Man Gets Busted Hiding in Hotel After Fleeing Traffic Stop

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On May 20, 2022, a Campbell police officer was advised of a male that had a felony warrant and a revoked driving status in La Crosse, WI. When the officer initiated a traffic stop and asked the male to exit his vehicle, he abruptly put the car in gear and accelerated. He lead police on a chase for several minutes but eventually ditched his car and hid in a hotel.

The purpose of the featured content is to show the law enforcement interaction. It is NOT to publicly shame, ridicule, or degrade the individuals involved. Today’s world is swarmed with politics and conversations that are often misleading about our law enforcement officers. We feel it is vastly significant and imperative to show these interactions in their respective environments to inform and educate the overall public.

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Narrated by Brian Buckley



21 Tem 2022




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Love it when one of the hotel occupants says he’s had problems there and the officer tells him “well it’s a $hitty hotel, so ….”
C.B. Kansan
After these videos, I'm convinced that everyone in La Crosse has felony warrants
Life is so much less stressful when you aren't committing felonies.
Flat Accord Music
That was interesting in so many ways. The dog, the hotel clerk, the run-ins with hotel occupants, maids and pizza delivery dudes. Lacrosse sure seems like a fascinating town.
Daniel Stickel
When the officer stated “well, it’s a shitty hotel, so lock your stuff up”, I felt that.
Cyanide Sublime
I have to say, these shows with the bodycams are better than COPS ever was. And of course it's uncensored which is awesome.
Z Ped
That doggo heavy breathing outside the door is terrifying 😳
Matt T
Man that dog REALLY wanted to do his job! What a good boy
This officer did a tremendous job. He was respectful, he acted quickly and calmly, he didn’t automatically grab his gun instead he used the taser! I love genuine and honest police officers like this. I tip my hat
Vuitton Visions
Awesome cop, very professional and rational. Deciding to willingly terminate a pursuit for safety is so nice to see. wish more cops like that were around the ASP.
Mrs Humbe
The relationship between the dog and the cop ❤️heartwarming
Love this channel because it gives you a summary at the end and it doesn't leave you hanging with what ended up happening. The story is complete with a beginning, a middle and an ending!! Good work!!!
Corey B
Good on the housekeepers noticing something was wrong and notifying the police instead of opening the door themselves. Bravo!
Talbot Dorr
Huge respect to that cop for terminating the pursuit. Most times cops just refuse to give up, tell the radio that “traffic is light” even when it isn’t, and eventually the guy ends up slamming into another car
David Walczak
Good job to the cop, most cops ego gets to them and would have continued the Chase through town endangering everyone. Need more like this guy, he stayed calm and collected like they are taught to be.
Imagine hiding in a hotel room then listening to the hallway to hear the dogs heavy breathing. Seriously would have been frightening.
Derek Summers
Service dogs are an invaluable resource. Great job officer 🦮
Charles Kinzer
They had help from civilians every step of the way. It must be nice to be in an area where they seem to RESPECT the police instead of hindering them.
Liam Welsh
For having a felony warrant, he got quite the slap on the wrist in my opinion. 40 days in a county jail is nothing.