trottier-Evans
Fruit loops are ass I xant eeven fjnsish the vid anymore
Derek Ogilvie
Derek Ogilvie Aylar önce
Oreo Os is from my childhood. Thats what makes me feel like home
Good Sir
Good Sir Aylar önce
We all knew it was gonna win it’s good always
Sondra Smith
Sondra Smith Aylar önce
Cinnamon life,, all the way!
3Xclus1v e
3Xclus1v e Aylar önce
So theyre saying that cinammon life is the best?
JackEn DeBox
JackEn DeBox Aylar önce
Real winner is General Mills - they just won for best cereal 🥣 on GMM
ProxUrAimz Aylar önce
If it's colored like antifreeze it's not good it's gross America wake up >:O
Lacking Freepo
Lacking Freepo Aylar önce
Weseley Smith
Weseley Smith Aylar önce
I don't know if it was an act but there seemed to be so much.... aggression behind sugar ray. If I was link I would of crapped myself...
Cookiecrunch232 Aylar önce
I'm just extremely mad. Raisin bran beat captain crunch berries
superboobs890 Aylar önce
For me Oreo’os are my true champion
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Aylar önce
Man that guy looked just like Sugar Ray Leonard!!
Elitedevil Aylar önce
Cookie crisp is the best cereal
gigy635 live
gigy635 live Aylar önce
At 0:15 bet life wins one round but not win
James Lavell
James Lavell 2 aylar önce
Yeah as if life ever stood a chance against cinnamon toast crunch gg healthy cereal 😂
Pcuccs123 2 aylar önce
I respect your decision but imma stick with Cap'n Crunch
Black-Op345Gaming 2 aylar önce
Froot Loops are awful, fight me.
Nourhan Bassiouny
Nourhan Bassiouny 2 aylar önce
Fact: Froot Loops are trash.
Mayin J
Mayin J 2 aylar önce
Why am I watching this at 3 gimme cereal god
Bertram Beenfeldt
Bertram Beenfeldt 2 aylar önce
why is the healthy option even an option XD ofc it doesnt win anything else than its own league lmao
Spencer Yeingst
Spencer Yeingst 2 aylar önce
Sugar Ray was so funny, they should bring him back
Cameron Wieties
Cameron Wieties 2 aylar önce
Lol I’m watching two guys sitting eating a bunch of cereal
KatouMiwa 2 aylar önce
I thought it was a taste test not which cereal brings me back to childhood lmao
Hyperboy14 Edwin
Hyperboy14 Edwin 2 aylar önce
If it weren't for Link my 2 favorite cereals would have faced off in the finals but at least my Cinnamon bois won.
Natasza Erica
Natasza Erica 2 aylar önce
the small amount of milk is stressing me out
Julia_Dance658 2 aylar önce
So now you need to try Cinnamon Life (my go-to cereal) 🥣🥣🥣
rockman11309 2 aylar önce
As a lifelong “Life” eater people always made fun of me for eating it. So I’m surprised to see it here in a debate. On the other hand Cinnamon Toast Crunch is at the very bottom of my cereal list.
Charles Cooley
Charles Cooley 2 aylar önce
If you thought cinnamon toast crunch is good. You guys never tried French toast crunch!
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