March Milkness Taste Test: Final Four

Good Mythical Morning
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It's all come to this... the four remaining competitors. Which of our regional champions will be crowned the March Milkness Champion? GMM #1514
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29 Mar 2019




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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning 5 aylar önce
We know which cereal's the best, but what about the best cereal MILK? bit.ly/GMM_CerealMilkChampionship
Edgar Castillo
Edgar Castillo 6 gün önce
if you had to, at least it was made by cereal brian.
Brad Miller
Brad Miller Aylar önce
@Holy Crusader why do people keep saying Skittle milk? Is that actually a thing? I hope not...
Brad Miller
Brad Miller Aylar önce
@Kyle Dresser not comparable at all. Both excellent, but one has a very overpowering flavor, and the other very subtle.
Brad Miller
Brad Miller Aylar önce
@Liitj they're talking about the milk that's leftover from your cereal. Not the best milk *to use* for cereal.
Brad Miller
Brad Miller Aylar önce
@Obito Clan so, Rhett cereal?
Harlice Laver
Harlice Laver 2 gün önce
They do have cinnamon life
Sama Dadash
Sama Dadash 3 gün önce
when i think of cereal i think of fruit loops
Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor 5 gün önce
I can't believe Life made it as far as it did. I was only allowed to eat healthy cereals growing up. We bought a box of Life once and no one ate it because no one in my family liked it.
Zach F
Zach F 5 gün önce
I agree with the winner but would have put apple jacks in there over the footy loops.
Michael Waskelis
Michael Waskelis 6 gün önce
Cinnamon Life would have won!
Erika K
Erika K 7 gün önce
Rhett’s childlike joy when Sugar Ray is sitting next to him is exactly what I need!
Hamster H __
Hamster H __ 18 gün önce
Bro guess that milk like cow milk or goat milk
iNeon Gaming
iNeon Gaming 18 gün önce
I prefer Krave over Cinnamon Toast Crunch
nxdaedae 20 gün önce
Who else thinks Reese’s puffs should have won like if u think
Diminishing Erica
Diminishing Erica 25 gün önce
I LOVE Link's jacket!! That thing is fly!
Einav Elimor
Einav Elimor 25 gün önce
it's my favorite too!!!!
Just Beardo
Just Beardo 28 gün önce
Fruity pebbles is the best cereal, IMO
The Tattoo Lady
The Tattoo Lady 28 gün önce
I happened to randomly pause at 13:18 and was surprised by what I saw when I looked up haha
ZevenAte9 29 gün önce
i wanted oreo o's to win ive never tried them but they look so good
Sana Malek
Sana Malek Aylar önce
I've heard "time for the buzzerbeater" about 2 dozen times during this series
Sana Malek
Sana Malek Aylar önce
After this series I lost respect for Link, Rhett's tastebuds are obviously superior
diba moca
diba moca Aylar önce
So I guess Link is keeping score at that girl’s basketball game 🏀
Eric Selvig
Eric Selvig Aylar önce
Oreo O's is like the tie-breaking cereal of this competition
Tania Patrizio
Tania Patrizio Aylar önce
Life is beter
George Charby
George Charby Aylar önce
a person has too many opinions
Kaylen Aylar önce
I 100% agree with the final decision! Best cereal ever!!
Friends Don’t Lie At the Disco!
They should have kept in mind when voting life and cinnamon toast crunch that life has healthier values there for making it a better choice for breakfast
David Carmody
David Carmody Aylar önce
Do they know cinnamon life exists
Matt Price
Matt Price Aylar önce
Before I see the end...is there any question that Cinnamon Toast Crunch won't win? I am not sure this is even a competition.
Michael Robles
Michael Robles Aylar önce
Link was so close to getting sucker punched by Sugar Ray Leonard 😂
Agent Zero 3432
Agent Zero 3432 Aylar önce
Sugar Ray Leonard! Legend boxer, legend cereal judge!
Luna Tech
Luna Tech Aylar önce
How bout random cereal mixing as the boxes neared empty just like mom use to do?
chris dupuis
chris dupuis Aylar önce
Blueberry Morning, best cereal ever!
Chloe Randolph
Chloe Randolph Aylar önce
Lmao! Rhett is so good at manipulating Link. He started defending Froot Loops knowing he doesn't like them as much, just so Link can argue against it for his favorite. Hahaha
A Dude
A Dude Aylar önce
Im calling this bullsh*t. Cocoa puffs should be champion
Brian Chizer
Brian Chizer Aylar önce
Is krave really that bad that it got eliminated first round? Imo it's #2 behind cinnamon toast crunch.
Tyler Messer
Tyler Messer Aylar önce
Only GMM could make cereal judging something this epic. Steve's recap actually gave me chills. Ah, the memories.
Josh S
Josh S Aylar önce
The winner was as obvious as the Warriors winning the title when KD joined.
jab 1435
jab 1435 Aylar önce
Wtf don’t show dudes kissing bruh
I'm not blonde
I'm not blonde Aylar önce
Ashley from bestdressed would agree
first name last name
Cinnamon Toast Crunch all the way
ll Tezren
ll Tezren Aylar önce
I really hope life wins
Jayson Raphael Murdock
If Froot Loops loses I'll riot.
Cool_ Panda
Cool_ Panda Aylar önce
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite cereal so i was excited to see it win!
Luke Hammond
Luke Hammond Aylar önce
I wholeheartedly agree, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best cereal
Kalaisha K Totty
Kalaisha K Totty Aylar önce
Every time I’m in a binge watching gmm, I’m reminded that these are 40 year old men 😂😂😂
BTU NoScopez
BTU NoScopez Aylar önce
I was eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch while watching this
Lauren Woodcock
Lauren Woodcock Aylar önce
Y'all gotta try Sugar Cookie Crunch...Seasonal Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Watch for it this Christmas and STOCK UP!
trash g
trash g Aylar önce
Combine all 4 for mega cereal
Robert Burns
Robert Burns Aylar önce
my favorite cereals are Life and cinnamon toast crunch
Eric Selvig
Eric Selvig Aylar önce
Robert Burns they went up against each other.
Smiley Emoji Is Back FanOf The Cool Guy Boy
Every Cereal In March Milkness Sugary Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Winner) Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes Cap 'n Crunch Honey Nut Cheerios Frosted Mini-Wheats Honey Bunches of Oats Rice Krispies Treats Healthy Cheerios Special K Rice Krispies Life (Winner) Corn Flakes Kix Rice Chex Shredded Wheat Fruity Froot Loops (Winner) Fruity Pebbles Apple Jacks Cap 'n Crunch Berries Raisin Bran Trix Special K Red Berries Strawberry Mini-Wheats Chocolatey Reese's Puffs Cocoa Puffs Cocoa Pebbles Cookie Crisp Cocoa Krispies Oreo O's (Winner) Krave Count Chocula
cade spaulding
cade spaulding Aylar önce
One each from the 4 major companies I think this is bigger than just the best cereal
Pariza Meer
Pariza Meer Aylar önce
Aww😔 I was hoping the Froot Loops would win
sjhunt8579 Aylar önce
So...Cinnamon Life? (Which happens to be one of my favorites!)
Justin 2 aylar önce
Cinnamon Life beats Cinnamon Toast Crunch
MikeCMJr 2 aylar önce
Finals shouldve been toast crunch vs applejacks
KrishB_ 8767
KrishB_ 8767 2 aylar önce
The kiss cam lmao💀
Michelle Denman
Michelle Denman 2 aylar önce
Cinnamon chilaquiles 😂 lmfao
Michelle Denman
Michelle Denman 2 aylar önce
They should’ve tried meatloaf crunch :/
Marco Chan
Marco Chan 2 aylar önce
But we all know the best cereal is the one we prefer and like the most ourselves. Luckily Cinnamon Toast Crunch has been my favourite recently and until it's beaten it's my #1 go to cereal.
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie 2 aylar önce
If you guys can get Misha Collins on GMM I will love you forever
Princess Peasant
Princess Peasant 2 aylar önce
Still salty that mini wheats got to the finals of sugary region.
Emily Goodwin
Emily Goodwin 2 aylar önce
Okay if yall had chosen Cinnamon life rather than just the normal stuff, it would have gone all the way. Cinnamon life is the essence of good cereal.
Eugenia's Gnome
Eugenia's Gnome 2 aylar önce
My sister prefers the nutty buddy cereal over the O's. She deserves to be crucified
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