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A man who has been going on a thieving spree at a convenience store finally gets caught and locked inside the store. The store owner talks with host Gio Benitez on why he didn't want his employees to confront the thief came in each time.

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“I Survived a Crime” takes viewers on a journey into the experience of being a victim of a sudden crime, from the moment those attacked first perceive the danger through the potential long-lasting effects.

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6 Haz 2021




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Tune in to I Survived A Crime, Wednesdays at 10/9c on A&E, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at
V Knight
Not only does he steal, but he always kicks the door open when he leaves. That's just straight-up disrespect, and he needs to dealt with.
What this guy doesn't realize, by letting these habitual thieves off the hook, they're allowing them to do this other places & or be free to commit other crimes.
Thaddeus Marcus Cheeley Jr.
"This man looks like a regular shopper."
The store owner has a big heart but this dude belongs in jail, he is violent and unpredictable, capable of breaking property. You saw he was able to do work, so he has no excuse for stealing your stuff.
This is a prime example of the saying "When you give them an inch, they want a mile". Drug problem or not, he keeps doing it because he keeps getting away with it. That talk with the owner was only a green light for him to do it again simply because he knew he wasn't going to jail.
David's Perspective
Petty theft is stealing a bag of chips and some drinks. This dude loads up his bag and kicks the door on the way out every week! He's probably stolen thousands worth of goods and deserves some serious jail time for this absurd behavior.
Bodhi’s Mom
Bodhi’s Mom Yıl önce
This business will continue to be victimized as long as they are that soft on career criminals. YOU don’t want to ruin his life? He’s perfectly happy to ruin your business.
The way he finally escaped after kicking it enough times, is very inspirational, never give up on your dreams even if they seem unobtainable
"Guy came in and stole from us a dozen times, told us he was a victim when he got caught, I believed him, he stole from us again, I didn't want to ruin his life."
The store owner is weak and misguided, compassion is important I will always believe that
Lisa JLe
I’m honestly so mad that theft didn’t get punish for what he did 😖
Imagine apologizing for stealing so many times then stealing again 😭😭😭😭 this guy's so entitled he thinks he can apologize his way out of trouble 🙄
T Th
T Th Yıl önce
Just the way he kicks the door open irks me. He seriously needs to face the consequences of his actions.
Mr. Kimidori
This guy's got to big of a heart for this world cause that's the kinda guy that 100% deserves jail time. I mean this forgiving business owner gave him a break after all of that terror he caused just for him to steal again.
If this man was my boss, I'd be done. You're in the front having to deal with that kind of stress, and this is the way the boss has your back - let the guy sweep for a while and then who cares if it happens again.
Snappy Tom
he lied and you let him go. he DESERVES to go to jail. This will escalate into violence.
Robert Bryan
The store owner is soft hearted, but unfortunately is also soft headed. This criminal will victimize others until the day he's locked up and held accountable.
Mike Akey
I'm a glass-half-full mood today, so I'll just comment that this store owner has a huge heart. Tomorrow when I'm back to half empty, I'll bring up the fact that choosing not to prosecute may help him sleep better, but it's just passing that problem to a different business
Dave G
It's not petty theft. That's serial theft, and that guy should go to jail.
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Sam Smith, Kim Petras - Unholy
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