Mama Cat Reunited with Kittens After Weeks Apart 

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If you find kittens outside, please look for the mama! Even if you don't find her, you can keep going back and looking. By going back and making sure you get the whole family, you can make a full circle difference. Learn what to do if you find a kitten outside: www.kittenlady.org/casa

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30 Kas 2022




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@Hexepresso Yıl önce
I'm so glad that mama turned out to be a sweet cat, it makes it so much easier for you to help her and to reintroduce her kittens to her. This is such a sweet chapter to their story.
Not just that, but it means the mom isn't feral, so hopefully instead of going back on the streets, she'll be adopted by someone :)
@mrdo8869 Yıl önce
Wow, a copy of my Myoo. I took her in when I found her with 2 kittens who now are half grown and love to sit on my laptop keyboard, hopefully not ordering stuff with their butts.
@ryzzie9610 Yıl önce
I have two cats and they have both accidentally ordered things from Amazon. Trying to explain the situation to customer service can be interesting.
@gouryg4774 Yıl önce
@@BewareTheLilyOfTheValley , I agree, she probably was an abandoned cat. Most ferals take a long time to get comfortable with humans.
@lizzyrose34 Yıl önce
I’ve read that the scent gland at the base of the tail is the most personal for cats and the least likely to get clouded by a group scent or outside smells so it’s the best way to recognize a familiar cat! I bet mama Tali does recognize their smells and why she checked their butts so carefully 😂
@rmp7400 Yıl önce
For dogs too...all information available about the animal (where it's been, what it ate, who it interacted with) is discernable through tail gland scents. The adult cat really was on a detective mission: what ARE those young human scented kittens about, anyway? Very distressing that it all was so suddenly imposed upon her.
@shockshotz Yıl önce
most likely not
@nighttear12 Yıl önce
still always a slight chance of mama going no
@silverbat5873 Yıl önce
yup they need to know all that. it's good not to personify cats or other animals or attribute feelings or thoughts to them. I'm sure these people rescued this kittens in the best way they could but the personifying was a bit too much for me.
@contra1124 Yıl önce
Not just that, I bet she wanted to make sure those kittens' butts are properly cleaned! Lol
I love the shot of mama on top of her den. She already has that overwhelmed mom look in her eyes like, "Omg, how did I end up with all these kids?!" 😂😂😂
@essencemylyfe Yıl önce
@tabularasa Yıl önce
lol yes, Hannah's narration was so funny at that part "taking her time to adjust to this new information" 😄
@juliechaud Yıl önce
@TjPhysicist Yıl önce
my fave part about these is how that mood crosses the species boundary. Human or Cat - the new mom "how did i end up here" mood is all the same.
@@juliechaud kskak
I love at the end when Omli is at momma's belly saying, "Yay! Dinner!" & the other kittens are saying, "Yay! Pillow!" So sweet.
@AbagailGrayce Yıl önce
I love that, even though mama is confused, she’s still sweet as pie and just trying to figure out what these babies are doing here and if she’s supposed to do something for them 😅❤
@jtidema Yıl önce
I got the impression she was saying "How did they get so big???"
@thecatfarm Yıl önce
@carolcline2830 Yıl önce
When mama went into the box, you said she wanted time alone....in my experience, she was actually wanting to nurse! She expected everyone to follow her. It's super adorable that mama was so eager to bond with all her babies!
@TheMrlonghill 11 aylar önce
I totally agree with you. in my eyes it looked like mama cat was thinking, if they are mine and have been away for so long they must be hungry. And then realising why they weren't hungry she needed a minute to think. At least that's my take on it if anyone was wondering :)
@breezywarhead8489 5 aylar önce
@@TheMrlonghill ya know kitten can foods come with milk and there is kitten milk bag that you can make and put it on the bowl which is why they are not hungry lol
Now I'm crying... What a sweet moment! So happy to see them together again! Thank you, Hannah! ♥️♥️♥️
Yes Hannah this is what taking care of little ones in life is all about. Watch it three times thank you very much
@vickiemouse2359 Yıl önce
I think my heart just exploded 🙏🏻🕊🐾🌸♥️
@Ariel_Waters Yıl önce
I'm not crying... YOU'RE crying! 😭She 100% recognized them and started grooming right away. My heart is so full knowing they're all together again, and Mama seems adoptable too!! Next stop, FUREVER HOMES! 😻
And a puurrfect ever after!
@lindapelle8738 Yıl önce
No you’re crying…😢
@Ariel_Waters Yıl önce
@@hnd9_ Maybe we didn't watch the same video! Everyone else seems to agree, that's recognition.
@vickieclark5931 Yıl önce
That look on mama cat's face was price less. Looking at those 4 kitties and thinking "One wasn't hard enough and now I have 3 more?"LOL Love how she took them back in so quickly. Nothing is more precious than those kitty reunions. What a happy family. I wish them all the best.
@Theatress09 Yıl önce
All the momma's you rescue ( even the spicy ones) seem to be relieved to have a safe place to raise their baby(s). So happy the family got reunited. Momma can take a break now that all her kids are together to play with.
Hello Corey how are you doing today
Aww, I'm so in awe of how calm and tame the mother cat is. She's so beautiful and will make a lovely indoor kitty, I can tell.
@user-nd3mt3pp2u Yıl önce
母猫と子猫の再会に感動😼🐈🐈🐈🐈💞 素敵な家に保護してくれてありがとう🏠💓 あなたの優しい保護活動に尊敬と感謝の意を表します🫂💓 あなたの健康と幸福を祈ります💐
@hotcocoandart Yıl önce
Tali seems to be taking really well to being inside!
@krisniznik3953 Yıl önce
It looks like she's been inside before. I'm so glad she's friendly. I have a single kitten but I have to scoop her out with big spoons to weigh her. Her mom is pretty fierce.
@e.s.r5809 Yıl önce
If I recall correctly I think she was someone's pet, or at least a friendly socialised stray that the lady who rescued her babies was looking after. :)
@janiesuper3222 Yıl önce
its important for people to know that this doesnt always happen. Just a week can seperate the whole litter if the mother is too stressed or just of a different personality. I rescued four kittens that forgot about each other after just a week. They stayed apart until they got to know each other again but still growl and hiss at each other sometimes. Ive seen mothers completly reject their own kittens after being seperated to the point of smacking down and hissing and running away growling. its a horrible sight to see and hard on the human heart. You are lucky in this case. Just want people to know that cats dont have the same kind of emotions that humans have and its because they are still part wild animals.
I assume that there are a couple of factors at play here that were helpful in the reunification: a) mama cat wasn't feral; she seems to trust Kitten Lady and therefor probably responds positively to praise and encouragement b) mama cat had enough to eat and a safe place to stay so she could feel up to the task of raising additional children
Hello Janie how are you doing today
@janiesuper3222 Yıl önce
@@johannageisel5390 yeah thats what i mean by personality, anything that influences behavior, level of feral/domestication, general demeanor, this is an extremely calm cat. Ive had cats that had plenty to eat, i wait on them hand and foot and would still be nervous for a whole year until settling down. Some cats get along with kittens well some cats simply don't.
@sandyvega9259 Yıl önce
Momma’s face was like, wait I only had one munchkin, now 4! 😮 too much to process 😂. So happy they are all together as a family❤
@ItsJustLisa Yıl önce
All hail the triangle tail! They’re adorable together! Dal looks like Mom, Aamli looks like Mom with some splotches, Aila is classic black tortie and Momo wears a tux. It’s like a gradient from stripey to black. We definitely need more videos featuring this family. I really hope that everyone finds wonderful homes, especially Thali. She deserves a life of luxury.
Hello 👋 how’re you doing?
@Nanny64 Yıl önce
I'm so so glad the momma got reunited with her three babies. That's the best thing ever. She recognized them by smell. I think she is very relieved to see her three other kittens and I'm sure she was very relieved that they weren't lost at all. I love these kinds of reunions of mommas and their kittens.
@Juanpavc 7 aylar önce
They are 4 cats
@dooodle101 Yıl önce
Now this is just the serotonin boost I needed... thank you for all you do!
@carolb8452 7 aylar önce
What a beautiful family. Congratulations on reuniting them. God bless you and everyone involved.
@hanneken4026 Yıl önce
Look at the size difference between the kitten raised outside by mom, and her sister raised by the Kitten Lady! Even without competition for the milkbar, it looks as if mom hasn't been able to give her as much nourishment from her own hunting as they can get in a good home.
@No_nosay Yıl önce
No shit Sherlock
@dottcom8293 what is wrong with you
@CryBlueofZ Yıl önce
@@No_nosay no need to be rude
@debkski6084 Yıl önce
@@No_nosay What is WRONG with you?
@truckasaurusb25 Yıl önce
@@andeggbreaks isn't Aamli the littlest one, and the only one fed by mama cat?
@jillshumate3697 Yıl önce
Personally, I think she's REALLY happy they're all back together, even if it was a culture shock to begin with. I'm especially glad she accepted them!
@JennFaeAge Yıl önce
I love that mama didn't hesitate, like she knew who they were as soon as she saw them. Also, I had to laugh at the cute chair cuddle puddle lasting all of about five seconds before someone decided to move XD
@LENZ5369 11 aylar önce
Actually no, that cat is not cool with the situation. She's still very maternal so she will not be quick to reject them but she is definitely treating them differently from how she would be treating them; if they were never apart. AFAIK It's pretty normal for cats to have altered relationships after spending time apart, hopefully she accepts them and they form a new parent-kitten relationship.
@vanyadolly 11 aylar önce
Cat moms cat be traumatized from losing their kittens too soon. It probably helped that she still had one left, but the ones that are good moms don't lose that caring instinct so quickly.
@juliamclane8319 11 aylar önce
@@LENZ5369 It is not that she is not cool 😎 with the situation. She does now what do with the information. 6:03
@juliamclane8319 11 aylar önce
It took the mom a few minutes until she knew her they were.
@99megrob Yıl önce
I was not prepared for that level of cuteness. Momma seems friendly, does this mean she will be adoptable? Thanks for all you do for them.
@BrinIoca Yıl önce
When a mama is friendly, Kitten Lady and pretty much every rescue/shelter will work to find a home for them too! She will be spayed and get a good home when the time comes for her to just be a happy house cat.
So Cute The babies are including The Momma Cat!! God Bless You for rescuing The Mamma Cat and her babies!!! 💖💖😻😻🙏🙏
@paulforder591 6 aylar önce
Heartwarming to see Mama Talu reunited with her kittens, having been separated from them for five weeks. And of course, mum is a tolerant cat, and takes her time adjusting to the new situation. The kittens are just so adorable. . ! 😽😻😸😸
My eyes are tearing up. So happy this precious family is reunited. Thanks Hannah for all your hard work. 🙏❤️
Amazing, she knew her kittens and you could sense Mom cat's elation as she realised who they were, she seems to love the little black and white tux. Animals do have feelings very similar to ours. My little tortie knows exactly how to bat her lashes at me to get me to feed her!♥️😸
@miraflowers155 Yıl önce
What an amazing moment!💝
@ceciliayus7385 Yıl önce
When I saw your Instagram post about them being reunited I thought this video was going to take a much longer time to put together! You work like the wind… and what a sweet sweet mama.
Hello Cecilia how are you doing today
Regardless if mom cat remembers her kittens or not, it’s awesome how her instincts kicked in!
Such a sweet reunion.
Hello how are you doing?
@prissy096 Yıl önce
I was having a very rough morning after being woken up from only getting 4 hours of rest. This really made my day at LOT better! Thank you for sharing such sweetie pies
How did you do that? I didn't expect mom cat to accept her lost kittens. I thought I once she lost them, she forgot them. I thought it was the cat way. You got her used to their smell, somehow. Excellent video. Tugs at the heartstrings. 👍😻
@nckojita 11 aylar önce
cats have better memories than you’d think tbh, and in this case it almost seems like mama cat remembers them in some way. they might smell familiar to her at the very least (i mean look at that stank face!) & that plus hormones probs helped
@av8tore71 Yıl önce
This is so awesome 😎😎👍👍
@shannon_w. Yıl önce
What a beautiful, sweet reunion with that precious Mama and her adorable, precocious babies ☺️❤️
Hello Shannon how are you doing today
Happy endings don't always happen in rescue in situations like this, but when a story like theirs takes place it is so beautifully wholesome! Thank you for sharing it with us!
@dlp9009 Yıl önce
Aww...made my day. I'm thinking that went better than expected. Momma seemed to know right away that these were special babies. And then to see the singleton have new playmates was awesome!
@elisabeth8798 Yıl önce
This baby’s belly in the end - I’m melting 😻😻😻
Hello how are you doing?
@thestones8022 Yıl önce
Prob one of the best videos you have ever made, mother and kitty reunion,.just beautiful...Thank you Hannah, the kitties and everyone....Happy Catting!!
Well the floodgates just opened and I am in my office crying while I watch this. 😭 Happiest tears but omg! Mama knows her babies and they know her too. Full circle in action. It is awesome to see your philosophy on kitten rescue and cat welfare be witness in this sweet reunion. I will be watching this several times...just to take it all in. When Mama Thali and Aamli were being searched for, I hoped everyday that they would be found. Even as the days went by...I never lost hope. And here they are. It was better than anything I could imagine. 🥺 Thank you Hannah for sharing this. ❤
Hello Caroline how are you doing today
@Dewey_cat Yıl önce
So happy that you were able to reunite the family! As cute as they are, full circle is an amazing way to save lives and keep cats out of shelters and dangerous situations! Thank you for your continued dedication to helping these animals! As a foster kitten parent myself, I can definitely say it's needed!
Love this video. The bond between mamma n her babies is like no other we never forget their scent. Hope they all found loving furever homes. Thank you for rescuing and looking after them all xx
@noizeemama3697 Yıl önce
It warms my heart that momma is adoptable.
@tardisdance1236 Yıl önce
Mama is so tame. I hope she is adopted out too. I always feel so bad for the mamas when everyone always wants their kittens. Sure, older kitties have their quirks, but it’s so rewarding when you finally gain their trust.
OMG so precious 😻 Glad they're all back together!
Hello Lori how are you doing today
@anastasiaalk 11 aylar önce
What an absolutely precious little family, it's so cute how each kitten has their own unique pattern. I'll never be able to get over the little kitten dorito ears 🥰
So sweet to see the reunion. Thank you for sharing.
The look on Mama's face as she got closer to the babies was enough to start the shiffles....by the end I'm clutching my tissue box and trying to (haha) explain why I'm crying to my family lol.
@kenziehurlock Yıl önce
They're all so adorable. 😻 The mom is like "I was used to having only 1 child. Now I have 4. What's going on?" Are you going to adopt out the mom or do TNR? She seems quite friendly.
@nckojita 11 aylar önce
mama cat is adoptable! she’s actually up for it rn 🥺 paired w the lil tabby boy if all goes well
@ginnywalker184 Yıl önce
This is SO special to see them all back together again. Thank you for sharing this precious and touching video.
Such a sweet reunion! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Mama Thali is super sweet... and those babies are just beyond adorable.
@LorraineRo Yıl önce
Thali is such a sweet girl ❤️ and such a good momma. I love her chirping sounds 🥰 And how Amli pretty much fell asleep nursing and the others had no idea what to do, but still all coudled up to mom. It's such a great plot twist 😃 Not sure if it's been mentioned. But is Thali going to be up for adoption as well? She seems to be really good with being inside and around people 😊
@Smile-ni9nc Yıl önce
What a sweet mama cat ❤
@kawythowy867 Yıl önce
Wonderful story. So lovely. Nothing like a kitten! So so gosh darn cute. You cannot resist ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I CANT! 😊
Lol mama kitty looking at the camera like “this morning I had 1 baby and now I have 4?!” So happy the reunion went well!
@richardw.johnson2875 10 aylar önce
So hard not to cry watching these…. Thank you for saving and loving those precious babies and mom ❤ she is sooo happy to have her kittens back you can tell :) Hope they have all found perfect loving homes
@MsBonsai2010 Yıl önce
Kitten Lady = Angel on earth ❤
Hello how are you doing?
Thank you kitten lady , people like you make this world tolerable
@jimg9820 Yıl önce
Lovely ending to the story. I really hope Tali also gets adopted. I got my cat from Cats Protection after she brought up her kittens and they were adopted out - I always worry about the mum cats in these situations.
@jeesa1212 11 aylar önce
I’m sure they will adopt out a friendly mama cat like this! Maybe with one of her babies too. :)
@damiondraws8538 Yıl önce
People like you give me faith in humanity. Thank you for sharing what you do. It always brings a smile to my face
@traciecombs7030 Yıl önce
Welp....Im just sobbing happy tears. What a precious reunion! Thank you for sharing 💗
Hi 👋 how are you doing?
@wildroses2009 Yıl önce
Tali is totally going to be adoptable.
@susanmanley1029 Yıl önce
I think she recognizes them. The whole but sniffing is scent checking of where have you been?! Its so much better developmentally for them to have mom and siblings . They learn a lot more social cues that is for sure. They all looked super happy!
Hello how are you doing?
I'm so glad their little family has been reunited 😭 Human foster momma's are great but nothing beats having momma kitty back.
@waymilky442 11 aylar önce
This video made not only my day but my entire year. Absolutely adorable. The bonding with the littermates one was just heartmelting. Storytime: We took our cat when he was 5 weeks old cause the people who were keeping his mom wouldn't keep him any longer and he struggled to adapt and refused to ear or drink anything. When we sent him back he an his mom immediately reunited and hugged and we took him again after 2 weeks when he was doing really well. I wonder if this mama and her babies recognize each-other,
@theiiimmmsss Yıl önce
This is so touching. Thank you that you filmed this for us💐
I'm crying because of the babies all playing together.
Hello how are you doing?
@soggyfroggy22 11 aylar önce
Same. Tears of joy 🥲
@HappiestGirl69 Yıl önce
Oh my goodness! I’m crying like a baby! So sweet! ❤
Hello how are you doing?
@LPdedicated Yıl önce
Mama is beautiful! And Aamli is just... so round, lol! This reunion makes my heart happy! ❤
@slawrence2852 Yıl önce
...when momma cat went off by herself after the reunion, she had the most appreciative look on her face...a look of gratitude and also disbelief that people had done such a wonderful thing for her and her kids...bright and wise....God bless this momma cat and her kittens and everyone who worked to reunite them at a very important time in their lives...wonderfully good things to all of them❤
my heart is all wibbly from the overwhelming cuteness
@crystalheart9 Yıl önce
Such a precious family all together again.🥰
There is nothing more beatiful than a family reunion. My heart melts!
@jinkamafrink Yıl önce
This is the most beautiful thing I have seen ever!!!! Thank you for saving them!!!! Happy happy tears!!!
@MM-yi9zn Yıl önce
Too heart warming! Wonderful
@darlosmurf148 Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this update. Lovely to see the family back together ❤️
That is so adorable! Kittens are so much fun!!❤
@elsaafox Yıl önce
I’m so happy for them!!! ❤️
@CooperGal24 7 aylar önce
Mama Thali’s such a sweet cat for being outside for who knows how long, and she raised her babies very well. I hope they found their fur-ever homes after this video. ^^
@jjbee11 7 aylar önce
Yep, they did 👍
@niamhtok569 Yıl önce
Such a cute video! One day in September my cat Riley never came back home, we looked for her for weeks and put up posters but nothing except prank calls. Your videos are making though so full of love and fun!
@radar4536 Yıl önce
How sick from them to call you as a prank. They will get theirs, dont worry.
@daviddemar551 3 aylar önce
That was amazing and profoundly moving. Thank you for a wonderful video Hannah ❤😊😽
@bookbunny9 Yıl önce
Aww, I'm so glad the reintroduction went well, even if Mama was pretty confused at first!
@juliechaud Yıl önce
Oh this is so magical! Mama Thuli kind of had to really give those guys a good smell over- and Aamli was totally excited! I've been looking forward to this for quite a while ... thank you Hannah for bringing these new little babies together with their mama!
@rebeccayood5152 Yıl önce
What a sweet reunion for sweet Momma Tali and her sweet little babies. Ty Hannah for reuniting this wonderful little family. So beautiful.
@rebeccayood5152 Yıl önce
@Kitten_Lady You're very welcome. I really enjoyed watching it. Ty so much for sharing it.
@rebeccayood5152 Yıl önce
I'm sorry but I don't have Telegram
@1.618_Murphy Yıl önce
The beautiful mama is very grateful! 😻😻🐱🐱🐾🐾
@sassyfrass4951 Yıl önce
Thank you for the update that was so sweet I'm glad it turned out so well
Hello Sassy how are you doing today
Beautiful kittens it is a blessing from God that we get to have such wonderful pets that keep us happy!and give our lives meaning☺
@shortmocha850 Yıl önce
🥺omg my little heart can’t take it a sweet. What a beautiful full circle moment
@Hayleyogrady Yıl önce
She knows exactly what’s going on. Cats are intelligent ASF. We’re decades behind in cat research but already (at least 20 yrs behind) we’re seeing things we’ve seen for years with dog research. Empathy, unconditional love, preference of their human, wanting to be with their human, choosing their human, knowing their human out of numerous people, knowing their siblings not just biologically but in house pet siblings, having a specific language (meows) JUST FOR THEIR HUMAN!, etc etc. They all know exactly what’s going on❤ Thank you so so SOO much for doing this & taking care of them❤ thank you❤❤❤
So Wonderful Reuniting Mom with her Babies. She looks sort of unsure but she is such a good mom that it will only take a couple days and she’ll be just fine. I think if those kittens were much older then she may consider them a threat. So glad you found mom and Tali while they are still babies.
Hello how are you doing?
@izzlebeanie Yıl önce
0:37 "ya not half bad yourself kid" in that voice made me laugh so hard! LOL 😂💖 What a beautiful reunion!
@ZippyThePinhead Yıl önce
That is so cool! So happy to see momma & babies reunited even if momma is freaked out, but sweet about it. 😁 Can you imagine having a 3 more kids come out the blue, you'd be a little freaked out too, but I hope she takes to the other babies realizing they're hers. She's a sweetie, and the babies are adorable.
@yvonnesnyer6358 Yıl önce
How wonderful! Such a sweet family.
@tacobell1299 Yıl önce
I'm so glad that they were found and I hope her babies can grow up with her, or atleast can be with her for a while until they get adopted
@jaclynkay237 Yıl önce
Oh my heart 💕
@huskiesgo5944 Yıl önce
Making me cry. Glad to see a family reunited.
Very lovely! All calm and happy!
@pear92 Yıl önce
I teared up, so sweet to see them all reunited
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