Mama Cat Reunited with Kittens After Weeks Apart

Kitten Lady
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30 Kas 2022




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Lizzy Coalter
I’ve read that the scent gland at the base of the tail is the most personal for cats and the least likely to get clouded by a group scent or outside smells so it’s the best way to recognize a familiar cat! I bet mama Tali does recognize their smells and why she checked their butts so carefully 😂
Barbara Heisler
I'm so glad that mama turned out to be a sweet cat, it makes it so much easier for you to help her and to reintroduce her kittens to her. This is such a sweet chapter to their story.
Carol Cline
When mama went into the box, you said she wanted time alone....in my experience, she was actually wanting to nurse! She expected everyone to follow her. It's super adorable that mama was so eager to bond with all her babies!
Ariel Waters
I'm not crying... YOU'RE crying! 😭She 100% recognized them and started grooming right away. My heart is so full knowing they're all together again, and Mama seems adoptable too!! Next stop, FUREVER HOMES! 😻
I'm so so glad the momma got reunited with her three babies. That's the best thing ever. She recognized them by smell.
Jenn Graham
I love that mama didn't hesitate, like she knew who they were as soon as she saw them.
Just Lisa
All hail the triangle tail! They’re adorable together! Dal looks like Mom, Aamli looks like Mom with some splotches, Aila is classic black tortie and Momo wears a tux. It’s like a gradient from stripey to black.
Susan Manley
I think she recognizes them. The whole but sniffing is scent checking of where have you been?! Its so much better developmentally for them to have mom and siblings . They learn a lot more social cues that is for sure. They all looked super happy!
Heather Arnold
I'm crying because of the babies all playing together.
Sandy Vega
Momma’s face was like, wait I only had one munchkin, now 4! 😮 too much to process 😂. So happy they are all together as a family❤
Mohammed Al Masud
Thank you kitten lady , people like you make this world tolerable
Hildreth Risse
I love the shot of mama on top of her den. She already has that overwhelmed mom look in her eyes like, "Omg, how did I end up with all these kids?!" 😂😂😂
Aww...made my day. I'm thinking that went better than expected. Momma seemed to know right away that these were special babies. And then to see the singleton have new playmates was awesome!
I was having a very rough morning after being woken up from only getting 4 hours of rest. This really made my day at LOT better! Thank you for sharing such sweetie pies <3
Project Queenie
What an absolutely precious little family, it's so cute how each kitten has their own unique pattern. I'll never be able to get over the little kitten dorito ears 🥰
So happy that you were able to reunite the family! As cute as they are, full circle is an amazing way to save lives and keep cats out of shelters and dangerous situations! Thank you for your continued dedication to helping these animals!
Jamie Gandy
Happy endings don't always happen in rescue in situations like this, but when a story like theirs takes place it is so beautifully wholesome! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Abagail Link
I love that, even though mama is confused, she’s still sweet as pie and just trying to figure out what these babies are doing here and if she’s supposed to do something for them 😅❤
Momma G
I love at the end when Omli is at momma's belly saying, "Yay! Dinner!" & the other kittens are saying, "Yay! Pillow!" So sweet.
Casey Hudson
Such a precious moment and I totally cried happy tears watching this sweet reunion. So happy all are together again. Momma seems like such a sweetheart.
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