making wings but instead of the chicken bone it's a cauliflower

julien solomita
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17 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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AJ 7 saatler önce
Julien measuring 20 drops of liquid smoke Me: How are you gonna count a liquid? Julien: I KNOW HOW TO COUNT DUDE
sofi Gün önce
Jackfruit would be good as the chicken in vegan chicken soup
giraffe912 3 gün önce
You could use the rest of the cauliflower for cauliflower cheese on the side. Would be so gooooooood oml
giraffe912 3 gün önce
One day my kids will learn about Uncle Jackfruit
Paul Dee
Paul Dee 5 gün önce
At my work we use the exact same temperature guns to verify that asphalt is hot enough (250°F-300°F) to place on a road when rebuilding a road!
Tim Frey
Tim Frey 7 gün önce
I've been reading about msg and it's not that it's really bad for you, but it's addictive because it causes good things in your brain which alone are actually good for you, but if you can't control yourself and eat a ton of things with large amounts of msg you're having too much sodium, same with regular old salt, it's all about moderation. But msg is basically just a salt that tastes better than normal salt. Just don't go crazy with it and you're fine.
Tim Frey
Tim Frey 7 gün önce
I think you can make vegan whipped cream and meringue alternatives with aquafava too, I really want to try more of those, I have a lot of canned garbanzo beans.
Tim Frey
Tim Frey 7 gün önce
hey, making homemade pasta takes some extra steps but I can't help making some from scratch even though I have tons of spaghetti in my freezer XD it's fun to make though.
SinTanity 8 gün önce
I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but any time Julien has his wonderful stovetop right by the mic a really high pitched squeal appears over my speakers. Julien if you read this could you put some kind of filter through when you're editing that cuts off the highest pitches? It's really a challenge to listen to your videos sometimes bc the squeal is very strong
devon eldarrat
devon eldarrat 9 gün önce
im inviting myself over for dinner
Izzy G
Izzy G 10 gün önce
Little does Julien know that bean juice will help him throughout his cooking journey
Kiwi 10 gün önce
Liquid smoke is skronk as heck that stressed me out
Stormfly AA
Stormfly AA 10 gün önce
1:51 “Cause I be like: If failure is eminent, why try?” Why is this the most relatable thing ever spoken?
Jay Skates
Jay Skates 19 gün önce
Is it just me who thinks vegans will never get away with not eating living things? Plants are just as valuable as animals. Plants are just as living as animals are.
Jordan Steed
Jordan Steed 24 gün önce
I feel like could have just done a “boneless chicken bite” and cut his work in half.
Ash Cutie
Ash Cutie 24 gün önce
Me after watching Julien all night: yeah duh Julien! Of course we know you need the liquid from the garbanzo beans!
Corey McShane
Corey McShane 25 gün önce
1:50 idk if anyone plays dbd or even knows Samination on TRvid but Julian sounded like the trappers voice
SomeRandomDude895 25 gün önce
When he said "Hey Google stop that right now" my chromecast shut his video off LMAO
Macy Johnson
Macy Johnson 27 gün önce
i leave my computer for 5 seconds and i come back to julien saying hes riding waves
Alex Mercil
Alex Mercil Aylar önce
Your like bob from bobs burgers talking to the food lol😂❤️
Victória Agostinho
You should try to make coxinha with that jack fruit
Abby Wilhelm
Abby Wilhelm Aylar önce
this was amazing! we’re so proud of you :)
Nate Miller
Nate Miller Aylar önce
Your mustache is legit.
Kaitlynn Rose
Kaitlynn Rose Aylar önce
All of the vegetarians and vegans are salivating right now.
It's only Marci Bratz
Duuuuuude! TOTALLY saving this recipe!!! THANK YOUUUU SOO MUCHO FOR SHARING THIS AWESOME JACKFRUIT RECIPE! So freakin' GLAD it ain't BBQ, Hallelujah!
Nadya Valentine
Nadya Valentine Aylar önce
im literally begging you DO FRIED CHEESE RAVIOLI !!!!
danielle black
danielle black Aylar önce
2 shots of liquid smoke *pours entire bottle*
Ivy GhostCat
Ivy GhostCat Aylar önce
I feel like this would be like a ton easier if you just made nuggets
May Lovely
May Lovely Aylar önce
Juliens dad breathing really gets me
Monica R
Monica R Aylar önce
i need a julien in my life jeeeezzzzzzz
Ava Grace
Ava Grace Aylar önce
Not vegan or vegetarian but lowkey want to try this
Nicole Franco
Nicole Franco Aylar önce
julien is literally the bob ross of vegan cooking
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Aylar önce
Julien: And you’ll need this... 🐼 ????
Snickericky Aylar önce
the best video to come from juliens kitchen besides the corn on a cob
Snickericky Aylar önce
your hotplate emits the worst sound ever!!! its like a high pitched ringing sound. atrocious.
Ananya Bijolia
Ananya Bijolia Aylar önce
I love how he says kala namak in hindi😂 so cute
Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis Aylar önce
Dude Julien I’ll be your sous chef! It would be absolute chaos because I’m also an Aries... but we’d get sooo much done really fast.
Rebeccaca _
Rebeccaca _ Aylar önce
Feeling oddly validated by my bad choices that led me to this video
RachREC Aylar önce
Did you fall out of a vending machine? Cuz you lookin like a SNACC
Eva Coccimiglio
Eva Coccimiglio Aylar önce
Whats nooch ???????
the Bride of Frankenstein
Nutritional yeast
Misfits of the world
Have you tried making the same things but chicken nuggets
Emily S
Emily S Aylar önce
Julian i doubt you'll EVER see this but i'm shooting my shot... i'm from a very remote part of florida (like not even apart of florida I live on an island technically) and there's this old recipe that I think originated here? It's a heart of palm salad and the dressing is ICE CREAM. Vanilla ice cream, that has been DYED GREEN. if you want the full recipe i can ask my mom :^)
Alexandra Vernon
Alexandra Vernon 2 aylar önce
"we'll never go that low again" cue Minecraft cake
Lauren Bader
Lauren Bader 2 aylar önce
“We’ll never go that low again” *lava cake has entered the chat*
Leticia Tapia
Leticia Tapia 2 aylar önce
Why are they’re so many people offended by the small comment he made on msg or whatever it’s called, it’s not that deep.
Caitlin Schimm
Caitlin Schimm 2 aylar önce
“Also wet hand dry hand is gonna turn into shit show both hands.”
iyan manzano
iyan manzano 2 aylar önce
me: searches "20 drops to tsp" google: 20 drops is 0.2 tsp . . . . . . julien: SO HERES TWO SHOTS OF VODKA.
InfinitysProductions 2 aylar önce
Holy hell! I'm not even vegan/vegetarian and that looks AMAZING! I think a way you could fix the excess liquid is to squeeze out most of the liquid from the jackfruit before you form them. Either putting it in cheesecloth and squeezing as much as you can or putting it in the fridge overnight wrapped in cheesecloth and situated so juice can drip into a container. Keep the juice so if it seems like its too dry to form around the 'bone' properly you can put some back in a spoonful or so at a time.
🐋🐋🐋 2 aylar önce
I just skip to the part where Jenna eats it
Kaitlyn Kelliher
Kaitlyn Kelliher 2 aylar önce
its ridiculously unfair that we cannot eat those wings right now with them.
Jackwulf 2 aylar önce
Usually I get bored when watching cooking videos, but in Ares kitchen... nobody is bored.
Michelle 2 aylar önce
Julien you’re a beast, great job on vegan chicken wings
Jennifer Reilly
Jennifer Reilly 2 aylar önce
this video inspired me to try using jackfruit 💜💜
Nighthawk064 2 aylar önce
Looks like fried mushrooms
AngryPenguin 2 aylar önce
"20 drops of liquid smoke" *pours in half a bottle*
simone tincher
simone tincher 2 aylar önce
MSG isn't bad for humans Several medical reports have been done on it. Here's an article: www.menshealth.com/nutrition/a26006305/msg-not-bad-for-you/
Roanna Burkhart
Roanna Burkhart 2 aylar önce
Isaac Lopez
Isaac Lopez 3 aylar önce
The highly anticipated sequel to, " Corn on the Cob, but Instead of the Corn Bone, It's a Hot Dog" Edit: I honestly want a whole saga of Blank but instead blank, its blank. I NEED IT.
Amanda Watkins
Amanda Watkins 3 aylar önce
So my family and I started meatless Monday... Al pulling small amounts of animal products out of her diet Just For Better Living in general I wanted to find a buffalo recipe and I ran across your show. I mostly watch muckbangs B love to be exact. I found your banter humorous and smart and I like the fact that your girlfriend came in and her jammies and tell you how things tasted. It wasn't till I was showing a couple of recipes to someone they were like yeah that's Jenna Marbles and her squeeze I 👀 said like that's not Jenna Marbles that's his girlfriend that's Julien from ahri's Kitchen cuz I thought you were real Chef like no shit Bonafide certified probably had a fancy restaurant somewhere not even kidding inside my head this is who I thought you were. Then of course I have to do appropriate internet snooping... I had no idea who you were and who she was. I adore both of you and I've subscribed and notified the bell and I'm catching up on years and years and years of your life together. I love your little family marbles Kermit Peach bunny and Jenna I had no idea how hysterical and how thought-provoking you both could be . I'm glad to know that you're both on the internet. #JUST a FAN
Victoria Allen
Victoria Allen 3 aylar önce
can you make lasagna
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